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EPA Budget Said To 'Zero Out' Scores Of
Programs; Cut Grants, Staff
March 01, 2017

The Trump administration's controversial plan that will require an almost 25 percent cut to the
agency's budget in fiscal year 2018 reportedly includes plans to slash state grants by 30
percent, scale back the agency's workforce by 20 percent and “zero out” almost two dozen
programs, including popular brownfields and diesel emissions grants, as well as funds for
implementing the Clean Power Plan.

The cuts are spelled out in a note from the National Association of Clean Air Agencies (NACAA),
a group that represents state and local air regulators, to its members providing details of the
“pass back” EPA received from the Office of Management & Budget (OMB) earlier this week that
launched internal talks on the agency's budget.

The NACAA document noted that agencies, including EPA, have one day to appeal pass back


The note referred in the text is attached below:

To: Members of NACAA
We have just learned that the .pass-back. from the Office of Management
and Budget to EPA on the agency.s FY 2018 budget calls for the following:
1. Grants to states, including Section 103/105 for the air program, are
recommended to be cut by 30%.

2. EPA.s budget is recommended to be cut by 25%.

3. EPA.s staff is recommended to be cut by 20% (through buy-outs, RIFs,
etc.) .

4. The following programs/grants are recommended to be zeroed out:
Alaska Native Villages
Beach and Fish programs
Brownfield projects
Clean Power Plan implementation
Climate Voluntary partnership programs‹there are 14 separate ones
Diesel Emissions Reduction Act
Endocrine grants
Energy star grants
Environmental education
Environmental justice
Geographical programs for lake Champlaign, L.I. Sound, S.F. Bay and South
Global Change Research
Mexico Border grants
Multi-purpose grants
Office of Public Engagement
Star Research grants
Small minority businesses
State indoor radon
Targeted air shed grants
U.S. Mexico Border
Water Sense

We understand that agencies, including EPA, have one day to appeal these

We will continue to keep you apprised of the latest developments.



BACKGROUND: Original documents by R. Nixon 1970 EPA, NOAA:


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