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The Aftermath and Response

The Leaders React

We have much to discuss and time as you know is ever our enemy. As Grand Imperial Wyvern of the Knights of Watch, I, Magnus
Vrianian, decree on behalf of our order that we shall recognize the legitimate reign of both King Roderick Thorn of the Independent
Kingdom of Nume Eor and the sovereignty of the Theocracy of Ravonnar.

Cheers went up from the successful delegations after the announcement. Meanwhile, the delegate from the new Salinmoor
Empire raised an objection to the Knights decision. What about us?

You have been found wanting, as your delegation failed to pass the Tests of Heironeous, He who is sacred to our Order. The
Imperial Wyvern informed her. She left the room abruptly, no doubt to advise her liege lord, King Corenth Secunforth, of her
failure. The Keoish delegates were disappointed with the mixed results, and also soon took their leave, although they accorded the
Knights proper respect and left with their pride intact. They had the Wyrd King to answer to, and they had best do so swiftly.

Upon receiving the news, King Roderick immediately shared it with his bride, Queen Venaria Secunforth Thorn. But what does
this result mean for my brother? She asked, her concern etched on her brow. And what of our alliance with Salinmoor? Will the
Knights honor their commitment to Nume Eor if Keoland should invade Salinmoor and Nume Eor were to intervene?

I know not my Queen. Roderick scowled. He was somewhat disappointed that Salinmoor s representatives had failed, as it
complicated his larger plan. I can tell you this, I doubt not that Duke Luschan will take advantage of the Knights refusal to protect
Salinmoor and attempt to bring your brother to heel.

Poor Corenth. Venaria shook her head sadly. I pray for his safety. Will we not aid him should Keoland invade Salinmoor?

Well have to consider it. Roderick replied. We have much to consider these days. Wed best prepare for the worst.

King Corenth threw his goblet across the throne room from his manor in Seaton, splattering red wine across the embroidered
tapestries. Damn the Knights! Damn Keoland! Damn the delegates! Is there no one I can trust!?! Is there no one who is
competent!?! His retainers looked on without answer.

Prelate Adria finished reading missive with a smile and handed the scroll across the table to her dinner companion before
continuing with her meal.
"This is excellent news" Althon Ofcyn, Wily Lammasu and former Margrave said with a hint of surprise. "Your champions were
well chosen."
"The seasoned champions of Keoland were defeated by a shepherd, a saint, a minstrel and a plucky little halfling. Their victory
mirrors our own trials of the past few years. We have you to thank."
The former Margrave shook his head. "I left my need for sycophants at your gate when I offered my services, no need to feed an
old man's pride." He sat back, watching the Prelate for a moment before he spoke again. "So what now Your Holiness? Join with
the other new nations in rebellion against Keoland, take on the Silent Tower and the Wyrd himself?"
The Prelate scoffed, "Rebellion, Revolution? As if the laws of man, even the Wyrd can ever hold authority over the laws of a
god. No my dear Althon my plan is simply to save this realm from being plunged into darkness and to do so by any means I have at
my disposal." Her eyes met the knight with an impossibly hard stare. "Now, tell me what you know of the Seventh Precept."

The Wyrd King knew of the Knights decision almost before it was made. So be it. He whispered softly. He gestured to one
of his white-robed minions from his seat in the Silent Tower. ~Ill need to speak with Duke Luschan Sellark of House Rhola be-
fore he demands that something be done about these upstart kings. Make the customary arrangements.~ The Silent One in
attendance nodded before turning on his heel making the long ascension from the Cenotaph.