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POWER HOUSE ‘Doc-REPNO: PH-IMS-SP10-FROL Wi POWER HOUSE REV/SSUE: 02/01 ies vor NON CONFIRMITY DATE —_: 07/02/2016 | REPORT Pages 12 Identification: Code: IEILOMRC0D69 Originator Name: abe cas Ap Date: 8/1/2017 Supplier: ¢ CI : NA PR.NO: N/A NCR NO.: 4-2017 WONO: 195/2016 Part Description: Protetion Panel Part NO: ' NIA Drawing NO/SAMPLE: AS Quantity: i Found in What Activity? Choong 1 Inspection In- Process Inspection Final Inspection © Other 2: Deser T, The drawing is not matched with the executed panel as in Pages (2 4.5.6 and 7). 2. The Gauges of Suction, Discharge and Mechanical Seal Pressures are not found in the panel. 3. There are wires jointed with tape. 4, The places of gauges need to grinding 3. Recommended Actior Page 1 of2 2 (Name: Fakir E-Din El-Sayed | Designation: .C Engineer [Signatures Disposi Dates: DO Use asis © Return to Supplier \) Repair Reject |) Rework | Request Concession 1 Other Name: Designation: Signature: ‘orrection Action re |neceleyens GOL Bus Abe ecu ese = POWzL @ wd owt oo “daleearyy le i Responuble mnagr Responsible Sector Manager Bg Motamed Essar Eng. Aymen Bisa signature &Date sine ae 5- Approval of correction a {¢ manager signature &Date 6. Closing of non-conformity NON CONFORMANCE CLOSURE: Planned disposition is aecepted, andes been competed as required, Corectve and preventative has bec initiated and cchangesMrecommendations implemented. Name: Designation: Signature: Page 2 of 2