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Inside this Issue:
Page 8: Karam Ramrakha on President Trump and his plan to make America great again
Page 9: Rekha Bhatta on whether Trump presidency will alter India-US-Australia trilateral relations
Page 13: Manju Mittal visits Pravasi Bhartiya Kendra in New Delhi
Page 16: Is the Indian dowry custom coming to Australia
Page 17: Nitasha Bhatia on domestic violence in the community
Page 19: Neeru Saluja interviews Saroo Brierly on whom the movie ‘Lion’ is based
Page 23: Indian scientists in Australia
Page 26: Hand Mudras can help you with health, mental concentration and more
Page 28: Watch your words: Do words we speak impact our spiritual growth Saroo Brierly Dr. Dharmica Mistry Salman Khan
Page 29: Vijay Badhwar studies various options for Indian seniors in age care The real ‘Lion’ NSW Young Woman of on the way down under
the Year 2016

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06 THE INDIAN DOWN UNDER Janaury - February 2017
Editor's Letter

With such outcomes losing
Editorial/Advertising Enquiries: 02 9875 2713
Postal Address: PO Box 99, Thornleigh NSW 2120.
faith in elections is natural
Principal Editor: Vijay Badhwar
Associate Editor: Neena Badhwar
North America : Parveen Chopra
Sports Editor: Kersi Meher-Homji
Delhi Reporter: Ritu Ghai

Third Eye: Rekha Bhattacharjee
Political Columns: Cyprian Fernanades,
Karam Ramrakha
Bollywood: Neeru Saluja President Trump’s avowed policies are bad for America and Parkash Singh Badal is 89, yet is not ready to let even his
bad for the world. own son, Sukhbir, become CM if Akali Dal wins in Punjab.
Films and Art: Neeru Saluja, Abhishek Sood,
t’s easy to divide than to unite, preach than to do the deed. unimaginable until a few months ago that a few tweeted words
Sumi Krishnan, Devaki Parthasarthy,
Neena Badhwar, Rekha Rajvanshi,
Manju Mittal
I There is plenty of the former in Donald Trump’s pre and
post election rhetoric and in its wrinkled out version in the
45th American President’s inaugural address. What a contrast
could win over thousands of adversarial words in the media
that exposed his true character.

it is from President Obama’s farewell address! he US election is a reminder how low politics has

Body-Mind-Spirit: Dr Sunder Das, Kanaka
Ramakrishna, Faith Harper, T Selva The world is moving towards the right, extremism drifting stooped, not any less in India where electioneering is
away from the median, so that Angela Merkel is called in full swing in five states of Punjab (4 February),
Sport: Kersi Meher-Homji, Gaurav Joshi ‘wrong’ for accepting the stranded refugees. And erecting con- Goa (4 February), Uttarakhand (15 February), Uttar Pradesh
Fiji Diary: Karam Ramrakha crete walls of division is called the ‘right’ thing to do! The (11 February – 8 March), and Manipur (4-8 March). There,
Cookery: Promila Gupta Trump kind of rhetoric sounds good to the general public, hits the choice is not between honesty and corruption, neither an
their emotional chords and attracts votes in the name of election based on issues in regards to upliftment of the poor,
Children Section: Esther Chaudhary-Lyons
nationalism, race and religion. The new US President says, but more based on race and religion, exploited to the hilt by
Classical Music: Sumi Krishnan, Kris Raman, “...when America is united, it’s totally unstoppable (to established dynasties and those who are the loudest.
Lokesh Varma become great again)”, but himself creates religious and racial There has already been so much melodrama in UP as father
Travel : Vijay Badhwar, Kris Raman divides, speaks of alleviating poverty but himself creates Mulayam Singh and Australian-educated son Akhilesh Yadav
empires and aims to dismantle healthcare accessibility for the wrangled over Samajwadi Party (SP) control and party symbol
Humour: Melvin Durai, Santram Bajaj bottom rung, can’t bear a shred of criticism himself but mocks and then compromised, rendering in vain all the commotion.
Seniors Column: Santram Bajaj the dignity of women and the handicapped. There is not much choice between Akhilesh’s SP and
Beauty: Devaki Parthasarthy, Ritu Ghai, The trade agreements Mr Trump is trumpeting to demolish Mayawati’s BSP and a run-down Congress that’s rather look-
-- because “... we have enriched foreign industry on the cost ing for alliances. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) may make
Akvir Kaur
of our own” and to reinvigorate ‘factories scattered like tomb- some inroads but is not expected to form a government in its
Community: Neena Badhwar, stones’ -- may do the exact opposite by making goods expen- own right largely due to division along religious lines.
Kersi Meher-Homji, sive in America and killing the industries set up by Americans In Punjab the ruling Akali Dal is tainted with allegations of
Vijay Badhwar, Sumi Krishnan, Neeru Saluja, overseas. Countries like China will not shirk away from the widespread corruption and its inability to curb drug use in the
opportunity to fill the void by creating business alliances with state. BJP’s alliance with the Akali Dal gives it only a stand-
Savitha Narayan, Manju Mittal Europe and Australia. ing room in the state but sullies the clean image PM Modi
Photographers: Raj Suri and Jordan Anjaiya It’s a crying shame that the new world order some thinking provides the party. Congress could have been wrested back the
Graphic Design: Dhiraj Kumar Showaan, leaders have tried to create over many decades, especially state riding the anti-incumbency factor after Akalis held on to
President Obama who gave voice to the black community in power for 10 years, but Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party is giv-
Nayanesh Gandhi, Dinesh Verma, Bharat
America, will be so easily undone by the racial divide that is ing rise to triangular contests for every seat. The Akali Dal
Bhushan Chopra/Bhagwati Multimedia raising its ugly head under President Trump. chief and Chief Minister, Parkash Singh Badal, is pushing 90
We do wish that President Trump confounds us all and suc- but glued to the leadership. He should take a leaf out from
ceeds in ‘making America great again’ as he’s done with the former NSW Premier Mike Baird who resigned from politics
polls and crushing the role of all powerful media. It was at his peak, aged 48.

January-February 2017 THE INDIAN DOWN UNDER 7

Suspense as Trump takes the reins
By Karam Ramrakha Refuge in the World and even
today the Statute of Liberty car-
rust me I am Trump’ ries this message, “Give me your

T catchphrase won billion-
aire salesman Donald
Trump the American presidency,
tired, your poor, your huddled
masses yearning to breathe free.”
Yes, we saw America as a last
edging out veteran and favourite bastion of hope and human rights
Hillary Clinton’s bid to the White and democracy but Trump will
House. Did the people realise they seal its borders. On the other
were being conned. hand, we must hearken to
On 20 January, 2017 a deeply "Mother" Angela Merkel who
divided America was set to see tried to welcome refugees with
Trump become its President, as open arms and also graced Time
leader of the greatest nation since Magazine as the Person of the
Babylon and be acknowledged as Year. While the world hopes that
the most powerful person in the solutions will fall into place, it is
World. That despite Hillary a xenophobic world full of divi-
Clinton painting Trump as a liar, sions and distrusts with easy
a cheat, a tax evader who, him- access to arms and people ready
self, boasted of exploiting women to do violence. We can only
sexually. Trump defied all odds, watch and pray.
even while attacking Muslims and Donald Trump taking the oath of office in Washington DC, January 20, 2017. As for my native Fiji, I see it
Mexican immigrants. in the doldrums today. Its Prime
There is some complacency in was seen as anti-India and pro refugees. The prestigious Time Trump says he will build will iso- Minister beckons all who "fled"
America about its Presidency, Pakistan. China has yet to reveal magazine has made Trump the late USA. Fiji to return home but with little
albeit there are hopes that checks its hand but it brooks no compro- man of 2016 but with a caution Estimates claim more than 10 success. Growth is stagnant and
and balances will keep Trump mises as Nehru (Hindi-Chini Bhai that he leads a divided nation. million illegals flourish in USA there is still control of media and
straight and true and that his mis- Bhai) discovered. Trump sits astride a large land doing work Americans do not assembly and at least two politi-
sion ‘to make America Great Russia waits in the wings to mass. USA sees South America as want to do. Even Barack Obama cians have been ousted from their
again’ is accomplished. see if Trump would help to dis- its own stomping ground. But was unable to tackle this issue parliamentary posts.
Oddly, Indian PM Narendra mantle NATO. Europe is paral- today the South is in turmoil. And head on. We forget today that I wish TIDU readers the best
Modi espoused Trump as Clinton ysed by Brexit and influx of the Great Mexican Wall which America was seen as the Ultimate for 2017.

Goan treatise in paradise
Book Review blog created a lot of interest, India’s Prime Minister Rajiv
by Vijay Badhwar especially among the Goan Gandhi when he visited
community, when the story of a Australia in 1986.
yprian Fernandes is a Catholic priest in Eastleigh, Fr Yesterday in Paradise pro-

C story-teller, an excellent
story-teller. He has such
a flow in telling a tale that it can
Hannan, spread from the cloud.
Yesterday in Paradise is set
in Eastleigh of the 50’s, recent-
vides astute insight into African
geopolitics and could easily
have been expanded for a wider
be only termed as gifted. And ly brought to ISIS notoriety in audience who are struggling to
being a journalist, the gift has the Hollywood movie ‘Eyes in find an answer: why a land so
embellished his skills in choos- the Sky’. It is no longer the par- full of riches is continuously
ing the right words, the context adise Cyprian describes but plundered, ridden with poverty
and the narrative. accurate to a tee of a shanty and corruption, where life is
Cyprian is no stranger to town where life seems to have treated as being subhuman, God
The Indian Down Under; in been still for the last seven forsaken from times immemori-
fact it his baby that he nurtured decades, except, of course, for al and without a rainbow in
in its infancy for more than a the extremism part. sight. Only a journalist like
decade. And working with him Cyprian’s early childhood is Cyprian Fernandes who has the
late at nights, it was his stories no less a movie material than of advantage in growing up in that
of his earlier days in Africa – the likes of Slumdog environment can provide some
Kenya, Uganda and then UK - Millionaire – a childhood clues to the riddle.
that made the hard work inter- replete with struggles, then a At a recent writers’ festival
esting. The stories then came as teenager’s desperate push into in Goa, Cyprian was feted for
anecdotes, about his Goan the world of big journalism, his book and widely inter-
friends and families, about a finally a successful adulthood viewed by the Indian media.
bloody Mau Mau rebellion (that full of intrigue and drama when The interest was so much that
I understood only vaguely) and the politics in East Africa was now there is also an Indian edi-
informal and very friendly in the making, rubbing shoul- tion. The Goan community, in
meetings with Idi Amin (Idi ders with the likes of Pio Gama Australia and overseas, will
Amin!, my eyes used to widen) Pinto and Dr Mungai and on relate to Cyprian’s book for
but only a fleeting discussion first name terms with Milton sure and feel proud that they
about his family, especially his Obote and Idi Amin. are now connected through this
mother, whom I met a few He had to abandon the high work, many of the memories
times, and now I realise after life of journalism at the peak of coming alive through some rare
reading his autobiographical his career, concerned for his photographs.
book, ‘Yesterday in Paradise’, to explode’. That’s the hall- into a blog when Cyprian found own safety and that of his fam- Yesterday in Paradise,
how accurately Cyprian mark of a class writer that time after his retirement from ily, to settle first in the UK and Australian edition, is published
describes her - ‘a walking Cyprian is. The Sydney Morning Herald then, finally, in Australia. Also by Balboa Press and can be
skeleton...but her eyes, little From those often related and then St George & a gifted speaker, Cyprian had ordered through Balboa Press
round balls of dynamite waiting anecdotes, the stories turned Sutherland Shire Leader. The the rare honour to welcome or

8 THE INDIAN DOWN UNDER January-February 2017

The Third Eye By Rekha Bhattacharjee

Trump shadow over India-US-Australia trilateral relations?
If the US downgrades alliance with Canberra significantly,
there is a likelihood that Australia could seek closer ties
with its largest trading partner, China. If this happens,
India’s burgeoning diplomatic and trade ties with
Australia could also come under severe strain.
ith Donald Trump as the undoubtedly the most powerful tial counterweight to China. Dhruva Jaishankar, a Fellow for can bury the Quadrilateral Security

W 45th President of the
United States, it would
be worthwhile to ponder over the
country on our planet. If the US
downgrades alliance with Canberra
significantly, there is a likelihood
If the leaked US diplomatic
cables (published by WikiLeaks)
are to be believed, the US cajoled
Foreign Policy at the Brookings
Institution India Center in New
Delhi, recently commented:
Dialogue (QSD) which was started
as an informal strategic dialogue
between the United States, Japan,
question whether Trump presidency that Australia could seek closer ties former prime minister John Howard “… there is an evident tension Australia and India in 2007. It
would alter the India-US-Australia with its largest trading partner to change the hard stance on India. between Australia’s strategic estab- could also have negative impact on
trilateral relations. China. The US push came after President lishment (largely confined to a bub- the high-level trilateral dialogue
It is an indisputable fact that the If this happens, India’s bur- George Bush and PM Vajpayee ble in Canberra) and the business between India, Japan and Australia.
US is a vital strategic ally to geoning diplomatic and trade ties signed what is known as the Next community. For some, China’s The allies are definitely experi-
Australia. The depth of the collabo- with Australia could also come Steps in Strategic Partnership importance as a trade partner and encing pangs of uncertainty about
ration between the two Pacific Rim under severe strain. In the worst (NSSP) agreement in 2004. In immigration trends point to a recal- the global outlook Trump may have
countries can be evidenced in vari- case scenario, there is a possibility March 2006, PM John Howard ibration of its international relations during the initial stage of his presi-
ous spheres like foreign policy and that Donald Trump’s presidency signed six bilateral agreements in away from the United States and the dency. Australian mandarins may
national security. can negatively impact the supply of India. These pacts included a mem- West, and there are certainly some have developed jitters after Stephen
Australian defence policy is uranium by Australia to India. orandum of understanding on such pressures from Australian Moore, senior economic adviser to
basically driven by the Australia, Similarly, various multilateral dia- defence co-operation. business”. These tensions would president-elect Donald Trump
New Zealand, United States logues involving Australia, India Foreign affairs experts believe have exacerbated in the recent dropped a bombshell when he told
Security Alliance (ANZUS). The and the US could also be scrapped that, if pushed too hard by the US, months as Mr Trump unveiled his BBC radio recently that dramatic
ties between the two English-speak- or downgraded. Australia is likely to have a serious vision to ‘Make America Great tax cuts are the “single most impor-
ing democracies have been so It would be relevant to mention look at strengthening its relations Again’. The concerns over Donald tant thing for our country right
strong that Australia is often derid- here that the upswing in the Indo- with the Asian powerhouse China. Trump’s threat to scrap trans- now”. Australian business analysts
ed as the Deputy Sheriff of the US Australian bilateral ties can be There is already pressure from Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal are worried that such tax cuts would
in the region. traced back to the early 2000s when the Australian business community and ANZUS continue to occupy a plunge Australian economy into a
All this could undergo drastic the US policy-makers looking to on Canberra to move away from the significant space in the public dia- crisis.
makeover once Donald Trump takes maintain US dominance in Asia United States-centric foreign, logue down under. Rekha Bhattacharjee can be
over as the 45th President of started considering India as a poten- defence and trade policies. Donald Trump’s foreign policy contacted at

Impediments galore but Indians keep Australian dream alive
Racism and lack of opportunities are often cited as two primary reasons which make most of the Indo-Australians
wonder whether Australian ethos of the ‘Fair go’ is meant only for the majority Anglo-Saxon community.
By Rekha Bhattacharjee in the prime employment age (25 to 34- to mention here that the Indian connection
years-old) group. with Australia goes thousands of years
ndian community in Australia is grow- According to a 2013 ABS report, Indian back. According to a research made by

I ing rapidly. The increase in numbers is
complemented with an increase in the
average income of the Indian Diaspora set-
migration increased “dramatically from
2006 to 2011. Around 53 per cent of the
Indian skilled migrants have arrived in
Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary
Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, the
Indian DNA reached the Aboriginal popu-
tled down under. The presence of Indian Australia after 2005. lation in Australia 141 generations ago. It is
migrants in Australia is most noticeable in To give an idea about the community believed that the Indian migrants settled in
the annual tax figures. According to an size in Australia, according to 2011 census, Australia roughly 4,000 years back i.e.
Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) report about 300,000 Australians were born in much before Captain Cook located the east
released recently, Indian taxpayers generat- India and there were nearly 400,000 coast (New South Wales – Sydney) in
ed a whopping $7.9 billion in total in the The number of permanent settlers responses for Indian ancestry (largest group 1770.
financial year 2011-12. arriving monthly in Australia from consisting of Indo-Fijians). In 2011-12 The first group of Indians to arrive in
According to the aforementioned ABS India since 1991. Indians were the largest source of perma- Australia governed by the British roughly
report, the Indian migrant taxpayers were nent migration (15.7 per cent of the total three decades after Captain Cook’s well-
number two on the tax generators’ list as nity. A rude reminder came recently as a migration programme) to Australia. celebrated discovery of Australia, was that
they were marginally behind the taxpayers Brisbane bus driver Manmeet Alisher was The social scene in Australia, which of convict labourers sent by British colonial
from the United Kingdom. burnt alive by an Australian of European promotes multiculturalism as an official masters in the years 1800-1816.
What these figures are telling us is that descent for, apparently, no reason. Some of policy, is also changing gradually. A visi- The last four decades of the 19th centu-
the Indian community seems to be in a rush the community members have blamed ble change can be noticed in the outer sub- ry witnessed a large number of Punjabis
to realise its Australian dream. racism for the unprovoked attack. There is urbs in Sydney and Melbourne. Hindu and settling on the eastern coast of Australia. A
Undoubtedly, there are a number of imped- no sign whatsoever to suggest that such Sikh temples in suburbs Parklea, Revesby, large number of the early generation
iments which slows down this chase but the tragedies would discourage skilled Indians Rosehill, Turramurra and Mays Hill in Punjabis settled near Woolgoolga were
Diaspora members are well on their way to from boarding the flights to the Australian Sydney and Craigieburn, Carrum Downs, recruited as labourers. The hardworking
be counted first among the equals in this destinations. Deer Park, etc in Melbourne are few of migrants were also used to run camel
reasonably prosperous country. Racism and While there has been a spike in the these religious shrines which cater to the trains. From running camel trains to driv-
lack of opportunities are often cited as two Indian arrivals after 2005, a large compo- increasing number of Diaspora. ing luxury cars, the Indian community has
primary reasons which make most of the nent of the Diaspora living in Australia Australian policymakers maybe paying definitely come a long way in their chase of
Indo-Australians wonder whether consists of international students. The tributes to the taxpayers from India for the Australian dream.
Australian ethos of the ‘Fair go’ is meant Indian taxpayers are overwhelmingly male making significant contribution to the Rekha Bhattacharjee can be contacted
only for the majority Anglo-Saxon commu- and 40 per cent of them are reported to be Australian exchequer. It would be relevant at

January-February 2017 THE INDIAN DOWN UNDER 9

Modi asks NRIs to first develop India
Bengaluru: Prime Minister
Narendra Modi on January 8 Dr Harinath lone PBD awardee
urged the Indian diaspora to first
develop India by investing and from Australia
contributing its expertise in the
ydney based Dr.
land of its origin.
"To me, FDI means First
Develop India through Foreign
Direct Investment, whose norms
S Gorur Krishna
Harinath was honored
with PBD Samman for
have been fully liberalized for Community Service at PBD
NRIs and PIOs and made on par 2017. He is the first person
with domestic firms for availing of Indian origin to become a
same benefits," Modi told the14th Director of Cricket
Pravasi Bharatiya Divas here. Australia (2004), and is also
Inaugurating the 3-day mega the chairman of the
event, Modi exhorted the diaspora strongest state cricket asso-
PM Modi along with the Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa ciation – Cricket New South Birthday Honours for services to
to participate in the government’s and the Surinam Vice President Michel Ashwin Satyandre Adhin Wales (NSW) and currently chair- cricket and to the community in
flagship programs like Digital and other dignitaries at the inauguration of the PBD-2017 man of Multicutltural Advisory 2009. A doctor in sports medicine,
India, Make In India, Start-up in Bengaluru on Jan 8. Council. he has been actively associated
India, Swachh Bharat and Clean
Of Kannadiga origin who with cricket since 1977 and is a
Ganga for the country’s all-round Costa and Indian-born US diplo- brated worldwide by the Indian
moved to Australia 45 years ago, familiar face to all Indian touring
development. mat Nisha Desai Biswal were Embassies and Consulates with
Dr. Harinath, 73, was awarded teams since Bishen Bedi’s team
Indian-origin Portugal Prime among the 30 PBD awardees. participation of the members of
the OAM in the Queen’s visited in 1977-78.
Minister Antonio Luis Santos da This time, PBD was also cele- the Indian Community.

Punjab polls: No
cake-walk for Badals
Union minister
Arun Jaitley
and Punjab
Chief Minister
Parkash Singh
the ruling
Australia educated UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav releasing the party manifesto. Akali-BJP
alliance is
hobbled by

SP-Congress forge anti-

alliance for UP polls
Lucknow: At a joint press conference here Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. It was not
Chandigarh: With the Punjab assembly polls
turning into a three-horse race for the first
time, Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal and
is also contesting his home seat of Patiala-
The Akali Dal has tried to spice up the con-
his son and deputy, Sukhbir Singh Badal, face test for this seat by fielding Gen J.J. Singh, the
on January 22, leaders of Samajwadi Party immediately known to what extent the SP had the most serious electoral challenge of their first Sikh chief of the Indian Army and former
and Congress said that the two will contest accommodated Congress' demand. careers. Unlike on earlier occasions, when the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh.
the upcoming UP assembly polls together. SP The Congress was also keen to include contest was a straight fight between the It was the AAP which first upped the ante
will contest 298 of the 403 seats and Ajit Singh-led RLD in the alliance, which the Shiromani Akali Dal-BJP combine and the on the Lambi seat by fielding Delhi lawmaker
Congress the remaining 105. Samajwadi Party did not want. Congress, the emergence of the Aam Aadmi Jarnail Singh, who came into the limelight for
UP PCC chief Raj Babbar hoped the SP- The SP had maintained it will have no Party (AAP) on Punjab's political scene has throwing a shoe at the then Union Home
Congress alliance will reap a bumper elec- truck with RLD and, if Congress wanted, it spiced up the poll scenario, with three-cor- Minister, P. Chidambaram, in Delhi in 2009,
toral harvest in the state and fulfil aspirations could give its share of seats to Ajit Singh’s nered contests on most seats. to take on Badal senior.
of all sections of the society. party. And to make things tough for the ruling Lambi falls in the Malout subdivision of
He said a Common Minimum Programme SP vice-president Kironmoy Nanda said Akali Dal, the Congress and the AAP have Muktsar district of southwest Punjab. It is part
will be drafted within a week. after the alliance with Congress, “We will get fielded strong candidates against the Badals. of the Bathinda parliamentary constituency
Talks between top Congress and SP lead- an absolute majority in the state and Akhilesh Thus, for the first time in Punjab's political which is represented in the Lok Sabha by
ers had been going on for the last several will become chief minister again." history, the February 4 assembly election will Union Food Processing Minister Harsimrat
days but an announcement got delayed as the In the 2012 Assembly polls, SP had won witness the biggest political fight for the Lambi Badal (Sukhbir Badal's wife and the Chief
two parties refused to scale down their 224 seats with a vote share of 29.3 per cent, assembly seat -- hitherto the elder Badal's Minister's daughter-in-law). Badal village,
demand for the number of seats each would while Congress had bagged 28 seats with an pocket borough -- with Punjab Congress presi- where the Chief Minister hails from, is part of
contest.Sources said the alliance materialised 11.7 per cent vote share. A party or alliance dent Amarinder Singh, a former Chief Minister this constituency.The AAP has made the elec-
after Congress president Sonia Gandhi inter- which garners 40 per cent of the votes will (2002-2007), throwing down the gauntlet. tion for the Jalalabad assembly seat, held by
vened. sweep the polls. Badal, 89, has been representing the seat since Sukhbir Badal, interesting this time by fielding
Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav had ini- Mulayam Siungh Yadav, SP patriarch 1997."I am contesting from Lambi as I want to sitting Lok Sabha MP from Sangrur, comedi-
tially offered 100 seats to Congress but they and his Chief Minister son Akhilesh Yadav teach a lesson to those who have looted and an-turned-politician Bhagwant Mann.
demanded 120. have been in a feud for long for control of the ruined Punjab. I will make a man out of him The Congress has stirred the pot further by
The Congress was also learnt to have ruling party. Finally, Akhilesh has wrested (Badal)," said Amarinder Singh, who turns 75 fielding Ludhiana MP Ravneet Singh Bittu for
been demanding that its candidates should be the SP chief's post from his father and got its in March and has announced that this is the last the seat.However, both Mann and Bittu are
fielded in Amethi and Rae Bareli segments of 'bicycle' symbol from the Election election of his political life. playing it safe as both will continue to remain
the Lok Sabha constituencies represented by Commission. However, playing it safe, Amarinder Singh MPs even if they lose against Sukhbir Badal.

10 THE INDIAN DOWN UNDER January-February 2017

At the peak of his success,
Mike Baird quits politics
By Vijay Badhwar

Sydney: NSW Premier Mike Baird made a
shock announcement to resign from politics on
January 19 in a hurriedly convened media con-
ference. Deputy Leader of the NSW Liberal
Party and Treasurer Gladys Berejiklian will
act as premier until the new leader is elected
in a ballot.
It was an emotional departure for Mr Baird
who has been one of the best premiers for
NSW. With him at the helm, NSW has come
a long way with lowest unemployment rate,
development that is envy of other states and
excellent leadership. He was very much loved,
especially by the younger generation, as he NSW Premier Mike Baird has
loved social media. Mr Baird’s Facebook post, resigned his post.
when he fell from stairs and hurt his back, NSW’, have raised a lot of controversy but
flooded with likes, his followers charmed with will be a hallmark of Mr Baird’s career.
his unpretentious common touch. Last year, some decisions were setbacks in
Leadership was virtually thrust upon Mike Mr Baird’s immense popularity – backflip on
Baird at the sudden resignation of Barry banning Greyhound racing, amalgamation of
O’Farrell. But he stepped up to ride the chal- councils and lock out laws. He was probably
lenge, took decisions which, he said, were misplaced to have overlooked the affect on
sometimes unpopular but benefitted the peo- people’s livelihoods dependent on Greyhound
ple. He was against the concept of career racing but his other decisions were bold and
politicians and urged more people to have a rational to reduce rort and crime.
similar DNA to serve and join the stream of Mr Baird would have befitted as
public service. Australia’s prime minister; it’s a loss that he is
Mr Baird took the opportunity to privatise leaving politics altogether, probably for per-
electricity when the Opposition was in com- sonal reasons to look after an ailing mother,
plete disarray and took upon himself the task father and a sister. Only he will know the pres-
of rebuilding infrastructure in the state when it sures on him. Poll numbers forecast Ms
was badly needed. As nearly 40 per cent of Berejiklian to be the next NSW Premier. She
new migrants settle in NSW, the state badly is hard working and a testament to the success
needed respite from road congestions and of multiculturalism in Australia, being of
demands for lot more new accommodation. Armenian background. But to fit Mr Baird’s
These projects, under the theme ‘Rebuild shoes of charm, it may be a hard task for her.

Aus govt asks citizens visiting
India to use e-payments

Demonetisation is
defended by
Indian government
as ‘a little pain
for future gain’.

Melbourne: Australian government has ATMs will not accept cards issued by foreign
advised its citizens travelling to India to banks. Foreigners are permitted to exchange
ensure their trip is planned in such a way so foreign currency up to 5,000 rupees (around
as not to depend on the availability of cash, 100 Australian dollars) per week at banks
claiming that some visitors are facing diffi- and foreign exchange bureaus."It advised
culties in exchanging 100 dollar notes in travellers to use electronic payments such as
India after demonetisation. bank and credit cards wherever possible.
In the latest advisory issued recently, "Due to the ongoing uncertainty of
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade obtaining cash, ensure your trip is planned in
(DFAT) said, "Indian authorities have such a way so as not to depend on the avail-
replaced withdrawn 500 and 1,000 rupee ability of cash," it said.
notes with new 500 and 2,000 notes slowly "Be aware that some travellers have
entering circulation." reported difficulties in exchanging 100 dollar
"Withdrawals from ATMs are subject to notes for local currency in India," it also
a daily limit of 4,500 rupees (around 90 said.However, the overall advisory of exer-
Australian dollars), which applies to interna- cising high degree of caution while travelling
tional bank cards. Expect queues and cash to India was kept unchanged for the
shortages at ATMs and note that many travellers.

January-February 2017 THE INDIAN DOWN UNDER 11

Modi's schemes find The controversial Jallikattu held
in Tamil Nadu, claims 2 lives
place in 68th Republic Chennai: Jallikattu,
a popular bull tam-

Day tableaux ing sport, was on
January 22 held in
parts of Tamil Nadu
with tens of thou-
New Delhi:
sands taking part
Developmental and
but two participants
social schemes -
were killed and sev-
including Goods and
eral injured at one
Services Tax (GST)
and ‘Beti Bachao, Beti
The sport was
Padhao’ - of the
held at Pudukottai,
Narendra Modi-led
Trichy and
government will be
showcased through
districts while bul-
tableaux at the 68th
lock cart races were The Supreme Court has banned traditional sport but the Tamil
Republic Day parade
organised in Nadu government allowed it through an amendment to the cruelty
here this year. to animals act despite protests in the state.
Coimbatore and
The Central Board
Theni, officials said. The events were held Minister Narendra Modi had promised to
of Excise and Customs
after week-long state-wide protests by stu- assist his government in its efforts to hold
(CBEC) chose Goods
dents and youths and followed the promulga- Jallikattu.
and Services Tax The government will on Monday place in
There was much criticism when it was reported that Prime tion of an ordinance by the Tamil Nadu gov-
(GST) as their tableau
Minister Narendra Modi has replaced Mahatma Gandhi in ernment amending the Prevention of Cruelty the assembly a bill for holding Jallikattu. It is
the 2017 wall calendar and table diary published by the to Animals Act to hold Jallikatttu. The sport expected to pass with majority support.
The Housing for All Meanwhile, the massive youth protest in
Khadi Village Industries Commission. The cover photo of was banned by the Supreme Court in May
scheme, launched in
the calendar and diary showed Modi weaving khadi on a 2014. At Pudukottai, two bull valuters were Chennai's Marina Beach entered its seventh
2015 by the Ministry of
large ‘charkha' in the same classic pose as Gandhi. severely injured and died on the way to a hos- day on Sunday. Some young people fainted at
Housing and Urban
pital, police said. Several other people were the venue owing to severe sun. The protest
Poverty Alleviation, will also be part of focusing on the concept of "Green India, that started with a handful of a people on
Clean India", while the Ministry of Skill injured in the incident.
the tableaux.
The sport involves young men latching on January 17 morning is now attracting lakhs.
Social awareness programmes, like Development and Entrepreneurship`s DMK leader M.K. Stalin urged
to the hump of bulls. One who manages to
the `Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao` initia- tableau will have "Transforming India
stay put even after the animal makes three Panneerselvam to explain to the demonstra-
tive, will be showcased through through Skill Development" as its theme. tors the steps the government will take so that
The tableau of the Council of jumps is declared a winner.
Haryana`s tableau.
At times, the participants are thrown off there will not be any more legal impediments
The state, which recently drew much Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)
the back of bulls or get gored by the animal. for the conduct of Jallikatttu.
attention on account of its women will showcase its contribution to scientif- The Supreme Court in 2014 banned
It was not clear how the deaths occurred in
sportspersons, particularly in the field of ic development in the country. Jallikattu, saying that bulls cannot be used as
The Ministry of Micro, Small and Pudukottai.
wrestling, will showcase their achieve-
Medium Enterprise (MSME) has chosen Chief Minister O. Panneerselvam, who performing animals including in bullock cart
ments through the tableau.
took office after the death of J. Jayalalitha, races. Since then, people have been urging
The Central Public Works `Khadi India` theme to highlight the
said, "Jallikattu cannot be stopped by any- the central government to take steps to allow
Department`s (CPWD) tableau will be importance of the fabric.
body," Panneerselvam added. He said Prime the sport.

Dr. Rajiv Shah named president India's first Madame Tussauds
of Rockefeller Foundation to open in Delhi
New York: The poverty. As the next presi-
Rockefeller Foundation dent of The Rockefeller
recently announced the Foundation, Shah brings
selection of Dr. Rajiv Shah, with him extensive experi-
the former Administrator of ence in foreign affairs,
the United States Agency global health, global devel-
for International opment and humanitarian
Development (USAID), response. His experience as
and current member of The an investor in the private
Rockefeller Foundation sector, as the founder of
Board of Trustees, as its Latitude Capital, also gives
13th president. Shah is best Dr. Shah the perspective
known for elevating inter- and experience required to
national development in forge durable private-public
foreign policy, delivering partnerships.
results through public-pri- In addition to his work
Dr. Rajiv Shah is former
vate partnerships and the abroad, Shah created the
administrator of USAID
respect he earned working National Institute for Food
with counterpart governments from and Agriculture and served as Chief Scientist
The first India branch of the museum will be in the capital New Delhi.
Afghanistan to Central America and with at the US Department of Agriculture and has
bipartisan leaders in the US Congress. previously served on the boards of the Seattle New Delhi: World famous wax museum The museum, renowned for the creation
As head of USAID, Dr. Shah led the Public Library and the Seattle Community Madame Tussauds is set to debut in India in of detailed and lifelike wax figures, will
response to some of the greatest humanitari- Colleges. He comes to the presidency with June, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, house statues of prominent figures from the
an crises of our time, including the devastat- knowledge of The Rockefeller Foundation Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan and world of sports, Bollywood, politics, et al.
ing earthquake in Haiti in 2010 and the Ebola and its operations, having served on the American pop star Lady Gaga's statues as This is the 23rd branch of Madame
outbreak in West Africa in 2014. Those Board of Trustees since March of 2015. some of the star attractions. "Madame Tussauds across the world.
efforts and his work to transform and revital- At 43, Shah will be the youngest and first- Tussauds will open doors in June this year," Indian celebrities like Aishwarya Rai,
ize USAID earned him bipartisan accolades ever Indian-American to serve as president of Anshul Jain, General Manager and Director Kareena Kapoor, Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik
and support. In 2014, Dr. Shah delivered the the foundation. Shah will start in his new role of Merlin Entertainment Pvt Ltd, said here Roshan and Salman Khan, apart from Modi,
keynote address at the National Prayer on March 1st , succeeding Dr. Judith Rodin recently at a press conference. are some of the names who already have
Breakfast to advance the idea that the United who has served as president for nearly twelve The first India branch of the museum will their statues in international branches of
States could lead the world to end extreme years. be in the capital New Delhi. Madame Tussauds.

12 THE INDIAN DOWN UNDER January-February 2017

Pravasi Bharatiya Kendra
welcomes NRIs in Delhi
By Manju Mittal

had the pleasure of visiting

I Pravasi Bharatiya Kendra in
Chanakya Puri in New Delhi
on December 16, 2016 during my
recent trip to India. I spent an
engrossing half day at PBK and the
whole experience was quite over-
whelming and a visit to be cher-
ished. On the occasion of Gandhi
Jayanti last October, the Hon
Prime Minister of India, Mr
Narendra Modi inaugurated the
Pravasi Bharatiya Kendra in New
Delhi and dedicated it to the Indian
diaspora worldwide. Mr Modi said
at the inauguration, “PBK is a trib-
ute to the overseas Indian commu-
nity; and commemorates their
migration to various parts of the
world, the challenges they faced
abroad, their achievements and
contributions. Over time, the
Kendra is expected to develop into
a hub of activities for sustainable,
symbiotic and mutually rewarding Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the Pravasi Bharatiya Kendra last October.
economic, social and cultural
engagement between India and its pora. They can enjoy a meal at a
Diaspora.” smart restaurant and even spend a
Pravasi Bharatiya Kendra is night in one of the 24 guest rooms.
located at the heart of the capital PBK plans to run short term cours-
on Dr. Rizal Marg, Chanakyapuri. es and orientation programmes for
The Kendra will also house the the NRI youth.
autonomous bodies India Centre Draped in Indian art and cul-
for Migration, a think-tank work- ture, the centre welcomes you with
ing on issues pertaining to Indian a huge colourful mural at the
The atrium of
migrant workers, and the India entrance showing birds of many
the Kendra has
Development Foundation for countries where Indians have
a meditative
Overseas Indians, a not-for-profit migrated. Every open space show-
Zen garden
trust promoting contributions to cases displays of paintings, statues
with a huge
flagship programmes in India. The and artefacts from every state and
globe topped by
Library in PBK is a valuable corner of India. The atrium has a
a yoga figure in
repository of material about the meditative Zen garden with a huge
lotus pose
Indian diaspora including books globe topped by a yoga figure in
written by overseas Indians in dif- lotus pose celebrating India’s con-
ferent languages. With an empha- tribution to global yoga move-
contribution to
sis on digital material, the library ment. Visible from all sides with
global yoga
will provide access to online jour- more figures, the globe projects
nals and prestigious library the worldwide Indian diaspora,
resources. estimated at 25 to 30 million.
The Indian diaspora, which is A highlight is a modern muse-
spread across 150 countries, can um on Mahatma Gandhi, the most
now visit this place in the posh famous overseas Indian to return
enclave of the capital and even stay home and fight for India’s free-
at a new "home" in New Delhi dom. No wonder, Prime Minister
when they visit India. The PBK is Narendra Modi inaugurated it on
a sparkling tribute to the overseas October 2, 2016 on Mahatma
Indian community and is a monu- Gandhi’s birthday. Pravasi
ment to their migration and suc- Bharatiya Kendra impresses one
cess. While visiting this centre’s with its Gandhi museum about
exhibition and library, overseas Gandhi’s life, which also displays
a lot of photographs of Gandhiji The Kendra is situated in the
Indians can experience the chal- posh diplomatic enclave of
lenges they faced abroad, their and the freedom struggle. It sure is
a first home for NRIs that deserves Chankayapuri and is a premier
achievements and contributions. convention centre showcasing
The Kendra is spread over a visit when they land in New
Delhi before they actually visit the rich cultural heritage of
9,800 square meters and is a pre- Indian diaspora, estimated to
mier convention centre showcasing their family home in India.
be 25-30 million strong.
the rich cultural heritage of Indian Address: Rizal Marg, Visiting NRIs can enjoy a meal
diaspora from different parts of the Chanakyapuri, New Delhi at a smart restaurant there and
world. It is equipped to host a wide even spend a night in one of
110021, India
range of activities such as meet- the 24 guest rooms.
ings, seminars, conferences and Phone: +91 11 2415 6403
cultural events to facilitate Hours: Monday to Saturday:
exchange of ideas involving dias- 9-5pm

January-February 2017 THE INDIAN DOWN UNDER 13
14 THE INDIAN DOWN UNDER January - February 2017
January - February 2017 THE INDIAN DOWN UNDER 15

At times the boys have paid so much money having come on student visas
that they are under financial burden and make demands on the girls and
their families for money. Exploitation and abuse follow in many cases.
By Neena Badhwar thinking, detest the dowry custom done in 2014 and followed up in
and its misuse. They have been 2015 again.”
vil habits propagate fast. brought up with a new mindset, “We put in a submission to the

E From India, the bane of
dowry is now spreading
Down Under.
thus shaking off these age old cus-
toms which turned into abhorrent
acts of a society against women.
Royal Commission that dowry
related cases were at least 50 per
cent of domestic violence cases;
Not altogether an unworthy There have been weddings here hence ‘dowry’ be added as one of
custom originating in ancient where girls and boys have shared the causes as part of the Domestic
India, dowry was a gesture of their wedding expenses. They take Violence Act. Luckily, the Royal
goodwill that parents practised in a their time, save and plan their life Commission accepted our submis-
tradition that honoured women as together and don’t even involve sion and Daniel Andrews’ govern-
goddesses, in an act of giving and parents in their decisions when ment gave a public commitment
never taking anything away from they marry. that they would agree 100 per cent
them. Our traditional parents fol- Girls’ parents still want to with the Royal Commission’s rec-
lowed the custom sometimes to spend money lavishly saying that ommendations,” Manjula says.
extremes – asking for a glass of they want their daughters to be She adds, “Dowry is just not
water from the neighbours rather 1986. The Act does not seem to that he was intending to do. When happy but young girls and boys an Indian problem but also of
than drinking from the tap in their have helped since dowry related the girl refused she was emotional- brought up here think otherwise. women from Sri Lanka,
daughter’s house when visiting bride burning deaths are common ly abused so much so that she got They do not want parents to over- Bangladesh and Pakistan. The
them. in India even today. Rather, the seriously sick. If it was not for her spend and instead may ask for help problem does not exist alone as it
The custom evolved, especially demands have increased as more mother who insisted to see her and in financing the house when they is coupled with physical as well as
at the time of weddings, then dis- Indians prescribe to greed and wanted to find out why her other- plan to buy, that is if the parents emotional abuse. Its practice must
oriented and sometimes distorted aspire to become rich quick. wise healthy, happy daughter had want to. “What the parents can stop. We are holding a national
from an act of giving to a deal of The abuse is now emotional as suddenly fallen sick, the emotional happily afford rather than putting conference so that other states also
business, from a gesture of helping well as physical which drives many exploitation would not have been them in any kind of financial pres- join in our struggle to fight dowry
a departing daughter to set up a to take the extreme step to even exposed. Gita’s mother took a bold sure,” said one couple. related domestic violence. We try
household into an arm-twisting commit suicide. Many dowry decision and decided to take her “We cut down the guest list to encourage people in such cir-
exercise by bridegroom’s family to deaths are blamed on women: oh, daughter home and file for a that my parents had made, wanting cumstances to get in touch with
extort unholy reparations for edu- she threw kerosene on herself and divorce. to invite the whole of the town and police, refer to their GP, lawyer
cational expenses on the boy and set herself aflame. There have In another case, the son was so anyone they knew,” said one girl. and to get in touch with domestic
the like. Dowry also, perhaps, been some suspicious deaths in the much under his mother’s thumb “I cut down the list of invitees by violence service.”
compensated the women who were kitchen as well from burnings from that he would not take any deci- half, thus saving a lot. My husband In Sydney, Harman Foundation
not usually entitled to inheritance gas stoves. sions in favour of his wife and the agreed fully with it and we saved a also looks after domestic violence
and property rights from their par- This social vice is compounded child. The wife told TIDU, “The lot of money for our parents. cases and says that in some cases
ents. by rich parents showering more family had claimed that my hus- “I did not want gold even dowry demands have been made.
The custom of dowry applies to and more on their daughters to band had a post graduate qualifica- which most Indian parents want to “These girls are so scared that
all castes, religions and regions in show off their newly acquired tion but when I came here I found give to their daughters. I said to at times they just want to make up
India. Among Hindus, Sikhs, wealth. Even though the govern- he was driving a taxi. That was mum why waste on gold jewellery, at any cost even after we have
Muslims or Christians, girls are ment has banned dowry and made also ok but the family, on my very which I was not even going to helped them live separately and
expected to bring a dowry of some it illegal, people take truckloads of first night of arrival, went through wear. And even the saris. Mum become independent. They feel,
sort. At times the boy’s family household furniture and white my suitcase to see what I had wanted to buy the way when she being Indian and also for the sake
makes extreme demands on girl’s goods and deliver it stealthily brought. I was taunted all the time had married - around two dozen of of their children, women want to
parents who are sometimes forced before or after the actual wedding that I devour rotis all day and do those saris. I said I only wanted make up with the husband,” says
to take loans. day so that they don’t get caught. nothing.” two saris meant for the wedding Harinder Kaur.
In the male-dominated society Lately in Australia, there have Another case is of a girl who is celebration that I was to wear and
of India, dowry custom does not been lavish weddings and one won- now separated. She said, “My hus- that’s that.”
stop at wedding but continues with ders whether the dowry custom is band used to ask huge sums like “In the end, everyone was
man’s family commanding and slowly finding its roots here. Many $20,000, sometimes more, by say- happy and we enjoyed the wedding
demanding more and more for newly arrived migrants are under ing that he wanted to buy a car. and the functions a lot. There was
years on end. On festivals, birth of financial pressure as they settle in Where could my parents in India no pressure on anyone,” she said.
a child and even at deaths, girl’s the new country. At times the boys afford since one Australian dollar Dr. Manjula O’Connor, a psy-
parents are expected to pay around have paid so much money having is close to 50 rupees. My parents chiatrist and head of the
various ceremonies. Dowry has come on student visas to study that could spend on my wedding by Australasian Centre for Human
become such a burden on girl’s they are under financial burden and taking a loan of five lakh rupees Rights and Health in Melbourne
parents that it even leads to the ter- make demands on the girls and and there he was making new who has data of 1,000 domestic
rible practice of female foeticide their families for money. They demands now for a car. My par- violence cases, says, “There are
because parents feel that a girl often say that they want to set up a ents are not that rich they would many cases where domestic vio-
child is going to be a liability for business or pay off a study loan. have to sell their house in India to lence occurred due to financial
ever. This normally goes hand in hand fulfil his demands. When I demands not being met by the girls
In India, in 2012, there were with abuse and exploitation of their refused, he started to torture me and their families. Dr. Manjula O’Connor, a
approximately 8,233 dowry related spouse. and beat me. I had nowhere to turn “There was a petition tabled in psychiatrist in Melbourne who
deaths. In 1961, the Indian govern- One domestic violence case to since I was new in the country.” Victorian parliament during Ted has data of 1,000 domestic
ment made dowry practices a crim- that came to light was of a girl, Not every marriage story is sad Baillieu’s time that word ‘dowry’ violence cases, says that domestic
inal offence when it created the Gita (name changed), that she ask like the cases quoted above. Some be added as a form of economic violence usually occurs after
Dowry Prohibition Act. This was her parents $50,000 so that her would be couples, who are brought abuse under the Family Violence financial demands are not met by
amended in 1984 and then again in husband could invest in a business up in Aussie culture and way of Protection Act 2008. This was the girls and their families.

16 THE INDIAN DOWN UNDER January-February 2017

It’s time to stand up
to domestic violence
For Indian migrant women the issue of domestic violence is even more complex.
Challenges like language barriers, lack of family support and a limited knowledge of
Australian laws make leaving an abusive relationship much more difficult.
By Nitasha Bhatia because they carry the family enough. We need more men, with
Tasmin Bahar, dead. name whereas girls are often the courage, with the strength,
asmin Bahar who had viewed as added expenses. This with the moral integrity to break

T recently separated from
Dave Pillay, her partner of
six years, told relatives she was
notion of patriarchy has led to
widespread practice of sex-selec-
tion abortions within India, where
our complicit silence and challenge
each other and stand with women
and not against them”.
starting to get her life back on parents are choosing to abort their For a real change to take place
track. On Father’s Day, she took unborn children simply because within our community there is a
her three-year-old daughter to they are female. need for a major paradigm shift
spend time with her dad. Dowry payments are another regarding women and violence.
However, the decision to visit her manifestation of the patriarchal Domestic violence is as much an
former partner’s house ultimately structure in India. Ravinder issue for men as it is for women.
proved fatal. Tasmin and Dave Thiara, a British Academic from It can start from as little as
were both found dead in the bath- the University of Warwick who standing up against someone mak-
room, according to police, Tasmin specialises in gender, race and vio- ing degrading comments against
by strangulation and Dave who lence, has found links between women or choosing to sign the
hung himself. dowry and domestic violence. petition to ban dowry in Australia.
Another case in March last Recently, in Australia there Ultimately the aim is to show
year is of Manjinder Ghuman, a have been reports of a growing that women should be treated with
beloved member of the number of incidents of dowry the respect, dignity and love they
Gordonvale community just north related violence. Kittu Randhawa, deserve.
of Cairns. Her husband, from an external Western System the founder of the Indian Crisis Instead of being a bystander to
Balwinder Ghuman, available through a range of and Support Agency (ICSA) in the violence within our communi-
allegedly stabbed her government funded servic- Sydney, expresses her dismay at ty, leading by example is one way
to death in a fit of es.” Essentially, migrant the practice of dowry-giving. we can take a stand.
rage after an women find themselves “Indian men with Australian per- Before another tragic event
argument over isolated and vulnera- manent residency demand exorbi- occurs in our community, fathers,
his heavy ble making it diffi- tant amounts of money from their sons, husbands, boyfriends, grand-
drinking cult to escape an brides’ family. In many situations, fathers, I urge you to think about
habit. He is abusive situation. it is not uncommon for a bride to what you can do.
also alleged The desire to pay for an Australian husband, For women experiencing
to have ‘control’ one's only to become the victim of abuse Domestic Violence, Amrit urges
stabbed his partner appears to and exploitation when she you to seek help and look into
father-in- be the common arrives.” Kittu is currently leading accessing professional counselling
law who thread amongst a campaign on behalf of the ICSA and mediation services to prevent
came in aid most domestic vio- calling for legislative changes to the situation from worsening. It's
of his daugh- lence incidents. In protect victims of dowry abuse. always better to take a prevention
ter. In many cases, control From dowry abuse to domes- approach.
Australia, is not only exercised tic-violence, a common thread As a community it is possible
women are three through physical vio- holds -- the belief that women are for us to create a change and pre-
times more likely lence but also emotional, allowed to be mistreated, exploited vent another Indian woman
than men to experi- Parwinder Kaur, sexual, psychological and and assaulted. becoming a statistic.
ence domestic assault was killed in 2013. financial abuse. Jason Katz, a prominent anti- For help or information
inflicted by an intimate part- A notable display of domi- sexist activist, has talked about a regarding domestic violence, call
ner. atic nance and control was evident in way we can potentially address this the Sexual Assault, Domestic
And, on average, a woman will approach to the case of Nikita Chawla, a 23- issue. “There are so many men Family Violence Counselling
endure thirty-five assaults before erode their confidence, independ- year-old aspiring dancer who was who care deeply about these Service on 1800 737 732, or visit
she makes her first complaint. ence and social networks. murdered by her husband last issues, but caring deeply is not
The cases of Tasmin and Eventually the women lose their year. It was revealed at the court
Manjinder were no different, with ability and confidence to make hearing that Nikita’s husband,
both women enduring a history of decisions for themselves and con- Parminder Singh, had murdered
physical and emotional abuse at the tinue to live with the abuse”. her in an act of vengeance after
hands of their partners. Why did For Indian migrant women the suspicion she was cheating on him.
the victims choose to endure this issue of domestic violence is even Singh’s actions were described by
abuse? more complex. Factors like lan- the court justice as “an exercise of
Why do countless other women guage barriers, lack of family sup- control to ensure that she did not
stay in similar abusive relation- port and a limited knowledge of share her life with anyone else”.
ships? Australian laws make leaving an Dr Manjula O’Connor, a
Amrit Varsha, a community abusive relationship much more Melbourne based psychiatrist and
educator on the issue of domestic difficult. a campaigner for human rights,
and family violence from Granville Amrit says, “Traditionally, suggests that “the male patriarchal
TAFE, says that in most domestic Indian women have relied solely system, which is still going on in
violence incidents “women will on immediate and extended family [India]” is largely responsible for
make multiple attempts to leave for support on family relationship violent incidents in our communi-
before they finally decide to leave issues. If that fails, they will seek ty. In our culture there still exists
for good. They fall prey to perpe- support from close friends. They undertones of male dominance. Manjinder Ghuman, dead.
trators who use a planned, system- are not accustomed to seeking help From birth, boys are venerated

January-February 2017 THE INDIAN DOWN UNDER 17

Ambedkar, the architect of Indian constitution
This Republic Day, let us remember the fiery pioneer of
Dalit awakening who ended up drafting perhaps the
best written constitution in the world.
l By Sanjeev Raja attacked them. February 17, 1937, Ambedkar and many of depressed classes as well as two of its pres-
his candidates won this with a thumping idents were women – Sarojini Naidu, the
abasahib Ambedkar did a lot for the DESPERATE AND majority. Nightingale of India, and Annie Besant.

B untouchables. But it seems he was
unable to read into the minds of
humans and the greed that drives them.
In 1929, Ambedkar made the controver-
sial decision to co-operate with the all-
Ambedkar showed his far-sighted view
of nationhood in the conference when he
took on the Indian Princes, stating that in a
While achieving his life-long goal to uplift free and democratic India there was no place
the lower castes that had been downtrodden British Simon Commission which was to The Indian constitution was drafted and for the princes.
for centuries, the institution of reservations look into setting up a responsible Indian presented to the assembly in February 1948. Ambedkar also had several arguments
for them in the Indian constitution, now at government in India. The Congress decided It was unique in several ways: with Gandhi about the representation of the
more than 48 per cent, has caused contro- to boycott the Commission and drafted its 1. It is only one of the few written constitu depressed classes. Ambedkar made it very
versies that plague the nation today. own version of a constitution for free India. tions clear to the Conference Chairman, Mr
Reservations being an attractive option in a The Congress version made no provisions 2. It is comprehensive yet written in a very Radcliffe, that he would not allow the Indian
not so abundant society, more and more for the depressed classes. Ambedkar careful language National Congress to hijack or undermine
castes today fight to join the bandwagon. became more sceptical of the Congress's 3. It is flexible yet having sufficient rigidity the rights and demands of the depressed
Ambedkar also achieved his vow not to die commitment to safeguard their rights. He to prevent evil intentions classes.
as a Hindu as he converted to Buddhism just pressed for a separate electorate for the 4. It is built to include amendments in future Gandhi went on a fast unto death asking
two months prior to his death. depressed classes. as required by time the British to repeal this recommendation of
When a separate electorate was After three readings before the con- separate electorates. He was promptly put in
HUMBLE BEGINNINGS AND announced for the depressed classes, stituent assembly, the draft constitution was jail!
Gandhiji went on a fast unto death against finally ratified on November 26, 1949. It
EARLY INFLUENCES this decision. Leaders rushed to Dr. had 395 Articles and 8 Schedules. It would
Ambedkar visited Gandhi in jail and was
moved by his pitiful health situation.
Bhimrao Ambedkar was born in Mhow, Ambedkar to drop his demand but he held formally be adopted by the nation on Ambedkar acceded and agreed to institute
in western Madhya Pradesh, in 1891 into fast and did not buckle under the immense January 26, 1950. instead a reservation of 148 seats for the
the ‘untouchable’ Mahar caste. His father pressure. Finally, on September 24, 1932 In his speech after the ratification, depressed classes in the provincial assem-
was in the British Army. In school, Bhim Ambedkar and Gandhiji signed the Poona Babasahib Ambedkar made a fervent appeal blies and also 10 per cent of the Hindu seats
tasted the bitter reality of life as he had to sit Pact. According to the pact the separate to all Indians to support equality, which is from British India in the Central Assembly.
on the floor in one corner in the classroom. electorate demand was replaced with special very pertinent today in a nation where caste This tug-of-war between the two men went
Teachers would not touch his notebooks. He concessions like reserved seats in the and religion-based politics is rampant. on for quite a while with Gandhi often
could only drink water if someone else regional legislative assemblies and Central “How long shall we continue to deny equal- threatening fasts unto death when it suited
poured water into his mouth. Once Bhim, Council of States. ity in our social and economic life? If we him to bend others to his will.
when he drank from the public reservoir, On October 13, 1935, at a conference at continue to deny it for long, we will only
was beaten by the higher caste Hindus. He Nasik, Dr. Ambedkar reviewed the progress put our political democracy in peril. We AMBEDKAR AND BUDDHISM
realized this was the plight of anyone born made on the condition of the ‘untouchables’ must remove this contradiction at the earli-
in the decade since he had started his agita- est possible moment or else those who suf- On May 24 1956, Ambedkar formally
‘untouchable’. K.A. Keluskar, an assistant
tion. Ambedkar declared that their efforts fer from inequality will blow up the struc- announced in Bombay that he would become
teacher at the Wilson High School, intro-
had not borne the kind of results he had ture of political democracy which this a Buddhist. Ambedkar organized and
duced him to the teachings of Buddha that
expected. He then made his dramatic appeal Assembly has so laboriously built up,” he presided over the Depressed Classes
would later influence him into converting to
to the ‘untouchables’, encouraging them to said. Conference. He stated that Buddhism was a
forsake the Hindu religion and convert to a religion that promoted equality.
PROTESTING AGAINST religion where they would be treated with GANDHI VERSUS AMBEDKAR On October 14, 1956, Ambedkar came
to Nagpur to formally convert to Buddhism.
UNTOUCHABILITY equality. The nation was shocked. In the second Round Table Conference With 500,000 people in attendance, Dr.
The British Government agreed to hold that began in London in September 1931,
A brilliant student, Ambedkar earned elections at the provincial level in 1937. The Ambedkar and his wife accepted Buddhism.
Mahatma Gandhi made an argument in Within a few months of this momentous
doctorates from both Columbia University Congress, Muslim League and Hindu favour of seeing the Indian National event, Ambedkar passed away in his sleep
and the London School of Economics. After Mahasabha started gearing up for the elec- Congress as the sole representative of the in the early morning of December 6, 1956.
his education, the Maharaja of Baroda tions. Dr. Ambedkar set up the Independent Indian people, since it had members of He was 65-years-old. He had often said: “I
appointed him as his Military Secretary but Labor Party in August 1936 to contest the Hindu and Muslim religions in its party in solemnly assure you that I will not die as a
no one would take orders from an ‘untouch- elections in the Bombay province. On high positions. It also had members of the Hindu.”
able’ Mahar. He could not even get lodging
and not even the prime minister appointed
by the Maharaja for the task could help him
find a place to live.
Ambedkar returned to Bombay in
A mural
November 1917. With the help of Shahu
Maharaj of Kolhapur, a sympathizer of the
cause for the upliftment of the depressed Balasaheb
classes, he started a fortnightly newspaper, Ambedkar
the Mooknayak (Leader of the Dumb) in handing over a
1920. In July 1924, Ambedkar founded the copy of the
Bahishkrut Hitkaraini Sabha, aimed at Indian
scrapping the caste system from the Hindu constitution he
religion. Soon he became a father-figure to drafted to the
the poor and downtrodden and was respect- then President
fully called ‘Babasaheb’. Rajendra
In March 1927, attendees at a confer- Prasad as
ence of the depressed classes held at Mahad Nehru, Patel,
decided to implement the resolution passed Rajagopalachari
four years earlier to open public places to all and Azad
regardless of religion, caste or creed by look on.
drinking from the Chavdar Taley (Sweet-
water Tank). They walked to the tank and
drank its water. Higher caste Hindus

18 THE INDIAN DOWN UNDER January-February 2017

‘I’m destiny’s child’
Exclusive interview with the real-life ‘Lion’ Saroo Brierley
By Neeru Saluja

n India, around 80,000 chil-

I dren go missing every year.
Most may never be found. In
1987, five-year old Saroo
found himself lost in the slums
of Kolkata. But luck favoured
him as he was adopted by
Hobart couple John and Sue
Brierley and grew up in
Saroo grows up as a mid-
dle class Australian, fond of
sailing and cricket. But
the memories of his
childhood haunt him.
His yearning to find a
connection to his past
Adopted by a Hobart couple when he was a child, Saroo
consumes his life.
Brierley went to India in 2012 and found his mother.
Twenty-five years
later, using his child- tured into India, this her once a year. I have also visit-
hood memories and was my first time ed my orphanage and met Mrs.
Google Earth, he back to India since I Sood a few times. I’m very fortu-
manages to track left in 1987. Going nate to think I have a third moth-
down his home town back to my home coun- er there.”
and his birth mother. try after 25 years He is also full of praise for the
The film ‘Lion’ is Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman both wanted to play the roles they finally bagged in the brought a lot of ups and lead characters of the film: “Both
based on Saroo’s movie, a strong contender for Oscar.. downs, electrons and neutrons Dev Patel and Nicole have done
incredible journey of never thought in my wildest ries with me, not just from India, running crazy in my brain. I an amazing job. The work they
finding his family against all odds. dream that my story would their self-discovery and looking had decided to embark on this have put in is above heads and
This emotional story has captivat- become a worldwide phenome- for a closure. After watching the journey on my own. shoulders. I don’t think there is
ed the hearts of millions across the non. This is so surreal. The great film and reading the book they On a Sunday I landed in anyone better, and they wanted
world. Starring Dev Patel (as thing about the film is that it has a have felt empowered to talk about Khandwa, the town looked unfa- the role which is even better.
Saroo) and Nicole Kidman in the positive side. Everyone I know is their stories. These people come miliar but I asked the taxi driver They both told their managers to
most memorable roles of their enchanted after watching this from all over the world and are to go to the train station and get this film for them and not
career, armed with Golden Globe film. The audience get something going on a quest to find their long before I knew I was walking come back without getting the
nominations and a strong con- out of the film whichever stage of lost loved ones.” towards the street in Ganesh Talai film!”
tender for the Oscars, ‘Lion’ will life they are in. I feel happy as The film is based on his book where I lived and there I was Finding his mother has
make you cry. there are many people who are ‘Lion – A Long Way Home’. standing outside the door of my changed Saroo’s life. His grieving
Thanks to Transmission Films depressed and living under a shad- Saroo never thought his book home where I was born. Within a loss and search has come to an
which is releasing the film across ow. The amount of emails I have would lead into a movie. So how few minutes I was face to face end. His memories that led to his
Australia on January 19, we had a been getting from people thanking did the series of events unfold a with my mum after 25 years. With home are a part of his identity. “If
one-on-one conversation with the me for sharing my story and how few years ago? “The concept of tears coming down our eyes, we I forgot everything I would have
real life hero Saroo Brierley while it has helped open their eyes the book came in May 2011 when met which was the most pivotal lost my identity. Being an adoptee
he is promoting the film. makes me feel very satisfied.” I was approached by a publishing moment of my life.” we are a destiny’s child.”
As he tells Sydney on the The statistics of missing chil- company. It was the same year Saroo has relived this moment An uplifting story of Saroo’s
opening day of ‘Lion’ how he has dren in India is increasing year by that I found Google Earth and it every time he visits his family determination and unwavering
cried every time watching the year. So are there more stories out took me a year to find my home back home. “I’ve spent my whole faith, ‘Lion’ will touch the hearts
film, Saroo never imagined his there which have been untold that and get permission from my fam- life looking for my family. I have of every Indian living in
story will suddenly grab the atten- Saroo has come across? “Yes, ily to go to my hometown. It also visited them 14 times in the past Australia. The film is showing in
tion of the world. “I feel ecstatic there have been many people out gave me a chance to save some four years. It’s easier on my cinemas all across Australia from
that this has happened to me. I there who have shared their sto- money! In February 2012 I ven- mum’s mind rather than seeing 19 January onward.

Saroo Brierley posing with Dev Patel and Sunny Pawar,
who play him in the movie ‘Lion’. Nicole Kidman and Sunny Pawar in a scene from the movie.

January-February 2017 THE INDIAN DOWN UNDER 19

I want my audience to be
provoked and disturbed:
‘Raman Raghav 2.0’ (titled ‘Psycho
Anurag Kashyap
Raman’ for foreign audiences) has made
the director Anurag Kashyap a favourite
guest for festivals Down Under.

By Neeru Saluja chair the committee. The fight is
endless. I have had more battles
irector Anurag Kashyap than this one, but this time the

D never fails to create waves
in the film industry. Be it
his passion to make films, the end-
fight was more voracious,” tells
So do you call yourself a fight-
less fight against the censor board er? “I would rather call myself a
or his cameo acting appearances. survivor! I want to stand up for my
He always fights for change in cin- fundamental right that has been
ema and is a fearless and inde- given to me. I understand my
pendent filmmaker. And that’s rights and who doesn’t, I don’t
why a conversation with him is want them to interpret them for
candid, intellectual and unconven- me.”
tional. And this is the reason why
Thanks to Mercury Cinema in Anurag still rules since his strug-
Adelaide, we engaged in a long gling ‘Paanch’ days. How would
conversation with him in between you define your journey, struggle
his visits to Australia for film fes- and your biggest challenges? “It’s
tivals showcasing his latest film been a fun and an emotional roller- Kashyap says he loved working with Nawazuddin Siddiqui in Raman Raghav 2.0 about a serial killer.
‘Psycho Raman (Raman Raghav coaster ride! Challenges are “He’s a brilliant actor. He completely gets into (the skin of) a character.”
2.0)’. With an undying love for always there. The most difficult
Australia and a wish to go diving challenge is what lies ahead. I kind of character. Amongst bold statements, Anurag has international film festivals. In
in the Great Barrier Reef, Anurag don’t like going to the past. I actresses, Radhika Apte is bril- always been termed controversial. India it takes time. It took four
starts talking about the film that wouldn’t wish for another life. I liant.” You have named your To this he declares, “Speaking the years for India to accept Gangs of
has made him a favourite guest for wouldn’t have been another per- favourite actors, but which are the truth makes you controversial. I Wasseypur. They wait for the star
festivals down under. son. Struggle is in the head. If you films that are close to your heart? don’t think I have done anything rating of the film.”
“Psycho Raman is a film about want privilege you need to strug- “Gulaal and Ugly. Both were very controversial. I always stand up Last but not the least, what
exploring the nature of humans gle. It’s all about the choices you emotional experiences. Gulaal for what I believe in.” message would you like to give
within the Indian society when the make and the consequences you took 8 years to make. It was an You have always believed in with your upcoming films? “I
world is becoming so extreme have to face. I can’t blame it on emotional ride. There was always modern cinema. Do you see the don’t believe films should give a
wing, fundamental and hyper-sen- others. I have always been ready an uncertainty if the film will see film industry changing? “People message. I want the audience to be
sitive. For the plot, I have used a for the consequences that I had to the light. Ugly was about a child are more accepting now. That kind disturbed and provoked, I want the
serial killer and an unrequited love face because of my decisions in and that was the reason why I of cinema always existed. There is film to live with them,” says
story between two men. Crime has life”. made the film”. Be it his films or always an immediate reaction at Anurag.
always fascinated me. I love the With this tumultuous ride,
human aspect of crime. I’m happy Anurag has dabbled not only as a
to show my film in Australia, it’s a director, but a writer, actor and
big honour as I haven’t shown producer. But he enjoys writing
many films here.” the most. “Acting is not my cup of
Before Psycho Raman, Anurag tea. I enjoy writing the most. I can
made the magnum opus ‘Bombay write anywhere. I write with my
Velvet’ which failed miserably at hand. I don’t type. I just lock
the box office. It’s said that the myself in the room. I like to write
failure of this prompted him to my own scripts and know aspects
make the crime thriller Psycho of my film.
Raman. Confirms Anurag, “This “With films, I go very much
is absolutely true. I couldn’t recov- by instinct. If I feel strongly about
er the money from Bombay Velvet anything I go forward with it. I’m
because of the failure. So I took a a very organic person. If I don’t
take on it and made my next film”. relate to a film, I won’t do it. My
Commercial success or failure script decides the actor,” says
has never affected his urge to make Anurag.
films. Last year, he fought a tiring Talking about actors, you have
battle for ‘Udta Punjab’ with the mentioned that while making
censorship board. His first crime ‘Raghav Raman’, you loved work-
film ‘Paanch’ never saw the light ing with Nawazuddin Siddiqui? “I
due to the censor cuts. So is it a loved working with him. He’s a
never ending fight? “The censor- brilliant actor. He completely gets
ships in India is not consistent. It into a character and has the most His vicious villain’s role in Sonakshi Sinha starrer ‘Akira’ was appreciated,
basically depends on who sits to expressive eyes. He fits in any but Anurag Kashyap says, “Acting is not my cup of tea.”

20 THE INDIAN DOWN UNDER January-February 2017

Performance in Higher School Certificate (HSC) examinations sets the direction for life, a path for
higher studies and a career one wants to follow. Indian children are exceptional in the sense that they
take studies seriously and aim high. They are a delight to talk to and an inspiration to the next lot of
HSC students in every way, not only for their hard work, but also ingenuity and insight into the subtle
tricks and advice they are able to impart to future students.
TIDU talked to some of the top achievers who made the community proud
when HSC results arrived early this year. By Neena Badhwar

Rohan Krishnaswamy is Rishabh Malhotra only
on cloud nine being one of came a year ago from India
the top 30 students from before he was admitted in
more than 65,000 who year 12. He joined Epping
attempted HSC 2016 in Boys High where the school
NSW. He has scored an told him that there was a
ATAR rank of 99.95. He whole lot of syllabus he had
exclaims, “This is it. This is to cover from year 11 before
the top most score and I was they could consider him
pleasantly surprised by my competent enough to attempt
results.” his HSC.
There is no ATAR of a “I was there for a week to
100 because a rank of 100 get admission when they
means you have beaten 100 gave me the books on each
per cent of your fellow stu- subject and asked me to Rishabh Malhotra topped in Hindi Continuers
dents, including yourself. cover the syllabus. I was on
This James Ruse Agriculture Rohan Krishnaswamy honoured by my flight back to India looking at all the books. Soon I came back and during the summer
High school student says, Education Minister Adrian Piccoli holidays I went through the whole year-11 course.
“Although everything is “The school was happy, especially my Deputy Principal, Mr Ian Lowcock, who helped
good about the school, there’s only one thing bad, which is its stressful environment due me tremendously. “I knew a lot already and could see that I could cover it all and caught
to too much competition amongst its students.” up soon with the rest of the students.
Too much competition or not, Rohan has managed to score high band sixes in all his “I was allocated a buddy who introduced me to a few friends who, all through my year
subjects such as Extension 2 Maths, Advanced English, Physics and Chemistry while top- 12, helped and have now become my life-long friends.”
ping in Chemistry in the state. “Yes, I did have stressful moments as I did not understand the HSC and the ATAR sys-
He says it was his favourite subject. He says his older sister helped him in the subject tem. In India I was always achieving above 90 percent in all my subjects. But here I slipped
while his younger sister who is only in year one was a relief to be with when he played down to between 60 and 70 per cent, which was a worry.”
with her. Rohan found HSC quite stressful and says he relied on a lot of extracurricular Rishabh scored a high 98 in Hindi, topping the state, 87 in Economics, 87 in 2U Maths,
activities such as music. He played guitar all the way through his HSC and also joined an 87 in Business Studies and 82 in General English.
amateur band towards the end of his term. “English was difficult because I did not know the art of essay and creative writing but
What he found helpful was doing a bit of work every day and never ever procrastinat- I took help from everywhere, got tuition, attended HSC seminars and BOSTES website.
ing. He has made his family and school proud being among the top 30 students in the state. Also I talked a lot to the tutors. Everything helped. “My parents were very supportive and
Rohan has decided to do medicine and would like to be employed, once he has finished when I had doubts creeping up with my results, they never put any pressure on me. They
his studies, in rural areas which he says have a desperate shortage of doctors. said not to worry. “Hindi was my favourite and IABBV school teachers again were very
helpful and gave us lots of past papers to practice,” Rishab says.
Kabir Agrawal of Sydney To move to a new country and not only learn its ways but also finish year 11 during
Boys High School has scored summer holidays and catch up with the rest of his year 12 class and achieve a first in state
an ATAR of 99.70 and is in Hindi, Rishab Malhotra inspires us all. Rishab plans to study Finance/Marketing from
really happy about it. Armed UNSW.
with this high rank Kabir
says he is able to get into the Payal Parikh topped in the state in Indonesian
course of his choice, which Extension and when contacted by the Board of
is Actuarial Studies. studies, Payal says, she was surprised as she
“Developing complex did not expect such high achievement. It was
models and analysing risks the best phone call Payal got.
in financial markets would Payal achieved high band six in her Maths
be an interesting line of subjects, Band 6 in Indonesian continuers, and
study,” says this Maths high band 5 in Advanced English and
whizz-kid who aced in his Kabir Agrawal with parents Economics. Payal has decided to take up Civil
Maths Extension 1, getting Engineering at the university. She says it has
100 marks and in Maths Extension 2, a high 99. His Maths performance also put him in good career prospects as there is a lot of new
the top state rank at number 10. construction going on and also because Maths
And it’s not as if Kabir didn’t do well in his other subjects. He got above 90 marks in and Physics have always been her favourite.
all the subjects with 92 in Advanced English, 91 in Physics, 93 in Chemistry and 92 in And how did she decide to take up
Economics. How did he spend his time studying when HSC is so full on with exams, assign- Indonesian.
ments? “I am a morning guy. So, I always got up at 5 am in the morning and studied for “It was all by accident. I took it in year 7
1-2 hours before going to the school.” Kabir also is an all-rounder as he amassed a whole and then having done for four year I got
lot of awards during his school years – a High distinction in Maths competition 2015, a addicted to it.” And did she have any stressful
Sydney Boys high Trophy for an all-round achievement as a student, Lennie Basser Award moments? “Yes it was a bit scary at times.
for Scientific initiative 2016 and many more. Pressure can get to you. I did lots of walking, Payal Parikh topped in
About the school that is ranked number 7 this year, Kabir says, “It’s a great school real- listening to music, watching movies. You just Indonesian Extension
ly.” And the family, how did they react about his achievement? have to push through and keep working,” says

January-February 2017 THE INDIAN DOWN UNDER 21

By Neeru Saluja

3-year-old Sukhmani Khaira

2 stands confident yet calm as
she wins the title of Miss India
Australia 2016. A perfect mix of
beauty and brains, she is all set to
fulfil her dream of joining the film
industry and follow the footsteps of
her sister, Punjabi actress Japji
To fulfil this dream, her mentor
Raj Suri is working equally hard as feel secure within themselves and Australia?
they went to compete in the interna- their inner beauty which counts. Raj Suri's Miss
tional pageant Miss India And I knew about the various doors India Australia is over 15 years
Worldwide. Founded in 2001 by of opportunities Miss India old. This is a renowned platform.
Raj Suri, Miss India Australia is the Australia would open for me to pur- His mentorship, knowledge and
first such beauty pageant. Aiming to sue in Bollywood, fashion or mod- experience have polished success-
infuse confidence and belief through elling. ful Indian Australian women like
auditions and self-image work- How was it like competing in Miss Ankita Ghazan, who acted in
shops, Raj has given a voice and India Worldwide in New Jersey? ‘Heroine’ with Kareena Kapoor,
platform to young Australian This pageant was an experience Pallavi Sharda who starred in
women of Indian origin to positive- I will cherish for life as I got an Besharam opposite Ranbir
ly contribute to the society. The for- opportunity to represent Australia Kapoor and Vimala Raman who
mer Miss India Australia winners on an international platform. This has done over 50 South Indian
include actresses Vimala Raman, year was the 25th anniversary of the films. Once you win Miss India
Pallavi Sharda and Ankita Ghazan. worldwide pageant, which made it Australia you are not just a title
Sukhmani spoke to TIDU. even more special for me to be part holder but also a role model
Exceprts: of it. There were participants from for people, especially women
Congratulations Sukhmani on 30 different countries. We got the of all ages. You have a num-
being crowned Miss India opportunity to be trained in chore- ber of opportunities which can
Australia 2016. What inspired ography by well-known personali- open in modelling and acting.
you to enter the contest? ties from Mumbai like Sandip I have learnt so many things
I wanted to create a change in Soparrkar and were trained on our from the Miss India Australia
the local community with the poten- catwalk by supermodel Alesia Raut. auditions like how to walk, how to
tial to reach a global audience in We were judged by the ever so give that perfect pose, maintain pos- be on the big screen. I'm currently gifted with so many virtues as car-
order to contribute to pressing lovely Bollywood actress tures, poise and how to carry undergoing intense industry work- ers, nurturers, givers that some-
issues in our society. I am co- Meenakshi Seshadri and Tia myself in a way that I never had. shops with Raj Suri and Karigar times we second guess ourselves
founder in a charity organisation Sharma. There was a talent round in Also, my level of confidence and Australia company where I'm being when it comes to fulfilling our own
"International Humanitarian which I presented a monologue on self-belief increased because I had trained and mentored and working dream. The key message I would
Federation" which sets up free med- women empowerment - The Girl never participated in any pageant on polishing my talent to prepare hope any woman or girl would take
ical treatment camps around north Child. We had an Indian Round as before. me for potential future opportunities from my experience is to not be
India. I saw the Miss India well as Evening Gown Round. We Like Vimala Raman and Pallavi in Bollywood and modelling. afraid of chasing their dreams and
Australia competition as an oppor- also had the pleasure of touring Sharda before you, do you wish to How would you like to become a living life to the fullest, irrespective
tunity to get out of my comfort zone around New York City. join the film industry? role model for Indian women? of how impossible it may seem right
and as a platform which would help There are many beauty pageants These two and my sister Japji I feel honoured as Miss India now. Just get started and don't be
me make a positive impact on other happening amongst the Indian Khaira are all successful actresses Australia to be able to inspire other afraid to step out of your comfort
people's lives. I also wanted to help community in Sydney. What is in the film industry. I do wish too as women to fulfil their dreams, big or zone because that's where the magic
inspire other girls and women to unique about Miss India it’s always been a dream of mine to small. We, as women, have been happens.

Neekita Naidu: Miss Supermodel Universe
By Neeru Saluja ic feel about it. you. I also got along really well lucky that I have been blessed with
The competition was definitely with the makeup artists, the design- the perfect genes and have very
he dusky and svelte beauty tough. All the contestants were ers and judges with my loving out- high metabolism and do not even

T clearly stood out as the win-
ner at Miss India Australia,
but it was her positivity and confi-
highly skilled and professional
models. I went and gave my best
shot. I also enjoyed the experience
going attitude. At the end of the day
it all counts.
Whom would you call your men-
need to work out. Every now and
then I try to eat healthy but I am not
a fan of sweets anyway which
dence that made her win the title of and kept my focus. tors and pillars of strength during helps.
Miss Supermodel Universe in How did you practice and pre- this time? After winning the title, what are
Bulgaria. With a month’s prepara- pare as you had only a month? My little sister and my cousin your future plans?
tion, many sleepless nights and Honestly it went so fast that I are my biggest fans and supporters For now I am focusing on what
mentoring from her coach Reena did not even have time to practice. who go crazy for my every achieve- comes my way. I like to live in the
Koak, director of Miss India However, we had some late night ment and have supported my jour- moment and focus on one thing at a
Australia Corporation, Neekita sessions between me and the direc- ney. Also to the Miss India time. I guess you will have to wait
Naidu nailed the competition. tor of Miss India Australia as we Australia Co-operation director and see what the next journey is for
With Reena’s vision of not discussed our pros and cons and Reena Koak for working hard to me.
going home ‘empty-handed’ as her brushed up on my catwalk skills give us the platform and supporting Any message for aspiring women?
motivation, Neekita’s confidence after dinners in Sofia. The rest was us and mentoring us throughout Just believe in yourself, have
and ‘go to’ attitude impressed the just being confident on the stage along with all the mentors associat- faith in your capabilities and work
judges on day two itself as she won and flaunting what you had. ed with the Co-operation. hard to achieve your dreams. You
‘Miss Best Body’ at a fashion show What would you describe as your What is your day job and how do should surely enjoy yourself and
held in Sofia. asset when you competed with you keep fit? have a passion for it and when you
Following is an exclusive inter- other participants? I work as a fulltime product co- do come on board the journey,
view with the beauty queen who also petition tough? I am proud to say my biggest ordinator for Flight Centre at the leave all negativity outside the door.
juggles a full-time job as a Product The experience was overwhelm- asset was two things that never ever Head Office. Being in the travel You are there to win for yourself
Coordinator at Flight Centre. ing. Growing up I always dreamt of gave me confidence till date: my industry, ever since I stepped into and motivate yourself. It is always
representing my country. I always dark skin and my petite figure the professional scene, it has always not about winning. Personally, I
How was the experience repre- wanted to feel proud as it is a big which made me really stand out. been my passion to be a career ori- think it is about what you can learn
senting your country at an inter- responsibility of being an ambassa- The key is to always have a smile ented independent woman, which I and from there what you can
national pageant? Was the com- dor of a country. There is a patriot- and never let negative energy get to always will be. On fitness, I am improve on to make yourself better.

22 THE INDIAN DOWN UNDER January-February 2017

Indian scientists make Australia
an innovative country

Prof Veena Sahajwalla Dr Anoop Kumar Arya Dr Sharath Sriram Dr Dharmica Mistry

By Neena Badhwar

ndian academics, wherever they have

I settled in the world, have contributed
through their innovative work in the
fields of science, engineering and research.
Quietly, they have transformed the society,
at times recognised, working in labs using
ingenuous ways and techniques to make life
better in the 21st century.
Few names come to mind, prominent
among them, Professor Veena
Sahajwalla who has been focussing on
turning waste from plastic and glass using
high temperatures.
Dr Anoop Kumar Arya has invented a new David Nayagam Sohinee Sarkar Yash Arora
type of footing called ‘Soil Anchor Footing’
which can be used to support steel or con- again. “We realised it was the lipid that moted by both Australia and India. and Hospital.
crete columns, walls, light posts, sign posts, caused the feature. If it could be seen on hair Four Australian scientists will be travel- And Dr Mike Williams (CSIRO Land
electrical substation equipment, pipe sup- then it could be found in blood,” she says. ling to India in 2017 to undertake ground- and Water, SA), in association with the
port, railway infrastructure, light industrial BCAL diagnostics, a company especial- breaking research at some of India’s leading Indian Institute of Chemical Technology,
infrastructure etc. ly created for her, is now completing a 100- research institutions. will look at identifying antibiotic and antimi-
Dr Arya has filed patent applications in patient blind study, to reaffirm its results. The researchers will investigate new crobial resistance in the Moosi River near
Australia, USA and India for this light- “Hopefully, the BCAL blood test can enter superconductors for use in experimental Hyderabad using chemical and biochemical
weight footing that requires minimum exca- the market,” she says. fusion power generators, new ways of iden- markers. The Australia-India Strategic
vation and soil disposal and is quite eco- David Nayagam and his team are tifying bacteria developing resistance to Research Fund is Australia’s largest fund
nomical. working on a bionic eye to help visually- antibiotic medications, the way in which dedicated to bilateral research with any
Dr Sharath Sriram, Associate impaired people. The research is supported black rats spread disease in different parts of country and is one of India’s largest sources
Professor at RMIT, has developed nanoscale by a consortium of Bionic Institute, the India, and the effect of music on the recov- of support for international science. A recip-
electronic memories. His team has demon- Centre for Eye Research, Data61 and the ery of patients with heart failure. rocal fellowships scheme funded by the
strated memory cells, down to the size of a universities of Melbourne and UNSW. The Australia-India Strategic Research Indian Government will support Indian sci-
few nanometres that store multiple informa- Nayagam’s team comprises of people Fund Fellows have been selected by the entists to visit Australia from early 2017.
tion states – like a drummer switch, rather from a range of fields that include ophthal- Australian Academy of Science from a com- The youngest in the line-up is 14-year-
than the conventional on/off switch. mology, electrical engineering, neuro- petitive field of applicants and will receive old Yash Arora who did a study of the dete-
Rahul Das is another engineer with his science and materials science. The devices $88,000 from the Australian Government to rioration of drinking water quality in the
work on immersive asset capture which uses being developed are aimed at those with undertake their research. Gold Coast region. Yash Arora is one of the
a 360-degree camera to take pictures of an retinitis pigmentosa – a group of inherited The president of the Australian finalists in BHP Billiton Science and
area which then integrates the images and a disorders that eventually lead to loss of Academy of Science, Professor Andrew Engineering Awards 2016.
geo-positional signature to create a database vision and age-related macular degenera- Holmes, says that the fellowships are an Interested in a report on the degradation
of images that can be located on a map. This tion. important component of Australia’s engage- of water quality in Tasmania’s supply, Yash
allows the users to be immersed in a 360- Queensland Fresh Scientist ‘People’s ment with global scientific enterprise and turned his attention to water quality closer to
degree overview of the area even when off Award’ winner Sohinee Sarkar finds how serve to strengthen existing ties between home. He investigated two water treatment
site. The system is beneficial for planning to disarm the superbugs causing the urinary researchers in Australia and India, the plants and conducted six trials of 14 differ-
and sharing with people on site, in central tract infections that can no longer be treated world’s second-most populous country and ent places for indicators including pH, dis-
engineering teams, vendors and contractors. with antibiotics. an emerging scientific superpower. solved oxygen, turbidity and concentration
Dr Dharmica Mistry, Young Women “My research has devised a strategy to Dr Mohammed Shahriar Hossain of iron. His results showed minor deteriora-
of the Year 2016, is BCAL (Breast Cancer stop the superbugs by identifying their (University of Wollongong) will investigate tion in some parameters, but the overall
Associated Lipids) Resources chief scientist. essential weapons so they can be blocked with the Institute for Plasma Research quality of the water was fit for human con-
While working in a small start-up com- and left harmless,” says Dr Sohinee Sarkar, superconductors for low-cost fusion power sumption.
pany, Dharmica used her own hair as a neg- a postdoctoral researcher at the Queensland for a sustainable future. Yash’s data can help the Gold Coast City
ative control. She noticed a feature which University of Technology’s Institute of Dr Vicki Thomson (University of Council in planning a system of regular
they had been seeing on hair from women Health and Biomedical Innovation. Adelaide) will work with the Tata Institute sampling and identifying locations for
with breast cancer. She just had to go get “In this way, we can treat the infection of Fundamental Research to study the dis- improving their water distribution system.
her breast checked up. Lucky for her as she without using antibiotics that can create ease risk from black rat species in India. Indian minds are sharp and are con-
was given an all clear. more and more resistant bacteria,” Sohinee Dr Samia Toukhsati (Austin Health, tributing positively to the country they have
But she put her thinking cap on as she says. The work of these scientists is helping Vic) will research the effect of relaxing adopted. Not just the parents, young chil-
remembered that she put olive oil in her hair society and has the potential for patents. music on the autonomic nervous system in dren of Indian heritage are equally conspic-
every week. So she brought olive oil and Some of the scientists are being support- heart failure patients, with Manipal uous among the lot. Young Yash Arora is a
smeared her hair in it and then x-rayed it ed by bilateral research that is being pro- University and Kasturba Medical College shining testamont.

January-February 2017 THE INDIAN DOWN UNDER 23

AIBC first all women delegation pitches
Australia to Vibrant Gujarat
ustralia India Business Council

A (AIBC), the peak body facilitating bi-
lateral trade and investment between
Australia and India, has capped off a success-
ful year in enhancing the bilateral relation-
ship, and revealed a packed calendar of
events for 2017 beginning with the recently-
concluded business delegation to the biennial
Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2017, and continuing
with an official welcome for Dr Ajay M
Gondane, the new High Commissioner of
India to Australia, as well as the first-of-its-
kind AIBC Women in Business delegation to
India later this year.
During the Vibrant Gujarat Summit, the
30-strong AIBC delegation met with the Chief
Minister of Gujarat, Shri Vijaybhai R.
The AIBC delegation with Indian officials at the biennial Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2017 held in Ahmedabad in early January
Rupani, who expressed a keen interest in
understanding the delegates’ interests and leaders, global thought leaders, regulators 2017. Ms Nandkeolyar said: “The New Year
assured attendees of the Gujarat and renowned academicians from India, 2017 presents a number of opportunities for Welcoming India’s envoy
Government’s full support. Australia and all over the world. This initia- everyone involved. I am optimistic, and in Canberra
Commenting on the success of the delega- tive is a valuable means to initiate and foster AIBC is planning even more events, delega-
ew Indian High Commissioner to
tion, AIBC National Vice Chair and delega-
tion leader Dr Jim Varghese said, “The
bilateral relationships between stakeholders
through B2B and B2G meetings.”
tions and chances for Indian and Australian
relations to strengthen immensely. One such
N Australia, Dr Ajay M Gondane, will
be welcomed by AIBC business
Australia India Business Council is proud to AIBC delegates’ diverse business interests key event that AIBC will lead is the AIBC leaders at an event in Sydney
once again partner with Vibrant Gujarat for included education, skills development, min- Women in Business Chapter delega- with a high profile guest
the biennial Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2017 as ing, pharmaceuticals, fertilisers, toxicology, tion of women business leaders to list of senior local, state
part of our commitment to providing our financial services, digital products and servic- India in 2017. The high-profile and national govern-
AIBC members with the best business oppor- es, and manufacturing. delegation of Indian and ment, business and
tunities to develop valuable partnerships with The AFR–AIBC National Conference on Australian women in the bilater- community leaders in
business, government, and industry in India. ‘Engaging with India’ was a highly successful al business and trade relation- the Australia-India
AIBC is honoured and grateful for the strong AIBC event held in 2016, in which collabora- ship will be the first of its kind.” business communi-
indication of support from Gujarat tion was seen between high-level stakeholders “AIBC has active chapters in ty.Dr Gondane joined
Government. This is a platform for business- from the government, industry and business New South Wales, Victoria, the Indian Foreign
es and influencers to come together to explore councils. The event promoted solutions for Australian Capital Territory, Service in 1985. He
some of the current global opportunities.” better engagement with India, and benefitted South Australia, Western Australia worked in various capac-
Ms Sheba Nandkeolyar, National Chair, Australian and Indian interests. AIBC has a and Queensland with a full range of ities in the Indian
AIBC attended the Summit in her capacity as yearlong 2017 program planned with leading State programs. AIBC National Embassies and Consulates
a Board member of the Australian and hosting bilateral business delegations and works closely with the Australian Dr Ajay M Gondane has including in Damascus,
Baghdad, Vienna,
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s ministerial round tables, conferences and and Indian Governments at the replaced Naveedp Suri as
India’s High Ankara and New York.
(DFAT) Australia-India Council. Ms seminars on resources, mining, education, Federal level, DFAT, the High
He was High
Nandkeolyar said, “Both India and Australia ICT among others, seminars on implications Commissions of India and Australia Commissioner to Australia
Commissioner of India
are more openly looking at this corridor of of India Budget, GST and Australian and Austrade. The State Chapters are fully to Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands
opportunities and I am certain Vibrant Financial End of Year updates. This is in supportive of their respective State and Vanuatu.He has replaced Navdeep
Gujarat is a great foundation to start. The addition to the Annual Addresses by every Governments and Consulate General of India Suri, who has been appointed India's new
Summit is indeed an amazing world platform AIBC State Chapter planned in conjunction offices for promoting bilateral business envoy to United Arab Emirates.
to interact with key policy-makers, industry with India’s Independence Day - August engagement with India,” added Nandkeolyar.

Avijit Sarkar’s book fetches $13,200 for Cancer Council
By Neena Badhwar puppeteer of Sydney, Avijit he answered.
Sarkar, fetched $13,200 for This is just his first book which
hat a turn of events it Cancer Council, represented by is based on, he says, “there are

W was! Amazing real-
ly. A book of 14
short stories by Avijit Sarkar
Kate Jesus who talked about all the
good work they do with help from
such supporters. Plus there was the
stories all around you. You
observe people, how they talk,
that was launched on January funds generated by the book sales “These are social stories about
15 to a hall full of community at the event. Avijit is a dedicated migrants, some when they started
members in the presence of supporter of cancer research by the from India. And each story ends in
selected guests, surprised all Cancer Council and donates pro- a way that you’d never ever
when its first copy auction went to ceeds to the council the whole year expect.
the highest bidder Munish Verma round. This he has been doing for “There is a story that deals
who put his hand up to bid at the last ten years. with domestic violence as well.”
$6,100. Dr. Darshan Sachdev who Avijit is quiet on the surface Avijit said he is working on
acted as the auctioneer, had at the but a very active, industrious per- four more books which he has
beginning of the auction committed son who said in his interview, at been doing for some time now.
himself that he would match the the launch, with SBS executive The book ‘A Turn of Events’
bid. And that’s not all when one of Hindi broadcaster Kumud Merani, was launched by Avijit, his daugh-
the middle bidders who had upped A multitalented personality, Avijit Sarkar with his family at the event when she asked how does he do it, ter Annie, her husband and two
launching his first book, ‘A Turn if Events’ (inset).
the auction to a $1000, Pratibha “Twenty four hours in a day can children along with Avijit’s wife
Bhanushali said she would still So all up, the first book titled talented musician, singer, compos- be very long. One has to make sac- Palu as he got a standing applause
contribute her $1000 on top. "A Turn of Events' by this multi- er, writer, poet, painter, magician, rifices – and sleep is one of them,” from everyone.

24 THE INDIAN DOWN UNDER January-February 2017

It will feature an all-men cast, some dressed as
women in the classic fairy tale performance

The play is produced by Sydney-based Trikone Australasia. It will have
8 Bollywood style dance performances.

What could be more entertaining than before,” says the play’s director Bali
Cinderella on stage? Padda. “It is a classic fairy tale, but not as
Get ready for a queer all-male you know it.”
Bollywood twist called Sunderella, and be Who can, after all, resist the draw of
dazzled as a sea of sequins and saris, bindis Bollywood drags? “There are plenty of
and bangles descends on Sydney’s PACT drag shows in Sydney – particularly during
Centre for Emerging Artists, as part of the Mardi Gras,” says the play’s scriptwriter The show will feature a bunch of men from diverse
38th Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Kunal Mirchandani. “But there’s something backgrounds in glamorous female roles.
festival in February 2017. unique and incredibly attractive about this
Set in 18th century British India, show, which will feature a bunch of men complete without foot-tapping music and previously produced sell-out Mardi Gras
Sunderella features a cast of 15 men – half from diverse backgrounds in glamorous sweeping dance performances. And on that shows such as In the Space Between (2011)
of them dressed as women – in splendid female roles.” front Mirchandani is delighted to confirm: and The Last Chai (2013). And it is also
costumes and jewellery. The play is pro- So expect Sydney-based men from “There are eight high-energy dance per- the organiser of the famous Sydney-based
duced by Sydney-based Trikone Australasia backgrounds as diverse as Indian, formances sprinkled throughout the show. annual queer Bollywood parties, Bar
and promises a night of endless entertain- Bangladeshi, Fijian, Filipino, Middle Each of them features dazzling costumes Bombay
ment, with all the cornerstones of Eastern, Chinese… even Caribbean play the and jewellery – it’ll be an explosion of (
Bollywood – comic characters, dramatic roles of classic Cinderella characters – the colour and so much culture on stage.” When: Feb 17, 18, 24 & 25 at 8pm;
scenes, foot-tapping music, a heartrending evil stepmother, the vicious but ridiculously The play is produced by Trikone Feb 19 & 26 at 6pm,
love story and, of course, sweeping dance comic stepsisters, the dashing prince and, Australasia ( – a Sydney- Where: PACT Centre for Emerging
performances. of course, the effervescent and intriguing based not-for-profit social-support group Artists, 107 Railway Parade,
“This production is unlike anything Sunderella. for LGBTIQ folks of South-Asian back- Erskineville.
Sydney or Mardi Gras has ever seen No Bollywood play, however, would be ground living in Australia. Trikone has More info:

Happy Birthday, Dr. Verma
r. Shiv Verma celebrated his they had come across in life. There

D 90th birthday with his wife
Shanti and extended family
and friends in December. One of the
were many tales shared with Dr
Verma’s children and grandchildren,
how the life was in the past when
early settlers, Dr Verma coached some there were only a few Indian families
high profile doctors in Sydney, includ- in the 1970’s and the establishment of
ing Dr Prabhat Sinha, Dr Tiwari and the first Hindu temple in Sydney, Sri
others. Mandir. It was an interesting get
They all fondly remembered him as together as many old faces from the
a pharmacology professor in Bhopal, a past got to see each other to reminisce
guide and one of the gentlest person the old times.

Dr. Shiv Verma coached some high profile doctors in Sydney

January-February 2017 THE INDIAN DOWN UNDER 25
Body Mind Spirit

Try the Mudras for health benefit
udras are a non-verbal mode of utes, but practicing for longer period yields

M communication and self-expres-
sion, consisting of hand gestures
and finger-postures. These are symbolic
more benefits.
4Regulates diabetes
sign based finger patterns, which, without 4Relieves constipation and piles
the spoken word, nonetheless retain its effi- 4Helps establish regular excretion of
cacy. Mudras are used to evoke in the mind solid waste
ideas symbolizing divine powers or the
deities themselves. Apana Vayu Mudra
The composition of a mudra is based on
certain movements of the fingers constitut-
(Mudra of the Heart)
ing a highly stylized form of body or hand
gers stretched out. Benefits:
language. A mudra is an external expression
Specialty: Reduces physical weaknesses. 4Relieves an earache within 4 or 5
of 'inner resolve', suggesting that such non-
Benefits: minutes
verbal communications can be more power-
4Helps to increase weight for weak 4Useful for the deaf and mentally chal-
ful than the spoken word.
life-force people lenged (See Disease/Mudra list.)
Mudras can regulate the five elements of 4Improves the complexion of skin and
makes the skin glow Surya Mudra (Mudra of the Sun)
the body
The universe is composed of five ele- 4Promotes body functionality
ments according to Hindu thought - earth,
air, water, fire, and ether. Similarly, our Varuna Mudra (Mudra of Water)
body is also a union of five elements which Method: The tips of the middle finger and
is represented by our five fingers. Hand ring finger touch the tip of thumb, while the
mudras regulate these five elements in our index finger touches the base of thumb and
body. the little finger is stretched out.
The fingers representing the five ele- Specialty: Benefits the heart reducing the
ments are: Thumb for Fire; Index (Jupiter risk of an attack and also lowering the gas
finger) for Air, Middle (Saturn finger) for content in body.
Ether or Space; Ring (Sun finger) for Earth; Time duration: Practice as many times as
Pinky (Mercury finger) for Water. you can. Heart patients and BP patients can
Mudras, in general, are actions of hands Method: Bend the ring finger and press it practice twice for 15 minutes daily for bet-
and fingers that can be performed at any with thumb. ter results.
time in any way, like sitting, standing, walk- Specialty: Correlates to the thyroid gland. Benefits:
ing or travelling. So there's no need to Method: Tip of little finger touches the tip Time duration: Practice twice daily for 5 to 4Strengthens the heart and regularizes
devote a special time to perform a mudra, of thumb with the other three fingers 15 minutes. palpitation
but the maximum benefit is by doing it in stretched out. Benefits: 4Regulates excretory system
sitting posture, especially in Sukhasana Specialty: Balances the water content and 4Reduces cholesterol in body and helps 4Relieves gastric issues
(easy pose), vajrasana, or padmasana. If you prevents all diseases which come due to lack in reducing weight
have constraints of time you can even per- of water. 4Reduces anxiety Linga Mudra (Mudra of Heat)
form them in installments. Benefits: 4Corrects or relieves indigestion (See
In the initial phase mudras should be 4Retains clarity in blood by balancing Disease/Mudra list.)
performed for at least 10 minutes and then water content in the body
can be extended to 30 minutes to one hour. 4Prevents the pain of Gastroenteritis Prana Mudra (Mudra of Life)
Mudras are very powerful. If practiced reg- and Muscle Shrinkage
ularly, there can be health benefits.
Vayu Mudra (Mudra of Air)
Gyan Mudra
(Mudra of Knowledge)

Method: Interlock the fingers of both hands
and keep the thumb of the left hand vertical-
ly straight and encircle it with the thumb and
the index finger of the right hand.
Method: Bend ring finger and little finger Specialty: Generates heat in the body. Take
and touch the tip of thumb with their tips milk, ghee, more water and fruit juices in
Method: Keep the index finger on the base keeping the remaining two fingers stretched. addition to the practice of this mudra for
of the thumb and press with the thumb keep- Specialty: As it is the mudra of life, this many benefits.
ing the other three fingers straight. improves the life force. The weak become Time duration: Practice any time. But do
Specialty: Prevents diseases that occur due strong. Reduces clumps in blood vessels. not over-practice as it produces heat in the
Method: Touch the tip of the thumb to the body. It can cause excessive sweating even
to imbalances in the air. Practiced regularly this promotes physical
tip of the index finger, with the other three in winter.
Time duration: The practice of this mudra activity.
fingers stretched out. Benefits:
for 45 minutes reduces the severity of dis- Benefits:
Specialty: A mudra that enhances knowl-
ease in 12 to 24 hours. For better results 4Improves immunity 4Stops production of phlegm and gives
edge. The tip of thumb correlates to the pitu- power to lungs
itary and endocrine glands. When you press
practice for 40-60 days. 4Improves the power of the eyes and
Benefits: reduces eye related issues 4Relieves severe cold and bronchial
these centers with the index finger, the two
4Relieves Rheumatism, Arthritis, 4Relieves vitamin deficiency and infections
glands work actively.
Gout, Parkinson's disease and paralysis fatigue 4Invigorates the body
4Useful for Cervical Spondilytis, paral- In general, Prayer Pose is for Cerebral
4Increases memory power and sharp- Equilibrium.
ens the brain ysis of the face, and pressure on nerves in
neck Apana Mudra (Mudra of Digestion) To remain healthy and free from any ill-
4Enhances concentration and prevents Method: The tips of middle finger and ring ness or disease, a balance is required among
Insomnia 4Relieves gas pressure in the stomach
finger touch the tip of thumb while the other the five elements. The coordination of the
4When practiced regularly, it will two fingers are stretched out. five elements controls the internal glands of
relieve psychological disorders like hysteria, Shunya Mudra (Mudra of Specialty: Plays an important role in our the body parts, and their physiological func-
anger and depression.
Emptiness) health as it regulates the excretory system, tions. There are particularly dormant ener-
Method: Keep the middle finger at the health and wellness being absolutely depen- gies within the body which get activated
Prithvi Mudra mount of Venus and press with the thumb. dant on the rapid removal of systemic waste. using these mudras thus making us healthy
(Mudra of Earth) Specialty: Reduces the dullness in the body. Toxicity can be mitigated if removed from and fit. But these should not be construed to
Method: Tip of the ring finger touches the Time duration: One can practice this for 40 the body rapidly. replace an educated medical advice if there
tip of the thumb with the other three fin- to 60 minutes daily until relieved. Time duration: Practice daily for 45 min- are particular symptoms of a disease.

26 THE INDIAN DOWN UNDER January-February 2017
Hindi Humour

225 years old Ghantwala Sweets’ Seventh generation
Sushant Jain with wife Sonia

January - February 2017 THE INDIAN DOWN UNDER 27
Body Mind Spirit

By Suma Varughese different petri dishes, and the ego self.
immersed each in a different
ot only do words deter- culture medium. In one dish MAKING MAGIC
N mine our destiny and
that of the world, but
they also have a tremendous
they changed into bones, in
another into muscles and the
third into fat. Making a startling
In time, as our consciousness
levels rise, the words we use
will automatically change. And
impact on our spiritual growth. intuitive leap, he understood that even the same words will
Words make our world. the cells are influenced not by emanate a different vibration.
They shape who we are and how the genes, as earlier understood, The essential nature of the
we see life. They shape our but by the environment in which Higher Self is softness. And the
response to situations and people they are, because the genes had essential nature of the ego self is
and form our destiny. The remained the same and the only hardness. The more we identify
words we use today become the difference was the culture medi- with our Higher Self, the softer
life we live tomorrow. um, or the environment in which our words, and the softer our
The power of words is large- they were placed. vibrations. People around us
ly drawn from the fact that they Its implication for the human experience a sense of being
express our thoughts. And being is powerful. It means that soothed, understood and appreci-
thoughts create our life. the blood, which is the equiva- ated not just from the words
Here is what the Buddha said lent of the culture medium for spoken but by our very pres-
in the first verse of the the 50 trillions cells of the ence. Such a person does not
Dhammapada: human body, can influence the have to think of the right thing
Our life is shaped by our want more money” means we do Hay, author of the iconic, You cells either negatively or posi- to do. He will just do it.
mind; we become what we not like our present financial sit- Can Heal Your Life, is undoubt- tively, through the chemicals it The more we empty our-
think. Suffering follows an evil uation. So the message we actu- edly the queen of affirmations, carries within it. And chemicals selves of our ego, the more
thought as the wheels of a cart ally send the universe is that of and you will find innumerable are secreted by our thoughts and available we become to the
follow the oxen that draw it. resistance. What we resist, per- powerful statements in her web- feelings. other, or to life itself. At that
Our life is shaped by our point, we can create magic with
mind; we become what we
sists. So we will stay stuck in
Japa and affirmations seed
LANGUAGE AND our words, both within ourselves
think. Joy follows a pure Instead, what if we were to our consciousness with positive SPIRITUALITY and without.
Within ourselves, a depleted
thought like a shadow that never use the word “I intend”? “I thoughts. These, in turn, coun- As we move along the path, ego enables us to fuse our will
leaves. intend to lose weight”. “I intend teract the impact of thousands our awareness increases until we with our intent to such an extent
Our thoughts influence our to make more money”. Intention and thousands of unconscious perceive that the person we that our very words manifest
feelings, and physical sensa- comes from an inner decision to negative thoughts we sow into think we are is nothing but con- what we want. This is the power
tions. They coalesce into habits do something about it and is our consciousness. Our default ditioning, a construct made of of sankalpa. If we say we are
and behaviour patterns, become therefore powerful. state is that of resistance. Maybe all the thoughts we have thought going to lose weight, there is
what we think is our personality, Probably the most destructive it is hot or cold. Maybe you of, and that our True Self is simply no room for anything but
and eventually determine our word when used to admonish have a headache, or you don’t something else; the only way to loss of weight. The mind with
destiny. ourselves and others is the word, like your dinner. Maybe you are access our True Self is to dis- its fears, desires and doubts does
“No”. It invalidates and annuls hungry, sleepy. Maybe you had
WORD TRAPS us and banks our energies. a fight with your spouse that still
mantle our false or ego self. not obtrude. If we decide to
Language has a role to play in serve the poor by starting an
The language we use is also When children hear too many troubles you. Watch your dissociation. We can learn to use NGO, we will do it without fur-
an unconscious indication of our “Nos”, they either lose confi- thoughts and the sensations in language to detach from any ther ado. Mahatma Gandhi was
personality. When we feel pow- dence and shrivel up, or turn the body and see how much aspects of our personality such travelling in a train in South
erful, we naturally employ kinds rebellious and destructive. unease you experience ongoing- as physical sensations, thoughts Africa, when he was given a
of ‘I’ statements. When we feel Watch your “Nos” . ly. The constant recitation of or feelings. copy of John Ruskin’s Unto this
less powerful or fear that our Many thinkers have also japa or an affirmation helps to For instance, we often say, Last. Fired by this treatise on
power will create conflict, we talked about the seminal power reduce the impact of these nega- “I am angry”, “I am scared”, “I the dignity of labour Gandhi got
tend to water down our words, of the words, “I am”. Anything tive thoughts and slowly shift the am jealous”. Can we instead off the train and established
by saying ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I that follows these two words quality of our consciousness. say, “I feel anger, or fear or Phoenix Farm in 40 hectares of
am not sure’.” becomes the person “I am”.
The nadir, of course is “I Therefore if we habitually SCIENTIFIC PROOF jealousy?”
Similarly, we need to detach
land near Durban, where he
published the periodical, Indian
can’t”, a strong statement of vic- say, “I am lazy”, “I am fat”, “I The ancients have always from the qualities or states of Opinion.
timisation, implying that circum- am no good” that is exactly maintained that words, or sound mind we identify with: “I am When it comes to dealing
stances outside of your control what we will become. which is the vibration of words, lazy”, can be reconstructed to, with others, we will be able to
are running things, and you have have creative power and that the
no power to change them. THE PATH OF Universe was created through
“Sometimes I defer doing
things”. “I am sick”, can be
exert singular influence on them
because we are free of their
Change ‘I can’t’ to ‘I won’t’. THE WORD sound. The experiments that reconstructed to: “I have a sick- influence. No matter how nega-
Similarly, free yourself of terms Deeply aware of the transfor- Japanese scientist Masoro Emoto ness”. tive the other may be, we will
like “I had to”, “I should do” mative power of words, the conducted, bear this out with We need to dissociate our- be able to transcend it, and
“I must”, and use “I choose to” Indian tradition has long advo- stunning clarity. Emoto took a selves even from positive identi- instead emanate our own positiv-
and “I could”. Moving from cated the chanting of mantras sample of water, said some neg- ties: “I am charitable”, can be ity towards them until it trans-
‘should’ to ‘could’ reduces the and holy words, a practice ative words over it, and froze it. shifted to “I do acts of charity”. forms them. Sages and great
pressure. called Japa. From single words He then breathed a prayer over We need to dissociate our- men have been able to transform
At her workshops, like ‘Om’ to phrases such as another sample and froze it too. selves from our actions as well. even hardened criminals simply
Sampoorna offers an invaluable ‘Om namah Shivaya’ or ‘Hare The water crystals formed from Who we are is whole, perfect by virtue of their own inner
insight, “Every time you use the Krishna Hare Rama’, to the the sample with negative words and complete. What we think, power, and faith in the other.
word, ‘but’ you are negating all chanting of mantras like the were unformed and incoherent. say or do is often flawed, The Buddha’s conversion of
that came before it. Can you Gayatri mantra or the The crystals formed over the destructive or hurtful. Can we, Angulimala, Jesus Christ’s con-
say, ‘and’ instead? Instead of Mahamrityunjaya mantra (to sample with the prayer were however, distinguish between version of the prostitute Mary
saying ‘You are hard working ward off death), Japa is recog- beautiful and perfectly formed. the deed and the doer? We may Magdalene, have all gone down
and intelligent but careless, you nised as one of the most popular When you consider that 70 per do bad things, but that does not in legend and are of lasting
could say, ‘You are hardwork- ways to self-transformation. cent of the human body is made make us bad. If we can separate inspiration to mankind. At this
ing and intelligent and you could Today in modern times, we of water, we can imagine the our pristine Higher Self from the stage, we are alchemists, able to
be more careful.” also have affirmations, which powerful effect words have not stuff that we routinely do, we routinely convert negativity into
A word that stymies most of are statements of positive intent. just on the mind but on our body would find it easier to access positivity.
us is “I want”. French psychologist, Emile as well. our true Self. But this is about as far as
Want is a powerless word Coue’s affirmation, advocated as Biologist Bruce Lipton, This is a discipline we need words will take us on our spiri-
because it comes from a resist- far back as in the early 20th cen- author of the pathbreaking book, to practice most of all with our tual journey. Eventually, we will
ance to what is our present reali- tury, is still one of the best in The Biology of Belief, arrived at children. Calling children bad, come to a space where words
ty. “I really want to lose that genre, and goes: “Every the same conclusion through a stupid or useless not just dam- will not accompany us anymore.
weight” means that we do not day in every way, I am getting different path. While cloning ages their self-esteem deeply, Only silence can.
like our present weight. “I really better and better.” Louise L stem cells he put them into three but reinforces their identity with Courtesy: Life Positive Magazine

28 THE INDIAN DOWN UNDER January-February 2017

Old age is catching up, so plan
Seniors needing aged care can opt for it on a self-funded basis or through income-
tested government subsidised home care packages. From February this year, the seniors
who avail the service will receive the funding directly from the Government so that they
can themselves choose the provider and also vary the care to suit their requirements.
By Vijay Badhwar
& Kanwaljit Kanwar

ow is the time that the community

N starts a serious conversation about
the seniors: where and how they
will spend their later lives, the care they may
need and the options there are so that they
are relatively in a conducive environment
despite the limitations of a distant land and
culture. So far we have buried our heads in
the sand in the vain hope that our traditions
will ensure the required support to our eld-
ers, unmindful of the circumstances and the
pressures on our younger generation.
Already the Australian society is over-
whelmed by the skewed need for more serv-
ices for the elder generation -- currently
more than two million who are 70 and over.
From the Indian community, although rela-
tively young, early migrants from the sub- Seniors at Indian Hornsby Group Seniors at Indian Welfare Association meeting
continent are gradually crossing the line,
multiplying as well, thanks to the family something behind for their family comes in
reunion programme. There are already a siz- direct conflict with government planning that
able number of Indian seniors who are in envisages drawing down from assets to pro-
dire need of services, estimated to be more vide for aged care. This, frequently, causes
than 25,000. much heartache to families who are forced to
While the other migrant communities are put their assets on fire sale to pay for upfront
far ahead in their planning for their seniors, deposits for entry into nursing homes.
the Indian community lags behind, limited to Estimates are that approximately 45 per-
only a few motley groups who meet for a cent of people more than 70 years old will
few hours a week – for a yoga class and a use aged care services sometimes in their
lunch get together may be – which, in itself, future. The basic accommodation deposits
is worth its weight in gold, but does not (refundable in part at the end of stay) vary
extend itself to permanent or semi-perma- depending on the standard and level of care
nent aged care. facility and can be anything ranging from
Estimates are that by 2050 there will be $450,000 to $950,000. People who do not
3.5 million seniors needing a range of serv- own assets, for example, a property, are
ices to be provided on self-funded basis or exempt from having to make a deposit.
through income-tested government sub- The Government is generous towards
sidised home care packages. They will be aged care providers, allowing them a deem-
assessed for the level of care they will need ing rate of interest they can charge their
by health care professionals from the Aged clients – an exorbitant 6.28 per cent current-
Care Assessment Team (ACAT). This can ly - in case they choose not to dispose of Seniors at Sri Omcare Pennant Hills group celebrating Diwali
be arranged through website their assets to make the asking deposit. This Government will pay the rest Then there is additional daily contribution is charged as a monthly payment on the 8 An accommodation payment: if you are towards cost of care which some people have
The level of home care ranges from low amount the homes ask for as a deposit for the required to pay for the full cost of your to pay for as well as if they opt for hotel-like
level (levels 1-2) to high care (levels 3-4) period of stay. As an example, if a nursing accommodation, which varies according services to increase their level of comfort –
and includes domestic (cleaning, gardening home asks for an initial $500,000 deposit, to the facility a bigger room, choice of menu and recre-
etc) and personal, transport, shopping and the client will be charged an approximate Any assets disposed of or gifts made in ational activities.
medical services. The government funding amount of $31,400 per year on top of other the previous five years are still counted A few young seniors from the Indian
starts at $7,822 per annum to $47,567 per costs if they opt not to make the deposit. towards the calculation of the payments. community have already bought with other
annum depending on the level of care These costs may vary for different aged care Means Tested care fee is an additional couples into independent units in aged care
required. The recipients have to make co- facilities. contribution towards the cost of care that facilities in Normanhurst, Epping and Dural.
payments that are capped. In Aged care four types of payments or some people may be required to pay. The They are quite satisfied with their move as
From February this year, the seniors who deposit may be required: Department of Human Services will work they have company of their friends and their
avail the service will receive the funding Basic daily fee – 85% of single age pen- out if you are required to pay this fee based everyday chores are cared for.
directly from the Government so that they sion adjusted twice a year. It covers basic on an assessment of your income and assets, Those who are enamoured by Hollywood
can themselves choose the provider and also accommodation, meals and laundry but not and will advise you of the amount. movie ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’
vary the care to suit their requirements. It medication. This is the only payment For a member of a couple, half of the may consider to spend their years away from
gives them flexibility to opt for better care required if there are no other assets and/or combined income and assets are considered western loneliness in a familiar environment
by making additional payments. income. in determining the means-tested care fee, as there are a variety of facilities in India that
The residential aged care in a nursing Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) – regardless of which partner earns the income specially cater to NRI needs. These do not
home, however, is a topic of concern for It can either be bond money or interest cur- or owns the asset. The most someone can be demand huge upfront deposits and are rela-
Indian seniors as they leave their familiar rently around 5.76% for new residents, set asked to pay in means-tested care fees in a tively affordable with charges around $750 a
environment and are compelled to change quarterly: year is capped at $26,041.09 per annum and month for accommodation and basic food
their food habits and daily routines due to 8 No accommodation costs: if income and lifetime cap of $62,498.66 currently. that can be easily covered by Australian pen-
lack of a culturally conducive setup. An aged assets are below a certain amount, the There are extra fees for a higher standard sion (check from The Department of Human
care facility becomes necessary as the level Australian Government will pay the of accommodation or additional services. Services for eligibility criteria).
of care they may need for mental support as accommodation costs These vary from home to home and are Of course, it is a big decision to make as
well as personal hygiene may become 8 An accommodation contribution: if you negotiated between the provider and resi- a part of you is left behind, in some cases,
impractical to be provisioned by the family. are required to pay part of the cost of dents. Typically they range between $45 per the family, and in others, family-like friend-
Their cultural thinking, too, to leave your accommodation, the Australian day upwards ($16,000 plus per annum). ships.

January-February 2017 THE INDIAN DOWN UNDER 29
Santram's Grey Page

Wish all the readers of this column a very Healthy and Prosperous New Year. Of course, this bring us one year
closer to the Creator. But let us not worry about that and try to age gracefully and enjoy the rest of it.

By Santram Bajaj
stress and depression. Positive people are also people do recover and lead healthy, produc- cholesterol, lupus and myocardial infarction
TOP TIPS FOR more likely to engage in behaviours that keep tive and satisfying lives.
AGEING WELL them physically healthy like eating well and Myth: People with a mental illness can 'PASSIVE SMOKING MAY
exercising. “pull themselves out of it”.
Fact: A mental illness is not caused by
LIVING NEAR HEAVY personal weakness and is not “cured” by per- Don't mistake your child's backache, pain
in legs or feet as a sign of growing up. A
Myth: People with a mental illness are number of such children could be suffering
OF DEMENTIA violent. from osteoporosis, a problem known to cause
Fact: People with a mental illness are no weakening of bones with age.
A study in The Lancet medical journal
more violent or dangerous than the rest of the "The problem is known as secondary juve-
found that people who lived within 50 metres
population. People with a mental illness are nile osteoporosis," said Dr Ajai Singh, head
of high-traffic roads had a 7 per cent higher
more likely to harm themselves – or to be of paediatric orthopaedic department, King
“The great news is there's much you can chance of developing dementia compared to
harmed – than they are to hurt other people. George's Medical University.
do to enhance your complete physical, mental those who lived more than 300 metres away
Myth: People with a mental illness should Juvenile osteoporosis can either be genetic
and social well-being in later life,” says the from busy roadways.
be kept in hospital. or secondary. "The secondary may be an out-
University of Melbourne's Associate “Air pollutants can get into the blood
Fact: With appropriate treatment and sup- come of exposure to passive smoking or lead
Professor Briony Dow, who is also director of stream and lead to inflammation, which is
port, people with mental illness can live suc- which is commonly used in car or inverter
health promotion for the National Ageing linked with cardiovascular disease and possi-
cessfully in the community. In fact, the batteries," he said. Dr Singh pointed that the
Research Institute. bly other conditions such as diabetes.
majority of people with a mental illness live cases often went unnoticed or unreported fol-
Here are Prof Dow's top tips to maximise Dementia is caused by brain diseases, most
independently in the community. lowing absence of a proper protocol.
your chances of ageing well. commonly Alzheimer’s disease, which results
To avoid the problem, he said, children

1. Keep physically active
in the loss of brain cells and affects memory,
thinking, behaviour, navigational and spatial THE BEST BUDDY OF should be given adequate amount of calcium
and vitamin-D to keep bones in good health.
This means aiming for at least a good half abilities and the ability to perform everyday HEART: VITAMIN D AND Calcium is effective only in presence of ade-
activities. The incurable condition is a leading
hour to an hour of moderate intensity physical
activity every day, where you're working cause of disability and dependency, and is ATORVASTATIN quate vitamin-D. Regular exercises, balanced
diet and proper exposure to sun is also need-
hard enough to get a bit puffed but you can starting to overtake heart disease as a cause of Atorvastatin and vitamin D have an inter-
ed, he said.
still talk. death in some developed countries. esting, and still not completely understood
It doesn't have to be formal exercise: gar-
relationship. (Atorvastatin is a cholesterol-
lowering medication that blocks the produc-
dening, housework or walking to the shops all
count. Some stretching exercises or yoga are MENTAL ILLNESS tion of cholesterol). In some reports, it has
been suggested that Atorvastatin use can actu-
Good news for people with
old 500 / 1000 rupee notes
also important for flexibility "so you can keep Myth: Mental illness only affects a few
doing what you want to do," Dow says. This ally increase, or contribute to, an increased You can deposit them without limit, even
people. vitamin D status. Also, results from various after all the deadlines, in the following Banks
reduces your risk of a wide range of diseases Fact: Mental illness is common. One in
but especially heart disease, our biggest studies have shown that both the effectiveness at any time without questions being asked.
five Australians will experience a mental ill- of atorvastatin and outcomes related to ator- 1. Banks of Ganga ji
killer. It can also help mental health problems ness. It affects people of all ages, educational
like anxiety and depression. vastatin use are improved by vitamin D. 2.Banks of Jamuna ji
and income levels and cultures. Vitamin D deficiency is a risk factor for 3. Or Banks of any Indian river near you.
Physical activity is the most important Myth: Mental illness is caused by a per-
thing. osteoporosis and other chronic diseases,
sonal weakness.
2. Don't smoke Fact: A mental illness is not a character
including type 1 diabetes, hypertension, meta-
bolic syndrome, and ischemic heart disease.
"If you're a smoker, you need to stop flaw. It is caused by genetic, biological, social The remedies and tips have been taken from
Results demonstrated that vitamin D
smoking and the message is: it's never too and environmental factors. Seeking and reliable resources like Newspapers. If in
reduced the levels of LDL cholesterol only
late to do it," Dow says. accepting help is a sign of strength. doubt, please consult your doctor as no
among those taking atorvastatin. A sufficient
Smoking is a risk factor for all the chronic Myth: People with a mental illness never responsibility, whatsoever of the accuracy or
amount of vitamin D is important for good
diseases, including the ones that affect your get better. otherwise can be accepted by ‘The Indian
bone and cardiac health. Vitamin D has syn- Down Under’ or the writer of this column.
brain [Alzheimer's disease and other forms of Fact: With the right kind of help, most ergistic effect with atorvastatin for lowering
3. Be socially active

What is stigma?
How can we challenge stig-
If you're socially isolated, it's equivalent ma?
to smoking 15 cigarettes a day. We all have a role in creating
Some evidence suggests loneliness can a mentally healthy community
increase your risk of premature death by as they are seen as part of a depression was a sign of that supports recovery and
much as 30 per cent. stereotyped group. Negative personal weakness and social inclusion and reduces
It may be that increased stress hormones attitudes create prejudice would not employ a person discrimination.
increase the risk of heart disease, but social which leads to negative with depression, and Simple ways to help include:
actions and discrimination. around a third would not
activity is also likely to be a form of mental 4 learn and share the facts
stimulation that's good for ageing brains. Stigma brings experiences vote for a politician with about mental health and ill-
and feelings of: depression. ness
4. Eat well and limit the booze
4 42% thought people with 4 get to know people with
Eating well has a significant role to play in Shame, blame, hopeless- depression were unpre-
warding off chronic diseases like heart dis- personal experiences of
ness, distress, misrepresenta- dictable mental illness
ease, diabetes, and even some cancers. tion in the media, reluctance 4 one in 5 said that if they 4 don't label or judge people
As well, limit your alcohol intake. to seek and/or accept neces- had depression they would
Australia's current drinking guidelines recom- with a mental illness, treat
sary help. not tell anyone them with respect and dig-
mend no more than two standard drinks a day. Families are also affected 4 nearly 2 in 3 people sur- nity as you would anyone
5. Keep your brain active by stigma, leading to a lack veyed thought people with else
While there has been much emphasis on of support. schizophrenia were unpre-
crosswords and Sudoku puzzles to boost your 4 don’t discriminate when it
For mental health profes- dictable and a quarter felt comes to participation,
brain, other activities you could do include sionals, stigma means that that they were dangerous. housing and employment.
taking up a second language, pursuing a they themselves are seen as Talk openly of your own
course of study, reading widely or learning a hree out of four people abnormal, corrupt or evil, Some groups are subjected to
musical instrument.
6. Have an optimistic outlook
Are you a glass half empty or glass half
T with a mental illness
report that they have
experienced stigma. Stigma is
and psychiatric treatments are
often viewed with suspicion
and horror.
A 2006 Australian study
multiple types of stigma and
discrimination at the same
time, such as people with an
experience of mental ill-
ness. The more hidden
mental illness remains, the
more people continue to
full person? Research has found optimists are a mark of disgrace that sets a intellectual disability or those believe that it is shameful
more willing to adapt and actively participate person apart. When a person found that: from a cultural or ethnic and needs to be concealed.
in seeking solutions to problems and because is labelled by their illness 4 nearly 1 in 4 of people felt minority.
they feel less hopelessness, they have less

30 THE INDIAN DOWN UNDER January-February 2017

By Neena Badhwar

ythili Raman, an Indian senior in
Sydney and a respected member
of Sri Om Care group, who lives
in Hornsby, sometimes feeds the group at
Mythili’s Idli, Sambar and
Pennant Hills with delicious idlis, sambar
and coconut chutney. This one time, the
group of over 40 people devoured the pip-
ing hot, soft white idlis, which Mythili
said, she got up at 4.30 am to make.
Coconut Chutney recipes
Naturally one wants to know the age-old
recipes that she knows and how she has
been making delicious south Indian delica-
cies favourite of all Indians no matter Although it
where they go. was an Idli,
The Indian Down Under has a lot of Sambar and
reverence for women who have migrated Coconut
here and brought with them their special Chutney day at
cuisine and its art. It is not that they came Sri Om Care
laden with books, the recipes were in their group, Mythili
memories as part of the cooking tradition with her deft
of the country they came from. This has hands showed
helped enrich Australia making it a nation how to make
which offers variety of multicultural food Dosa and
wherever one goes. Uttapam also.
Mythili’s cooking is simple and deli-
cious. Starting from snacks she offers you
with love the tray that is decorated with
Murrukku, peanuts, sweets such as
almond and Pista Barfi and also sesame
She says she never buys snacks from
shops, making them at home herself.
Mythili lives with her son and daughter-in- Mythili says
law and says that she finds her Sydney she never buys
home very convenient to shops and trains snacks like
whereas at her other son’s place in Murrukku
America, same amenities are not close by from shops,
and she feels isolated. It is important that making them
children keep their elders in mind that they at home
too need a life to socialise, meet and spend herself.
time with friends. Mythili also shows all
the knitted squares she makes for a chari-
ty at the local library every Thursday.
Here we give some easy recipes from
Mythili Raman:

Ingredient for the Idli batter
4Boiled rice – 3 glass full
4Raw rice – Ponni rice – 1 Glass full
4Urad dhal – 1 and half glass full
Mythili also
4Quarter teaspoon of methi seeds
showed the
knitted squares
Soak both kind of rice in cold water in
she makes for
the morning. Soak Urad dhal and methi
a charity at
seeds at mid-day. Grind rice after six
the local
hours to a smooth paste in grinder-mixi.
library every
Grind Urad Dhal separately in the
evening. Mix the two batters. Leave the
batter for fermentation in the oven
overnight. Next morning the batter would
have swelled to double its size. Stir it well
with a fork or wooden spoon.
Oil Idli trays and pour a ladle of the bat-
ter into each tray and steam in an Idli
steamer for 10-12 minutes. They should Mythili Raman’s cooking is
come out all fluffy and ready to be eaten simple yet delicious.
with coconut chutney and sambar.
Mythili says this batter is also good for
dosas, one should just dilute the batter a
4Turmeric ½ teaspoon
41 cup chopped mixed vegetables –
4Sambar Powder
4Salt and chilli powder to taste
Coconut Chutney
bit, add a pinch of salt and make dosas on drumsticks, okra, carrots, egg plant, Method Take chopped coconut in a small food
a non-stick dosa tawa. French beans, cauliflower, turnips, cap- Boil Toor daal after nicely washing it in processor or grinder.
Oil the tawa and spread dosa and add sicum, pumpkin pressure cooker with turmeric and salt. Grind it to make a medium coarse paste
potato mixture of boiled potato fried in oil 4Green chillies – 2 Keep aside. and transfer to a plate.
splattered with mustard seeds, hing, haldi, 4Dry Red chillies – 2 – broken in In a fry pan, add two table spoon of oil, Add green chillies, roasted chana dal
dry chillies and curry leaves mixed with threes add asafoetida and mustard seeds till they and ginger
salt and chillies to taste. This potato mix- 4Curry Leaves – 20 splatter, add dry red chillies and curry Grind them to a smooth powder.
ture is used as a filling for the dosa. Once 4I medium onion cut in thick pieces leaves. Then add chopped onion till cara- Add crushed coconut, curd, lemon
the dosa is ready it is served with Sambar 4A pinch of Asafoetida malised and add chopped tomato and till it juice, salt and 1/2 cup water.
and coconut chutney. 4A Teaspoon of mustard seeds is cooked then add vegetables and cook in Although it was an Idli, Sambar and
42 Tablespoons of coriander leaves medium heat covered by adding turmeric, Chutney day, Mythili with her deft hands
Sambar chopped salt, chilli powder and sambar powder. showed how to make Dosa and Uttapam
41 Red Tomato chopped In the end add tamarind paste. Add also. She is one talented lady who has set-
4Tamarind – seedless soaked in water these cooked vegetables to the cooked daal tled in Sydney and is a pride of Sri Om
4Toor Daal – 1/3 cup for a couple of hours and serve with chopped coriander. Care group.

January-February 2017 THE INDIAN DOWN UNDER 31

Let go and start fresh in 2017 individual’s peace of mind. Tips on inner cleansing
Facing fact helps us to maintain
inner peace which is the core of l Find a quiet spot or sacred
space in your house.
happiness. Children are the best
examples of being liberated from l Sit comfortably on the floor
or chair facing east.
the past and future.
l Close your eyes and drop
I adore spending time with chil-
your shoulders and take a
dren because they are the excellent deep breath.
living beings of happiness. They l Hold on to your breath for a
are full of cheer, love and energy few seconds.
VasthuSastra because they are free from implica- l During this process gather all
tions of what has already occurred. the impurities inside you and
By T. Selva Children are only keen on the pres- exhale forcefully.
ent like what are they going to do l During your exhalation,
his is the best time of the now and what had happened seems Such qualms become more sion when we think about the

imagine that all your negativ-
year for us to drop the past meaningless. prevalent in some families whenev- unknown. ity and past is flushed out.
and make a fresh start for One of the biggest challenges in er a new year begins because they The current time is the only l Do the breathing out exercise
2017. the lives of many people is being are unsure of what lies ahead. The opportunity for us to share our hap- several times until you get a
In the New Year it is vital that unable to erase or let go of the sad side of such people is that they piness and we must not waste it or feel of ease inside you.
we prepare our resolutions and bygone errors, which acts more self-inflict their emotions with wor- rethink about yesterday and ponder l Next, inhale fresh air a few
plans so that we are able to give current than their present, thus out- ries, concerns and negative about tomorrow. times and start a new life.
ourselves a chance to move for- shining their accomplishments. thoughts of the future and postpone Our future excites us with Exterior cleansing
ward and not dwell in the past. Our unpleasant past retards our happiness, resulting in them being unsure hopes and endless uncer- Take some salt and rub your
Many people spend most of thinking power, makes us weary, miserable most of the time. tainties and there is no better time soles with it. Dispose of the salt.
their time worrying about what had drains our energy, suppresses our Our life is not meant to be a than now to be happy. Next, take another scoop of salt
happened rather than living in the happiness and makes us dull and suffering and we should not We should shut the doors of and dissolve it in a pail of warm
present and preparing for the fresh withdrawn. become a victim to our foul our past and free our mind from water. Bathe with the water. Do
year. We should register in our It is important that we focus on thoughts because we are all born our indefinite future and concen- this once or twice a week. This
minds that our past is a memory our present and the goodness of our with only near perfection and not trate on our current work efficient- process will reduce your tension
and the future is our potential and daily life because this naturally total perfection. There will always ly. One excellent declaration to and enhance your aura.
offers opportunities. We cannot pushes the past out of our minds. be mistakes, obstacles and bumps make for the fresh year would be to
undo what has happened and we But when this happens, there is in life but one should view them as exercise gentleness and positivity hanging on to it makes the pain last
should prevent previous mistakes another category of people who subtle messages from the universal because having such attitudes longer thus causing greater damage
and unpleasant issues from replay- start worrying about the future. forces to pick up the pieces and would make your mind happy even to yourself.
ing in our mind because it pushes Their issues are ‘will our children learn from the experiences. under challenging circumstances. Dr T. Selva is the author of the
us backward, makes us depressed, do well in their studies, will they Our problems will only resolve Those who are adaptable to diffi- bestseller book Vasthu Sastra
weak, hopeless and unhappy. be successful, will I be able to sup- when we realise happiness in our cult situations will be able to view Guide. To get a copy contact Devi
Some people are gloomy most port their education, will I be present attitude and not on future weakness as a learning process and at 0412623017. He can be contact-
of the time owing to accumulation healthy, will I get promoted, will I condition. Learn to live in the pres- ward off anger by being pleasant ed at
of their past which is harmful to get married’, and their fears go on ent and not to live in the time that and gentle. Do not hold on to your Websites: &
their health because it affects the and on. is absent because it only causes ten- pain or hurt but let it go because


America's healthcare system.)
2. Buy a virtual reality headset.
Companies such as Samsung and Sony
have developed a variety of virtual reality
headsets. For a few hundred dollars, you
may be able to find one that allows you to
live in a virtual reality in which men who
grope women are not elected president.
Better yet, find a virtual reality in which
n January 20, 2017, Donald J. countries such as India, Sri Lanka,

O Trump will be sworn in as the 45th
president of the United States. If
you are one of the 63 million Americans
Bangladesh and Pakistan can say to
America: "Congratulations! After 240
years, you finally gave a woman a chance
who voted for Hillary Clinton, you are to lead your country. Welcome to the
probably wondering how you will possibly Civilized World!"
survive the next four years. It won't be
easy, but here are some options to 3. Don't force yourself to say
consider: "President Trump." War, but he seems like such a lovable ple of different religions and races. Those
1. Move to Canada. If you're having trouble saying it, that's character in retrospect. Take a few minutes walls need to be torn down and each of us
Some Americans are certainly considering okay. Nobody is putting a gun to your during the next four years to write a letter can help do it.
a move to the North, partly because Justin head, at least not yet. America has free- to Bush: Dear George, we thought you Please go out of your way to promote and
Trudeau's Liberal Party is in power in dom of speech, after all. You can call him were terrible, but we didn't realize how celebrate diversity. Make sure you partici-
Canada and partly because you can find an President Butt, if you wish. But if you "terrible" terrible could be. Please save us! pate when your community organizes its
abundant supply of American beer there. don't want to offend your Trump-support- You invaded Iraq and got rid of Saddam annual "Hug a Muslim" day. And don't
But immigrating to Canada legally can be ing friends, just say "President Rump". It Hussein. Can you do the same over here? stay silent if the Trump Administration dis-
tricky and may take a few years. The best will sound just like "President Trump," but criminates against Mexican immigrants.
thing to do is visit Canada, find you'll know what you mean. 5. Tear down some walls. Grab a Mexican-American friend by the
Conservatives who look like you and ask Donald Trump has pledged to build a wall hand and hit the streets in protest. (Just
them if they'd like to trade identities. They 4. Reminisce about the Bush years. between America and Mexico, but it's the don't do any hugging or grabbing without
move here, you move there – problem George W. Bush seemed terrible at the invisible walls that are more harmful, the permission – unless you plan to run for
solved. (Just don't tell them about time, and he led America into the Iraq walls that Trump is erecting between peo- president.)

32 THE INDIAN DOWN UNDER January-February 2017

1. Mat 23012017PG. Alliance is invited for an to
Adelaide-based, Australian-born 30 year old, 5’1’’ 5. Mat16052016MM. Match for my daughter
fair, beautiful, soft spoken, non-smoker, non-drinker Hindu Gujarati Australian born brought up vegetar-
Punjabi Ramgharia girl with strong family values. ian well cultured 28 year old girl, beautiful, fair, tall
The girl is a lawyer working in an Australian Federal 5.7, educated completed Diploma in Paralegal and
Government Organisation and is settled in Australia also Completed Bachelor of Business and Currently
with family for the past 31 years. Caste no bar. Studying Bachelor of Law - University of Western
Professional match preferred from Australian Sydney Rose Hill Part time while working full time
Citizen or PR Status. Email photo and details with Department of Immigration. Looking for a Hindu, fair, tall and handsome, vegetarian non
2. Mat28082016AS. Suitable match for our smoker and non drinker preferred, 5.10ft to 6 ft. tall
son, Australian Citizen, B.Com., LLB, LLM, 5’9’’, highly educated please contact by email - krish-
age 31, lawyer in a multi-national law firm in
Sydney. Seeking preferably local Sydney girl, pro-
fessionally qualified, age 26-31 years and career-ori- 6. Mat170616MS. Looking for a suitable match
ented girl from Hindu family. Please reply to: for boy, 39 year old, 5’ 8” tall, divorcee. Running an Australian Grill restaurant. Hindu, educated, good
3. Mat28082016RM. Looking for a suitable traditional values would like a girl from Australia
well qualified match for Punjabi khatri boy born Jan with similar values and traditions. Divorcees can
1990 5'11" tall fair working as chartered accountant apply. Belongs to well settled family with grandpar-
in a very reputed company as senior accountant in ents and uncles living in Sydney. Write to: The
Sydney. Australian citizen. Indian Down Under, PO Box 99, Thornleigh NSW
4. Mat28082016SV. We invite a suitable match 2120 quoting Mat no.: Mat170616MS.
for our daughter, 164 cm tall, 33 years this Sept,
Chemical Engineer from Uni of Q. Belongs to a 7. Mat140616DH. Qualified professional
well-settled and respected Hindu family in Australia match for Bengali boy, Australian citizen, 31, 5’10”,
since 1970. Comfortable in both Indian and Master in Finance, FRM, Manager in a leading
Australian cultures, speaks good Hindi. Looking bank. Girl should be Hindu, 23 – 28 years, slim, pro-
for boys from similar background, medico, dentist, fessionally qualified, Australian Citizen or PR.
IT professionals or in a good business, non-veg, Please send details to ‘
non-smokers are welcome to respond with a photo

Monika Geetmala
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Janaury - February 2017 THE INDIAN DOWN UNDER 33
34 THE INDIAN DOWN UNDER Janaury - February 2017
The Kersi Meher-Homji Column

India thrash Kiwis, thanks to Ashwin magic
nother sensational spinning spell

A by Ravichandran Ashwin and
another facile win for India! With
Ashwin capturing 13 wickets (plus affect-
ing two run outs) India won the third Test
against New Zealand in Indore by a huge
margin of 321 runs.
Thus India won the series 3-0 follow-
ing her 197 runs victory at Kanpur and
178 runs win at Kolkata. A clean sweep, a
whitewash, a blankety-blank!
After taking 6 for 81 and 7 for 59 in
the final Test in Indore and 27 wickets at
an average of 17.77 in the three-Test
series, Ashwin was both the Man of the
Match and the Man of the Series. It was
Ashwin’s seventh Match of the Series in
14 Test series, an achievement to be proud
He is currently ranked world’s no.1
Test bowler.
India is also comfortably the number
one Test nation with 115 points followed
by Pakistan (111) and Australia and
England joint third with 108 points each.
Ashwin was not the only hero. His
lethal partner in spin, the left-handed
Ravindra Jadeja, also made 14 dismissals.
But whereas the Kiwi bats toppled, the
Indian batsmen made hay when the sun
shone on same pitches. So no one can
complain about the home team’s pitch
Three Indians topped India have displaced Pakistan as the No. 1-ranked Test team following their 178-run win against New Zealand in the second Test in Kolkata,
300 runs in the series; which gave them an unbeatable 2-0 lead in the series. India had begun the three-match series trailing Pakistan (111) by one point.
Cheteshwar Pujara 373
runs at 74.60, Ajinkya Pujara 62 adding 112 runs for the second But the Man of the Match was left-arm
Rahane 347 at 69.40 and wicket. Ashwin (40) and Jadeja (42 not spinner Jadeja for his all-round excellence.
skipper Virat Kohli 309 at out) also shone with the bat. He scored 42 and 50 runs without getting
51.50. On the other hand, only The Kiwis started promis- dismissed and took 5-73 and 1-58. At the
one New Zealander could reach ingly and were one for159 presentation he said, “Very happy. Just
200 runs in the series - Luke at one stage, Tom Latham preparing to do my work with the bat as
Ronchi 200 at 33.33. India’s wicket- (58) and skipper Kane well.”
keeper Wriddhiman Saha had the high- Williamson (75) adding 124
est batting average, 112.00. fluent runs. But later on, the Second Test in Kolkata
Now to the final Test in Indore where rampaging Ravis bamboozled It was a triple triumph for India. They
the century drought was broken with the rest as they lost their last won by 178 runs to clinch the series 2-0.
vengeance: Kohli won the toss for the five wickets for seven runs and This enabled them to regain their No. 1
third time in this series and decided to bat. were spun out for 262, trailing India Test ranking, overtaking Pakistan.
So far his batting form was disappointing by 56 runs. Winning the toss, India scored 316,
but he came back with a bang scoring 211 Ravi Jadeja captured 5-73 and Ravi Cheteshwar Pujara 87, Ajinkya Rahane 77
runs. With Rahane (188 not out) he added Ashwin 4-93. and wicket-keeper batsman Wriddhiman
365 runs for the fourth wicket. Vijay (76) and Pujara (78) showed that Saha 54 not out.
Call it a run a day for one calendar there was nothing sinister about the pitch Fast medium bowler Bhuvneshwar
year! as they added 124 for the second wick- Kumar bowled splendidly to capture 5-78
India declared at 5 for 557. New et. With Ajinkya Rahane (40), Rohit and New Zealand was bowled out for 204
Ravichandran Ashwin was man of the Sharma (68 not out) and Jadeja (50 not to trail India by 112 runs. The only resist-
Zealand opening batsmen Martin Guptill
series with a total haul of 27 wickets. out) batting with ease, India declared at 5 ance came from the Kiwi spinner Jeetan
(72 run out) and Tom Latham (53) started
fluently and put on 118 runs for the first for 377. Patel who made 47.
the match was that over 20,000 spectators
wicket. But the rest collapsed to the spin This set NZ a near impossible 434 runs On a pitch favourable to seam and
turned up for each day. So Test matches
kings Ashwin and Jadeja and were bowled to win, a target never achieved in the 139 swing, India lost her first four wickets for
are not dying in India as many – including
out for 299, a deficit of 258 runs. years of Test cricket. 43 but were rescued by skipper Virat
me – have been predicting. Below are the
Instead of enforcing the follow-on, They started pathetically losing their Kohli (45), a dashing Rohit Sharma (82
match descriptions of the first two Tests
Kohli decided to bat again and declared at opening batsmen for three runs and their with two sixes and 9 fours) and Saha (a
which India won convincingly.
3 for 216 (Gautam Gambhir 50 and Pujara first four wickets fell for 56, thanks to the sedate 54 not out). India totalled 263.
101 not out) setting the visitors an astro- First Test in Kanpur Ravi magic. Just when everything seemed Set a big win target of 376, NZ started
nomical 475 runs to win. India celebrated her 500th Test match lost for them Luke Ronchi (80) and baby- promisingly and was 1-104 at one stage,
They were spun out for 153 (Ashwin 7 by beating New Zealand by 197 runs. It faced Mitchell Santner (71) added 102 for opening batsman Tom Lathan scoring a
for 59) and India won the match by 321 was India’s 130th Test win since they the fifth wicket. resolute 74. But once he was dismissed the
runs and the series 3-0. played their first Test way back in 1932. But medium-pacer Mohammad Shami rest collapsed in a heap as seamer
In this Test India totalled 773 for the It was a convincing victory as Indian and the spinning Ravis dismissed their last Mohammad Shami and spinners Ashwin
loss of eight wickets (96.62 per batsman) spinners R. Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja four wickets for 42 and India was tri- and Jadeja took three wickets each.
while touring New Zealanders made 452 baffled the Kiwi bats in both innings with umphant by 197 runs. Off-spinner Ashwin For his two unbeaten fifties and superb
runs for 20 wickets (22.60 per batsman). their wonderful control and turn of the took 6-132 for a 10-wicket haul. It was his wicket-keeping, Saha was adjudged Man
Excluding extras it comes to 94.62 per bat ball. 19th 5 wickets per innings. More credit to of the Match.
for India and 21.60 per bat for the Kiwis. The pitch did help them but it also him as he bowled in the second innings India won comfortably by 178 runs to
The Indore win was India’s 12th in 13 assisted the New Zealand spinners. The with a callus in the middle finger of his lead 2-0. This was India’s 501st Test
consecutive home Tests. May Kohli’s cap- pitch was by no means unplayable as ten bowling hand. match and 250th in India. Both landmarks
taincy reign supreme and gain more tri- batsmen (six from India and four from Ashwin became the second quickest to (500th at Kanpur) were celebrated with
umphs for India home and away. NZ) scored more than 50 runs each. take 200 wickets in Test history, in only convincing victories.And this Test was not
This was the first ever Test staged in Winning the toss, India scored 318 37 Tests. Australia’s Clarrie Grimmett played on a spinners’ paradise, so more
Indore and the most heartening aspect of runs, Murali Vijay 65 and Cheteshwar had done so in 36 Tests way back in 1935. credit to India.

January-February 2017 THE INDIAN DOWN UNDER 35
The Kersi Meher-Homji column

Mishra, Kohli bring in Diwali
Will it be Tendulkar by trouncing Kiwis
eg-spinner Amit Mishra and other

against Waugh again? L Indian bowlers cast spells on Kiwi
batsmen as they won the ODI series
3-2 at the picturesque Visakhapatnam.
In reply to India’s 6 for 269 (Rohit
Sharma 70, Virat Kohli 65), New
ndia’s icon Sachin

I Tendulkar and Australia’s
legend Steve Waugh dom-
inated international cricket for
Zealanders started promisingly and were 2
for 63. Then Mishra struck violent blows
and the tourists lost eight wickets for a
measly 16 runs to lose by 190 runs.
more than two decades.
Magical Mishra captured 5 for 18 and
Will the next decade be
was made Man of the Match and Man of the
ruled by the same names?
Series. The Kiwis were shot out for 79 runs
Their teenage sons Arjun
in only 23.1 overs, their shortest ODI
Tendulkar and Austin Waugh
innings ever.
are already knocking on doors
The interesting sidelight of the match was
with eye-catching perform-
that Indian players had printed the name of
ances in junior cricket.
their mothers on the back of their shirts;
Arjun Tendulkar seems to
Purnima for Rohit Sharma, Sujata for
follow in his father's fabulous
Ajinkya Rahane, Saroj for Kohli,
footsteps after he blasted a
Chanderkali for Mishra... The series was
century recently. He top-
locked two-all before the decider in
scored for the Sunil Gavaskar
Visakhapatnam. Kohli was outstanding with
XI against the Rohit Sharma
the bat as he amassed 358 runs in the series
XI in the Mumbai Cricket
at a century average (119.33), highest score
Association under-16 Payyade
154 not out and three other fifties. Next best
Trophy, scoring 106 out of
was Tom Latham, 244 runs at 61.00, top
218 at the venue named after The sons also rise: Arjun Tendulkar and Austin Waugh (right) score an unbeaten 79. Man of the Series
his father, the Sachin
Mishra took 15 wickets at 14.33. Next best
Tendulkar Gymkhana Unlike dad Sachin, Arjun championships. He belted 122 Metro at the championships,
was another Indian, Umesh Yadav, 8 wick-
Grounds. bats left-handed and is a left- from 136 balls, hitting four scoring 372 runs at an average
ets at 29.50. For India to win the series
The 16-year-old, who has arm seam bowler. fours and four sixes, in the of 74.4. To quote Peter
without their ace spinners Ravi Ashwin and
the eyes of one billion people Last month, Austin one-day final against FitzSimons in The Sydney
Ravi Jadeja was indeed creditable. But India
watching his every move on a Waugh top-scored for Metro Queensland juniors. Morning Herald: “On his cur-
had an ideal replacement in Amit Mishra,
cricket field, also smashed NSW by scoring an unbeaten Waugh scintillated in this rent trajectory, in about five
aged 33. “Whenever there is an opportunity,
118 from only 42 balls last century in the final of the championship and was the years, Steve will be known as
I give more than 100 percent,” he said at the
September. national under-17 cricket leading run scorer for NSW father of Austin Waugh.”
presentation of awards.

Cricket Confluence – a rare exhibition
Willbur wins prestigious
awards in bodybuilding
If cricket is
religion for
has been
God -- a
painting at

Indian Australian Willbur Colaco
s a part of Confluence - Festival bond that Australia and India share. Mr. century. There are posters galore which

resident of Adelaide, Willbur Colaco is an
entrepreneur. He is founder and CEO of
Universal Laws and is passionate about
A of India in Australia, Cricket
Connect Exhibition was official-
ly inaugurated at Arthur Morris Room,
O’Farrell narrated anecdotes concerning
Australian greats Sir Donald Bradman
and Arthur Morris. A decade ago when
depict Australia’s first unofficial tour of
India in 1935-36 and in 1945, India’s
first official tour to Australia in 1947-48
the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) in Morris was asked whether he scored any and all subsequent tours; Australia in
transforming peoples’ lives – health, wealth and
October. runs when the legendary Bradman was India and India in Australia covering
relationship – through Rudraksha science. He is
Among the VIPs present were the out for a duck in his final Test innings in over 70 years.
also a motivating speaker.
Consul General of India B. London in 1948, he modestly replied “I Of course, Don Bradman and Sachin
Apart from these he is also a bodybuilder of
Vanlalvawna, former NSW Premier scored 196, but very few remember that. Tendulkar dominate the limelight but
note. Recently, after a gruelling 18-weeks’ body
Barry O’Farrell, representatives from Everyone remembers Bradman’s zero!” other legends like Vijay Hazare, Vinoo
transformation challenge, he competed in the South
the Bradman Museum, Bowral, Maurice Also remembered with nostalgia was Mankad, Keith Miller, Ray Lindwall,
Australian Bodybuilding and Physique
Newman, former Test cricketers Indian cricket team’s pioneering visit to Kapil Dev, Sunil Gavaskar, the Waugh
Championships in different categories. He became
(Australian fast bowler Michael Australia in 1947-48 under the captaincy twins, the spin trio of Bedi-Prasanna-
the only Indo-Australian to compete and finish
Kasprowicz and England’s spinner of Lala Amarnath. It was in the match Chandra, Mark Taylor, Rahul Dravid,
among top three in all the competitions as listed
Monty Panesar), Neville Roach, Mala against NSW at the SCG that Bradman Anil Kumble, Shane Warne, Ricky
Mehta, Vinod Bahade, Vijay Kumar, scored his 100th first-class century. Ponting, Glenn McGrath, Virat Kohli
4International Natural Bodybuilding
Saba Abdi and Raj Dutta, among other The highlight of this Cricket and many others also get exposure.
dignitaries. Confluence is the Cricket Connects Not forgotten are the Parsi cricketers
4World Fitness Federation / National Amateur
All the speakers including Barry exhibition. It draws on a range of who first toured England in 1886, forty
Bodybuilders Association.
O’Farrell and Michael Kasprowicz rem- archival sources and photographs curat- six years before India played her first
4Australian Natural Bodybuilding.
inisced about their time in India where ed to showcase the bilateral cricketing ever Test, also in England.
His victories should be an inspiration to many
cricket is more than a sport, no less than relationship between India and It was a never to be missed exhibi-
other Indians across Australia who want to improve
a religion. Cricket remains an enviable Australia. It goes back to the late 19th tion.
their health and fitness.

36 THE INDIAN DOWN UNDER January-February 2017
The Kersi Meher-Homji Column

England in India: ODIs

India win ODI series 2-1 The magnificent Kohli-
t was cricket at its best. The

I third ODI in Kolkata
January 22 went down to the
wire and in the end it was England
on Jadhav partnership clinch
who won by five runs. India failed
to chase down the target of 322
sensational win in Pune
ndia snatched victory from their face Kohli attacked with

runs. Kedar Jadhav’s superb knock
of 90 off 75 balls goes in vain. He the jaws of defeat in the gusto. He found an able and
stitched a 104-run stand with first One Day International even more aggressive partner
Hardik Pandya for the sixth wicket against England at Pune on in Kedar Jadhav and they
but could not take India across the 15th January. added 200 runs for the fifth
line. Chris Woakes defended the 16 Virat Kohli captaining wicket off 147 balls and India
runs in the final over. Earlier, India won the toss and decided reached their winning target
England posted 321/7 in the first to field. He must have regret- with 11 balls remaining.
innings with help of fifties from ted the decision as England Kohli belted 122 runs with
Jason Roy, Jonny Bairstow and Ben smashed 7 for 350 in 50 overs, eight fours and five sixes at a
Stokes. Hardik Pandya picked up a run rate of 7 per over. Jason strike rate of 116.19. Jadhav
three wickets for India Roy, Joe Root and Ben Stokes was even more aggressive,
Virat Kohli collected the trophy Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh smashed centuries in the 2nd ODI to take made valuable and fast fifties. smashing 12 fours, four sixes
and handed it over to the boys. He India to an unbeatable 2-0 win The last 106 runs came in only at an exhilarating SR of
remarked, “It’s been a series of lot order and performing. And great to Earlier in the 2nd ODI in eight overs, a fantastic run 157.89 and was adjudged Man
of positives for us. The team has see Hardik Pandya do what he did Cuttack on January 19, Yuvraj rate of 13. of the Match.
shown a lot of character and it was in this series” Singh’s maiden 150 and MS Indian batsmen floundered Said Kohli on Jadhav’s
a great demo for us as far as Kedar Jadhav was declared the Dhoni’s 134 helped India achieve in their reply losing four of fireworks, “His hundred is
Champions Trophy is concerned. man-of-the-series for his 232 runs a 15-run win against England to their batsmen for only 63. one of the best calculated
Kedar Jadhav is a brilliant find for in the series. He has been the real take an unbeatable 2-0 lead in the With defeat staring in innings I’ve seen.”
us. Yuvraj and Dhoni batting up the find for India in this series. series.

Test Series

India playing India trounce England 4-0
brilliant performance

England in Mumbai A by Ravindra Jadeja on
the final day of the fifth
Test against England led India

evokes nostalgia to an innings and 75-run win.
The win gave India a 4-0 series
win. Jadeja took seven wickets
s India under the Vinoo Mankad taking 4 for in the second innings and 10 in

A dynamic skipper
Virat Kohli got
ready to play the fourth
91. I still remember
Mankad dropping
Graveney when he was on
the match, his first 10-wicket
haul in a Test, as India bowled
out England for 207 in the sec-
ond. India have now been
Test against England in 99. A 12 year-old Kersi
Mumbai, I remembered the was devastated! unbeaten in 18 Tests and this is
December 1951Test I had The Test was eventually a new record for the team.
watched between India and drawn but a cricket lover They are just
England in Bombay (now was born. 6 wins
Mumbai). A Test in Now to the current b e h i n d
Mumbai makes me feel series which India leads 2-0 equalling the Ravindra The winning
nostalgic. I fondly remem- with two Tests to go. After record of Jadeja had India Test team
ber the first ever Test I had the first Test at Rajkot was West Indies, his first with the trophy
ever seen. And it was at drawn, India won the sec- who went 10-wicket
Brabourne Stadium. ond Test at Visakhapatnam unbeaten for haul in the
Can’t believe that it was by 246 runs and the third 24 Tests. 5th Test.
65 years ago, and I remem- Test at Mohali by eight
ber it as if it was yesterday! wickets to convincingly
Are you ready for some
India’s captain Vijay
lead the series 2-0.
Kohli is the highest run-
scorer, 405 runs at a fan-
A thumping victory by India over England at Vizag
he three musketeers of Indian cricket – skipper Virat out for 255 to trail India by 200 runs.
Hazare won the toss and
decided to bat. Opening
batsman Pankaj Roy (140
runs) and Hazare (155 run
tastic average of 101.25
(with one century and two
fifties). He is followed by
Cheteshwar Pujara, 338
T Kohli, stylish batsman Cheteshwar Pujara and off-
spinner Ravi Ashwin – have ensured that India keep
winning Test matches and retain their number one Test rank-
Now the pitch was taking spin and England’s leg-spinner
Rashid and tall quickie Stuart Broad took four wickets each
and India struggled to 204. Kohli was the only batsman to bat
out) added 187 runs for the runs at 56.33 with two cen- ing. Kohli is making strong claims that he is the best captain with confidence.
third wicket and India turies and one fifty. Then / batsman India has produced in her 84 history of Test crick- Needing a near impossible 405 runs to win, England
declared at 9 for 485. It comes England’s Joe Root, et. defended as if their life depended on it. But once their open-
was Hazare’s second centu- 299 runs at 49.83 with one After the first Test at Rajkot was drawn, India won the ing batsman and captain Alastair Cook and elegant batsman
ry in two Tests, having hit century and two fifties. second Test in Visakhapatnam by a huge margin of 246 runs Joe Root were dismissed, England was all out for 158 to lose
164 not out in the previous England’s leg-spinner to lead 1-0 in the five Test series. This is their second high- by 246 runs. Ashwin and newcomer Jayant Yadav were the
Test in Delhi. Adil Rashid is the leading est Test victory over England. They had won by 279 runs at destroyers taking three wickets each.
No wonder Hazare wicket-taker, 18 wickets at Headingley, Leeds in 1986. For scoring 167 and 81 runs, Kohli was adjudged Man of
became my hero then and 28.66 followed by India’s It was heartening to watch four England-born Muslim the Match.
still remains my hero num- off-spinner Ravi Ashwin, players in the England side; all-rounder Moeen Ali, leg-spin- Pujara has an achievement to cherish. So far he has
ber one. 15 wickets at 31.53. ner Adil Rashid, 19 year-old opening batsman Haseeb scored centuries in three successive Tests; against New
With tall Tom Ashwin is the all- Hameed and slow left-arm spinner Zafar Ansari. Zealand at Indore and against England at Rajkot and
Graveney hitting an elegant rounder of the current India amassed 455 runs thanks to a 226 run stand for the Visakhapatnam. Many have achieved this, Don Bradman
175, England replied with series having also amassed third wicket by Pujara (119) and Kohli (167). Ashwin also leading with centuries in six successive Tests many decades
456, spinning all-rounder 239 runs at 47.80. chimed in with 58 and debutant Jayant Yadav 35. ago. What makes Pujara’s achievement unique is that these
Then Ashwin captured 5 for 67 and England was bowled three venues were staging their first Tests.

January-February 2017 THE INDIAN DOWN UNDER 37
as taught by S.N.Goenka

A Special 10-Day Hindi-English
Vipassana Meditation Course
For the Indian-Subcontinent Community
starting on March 15, 2017
(Multilingual Facilities Available)
at Vipassana Meditation Centre, Blackheath NSW
(Volunteers urgently needed)

For More Info on Vipassana Visit:
For Open Day Transport or other enquiries, or
for volunteer services
Sumi on 0405 131 569
or Pratik 0425 391 121
Vipassana Meditation is a practical technique which enables one to
lead a more positive, balanced and happy life. It is non-sectarian,
scientific, result-oriented technique of self-observation.”
- S.N. Goenka

38 THE INDIAN DOWN UNDER January - February 2017
January - February 2017 THE INDIAN DOWN UNDER 39
40 THE INDIAN DOWN UNDER January - February 2017