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Reaction paper in general chemistry

In the Enchanted Kingdom, theres a lot of chemistry can be found on there starting from the

matter where the solid, liquid, and gas. The ride where there is water on it is part of chemistry.

The gulaman found on the stores are all mixtures of the milk, water, and the gulaman itself. On

the other rides like the log falling in the water mixed with different elements that gives a sour

taste when it comes to your mouth or a different color on it with the use of sunlight making it

color green than the usual transparent color of water. In that the water is mixed with other

elements in its surrounding and also the release of the people who uses the ride. The dust that

flew because of the presence of wind that makes a certain reaction when it mixes with the water

on its surrounding plus the factors that the human made causes the difference of the waters

appearance in this case the water has been affected by certain elements that makes up the

solution itself with the presence of some certain things that make it different in some other ways