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Course Objectives:
Introduce and emphasize on the process of translating real-world problems using
simulation models, and the model building techniques involved.
Preliminary exposure to GPSS Simulation language to facilitate Skill development

Course outcomes:
At the end of this course students will demonstrate the skills to:
Understand the steps of experimenting with simulation.
Interpret and analyze and simulation results

Unit 1 (06)
Introduction to Computer Simulation: Principle of Computer Modeling and Simulation -
Monte Carlo Simulation - Nature of Computer Modeling and Simulation, Continuous and
Discrete Event types of simulation, Simulation as a decision making tool.
Unit 2: (06)
Random Numbers and Random Variables: Pseudo Random Numbers - Techniques for
Generating Random Numbers - Tests for Random Numbers - Inverse transform technique
Unit3: (06)
Introduction to Simulation Languages: Basics of Queuing theory, Development of simulation
models using simulation languages like GPSS

Text Books:
1. Sankar Sengupta, System Simulation & Modeling Pearson Publs. 1/ed.
2. R. Senthilkumar, P. Paneer selvam, System Simulation, Modeling and Languages, PHI,
Simulation Laboratory:
Course Objectives:
Skill development using Computer based tools.
Lab Activities Outcomes:

Preliminary exposure to GPSS Simulation language to facilitate Skill development

Familiarity with Python SimPy toolkit library

Lab Work:

Students will undertake following Laboratory Experiments:

1. Introduction Python: Basic modules to understand data types, functions, Lambda

function and Classes constructs, Python as a calculator, File operations

2. Mid-Square and Linear Congruent based Random Number Generation using Python

3. GPSS World Student Edition :

a. Understanding and familiarity with the basic GPSS commands

b. Simulation exercises with GPSS commands: Two expts in onsultation with


c. Queuing system results interpretation

4. Simulation using Python : SimPy Simulation Library


1.GPSS Student World World Tutorials ( available on web)

2. Python Programming and GUIs for Electronic Engineers, Andrew Pratt, Elektor International
Media BV, 2010