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Romelo Lewis

The treaty of versailles was signed on june 28, 1919. The document heavily castrated

Germans by making the document. The treaty made it so the German army could only have

100,000 people in their army, it also put all debt caused from the war on the German nation, the

treaty lastly took away a lot of land that put a lot of people into poverty. The German nation was

heavily crippled after the war and was further brought down by the treaty. Morals were down, the

nation was in poverty, and depression was rampat. The treaty of Versailles helped cause ww2 by

crushing the German nation moral and causing them to spiral into poverty.

One way the treaty of versailles caused ww2 was by forcing the german military to be so

small. The people in Germany felt unsafe and weak as the surrounding nations heavily

outnumbered the military the German people had. This caused ww2 as the nation felt as they

should prove their strength as they had no military and needed to show they were still as

powerful as before. The treaty helped push ww2 forward as the German military felt as they

needed to rebel to protect themselves.

The land lost by Germany due to the treaty helped cause ww2 by causing a large spring

of poverty and land issues. The land of the Polish Corridor and Atsage was lost due to the treaty.

These chunks of land held many citizens, due to the treaty these people had lost homes and were

now vagrants. This further diminished german moral as the financial problems increased and

persisted with the vagrant epidemic. Germany felt as if the treaty was a great injustice. This hate

between Germany and most of Europe helped push ww2 into effect.
Romelo Lewis

The last thing that caused ww2 is the incredible debt that the allies placed on the german

people. The sum cost of the war was 341 billion us dollars. Germany was the only nation to have

to reparations from the war, which caused the nation to spiral down into poverty. This had a huge

impact on starting ww2 as the german people believed that this was another injustice on them.

The allies pushed ww2 as the outlandish debt had to be payed in 30 years. These could have

caused ww2 as the german people felt as if they were being targeted and exterminated.

There were other reasons the Versailles treaty upset germany and contributed to ww2, in

example article 231 of the treaty which forced the german nation to take all responsibility for

ww1. This was most likely the last straw that the treaty helped to push ww2. The german people,

weak, poor, homeless, and ostracized, felt as if they were being targeted. This reason is why the

treaty help push ww2 as it gave Hitler, justification in the german view to go to war with the

allies. Ww2 was caused by a lack of responsibility on the side of the allies, and the persistent

dogmatic pursuit that ww1 was Germany's fault. These actions had a huge impact and made

Germany rebel and fight back, for better or worse.