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Why studying in Turkey

As the chance to study abroad is a dream for many students,

especially in todays global era. In this challenging global milieu, it is hard to
come across an attainable scholarship opportunity, but when it comes to
Turkey's scholarships, the dream of any ambitious, hardworking student can
become reality, so choosing Turkey for studying comes from my desire to
achieve a remarkable fingerprint in Mechanical Engineering, as I believe that
Turkey would give me the possibilities and the experiences to make such a
change. Furthermore, reading the books, watching the news, analyzing and
observing the people of Turkey, I am really impressed by the way these
individuals have proved themselves to be dedicated to their work and with
true efforts they have set Turkey as a successful example for other third world
or developed countries. The fast-growing economy, technological
advancement and the global ranking education institutes of Turkey with high
reputation makes a great aspiration to the students and professionals for the
better career perspectives. Thus such kind of positivity has boosted my
confidence further and I am highly satisfied with the decision I have taken.
Moreover, Turkeys diverse cultural norms and values, the famous gentle
hospitality of its people and Yemen-Turkey all weather friendly relations,
acceptance and peace to both sides in great clarity make me feel Turkey as
my second homeland; also my family fully supports my choice for Turkey
being my preference for graduate studies. All these reasons put together make
.Turkey an ideal place for me to do my Masters degree
Explain what you expect from Turkey's Universities and your aspiration
? after graduation

Turkish higher education system has developed significantly in the last

few decades in terms of both quality and quantity. Turkish universities now
.offer a rich field of choices for international students

Above all, the high quality of education will make you more than
.ready for a future anywhere in the world

Turkish universities provide high level specialized education in

various fields for students who have completed undergraduate education.
Escalation of higher education to live up to the fully globalizing world, in
terms of both quality and quantity, has been adopted as the primary goal. The
.plans and programs made have always reflected this perception

As in many other parts of the world University is the principal higher

education institution in Turkey. It possesses academic autonomy and a public
legal personality. It is responsible for carrying out high level educational
.activities, scientific research and publications

High standards of education

Internationally recognized degrees

Modern campuses with outstanding facilities

Cultural diversity

Safe and affordable education

A warm and friendly environment

International students graduating from Turkish universities have a lot
of options including, pursuing a graduate degree, returning back to home
.with a widely accepted diploma or finding a job in and out of Turkey

After completion of my masters studies I hope to be able to take part

in maximizing my countrys research technology in such fields to benefit its
economy and enhance the living standards of my compatriots. I believe that
this Masters Program will provide me with the chance to get to know the
Energy systems and affiliate me dedicatedly to its industries, which are living
.examples of the art of Mechanical Engineering

educational experience of studying in Turkey was life changing for ,

me personally. During my stay, I met very bright and good people who
positively affected my way of thinking, students from various disciplines who
inspired me for the better future

More than ten years ago when I was a mere junior undergraduate, I
already learned from my teacher about the esteemed University of ----------.
As a reputed university that is widely influential in the field of mechanical
engineering, your university has attracted many of my teachers and
outstanding alumni to study there. Their stories about your university have
been lingering in the innermost recesses of my heart for the past ten years.
Today I would like to follow their footsteps and send you my application for
a Ph.D. Program in Mechanical Engineering at your prestigious university. I
would greatly appreciate it if you could accept me into your program and
.offer me whatever financial support that you might be able to offer
I believe studying at your university with high tech
facilities, excellent faculty and highly suitable environment is
of utmost necessity to achieve new heights in life, and I have
come to a conclusion that your esteemed university is
excellently structured to match my requirements and there
cannot be a better platform than this university to obtain
advanced knowledge of the mechanical field and hone my
intellectual ability in this engineering stream.
After obtaining the Master degree from XXXX, I plan to
come back to my country, Yemen, without hesitation to put
all the principles I have got into practice. Yemen has
witnessed a rapid growth in economy, so Ill have lots of
opportunity to develop myself based on my golden degree
and a new outlook of life

I am particularly keen to study at the department of .

In the University
of .. because of your research interests in .. and
your reputation of
excellence in these fields. The international reputation of the
attracts such a variety of students and I believe it will be a
environment in which to study at masters level. Your
university also provides
excellent working and recreation facilities for graduate
students which
demonstrate your commitment to the graduate student

I believe that studying at Columbia University will be an ideal

launching pad to help me to realise my dream of contributing to the field of
energy systems. I am aware that the standards for prospective students for
Columbia University are very high, but I am confident to live up to all
expectations and hopefully exceed them. The interaction with intellectuals in
this field from around the globe will expand my horizons and improve my
cultural personality. I assure to be an asset to Columbia and hope that the
.Admission Committee shares the same confidence

After going through your website I found that by taking

graduate studies at your university, I would
be able to venture out into various subject domains and also
develop a strong sense of independence
coupled with responsibility and self-reliance, characteristic
of the American culture. It would also
help me to learn global standards in this field and become
aware of the worldwide competition,
which I consider would be a great help for me to make a
strong contribution in the field of
Mechanical Engineering. Your university with its unique
graduate program in Mechanical
Engineering and with its commitment to foster intellectual
excellence is remarkable and attractive to
.embark upon an academic career

Browsing through the information given on website of University XXX, I am

highly impressed with the accomplished faculty members, environment and
the facilities the University has to offer to its students. I also realize that the
syllabus offered at this University is designed to meet the demands of the
present day industry covering Manufacturing, Production and R&D &
Maintenance aspects amongst others. There are as many as 25 research labs
and 18 teaching labs in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the
University is ranked amongst the top in Canada and in top 450 among world
universities which indicates its high standard. Given these facts, I believe that
there cannot be a better platform than this University to obtain advanced
knowledge of the mechanical field. I have come to a conclusion that the
Master in Engineering program offered by Department of Mechanical
Engineering at XXX University is excellently structured to match my
requirements. I believe studying in your university with high tech facilities,
excellent faculty and highly suitable environment is of utmost necessity to
.achieve new heights in life

I am fully aware of the fact that pursuing this course requires high
level of intelligence, dedication and immense sacrifice. I am
confident that I have the capability to contribute positively towards
your esteemed University and with great hope, I eagerly wait for
your benevolent act of accepting me into your fold and granting
me an admission in my desired course.