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a. Random Variable
- A random variable is usually written as the capital letter X. It is a
variable whose possible value that can be determined by the outcome
of a random phenomenon. There are 2 types of random variable which
are discrete and continuous(Statistics and Probability Dictionary, 2017).
i. Discrete random variable
-A discrete random variable is the one that only assume
countable number of distinct values such as 1,2,3 and
4(Rumsey, 2016).
Example: The number of blue marbles in a jar.
ii. Continuous random variable
-A continuous random variable is the one that can assume an
infinite number of possible values. Continuous random variable
can usually be measured.
Example: The time taken for student to get to school(Rumsey,

b. Probability distribution of a discrete random variable.

- The probability distribution of a discrete random variable can be
expressed in a table, formula, or a graph which shows that
px(x)=P(X=x) for all x. The probability distribution of a discrete random
variable assigns nonzero probability to only a countable number of
distinct x values. If the value x did not indicate a positive probability
and it is said to be P(X=x)=0 (Acklam, 2017).

Probability distribution of a continuous random variable.

- Continuous probability distribution are the random variable have the

values that can fall anywhere in one or more continua on the real
number line and it can be described by using the equation. Probability
of continuous random variable can also be referred to the area under
the curve of its Probability Density Function, PDF(Continuous and
discrete probability distributions, 2016). Therefore, the only ranges of
values can have a nonzero probability. The particular value of the
probability of a continuous random variable can be assumed as zero
(Acklam, 2017).

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