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Student Teaching Supervisor Lesson Observation Report

Spring, 2017

Students Name: Taylor Quillen School: Otter River Elementary

Grade: 4 Subject: Small group reading

Time/Date: 2/21/2017 Observer: Terese Loy

Performance Rating Scale:

5 - Exemplary: Consistently exceeds expectations at an exceptional level for a student teacher on
all indicators.
4 - Highly Proficient: Meets and frequently exceeds expectations for a student teacher on most
3 - Proficient: Meets expectations at an acceptable level for a student teacher on most indicators.
2 - Developing: Does not consistently meet expectations at an acceptable level for a student
teacher on several indicators.
1 - Unacceptable: Does not meet expectations for a student teacher on most or all indicators.


Facilitates students use of Feedback and recommendations:
higher level thinking When discussing the passages read you asked multiple
Links present content with past questions to get them to think at a higher level. Continue to
and future learning experiences, do this and be mindful of using questions in Blooms
other subject areas, and the real taxonomy.
world As you prepare lessons, think about how you can maximize
Demonstrates accurate content your time in small reading groups. Perhaps you could
knowledge assign pages ahead of time for students to prepare. Tell
them they can ask questions about vocabulary or
Bases instruction on goals that
comprehension before they read out loud. Then when they
reflect high expectations and an
are reading out loud, the passages may make more sense.
understanding of the subject
They can be better prepared to read with expression.
Shows and understanding of the If they are reading a passage without preparation, you may
various developmental need to reread it or have the student reread it for better
characteristics of the students comprehension.


Addresses appropriate Feedback and recommendations:

curriculum standards Your lesson plans were clear and concise. Your worksheet
Uses student learning data to "Dictionary Detective" was a good choice. Perhaps next
guide planning time include in your plans the review of guide words. You
Manages time for pacing, did point and say use these words but they will need to
content mastery, and transitions know they are "guide words" and what their purpose is. I
am not sure the students realized the last word on the page
Write specific, measurable was the second guide word and those words on the page fall
learning objectives based on in between the first and last alphabetically.
schools curriculum and student
learning needs
Plans for differentiated


Engages and maintains students Feedback and recommendations:

in active learning The students seemed eager and your questioning kept them
Builds upon students existing on task.
knowledge and skills Make sure you help them correct the "client" vocabulary
Verbally states and reinforces for greater understanding. The client is the one who hires a
learning objectives consistently professional. Give examples such as a client hiring a
throughout the lesson lawyer for legal advice. A client hires a hairdresser to
cut/style her or his hair.
Uses a variety of instructional
Your cooperating teacher had thinking maps posted in the
strategies and resources
room. Try to make use of some of those. They are great
Uses instructional technology to tools for higher level thinking.
enhance learning When using a vocabulary sheet that has a word box have
Displays effective questioning to them repeat the words after you. This is important if they
encourage higher levels of struggled with saying or defining the words.
thinking It might be helpful to have them check the word or put a
Communicates clearly and line around it once they use it in the sentence. If they cross
checks for understanding it off it makes it a little more difficult to make corrections
Differentiates instruction to meet to their work.
students needs
Assesses student learning
relative to lesson objectives
Provides clear closure to the


Arranges the classroom to Feedback and recommendations:

maximize learning/safety It was obvious that the students trust and respect you. They
Establishes clear behavioral seemed to enjoy your teaching.
expectations and consequences You requested one student to give the other a chance to
and enforces them consistently think to come up with an answer. He continued to blurt out
and fairly answers. Call him on that. If you request a student to do
Establishes routines and something, let them know that you expect them to follow
procedures to maximize your directions.
instructional time and minimize
Promotes a climate of trust and
teamwork by being fair, caring,
respectful and enthusiastic
Models a respect for cultural
differences and student diversity
by displaying sensitivity and
Actively listens to students
Positively reinforces appropriate
student behaviors

Note 2-3 specific recommendations for growth that will be evaluated during future observations:
Continue to praise students for following directions and even for reading with good expression. One
student even changed her tone and voice when she read what different characters were saying in her
passages. If you praise her, others may make more of an effort to read with expression. It may be helpful to
discuss the reasons you are asking them to read out loud. Is it to check their fluency, accuracy, etc? It is
also for enjoyment.
Make use of the thinking maps posted in your classroom. They can be used for any subject.
Wonderful to see your interactive notebook prepared for social studies so students can see what theirs
should look like. It is also helpful for those that are absent and need to make up the work missed.
I thoroughly enjoyed observing you.

Supervisors Digital Signature: Terese A. Loy

Student Teachers Digital Signature: Taylor Quillen
(Student Teacher: By typing my name above I verify that I have received and read this