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The recent revelations by Wikileaks about CIA hacking successes into

Android devices, the very popular iPhone handsets, personal computers

& Windows tablets and Samsung smart TVs and also IoT devices such
as self-driving vehicles and CCTV cameras unmask the United States
of America as the greatest villain of all time and biggest threat to peace
and prosperity and stability of the whole civilised world.

It is really crystal clear the CIA, along with the NSA and allied services
such as British, Israeli, Australian, Canadian and German intelligence
agencies are able to play untold havoc with electronic banking systems
belonging to other nations, in particular, nations that refuse to bow to
the Deep State which controls all life in the U.S. and the west.

It is therefore imperative for all genuinely free & independent nations to

immediately start taking steps to prevent the U.S. (a.k.a. Deep State) from
subverting and collapsing their financial systems and banks at the whips
of the global cabal of evil neo-fascist warmongers and conquerors.

All free nations must therefore stock up on physical gold, curtail the use
of electronic cash, ensure that bank depositors keep printed receipts and
ensure that their paper money supply is always well taken care of. Do
not allow large amounts of paper currencies to be taken abroad, ensure
that the quality of the paper money is top notch and limit the number of
denominations available. (Shown above is one that is LOUSY in quality;
the note deteriorates so badly, and the ink comes off very easily ! )