Democrats Abroad Netherlands 2016 AGM Minutes

3 April, 2016, Amsterdam

1. Welcome – DANL Chair Jeff Rupp
a. Jeff welcomed the participants to the meeting and set out
the agenda.

2. Business meeting
a. Noted than more than 25 DANL members were in
attendance and therefore that a quorum was present
b. Financial report by DANL Treasurer Bob Bragar
i. Started the year poor, now less poor.
ii. Collected EUR2900 so far this year; current account
balance is EUR2069.13, though there are upcoming
iii. Volunteer organization that relies on contributions,
donations encouraged.
c. Motions for approval of Treasurers Report, followed by vote
and motion for approval of Minutes from 2015 AGM – both
motions passed unanimously
d. Report from the Chair – past activities
i. Many activities in the last year, with a focus on
community building and voter registration, including:
4th of July, participation in October’s Expat Fair, the
launch of Dems Drinks – the second Sunday of the
month in Amsterdam, last Sunday of the month in
The Hague, the March global primary
e. Report on the Global Primary
i. Terrific turnout in both Amsterdam and The Hague.
Final tally was Bernie Sanders – 316, Hillary Clinton –

3. Plans for 2016 – Report from the Chair – What is coming
a. Get Out the Vote!
i. This is our main focus for the year
b. DA Global Convention and delegate caucus – May 12-15 in
i. This is open to all members
c. Events – Memorial Day wreath laying ceremony, July 4th
picnic, Election Night returns watching party – November
i. We hope to see large turnouts, especially on election
d. Robbie will introduce My Precinct GOTV tool being
launched here in the Netherlands

4. Launch of My Precinct Toolkit– Robbie Checkoway
a. Key to getting out the vote, across the Netherlands and
b. Robbie gave a presentation introducing the tool and
explaining how it can be used. He answered questions.
c. Sign-up sheets were passed around to allow those wishing
to participate to sign up to do so. Robbie will follow up.

5. Keynote Speaker Votemaster Andy Tanenbaum of
a. During the 2004 election, over half a million people were asking “Who is
the Votemaster”. Only about 20 people knew. In the meantime, Google
has over 50,000 links to "Votemaster” Andy Tanenbaum.
b. Professor Tanenbaum’s Electoral Vote Predictor tracks political polls for
U.S. federal elections. His site ranked in 2004 in the top 1000 Websites in
the world and the top 10 blogs in the world, with about 700,000 visitors a
day. In 2008, it tracked presidential and congressional races and was
getting over 1 million visitors a day. In 2006 and 2010 he tracked House
and Senate races and in 2014 Senate races.
c. Andy gave a fantastic and engaging presentation on the status of the
presidential, senate, congressional, and gubernatorial races. He also
highlighted key issues and answered many questions.

6. Closing the meeting
a. Jeff closed the meeting by reminding members that their
help is needed to reach all Democrats and independents in
the Netherlands and get out the vote.
b. He encouraged people to talk to executive committee
members to talk about volunteering and thanked everyone
for attending.
c. The meeting was formally adjoined, but socializing