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Gullies and gully tops for bridge drainage and refurbishment

ACO Passavant Kanalguss brigde gullies

Class C 250 and D 400
Bridge gullies Passavant Kanalguss

Gullies and gully tops for bridge drainage and refurbishment

General regulations

High specifications are laid down In addition, bridge gullies also have to
for bridge drainage systems be- match the special features of bridge con-
cause of the greater risks to traf- struction, such as reinforced concrete
fic and the need to protect ex- bridges and special construction measu-
pensive infrastructure. res such as timed shifting when building
large steel bridges.
The traffic surface must be optimally
drained, i.e. quickly and puddle-free, to Class D 400 according to DIN EN
prevent the risk of aquaplaning and for- 124 for bridge gullies in road
mation of black ice. bridges
The general specifications for bridge
The bridge structure must be protected drainage are defined in the Was O regula-
from the penetration of damp and surfa- tions issued by the German Ministry of Bridge gully for reinforced concrete bridges, HSD-5
ce water contaminated with chlorine, oil, Transport and Construction. The Was 1
and petrol to prevent damage to the regulations define the minimum specifica-
structure. tions for bridge gullies and stipulations
for their installation in reinforced concre-
To prevent frost damage, the traffic lane te bridges.
surfacing must be free of standing wa-

The bridge gullies, whose tops are part

of the road surface, must be able to co- Bridge refurbishment
pe with the traffic loads on the bridge. During bridge refurbishment, it is usual to Bridge gully for steel bridges
They must be permanently traffic-safe only replace the upper part of bridge gul-
and operationally-secure. lies. This involves either standardised gully
upper parts (system HSD-2/HSD-5) or up-
To avoid blockages, bridge gullies must per parts specially modified for the speci-
prevent coarse debris from entering the fic bridge. This requires intense consulta-
drainage pipes. tion with our specialists.

Bridge gully for gravel bridges

Passavant Kanalguss

Gullies for reinforced concrete bridges System HSD-5 500 x 500 in cast iron
Class D 400 according to DIN EN 124/ DIN 1229

Consisting of a sub-unit and an Upper part version with ro- Upper part version with
upper unit with the following spe- tating support ring straining ring
cial features compared to HSD-2
For bridges with thin surface co- For bridges with thicker surfacing
HSD-5 gullies are desi- verings: special gullies, height- material: HSD-5 gullies with infini-
gned for clamping-in the adjustable in two steps (70 or 80 tely adjustable upper parts from
sealing membrane, and mm). 95 to 140 mm. The straining ring
are suitable for membra- The upper part lies on a special support is discontinuous to crea-
nes up to max. 14 mm supporting ring with a percolati- te percolation openings to drain
thick. on opening to drain the sealing the sealing membrane. Special
membrane. The straining ring is models are available for gullies
The upper part can be absent in this model. with greater height adjustment
eccentrically moved in ranges.
every direction by 25
mm with respect to the

HSD-5 bridge gullies with adhesive flanges

Corresponds to DIN 19599 with flange ring for clamping in the sealing membrane

Gully drain union, vertical Gully drain union, lateral

Weight approx. 157 kg Weight approx. 162 kg

If h



DN 480


Installation brace Installation brace

HSD-5, model with flange ring, part no. 4905.28

Percolation opening

Installatio 500
Bridge gullies must be installed
with the proper alignment to en- 70 80 31
sure that the percolation ope-
nings face the traffic lanes, and
to make sure that the grating
folds down in the same direction
as the traffic is flowing.

DN 150
Passavant Kanalguss

Gullies for steel bridges, 260 x 500

Class D 400 in accordance with DIN EN 124 / DIN 1229

These bridge gullies have a cast Very precise positioning

iron grating and a galvanised- is possible during instal-
steel gully housing. lation. Subsequent height
adjustment is no longer
Grating and frame are Gullies in the zone above
hinged and bolted to pre- the bridge plate have late-
vent unauthorised ope- ral holes to drain the sea-
ning and removal of the ling membrane and the
grating. surface covering.

The one-piece steel hou- Bridge gullies made of

sing can be welded tightly steel are not height-adju-
against the steel structure stable.

Cast iron gullies for gravel bridges

These gullies are used in reinfor- The percolation openings

ced steel bridges with gravel sur- guarantee drainage of
faces. the sealing membranes.
The openings are special-
Adjusted for the installati- ly positioned with respect
on situation, the gullies to the broken stones on
consist of a sub-unit with the surface: this ensures
a flange for proper that the gravel bed is op-
connection to the sealing timally drained without
membrane, and an upper the gravel being flushed
part with a grating which into the gully where it
enables flush surface fit- can cause blockages.
ting with the protective
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