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The Wizard of Oz

AUDITION PACKET Kelly Autism Program

You are invited to join students from Xclaim! & KAP for the premiere Xclaim! mainstage production: THE WIZARD OF OZ,
August 2-4, 2013 at Van Meter Hall at WKU. This 90-minute Young Performers Edition contains the same scenes, songs and
memorable lines from the classic MGM movie. We expect for this to be an exciting process full of rare opportunities & loads of
summer fun! Young people ages 4 and older may audition! This packet covers general information about auditions & call-backs,
casting, rehearsal/performance process, character descriptions & requirements, Audition Workshop information & Registration
Form, audition song lyrics & sides, and Audition Form. Please let us know if you need more information contact info on page 2.
OPEN AUDITIONS: May 13-14, 2013 at the Suzanne Vitale Clinical Education Complex (104 Alumni Drive formerly
East 14th Avenue between Adams & Kentucky Streets). ALL AUDITIONERS MUST SIGN-UP FOR AN AUDITION SLOT
(10 performers per slot). Reserve audition slots online: or email:
AUDITION TIME SLOTS: Monday, May 13 or Tuesday, May 14 Paperwork must be prepared before your slot!
3:30p 4:00p 5:00p 5:30p 6:30p 7:00p
4:00p 4:30p 5:30p 6:00p 7:00p 7:30p
4:30p 5:00p 6:00p 6:30p 7:30p 8:00p
If you have a conflict with auditions AND audition workshop, we may be able to make other arrangements!
CALL-BACKS: May 15-17, 2013 (via invitation) Not receiving a call-back does NOT mean you are not cast!
Call-back auditions for un-cast roles will be Thursday & Friday, May 15 & 16 from 4:30pm-7:30pm. Additional call-backs
may be Saturday, May 17 at 10:00am, if necessary.
CASTING: Casting decisions will not be made until all call-backs are complete. Students from Xclaim! and KAP are
guaranteed chorus roles, but casting for leading roles will be based on summer availability and ability to best perform
audition material. With many chorus roles, we expect a large cast. Chorus members are allowed to audition for
multiple roles. Gender will not be a factor in casting. All casting decisions are at the sole discretion of the director, who
may choose to double-cast actors to share roles or to split double-roles between two actors. Cast members will be
notified Saturday & Sunday, May 18 & 19, and cast list posted on website:, Monday, May 20, 2013.
REHEARSAL/PERFORMANCE PROCESS: Leads Only: May 27 June 1 Full Cast: June 17 August 4 & September TBA
Rehearsals will be a mix of mornings & evenings and be divided by scenes & groups rarely will full cast rehearse
together. Production schedule will be arranged by groups chorus members with multiple roles will rehearse with each
of their groups. Rehearsal conflicts affect casting. Conflicts indicated on your audition form will be accepted, but later
conflicts may result in re-casting. In late July, the cast will promote the show with songs at community events &
attractions. A detailed rehearsal schedule will be included in cast member packets. NO conflicts allowed the last 2
weeks of production: July 22-August 4. Evening performances will be Friday & Saturday at 7:00pm and matinee
performances will be Saturday & Sunday at 3:00pm. The cast will revive the show for school day performances late
September or early October pending WKU Events scheduling. Refresher rehearsals will be needed and a 3-day period
will be required for TECH & Production. Revival dates will be announced by auditions.
EXPECTATIONS, FEES & EXPENSES: All cast members must contribute the following to our production:
o $50 Activity FeeFinancial Aid available only with completed application returned by June 17.
$25 minimum program ad sale requirement
Personal undergarments/dressing, footwear and make-up for production as determined by costume designer
A minimum of 5 volunteers hours for construction of scenery, props and costumes
o Parents: With such a large cast, parent support is required. At least one parent/guardian of each cast member
must serve on the production team, as rehearsal or backstage chaperone, marketing & promotion, finding
financial support, or construction of scenery, props & costumes. Parent sign-up sheets available after casting.
o Deadlines: Activity fees due May 27 June 17. Ad sales due by July 8.
AUDITION WORKSHOP: Saturday, May 11, 2013 at Potter Gray Elementary School (610 Wakefield Dr.)
9am-12pm, $35 each, Registration Deadline: May 6 (Will schedule afternoon session only by demand)
Workshop content includes audition dress & etiquette, detailed movement & dance instruction at a slower pace, and
opportunities to learn, rehearse & perform audition sides & songs all with the show director. Workshop participants
will receive audition sheet music to take home. This workshop is the best way to prepare for the audition. Participants
must wear clothing appropriate for dance movement and/or sitting on the floor (proper dance class attire not required).
Bring a pencil and a sack lunch for our break. Space is limited reserve your slot online: or email today. Audition Workshop Registration Form is included at the end of the packet.
AUDITION FORMAT: (songs & sides included at end of packet)
Please study the Character Descriptions and audition for a part within your acting/dance/vocal ability!
All auditions will follow a closed format (Parents may be silent observers for their childrens audition slot only) including:
*Brief self-introduction (name, age, school, and desired role) and interview
Director may ask about experience, training, desire, commitment, or other questions related to auditions.
*Individual vocal range test and selected vocal solo
Vocal highs & lows recorded solo followed by one vocal selection of your choice (included at the end of this packet).
*Individual performance of audition sides
All auditioners perform their choice of one audition side of your choice (included at the end of this packet).
*Group movement and dance
Director will guide demonstrations of character physicality & increasingly more-difficult dance movements.
BACKSTAGE & TECHNICAL POSITIONS: We are accepting submissions for backstage & technical positions. Parents of
cast members must assist in one area and students are eligible for some positions as indicated. Please mark on audition
forms what positions you will accept if not cast onstage. Ensemble members may be assigned backstage and/or
technical roles. All positions are open to adults/parents, those open to youth are marked with .
*Stage Manager runs rehearsals and performances. The position requires theatre experience.
2 Assistant Stage Manager positions (GREAT way for you to be VITAL to EVERY part of the show but not
perform) require organization, communication and responsibility.
*Company Manager & Assistant oversee parent group leaders to address all youth actor needs & concerns.
Responsibilities may be divided but include: rehearsal and production check in/out procedures, chaperone
coordination as needed, cast announcement distribution, participation receipts, and other actor amenities.
*Parent Group Leaders will ensure parent chaperones for rehearsals and production for one of the 7 groups of
cast members. Group Leaders will also serve as point person for each groups needs.
*Parent Chaperones must be ACTIVE and ensure all cast members under their supervision stay focused,
engaged and compliant during rehearsals and productions. Chaperones will be responsible for attending to all
youth needs during each volunteer shift.
Stitchers sew & tailor garments. Minimal ability required, experience preferred. Machine access a bonus!
Crafters needed to cut, sew, glue or otherwise create or alter costumes, props or scenic pieces. Students may
apply and cast members will assist in this area.
*Carpenter Parents needed early in the process to cut wood & build scenery & props.
Scenic Painters and Artists needed to paint and detail large scenic back pieces & onstage scenic units and
props. Parents needed and students encouraged to apply cast members will assist with scenic painting.
Properties Master should be someone with skill & craft ability and transportation experience preferred.
Responsible for finding/creating and maintaining all hand props used for production. Older students may apply.
2 Assistant Props are available to mature students with organization, visual arts ability, and responsibility.
Stage Hands needed backstage to change scenery during the production. Some rehearsal week before
production and attendance required for Tech/Dress rehearsals and performances. Parents preferred.
Pin Rail Operators needed to fly scenery and drops in and out over the stage during performances.
Attendance required at Tech/Dress rehearsals and performances. Parents preferred.
Wardrobe Lead is responsible for maintaining the inventory of costumes for performance. Lead may enlist
assistants as needed and designate costume duties to backstage production chaperones. Parent preferred.
Dressers will assist cast members offstage with quick costume changes and assist the Wardrobe Lead to
maintain production costume inventory.
Sound Board Operator needed to run SFX & musical trax during performances and assist WKU Sound Engineer
under her/his supervision. Rehearsal encouraged throughout the process but required during the last two
weeks of production. Needs focus and good rhythm.
Light Board Operator needed to run lighting during performances and assist production Lighting Designer &
WKU Technical Director under their supervision. Rehearsal required last week of production. Requires rhythm.
CONTACT INFO: For more information, visit the website or email:
Director: Christopher H. Cherry (502) 708-5739
ATTACHMENTS: Character Descriptions, Audition Sides, Audition Song Lyrics, Audition Workshop Registration Form,
and Audition Form
The Wizard of Oz
The following brief descriptions of each character include casting ideas and requirements for singing (if solo).


(in order of appearance)

Dorothy Gale sweet, innocent young lady with a streak of boldness, outspoken and headstrong, but
dearly loves family, friends and her dog, Toto. Lives on farm with Aunt Em & Uncle Henry but dreams of
escaping to a far-off place where she will not get into trouble. Must be a strong vocalist & good dancer.

Toto Dorothys beloved dog and constant companion. In Kansas, Toto will be a puppet manipulated by onstage
puppeteer. In Oz, Toto will be an actor (male or female) dressed as a dog. Requires extensive make-up, energy and
exuberant body language. Limiting singing role (group parts) but must be able to bark with expression.

Aunt Em typical hard-working farmers wife who is firm & no-nonsense but also warm and caring.
Sings reprise of Somewhere Over the Rainbow as duet with Dorothy. Mainly an acting role requiring
ability to show both strong and softer sides.

Uncle Henry Dorothys adoring uncle and farm owner, but lets his wife Em stay in charge. Non-singing role has only
a few lines and requires a good character actor.

Hunk (Scarecrow) Clumsy one of 3 farmhands on Dorothys farm. Both characters talk about being
smart and having a brain audience should see connection between characters through body language
and speech. Requires extensive make-up, excellent body control, match pitch and good rhythm. The
two roles may be split between two actors and/or cast as female.

Hickory (Tin Man) Kind, sweet and nurturing one of 3 farmhands. Tin Man has no heart, but is very
caring. Requires extensive make-up, good physical control, match pitch and pleasant singing voice. The
two roles may be split between two actors and/or cast as female.

Zeke (Cowardly Lion) Third farmhand who lacks courage. Acts tough, but true fearful self comes out in
any scary situation. Requires extensive make-up, good comedic timing, strong character voice, physical
control and matching pitch. The two roles may be split between two actors and/or cast as female.

Miss Gulch (Wicked Witch of the West) Well-off, cold-hearted Gale neighbor, who hates Toto. The non-singing role
requires extensive make-up, intense dramatic commitment, strong stage presence, vocal control and ability to
succeed with classic witchs cackle.

Professor Marvel (Wizard) Travelling salesman who lives by telling fortunes. A bit of a con man but with a good
heart. This non-singing role requires versatility to demonstrate strong & commanding Oz yet show the soft & caring
side. Also requires memorization of large chunks of dialogue.

Glinda Good Witch of the North who is the mother figure for Munchkins and Dorothy, whom she guides
through Oz. Delicate and graceful, the role requires a lovely singing voice and sweet speaking tone.
Although written to double with Aunt Em, the two roles will most likely be divided between two actors.
Ensemble members may play roles from one or more groups listed below in order of appearance.

Cyclone Dancers will help create the tornado effect through interpretive dance, moving scenery and manipulating
puppets or rigged costumes. Non-singing roles require ability to correctly complete a variety of dance turns & leaps.
Cyclone Victims Brief one-line speaking roles require manipulating a large prop/costume.
Lady in rocking chair, Cow (2 people), 2 men in rowboat

Munchkins Little people who live in Munchkinland where Dorothys house lands. Full of joy, enthusiasm and
celebration. All sizes eligible. Group singing and reacting. Munchkins with speaking lines:
2 Munchkin Teachers, Munchkin Mayor, Munchkin Barrister, 2 City Fathers, and Munchkin Coroner
Munchkins with vocal solos:
Munchkin Mayor Munchkin Coroner 3 Munchkin Tots 3 Tough Guy Munchkins
Lullaby Lollipop
League Guild

Yellow Brick Roadsiders Represent the background during scenes where Dorothy meets Scarecrow, Tin Man & Lion.
Cornstalks, Apple Trees, Wild Trees: Non-speaking, non-singing roles with simple costume changes and body
physicality to suggest different locations.
Two trios sing back-up vocals and have a few funny lines:
3 Crows: 3 Apple Trees:
The 3-male group provides The 3-female group provides
back-up vocals and corn-ey back-up vocals and punny
jokes for Scarecrow scene. wit for Tin Man scene.

Jitterbugs Forest creatures who serve the Wicked Witch to dance the shoes off Dorothys feet! This fast-paced,
swing number requires excellent dancers and will put you out of breath!

Optimistic Voices Late 1930s female vocal trio (or more) who sing short chorus welcoming Dorothy to
the gates of Emerald City. Requires excellent singers for perfect 3-part harmony.

Doorman & Guard 2 comical characters in Emerald City. Doorman tries to be tough but turns into a softy.
Likewise, Guard changes from harsh to sympathetic because Dorothy cries. The script indicates Uncle Henry plays
these roles. In the MGM movie, both characters were played by Professor Marvel/Wizard. The director may choose
any of the above or split the roles.

Ozians Citizens of Emerald City, non-solo group song and dance, including non-solo parts for stylists, tin restorers &
straw stuffers and a Cat who briefly distracts Toto.

Winged Monkeys Wicked Witchs menacing animal army. Non-singing, non-speaking but plenty of monkey
business and sounds! Requires posture control and very high energy. Will include all genders and all ages!

Nikko Leader of the Winged Monkeys. Non-singing but does have a small speaking part.

Winkie Guards Wicked Witchs slave-guards who are over-joyed at her death. Simple group vocal parts will include
all genders. Must have physical control to demonstrate crisp military movements.

Leader of Winkies Leader of the Winkie Guards. Small speaking part, no vocal solo. The script indicates Uncle
Henry plays this role. In the MGM movie, it was played by Professor Marvel/Wizard. The director may choose either
option or cast another actor entirely.
The Wizard of Oz
AUDITION SIDES Kelly Autism Program
Each auditioner must choose only ONE of the following sides to perform solo at audition. Memorization of your
choice is preferred but not required. Ability to best demonstrate your chosen character with appropriate voice &
expression and proper posture & body movements determines casting. Director may request you perform another
side in addition to your selection, but only expects you to memorize your choice. All casting comes from these sides.
Dorothy Aunt Em
Auntie Em! Auntie Em! Just listen to what Almira Gulch, just because you own half the
Miss Gulch did to Toto! She hit him right county doesnt mean you have the power to run
over the back with a rake just because she the rest of us! For 23 years, Ive been dying to tell
says he gets in her garden and chases her you what I thought of you! And now being a
nasty, old cat. But he doesnt do it every Christian woman, I cant say it!
dayjust once or twice a week. And he
cant catch her old cat, anyway. And now Glinda
she says shes gonna get the sherriff, and Well, Im a little muddled. The Munchkins called
what am I going to do? me because a new witch has dropped a house on
the Wicked Witch of the East. And theres the
Miss Gulch and Wicked Witch house, and here you are, and thats all thats left
(As Gulch) That dogs a menace to the of the Wicked Witch of the East. And so what the
community. Im taking him to the sheriff Munchkins want to know is are you a good
and make sure hes destroyed! Theres a witch, or a bad witch?
law protecting folks against dogs that bite!
Unless you want to go against the law. Professor Marvel and Wizard of Oz
(As Witch) As for you, my fine lady, just try (As Marvel) Leaving so soon? Wait, wait! Dont
to stay out of my way! Just try! Ill get you, tell me! You are running away! Haha!
my pretty, and your little dog, too! (Cackle) Professor Marvel never guesses, he knows! Now
gaze into the crystal ball with me
Hunk and Scarecrow (As Wizard) Universities are where men go to
(As Hunk) Now lookit, Dorothy, you aint become great thinkers. And they have no more
using your head about Miss Gulch. Think you brains than you. Therefore, I hereby confer upon
didnt have any brains at all. you, the honorary degree of Th.D. Doctor of
(As Scarecrow) Its very tedious being stuck Thinkology!
up here with a pole up your back. But if youll
bend the nail down, maybe Ill slip off and Hickory and Tin Man
(falls down) Whhhooops! Haha! There goes (as Hickory) Hurry fore my arms are pulled clear
some of me again! I just keep picking it up out of their sockets. I aint a statue, you know. I
and putting it back in again. aint made of iron.
(as Tin Man) About a year ago I was chopping that
tree, minding my own business, when suddenly it
started to rain and right in the middle of a chop.
I rusted solid. And Ive been that way ever since.
Zeke and Cowardly Lion Uncle Henry
(As Zeke) Listen, kid, that old Gulch aint (to Miss Gulch) Well if you dont want to hear
nothing to be afraid of. Have a little what I have to say about you, you better pedal
courage, thats all. your carcass offa my land! You have friends in
(As Lion) Put em up! Put em up! Ill fight high places? Why dont you climb on your
you with one paw tied behind my back. Ill broomstick and go visit em. (to Dorothy) Im
fight you standing on one foot. Ill fight you sorry, we cant be against the law, Dorothy.
with my eyes closed. (Dorothy smacks nose)
Whadcha do that for? I didnt bite him! You All other roles (Toto, All Munchkins & Ensemble)
didn't have to go and hit me, did you? Is my As Mayor of the Munchkin City,
nose bleeding? In the County of the Land of Oz,
I welcome you most regally!
ADDITIONAL CALL-BACK SIDES Let the joyous news be spread.
Call-backs only, if needed. Memorization not required.
The Wicked Old Witch at last is dead!
Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion, & Toto Dorothy, Aunt Em, Wicked Witch
SCARECROW: Look! The Witchs castle! We DOROTHY: Auntie Em! Auntie Em! Is it really you?
made it! AUNT EM: Dorothy, I hope you can somehow hear
TIN MAN: But how can we find Dorothy? me wherever you are. Were trying to find
LION: My paws are getting tired from all this you, dear. We want you to come home,
searching. Dorothy. Please come home, come home
TOTO: (enters) Gruff! Ruff-ruff! to us, safe and sound.
SCARECROW: Its Toto! Where have you been? DOROTHY: Oh, I want to Auntie Em. I really want
TOTO: Ruff-ruff Oh-we-oh! We-oh-oh! Grrrr. to come home! But Im here in Oz, locked
(laughs like Witch) Yipe! Yipe! Yipe! up in the Witchs castle, and Im so afraid,
TIN MAN: Whats he sayin? and I I dont know what to do.
LION: The Wicked Witch has Dorothy locked AUNT EM: Dorothy, dear. Come home to us. Just
In her tower? come home.
TIN MAN: Oh, we have to get her out. WITCH: Sorry to break up the happy reunion!
SCARECROW: Dont cry now. Ive got a plan! DOROTHY: Auntie Em! Please come back! Please!
LION: Hes got a plan. WITCH: Ill give you Auntie Em, my pretty! (Cackle)
SCARECROW: And youre going to lead us. When I return, youll get yours and Ill have
LION: Me? mine!
TIN MAN: Yes, you.
TOTO: Ruff-ruff. Wizard
LION: All right, Ill tear em apart! (Growls.) Silence! Whippersnapper! The beneficent Oz has
Theres only one thing I want you to do. every intention of granting your requests! But you
SCARECROW & TIN MAN: Whats that? must prove yourselves worthy. Bring me the
LION: Talk me out of it. the broomstick of the Wicked Witch of the West.
Now, go! (Yells) I said, go!
Oh, Toto, were home. Home! And Im not Wicked Witch
going to leave here ever, ever again, because Oh! Im melting! Melting! Oh, what a world, what
I love you all! And, oh, Auntie Em, theres no a world! Ohhhh! Ohhhhhh!
place like home!
The Wizard of Oz
Each auditioner must choose only ONE of the following audition selections to sing solo at audition. Music will be
provided. Director may request you sing another song in addition to your selection. All roles will be cast from the
provided selections.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Dorothy, Aunt Em, Glinda, Apple Trees, Optimistic Voices
(starts at end of song) Somewhere over the rainbow
Where troubles melt like lemon drops Bluebirds fly.
Away above the chimney tops, Birds fly over the rainbow,
Thats where youll find me. Why, oh, why, cant I?
If I Only Had Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion, Crows
a Brain a Heart the Nerve
I could while away the hours, When a mans an empty kettle, Yes its sad, believe me, Missy,
Conferrin with the flowers, He should be on his mettle, When youre born to be a sissy,
Consultin with the rain. And yet Im torn apart. Without the vim and verve.
And my head Id be scratchin, Just because Im presumin But I could show my prowess,
While my thoughts were busy hatchin That I could be kind-a human, Be a lion not a mou-ess,
If I only had a brain. If I only had a heart. If I only had the nerve.

Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead! Munchkin leads must sing ensemble part first.
Toto & Ensemble part only Coroner
Ding dong! The Witch is dead. As Coroner, I must aver,
Which old witch? I thoroughly examined her
The Wicked Witch. And shes not only merely dead,
Let them know Shes really, most sincerely dead.
The Wicked Witch is dead.
Three Tots Three Tough Kids
We represent the Lullaby League We represent the Lollipop Guild
The Lullaby League, the Lullaby League, The Lollipop Guild, the Lollipop Guild,
And in the name of the Lullaby League, And in the name of the Lollipop Guild,
We wish to welcome you to Munchkinland. We wish to welcome you to Munchkinland.


Come Out, Come Out Glinda If I Were King of the Forest Lion
Come out, come out, wherever you are, If I were King of the forest,
And meet the young lady who fell from a star. Not Queen, not Duke, not Prince
She fell from the sky, she fell very far, My regal robes of the forest
And Kansas she says is the name of the star. Would be satin, not cotton, not chintz.
Were Off to See the Wizard Dorothy, Toto, Scarecrow, Tin Man, & Lion
Were off to see the Wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz.
The Wizard of Oz








EXPERIENCE (List performance training & experience - acting/dance/singing - if none, why interested?)

Parent/Guardian signature: (acknowledges $35 Registration Fee,
expectation that particpants behave, and gives permission for child to participate in audition workshop.)
REGISTRATION & PAYMENT Ages 7+ ($35 each), Ages 4-6 ($25) require chaperone to attend
Participant Names: Number of
Total Due
X $35 each
= $
RESERVE your slot online:
or email: info@xclaiminc.ocm Total Amount Enclosed: $
MAIL Registration Form & payment to: CASH CHECK #
Xclaim, Inc.
317 Sumpter Avenue
Bowling Green, KY 42101 Deadline: May 8 . Make checks payable to Xclaim, Inc.
Do not write in boxes below:
The Wizard of Oz
Kelly Autism Program AUDITION FORM
(in fall)
SCHOOL (in fall) PHONE







Parent/Guardian signature: (acknowledges Expectations & Fees,
confirms conflicts listed, and gives permission for child to participate in auditions.)
Desired Role(s):
Mark the correct box beside each question below: YES NO
Will you accept a role if your sibling is not cast? No Sibling
Will you accept a role requiring extensive make-up?
Will you accept a role if double-cast with another actor?
Will you accept only one character of a dual-role?
Will you accept an ensemble or cameo role?
Will you accept a backstage or technical position?
Will you change your hair if cast in a leading role?
Do you have or will get braces or other dental appliances?
EXPERIENCE (List performance training & experience - acting/dance/singing - if none, why interested?)
The Wizard of Oz
COSTUME INFORMATION (List your proper size in each of the boxes provided)
Pants/Skirt Shirt/Blouse Jacket Show T-shirt

Mark off-stage roles YOU will accept if NOT cast onstage:

Ast. Stage Mgr Marketing Props Wardrobe/Dresser
Sewing Promotion Stage Hand Sound Board Op
Crafting Scenic Painting Pin Rail Op Light Board Op
Mark production assistance area with which YOUR PARENT will help if you are cast:
Stage Manager Ast. Stage Mgr Sewing Props
Company Manager Ast. Company Mgr Crafting Stage Hand
Parent Group Leader Funding Support Carpentry Pin Rail Op
Rehearsal Chaperone Production Chaperone Scenic Painting Wardrobe/Dresser
CONFLICTS: Leads: May 27-June 1 Full Cast: June 17-August 4
List your summer vacations, camps or plans that will limit your availability for rehearsals.
Availability affects casting - NO CONFLICTS JULY 22 - AUGUS 4.

Do not write in the NAME Height #

boxes below:

Interview Voice - Song Acting - Side Movement

Prof Prop Toto
Tone Vol Nrg Scare Munch
Pitch Dict Pres Tin Monk
Phys Lion Mili