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Dialectical Journal for ED 335 Teaching Practicum Name: Ashish Syangtan


Observations/ Account Reflections & Critical Response

(What Happened?) (What do I think of it? What went well? What
could be improved? How? What will I do
differently? How does this connect to the
theory I have read from class?)
I think students were able to remember what they have
It was seventh day of my teaching practicum and I
learned for the whole week and they were ready to
taught grade 1 about mathematics. I only revised the
take test. According to my cooperating teacher, I need
one week lesson about addition because tomorrow they
to find out the ways to attract or get their attention.
have test on that lesson. I went through all the
Whenever I gave the classroom activity they start
methods/way which we use to solve the addition
without listening full instruction and its hard to get
problems. For example, counting on, base ten,
their attention back. Thats the one thing I need to
timeline, and number bond. For the assessment I gave
improve. From this class what I learned is that we
all kinds of addition problems which reached all kinds
need to know the ways to grab the students attention,
of method those I already I mentioned before. Mostly
otherwise class will become noisy and it will be hard
in the math class students went louder than the other
to control the students or come back to the normal
classes. Because of that sometime students did not
listen when I tell them to be silent. But they remember

all the methods when I gave them to solve the

problem. There were some students who forgot but I

helped them in their assessment.