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Four Spiritual Laws of

By Edwene Gaines

Class Agreements
All points of view are valid and contribute to a
greater understanding of prosperity

Use I statements

Get willing to show up and share your ideas and

energy. Your sharing makes a difference.

Get willing to be responsible for your own


Have FUN!
What is Prosperity?

Each of us has a concept of prosperity. As we

begin this journey together:

Share your name

What is prosperity to you?

What called you here tonight?

Renewing Prayer

Father Mother God, I invite the Holy Spirit to

take charge of my journey to prosperity. I let go
of all that has gone before and I now begin
anew. I am free and forgiven for all the
mistakes I have made in the past. I open myself
now to expressing a brand new magnificence. I
open myself to the infinite possibilities that are
mine to choose.

Renewing Prayer

I open myself to receiving all the goodness I can

have and to all the greatness I can achieve. I
invite the Holy Spirit to heal my body, to
harmonize my emotions, to renew my mind, to
fill me now with a mighty faith that empowers
me and allows me to commit to be all that I can
be. And so it is. And so we let it be.

Edwene Gaines: Prosperity

A vitally alive physical body to provide a

comfortable worldly home for the spiritual being I

Relationships that are satisfying, nurturing, honest

and work all the time.

Work that I love so much that its not work, its play

And all the money I can spend

Fillmore: Prosperity

The consciousness of God as the abundant,

everywhere present resource, unfailing, ready
for all who open themselves to it through faith.

They that seek Jehovah shall not want any good

thing. ! ! ! ! ~ Psalms 34:10

Fillmore: Prosperity

In demonstrating prosperity, you should praise

and give thanks for every little evidence of
financial improvement. Be confident of the
immediate co-operation of God's Spirit with
you in bringing to pass that for which you have
given thanks. The divine resource never fails.
God is your prosperity. Stamp this thought
daily on your mind and you will reap financial

Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity

You must tithe 10 percent of all that you receive to

the person, place or institution where you have
received your spiritual food.

You must set clear-cut goals.

You must forgive everyone all the time, especially


You must seek, discover and follow your divine


Basic Beliefs

God is active and present in everything,

everywhere, all around us.

God is within me, and because God is within

me, I am naturally good.

I am not at the mercy of fate. Instead, I create

my experience by what I choose to think and
believe and feel

Basic Beliefs

I am not alone. Prayer is a tool I can use to

connect with God and to receive guidance

By living my personal truth, I do and give my

best to the world. I have the power to make a

What DO you Believe?

Money is....

The economy is....

My biggest fear about money is....

I am....

Goal of Money

We must realize that the power to create change

in this world is not through money.

The power is within us, as a spark of the Divine

The goal is to use money to do whatever your

heart leads you to do, and to do that which
fulfills your purpose.

Accepting ourself

Are you willing to accept and own your


Life is about enjoying and appreciating

everything life has to offer. Through joy, we
glorify God.

Material things

Is it greedy to desire material things?

What is greed?


When you say: I want this and I dont want you

to have it.

Money is like Love

The more you give away the more you have.

Emerson: You cant out give God

Giving up the Good LIfe

For the better life.

At some point as we gain more we recognize

our material possessions are not what makes us

You have made spiritual progress when you can

have your things, or not, and be happy no
matter what.

Prosperity Belief

I am rich with unlimited possibilities!

Learning to Ask

From now on, whatever you request along the lines of who I am and what I am
doing, I'll do it. That's how the Father will be seen for who he is in the Son. I mean
it. Whatever you request in this way, I'll do. John 14:13

Playing with Affirmations

An affirmation is a statement about what is

really true despite appearances.

When you make a positive statement with

conviction, you open up a space in your life for
that good to appear.


Choose 3 to 5 affirmations.

Write them out and speak them aloud three

times per day for twenty-one days.

Make a list of what you want in your life.

Are you willing to Receive