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Manchester Leathermen AGM 04/03/2017 Minutes

1. Welcome and apologies

Apologies from Joe King and Lorenz Becker sent.

2. One minute silence for members of the community no longer with us

3. Opportunity for comment on reports from President Ian, General Secretary

Saxon and Memberships Officer Peter
Thanks given from President Ian to Saxon and the Core Team in helping to build a
club of nearly 160 members.

4. Approval of the accounts for the year 2016-17

Approved upon the agreement that 3172.84 in miscellaneous costs be furthered
itemised in the next MLM newsletter.

Agreement to amend total income for reporting period 13,290.32 to the correct
figure of 13,290.34.

President Ian gave a brief explanation re. 2 badge fees paid per member to ECMC
for affiliation. This is given to help support clubs in Eastern Europe and that no-one at
ECMC takes any of this money.

5. The confirmed core team for 2017-18

The Core Team for 2017-18 confirmed at the AGM as:
General Secretary - Saxon Whittle
Membership Officer - Peter Smyth
Treasurer - Michael Walsh
Business Officer Rob Youngs
Shop Officer David Butler
Events Officer Andrew Cross
News Officer Lorenz Becker
Communications Officer Joshi Williams
Webmaster OPEN

Joshi Williams requested and it was agreed that Social Media and Media Officer
posts be combined and for him to take up this role.

6. Goodbye message from President Ian

President Ian reiterated his belief that a younger president is needed to ensure the
continuing success of the club.

7. Nominations and election of President

One member expressed concern about only one nominee for the role of President.

Tony Roscoe was confirmed as President by 23 (including two proxy) votes.

8. Supporters subscription for 2016-17

The question of increasing the subscription fee to 15 (inc. P&P of membership
packs) was raised and, after debate, was approved.

The General Secretary agreed to look into making concessions available.

9. Opportunity for comments on the constitution

i. Membership to remain valid for one calendar year, not until the next AGM
ii. Life membership to be added
Manchester Leathermen AGM 04/03/2017 Minutes

Items i) and ii) were both approved.

10. Current issues (non-financial)

i. Manchester Leather Weekend and UK Leather Pride
Confirmation from the General Secretary that European title holders are all
boycotting UK Leather Pride.

ii. Website blog, copy and admin

Call for copy for the website anything submitted should be sent to the
General Secretary.

iii. Gear stash

Agreement that the gear stash should be sold at a special event (TBC).

11. Programme and frequency of club meetings

i. Review of the move to Delicatezze
No objections.

ii. A mid-monthly standalone meeting/Mancsbound

Request from the General Secretary that help is given is organising any
additional events and a reminder that all MLM members are able to attend
Mancsbound meetings free of charge.

iii. BLUF Manchester

Support expressed by the AGM for the upcoming BLUF event in March 2017.

iv. Manchester Rubber Weekend

The possibility of holding an event at the weekend was discussed and general
support expressed.

v. Pride 2017 marching with Manchester Rubbermen

Agreement to march with Manchester Rubbermen in August 2017.

12. Manchester Leathermen Ltd.

The General Secretary reiterated the importance of protecting the club.

13. AOB
A request that the registration process at Manchester Leather Weekend be improved
for 2017.

14. Meeting close

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