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Soraya Arghandawi

Analyse Opening Sequence of a film-The Call

I will be analysing the credits used in the 2013 hit movie The Call starring Halle Berry and
directed by Brad Anderson.

This is the first shot used in the title sequence showing

audiences the films distribution company TriStar who
would have contributed towards the films financing and
the method by which the film should be exhibited or made
available for viewing.

The next shots are of WWE

Studios and Troika Pictures
which are the 2 producers.
These are the 2 companies
that have created the film with
relation to accounting,
scheduling, casting etc.

This shot tells the audience who the director of the film is.
Brad Anderson is an award winning film director, best known
for having directed other films such as The Machinist. He
was nominated for The Edgar Award for Best Motion
Screenplay and won at the Deauville Film Festival. From this
shot the audience become aware that he has directed this
movie and may encourage them to keep watching.

This is a birds eye view shot of the main actress Halle Berry
she plays an important role in this film and plays a role of a
main female protagonist. Halle Berry is a well-known actress,
she has won an Academy Award for Best Actress in 2002 for
her performance in Monsters Ball and has won a golden
globe. This encourages people to watch the film because of
her reputation.

This is the name of the film, it is shown against a busy city

and a skyscraper which could be the shown the film is set in
or that the film will be fast paced and full of dramatic
Soraya Arghandawi

The following shots show

the rest of the actors
name. These are the
names of the characters
who play the supporting
roles alongside the main
actress. Because they are the first 2 names shown for the supporting actors it suggests they
still play fairly significant roles compared to the other actors that appear after.

The next 2 shots show the name of the rest of the cast members
who may have played minor roles in the film. This is made aware
to the audience as their names are grouped together and not
individually like the others.

The costume designers name is shown in this shot, this is who

was in charge for the clothing that the characters were wearing.
They play a key part in the film as these designers set the
atmosphere of the production creating a verisimilitude and
therefore add realism to the films narrative.

This shot tells us who the sound design in the film was by.

This shot tells us who was in charge for the music in the movie, this
is a vital role as music is one of the crucial aspects that creates a
certain atmosphere in a films narrative.

This shot makes the viewers aware of who was accountable for
assembling all the shots within the sequence. The director works
beside the films editor to make sure the plot of the film is made
clear to the audience.
Soraya Arghandawi

This shows the viewers who the co-

executive and executive producers
for the movie are. As Allen Church
and Dale Rosenblooms names are
written above the 2 other executive
producers it suggests these 2 have
more authority over the others. The co-executive producers part is to work together with the
executive producers and producers to guarantee the film is produced positively and succeed
with time-keeping.

The shot makes the audience aware of the movies

producers. Their role is to supervise the entire project,
they work meticulously together with the members of
the production team and cast to make sure everything
is running effortlessly.

The following shots display the names of the other 3

producers in the film. Since their names are presented
in a separate shot together it could assume they are
less significant directors in comparison to Jeff Graup
and Micheal J. Luisi.