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28 January 2016



In Sem IV the student shall work under the supervision of the Faculty and carry out a dissertation
and submit a structured report in TWO hard copies & one soft copy (CD).

The student is required to conduct advanced research on a topic related to one (or more) of
contemporary issues in management. The topic is chosen in consultation with the student's
supervisor. The student will prepare and present a detailed research proposal prior to starting the
work. It is mandatory for the student to seek advance written approval from the faculty guide and
the Director of the Institute about the topic before commencing the dissertation work. A
dissertation outlining the entire problem, including a survey of literature and the various results
obtained along with their solutions is expected to be produced. The student must submit the
completed dissertation and make an oral presentation of the same. Through the dissertation, the
student is expected to furnish evidence of competence in understanding varied aspects of the
theme/topic selected and a deep understanding of the specialty area. The completion of the
dissertation / project shall be certified by the Faculty Guide & approved by the Director of the

Dissertation shall have a weightage of 2 credits. The Institute shall conduct a viva-voce for
evaluation of the dissertation, for 50 marks.

1) The project topic should be finalized in consultation with the internal project guide.

2) Guidelines for the Preparation of Project Report

a. The students should submit two hard copies and one soft copy (CD) of their project
report in PDF Format, black rexin hard bound golden embossed to the institute on or
before 15th March 2016.
b. The matter should be typed on A-4 size paper with Times New Roman font of size 12
points, with a spacing of 1.5 pts. between the lines.
c. In the interest of environmental considerations, students are encouraged to print their
project reports on both faces of the paper.
d. A margin of 1.5 on both left and right sides should be kept. A margin of 1.0 at the
top and bottom should be kept.
e. No headers and footers should be used. No borders should be used for regular test
f. The matter should be printed in black ink only. Colour ink for graphs and charts can
be used
g. The report should be printed on Executive Bond white paper. No company
stationery should be used. Logo, water marks, brands of the company etc should not
be displayed in the report.
h. Each chapter should begin on a new page.
i. No Page numbers for Title Page, Acknowledgement, Declaration by the Student,
Certificate from the institute, Certificate from the organization, Index, List of Tables,
List of Figures, Executive summary. These have to be numbered separately (Roman
Numerals). Minimum number of pages for the project (excluding above) should be
j. The pages should be centrally numbered at the bottom of the page.
k. The index should contain the name of the chapter and the page number.

Title Page
Declaration by the Student
Certificate from the Institute

List of Tables
List of Figures

Chapter I Introduction
General information about the topic selected

Chapter- II: Review of Literature

Review of research papers/articles/books based on the topic selected for study.
Minimum 10 reviews to be conducted.

Chapter-III: Research Methodology

(Details of Research methodology pertaining to project should be mentioned. No theory about
RM should be stated)
Objectives of Study
Need / Significance of the Study.
Scope of the Study
Data Collection Primary/Secondary and Sample Design
Tools of Analysis
Limitations of the Study.

Chapter-IV: Data Analysis & Interpretation

(Presentation of the data collected in tabular and graphical form, its analysis using various
statistical techniques/tools and the interpretation of the data. The tables, Figures, Graphs etc.
should be numbered.)

Chapter-V: Findings, Suggestions & Conclusions

Findings based on research analysis
Suggestions - General suggestions and opinions should not be made. Suggestions should
be based on the analysis of the data/research

References in APA style.

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