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Work smarter with cloud solutions
FUJI Xerox recently introduced its The new ApeosPort-VI C/ it out from your computers, do is access the cloud folder and
Smart Work Gateway concept DocuCentre-VI C7771 series creates laptops, mobile devices and more. hit print instead of walking to
which supports diverse workstyles a communication environment With Cloud Service Hub, you your computer.
to enable business persons to that improves productivity in the can work better and be in sync
perform optimally by workplace by integrating the with your team at all times even l Save time on
collaborating with cloud service Cloud Service Hub a new when you are on the go all you converting files Before sending
partners and offering various platform that links multifunction need is an Internet connection. documents, pictures and data to
communication tools tailored to devices with multiple standard Cloud Service Hub allows you print, Cloud Service Hub
suit individual needs and cloud services such as Box, to: automatically converts different
preferences. Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, l Collaborate better Team file formats into PDF files. A
With Smart Work Gateway, Fuji OneDrive, SharePoint Online and members can conveniently upload wide range of file formats are
Xerox aims to create an ecosystem Fuji Xerox Working Folder. content by scanning it from any supported.
where its multifunctional devices Cloud Service Hub takes Fuji Xerox device in real time and
are organically linked with its own working in the cloud to the next store up-to-date copies in the l Enjoy high-level data
as well as its partners cloud level. shared folder for each other to security With Cloud Service
services. It helps businesses already in access. Hub, you can have peace of mind
As important components that the cloud make their day-to-day knowing that your data is safe.
constitute the Smart Work operations even more efficient by l Retrieve files in a snap Data transmission is highly
Gateway concept, Fuji Xerox Asia offering a user-friendly, secure and You can access multiple cloud secure and cloud storage is
Pacific also introduces 14 models seamless scan-store-print platforms through a single sign-on protected by an SSL certificate,
of cloud-friendly, digital colour workflow. as well as scan and print data to SSL encryption and data centre
multifunctional devices under its Cloud Service Hub integrates and from these cloud services. security compliance.
ApeosPort-VI C/DocuCentre-VI multiple cloud systems with a In addition, you can browse With Cloud Service Hub, you
C7771 series. single sign-on feature so that you folders from these cloud services can save time, reduce
Fuji Xerox believes that the key can have a standard interface through a single search without miscommunication and focus on
to balancing work and life is to when collaborating and managing having to remember where what matters most growing
boost the productivity of work information. To locate your file, all exactly you have stored your files. your business and maximising
processes by enabling easy access you need to do is enter one profits. Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific introduces
to ever-increasing data as well as keyword instead of sifting through l Print on the go Cloud 14 models of cloud-friendly, digital
the efficient use of relevant all your folders. Service Hub offers users the ability n For more information, colour multifuntional devices under its
information anytime, anywhere In addition, you can scan your to print remotely. For example, in call 1300 885 880 or visit ApeosPort-VI C/DocuCentre-VI
and in the required format. data directly to the cloud and print business meetings, all you need to C7771 series.
2 Tech World SUNDAY STAR, 12 MARCH 2017

Masters of the elements

CASIOS G-SHOCK range of watches
has always been a staple among
those who crave the thrill of the
With its newest Master of G
series, G-SHOCK has built on its
shock-resistant structure by adding
more specialised functions to Into the sky shock-resistant structure.
stand the harshest conditions The terrestrial radio wave GWG-
imaginable. In essence, it is a range The Casio G-SHOCK Gravity reception allows for time
of timepieces for professionals who Master is the timepiece for calibration signal reception
like to take life to the extreme. explorers and those who crave an from six transmission
Part of the Master of G series, adventure. stations worldwide with
G-SHOCKSs tough structure The reinforced body with its automatic time correction
protects components in the watch Triple G Resists structure can realised in Japan, North
against breakage and malfunctions withstand external shocks, America, Europe and
due to dropping and other shocks. centrifugal forces resulting from China.
The module floats in a hollow sudden acceleration or sharp turns, Prompt analysis of
structure inside the case to cushion and vibrations due to air current time and daylight
it from external shocks. This basic turbulence. saving time data enables the
shock-resistant structure, which is The watch is equipped with GPW-1000 to display the correct
G-SHOCKs core technology, has Casios global timekeeping system time, all the time.
been passed down to every model that acquires accurate time The GPS satellite radio wave
since the first G-SHOCK model hit GPW- information for the current reception, on the other hand, uses
the market. 1000 location anywhere in the world. an original GPS algorithm.
The Master of G series It features world time function Map data dividing the entire
Gulfmaster, Gravity Master and capable of direct universal time globe into a grid comprising 500m
Mudmaster are set to accompany by the sea. coordinate display, making it an units is prepared based on the
you on your next extreme The GWN-1000 by Casio essential timepiece for pilots. position of information obtained
expedition. Gulfmaster is water resistant up to The Casio Gravity Master and used to identify the watchs The GWG-1000s vibration-
200m and is solar powered. The GPW-1000 comes current location with high resistant structure is made possible
Braving the riptide watch is equipped with Casios
smart access feature that combines
with a diamond-
like carbon
With this feature, rapid
with an alpha gel packed under
and around the module to protect
Built for the voyagers of the sea, a multi-mission drive with an coating that setting of locational time the watch from malfunctions or
the Casio G-SHOCK Gulfmaster is electronic crown switch that gives has the unique differences is enabled damage due to vibrations. Washers
equipped with Casios Quad Sensor users intuitive control over properties of by grouping and securing the lug nuts help prevent
in addition to a shock-resistant multiple functions. natural analysing areas that the loosening of the band due to
structure. The simple crown operation diamonds low share the same vibrations.
It gives sailors working in the enables the watch to perform friction, time zone and Two LEDs provide bright
midst of storms and raging waves altitude adjustments, change alarm high daylight saving illumination for the dial and LCD
quicker and reliable access to the settings and switch between city hardness time. display inset. Phosphorescence
information they need to perform times. and high applied to the hour and minute
their duties.
Gulfmaster has advanced
The Triple Sensor Ver.3 installed
in the shock-resistant structure
Down and hands as well as the large hour
markers ensure visibility in dark
functionality and is fully equipped measures directions, atmospheric The watch dirty places.
to challenge the pressure, temperature and is also water Furthermore, the adoption of a
extreme altitudes at high speed. The resistant up to Designed for use in carbon material with low specific
demands shock-resistant feature also enables 200m, solar the most extreme gravity has made it possible to
imposed the sensors to stand the harsh powered, equipped environments from enlarge the second hand.
conditions of the sea. with the Casios Smart GPW-1000RG the dense tropical The resulting agile hand
The GWN-1000 is equipped with Access technology and rainforests to parched movement and reliable compass
a tide graph/barometric tendency perfected with a scratch- deserts the Casio G-SHOCK needle operation enable accurate
alarm on the inset dial of the resistant sapphire crystal glass face Mudmaster features indication of direction
watch. with non-reflective coating. a mud-resistant structure that measurements and various other
A high-visibility arrow- The GPW-1000 comes with a ensures reliable performance function results.
shaped hand serves as an dual-dial world time feature that under harsh conditions and a The timepiece is also equipped
indicator for important displays the time of two cities sensor function that accurately with highly scratch-resistant
maritime intelligence such as simultaneously. It stands out with detects vital survival information. sapphire crystal glass to ensure
tidal movement data and its GPS hybrid wave receptor, It is the timepiece of choice for excellent visibility.
atmospheric pressure which is the worlds first GPS rangers and rescue crews who
information. hybrid radio-controlled, conduct missions under brutal n For more information, visit
It also provides information on solar-powered system. conditions.
the movements of the tides in The two complementary systems The Casio G-SHOCK Mudmaster
GWN- user-specified regions. GPS satellite signal reception and GWG-1000 is not only shock-,
1000 In addition, an LCD screen terrestrial time calibration signal vibration- and mud-resistant, it is
displays the age of the moon in reception (Multi Band 6) are also water-resistant for up to 200m,
the basic timekeeping mode. mounted in a solar powered and equipped with
Two white LED lights allow users Casios Smart Access technology,
to view time and watch features in Triple Sensor Ver.3 and Multi Band
the dark. The use of the LED 6 radio control.
lights in combination with What makes the GWG-1000 truly
phosphorescent coating ensures unique is its dual mud-resistant
excellent legibility in the dark. structure for enhanced strength.
In terms of design, the A cylindrical guard is adopted
numbers used for atmospheric for all buttons and the cylindrical
pressure and altitude indications button shafts are fitted with
are engraved on the extra-thick gasket linings.
aluminium-construction bezel. This structure not only protects
The timepiece also comes the buttons against the intrusion
with a hand-concealment of dust and mud, it also helps
function. It temporarily retracts alleviate shocks. The crown is
the watchs hands to prevent them protected by a airtight screw-lock GPW-1000KH
from blocking measurement structure. Gaskets are installed at
results on the LCD display in the GWG- multiple points to ensure effective
measurement mode. 1000GB resistance to dust and mud.

The Casio G-SHOCK Master

of G series comes in
different variations,
including the GPW-1000KH,
GPW-1000RG, GWN-
Q1000NV and the GWG-
1000GB. In addition, only 30
pieces of the limited edition
GWG-1000MH (Maharishi
model) are available in
Malaysia at selected
G-Factory outlets in 1Utama,
Sunway Pyramid, Fahrenheit
88 and G-Factory Premium GWN-
Komtar JBCC. The cylindrical guard structure is adopted for all buttons. The GWG-1000's button shaft is fitted with gasket linings Q10000NV
for mud and water resistance.
4 Tech World SUNDAY STAR, 12 MARCH 2017

Change the way we see the world

IMAGINE a future where we can actually there.
blend the physical and digital
worlds to transform how we
interact with the environment
Training and education
around us. AR with smart glasses also holds
That future is already here as we the potential to transform the way
are on the cusp of the age of we learn. AR smart glasses are
augmented reality (AR), with ideally suited to the more effective
applications limited only by our learning environment of the 21st
imagination. century.
Today, industries and businesses For example, there is a Moverio
are driving innovation in the application that allows students to
worlds of AR and wearables. observe stereoscopic molecular Augmented
structures of elements from the reality (AR)
Delivering augmented periodic table, offering a unique
way of teaching and learning from
enhances user
reality an entirely new perspective.
by facilitating
Bringing AR technology to smart
glasses presents an entirely new
Healthcare greater
dimension of delivering content AR is finding a natural home in interaction
and takes visual communications the field of healthcare, where with
to a new level by improving the attention to detail and subject surroundings.
way we work. matter expertise are critically
Smart glasses are used to overlay important.
digital contextual information onto In this area, AR developer CN2 constantly look up at the drone and Endless possibilities market will follow the same arc as
a real-world scenario, delivering a has introduced an application down at the tablet screen showing smartphones. As soon as there are
part-real, part-virtual user called Visualizing the Future that the camera feed. How we interact with computers standardised designs for smart
experience. uses Epsons wearable technology In addition to providing a is going to change dramatically. glasses and they become easier to
to familiarise medical staff with first-person view, directional The predominant human-computer use, they will go mainstream.
Tourism the use of an advanced single
collection chest drainage system.
instructions overlaid onto the
users line of sight also greatly
interface today in mobile
computing is the touchscreen.
From industrial and enterprise
applications to 3D gaming, the
Epsons smart glasses technology enhance the drone flying The promise of AR, along possibilities for AR on smart
under the Moverio brand is
already using AR to enhance the
Drone flying experience experience, giving an added
dimension to flying for play or
with wearable technology, is a
hands-free computing
glasses are truly endless.
The purely physical world we
experience that visitors and Not only can a pair of smart for work. environment enabling greater are accustomed to is about to
students derive from important glasses provide for an exhilarating Epsons Moverio smart glasses interaction with information and undergo significant change and
cultural heritage sites. drone flight experience via a are leading the way in this area. the users surroundings. Epsons cutting-edge technology is
For example, visitors to the second screen first-person view, Benchmark standards of wearer There is also likely to be sure to keep Moverio ahead in this
2,000-year-old Roman city of its see-through advantage also comfort, display technology, increasing convergence between new world.
Brescia are able to experience the maintains the line of sight of the camera quality and control AR technology and the Internet of
site in an interactive way, drone, giving users a fully simplicity make operating drones Things delivering competitive n For more information, visit
observing 3D reconstructions of unimpeded view. safer, simpler and more advantage to first movers. or call the
the monuments as if they were Users no longer need to productive. It is expected that the consumer customer careline at 1800 817 349.