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Bakery Equipment

Dough dividers
and rounders

Hygiene concept

Compact lines for

small bakery products

Modular lines for

small bakery products

Automation Bakery Equipment

Bread lines

World of
Dough dividers and rounders

Key for your success

When producing small bakery goods the pieces with perfect surfaces therefore be- chose the proven Fortuna technology. We
dividers and rounders are crucial for the ing the key for the whole process. If they provide high-quality dividers and round-
further processing. They are at the begin- do not deliver good quality the plant can- ers for different performance classes and
ning of the production chain. Out of shape- not make up this deficit. The best thing fields of application. For handicraft pas-
less dough they form even little dough is to be on the safe side right away and tries in absolute top form!
Divider and rounder Primus 2-pockets Technical specifications
Number of pockets 2-pockets
Maximum hourly output* 2,400 pcs
Scaling range 40-100 g
(infinitely adjustable)
Machine weight approx. 530 kg
Power approx. 1 kW

Divider and rounder Primus 4- to 6-pockets Technical specifications

Number of pockets 4-pockets 5-pockets 6-pockets
Maximum hourly output* 5,300 pcs 6,600 pcs 8,000 pcs
Scaling range 24-60 g 24-60 g 24-60 g
(infinitely adjustable) 30-70 g 30-70 g 30-70 g
35-80 g 35-80 g 35-80 g
40-100 g 40-100 g 40-100 g
50-125 g 50-125 g
60-150 g
Special scaling ranges available on request
Machine weight approx. 700 kg
Power approx. 1.5 kW

Divider and rounder Magnus 3- to 7-pockets Technical specifications

Number of pockets 3-pockets 4-pockets 5-pockets 6-pockets 7-pockets
Maximum hourly output* 9,000 pcs 12,000 pcs 15,000 pcs 18,000 pcs 21,000 pcs
Scaling range 12-380 g 12-370 g 12-340 g 12-170 g 12-110 g
(depends on size of pistons Special scaling ranges available on request
and dividing drums)
Machine weight approx. 1,900 kg (6-pockets)
Winner o
Power approx. 4.5 kW f the

* depending on the dough used

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Helpful hoppers
In order to facilitate your daily work in the available space in your bakery, you or foldable for better cleaning. Addi-
the bakery we offer a wide choice of can choose between different versions. tional oiling of the hopper walls or the
hoppers for our dividers and rounders, The hoppers are different in size, func- dough flow control are only two of many
which allow a comfortable dough feed. tion and material; they are available other options for a perfect start to your
Depending on your individual needs and either permanently installed or movable production of pastries.

Plastic hopper - foldable (up to 160 kg) Top hopper - movable (up to 240 kg) Dough chunker - movable (up to 400 kg)

What type would you like?

Your customers love variety? Then For- ple is equipped with a rotatable turret on tools and a device for double-bread rolls
tuna is exactly the right choice because which you can mount different punching open up further possibilities in order to
we do everything to allow you a produc- tools. This creates a greater variety of extend your product program. We would
tion of a large choice of goods without shapes and causes short changeover also like to bring your individual motive
much effort. Our stamping unit for exam- times when changing products. Cutting or logo on the dough piece.
Dinner roll Double roll Kaiser roll Button roll Star Pressed roll

Tartaruga round After work Double cross Sun Three star Football

Tartaruga long Three-cut Double-cut roll Marraqueta Poznan roll Houska

(extract from the complete list)

Hygiene concept

the clean solution

Who does not know this problem: mould fabric even by means of intensive clean- surface and cannot enter into the fabric. A
deposit on proofing trays, cloths and ing. Together with practitioners from the condition therefore is the constant clean-
baking trays. In the bakery, where flour, bakery industry, Fortuna has developed ing of the line depending on the extent of
warm temperatures and moisture meet, a proofing cloth, which stops the mould production. FortunaCARE can be used as a
prevail the ideal conditions for the spread formation and fulfils the highest hygiene liner for proofing trays and baking trays.
of the troublesome and extremely stub- requirements. FortunaCARE is breathable, Due to the precise cut the TV-tested
born mould spores. Once the grey mould resistant to dirt and moisture and is there- cloths are suitable for almost all proofer
stains are settled in the proofing cloths, fore especially easy to clean. Due to the systems. They are available both with ad-
it is hardly possible to get them out of the special coating, impurities remain on the hesive strips and with hook and loop tape.

Material properties: Impregnation:

Carrier material made oft 100 % polyester Invisible, molecular protection

Rear side with polyurethane coating Colourless and odourless
100 % breathable and antibacterial No discolouration through ultraviolet light
Washable up to 60 C Semi-hydrophobic
In accordance with HACCP standard and Resistant to food
German Consumer Goods Ordinance
Neutral pH

The clever way to cool down your bakery products

Your dough pieces can quickly and effectively it comes to hygiene the plastic baking trays The advantages at a glance:
cool down on these new baking trays which are the first choice. Since the trays are cast in
are made of plastic with a sophisticated tech- one piece, they can be easily and thoroughly Lighter than traditional trays made of
nology of grids in the floor thus being designed cleaned. Wood splinters as can be found metal or wood
in accordance with the bakers needs: they are when using wooden baking trays or other
Suitable for use with foodstuffs, in dish-
stable, stackable and much lighter than tra- foreign objects do not come into contact with
washers and for freezing
ditional baking trays made of metal or wood. your bakery products at all. Moreover, in com-
In this way, they make the work in the bakery bination with FortunaCARE proofing cloths the Integrated hollow chambers store the cold
easier day by day, tray by tray. Also when trays meet the highest hygiene standards. for hours
No skin formation on the dough pieces
Stackable and very robust

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Hygiene concept

Fortuna sets new standards

The state technical school for food technology transmitted from other sources and, despite The frames are made of stainless steel
in Kulmbach, Germany, carried out laboratory the FortunaCARE coating, settle on the sur-
The swing tray chains are made of nonru-
experiments and tested the hygiene cloths face. However, with an undamaged surface
sting material
thoroughly. The result is: If the cleaning and they do not enter into the fabric and are then
hygiene requirements are complied with hard- effectively killed by the UV light. Important is Large, wide doors allow an easy access
ly any mould growth can be found when using the duration of exposure to the UV radiation
Shaft-mounted motors and direct drives re-
the FortunaCARE cloth on the swing trays. which should be at least 9 seconds.
place high-maintenance chain drives
Nevertheless, we additionally integrate a UV But thats not all. When constructing our We use FDA-certified belts
disinfection station for the empty swings of plants we do much more to provide a plus of The stamping cups are made of dough re-
our plants because fungal spores can also be hygiene in the production process: pellent plastic
Cup cleaning unit and flour dust suction

Frames made of stainless steel Non-rusting swing tray chain Easy access due to wing doors

No high-maintenance chain drives FDA-certified belts Stamping cups made of dough repellent plastic

Cup cleaning unit Flour dust suction Plastic baking tray with FortunaCARE

Compact line concept

Compact plant with Primus

The 2-pocket bread roll system with long
moulding unit and intermediate proofing unit
offers high performance on minimal space. It
is used for the production of round and long-
moulded dough pieces in handicraft quality.
Due to the compact 2-pocket version it even
fits in the smallest bakery.

Long moulding unit

Working width 270 mm
Intermediate proofing 4 minutes
Manual discharge of the dough pieces

Panning device with Primus

The Fortuna panning device is the ideal solu-
tion to deposit round dough pieces from the
divider and rounder directly on the sheet pans
or the proofing tray. It is particularly easy to
use and fits in every bakery.

Universal deposit device for all common

types of bread rolls
Working width 600 mm
Very precise panning
Variably adjustable panning programmes
Continuously moving discharge belt
Long moulding unit (optional)
Double roll device (optional)
Ideal for the filling of sheet pans and
proofing trays with the dimensions 58 x 78
cm, 58 x 98 cm and 60 x 40 cm with inter-
mediate frame

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Compact line concept

Combined plant Premium K with Primus

From now on the well-proven combined 4-pockets Bypass (optional)
bread roll line Fortuna Premium K is also
Hourly output approx. 4,000 pieces Double roll device (optional)
available as a short version. With a length
of merely 4 meters it is a real space miracle Compact construction design with a Exact final panning
and offers at the same time all functions of length of only 4 meters
Computer controlled with SPC and
an ordinary 4-pockets Premium K. With it,
Working width 600 mm operating panel
both round and long bread rolls are a suc-
cess, as well as stamped or cut products. 17 pulses per minute Automatic UV disinfection and drying of
Even double-bread rolls belong to the reper- the swing trays before every new filling
Intermediate proofing 10 minutes
toire. This versatile line is ideal for an out- Panning via discharge belt on proofing
put up to 4.000 pieces per hour! Adjustable long moulding pressing board,
trays, e.g. pans or trays 60 x 40 cm, 58 x
can be removed for cleaning
78 cm or 58 x 98 cm
Cutting unit with pulling knive
Oscillating device for shifted deposition
Stamping unit with rotatable turret for a
Machine on wheels (optional)
greater variety of shapes

Automation technology

More efficiency for your bakery

Many work steps, formerly performed by hand our bakeries. You can optimize the operational Like this you can put into effect the continu-
in a laborious and time-consuming manner, procedure in your production even more with ous automation of the production processes
can be automatised. Fresh impetus to auto- transport systems. The empty trays or bins are as well as considerable cost savings. Fortuna
mation is given by the process technology, filled at the deposition station and introduced therefore offers diverse solutions, which can
which slowly but surely is finding its way into automatically into the ready transport system. be adjusted individually to the bakery.

Piled empty
bins Info

The arrangement of the

elements can be adjusted
individually to the clients space

empty bins

7 90 corner

6 4

Piled full bins Individual full


90 corner


The maximum capacity of the line

amounts to 900 to 1,100 bins per
hour, depending on the construction.

Dough pieces

2 2011

Automation technology

Thats the way it works Info

1. The operator places a pile of empty bins up to a height of 1.30 m on the rear con-
veyor belt, which offers space for 3 piles. The pile automatically moves into the The system is also available in
a semi-automatic version. At
de-piling machine. From there the bins come out one by one.
this the empty bins are brought

2. There is also an option to place folios in the bins with a corresponding device. to the line in an automatic way,
whereas the full bins are taken
out and piled up manually.
3. The bins are transported in a 90-angle and placed by pairs under the deposition
of the Fortuna bread roll line.

There they are positioned in an exact way. Afterwards the filled bins come out
4. automatically from the deposition station, so that again two empty bins can enter
the station.

5. The full bins are transported forth in a 90-angle.

6. In the piling machine the bins are piled up to a height of 2.20 m and brought out
from the front conveyor belt.

7. The pile is pulled onto a carriage by the operator and transported away.

Modular line concept

Combined plant Premium K with Primus

This combined bread roll line is made for the ruff and fine seeds, makes possible even more and the plants capacity can be completely ex-
rational production of formed and cut bread variety. Due to the integrated refeeding of the ploited. Additionally the Fortuna constructing
rolls in best artisan quality. Equipped with a seeds, the excessive seeds are automatically engineers have developed a clever system in
long moulding unit, stamping-cutting unit and reconducted into the seeding containers. One order to fill the trays of a 6-pockets line as if it
seeding unit, it covers all options of bread roll of the lines highlights is the deposition for was a 4-pockets line. Because of this techni-
production. Short setup times make product the connection to an automation system for cal finesse it is possible to use the full product
changes especially easy. The mobile seeding trays. Therewith the labour-intensive manual length of cut bread rolls also in a 6-pockets
unit, with its different seeding containers for operation of the deposition can be omitted line.

Combined stamping-cutting unit

Dough pieces are delivered into

round or long cups, depending on
the product, and cut or stamped |
Turret for a quick change of differ-
ent types of bread rolls

Cup cleaning unit

Panning unit for the connection to an automation system brushes for
cleaning the
swing trays
Self-supporting panning
unit for the connection of
pan or tray transport sys-
tem provided by the client |
58 x 78 cm standard tray or
60 x 40 cm tray
7 3

2 2011

Long moulding unit Bypass

For the creation of products such as long rolls with Transport of round dough pieces from the divider
cut or Houska and rounder directly to the panning unit

2 1

4 3

Seeding unit Seeds recirculation

Moistening of the Excessive seeds are

dough pieces via reconducted into the
injectors | Pinpoint corresponding seeding
accurate seeding | container by means of
The unit can be taken the seeds recirculation
out from the line for
cleaning purposes

5 6

Modular line concept

Berliner plant with Magnus

It goes and goes and goes. With an hourly out- tional oiling the extremely soft Berliner doughs belt long moulder and the side discharge other
put of up to 4,700 pieces this plant produces can be processed without problems. After the products can be executed as well with the plant.
Berliners at a high rate and with an absolutely moulding process the dough pieces pass the Additionally it provides smart hygiene solutions
constant quality and a weight accuracy that fully climate-controlled proofer for 100 minutes like the dust flour suction and the cup cleaning
is second to none. In order to have a constant of which 10 minutes are intended as stiffening unit. In addition, all transport pans are equipped
dough flow it is fed through a hopper with a zone. Subsequently they arrive via a panning belt with the FortunaCARE hygiene cloth. All in all, a
capacity of 160 kg. With the integrated addi- at the grease pan. Due to the integrated upper time-saving and above all very clean system!

Divider and rounder Magnus as special version Cup cleaning unit

3-pocket divider and Rotating brushes

rounder with special clean the swing
moulding drum and trays | Integrated
moulding belt for dust flour suction
Berliner doughs | with circulating air
Pivoting mechanism filter meets highest
provides the trans- hygienic require-
fer to 9 pockets ments

1 2

2 2011

Stiffening section Transfer unit

Automatic passing
Cooling zone of to the grease pan
10 minutes (9-pockets)

4 6


5 Picture without isolating cladding

Fully climate-controlled proofer Line in operation enclosure of cooling

Equipped with The enclosure

turning and press- of the air-condi-
ing unit as well tioned proofing
as automatic UV cabinet makes
disinfection | Dry- it possible to
ing blower for the control, filter and
empty swings cool the air

3 5

Modular line concept

Combined plant Profiline K with Magnus

With a capacity of up to 9,000 pieces per hour ity rich in tradition. The final proofing unit is transporting trays are equipped with the hy-
the combined bread roll line makes a big vari- designed for a throughput time of 30 minutes. gienic textile FortunaCARE. This dirt-repelling,
ety of round and long moulded products. The If required, the dough pieces get directly to the antibacterial cloth inhibits the mould forma-
assortment varies from the classical Kaiser-, panning unit via a direct throughput, without tion and thus contributes considerably to the
cut bread roll, Houska, Krntner- and botton final proofing. And in order the mildew has improvement of the hygiene during the pro-
bread roll to the Poznan roll, a Polish special- no chance to extend in the proofing unit, the duction process.


Final proofing unit (fully climate-controlled) Combined stamping-cutting unit (following)

Throughput time of 30 minutes | Dough pieces are delivered in

Automatic UV disinfection and drying round or long cups, depend-
blower for the empty swings | Cups ing on the product, and cut or
covered with FortunaCARE hygienic stamped | Turret for a quick
textile change of different types of
bread rolls
5 1

2 2011

Seeding unit (extendable) Distribution belt

Moistening of the dough pieces by means of injectors | Transport of the dough pieces without final proofing to
Pinpoint accurate seeding | Exchangeable seeding containers the panning unit

4 3

Program control

Touch display for the

comfortable plant control
and changeover of the

Bread line Panus

The components
Our product line Fortuna Panus for the divid- ated as a complete system. At the construc- gentle with the dough. Like this the sensi-
ing and rounding of bread doughs consists tion we set an especially high value on the tive proofing cells of the dough are being
of various components, which can be oper- exact portioning and a mode of operation preserved as far as possible.

Suction divider Panus

Dough friendly dividing process with pressing pistons by means of oil hydraulics
Production output of up to 3,000 pieces per hour
Scaling range 50-2,000 grams
Processing of all common doughs with high weight accuracy
Short changeover and cleaning time

Cone round moulding unit Panus

Length of the moulding channel approx. 3,600 mm

Equal and exact oil distribution
Moulding drains do not have to be adjusted even with different dough weights

Belt rounder Panus

Rounding length 3,000 mm

Production output of up to 2,500 pieces per hour
Scaling range 300-2,000 grams
Especially apt for rye-, wheat- and mixed doughs

Long moulding unit Panus

3 rollers gently shape the dough

Moulding board can be adjusted to different doughs or dough shapes
Moulding path up to 2,000 mm
Easy cleaning

2 2011

Bread line Panus

The configuration
There are two configurations to the proofing unit makes it easier to However configuration 2 is perfectly
chose from, both being widespread continue processing the doughs, thus apt for the processing of rye- and
among our clients. At configuration 1 it is mainly used for wheat doughs. brown bread.

Configuration 1 incl. proofing unit (especially for wheat doughs)

Suction divider Cone round moulding unit Proofing unit Long moulding unit

Configuration 2 (especially for rye- and brown bread)

Suction divider Belt rounder Long moulding unit

Ecological Bakery Mauerer

Ecological bread of the finest Eco? Logical!

The ecological bakery and assortment comprises whole grain-rye bread, Founded in
confectionery Mauerer sunflower seed- and crust bread, as well as 1936, the
GmbH ko-Bckerei Kon- Gassenhauer-, farmhouse- and spelt bread eco-bakery
ditorei from Munich has or toast- and white tin loaf. Due to the short Mauerer
completely committed it- setup time the product changes have become is an authentically traditional business,
self to the fabrication of really easy, compliments Daniel Hagl, the meanwhile carried by the third genera-
delicious organic bakery general director. This flexibility has enthused tion. Already back in 1993, long before
products. With the new us from the very beginning. It allows us to pro- the organic-boom, the first ecological
bread line Fortuna Panus the bakery produces cess many small charges through the line and, bakery products were introduced into the
a huge assortment from toast to rye bread and despite the fact of automatic dough process-
crust bread. ing, keep the vast product variety, which our
clients appreciate so much.
In the traditional eco-bakery it is of course out
of bounds to use artificial additives for the im- A further plus factor of the line, according to
provement of the dough quality. For this rea- Hagl, is the extremely gentle dough handling
son processing the organic Mauerer doughs is during the mode of operation, making it pos-
a real challenge. Partly the bread doughs are sible to preserve the sensitive dough struc-
very difficult to handle and require extreme ture. Consequently, the products still taste like
gentle handling. Not surprisingly, so far they handmade. Also the relation between price
have been weighed manually because of qual- and achievement is more than attractive. Thus assortment. Five years later the complete
ity reasons and havent been passed through the general directors rsum turns out to be adjustment of the assortment to ecologi-
an automatic line. But there was a change throughout positive: In the meantime the line cal ingredients and process of manufac-
when Fortuna launched a new product line for has passed its baptism of fire and is a real ture took place. The bakerys good fame
the dividing and rounding of bread doughs. benefit for our bakery. With it we can bring out is known far beyond Munichs bounda-
the best of every single grain and will also in ries, thus also clients from Nuremberg,
Flexible and gentle with the dough the future be able to pamper our clients with Tegernsee or Starnberg can enjoy the
With the new Fortuna Panus the organic bak- our demanding eco-bread assortment. fine organic bakery products.
ery Mauerer has made seven different kinds of
bread every day since March 2011 and with a
total dough charge of only 800 kilograms. The

2 2011

Bakery Eymann

Good for generations The customer

Semi Askars bakery pre- Convincing presentation In 1988 Semi Askar, the
sents itself in a modern After a baking test in the Fortuna-show owner of the company,
and traditional way at the bakery Semi Askar quickly new which au- started his apprentice-
same time. At the bake- tomatic line to choose. The concept of the ship in the bakery Ey-
ry Eymann the products combined bread roll line Fortuna Premium mann in Aalen, rich in tradition. Ten years lat-
are made manually and K perfectly matches our company and the er, after having graduated successfully from
according to traditional, quality is absolutely convincing, explains the master school, he inherited the bakery
original recipes, so that Askar. and has been carrying it until today according
they taste to the clients as much as it has been to well-proven family tradition. Since 2001
the case for generations already. However the He was especially fascinated by the vast
machines used in the bakery meet the latest product variety that can be made with the
hygienic prescriptions and guarantee the out- line. With the new line we can produce
standing quality of the bakery products. much more than originally planned and we
can introduce new products in our assort-
The delicacy of the Eymann bakery, the Pret- ment, the master baker happily utters. He
zel, which is still made on hot plates of stone, was also convinced by the lines compact
and also the Star bread roll are outermost po- construction technique, with a total length
pular among the clients. For that reason Semi of only four meters, the divider and rounder
Askar decided end of 2010 to buy a new bread included. The line offers really a big out-
roll line for stamped bread rolls and with a put on a small surface. It is versatile and Eymann-clients can also enjoy the bakerys
side discharge for the feeding of the wrap flexible, extremely gentle with the dough delicacies fresh from the oven, directly on-
machine. It was an important criterion for and very easy to clean due to the removable site, in the coffee shop of the bakery. It is the
me that the quality of our pretzels would not casing. For me a real all-rounder! ideal place for the little break in between and
be changed by the automatic handling of the a popular meeting point for young and old.
dough, explains the master baker. Because
the pretzel is the showpiece of our bakery.

Special features of the equipment:

Intermediate proofing unit with climate

Side discharge for pretzels or winded pro-
ducts at the end of the proofing time
Stamping-cutting unit for star bread rolls,
cutted bread rolls and crosswise-pressed
bread rolls
Automatic UV disinfection and drying of the
swing trays before every new filling
Machine on wheels

Bakery Bertschi Zum Brotkorb

Baking bread rolls at Bertschi The customer

The Swiss bakery Bertschi supplies about 1,000 The plant provides two long moulding systems to Husband and wife Emil and
products to more than 450 clients in the region roll long dough pieces: the flat belt long roller for Anna Elisabeth Bertschi-
around Zurich and in Switzerland. Bertschi endless long moulded products, e.g. plaits, and Linder founded the bakery
worked mainly by hand in the past, but has now the over-belt long roller with an additional wrap- in 1896 in Zurichs Markt-
changed over to a bread roll plant for part of the ping function. It is removable, enabling operation gasse 115 years ago.
production. with and without the wrapping function. If the Three generations of the
driven over-belt is adjusted to run in the same Bertschi family managed the business before it
Four months ago, the bakery decided to acquire direction, the dough pieces are pressed flat in a was taken over in 1986 by Christian and Anne-
a bread roll plant from the Fortuna Maschinen- round shape instead of being long-rolled. For ex- marie Hertig, who at that time, had already been
bau Holding AG Company from Bad Staffelstein, ample, Hamburg bread rolls or small flatbreads working for Bertschi for eight years. By the late
Germany. One of Bertschis decisive purchasing are produced.
criteria was the ability to manufacture a wide
range of the highest quality products. The plant After the intermediate proofing unit, the bread
also needed to be able to process doughs with rolls are pressed or embossed in the stamping
a long bowl fermentation time of up to 120 min- station while they lie in plastic stamping cups.
utes. Fortunas technology has enabled Bertschis Changeover, e.g. from emperors rolls to but-
quality standards to be implemented success- ton rolls, is via a 180-rotatable revolver turret. nineteen-nineties the premises no longer met
fully. Complete re-tooling of the revolver turret is pos- the entrepreneurs needs, so the entire produc-
sible within a couple of minutes, since the carrier tion operation was relocated to Glattbrugg. This
Fortunas 4-row Premium K small baked goods plate with the stamping tools mounted on the was also linked to the end of its own sales outlet
plant, 12.6 m long, manufactures a maximum of revolver turret is removable. A customised con- in the Zurich old town Bertschi has been purely
7,200 bread rolls/h in straight-through mode and struction for Bertschi is the blue step belt at the a supply operation since then. Today, however,
approx. 4,800 items/h in intermediate proofing end of the bread plant, which can perform offset Christian Hertig says that was only a temporary
unit operation. 26 products are produced in the transfers. This enables long products to undergo solution and now at last after ten years in the
plant. Initially, the Magnus KI 4 divider-rounder further processing in two rows. rented building, an 8,000 m plot of land has been
is filled with dough. Due to the soft dough flour purchased in Kloten, not far from Zurich airport.
duster which it contains, the Magnus can pro- (The extensive original version of this article can
cess very soft doughs with long floor times with- be found in issue no. 03/2011 of baking+biscuit Issued in baking+biscuit 03/2011
out any problems. Bertschi needs this facility: the as well as on
company uses long-term floor times for its baked
goods, in which almost no dough is proofed for
less than 2-3 h. This means that dough pieces
with a dough yield of up to 172 with pure wheat
dough are run in the Premium K.

Fortuna Maschinenbau Holding AG

Auwaldstrae 1 96231 Bad Staffelstein Germany
Phone: +49 9573 9630-0 Fax: +49 9573 9630-96

and are registered trademarks of Fortuna Maschinenbau Holding AG.