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Sorry but compare Sarah's concert ticket prices with Regine from 2012 up to now. Regine concerts are
FAR MORE expensive THAN SARAH! Regine's concert are either 90%+ soldout or SOLD OUT OR

Sarah just this year has series of flops on her PROVINCIAL concerts. Two of them was even postponed.
Regine at 46 never postponed or has not experienced flop concerts in PH or in US!

Regine's album are also more expensive than Sarah! Her Last album with Universa Records before she
signed with VIVA this year became PLATINUM IN LESS THAN THREE WEEKS. Sarah's album in her
last two releases became platinum after 6mos and 10mos. If this is Sarah's time she's not doing it more
impressively than Regine

Regine remains a fast selling recording artist at 40s, the most attended concert performer in PH and
remains the most influential vocalist UP TO NOW. Almost all aspiring Filipino singers look up to her
even today. Even young divas we have now who can easily annihilate Sarah on stage treat Regine as ONE
TRUE Queen! Because among all artists we have and in stricter sense of the word "DIVA", SHES THE
ONLY LEGITIMATE DIVA in PH! All this young divas including your Sarah will be forgotten but not
Regine. Because she is a LEGEND, AN AUTHORITY, not just an ordinary star or superstar.

On the eve of the new millennium, as part of BBC's Millennium Special 2000 Today, Velasquez, together
with some 2,000 Filipino youth, she sang the Philippine millennium theme, "Written in the Sand". This
was broadcasted by BBC to 67 countries reaching almost a billion viewers
When it comes to LIVE singing, Regine has been singing for more than 20 years now. While other divas
have deterioated dramatically, the LYRIC SOPRANO Regine is still singing with her 4-OCTAVE
SKYROCKETING SOLID FULL VOCALS. Therefore, Regine, the ASIA'S SONGBIRD is certainly one
of the greatest voices...if not, the GREATEST FEMALE LIVE PERFORMER in the WORLD!
In all honesty and objectivity(regardless of worldwide popularity) REgine Velasquez of the Philippines, is
the greatest singer of all time. I've seen and heard Mariah Carey, Celine dion and Whitney Houston
perform. But no one gives me goosebumps like Regine does. Her voice is just a miracle! Incredible chest
voice range, Crystal-like voice, controlled and sweet belting. Those vocal qualities amaze and touch the
heart at the same time. I thank God for giving her to the Filipinos!

Regine Velasquez was the first Filipino to stage a solo concert at the Main Hall of Carnegie Hall, part of
Carnegie Hall's centennial-year concert series. Her album, Listen Without Prejudice, achieved platinum
certification in seven countries. In 2000, she performed the country's millennial theme, televised in 55
broadcast networks throughout the world to coincide with midnight in Manila.

Regine Velasquez will always be Asia's prized Songbird. A lot of new singers have emerged but she
remains incomparable. I just love her!
Regine must be the number 1 because she is better than sarah brightman she can control her voice she is
the only woman who can belt without screaming and longest note too try to watch the other video of mrs.
Regine and watch how she are controling her voice. She is the only singer who can reache 8 octave and
B5 B5 is the highest note ever!
Nothing beats the one who started it all! Despite her popularity in almost 21years in the business she
remains to be down to earth and she never get tired of helping new talents! She's the inspiration of many
singers that has just started in the showbiz.. Not only young ones but to everyone! She's legendary and
simply irreplaceable! Peace out!

Asian Journal

"A rare breed of singer with strong lungs & well trained breathing...a

certain kind of vocal resonance and proficiency.

Philippine Daily Inquirer

This gifted songbird has proven time and again that she is a versatile

performer and interpreter of songs in diverse styles from the kundiman inspired

to love songs, she has shown depth and has displayed her powerful range. Regine

is undoubtedly a great chanteuse who has deepened her vocal interpretations with

the RIGHT EMOTIONS. (yung iba kasi me emotion nga mali naman ang emosyong na


3. Manila Bulletin
"Most of our top selling new female singers are still and mere parrots of

her in terms of vocal acrobatics and predilection to show off her high


4. Benigno Teodoro

Hearing her is hearing an extraordinary virtuoso belt out a song.The melody

comes out like a flight of eagles when it does not stay in the air like mists

around a mountain.

What also makes Regine stand out is a pristine youth and a pristine innocence

even as she performs like an old-time pro. But what vocal power this girl has!

She holds a high note like Samson holding the pillars of a trembling building.

You wonder where the powers come from for Regine is spare, with no heaving

bosom like Mae West had heaving bosom.

5. Audie Gemora

She's absolutely giving and of course, the voice is a miracle." Nonon

Padilla (stage director; he directed "Noli Me Tangere" where Regine

played Maria Clara): "She's great, her voice is just wonderful. She has

the voice for the theater - which is unusual because now the talents that you
get have tiny voices, they don't have voices that project well onstage. (In)

this musical, it's not so difficult because we use mics, but with (Regine) even

without mics, she can be heard (in the whole theater)."

7. Leah Gatdula, Music Journalist

"Her vocal power remains unmatched by any local performer or even another

Asian artist. I saw Coco Lee perform live in Hong Kong for the launch of her

debut album but Regine is a far better performer than the Chinese-American

singer. When Regine sings she does not only entertain, she captivates and

enthralls the audience and leaves them in awe."

8. Brian McKnight

I have to tell you..I have worked with a lot of people, and youre.. I have to

put you right up the top of the list of the most talented people I have worked


"I feel like the luckiest man in the planet to be able to sing with such
an incredible talent. "

When asked who his favorite Filipino artist is, McKnight answers without

skipping a beat. "My favorite's Regine. Regine must be one of the greatest

singers that I've heard anywhere. She can hold her own next to anyone. I doubt

that anybody would want to come behind her after she sings."

9. Michel Legrand

Its tough to sing a song after Barbra Streisand, I will tell youBut to sing

with Regine is, I'm in heaven..She sings so wellshe has such an extraordinary

technical voiceand sensitive voice and talented expression.

"The first time I heard her sing, I said to myself, 'what the hell? I owe

it to the rest of the world to introduce this voice to them'. She is the voice

with both the range and the heart - which is like none I've ever heard of in my

entire career."

"I am very privileged to have performed with this very talented lady here.

And each time Regine sings my songs, I couldnt help but say she sings the best

versions. I just never heard my songs sound so well."

10. Peabo Bryson

And I must say that this maybe the only female vocalist in the world who can

rival Celine Dion.

11. David Kozz

How about this round of applause for this incredible voice! I never heard that

song sounding great. Thank you so much!

12. Jacky Cheung

"She was eating (pizza), something which I never did when I try to record

a song. That was very amazing to me. That was the first time I ever did a duet

with any artist. She has a very talented mind and gifted voice.

You have worked with many female singers now including Priscilla (Chan),

Shirley (Kwan) - Let's face it, almost every Polygram artist at that time.

Sandy (Lam) and Kit (Chan), in your musical, Snow, Wolf, Lake. If you had to

choose, who would you say was the most memorable

"I would have to say Regine (Velasquez). Her singing is totally awesome. But

it isn't just her technique. Yes, she has an excellent range, etc, but it
wasn't until I was actually in the studio to hear her record the song that I

realized just how good she is. The way she used her voice, and how she rendered

every note and phrase left me speechless. I just stood there wondering,

"How am I going to match this, or compliment it to do it justice?" It

was that serious, but also that wonderful."

13. Lea Salonga

Local singers known for performing in this (belting) style are regine velasquezalthough

I have to give her props for exploring the quieter, more soothing aspects of

her range. Truth be told, I sometimes envy the biriters PIPES OF STEEL; The

heights that their voices can reach and the physical stamina that their efforts


"I love her voice.. it's very clean, very soothing, but at the same time

very powerful. And that (vocal) range, what a magnificent range! So


14. Charice

" She's already a legend and everybody idolizes her including my mother

Raquel "Kaye" Relucio Pempengco. My mommy has bought almost all of

Ate Regine's CDs and tapes and watched her videos. She's a sweet person. Not

many people know that she's actually a shy person. Her voice is so powerful -
sweet but powerful.

15. Martin Nievera

But to sing with Regine and this is the truth that every male singer would say

the same thing is our biggest fear. We have to try to be just like Regine. We

try to sing on the same level, the same adlib, the same volume. We just cant

do it! I am humbled by this woman. My favorite singer of all time, Regine

Velasquez. Still the Voice to beat!

17. Agot Isidro

when asked about which singer shes afraid to perform with, she mentioned

Regines name and added, Magaling talaga siya, kahit may sakit siya hindi

napa-flat ang voice niya.

18. Kuh Ledesma

"The consummate artist, very professional and very talented. Truly

warrants envy from everyone else in the industry.

20. Dulce

The World knows that you (regine) are the most wonderful vocal chord the
Philippine has ever produced.

21. Ryan Cayabyab

"Regine is a perfect example of a home grown singer with a real yung

talagang totoong totoong talent...Nasa tuktok siya e. NO one can argue that

fact. No other singer can argue that fact."

"... She has learned the right vocal placement and she now sings just like

that," he snaps his fingers.

22. MTV Asia Through Coco Lee

The diva of all divas.

23. Charo Santos-Concio -

She's the best... no one else comes close

24. Apo Hiking Society

"Regine is one very good singer. She has a powerful voice. Tamang-tama

lang yung timing ng pagmamature niya sa kanyang career. For her age, it is

quite unusual na ma-reach niya yung peak ng kanyang singing career compared to

her contemporaries. And we are very sure that she is going to maintain her

status as Class A singer (tama ang hula nila)

25. Pops Fernandez

Regine is her and Martins favorite singer. She even expressed admiration for

Regines powerful voice and the ability to sing any type of songs. She humbly

admitted that she couldnt do that and theres a limit to the songs that she

could sing.

Vocal Type: Lyric Soprano

Vocal Range: 4 Octaves 1 semiton B2-B6
Vocal Pluses: Regine Velasquez is able to reach low notes with relative ease, due in part to her good
technique and understanding of her voice. The bottom notes are dark and heavy, and are connected nicely
to the range meaning she can utilise them in vocal runs that start higher in the range. Regine Velasquez'
midrange is noticeably lighter than the lower half of the range, but is solid and stoic, with a characterful
quality that makes it identifiable as belonging to her. The Belting range is bright, pure and elastic, being
able to reach an impressive B5 with the aid of mixing with the head voice.The sound can be made fuller
and more resonant, without mixing, but the voice becomes less palatable as it travels up the fifth octave.
The head voice is sharp, bright and punchy with a weight to it.

Regine Velasquez' low, mid and head voice can all have their timbre and tone manipulated to produce a
sweeter and softer sound that has a lyrical, expressive and slightly breathy quality to it- see Fallin'.

The voice is dexterous and athletic, able to sing complex vocal runs, throughout the range, as well as to
hold a note, on pitch, for impressive periods of time without problem-see Regine's cover of All By Myself.

Vocal Negatives: Notes after a E5 tend to sound like shouting, especially when not mixed or placed
correctly or having vibrato applied to them . Also, Regine Velasquez' vocal styling seems to be influenced
too much by western Diva's meaning she has not defined a sound of her own