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Al Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University

College of Computer and Information Sciences

Information Systems Department
Course Title: Enterprise Architecture (EA)
Course Code: IS 631 IS MSc Evening Program
Course Instructor: Dr. Majed A. Albraithen
Evaluation Type: Assignment # 2
Semester: Fall 2015
Date: 18 December 2015
Duration: Open
Marks: 10 Marks
Privileges: Open Book Open Notes
Calculator Permitted Laptop Permitted

Students Names (in English): Anas Abdulrahman Bin Rokan

Students IDs: 437021055

Section No.: Section No 1 (2029)

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Student Question
Evaluation Criteria
Marks Marks
Project Report 10
Total 10

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Doc. No. 006-01-20140514
IS631 Assignment Evaluation Sheet

Criteria Major Criteria Student

No. Criteria Wight Grade
The research includes a title page and page
The research is produced in an academic
Style and 2
1 tone
Proper use of paragraphs and headings 4
Clarity of expression, eloquence and
creativity of writing
Research topic clarity 3
Several appropriate subtopics are
Logical development of the discussion
from one idea to the next
Introduction provides a context for the
Structure and research, summarizes the arguments, is of 3
Organization adequate length (about 1 page)
Conclusion summarizes the arguments
presented in the body, and negotiates the
perspectives in the research so that the
reader is left with a clear impression of
what is accomplished in the report (about
1 page)
Located appropriate academic literature 1
The report relies on contemporary and
insightful research
Proper Use and
3 Relevance of Draws out major arguments 3
Research All arguments have appropriate literature
to support them
Enough sources are used in each paragraph
or section to support the arguments
In-text citations are correct and consistent 3
Referencing /
4 Bibliographic citations are structured
Bibliography 3
correctly and consistently

Total 100

Net Total 10

Good Luck
Dr. Majed A. Albraithen

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Doc. No. 006-01-20140514
Table of Contents
Introduction ............................................................................................ 2
Project Mangers ethics .......................................................................... 3
Ethical issues related to project management ......................................... 4
References ............................................................................................. 5

What is Project Management ?

A project :is a unique, transient Endeavour, undertaken to achieve planned objectives, which could be
defined in terms of outputs, outcomes or benefits. A project is usually deemed to be a success if it achieves
the objectives according to their acceptance criteria, within an agreed timescale and budget.[1]

So , the Project management is the application of processes, methods, knowledge, skills and experience to
achieve the project objectives. [1]

And by using effective project management will have a number of benefits to organization . for example it
will :

-provide a greater likelihood of achieving the desired result.

-ensure efficient and best value use of resources.
-satisfy the differing needs of the projects stakeholders.

After having a brief idea about Project management . now let see what is the role of Project manager and
what is their responsibilities and what is the skills they needed to have .

Project manager : are the people in charge of a specific project or program within a company, they
responsible for plan, monitoring , oversee and document all aspects of the specific project they're working
on , and ensure the project is completed on time and within budget and ensure that everyone else is doing
their job properly to meet objectives of project or program .[2]
Their Typical responsibilities include :

- planning what work needs to be done, when and whos going to do it.
- carrying out risk assessment and managing these risks
- making sure the quality standards are met
- organize the various professional people working on a project
- overseeing the budget
The project managers also need to have some skills and requirements , here are some of it :
- Leadership Skills: they should to keep your employees motivated, resolve conflicts and make hard decisions
for their employees.
- Time Management: they will working with employees, customers and management, so they have to deal
with that that .
- Analytical Skills: they should be able to solve problems that may come up during a typical work day.
Also be able to analyzing data and making decisions that affect the project on a regular basis.

Project Mangers ethics
Project management discipline must include consideration of ethical considerations in satisfying the needs
of all project stakeholders and management ,so the project manager should have a special set of skills to take
charge and manage a group of people. Leaders need to get the best out of their team, no matter how
grouchy, difficult or different they all are from each other. [3]

so here are some of professional responsibility and ethics the project manager should realize it :

Respect for team members: should respect our team members by providing them with realistic schedules that
allow them to perform project work in the most optimum time. It is also our professional responsibility as project
managers to provide team members with adequate training required to carry out the work.[3]

Respect for culture: Project managers will deal with different people from different countries and different cultural
backgrounds even within the same country and are faced with cultural differences , so he/she should Using a clear
communication pattern, abiding by the regulations of the country where the project is being carried out and
identifying cultural differences of team members are some of the ways to diminish the negative effect of cultural
differences on a project. [3]

Respect for contracts: A project often consists of a number of contracts and it is manager's responsibility to engage
in good faith negotiations. and how deal with suppliers , and to make sure to provide clear information not provide the
vague information as fact to get a favorable contract. This depicts lack of respect for the other party involved in the
contract and is against the professional ethics of a project manager. [3]

communicate effectively : Project managers need to clearly communicate goals, performance, and expectations;
and they need to manage feedback coming at them from all directions. Being accessible, open, and direct is critical
for being a good communicator. Further, having the ability to persuade team members to do certain tasks a bit
differently, or work overtime when necessary, is equally as important. Overall, a project managers overall
effectiveness is often realized by the ability to communicate effectively.

Sharing the Vision with the team : for a project to work, everybody needs to have the same vision for where
exactly the project is going. Great project managers help all team members feel like they have an equal stake in a
project, and empower everyone to share and experience the groups vision. to envision their future as part of the vision
for the organization so they will to do their best.

having the Integrity : A project managers actions set the modus operandi for the team. Good leadership requires
commitment and adherence to ethical practices. Yes, projects must be profitable; and yes, there are many ways to
ensure project managers take their corporate interests into account while serving the client. However, great project
managers abide by ethical standards and rewarding those team members who follow suit is part of the responsibility of
the job. Project management should never be motivated by self-interest; rather it is the interest of the projects success
that matters most.[3]

Ethical issues related to project management
Following is an overview of some of the most common ethical issues related to project management.

Violation of Basic Rights of Workers : Unfortunately Most of the project managers misuse their powers by
violating the basic rights of workers. They engage their team members even after office timings. Moreover, they do
not give them any leave. [4]

Blaming Others : When you work in a team environment then failure of one person is considered as the failure of
whole team. This is the most ethical behavior but unfortunately most of the project managers blame their team
members or subordinates without thinking that being a project head it was also their responsibility to ensure

Making Shady Deals : this is one of biggest problems in Project management , because Money attracts everyone,
so some corrupted project managers finalize those deals that give more benefit to their own self. These deals are
mostly dangerous for the organization but still project managers accept them in order to get more value in the form of
money. If we move a step forward then fraudulent cases are very common these days.[3, 4]

Hiring a non qualification people : Sometimes project managers hire their family members, relatives or friends in
their team without considering that these people lack desired skills qualifications , and hiring people to take money
from them[4].

Ignoring Health or Safety Standards : Even that a lot of countries have protected the employees by setting
health, safety and environmental standards like here in Saudi Arabia there is a Law prevent working in high
temperature in summer but most of the project manager ignore these standards .[4]

References :

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