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Program Goals Inputs Activities Outputs Short Term Outcomes Long Term Outcomes

Overall Program Goals -Funding -Ensure that the film -Number of education -Film critique becomes - Students who
-Facilities review program is coordinators effectively the focus of the film participate in film
To optimize Film -Post-secondary running as intended. collaborating and review sessions. review sessions are
Review sessions in instructors -Ensure transparency of attending meetings -Transportation times seen to be progressing
order to improve -Education the film review session with the post- are limited and each along with their peers
critical thinking skills coordinators between the post- secondary instructors. site performs their own and continue to meet
and image quality -Clinical preceptors secondary instructors -Number of meetings film review sessions. expectations in
produced by -Lesson plans and education between the post- -Missed scanning time scanning skills.
Sonography students. -Assessment tasks coordinators. secondary instructors is decreased to 4 hours
(quizzes, presentations) -Collaborate and create and education or less.
quizzes that contain coordinators. -Students are not
current information -Number of resources judged on their
and answers. shared among post- scanning skills based on
- Facilitate resource secondary instructors their performance
sharing so that content and education during the film review
of the film review coordinators sessions.
sessions is consistent -Content delivered in
with that taught at the the film review sessions
post-secondary or in administered
institute. quizzes is consistent
-Confirm with that taught at the
transportation times post-secondary
and costs for students institute.
to go from one site to -Improved
another. transparency between
-Ensure that education the post-secondary
coordinators and instructors and the
clinical preceptors are education
not judging the coordinators.
students scanning skills
based on performance
at the film review
-Confirm duration of
the film review sessions
to ensure student
learning is optimized.
Benefit to Students -Funding -Introduce new -Number of students -Students are engaged -Film review sessions
-Facilities students to the film participating in the film in the film review help students to
-Improve critical -Post-secondary review sessions. review sessions each sessions. identify areas where
thinking skills instructors -Teach students to set week. -Students learn how to they need to improve
-Improve image quality -Education realistic scanning goals -Number of film review set realistic scanning their image quality and
in clinical settings coordinators and knowledge skills sessions offered to and knowledge goals. create plans to achieve
-Encourage progress -Clinical preceptors -Helps students each student. -Students develop this.
and growth in overall -Lesson plans develop plans to meet -Number of students learning plans and -Film review sessions
scanning skills -Assessment tasks their goals creating goals and monitor their progress allow for the student to
(quizzes, presentations) -Teach students film creating plans. through evaluation and evaluate and reflect on
critique strategies -Number of students reflection. their work and monitor
-Teach students how to using strategies to -Students accept and their progress.
evaluate their progress improve their image apply feedback from
in scanning and quality. post-secondary
critiquing throughout -Number of students instructors, education
the film review sessions evaluating their work coordinators, and
(from week to week). on a weekly basis. preceptors to adjust
-Encourage students to -Number of students their learning.
reflect of their weekly reflecting on their -
progress progress weekly.
Benefit to Education - Funding -Train education - Number of meetings -Education -Education
Coordinators -Facilities coordinators how to with post-secondary coordinators coordinators enjoy
-Post-secondary collaborate with the instructors the collaborate to modify collaborating with the
Create a collaborative instructors students to help them education coordinators teaching and learning. students through the
approach to ensure -Education develop and reach attend. -Confidence in the film film review sessions.
student success in coordinators scanning and -Number of education review sessions -Education
clinical settings. -Clinical preceptors knowledge skills. coordinators using the increases coordinators
-Lesson plans -Education collaborative approach. -Education appreciate the
To provide education -Assessment tasks coordinators run the -Number of education coordinators consistency of the
coordinators with (quizzes, presentations) film review sessions in coordinators evaluating understand how the content between them
samples to evaluate such a way to provide a student progress from students goals improve and the post-secondary
students progress and beneficial experience week to week. their scanning and instructors.
adjust their practicum for the student to -Amount of feedback knowledge progress. -Education
teaching. improve their critical provided to the -Education coordinators use
thinking and overall students. coordinators provide evidence from the
image quality. -Number of education students with feedback weekly film review
-Education coordinators using that will help them sessions to make
coordinators evaluate collaboration with the progress in their decisions regarding
student progress from student and evidence scanning skills and student progress and
week to week by from weekly film knowledge. adjust their clinical
observing less of the review sessions to -Education teaching as required.
mistakes that were adjust their clinical coordinators evaluate
critiqued the week teaching. student progress on a
prior. weekly basis.
coordinators provide
students with feedback
that will help them
achieve their scanning
and knowledge skills.
coordinators use
evidence from weekly
film critiques to adjust
their clinical teaching.