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C or m on I njectio n a n d Sa mp lin g Systems

RELATED PRODUCTS: PRIMARY FEATURES AC (2) series of access fittings and together

Comprehensive range of 5/8 and 2 provide an extremely safe, well proven and
Data Transmissions
& Storage Systems diameter retractable inserts for injection of versatile system. The system is used extensively

chemicals and process sampling in the Petrochemical and Oil Production

Cormon ER & LPR probes
Weight Loss Coupon Systems Safe, reliable and well proven access
system widely used by the Petrochemical The standard system is suitable for use up
Intrusive Measurement Systems
and Oil product industries to 2600C and 1000 psi (68 bar). Options

System can be installed by hot tapping an are available for both 4500C and 1500 psi

existing line (103 bar) rated units.

Online injection and sampling up to Teledyne-Cormon can supply a range of

2600C and 1000 psi with the 5/8 accessories and tools, including service parts,
system and 6000 psi with the 2 system hot-tap kits and retractor tools. This combination
Injection and Sampling Systems
allows Teledyne-Cormon to provide operators
are typically used in process plant The injection of chemical treatments and
and users with a comprehensive range of
sampling of process fluids are two major
where treatment or sampling is equipment and tools to meet their Injection
requirements for any corrosion control system.
performed and on-line servicing and Sampling needs.
The Teledyne-Cormon range of injection and
is essential. Topside applications sampling equipment provides this capability Teledyne-Cormon systems are supplied,
include Petrochemical and and allows servicing on-line. These products supported and serviced globally by our
Refining plants. work in conjunction with the RC (5/8) and network of local sales and support centres.

Te l e d y n e C o r m o n d e s i g n s a n d m a n u f a c t u r e s s u b s e a a n d s u r f a c e s a n d
and corrosion sensors, asset management, and flow integrity monitoring
systems for oil and gas production systems.

Injection &

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