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w sro, sonra se Los Angeles, CA 90013 WEINGART. (213) 627-9000 August 5, 2016 Ms. Gracye Liu General Manager DONE/Empower LA. 200 North Spring Strect, Suite 2005 Los Angeles, California 90012 Dear Ms. Liv, On bebalf of the Weingart Center Association (WCA), we express our support for the creation of the Skid Row Neighborhood Couneil, ‘With all ofthe numerous issues, including homelessness and mental illness, that need to be addressed in the area commonly known as "the homeless capitol of America", a pioneering governing body encompassed with representation of the local residents, businesses, non-profit organizations and other ‘Skid Row stakcholders, which include ars, crafis and culture, the opportunity presents itself for the {ormation of « platform whieh we think will help to ereate the nevessary solutions to change Skid Row for the better. ‘As the most comprehensive health and human services organization benefiting homeless individuals in Downtown Los Angeles, we understand that true change is only possible when the oot causes of homelessness are addressed and long-term solutions are applied, ‘Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 213) 689-2180 or Sincerely, Murray (ret) Padsident & Chief Executive Officer ‘Teele Cena Aecten 3 S02) Po rat ager, Tox 10 0S 054617

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