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School Gamao Elementary School Grade VI

Teacher Mrs. Annabelle R. Cortez Learning Area English

Daily Lesson Date/Time November 14 18, 2016 Quarter Third

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

A. Content Standards
B. Performance Standards
C. Learning Use the expressions about the Use two-word verb. U Use descriptive Draw pictures of Infer how the story would
Competencies/Objective future plans hope can; wish descriptive incidents that are turn out if some episodes
s could/ would words.verb in the possible to happen.test were changed.
passive voice with 75% proficiency

II. CONTENT Using the Expressions Using two word verbs. Using Descriptive Words Drawing Pictures of Inferring How the Story Would Turn
About the Future Plans Incidents that are Out If Some Episodes Were
hope can; wish Possible to Happen Changed.
could/ would
A. References
1. Teachers Guides PELC Speaking 8.1 PELC Speaking 8.1; PELC Speaking 9 Reading 8.2 Reading 9.3
2. Learners Material English For You and Me English For You and Me English For You and Me (Lang)
pages (Lang) (Lang)
3. Textbook Pages
4. Additional Reference Across Border Through Language Proficiency in English I p.189 Proficiency in English I p.189 Growing in English Reading 6 p 22 Phoenix 21st Century
from Learning 6 p 105 English 6 p 206
B. Other Learning English Workbook Laptop,projector, Laptop,projector, Laptop,projector, English Workbook
A. Reviewing previous Pronunciation drill Pronunciation Drill: Pronunciation drill: Have the pupils read the following Pronunciation drill.
lesson or presenting the Checking of Assignment Have the pupils recite the Have the pupils recite the sentence drill: Checking of Assignment
new lesson given verse drill tongue twister. Checking of Assignment
Checking of Assignment Checking of Assignment
B. Establishing a purpose Have you ever seen a shooting Have the pupils think of Have you given birthday gift? What do you usually do if you broke
for the lesson star? What did you do? somebody whom they admired so What is it? something which is important to
Present the song to the class. much. Ask them why did they other people?
When You Wish Upon a Star admire that person? Let them give
What does the song tell us? three most important
Do you believe in characteristics of that person.
wishing upon a star?

C. Presenting Have the pupils read the Have the pupils read the Have the pupils read the given Have the pupils listen again as the Present picture stories to the class.
examples/instances of dialogue given dialogue. paragraph. teacher reads the story: The Call on pupils to express in
the new lesson Birthday Gift. sentences the events as they are
Allyson is celebrating Allan: Lets hurry up. The depicted in each picture. Then, ask
her eleventh birthday. meeting starts at exactly three Jahzeel seems to be the what will happen if one or two
During her birthday oclock. apple of the eye of the family. It is episodes of the story were changed.
party, her family and Marlon: Yes, but we better because hes different from his
friends greet her. They slow down or we will slip. brothers and only sister. He has 1st picture: Melissa saw her
also make their hopes Jundoe: See how Ben turns this white and soft skin. He has moms necklace on the table.
and wishes for her. on the loud speaker. What an brown eyes and hair. He has red 2nd picture: As she picked it
earsplitting noise! Dont you lips. His family loves him so much up, it slipped out of her hands.
Kiana: I hope all your hear it? because he is the angel of the 3rd picture: It dropped on the
dreams will come true. Henry: Yes, I do. I hope he family. floor and broke.
Albert: I wish you turns it down soon. 4th picture: Melissa hid the
would travel around the necklace under the desk.
world. 5th picture: Later, her mother
Gwenn: I hope you found it and asked Melissa what
will become a successful happened.
Sherwin: I hope you
can finish your studies.
Tricia: I wish you could
be an astronaut.
Mother: We hope you
will not change at all
and you will stay as
sweet as you are.
D. Discussing new Who among Allysons What are the italicized words How is Jazheel describe in What do you think happened in the From the picture given, pick out an
concepts and practicing well wishers tell what in the conversation? the paragraph? What kind of skin story? episode and change it. For
new skill #1 is/are likely to happen? What makes up these words? has he? What kind of hair has he? Why do you think did Therese example, ask: What if Melissa didnt
Have the pupils write How do you call these words? How about his lips? meet an accident? tell the truth to his mother? What
them on the board. List all the words on the How could have she avoided such will happen?
board. mishap? Have the pupils infer how
What expression of What kind of words are Present pictures from the selection the story will turn out if you changed
desire or want is used in these? read. Have them arrange them some of its episodes.
the sentences? How do you call a according to how they happened in
What form of the describing word? Or what is the the story.
verb follows the word other term for describing words? What is missing in the story?
E. Discussing new Give another example. Give another example. . Have the pupils read the following Give another example. Give another example.
phrases: Discuss further.
concepts and practicing Discuss further. Discuss further.
new skill #2 transparent parts
four eyes
red eye
What are the adjectives used in each
What kind of adjective is transparent?
four? red?
What does the word transparent
modify? four? red?
F. Developing mastery Underline the form of the verb Direction: Fill in the blanks with Direction: Underline the A. Listen as the Read the given paragraph.
(Leads to Formative that best completes the the appropriate two-word adjectives found in each teacher reads the Infer how the story would
sentence. turn out if some episodes
Assessment) verbs. sentence. Then encircle the noun situations. Then illustrate were changed.
1. put on put off it modifies. the event that could
1. The Grade 6 pupils hope the
a. Have you ____ the new pair happen next. 1. Luisa and her friends
educational tour (will prove,
of socks your aunt gave you? 1. The two boys seemed to be played cooking rice
would prove, proved) to be one Saturday
enjoyable and rewarding. b. Let us ____ our plan to going down in a strong whirlpool. Tricia was an honest girl.
afternoon. Ben built a
2. Bowling teams wish the interview Mrs. Gina Sapungan. 2. They alternately felt terrible While she was having
fire near the fence.
tournament (can interest, She is not free this Sunday. heat and icy cold. lunch at the school Luisa put her clay pot
could interest, interests) more c. Always ____ a sincere smile 3. Then they blacked out and canteen, she found a over it. When the rice
future players in the game. wristwatch under the was cooked, the
when welcoming people. when they regained
3. We hope the cold weather table. She picked it up. children ate fish and
(ends, could end, will end) d.____ your black leather consciousness, they noticed that bananas with it. Just
What could happen next
soon. shoes for the graduation. the soft metal of the lever box was then, Mother called
event? Ben and Luisa in.
4. The Philippines wishes it e. Please dont ___ our dented.
Illegal loggers Luisas friends went
(launches, could launch, can vacation plans in Boracay. 4. What happened? Tom asked continuously cut trees in home. What could
launch) its first rocket. his friend in a weak voice.
5. Teachers wish their students
the forest. Kaingeros have happened if
5. Your arm struck the lever, and burned down trees, Mother didnt call
(learned, can learn, might Ben and Luisa in?
now were a thousand years back sometimes resulting in
learn) something from
outreach activities in time. forest fire. If this
continued, what would
happen to our forests?
G. Finding practical Direction: Choose from Fill in the blanks with the Direction: Read the short A.Have the pupils read the given Direction: Read the paragraph then
applications of concepts the choices given the appropriate two-word verbs. paragraphs and circle all the selection. Then let them draw the infer what the story would turn out if
and skills in daily living group of words most adjectives used. incidents that are possible to some of the episodes of it will be
suitable to each of the 1. get on get off There was once a poor happen. changed.
following hope or wish
a. Let us ____ the jeepney mother who had two little The Foolish Chicken
1. My friends hope now. Mang Carlos is here. daughters, and as her husband One day a chicken stood near 1. When Linda was two years
_________. b. Where does everybody was dead, and was very poor, she a pond watching the ducks swim old, she could play little
a. they can visit me _____? asks Mang Carlos. worked faithfully all the time that fast. It longed to swim like them. songs on the piano with
often At the town hall, answered they might be well fed and But its mother had warned it not to one little finger. She loved
b. they could visit me Donna and Angelie. clothed. She was a skilled worker go near the pond, as it could fall to play tunes on the piano
often c. ______ that bike and bring and found work to do away from into the water and drown. very much. So, her mother,
c. they might visit me
this basket of chicks to your home; and her two little girls were B. In an aquarium, there a piano teacher, gave her
grandmother. so good and so helpful that they was enough number of fish. One piano lessons. What would
d. _____ the bike when kept her house as neat and as day, the pet owner added more happen if her mother is not
2. The graduates wish you reach the bridge and walk bright as a new pin. fish; the number of plants a piano teacher?
___________. straight ahead. remained the same. Which of the
a. they can be accepted e. The old man fell from following could happen next?
in any school of their the bus when he was about to
_____. 1. The water would become dirty.
b. they could be
accepted in any school 2. The water could become less.
of their choice 3. Some fish would die.
c. they will be accepted 4. The fish could not move freely in
in any school of their the aquarium.
choice 5.The aquarium would be then
3. Filipinos hope crowded.
a. that the government
will institute programs
to solve the economic
b. that the government
would institute
programs to solve the
economic crisis
c. that the government
might institute
programs to solve the
economic crisis.
H. Making generalizations When do we use hope? What are two-word verbs? What is an adjective? How can we come up/ or draw How can we come up with a good
and abstractions about When do we use wish? possible events that are possible inference about the story if some
the lesson to happen? episodes of it would be changed?

I. Evaluating learning Direction: Underline the appropriate Direction: Underline the correct Direction: Underline the Direction: Draw the incidents that Direction: Determine how the
form of the verb in the parentheses. two-word verb to complete each adjective that fits in may happen in the story. situations or stories would turn out if
sentence. each sentence: The Fox and a Crow episodes were changed.
1. He hopes he (can, could) go home A fox saw a crow upon a tree
this summer. 1. (Cross out, Cross off) all the
1. Tarzan is known to be with a morsel in its beak. It wanted 1. To locate the appropriate model
2. He wishes he (can, could) come verbs in the paragraph.
a very (lame, powerful, that bit of food very badly. So it for Judas, the traitor, Leonardo
this week, but he has a rush job to 2. Please (keep out, keep up)
attend to. your good work. sluggish) adventure- flattered the crow and asked her to spent a lot of time wandering
3. Annie hopes she (can, could) 3. Your father told you to (call fiction character. sing. through the haunts of criminals.
enroll in college this semester, and back, call on) your mother in the 2. We all felt tired after What is likely to happen if he did not
she already has the money for it. office. trudging a (winding, do this?
4. His parents wish he (has, had) 4. The firefighters (put out, put off) slippery, narrow) road. a. He would not be able to get a
hone to the United States instead of the fire immediately. 3. It looks like it is going model.
Saudi Arabia. 5. (Look up, Look out) the b. He would not be able to show
to rain because of the
5. They wish they (can, could) visit synonym of fear.
(hot, humid, wet) air. how a traitors feeling in painting.
their sick son, but they have no
4. The boys were c. He would not be able to play the
money for the fare.
amazed and looked up role of Judas.
at the (small, gigantic,
silent) robot. 2. What is likely to happen if some
5. We all listened to a / people did not spread around the
an (exciting, dull, world that Michaelangelo refused to
musical) story of do the painting of the ceiling of the
Grandfather. Sistine Chapel because he was not
good at painting?
a. Michaelangelo would ask other
painters to do the job.
b. He would not try painting at all.
c. Michaelangelo would not accept
the job of painting the chapel.

J. Additional activities for Direction: Underline the Direction: Underline the Circle the better Read the paragraph and Read the paragraph
application or appropriate verb form for the correct answer to complete adjective in the then draw the incidents below then write an
remediation following sentences. each sentence. parentheses: that may possible to alternative situation if
happen. some of its episodes
1. Christie hopes that she (gets, 1. I have to (figure out, figure A (beautiful, simple- would be changed.
will get, would get) a scholarship. in) the solution to this problem. looking) princess Father had been There was once an
2. Businesspersons hope the 2. Please (turn down, turn decided to walk by looking forward to a old couple who were very
country (recovers, will recover, away) the television set. herself one day. fishing trip with Dave for unhappy because they
would recover) from economic 3. The airplane will close its Suddenly, it started to several days. They did did not have any child.
crises before the year ends. doors ten minutes before (take rain. She rushed to the not take much food with They kept wishing for a
3. I wish that there (will be, were down, take off). (closest, nearest) nipa them on the trip. When son. A good fairy heard
no, is) wars in the world. 4. (Get off, Get down) the bus hut. A lady came to the started fishing, they their wish and made it
4. Daddy wishes he (gives, can when you reach the market. door who could not hide were approached by a come true. What would
give, could give) us anything we 5. Do not (make up, make off) her irritation for having forest inspector. He have happened if the
like at the snap of his fingers. stories that will scare your been disturbed so (late, asked Daves father if he fairy is not good?
5. The pope hopes that we (love, classmates. early) in the morning. had a fishing license.
can love, might love) our She rudely said, What Daves father reached
neighbors as we love ourselves. do you want? into his pocket and
The princess did not suddenly, got a terrified
introduce herself. She look on his face.
merely asked, May I
borrow an umbrella?
A. No. of learners who
earned 80% on the
formative assessment
B. No. of learners who
require additional
activities for remediation
C. Did the remedial lessons
work? No. of learners
who have caught up with
the lesson
D. No. of learners who
continue to require
E. Which of my teaching
strategies worked well?
Why did these work?
F. What difficulties did I
encounter which my
principal or supervisor
can help me solve?
G. What innovation or
localized materials did I
use/discover which I
wish to share with other

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