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you’d better get superstitious.

if you don’t believe
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rain valer. The embodimenl of aII our shared experi-
ences ÷ vhere ve had defended our dignilv and our
since faIIen sisler, lhe pIace vhich our verv Iives revoIved
around ÷ had vanished, and lhe vorId kepl funclioning
in lhe same exacl manner il had before, as if nolhing had
ever exisled in lhe hrsl pIace. Il vas disgusling. Il is dis-
gusling. Lverv dav afler cIass ve vouId shred aparl lhe
veIIov lape dividing us from our park. We vouId pick
up slones from lhe conslruclion sile and lhrov lhem vilh
aII our mighl al lhe concrele exleriors and dovn inlo
lhe vooden infraslruclure of lhe schooI. We knev, even
lhen, lhal lhe vords used bv aduIls lo defend or asserl
lheir vievpoinl vere |usl lhal: vords. Sure, ve sIoved
dovn lheir produclion, and vere even acknovIedged for
such in lhe IocaI papers as ¨unidenlihed hoodIums¨ and
¨vandaIs¨, bul in lhe end il didn'l amounl lo anvlhing.
Iroduclion conlinued, pIans and inveslmenls vere made,
managers and vorkers vere paid, conlraclors did vhal-
ever lhe fuck lhev do. CapilaI had lhe hnaI sav.
Il's been a decade.Where ve are nov is aII-loo-much
lhe same. Monev sliII has a grealer svav over incenlives
lhan anv concern for Iife. Homes of aII kinds are conlinu-
aIIv demoIished in order lo make vav for parking Iols,
corporale slruclures, airporls, or bombsheIIs. Il's been
a decade, and I'm sliII valching lhe sun recede over lhe
horizon of an empire. I'm sliII pIaving in parks, pissing
in pipes, and lhroving rocks al evervlhing lhal slands in
lhe vav of mv Iiberalorv desires. I'II never slop or sub-
mil lo lhe medialion of poIilics. Mv hearl and ils needs
are loo greal for such proIongings and lhe alrocilies lhal
accompanv lhem. Mv naiIs viII remain dug inlo mv
paIms unliI lhev are lhrough exerling aII of mv passion.
When I vas lveIve vears oId, AIicia died. Her condi-
lion had been vorsening, and I can'l honeslIv sav lhal
il vasn'l miIdIv anlicipaled, bul il sliII hurl vorse lhan
anvlhing I had ever experienced. I'd lake a hundred of
lhose hils lo lhe slomach if I couId subslilule lhem for
vhal I feIl. I feIl Iike lhe universe had belraved me: lhal
nolhing made sense, because AIicia vas onIv fourleen,
and lhe sveelesl, bravesl, mosl innocenl person I had
ever knovn. I can'l even expIain il. There are no vords.
When I vas lhirleen vears oId, a conlraclor boughl our
park and had decided lhal, lo accord vilh lhe facl lhal
over lhe vears lhe cornheIds vhich reached from our
backvards hundreds of vards over lo lhe inlerslale had
sIovIv bul sureIv been depIeled in order lo buiId haIf-
miIIion doIIar homes vilh lhree-car garages, il vouId
make a perfecl sile for a nev kindergarlen schooI. There
had aIreadv been one |usl on lhe olher side of lhe base-
baII diamonds, bul il vas considered bv our lovn's coun-
ciI lo be ¨loo ugIv¨ lo remain in lhe midsl of aII lhe olher
¨beaulihcalion¨ pro|ecls lhen in effecl. Iellv-bourgeois
nevIv-ved famiIies had been hIlering in dovn lhe road,
hIIing lhe once vacanl houses lhal ve vouId rip up liIes
in, piss dovn pipes in, and pIav Iaser-lag in. Òur com-
munilv foughl againsl il (if vou consider bureaucralic
run-arounds and democralic processes combal), vel sliII
lhe caulion lape venl up, and before ve knev il con-
slruclion crevs vere paving over lhe basebaII diamonds
and lransforming our park inlo, of aII lhings, a relenlion
pond. ßeaulifuI gazes inlo lhe sun, unforgellabIe memo-
ries, counlIess momenls of |ubiIanl Iaughler: our relreal
from lhe monolonv of schooI, our lrue home vhere ve'd
escape from our fucked up famiIies, our haven for shar-
ing our secrels, confessions, and dreams ÷ aII reduced lo
a massive dilch vilh lhe uIlimale purpose of coIIecling
Table of Contents
 1  Preface: In a Place...
 4  Hearts
 6  Playground Anarchy
10  Cute ‘n Cuddly Animal Friend(s)
12  Play & Profanation
15  First (Gr)Aid
17  Social War & the Playground Aect
23  Mutal Aid: A Cartoon
27  Outro: Post-Script
Chasing, wrestling and pouncing upon a playmate,
breaking, smashing, and tearing apart things
are all aspects of play that is free of rules.
e conscious insurgent plays this way as well,
but with real targets
and with the intention of causing real damage.
baII lhev carried vilh lhem al our backs. Òne slood up
nexl lo AIicia, vho vas silling in her favorile spol on lop
of lhe big red sIide, and she |umped dovn, nov slanding
in fronl of lhe enlrance. He began lo insuIl her - picking
on her for nol having hair, queslioning her gender, elc.
We vere allenlive, nodding al each olher in recognilion
of our muluaI rage. We began lo move lovard lhe pIav-
ground and lhe resl of lhe conlenlious group, vho had
unliI lhis poinl onIv been slanding beIov lhe sIide Iaugh-
ing, began ascending lhe ropes and sleps lo bIock lhe
pIalform vhere AIicia slood. She vas caIm, as aIvavs,
vhiIe lhe bov vho had been confronling her began lo
shoul, ¨Move vour ass, I'm using lhis |sIide]. I said gel
lhe heII oul of mv vav vou fal cov!¨. ¨Hev!¨ - lhe voice
of her brolher, one of our comrades, resonaled lhrough
lhe hoIIov melaI bars. The bov spun around and his eves
mel ours. SIovIv, he lurned back and Iooked al AIicia,
vho had nol even ßinched in lhe midsl of lhe inlimida-
lion, and shoved her. Il vas on. Those of us vho had
nol vel reached lhe pIavground began lo lear up lhe
earlh vilh ferocilv ÷ lhe immense veighl on our heeIs
irreIevanl. Her brolher vas lhere hrsl. He vas abIe lo
knock lhe bov off his feel, bul look a bad hil lo lhe back
of lhe head. Òur olher friend heId his ovn for some lime
againsl lhe mob, bul vas evenluaIIv svaIIoved. ßv lhal
poinl I had reached lhe bravI, and had knocked al Ieasl
one person over and, surprisingIv enough, kicked anolh-
er in lhe back. The bov vho had shoved AIicia grabbed
me bv lhe shouIder, and punched me in lhe slomach so
hard lhal I remember going Iighl-headed and vonder-
ing vhal il vouId be Iike lo die. I feII lo mv knees before
being knocked dovn and IileraIIv run over bv lhe gang
as lhe hooled in viclorv and ßed inlo lhe slreel nearbv,
never lo be seen again.
!hen I vas 8 vears friends and I vouId galher
al davn everv veekend and vaIk dovn lhe slreel lo our
neighborhood park. Il vas perfecl: silling alop a genlIe
hiII behind a gianl cherrv lree, encased bv heIds of grass
and basebaII diamonds, vilh a viev of lhe burning red-
orange sunsel lhal sliII soolhes me lodav. We vouId
cIimb and |ump across lhe lops of our caslIe, inscribe our
names inlo lhe beIIv of our kinked red sIide, and lvisl lhe
chains of our sving-sel as lighl as couId be and spin unliI
ve became nausealed. Il vas ours.
When I vas 1O vears oId, one of our besl friends - AIicia
- vas found lo have a brain lumor, and evenluaIIv di-
agnosed vilh cancer. Il spread quickIv, and she shorlIv
lhereafler began chemolherapv. Ior a vhiIe, nolhing
changed. Her voice vas as sofl and beaulifuI as il ever
vas. When she Iaughed her smiIe vouId sliII slrelch so
far across her face lhal her cheeks vouId lurn red and her
expIosive freckIes vouId seemingIv scaller and relreal
enlireIv. There vere onIv superhciaI differences: lhe Ioss
of hair, a veakened immune svslem, and lhe occasionaI
absence due lo a doclor appoinlmenl. Òur pIav conlin-
ued: our |ov remained.
I remember mv hrsl hghl. I feIl mv pupiIs hII, from lhe
bollom, vilh an inlense and inslincluaI anger. Somelhing
deep inside me conlracled and began lo sveII as lhe
lendons in mv vrisl puIIed mv knuckIes shul so lighlIv
lhal I feIl mv naiIs, and even lhe dirl undernealh lhem,
become embedded in mv skin. We vere al lhe park, lvpi-
caI of us on a Salurdav morning, vhen a coupIe of ¨oIder
kids¨ approached us vilh an anlagonism ve couId sense
from across lhe biIIions of bIades of grass Ieading up lo
our pIavground. Thev mocked us and giggIed lo each
olher al lhe prospecls of ¨accidenlaIIv¨ lhroving lhe fool-
…....In a Place that 
Perhaps you’ve seen in Your Dreams......
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oav that vou speno with vour eves nxateo on the slow-turning hanos
'5 !%+)!92'9A3!%+#%!-'*G6!()!()%%)0!'55 !"1%+'*%!1%.
Renect on vour lile belore work. Belore school. Belore vour
oesires were connneo to what was consioereo to be within their
oennition ol reason. Belore the piercing screeches ol alarm clocks.
"+)$!-'*!"'*26!"#A)!*,!%'!"#04!0#-&!'5 !&*$21=+%!0*$$1$=!&2'"2-!
Evervthing was exciting. The worlo seemeo innnite. ano nothing was
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! L*%!%+)&)!5))21$=&!#0)!='$).!!H+)-G<)!())$!0),2#9)6!(-!%+)!
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(-!%+)!5*$9%1'$&!'5 !%+)!4)%0','21&!#$6!%+)!#55#10&!'5 !%+)!('*0=)'1&1)?!!
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1%G&!()9#*&)!'5 !%+)!J$)=#%1<1%-K!#&&'91#%)6!"1%+!#$=)0.!!H+)0)G&!$'!
2'<)C.!!/)0%#1$2-3!15 !#!+#44)0!")0)!%'!5#22!'$!'$)G&!%+*4(3!%+#%!,)0&'$!
to alnrm its existence. It`s there.
I looked in the top of one, but I couldn’t see much.
Then I tipped over both the garbage cans
and found food for both of us!
And I didn’t feel so lonely anymore.
2 26
This one time I was at the park feeling kind of lonely,
when a raccoon came hopping over.
She had hurt her foot so she couldn’t reach into the garbage
can for food. She looked real hungry.
So I got up off the swing and walked over,
being extra careful not to scare her.
! S#&&1'$!1&!%+)!6)),)$1$=!'5 !'*0!)4'%1'$&.!!V<)0-!#9%1'$!")!
perlorm is oirecteo bv our passions. To a certain extent. thev oenne
*&.!!>$=)0!1&!E*&%!'$)!4)0)!9+#$$)2!%+0'*=+!"+19+!")!#0)!9#,#(2)!'5 !
*&!%'!)M,0)&&!'*0!9'$%)4,%!5'0!&'4)%+1$=!$)9)&&#012-!()9#*&)!'5 !'*0!
-)#0$1$=!5'0!1%&!',,'&1%).!!H'!0)E)9%!#$=)0!1&!%'!0)E)9%!%+)!<1#(121%-!'5 !
21<1$=.!!>!9'40#6)!'$9)!"0'%)3!JH'!%0*2-!#22'"!%+)!)M,#$&1<)$)&&!'5 !
passionate intensitv to nower ano to pursue it where the twisting vine
'5 !6)&10)!%#A)&!1%!0)8*10)&!"1223!&%0)$=%+!#$6!9'*0#=)W(*%!4#1$2-!1%!0);
8*10)&!(0)#A1$=!'*%!'5 !%+)!)9'$'419!<1)"!'5 !,#&&1'$&!#$6!)4'%1'$&K.!!
@)!%''!&))A!%+)!6)&%0*9%1'$!'5 !9'44'61%-!0)2#%1'$&!,)0<#&1<)!1$!
! @+#%!1&!%+)!)55)9%1<)!6155)0)$9)!()%"))$!%+0'"1$=!#!(019A!#$6!
-)%!%+)-!#0)!('%+!#9%&!%+#%!0)8*10)!#$!#4,2)!#4'*$%!'5 !,#&&1'$.!!H+)-!
#0)!('%+!6#01$=!5)#%&3!)#9+!9#00-1$=!#!$*4()0!'5 !9'$&16)0#(2)!01&A&.!!
@)!9'*26!9'$<1$9)!'*0&)2<)&!)$62)&&2-!%+#%!$)1%+)0!'5 !%+)&)!#9%1'$&!1&!
to be suspenoeo. The impact is shattering. A million tinv thoughts nv
%+0'*=+!'*0!9'$&91'*&!21A)!&+#06&!'5 !=2#&&!9*%%1$=!%+0'*=+!%+)!#10.!!@)!
%+)!61&8*1)%!&%01A1$=!'5 !9#,1%#2!#$6!%+)!)4(0#9)!'5 !#!2'<)03!'*0!0)<'2*;
ano its comprisal ol the positive. negative. ano the unoenneo.
! F$!%+)&)!)55'0%&!")!#0)!0)#21U1$=!"+#%!%+)-G<)!A),%!#(&%0#9%.!!
'()&*)&*$"*+,$)-%&."/**0"1*,2%*,32%,#4*"$%*"- *1&/
3 25
|oeot|tv |s to·oeo oo t|e ¬et·ooo||s. |t's so¬et|¬es
·e¦e··eo to as asso¬|o, |ost|||t|es .|t||o t|e coo-
te×t o¦ ,|oba| c|v|| .a· as t|e oa·t|sao .a·-¬ac||oe
o¦ |oso··ect|oo.
×v|. \e ot|||ze t|e c|tvscaoe o¦ t|e ¬et·ooo||s
|o o·oe· to oav|,ate oo· eot·|es aoo e×|t oo|ots ¦o·
¬o·e e¦¦c|eot b|o.s a,a|ost cao|ta|. T|ev ¬av |ave
sate|||te tec|oo|o,v aoo a.a·eoess o¦ t||s-o·-t|at
|ote·sect|oo. bot .e |o|o a seot|¬eota| aoo ec|ect|c
'oo.|eo,e. \e |ave sec·ecv aoo s|o·tcots. \e
|ave t|e ¬aoeove·ab|||tv to so·|ot aoo so·|o, aoo
s||oe aoo s.|o,. aoo escaoe t|e c|otc|es o¦ oo·
o·eoato·s. \e 'oo. o¦ eve·v |o|e oo, beoeat|
eve·v ¦eoce. t|e ·e||ab|e bac'-a||evs. t|e ve·v best
aoo oososoect|o, o¦ ||o|o, o|aces.
×v||. T.eotv-so¬et||o, '|ost bovs' .|t| ooeoo-
|o, |ove o¦ t|e o|av,·oooo aoo t|ose .|o o|av .|t|
t|e¬ a·e ,eoe·a||v coos|oe·eo oo·ea||st|c. Co t|e
coot·a·v. t|ev ¬a|ota|o t|e ooteot|a||tv o¦ |ove. |o
t|e |ooes |t oasses .|t| t|e¬ |oto actoa||tv. T|os.
t|e·e |s a ¦oto·e ¦o· |t. oeso|te .|at t|e co··eot
soccess|oo o¦ |ostaoces so,,ests. Tooav's oa··at|ve
ooeso't |ave to be to¬o··o.'s. \|e·e ¬o·e te·-
·|b|e cooo|t|oos ¬ao|¦est. oe. ooteot|a||t|es oo too.
|et's sc·aoe oo· 'oees.
×|||. /o |¬¬eo|ate |os| ·o||s ove· os .|eo oo·
s|b||o,s o· co¬oao|oos st·av too ¦a· ¦·o¬ t|e ac-
ceotab|e ¬ooe o¦ be|av|o· aoo t|ev a·e bao|s|eo
to t|e |so|at|oo o¦ 't|¬e-oot'. T||s |s oot ¦o· aov |o-
te·oa||zeo ¦ea· o¦ ·eoe·coss|oos ¦o· oo· o.o act|oos.
bot becaose .e 'oo. t||s ¦ate a||-too-.e||. \e
.|s| oo|v to e×o·ess ·evo|ot|ooa·v so||oa·|tv ÷ oot
oo|v .|t| oo· ¦·|eoos. bot a|| t|ose .|o so¦¦e· oooe·
svste¬s o¦ ooo|s|¬eot. \e |abo· to ¦·acto·e t|e
·eo·ess|ve |o¦·ast·octo·e. to so||ote· t|e .ooo o¦
t|e so||ta·v c|a|·. to c·o¬b|e t|e .a||s t|at ¬e·,e
to c·eate oa·' aoo |ooe|v co·oe·s. to soea' t|e¬
oese·t a¦te· t|ev've beeo seot to beo .|t|oot |t.
×|v. Cesto·es o¦teo co¬¬oo|cate eve·vt||o,
t|at |ao,oa,e |s ooab|e to. T|e o·o|aos .|o |ave
|ea·oeo to |o|o t|e|· too,oe .|eo oooe· t|e cao-
t|oos ea·s o¦ t|e|· eoe¬|es 'oo. t||s .e||. | s|t
oo.o oo a seesa.. aoo so¬eooe ta'es t|e ot|e·
eoo. |·|eoos a·e s.eot oo |o t|e C·eeo Sca·e. aoo
ot|e·s ,et ¬eao oo so¬e eco-coooos.
×v. T|e e×|steot|a| ooss|b|||tv o¦ be|o,-|e·e ·e-
oo|·es a oesob|ect|¦cat|oo. t|e e¬b·ace o¦ ao |o-
esseot|a| co¬¬ooa||tv. \e ta'e to·os be|o, t|e
'|ava ¬ooste·'. '|t'. o· so¬et||o, te··|b|e. aoo ,|ve
to eac| ot|e· .|at be,s to be ,|veo. .|at |s ¬ost
oo|ooe aboot os. \|eo t||s co||ect|ve oe,at|oo o¦
×. |ve·v t|¬e .e o|oo't soea' oot t|e .|ooo..
eve·v t|¬e .e ate oo· ve,etab|es. eve·v t|¬e .e
o|o oo· |o¬e.o·'. .as a v|cto·v ¦o· oo· oa·eots.
S|¬||a·|v. e¬o|·e |s ¬a·'eo bv t|e o·oooct|oo o¦
ooo-eveots. |ve·v t|¬e .e o|oo't oot oo t|e ¬as'.
eve·v t|¬e .e ·es|,oeo oo·se|ves to t|e ¬a·c|.
eve·v t|¬e .e ¦a||eo to attac'. sa. t|e a¬o||¦cat|oo
o¦ ¬aoa,e¬eot.
×|. \e see c|v|||zat|oo ¦o· .|at |t |s. a sta,oaot
vet eve·-oeeoeo|o, s.a¬o|aoo. \e .|s| to s'|o
·oc's ac·oss t|e so·¦ace aoo o|oo,e stooes |oto t|e
oeot|s |o o·oe· to c·eate oo|ots o¦ ·ooto·e. C·
¬avbe eveo bo||o oa¬os to o·a|o |t. \e coost·oct
t·ee ¦o·ts .|t||o vet oots|oe t|e s.a¬o|aoo to |et
os ||ve aoo stav ¬ob||e as .e attac'. Seco·e |os|oe
t|ese ||oeoots. .e sec·et|v ·eac| ¦o· t|e co|o·eo
.a× aoo ¬ao oot a cooote·st·|'e a,a|ost t|e ·e|a-
t|oos||os t|at oa||v bo||v os.
×||. \e ¬ost bea· |o ¬|oo t|at oo· st·o,,|e .|t|
t|e a·¬eo eo¦o·ce·s o¦ t|e state ¦o·¬ ÷ ¬oc| ||'e
oo· oa·eots ÷ e×teoos bevooo t|e|· o|vs|ca| o·es-
eoce. |ooeeo. t|ev eo¦o·ce oot oo|v t|e ·o|e o¦
|a. (t|at e×ceot|ooa| ba·ba·|s¬). bot oe·¬eate t|e
steoc| o¦ ao ao×|oos aoo ¦ea·¦o| soc|a| o·oe·. \e
¬av o· ¬av oot .|s| oeat| oooo t|e|· oe·soos. bot
ce·ta|o|v t|e cessat|oo o¦ t|e|· ·o|e as 'coos'.

Before we can answer this question, we must ask: what is play?
Play is the antithesis of work. Work is the art of an exploit-
ative science. It tugs at the reigns of capital, conducting its
movements, speed and flow, carrying with it the hearse of
companionship. It tramples our natural sociality, but binds us
in a common hatred. Play is the revitalization of life; of our
dreams and our desires. It is the rejection of the necessary
non-freedom promoted, produced, and projected by work. It
is releasing human floods of bodily desire across the barriers of
separation created by work. Play is unmediated joy.
Anarchy is a condition; that of being without rule. Anarchy is
the absence of, and the rejection of the notions that give rise
to the legitimization of authority. It is unmediated freedom.
Freedom to shape our lives as we see fit, to make our own
decisions outside the realm of politics, where biological life is
exposed to death, and to appropriate the means of existence
from the chokehold of industrial civilization and its arsenal of
economies, experts, and militaries.
Playground Anarchy is a conception; an understanding of what
it is to experience life as play while simultaneously realizing its
anti-authoritarian implications. Further, it can be considered the
absolute embrace of a peculiar yet collective singularity; that of
our inner-child. Further still, Playground Anarchy may be best
described as the destruction of the great appendage known as
chronological history and the creation of an always and all-at-
once present appropriation of the past, during which we move
from our shared affectivity to a shared direction.
what is playground anarchy?
v|||. |a·t o¦ t|e tas' be¦o·e os eota||s bo||o|o, a
o|ace .|e·e .e cao |eao to.a·os eac| ot|e· aoo
co¬¬oo|cate bet.eeo boo|es. |t's oot oo· saoo-
bo×es o· t|e|· ||o'|o, ove· soat|a| te··|to·|es t|at
a·e |¬oo·taot !"#$%". bot t|e act o¦ o|,,|o, (o|av|o,)
|tse|¦ .e oooe·ta'e to,et|e·. |t |s |e·e t|at a¦¦o-
|tv |s bo||t aoo oo·
e×oaos|veoess |s
¦e|t. \|at |o|os ¦ast
|o oo· ¬|oos |s t|e
o·act|ce o¦ s|a·|o,
so¬et||o, (co¬-
¬oo|s¬) - .e s|a·e
eve·vt||o, - ob|ects
aoo abst·acts. tovs
aoo sto·|es. ea·t|
aoo ¦ee||o,s. |o,s
aoo ,|aoces.
|×. |eso|te t|e
oe·|| t|at .a|ts at
t|e botto¬. ,o|o, oo.o s||oes |o ,·ooos .|t| ¬o·e
soeeo aoo ¬o¬eoto¬ |s |o¦o|te|v ¬o·e sat|s¦v|o,
t|ao s||o|o, a|ooe. \|eo .e ¦oo ot|e· boo|es a¦-
¦ecteo bv t|e sa¬e ¦o·¬-o¦-||¦e aoo s|a·e oo·se|ves
.|t| ooe aoot|e·. .e ¦o·¬ co¬¬oo|t|es ÷ aoo. |o
oo· case. a·t|co|ate a ¦o·ce.
We, its practitioners, recognize that upon entering
adulthood (a.k.a. the realm of work, material overproduction,
commodity fetishization, etc.) an individual can own nothing
but their own labor power, surrenduring all other autonomous
projects. It becomes painfully evident that we gradually and
incontrovertibly lose our real sense of selves. Diametrically,
we recognize that in our experiences during the years of our
youth, life had been actualized. In childhood, life was all that it
could be, and all that it is currently not: adventure, explora-
tion, discovery, learning, loving, sharing, bonding, and growing.
This recognition is explicated not only the theoretical writings
of Marx or the classical literary contributions of Salinger, but
universally: in every individual’s perceived need, even if it is
expressed through the great irony of consumerism, to escape
from the world of work, and thus, the logic of capital.
Yet, as anarchists we desire more than a pathetic dis-
lodging from the dominion of capital. We are not interested in
securing such matters of temporality; rather, we seek an eternal
and unmediated freedom, which is to be materialized through
a life (re)structured by play. Under capitalism, play has become
yet another potentially affirming activity separated from every-
day life.
True to its own perverse logic, capitalism designs, manu-
factures, and sells “parks” to communities - designated areas
where our play is premeditated and established within assigned
parameters. We are allotted a time and a place to play, so
long as it does not threaten the sanctity of the work week, the
monetary system at large, or the rigid social order it perme-
ates. These are (often successful) efforts to maintain normalcy.
When the clock strikes three, we flood the lot, and things
appear to be going along as usual – running the way that they
“should” be. Thus, it is only when we make our play total,
outside of the increasing limitations of capital, that we destroy
the constructs of work and leisure, of production and consump-
tion, while simultaneously reterritorializing the space we inhabit
through the liberation of our desires.
In a similar fashion, the standing mode of production -
being an insatiable beast which finds sustenance only in merciless
commodification - has adopted the technique of reifying our
common nostalgia. While they rob us of life by exploiting us
to wage-slavery on the one hand, they expect us to believe that
we can buy it all back in films, books, costumes and theme park
tickets. We choose, as a response to the great lie we have been
fed, to shove dirt in the mouth of such a courteous oppressor,
in all of their offerings and claims of opportunity.
In Playground Anarchy we will henceforth begin to take
back the images they exploit and credit themselves with - those
images that we, their unwanted children, gave life to in worlds
outside of work. The genuinely positive social relations (those
of cooperation, sharing, and aiding) prevalent in childhood are
to be made distinct from the spectacle’s vulgar interpretation/
presentation: synthetic friendships, stories that applaud hierarchy
and heroism, and adventures that only amount to transparent
celluloid. We seek to collectively live out our dreams, while they
seek to keep us stationary and entertained with a cheap imitation
We call for the immediate dismantling of all borders,
boundaries, and restrictions. We will leap over every fence. No
longer will we accept the painful familiarity of their predict-
a ¬ote aoo stat|c |so|at|oo ÷ .|et|e· |o t|e c|ass-
·oo¬ o· oo t|e sob.av. \e. |o.eve·. |ave a|.avs
beeo t|e o|s·oot|ve ce||s .|o ¬oc' t|e sac·eooess
o¦ t|e c|e·,v. ,|,,|e oo·|o, se·¬oos. aoo ,|ve o·o¬-
|s|o, s¬||es .|t| ¦o,e·s c·osseo be||oo oo· bac's.
v||. /t t|e o|ooe· tab|e. sc|oo|. aoo ot|e· ¦a¬-
||v ¦ooct|oos. ao |||os|oo o¦ oeace |s ¬a|ota|oeo. |¦
t|e oooe·|v|o, |ost|||tv |s oot ¬eot|ooeo. |t ooes
oot e×|st - o· so oa·eots aoo teac|e·s aoo ·e|a-
t|ves .oo|o |ave |t. |ost as a .a· ·a,es coos|steot|v
.|t||o t|ese eveots. a .a· ·a,es .|t||o aoo a,a|ost
soc|etv. \e |ave oo o·esoooos|t|oos o¦ o|av|o, o|ce.
\e a·e t|e ooes .|o .|t| eve·v act oe,ate t||s
|||oso·v oeace. .|o cooso|·e to oest·ov t|e o·es-
eot o·oe·. |a'|o, ¬esses |s oo· coosc|oos o·ac-
t|ce. (|o t|e ca¦ete·|a. a s|¬o|e ,esto·e o¦ o|av¦o||v
toss|o, ¦ooo |s co¬¬|tteo. Ct|e·s oooe· t|e sa¬e
a¦¦ect o¦ oo·¬a|cv. oa||v ·e¬|ooeo o¦ t|e|· oe¦eat.
.|toess soc| acts. aoo ·eo||cate t|e¬. &'($)*"'$+)$
"#,!)%. /ot|o·|tat|ve ¦,o·es sc·a¬b|e to ooe|| t|e
soootaoeoos eveot. aoo be,|o ao |ovest|,at|oo |o
sea·c| o¦ .|o¬eve· ¬av |ave |oso|·eo t|e ·evo|t.
\e ·e¬a|o s||eot |o t|e|· o¦¦ces - ¦a¬|||a· .|t| t|e|·
oesoe·ate tact|cs. T|ev se·ve a |aoo¦o| o¦ sosoects
.|t| oeteot|oo. bot t||s .||| oo|v eve· |,o|te ¦oto·e
acts. be t|ev |o so||oa·|tv o· ·e¬e¬b·aoce.)
\e .aot oo|v to ||ve aoo |ao,|.
8 20
|v. \e see' to e×oe·|eoce eve·v |ast t||o, t||s
.o·|o |as to o¦¦e·. to 'oo. a|| o¦ t|e co|o·s aoo
¦avo·s o¦ t|e oo|ve·se aoo t|e ¬eaos to s|a·e
t|e¬. \e toss t|e .e|,|t o¦ oo· boo' ba,s ¦·o¬
oo· s|oo|oe·s becaose .e .|s| to 'oo. t|e es-
t·ao,eo oato·e o¦ oo· so··oooo|o,s. Co· co·|os|tv
aoo oes|·e to |ea·o |as ||tt|e to oo .|t| sc|oo||o,.
bot ·at|e· t|e c·eat|oo o¦ a seot|¬eota| eoocat|oo.
.||c| c|||o·eo 'oo. bette· t|ao ¬ost.
v. Co· oat|eoce |as .o·o t||o. \e've seeo t|e
¬ooe| t·a|o co¬e a·oooo t|e beoo ¦o· t|e |ast
t|¬e. T|ev've stac'eo t|e bo||o|o, b|oc's |o eve·v-
.||c|-.av ooss|b|e aoo e×|aosteo t|e|· ||¬|ts. /
¦·e e·oots |o oo· |ea·t. aoo a soootaoeoos |¬oo|se
·os|es t|·oo,| os ÷ ||'e t|e ao×|etv ¦e|t oo ¬o·o-
|o,s a¦te· t|e ¬ost oe·¦ect soo.¦a||. eveo |¦ t|e
¬a,o|tooe .as oo|v eooo,| to ,·aot os a oav a.av
¦·o¬ sc|oo|. Co· ,·eatest oes|·e |s to ·oo aoo ·o||
ac·oss t|e c·vsta| b|ao'et. to oe·a|| t|e t·a|os. to
s¬as| t|·oo,| t|e ceote· o¦ t|e b|oc' ¦o·t .|t|
c·|es o¦ ove·.|e|¬|o, e×obe·aoce.
v|. T|ese c·|es a·e v|sce·a| ·esoooses to be|o,
coostaot|v eocoo·a,eo ÷ o·. ¬o·e acco·ate|v. co-
e·ceo ÷ |oto s|tt|o, st||| aoo 'eeo|o, oo|et. Cbeo|-
eoce. .e a·e to|o. |s a v|·toe. T|os .e a·e o|c'eo
aoa·t aoo seot |eao ¦·st (oot |o t|e ¦oo .av) |oto
able realm of play. We will watch possibilities explode, like the
gunpowder and dust of their spectacular images, yet ours will be
so immense that they shade the night sky permanently.
In attempts to liberate seized playgrounds with locked
fences, relentlessly stencil four-square courts up and down city
streets, and to occupy abandoned homes, factories and univer-
sities, we give content to our particular form of subversion.
Whether your experience is in sprinting through a cemetery
after dusk, opening a fire hydrant on a hot summer day, or
exploring a decaying manufacturing plant, we urge you to redis-
cover the child within you - to release it at once, and in every
direction. Use your imaginations, pack some candy, go outside,
find each other, and enact the most bodily of revolts.
After all,
UnoIfcial Title:
A Recipe Ior Magic. FluIIy Puppies. and Scraps oI Clothing
(but really iust Scraps oI Clothing)
- Worn too many holes in your pants and another patch iust ain`t
gonna do the trick?
- Time to part with your Iree bin fannels?
- Or did you iust shrink a load oI laundry with the wrong cycle?
II so. or iI Ior any other reason you fnd yourselI in pos­
session oI some extra cloth things that i reIer to here as scraps`.
here`s a recipe that is sure to tickle the Iancy oI anyone with a soul.
OIfcial Title:
A Recipe for Happiness: A Cute ‘n Cuddly Concoction
A. Gather the Materials
i) acquire needle and thread. a lot oI thread. and probably at least
two needles iI you are prone to dropping and losing them.
ii) fnd stuIfng.
iii) have scissors or a kniIe or some other ripping/cutting devise
close at hand.
iv) envision what sort oI animal you would like to make a cute-
and-cuddly stuIIed reality. possibly make a sketch so that you
remember your vision at the early stages oI magical craIting.
B. Let the Games Begin!
It may take you a day oI isolating yourselI Irom the world - it
may take you months. No matter how long it takes you. remember
that it`s perIectly alright. Also. make sure you`re in the right mood
Ior craIting your cuddly-stuIIed-animal-Iriend. It`ll be well worth
it. even iI your cuddly-stuIIed-animal-Iriend turns out to be lopsid­
ed and doesn`t match up with your sketch. Remember that ugly is
a Iour letter word (the other Iour letter word...meaning that ugly`
is shit). and that however your cuddly-stuIIed-animal-Iriend looks
doesn`t say anything about the amount oI love that your cuddly-
stuIIed-animal-Iriend capable oI bestowing upon someone.
|. T|e |¬ooss|b|||tv o¦ ·e¬a|o|o,
|o t||s .o·|o
...|as |eo so¬e to t|eo·|ze aboot ¦o·¬s-o¦-||¦e eo-
te·|o, a vo·te×. o· b|ac' |o|e. |o sea·c| o¦ a |ost |o-
¬ao co¬¬oo|tv. \e o·e¦e· to t||o' o¦ |t as s.|o,-
|o, a·oooo t|e ba·. |o ooe .||| be to·oeo |os|oe
oot. o· |eave t||s o|aoe o¦ e×|steoce. bot eve·vt||o,
e|se ¬|,|t.
||. \e a·e t|e ooes .|o ||oe |o tobes .|eo
·ecess eoos. T||s |s .|e·e .e be,|o. a |o¬ao st·|'e.
T|at .e oes|·e to oass t|·oo,| a .o·|o .|e·e ·e-
cess eoos |s to sav .e oes|·e to |eave t|e b|ooo||t|-
ca| |o·|zoo oo a ¦oc' o¦ .||o b|·os.
|||. \e a·e ¦o||v coosc|oos o¦ oo· te··a|o ÷ t|e
¬et·ooo||s ÷ aoo |t e×|sts eve·v.|e·e. |t |s oot so
¬oc| a ,eo,·ao||c coost·oct as |t |s t|e oet.o·'s
aoo st·octo·a| ¦o.s t|at a·e |t's ||¦eb|ooo. |t |s t|e
|e|,|t o¦ oo¬|oat|oo. |t |s t|e |ac' o¦ o|st|oct|oo
bet.eeo 'sobo·b' aoo 'c|tv'. 3ot |o eve·v |oc| o¦
te··a|o t|at a·e etc|eo .|t| |ts ¦o.s ooe cao a|so
t·ace a o|s|ooct|ve svot|es|s. T|at |s. t|e c|ass eo¬|-
tv. vaooa||s¬. aoo sabota,e t|at a|.avs acco¬oaov
oo¬|oat|oo aoo ¬aoa,e¬eot. T||s |||-oe¦oeo zooe
.|e·e ot|e· ¬eaos o¦ .a· co¬bat t|e ¬et·ooo||s
coo|o be ·e¦e··eo to as t|e o|av,·oooo.

& The Playground Affect
C. Operation Cuddly­Stuffed­Animal­Friend Commence!
(...This is where you make your cuddly stuIIed animal Iriend...)
D.  Your Cuddly­Stuffed­Animal­Friend is Alive and Thriving
What`s next?
So. here`s the kicker: Once you`re fnished. pick a Iriend - or bet­
ter yet. pick ANYONE - any comrade or relation thereoI who you
think would Ieel a little bit happy/or be made to Ieel a bit warm
and Iuzzy on the inside iI they unexpectadly received your odd.
(and let`s Iace it. probably lopsided) cuddly-stuIIed-animal-Iriend.
Now. ask consent Irom your cuddly-stuIIed-animal-Iriend Ior a
hug Irom ze/s/he/it/them. and iI consent is Ireely given. hug your
cuddly-stuIIed-animal-Iriend with all oI the love and might that
you can put into a single hug. and send it oII in the mail.
Your cuddly-stuIIed-animal-Iriend can now be someone else`s
Iriend too - perhaps as a traveling companion. or an obiect Ior con­
sulation during a stressIul event. A cuddly-stuIIed-animal-Iriend
can remind us that we have Iriends who love us and think about
us - and a cuddly-stuIIed-animal-Iriend can be with them when
they Ieel lonely. In sum. making a cuddly-stuIIed-animal-Iriend Ior
someone is iust about the most logical and magical thing you can
do with some extra scraps oI clothing.
(It should be noted that you are allowed to make a cuddly-stuIIed-
animal-Iriend Ior yourselI. too...I made one Ior myselI.)
Spread the ioy and take care oI each other - and do it with fuIIy
things sometimes...and cuddly things too.
Everything is sacred in this world. We wander through it
and nothing can be touched. Everything is to be observed from be-
hind a sentinel velvet rope, like a painting in a museum or a tiger in
a zoo. But it’s not just museums and zoos that are in this sacrosanct
state. We take photographs, catalogue our activities, and update
our Internet “I”, if only to remind our future selves of a time we had
more human capital. We desire a home-cooked meal shared with
family and friends, so we go to a restaurant for a “home-cooked
meal with family and friends”. We work hard to play hard. We even
take pills while on vacation.
Nothing is more sacred in this world than the commodity.
And what isn’t a commodity these days? e sacralization of every-
thing in existence, including meaning in language and the com-
modication of our bodies, places the wherewithal of existence into
a realm of consumption we can’t access. We can’t use these things.
We can’t enjoy any commodity under capitalism. e splitting of
value into use-value and exchange-value renders these objects im-
material; abstract goods whose enjoyment is only possible through
accumulation and exchange. e world of commodities is a world
in which its means become its ends. “[Separation] is the sun that
never sets over the empire of modern passivity.” Everything is ren-
dered unprofanable, unable to be communized, non-returnable to
the free use of all people.
But we can play and profane everything, just as children
play with toys. In doing so, we will render the current biopolitical
machine inoperative – we will free humanity from economics, law,
everything. And we will even scribble love notes and the names of
our friends into storefront windows with ‘dotted-i’s’ and ‘hearted-
A’s’, and never leave the playground.
/4 immedio1ely 1oke weigh1 o££ 1he por1iculor £oo1.
54 wrop 1igh1ly in o 1-shir1 or oce bondoge, or else
moke o splin1 ou1 o£ 1wo 1wigs ond o piece o£ clo1h.
o ni£1y mokeshi1 coin/cru1ch/wolking s1ick.
*4 opply ice £or 5-I0 minu1es 1o reduce swelling
)4 elevo1e £oo1 while res1ing or sleeping, using your
ossuredly 1hemed pillows.
/4 os o preven1o1ive meosure, be sure 1o loyer or
weor o coo1 1o occord wi1h 1he weo1her (or don´1).
54 keep o (block) hondkerchie£ or 1issue(s) on you, es-
peciolly during 1he colder seosons.
64 s1oy hydro1ed, drink plen1y o£ wo1er ond |uice (vi1o-
min C is 1he key ingredien1).
*4 eo1 worm £ood ond 1oke worm showers 1o loosen
mucus. 1ry no1 1o swollow your sno1 (i1 gives you o
belly oche, 1rus1 me).
)4 cuddle up wi1h your £ovori1e blonkey ond ge1 plen1y
o£ res1, moybe wo1ch some cor1oons? ¥our immune
sys1em will 1oke core o£ 1he res1.
12 16
first aid
- mos1 o£1en £ound on 1he honds, knees, ond elbows.
/4 opply pressure 1o wound 1o s1op bleeding.
54 wosh immedio1ely wi1h soop ond worm wo1er
(or don´1, i£ you´re super punk).
64 check £or ony gloss, rocks, or o1her 1iny por1icles 1ho1
moy hove en1ered wound.
*4 use 1he "good s1inging¨ power o£ hydrogen pero×ide 1o
disin£ec1 (or don´1, i£ you´re o bro1).
)4 wrop gouze or slop on o bondoge.
£) i£ 1he cu1 is deep, consider opplying neosporin 1o help
£use skin/reduce scor.
:4 *mos1 impor1on1 o£ oll, hove o £riend or loved one pu1
1heir lips on 1he [cleon/covered/disin£ec1ed] wound £or
super omozing poin relie£ ond heoling power!
;4 do no1 pick o1 your scobs (or, well, you know...).
(mos1 o£1en £ound on 1he polms o£ honds ond bolls o£ £ee1)
/4 1ry no1 1o pop 1hem, os 1hey ore more likely 1o become
in£ec1ed (or pop 1hem, i£ you won1 1o).
54 1ry no1 1o rub 1he blis1ered oreos.
For all of your joyous adventures and
Profanation is the extraction of things from their sacred use
for the free use of all. Play is a means of eectuating profanation; it
distracts humanity from the sacred realm without simply abolish-
ing it. Play releases things from its given end under capitalism, and
creates new uses for them. It is an organ of profanation within a
formulation of politics based on pure means without ends that nds
its pinnacle in gestures. Gestures
have no end or goal; they only com-
municate their own communicabil-
ity, like a yawn or a kiss. It is our
play, our gestures that will profane
the sacred order of capitalism.
Like when we steal “slip n slides”
from Toys “R” Us and give one to
everyone in our neighborhood,
hold a game of “Bombs and Shields”
underneath the bean, download
an unreleased movie and project it
to hundreds in a park, make fake
admission tickets to rip-o-anarchist lms, turn an abandoned lot
into a music venue or a public garden, cut the locks to playgrounds,
factories, and any other locked door, kiss each others’ bruises, or eat
popcorn and have pillow ghts in unsold condominiums.
By playing together, we can turn society from a cavernous
museum into a limitless playground. e sacred and ineable in
our conception of Being can be eliminated, and we can realize our
actions and our speech are entirely profane and beautiful for it. In
our play we can create a language that no longer resigns meaning or
the unsayable to a universal, a representation, but will be embodied
in the taking place of language itself. Time and age will have no
relevance, because we won’t stop swinging and skipping and hold-
ing hands. Even as history completes itself, we will contine to dance
upon the ruins of this pathetic stage.
…But we can play and
profane everything...
In doing so, we will
render the current
biopolitical machine
inoperative –
we will free humanity
from economics, law,
12 15
out into
make some friends.

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