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Advanced Stair Climbing


Indrajeet Anandiprasad
Chirag Sharma
Furqan Momin
Aasim Khan


Prof. XYZ


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Indrajeet Anandiprasad
Chirag Sharma
Furqan Momin
Aasim Khan

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Its our pleasure to take this opportunity to thank with deep sense of gratitude
to our guide, staff members of Mechanical Department & everyone who have directly
or indirectly contributed to our project as a success. With immense pleasure we
express our deep sense of gratitude & vote of thanks to our project guide Lectr. XYZ
for his constant interest, motivation & valuable guidance during work & completion
of this project report.
We are very thankful to Lectr.XYZ, Lectr. XYZ Lectr. XYZ and the whole
staff of the Mechanical Department for giving us the opportunity to work on this
project and for his extensive co-operation and guidance. We offer sincere thanks to
Prin.Sayyed Layak and Prof. Nitin Vijay Galwade (Head of Department) for their
inspiration and providing full administrative support and departmental infrastructure
facilities for this report.
We are also very thankful to all those who supported us without which project
would not have been completed successfully.

Indrajeet Anandiprasad
Chirag Sharma
Furqan Momin
Aasim Khan

In the modern world though there are many developments in the field of
engineering. Still there are difficulties to carry heavy loads over stairs. Development
of lift simplifies the effort of carrying heavy loads over stairs, it is not possible to use
lift in all places like schools, colleges constructional areas.
This project aims at developing a mechanism for easy transportation of heavy
loads over stairs. The need for such arises from day to day requirements in our
society. Devices such as hand trolleys are used to relieve the stresses of lifting while
on flat ground. However these devices usually fail when it comes to carrying the load
over short fleet of stairs .Our project attempts to design a stair climbing trolley which
can carry heavy objects up the stairs with less effort compared to carrying them
manually .The main objective of the project is to find an efficient and user friendly
method of carrying various objects through stairs using minimum effort from the user
and to also provide a smooth movement while climbing the stair.
Under this project we have manufactured a stair climber with tri lobed wheel
frames at both sides of the climber and three wheels on each sides are used in the tri
lobed frame. It is an abstract about a Advanced Stair Climbing Cart which is advanced
with modification and attachments. In the beginning, carrying some load by up stairs
were very difficult except elevators. So, engineer found a solution which came in a
face of a modern trolley which can deal with stairs easily. It has very benefits to aged
person as well.

In day today life we may have to carry so many goods and

objects of various quantities through stairs especially in offices, schools, colleges,
hotels, industries, apartments etc. where the lifts may not be available, may be
crowded with people or may be under repair .It is highly tiresome to carry various
objects through stairs manually for higher floors for so many times. The various
applications may be carrying bundles of answer sheets in a school or a college,
carrying furniture in different buildings, different apparatus in colleges, in hospitals
etc., carrying electronic items in houses and offices .So there should be a way to carry
the objects through the stairs in a more comfortable and tireless manner without
forcing the user to apply more force. Here comes the application of a stair climber.
Advanced Stair climbing carts have special wheels designed to
cling onto and roll up the front of a step, so their user doesn't need to do any lifting
while going up stairs. People of all ages can benefit from using a stair climbing cart.
While they are often associated with senior citizens, these carts can replace backpacks
for students and young children.
The cart has ability to carry load up to 40 - 50 kg
(carrying capacity varies with modification in design of cart). This Trolley can be
used on surface as well as stairs with a minimum jerk than conventional trolleys.
Problem Definition

Anyone who lives in a building that does not have an elevator

will greatly appreciate a stair climbing cart. Bringing a car full of groceries home to a
third-story walk-up apartment can require several trips up and down the stairs. A stair
climbing cart lets the user bring more items upstairs in one trip.
Research has found that
carrying heavy backpacks could lead to chronic back problems. Many children carry
backpacks that weigh as much as 14 percent of their own body weight. While there
may be little one can do to reduce the load that children must carry between
textbooks, sports gear, and snacks, parents can give them a safer way to carry.
Chronic lower back pain is something that people of all ages
suffer from, but it can be especially impacting on the life quality of older adults.
Those with chronic lower back pain typically cannot support a backpack or even a
heavy bag and need to carry their belongings in a cart. Senior citizens in particular
often need to carry several belongings with them, between medications, folding
walkers, and chiropractic seat cushions. When they do not have a nurse to help them,
a stair climbing cart can be of service. These carts also offer some independence to
many senior citizens. While retirement communities and other places designed with
the elderly in mind may have ramps for rolling carts, public areas like shopping malls
and office buildings may not.
At railway stations, people have to hire a coolie to carry
their loads. Carrying that much load on your body will result in body pain. So, how to
overcome this situation of our daily life? Stairs climbing carts is a revolutionary
trolley which helps the users to carry load at minimum jerk not only on a rough
surface by also in stairs.

Proposed Methodology
The purpose of designing the Advanced Stair Climbing Cart is to make
the way of lifting loss by upstairs conveniently. The design of the wheels are so
set that when the wheels are subjected to an obstacle in a way (e.g.- stairs) then
the unique design of wheels tends to deal with the obstacle easily.
The design of the cart as so made that it can be folded and unfolded for
portable purpose and require less space to be stored.
Key Benefits: It's Up for anything! - The three-wheel design has been
proven to be the most effective design for dealing with obstacles and stairs.

a. Reduced effort required! - The combination of the

three-wheel design and how the weight of the load is balanced
reduces the amount of effort needed to pull any load up a stair or over
an obstacle.

b. Improved stability and balance - With four wheels in

contact with the ground at all times, the weight of the load is
distributed more evenly and makes it easier to handle.

c. Adjustable handle - Height adjustable handle allows

you to select the optimum height for both stairs and level surfaces.

d. Self-locking when unfolded - Prevents the cart from

folding on you when you don't want it to and risk loosing/damaging
whatever you are carrying.

The following objectives are sought to be achieved through the stair climbing are :-

1. To reduce human effort.

2. To minimize the shocks encountered by working wheel.
3. To transport loads from one place to another place efficiently.
4. To minimize the damage of material.
Result &Conclusion

Thus the stair climbing trolley was fabricated in such way that it could carry the
heavy loads over stairs and also used for carrying loads on flat surface from one place
to other place with less human effort. This decreases the human effort to carry heavy
loads over stairs and also on flat surfaces and proves to be more advantages in all
places like industries, schools, college etc.