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Re: Pompano Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) v. Gil Eriksen
Properties LLC; Case No. 06-004169 (21)


Pompano Beach, FL, July 10, 2010 – Pompano Beach Mayor Lamar Fisher
has a record of misusing his publicly elected office for his own benefit, and in a
recent scandal involving the improper use of eminent domain to take properties
from Pompano Beach citizens, churches, and businesses, Lamar Fisher is being
called out as a crooked kingpin.
One eminent domain case in the scandal involves a newly restored
historical multi-million dollar landmark property that the Pompano Beach
Community Redevelopment Agency seized in its desire to demolish its buildings
and resell the valuable land to unnamed developers. Lamar Fisher in addition to
being Mayor, is also the Chair of the so-called Pompano Beach Redevelopment
Agency and under his leadership this agency seized properties left and right for
years. However, a Broward Circuit Court and Florida District Court ruling found
that at the time of the eminent domain filings, the Community Redevelopment
Agency wasn’t authorized to be formed, let alone seize properties through the
highly regulated power of eminent domain. But this did not stop Fisher, and he is
still pursuing the seizing of property for private development (and one might add,
private profit).
Mayor Lamar Fisher has been a longtime commissioner and CRA member,
his family are longtime Pompano Beach power players, and he is currently the
President and CEO of the family’s Fisher Auction Co. specializing in auctions of
yes, real estate and “government surplus.” He has already been penalized for
Florida State ethics violations in 2007 by doing city business as Mayor with his
own auction company. So it is no surprise that Lamar Fisher and the Pompano
Beach Commission are in a massive fight to block the adoption of a City ethics
code for Pompano Beach’s public officials.

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Even now Lamar Fisher while at the same time Mayor, is currently
auctioning foreclosures in Florida for the profit of his nationwide company and
huge lenders. In January of this year, Lamar’s Auction Company also profited
from the ponzi scheme of Floridians as his company received 10% of proceeds
from auctioning off former Fort Lauderdale attorney and $1.2 billion dollar Ponzi
schemer, Scott Rothstein’s office effects.
Back in 2005, Lamar Fisher was also found to have violated the Florida’s
Government in the Sunshine Law (or Open Meetings Law) for meeting in private
with then Sheriff Ken Jenne (who would later be sentenced to a year in prison on
federal racketeering corruption charges) before a vote to extend the city’s contract
with Jenne’s office. Yet so far, Lamar has always seemed to escape any real
punishment, able to buy his way out of trouble in fines and receiving only slaps on
the wrist while still remaining in office.
That is, perhaps until now. Recently the Mayor’s resignation has been
openly demanded in televised Pompano Beach Commission Meetings by scores of
citizens and justice groups looking to stop the racketeering and restore a
government of the people for the people in Pompano. Also, the Supreme Court of
Florida has recently convened the 19th Statewide Grand Jury on Public Corruption
to root out the corruption epidemic in Florida, and thanks to FBI stings, those
close to Fisher have been recently sent to jail for fraud and bribery, such as
Vincente Thrower, an advisor to the Community Redevelopment Agency.
As far as the eminent domain fraud, it has come out in the way of letters
about the eminent domain takings as well as the findings of the courts denying
Fisher’s Community Redevelopment Agency seizure of property for lack of
authority that the Mayor knew of the abuse of public office and the illegality of the
takings. Yet Fisher is continuing the same crimes to this day, specifically in taking
of the aforementioned landmark property in Pompano Beach CRA v Gil Eriksen
Properties, a case that has been also called out for obstruction of justice on the part
of the Community Redevelopment Agency, the City Attorney Gordon Linn, and
case attorney Mitchell J. Burnstein.
It seems now Mayor Fisher’s influence may have worn out, the emperor is
suddenly without clothes, and even his cronies may not be willing to risk their
necks to help him out of yet another tough spot.
For more information on the Pompano Beach CRA illegal land grabs visit
For more information on the 19th Statewide Grand Jury on Public Corruption visit http://


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