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Global Warming

Thesis : Global warming is a complex phenomenon,

and its full-scale impacts are hard to predict far in advance. But each year
people learn more about what causes global warming.

Argument 1 : People argue that vehicles and industries pollution

make global warming happen. We know that emission gas of industries
and vehicles cause increasing of carbon dioxide and air vapor in
atmosphere which makes world temperature hotter, called greenhouse

Argument 2 : Illegal logging is one of causes global warming. For

example, in our country, Indonesia, illegal logging is most popular
activity. Many people, government or commoners like do it. Ironic, they
know, if they cut trees more and more, temperature of world will
increase. Consequently, Earth to be hotter. But no one care with this

Argument 3 : Using electricity much more, cause temperature of

earth warm up. In common, people produce energy with fossil power that
makes carbon dioxide in atmosphere increase.
RecommendatioN : Finally, I think that people must be more care about
this phenomenon. Some activity can us do to reduce effect of global
warming. Among these:
Modernize power plants and generate electricity from non-pollutingsources
Cut our electricity use through energy efficiency
Using car that run cleaner and burn less gas

1. What is the tittle of the text?

a. Green house effect
b. Global warming
c. Illegal logging
d. Using electricity
e. Using of fossil gas

2. What does people argue that make global warming happen?

a. Rubbish
b. Electricity
c. Vehicles and industries
d. Burning of forest
e. Nothing

3. What does the result of the using of emission gas of industries

and vehicles?
a. Make our earth so cold
b. To save our earth
c. To clean our atmosphere
d. Decrease carbon dioxide in atmosphere
e. Increase carbon dioxide in atmosphere

4. increasing of carbon dioxide and air vapor in atmosphere which makes world
temperature hotter. It called?
a. Conduction
b. Global warming
c. Green house effect
d. Glass house effect
e. Pollution of atmosfer

5. In Indonesia, what is the most popular activity that people do that can make
global warming?
a. Throw the rubbish
b. Killing animal
c. Make conservation
d. Protect the sea
e. Illegal logging

6. What does that make carbon dioxide is increasing except industries and
a. Illegal logging
b. Electicity and fossil gas
c. Modernize power plants
d. Protect the sea
e. smoking