Indiana Salt & Flour Maps You will be creating salt and flour maps to show the landforms of Indiana

. You’ll need to follow all of the instructions very carefully! 1. Trace Indiana on your piece of cardboard with a permanent marker. (Be sure to write your name on the top right corner of the cardboard – not inside Indiana!) Draw lines with pencil showing each of the regions (p.8 of Timelines textbook). After your lines have been checked by the teacher, trace them with a permanent marker. 2. Cover your area in newspapers and make sure you’re not making a mess! 3. Use the recipe below to make the salt and flour dough. Measure carefully! 4. Begin to fill in Indiana on your cardboard with the dough. Make sure you fill in each region the way the land is. You need to be able to see where the land is hilly and flat! 5. Carefully place your map in a safe spot to dry. 6. Draw lines with permanent marker to mark each of the regions. Use paints to paint each region of the state. Be sure to create a key on the bottom right hand corner of the cardboard. (The key should include the color of paint you used for each region and the name of each region.) Place your map in a safe spot to dry. 7. Write 6-12 sentences describing the three regions of Indiana. Do NOT copy from the book!


2 cups flour 1 cup salt ¾ cup water Combine flour and salt. Add in water slowly. The dough should be very thick. One batch should work for several maps! Be sure to work together and share!

Did you follow directions? Do you have all of the regions? Are the regions painted? Does your map have a key? Is your map labeled correctly? Is your map done neatly? 6-12 Sentences Length (6-12 Sentences) Correct Information (3pts) Total

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

No No No No No No No No

_____ / 10