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Chapter Archonic Agenda and Parasitic Dreaming!

You cannot talk about Serpents without mentioning the

Archons, the Black Snakes.

The Archons are snake-like parasitic entities which are intelligence

driven mind predators. They exist on multiply dimensions, able to slip
from one dimension to another within the lower frequencies of the 6th,
through to 1st dimensions. They do not solely exist on the third dimension
though they can directly affect our reality, often unseen. They have
infected all life forms in our galaxy to one degree or another. They are
mind entities and operate on frequencies, which affects the mind matrix of
all beings in the galaxy. They can be thought of as intelligent, mind
predatory entities. They do not have a form as such but for those who
have seen them manifest in 4th dimensional bodies, they often appear as
black slug like entities. They are a cloudy black mass of energy which
moves in slithering movements which resemble large snakelike slugs.
Healers and Mediums are reporting seeing black slimy slug like beings
hanging around the homes, of those who are having problems with astral
entities, ghosts, and the deceased. The snake like slug beings are also
seen attached to peoples auric fields inserting their tendrils into the
chakra points, feeding off the persons energy body. Just as leeches were
used in medieval times to cleanse the blood these black leeches are
feeding off the life force of an infected person.

The host planets to these beings are within the constellation of Orion.
This system is not their original home but it is one of the many systems
which these beings have taken over and made into their host worlds.
These Archontic parasites inhabit hollowed out cave systems within
planets, which they then inhabit to produce their offspring. In the centre of
the planet there is one large Hydra like being whose tendrils pass through
all the labyrinth cave systems feeding upon the negative fear energies,
created by humanoid beings imprisoned there. The beings feed upon
lower fear frequencies, which they stimulate into being through mental
torture. Humanoid beings from other systems in our galaxy have been
captured by possessed Reptilian and Grey forces and are now held
prisoner within the caves of these host worlds. Humanoid beings have the
ability to create an emotional energetic food which these Archons feed
upon. The Archons prefer the negative, dark, polarised energetic food
which humans create when they are in intense fear and a constant state
of anxiety.

Once these Archontic parasites have developed to a certain level

they have the ability to project themselves into other dimensions, like a
writhing mass of slithering black snake like slugs they move into and
through the lower levels. They search for beings with minds which can be
directly affected to stimulate and create low frequencies emotional
nourishment for them to feed off. These parasitic beings influence
humanoid beings to live in the illusion of separation, fear, darkness,
isolation, pain, suffering, and torture. Beings in these states create certain
brain waves which then cause a reaction within the emotional bodies,
which the Archons then feed upon. The Archons are totally cut off from the
nourishing light and love of the Creator, the Universal Dreamer. They are
so cut off from the light and love they need to feed off the energies
created by other beings in order to survive. They infect the mind matrix of
the possessed being, learning extremely quickly how the hosts mind
works and very intelligently infiltrate it and begin to influence it from
within the subconscious.

Some beings are more prone to being possessed than others; fallen
reptilian forces especially from Alpha Draconis known as the Draco have
been totally possessed by these parasitic entities. The Draco Reptilians
are aggressive in nature and produce massive amounts of hormonal,
chemical, energetic substances within the brains and bodies which the
Archons can then feed upon. It is a symbiotic relationship, the Archonic
entity possesses the mind matrix of the Draco Reptilian and stimulates its
thinking into demonic , negative , dark thought processes which directly
influences the creation of hormonal , chemical ,and energetic food within
the Reptilian body. The Archon lives within the mind matrix of the host
being, stimulating it into creating a reality which the Archon can then live
within and inhabit.

The Archons cannot create reality for themselves; they have long
since severed their connection with the love and light of the Universal
Dreamer and therefore no longer have the ability to create. The ability to
create comes directly from the creator of this universe; the Archons no
longer have this ability and therefore can only copy the inspired thought
of other lower dimensional beings. They inhabit beings existing on the
lower levels and cause them to use their divine inherited creative ability,
to create realities which run along the designs of the Archontic agenda.
These realities are especially dark and controlling as it is within these
kinds of realities beings are so easily led. The further into dark realities a
being falls, the easier it is controlled and possessed by one of these
parasitic archontic entities.

They are especially tricky beings as they have the ability to slip in
between dimensions within the lower levels, they can mimic and shape
shift into other forms, therefore deceiving beings into accepting their
influence. Healers working on various dimensions have reported that
these beings can operate on several levels at once and are intelligent
enough to pass from one to another, often undetected. Often when we are
battling demonic often reptilian forces we are not only battling actual
reptilian beings existing on the 4th dimension, but we are also battling
against an archontic parasite which has possessed the Reptilian being and
is influencing its mind and behaviour. The Archons have created a
distortion within the mind matrix of our galaxy and all beings operating in
the lower levels within are under their influence to one degree or another;
however some are more genetically predisposed to being possessed by an
archontic parasite than others. The Reptilian genetic makeup which
creates a reptilian mind matrix is easily infiltrated by these archontic
parasites. Many of the wars fought in our galaxy in past and present eons
were first triggered and then nurtured into being by the Archontic mind
predators. The galactic wars created immense pain for the galaxy and all
beings which lived within it, the victims of these wars created massive
amounts of emotional, energetic food for the swarming snakelike
parasites. These negative energies not only nourished the Archons, it also
caused them to increase in numbers .Our whole galaxy is now infected.
There are of course beings in the galaxy that operate on the higher levels
who are not under the influence of these archontic entities, however many
of the races of negatively orientated beings within our galaxy, now
affecting earth and humanity, are directly possessed by these Archons.

Through the Reptilian forces the Archons have imprisoned the human
mind, encouraging humanitys victimisation by other galactic beings. The
energy of victimisation which humanity is creating only sends a message
out into the galaxy, that they are open to be oppressed and thus they
attract negatively orientated beings, such as the Reptilians, who wish to
negatively influence mankind. The planet earth and its human family are
in a high state of archontic infection of epidemic proportions. As we look
out at our world and see massive amounts of negative realities being
enacted on the world stage, we have to ask ourselves from where this
negativity comes. The average person on the earth is of a loving heart yet
daily they act as if they have no heart, no mind, and no will of their own.
They are infected by an archontic parasitic mind entity.

The archontic infection is very difficult to diagnose as these entities

are incredibly tricky and have the ability to directly affect our mind and
can talk with a voice and words that you think are your own. These beings
have the ability to look into the subconscious mind and use the language
it finds there to communicate with the conscious mind, putting it directly
under its influence. It is possible to be completely possessed by these
Archontic parasites without having an idea of the infection. Someone who
is possessed by these Archons has chakra infections, the infestation
orientates in one or more of the chakras. The solar plexus which seems
especially prone to infection is often completely infested and controlled by
these archontic parasites. From within the chakra the Archon feds off the
energy of the chakra, causing it to distort and go off balance thus sending
the entire system into imbalance, which only opens it up to more parasitic
infection. Most people are only infected in one chakra, though there are
also people who are fully possessed, often they are in positions of power
upon the earth. Many of the atrocities acted out upon the world stage are
archontic agendas in play.

Have you ever wondered where those negative thoughts come from ,
you know that voice in your head which always puts you down, or puts
others down, causes you to judge yourself and others. Have you ever
wondered why your negative thoughts are so much easier to think than
those of a positive nature? Have you wondered why those negative
thoughts trigger fear and worry especially in your solar plexus, and how
these feelings create heaviness in the body which is so debilitating? This
is a sign of archontic infection.

Light workers are reporting being under archontic attack. It seems

that the Archons have moved on in their agenda and are now actively
attacking Light Workers on the planet. They cause Light Workers to fall in
consciousness; the Archons can stir up old unresolved issues. If for some
reason the Archons cannot infect the Light Worker they will manipulate
another to act out this archontic agenda. Many Light Workers are reporting
people blaming them for things they have not done, and other people are
projecting their issues on to them. This can cause major confusion and
distress for the Light Worker as they have to defend themselves from the
accusations which come from the projection of the other person. The
Archons will choose people who are the closest to you to steer you off
your path. Often those people who you feel the closest to, the person you
feel is part of your soul family, and the person you would never imagine
would want to hurt you, suddenly turns on you for no real rational reason.
Often when the damage is done the archontic parasite will pass into
another dimension and the person who has fallen under its possession has
no memory of the blame game they had been influenced to play. It is
important to remember that the person blaming and judging you is under
the influence of the archontic parasite. It is possible that the Archons will
also possess many people around you, making you think the problem
must lie with you, as so many more people are turning against you. If the
Archon parasite can isolate the Light Worker from its fellow friends and
family then their work is successful.
The higher up the ladder you climb, the more work you do on
yourself, the lighter you become, the more open to this archontic attack
you are prone. It is like moths to the flame; the Archons can pick you out
from the sea of the collective consciousness and can send their tendrils to
attack you either directly through your own thoughts, or through the
negative thoughts of another. They can directly influence another person
to attack you, many Light Workers are under heavy attack from others
right now, from people they once considered to be their close friends or
even other fellow Light Workers. Division causes blame, anger and fear
which is delicious food to the archontic parasites. It is as if mankind are
infected by an evil disease, people are acting out of character, and even
your loved ones can become infected and act out an archontic agenda.

My personal experience of these beings began many years ago whilst

doing healing practices with my clients. I began to have people come to
me with black slimy like tendrils inserted into their auric fields. I saw
bundles of these tendrils gathered in the centre of the chakra, especially
the solar plexus, the place of the ego. I worked on my clients with truth
and light frequencies which worked very well for all other issues and
problems. I was surprised to see that instead of healing the person, the
light energy seemed to feed the Archons, giving them more power. One
client in particular stayed in my mind, my client had come to me with
depression and a constant fatigue. As I looked at her energy body I saw
several long slimy tendrils, many gathered in her solar plexus, I tried to
simply pull them out however I was unable. I called down the energy of
her soul and aided her in breathing in the healing power of her soul,
holding her in truth frequency I was shocked to see these tendrils take on
more power and form. I watched as they developed from being simple
tendril forms to embryos. She was becoming even more infected. I did not
know what to do, it seemed the higher the energy I called upon the worse
the situation became. I asked my soul which energy, which aspect could
help in such a tricky situation. The answer was Satan. As you can imagine
I was surprised to hear this.

Before I go on with this story I must tell you that I do not have the
same judgements or fears around the being Satan as many in the new age
circles. For me the satanic frequency is also part of creation and part of
my overall multidimensional consciousness. With the permission of the
client together we held the satanic frequency, encased her whole energy
body in a black energy which the satanic frequency enabled. The satanic
black energy seemed to suffocate the archontic parasites and after over
an hour of holding this frequency my client was free of these archontic
Over the next few years many more people came to me with these
Archon entities. I gained almost no information about them and thus
remained in ignorance. My next encounter with them was during a past
life process which I was taken through by a teacher within a seminar. I
found myself inside a planet, which was hollowed out. I was merged with
the walls; it was as if the walls had grown around me. I was a human (not
necessarily from earth); there were many more of us also trapped inside
the walls. Inserted into our chakric systems were dark black slimy tendrils
which passed a black liquid into our bodies. It was as if we were being
used as a recycling apparatus, for this black liquid. I was in horror and had
long since given up the idea of any rescue or freedom from this nightmare
reality. I remote viewed the entity which resided in the centre of the
planet, who was the owner of the black tendrils. It looked like a huge black
slimy hydra slug like being. Like a huge black octopus feeding and
excreting its waste directly into our bodies. As I left this past life memory I
asked where am I? I was told in a planet in Orion orbiting the star of Rigel.

From this time I had more and more encounters with these archontic
parasites, many people shifted their energy in front of me, becoming cold,
angry, hostile and positively evil. Many of these people would act out of
character being mean, and horrible to both themselves and others. I saw a
grey cloudy light pass over the eyes and sometimes I would even see the
eyes change colour. The person would suddenly act out of character,
blaming, judging and accusing all people around them. Many of them
were in positions of power in one form or another; they had the ability to
hold other people to ransom and through the archontic infection were able
to affect other people too. I saw the archontic infestation spreading from
peoples auric fields to attach to other people bringing those people to
anger and fear. This fed the archontic parasite and thus more and more
people were becoming infected. Fear is their most preferred food, when
we are afraid we leak our power and thus we become easy food for these
vampiric archontic entities. At first I thought they were not as intelligent
as I was mistaken to think of them as simple astral parasites. However the
more encounters I had with them I began to realise that they were
intelligent and the more they infested humankind the more intelligent
they became. They were feeding off mankinds ability to have imagination
and creative abilities. They did not seem to have imagination themselves
but had the ability to trigger and steer the creative imaginative powers of
the human, for their agenda which was complete domination.

I began to see them turn up inside other peoples bodies; I began to

have encounters with those who were fully possessed. There seemed to
be a big difference between someone who was simply infected to one who
had a full blown possession of an archontic entity. The archontic entity is
not really fully formed when it first infects its host; it can even stay
dormant for years before some rising of frequency awakens it. Once
certain energy triggers its awakening it can feed off the energy which is
broadcast from our DNA and begin a gestation process which results in an
embryo parasite developing in the solar plexus. The parasite can go on to
inhabit all the chakras but it seems to start its takeover process from
within the ego centre in the solar plexus. From within the solar plexus the
archontic entity begins to control the lower mind, the rational mind. It
does not dwell in the conscious mind but burrows itself into the
subconscious. From the place of the subconscious it can trigger issues,
unresolved trauma and negative mind patterns which are damaging to
both the host and all those around them. The archontic parasite can
influence all the thoughts of the host and the host has no awareness that
these thoughts are not their own and they are under the influence of an
entity and will instead blame all around them. I often see those who are
hosts to these parasites accuse other people for things they are doing
themselves. They will blame other people for negative emotions, thoughts
and opinions they actually hold themselves. They are caught in a
mirroring game which they cannot get out of. When you interact with a
person who is under an intense archontic episode you will notice that they
think everyone around them are operating in their egos, and have
negative intentions. They will throw out accusations which surprise those
they accuse, they cannot see past their own projections and thus think
everyone but they are at fault.

It can become very tricky as this archontic episode can affect others
around them, it can become infectious. Those people around them who
have issues which are similar going on within their egos will also become
triggered and they then are open in those moments of judgment to
becoming infected by the Archon parasite themselves. Once the archontic
parasite had gained enough food from the negative emotions, it will pass
back into the subconscious and remain hidden. The hosted person will go
from acting mean one minute to having no awareness of what has just
occurred. It is not clean cut, it is hard to stay objective whilst in an
archontic drama, it is easy to be pulled into the drama yourself, once in
the disempowering influence of your ego you are food for their game.

It was not until my recent Ayahuasca ceremony did I realise that I too
was infected. During an Ayahuasca trip I began to have intense negative
thoughts and an incredible feeling of depression and fatigue. I realised
that I had been feeling this on and off for several months , I had tried to
process out these negative thoughts and feelings but it seemed allusive ,
like I could not hold it long enough to be able to heal it out. During the
ceremony this became so highlighted it was unbearable, as the trip went
on I looked over my shoulder to see a black slug upon my back. With the
help of the shaman I was able to remove the slug, with this a rush of
energy rocketed up my spine, my negative thoughts were gone and joy
entered my heart once more. This experience gave me more of an
understanding of these archontic entities. I think I needed to go through
this experience so that I could more fully understand what these entities
were and how to deal with them. I later meet a powerful psychic who
reported seeing vast underground nests of these archontic parasites
underneath many major cities, especially under hospitals and prisons. It
seemed that they were congregating around places where humans were
living under stressful and negative conditions.

Researchers of the Archons have stated that the Archons are the
Reptilians and the Greys, this is incorrect. The Reptilians and the Grey
clones have become fully possessed and no longer have any freewill and
are completely living out an archontic agenda and placing us all in an
energetic prison to become food for their Archon overlords. It seems that
the fall of many of the races in our galaxy were caused by this archontic
parasitic energy. Where did these Archons come from originally? The
story goes that a race of humanoid beings created an artificial wormhole
in the outer skin of our universe, creating a tear in the fabric of our
universe allowing the infection of these archontic entities to enter the
universe. The Archons seemed to be living in the void space in between
universes and on the creation of the wormhole they swarmed into our
reality. I saw this process in my minds eye I could see the universe as an
egg of light in a sea of the darkness of the void. A hole appeared in the
outer skin of the egg and the light from our universe triggered something
to occur in the void, it created a swarm of these negative archontic
entities to then enter our reality. This parasitic entity at first was not really
that intelligent but it had the urge to survive and it felt threatened, as it
was out of place and was concerned about its food supply, so it went
looking for a food which would nourish it. It found mind!

The Archons began to hang out around those beings which were also
programmed to survive and thus they found the ancient races of the
Reptilians, because of their genetics the Reptilians came very easily under
the archontic influence. After time they possessed the Reptilian races and
thus they fell in consciousness. The Reptilian races have been under the
influence and possession of these Archontic entities for thousands of
years. It seems that the falling of many races within our galaxy have all
been caused to one degree or another by this archontic infection.

An archontic infection begins by the parasite lowering your vibration

to lock you in an astral plane; there you are much more easily influenced
and controlled. They can achieve this through many methods, drugs,
alcohol and pharmaceuticals can be used by the Archons to infiltrate the
freewill of people. In this state the possessing entity can then drain the
energy directly from the solar plexus. Anyone trying to rid themselves of
an archontic infection will be brought very quickly to paranoia and anger
towards other people. It is reported that Meth addicts and heroin users
often see these archontic parasites as demons around them.

The Archons can merge their distorted vibration with ours and
increase the negativity of our emotional and mental attitudes. This is a
process of deconstructive interference. They set up a distortion in our
mental body, which directly affects our thoughts, causing us to spiral
down in energy to lower and lower thought processes. From this state we
are easily led and programmed by the mind parasite, we begin to believe
these thoughts are our own and then empower them and thus create the
reality the archontic entity wishes us to manifest. They are responsible for
the thoughts of the artificial matrix in which we live. We are living in an
archontic nightmare brought about through our own creative powers.

Etheric Archon Grid- is present in a thin layer that extends 8.6 miles
upwards into the sky from the surface profile of our planet and also 8.6
miles downwards from the surface profile into the Earth's crust. Taken

I have not only seen this archonic grid but I have also passed through
it many times on various dimensional journeys and astral travels that I
have been on. It appears to me as a shattered piece of glass, reflecting a
distorted illusionary matrix, which if you get caught up in it can be
extremely disorientating. It is only a narrow band of energy but it is
powerful enough to wipe the memory clean, causing lost memory of
dimensional journeys. I talk a lot about this barrier in my soul readings; it
was set around the planet trapping souls in an artificial incarnation cycle. I
have watched how souls came to the earth with full aware and sentient
consciousness with the full instructions of their missions fresh in their
minds, only to pass through this barrier and forget most if not all of the
memory of their true identity. This barrier not only traps souls in false
matrix and incarnation cycle, it also perverts and distorts access to the
true soul records. I noticed the more and more I passed through the
barrier the more conscious I became, until I was able to bring the
vibratory resonance of the higher version of my multidimensional self
through the distortion into my 3D reality and anchor it in my body. This
seemed to open me up and I gained more access to the soul records of
not only myself but others too. I did these dimension journeys over and
over each time retrieving a little more information. Since the galactic
alignment of 2012 the galactic centre has been pulsing highly charged
streams of energy into our local space and this is causing holes to appear
in this barrier and therefore more information is getting through , making
my soul readings easier .Other people are waking up faster and faster
accessing high end information which is advancing the awakening.

The effect of passing through the barrier was known to us before we

came to earth, we had been briefed on its influence but until we actually
experienced it first-hand we could not have prepared ourselves for such
an experience. The reason is because it puts you into an artificial level of
consciousness, as you pass through the barrier or filter. It acts as a filter,
filtering out important information and energy about who you are on the
higher levels, and important information which may help the planet and
raise our collective consciousness. It locks us into the left brain
hemisphere, the rational mind. Within the rational mind or left hemisphere
there are encoded belief systems which get downloaded automatically
into it, as we pass through the barrier. These belief systems are
fundamental control mechanisms which are inserted into the matrix of our
mind which governs the rational mind as electrical impulses. The grid is
made up of etherical , vibratory distorted mind concepts , as we pass
through the barrier these are automatically inserted and we wake up in
incarnation often with no memory of who we really are. School and
education systems are all designed along an archonic agenda and
therefore through indoctrination and even blatant programming we are
encouraged to operate only in left brain isolation, this leaves many of us
paralysed in the concepts of Mr Rational. I noticed that when I was above
this grid if you like I was fully aware of who I was on the higher levels,
however the moment I passed through the barrier I would only for a brief
moment lose consciousness, when I regained consciousness a second
later and was inside the matrix or grid, I now longer could feel the truth of
who I am on the higher levels and negative and self-defeating thoughts
would once more come into my mind. Because I made this journey over
and over I got very familiar with this passing through the grid until I was
able to bring back with me more of an awareness of my multidimensional
identity, which was much grander than my imprisoned ego which this
barrier seemed to be able to slam me back into in a second. Over time the
holes in the grid became larger and I found not only was I able to retrieve
more of my own personal information but I brought back important
information for others too.

The only problem with blasting holes in an archonic net is the net is
somehow aware of you and can be alerted to the presence of a person
who is retrieving soul records, raising its frequency or becoming a danger
to the archonic agenda. There are automatic alarm systems if you like
within our matrix; I have seen these in operation many times. At first I
thought I was under some sort of paranormal, psychic attacks from god
knows what. However the more experience I had of these attacks the
more I came to realise they were not coming from an actual being or
person but were in built safety systems built into the matrix to alert it to
anyone who was getting above their station. Ringing in the ears,
especially the left can be an indication of a matrix auto system of control,
suddenly forgetting in mid-sentence what you were talking or thinking
about usually when it is either high information of some sort or a
discovery of a conspiracy. The phone would ring disturbing a channelling
session or an inspiring conversation with a fellow dimension traveller,
stopping the flow of important information and taking us completely off
track. Often the person on the other end would have no idea why they
called, some convinced I had called them. Lights would flicker and cold
rushes of energy would come into the room, it would be easy to look at
these as astral entities or ghosts but after time I realised none of this
happened when I was not in an environment with electricity. I remember
my husband giving me a suspicious look when I told him they could listen
through all electrical appliances and used the whole of the electric grid to
listen in on us both audibly, clairvoyantly and energetically.

I tried to engage with the beings behind the attacks and that is when
I realised these were not beings but automatic alarm and attack system
set up in the matrix preventing anyone from awakening. Of course they
did not stop me and the more awake I became the more attacks I got. I
was triggering alarms all over the place. My computer would do the
strangest things, especially when I was trying to upload my articles on my
website, especially about the Zeta or as some call them the Greys. It was
as if there was intelligence within the computer which could tamper with
my work, I know it sounds paranoid and a bit out there, but it was
intelligent, I firmly believe that there is an AI intelligent machine at the
heart of the creation of the false matrix in which we live. It can use all
electrical appliances, wires, phone masts, and even the geometric
structure of the electrical pylons help hold this artificial matrix together. I
always said that if we had a big solar flare to knock out the power, people
would wake up .We are being held prisoner in this matrix by not only the
electricity itself but the way the electrical grid is geometrically and
magically set up across the planet. The electrical grid is not randomly built
across the planet, it is designed along occult geometry which binds
energies and creates artificial realities.

I began getting strange emails when I uploaded my book We are

here about the Zeta. There would be a paragraph of my text and then
underneath was text about things I did not understand, there were words
of governmental agencies and projects, such as Echelon. I had no clue
about such things and so thought nothing of them, however they kept
coming so I tried to reply and asked the person what they wanted.
However the email would never deliver I always got a failed delivery
notice. A friend of mine came to visit who was a hacker and also very
knowledgeable about the Illuminati and the New World Order, so I showed
them to him and he told me that Echelon was a secret governmental
spying surveillance system, spying on the internet and reading peoples
emails. It was an automatic system searching for key words, looking for
people who would be considered a danger to nations security. What words
in my text about the Zeta triggered this Echelon system I do not know but
it obviously saw it as some sort of threat. My friend put a ping on the
email address and told me that they were coming from the white house;
of course I did not believe him.

Some months later I went to upload a redesigned version of my

website, something I had worked on for months. As we uploaded the
website, my hacker friend noticed that there was information coming back
down the line something unusual about that. After I had finished uploading
it I went on line to look at it, it was not there, I reopened the website
building software to discover it had vanished. My friend saw I was
distraught and said not to worry he could retrieve it from DOS. He went
white when he tried and said there was no evidence or sign of my website
ever being on my computer, they had wiped it clean. It took me several
more weeks before I could finally upload it however by this time I had
discovered how to combat these interferences from the matrix, which
obviously has such things as Echelon as part of the control structure.

Not only were they capable of entering and messing around with my
computer but also all my on line passwords were changed, not one worked
the day after the problem with the disappearing website. I felt it was a
sort of warning telling me they could screw with my life if they wanted to.
The more I worked on myself, the more light or truth vibration I got into
my body the worse the attacks became. The worst times were in airports,
by this time I had begun to travel running seminars about soul integration
and talking to people about my alien encounters. It seemed that the
electromagnetic smog which is always heavy in these places was
increasing the effect of the matrix, I felt like I was being fired electrically,
my skin would prickle and I would hear many high pitched tones in my left
ear, and feel dizzy. Often airport staff would act strange around me and
behave oddly. The time I went to LA in America was the most scary time
for me I was followed by two men and had my photograph taken many
times when I walked the street and I had someone outside the house
where I was staying ,watching me. I wanted to believe I had lost my mind
and I was just being paranoid but other people confirmed that the men
were indeed following me.

Back home it all came to a head, I felt under attack, I was scared,
jumpy and constantly had this interference ringing in my ears. I asked my
soul for help and was told that I could not get out of the matrix as I could
not leave the earth however I could scramble my signal and be
undetected by the matrix. My soul taught me how to spin my aura, like a
revolving door. I remote viewed the place where the surveillance was
coming from and I clearly saw a black plastic shiny looking pyramid
somewhere in America, it was surrounded by neatly cut grass so I knew
for sure it was on earth, it looked just like a government installation. Even
though I did not know what it meant at the time, I had the letters NSA in
my head when I asked where was I. Inside the black pyramid were many
levels of offices, storerooms with computers, massively powerful
computers. I saw a man sat at a console looking at points of light on a
map, which I intuitively knew were people like me, people who were
waking up. As I span my aura to scramble my signal the man said she is
still here but I cannot find her. I knew I had been successful. Then
another man entered the room and said she is here alright I can feel her,
she is spying on us. I left that place rather quickly, I had no idea
someone could know when someone is remote viewing them, and this was
unnerving. This stopped all of this strangeness until years later I went to
live in Munich, Germany. Many strange things happened there too many to
go into now, but on the last day of living there, on my return day to
England, I received an email. It was from the Bavarian Illuminati inviting
me for lunch. Now maybe it was someone playing a joke on me but as I
had not really talked to anyone about my experiences and no longer had
contact with my hacker friend who could think to do such a thing. I rushed
home and was glad to be out of Munich, what if that really was the
Bavarian Illuminati what on earth did they want from me? I thought it was
all to do with the Zeta, but since learning about them and how they look
for people with certain genetics for ritual, certain people with red hair and
blue eyes I am not so sure the alien thing was all they were interested in.

It is only recently that I have put together all my strange and weird
encounters and experiences as regards this archon energy. I have come to
realise they have been following me around for many years. It seemed
that they could not only affect me on a very 3D level, they also had
access to me on the 4th dimension, astral planes. Of course I had strange
dreams too many to mention, however this was not only the way this
archon energy was trying to infiltrate my life. The first time I saw what I
now know was an archonic take-over or full possession was way back in
1990. A friend of mine had a strange experience at a standing stone circle
here in Cornwall; a place I later found out Crowley had performed a black
magic ritual. She was mediating there with a group of people from Munich,
(the home of the opening speech of Hitler). She felt like she had been
taken over by something and had collapsed on the ground. From that day
she began to change, she would be fine when we were with other people
but soon as we were alone she would morph in front of my eyes. Her eyes
would turn this awful cold grey colour even though they were usually a
bright blue. She would talk in a lower toned voice and she was mean, she
would change from a wonderful light hearted person to one which was out
of character and manipulative and mean. Over the period of three years
she manipulated every crystal, book, sacred object that she could get her
hands on. She did not steal them so I had no way of blaming her as I gave
them freely to her. But when she was out of my company I felt abused,
deeply abused not because she had taken my crystals but because she
had taken over my mind and had manipulated my freewill. This scared the
hell out of me. I began to think is she possessed. Soon as I came to this
idea , all hell broke out, I could hear her speaking to me constantly in my
head, and she often confirmed that it was going on, soon as she was alone
with me she would be able to repeat word for word what she had said to
me in my mind the day before.

She began to take everything from me, she tried to tell my friends I
had lost my mind and for a while they believed her. That was until one
friend went to visit her at her new flat, you see to everyone else she was
sweet and the archon remained hidden, it wanted me to think I had lost
my mind and isolate me from my friends. He was shocked to the core as
he came back and told me that her flat looked exactly like mine, she had
bought or stolen from me everything to be the same. Cushions, towels,
pictures, everything, he said it was the creepiest thing he had ever seen.
Once he woke up he began to see her change too and finally I had
someone to talk to. The situation got worse and worse but I could not
throw her out, if I was in her company I was her mind controlled slave.
One day she came to my house and knocked on the door, now usually she
would just open it and invite herself in, this time it was different. My soul
said to me remember the vampire films. When she asked me if she could
come in I replied not likely, no you cannot . She turned a very bright red,
she was furious, her eyes were almost black, and she ran from my door.
Two hours later her mother came to see me to tell me she had been taken
into a mental hospital. She had left my door and taken all her clothes off,
ran naked around the village, broke into a farmers house and climbed into
his chest freezer, and remained there until the farmer called an
ambulance. Her two year old boy was found in a stream with crosses
painted on his body with lipstick. Her mother and I talked for a long time
and I said she was trying to be like me, and she replied no she wanted to
be you , those words made me shudder.

I put this all down to some sort of demonic possession but could not
shake the feeling that this being was only using her to get at me. The next
time I encountered it again was whilst I stayed with a German family
whilst living in south Bavaria. I was staying with them for a while before
getting my own flat, we all got on super well or that is what I thought.
Then the man began to change at the dinner table and talk to me very
badly, his eyes changed from deep brown to a steely grey. I recognised
this demonic entity again as the same one who had possessed my friend.
This would occur over and over but once the demon had his say, the
mans eyes would change back to brown and he would act as if nothing
had been said. It was enough to make anyone think they were losing their
mind. I was relieved to leave that place, even though I know now it was
most definitely not the individual people but a demonic, archonic force
working through them. Since that time I can spot it a mile off and it did
not freak me out so much anymore as I seemed more able to avert its

In my experience there are different levels of archon, it is as if they

have a growing phase and morph and change into different forms. The
one who was following me around seemed quite intelligent though others
appear only in their early stages of development. I have since come to
think that the archon following me around is the same entity which was
part of my abduction experience recently in Belgium whilst running a
seminar. It appeared as a black entity with a shadow body with red
devilish eyes. It was definitely not a reptilian, maybe it was what other
people call the shadow being. It sounds corny but it appeared to me as if it
was a black devil with red eyes. There were occult and satanic symbols
being flashed into my mind, as if he was trying to perform magic on me to
control my now unruly will. He had overcome me once before with occult
magic and torture. I gave a woman a healing session whilst running a
seminar in Austria, again in a place known to Hitler. She looked like an
ordinary housewife, complaining of being too tired. So I began working
with her and realised she had a dead girl attached to her , I asked her if
she knew who this was and she replied it was her daughter she had died a
year ago. So I began working on helping the removal of this girl and taking
it on to another dimension to carry on its journey. All of a sudden the room
span and I almost fainted and I realised I was being lied to, this was no
girl. I called in more truth vibration and asked to see the truth and I saw a
reptilian being that is actually an aspect of her over soul which wished her
to remove her fear of him. So I go to work on this and again the room
spins, and I wanted to faint. I realised again I am being fooled, what on
earth is going on. I ask to see the truth and wished I never did.

The woman was sitting with her eyes closed she had no idea where I
was and as I was feeling so awful I was pacing around her. Every time I
sent her the truth frequency she would put her hand to my face, she
would put the flat of her palm against my face. It was the most freaky
thing to experience I kept thinking next thing I know she will turn green
and her head would spin around like in the film the Exorcist. I managed to
remove this being which was now making her make strange throat noises
and cracked her neck back and forth , however when she left the house
pleased and happy she was healed , this being jumped into me. All of a
sudden I was no longer in the room; I was in a dungeon during the times
of the Inquisition. I am strapped to a wooden board, I am having my legs
crushed and pulled by this torture contraption, my torturer a catholic
priest, and he had the same grey eyes. How long I was in this altered state
I do not know but the next thing I knew I heard myself praying for my
soul , as my friends who have now run to my aid were trying to pull me
out of it . They found me on my knees in the corner of the room with my
hands in prayer, begging to be killed to save my sinning soul.

All of these encounters with this being hardened me up made me

strong and able to recognise this archonic infection, I began to find ways
of not being infected myself or so I thought. Like I said earlier there seems
to be various levels in this archon entities. I think the guy who was
hanging around me was quite high up the hierarchy, though I encountered
others which were not so. I attended a seminar run by a good friend of
mine; she too was a healer of the Transformation Process I teach now. She
announced to the group of 30 people that after lunch she would take one
person through a process which would be the hardest process she had
ever done, would be the hardest process they would ever witness and the
most terrifying the person having the session would experience. Soon as I
heard this I knew she meant me.

After lunch I sat on a chair in the centre of the room with everyone
looking at me some in fear. I closed my eyes as I heard my friend say
Alloya was taken when she was three years old and I heard nothing
more. I was no longer in the room. I was in merged into the walls of a
black cave in a hollowed out planet somewhere in Orion. Inserted into my
body into all the points of the chakras were these black tentacles which
were owned by this huge black octopus creature which lived at the
planets centre. This being was not only eating our light body, feeding offs
us but the worst thing was it was also excreting it excrement through our
bodies. It was the most awful and disgusting experience I have ever had.
It took a lot of healing to bring me back and I was a mess for some time

Soon after this experience I began to see them in other people,

people were infected by these black slug, snake like creatures. They
infected the person through the solar plexus and eventually would host
inside each of the chakras, hoping for full possession. I tried working to
remove them in the same way I would normally working with light
frequencies only to discover it made it worse , the light seemed to feed
them more. I ended up working in the black energy and holding people in
the void energy to suffocate and eventually get these black slugs to leave
the body. People were depressed, tired had a feeling of hopeless, off track
and some were suicidal. Once the parasitic slug had been removed they
would increase in energy almost overnight. You would think with all this
experience I would have recognised I was infected myself. But that is how
these entities work they are able to stay in disguise as the person
themself. Many think it is their own thoughts which think those thoughts,
they think it is their nature which is depressed, and all the time they are
under archonic influence.

For about a year I had been feeling hopeless, my joy was so hard to
find and I felt constantly tired. I had thoughts that my work was no good, I
was not doing well as my mission and was somehow letting the universe
down, dramatic I know! It was not until I went to an Ayahuasca ceremony
that I realised this was an archonic influence and I was infected. I took
Ayahuasca but nothing happened, this really triggered me and I began a
roller coaster of negative thoughts and feelings. I thought that would be
my only chance to take Ayahuasca and it was not strong enough and did
not work, others around me were also complaining that nothing was
happening. I began to think maybe I had been ripped off. This negative
headspace became so loud I began to think is this really me. It was then
that I saw a big black slug on my back. I could see how it was sucking my
light somehow; it was draining my life force. I freaked out and luckily the
shaman recognised my distress and came to my aid. Once removed I felt
my kundalini activate and felt so much more energised and my joy

From that day on people are coming to me all the time to talk to me
about the archons, I am helping others remove them but I am not always
successful. It seems that the light is not the way to go, much better to
work with black, light. People are saying to me that we should send them
love and yes we should but not until they are safely removed, if you
simply choice to love them without fully removing them you will simply be
re-infected. I must say the more I can see them the more I think we are all
infected to one degree or another.

Are these entities Dark Plasma beings?

Taken from

The latest WMAP results show that more than 95% of the universe is
composed of invisible non-baryonic dark matter and energy. Composition
of Our Universe- The matter that is visible and currently directly
measurable is composed of particles that have been identified in the
physicists Standard Model. However, the majority of scientists now
believe that this ordinary matter makes up less than 5% of the universe.
In fact, it makes up less than 20% of all the matter in the universe. The
other more than 80% is composed of invisible matter that has been
dubbed dark matter by scientists. Dark Plasma Theory argues that this
dark matter is present around our Solar System and, specifically, the
Earth. Evidence shows that the Sun and the Solar System are under the
gravitational influence of invisible dark matter in our galaxy. Dark matter
particles have been raining down on Earth every day and night for the
past 4.6 billion years. These particles are captured by the Earths
gravitational field. Furthermore, the embryonic Solar System also
contained dark matter components. There are therefore many reasons to
infer that there are low-density halos of dark matter particles
interpenetrating the Earth effectively creating (currently) invisible
counterpart-Earths that co-rotate and share the same gravitational field
as the visible Earth. The Theory questioned in 2007 if the density of dark
matter around Earth was underestimated.

Computations in 2008 by Stephen Adler of Princeton University and

Xu and Siegel from the University of Arizona, suggest that the dark matter
density in the Solar System and around the Earth exceeds the galactic
halo density significantly and is much higher than previously thought.
According to Jay Alfreds estimate, the visible Earth is gravitationally
coupled to a Jupiter-sized dark matter halo. As dark matter clumped it
created conditions for a dark biosphere to form. This dark biosphere gave
rise to dark matter life forms and consciousness. The Theory argues that
dark matter is largely in the form of plasmas of exotic particles (including
super symmetric particles such as charginos and neutralinos). It has been
shown in laboratory experiments over the past ten years that minimal
ordinary plasma cell-systems can be generated in the laboratory.

The Theory therefore suggests that minimal dark plasma cell-

systems were generated within this dark halo/biosphere in the early Earth
and predicts the existence of terrestrial dark plasma life forms which
evolved from these minimal plasma cell systems. Furthermore, unlike
chemical-based life forms, dark plasma life forms are compatible with life
in a super symmetric universe. Life forms would be as varied in scale,
structure and intelligence as carbon-based life forms as different as a
microbe from a whale; a mosquito from a tiger; a giraffe from a crocodile;
an ant from a human being. Their degrees of intelligence and awareness
were as different as a centipedes awareness to the awareness and
intelligence of Homo sapiens.

The entities that we have loosely identified as ghosts, angels, jinns,

demons, deities (for example the Marian apparitions in the atmosphere),
aliens, biological UFOs, fairies and sightings of the recently deceased (on
the surface of the Earth) are characteristic of these predicted exotic
plasma life forms from interpenetrating dark plasma spheres or
counterpart Earths. They constitute ecology of plasma life forms that
evolved throughout Earths history and sometimes formed symbiotic
relationships with the carbon-based life forms that we are more familiar
with. Homo sapiens evolved carbon-based bodies that formed symbiotic
relationships with some of these plasma life forms (indicating a type of
symbio-genesis). When the carbon-based bodies died, the bioplasma
bodies (resulting from the symbiosis) continue their existence in the
counterpart Earths.

The universe is made up of what we can see, what emits light and
what we cannot, in the plasma of the universe. If you look through a
telescope you will see large light filaments called Birkeland Currants,
writing like snakes throughout the universe. These Serpents are basically
electrical discharges causing a magnetic reaction in the plasma field,
causing the light filaments to twist and braid becoming the Silver
Serpents. Now they are telling us that there are the same structures
within the dark plasma that we cannot see. We know that all dimensions
and portals, stargates and realities of the light were created by the
movement of the Serpents, now we are coming to understand that the
dark plasma also folds and creates planes of existence, star systems,
planets, beings etc. Through listening to Ananda Hari, we have come to
know that in the movement of the Serpents and their electrical discharge,
they created folds within the plasma caused by the creation of magnetic
waves. What if worlds, dimensions and beings were also created within
the folds of the magnetic waves in the dark plasma field?

How would an entity in a very rudimentary form look like in this dark
plasma universe? Would it not take on the snake like appearance? They
appear in several forms depending on the level of intelligence. I have seen
them as black orbs, blobs if you will. I have seen slugs and creatures like
worms especially in peoples bodies. I have seen larger snakes and nests
of serpents, hydra and octopus looking creatures. It occurred to me that
they had some sort of gestation period as I have seen the way they
develop starting as a blob, then forming into a slug, then worm, snake,
hydra, and octopus. It looks like the stages of simple celled life form
mutations. I have remote viewed nests of these creatures underneath
prisons, military bases and hospitals, all places where people would be in
a negative headspace.

Are these Archons coming from the dark plasma universe? As Ananda
Hari sent a beam of light through the ninth dimension into the eighth to
draw a template of light upon the lower dimensions to create life, did she
also trigger the animation of the dark plasma, just like Sophia in Gnosis
Nag Hammadi scriptures. Sophia is an Aeon; she is one of many gods and
goddess of the sacred foam. In the myth she injects through the skin of
the egg of the Pleroma a light template, which happened to be the human
template in the story. I think bigger I think this is the template enabled
lower animal life forms to evolve to eventually become humanoid races
within our galaxy. As she did this she became so fascinated by the living
light template forming she somehow got pulled from the Pleroma and
found herself in the field of matter. Her presence in a place she should not
be, caused the matter to become animated, her creative presence alone
caused the dark plasma to become alive. She then watched as the dark
plasma like a swarm began to fight against itself, so she gave it a part of
herself, her intelligence, she gave it the ability to self-regulate and it
began to form worlds. These entities then went on a rampage and became
the tyrannical empire of the Archons.

The black slugs that I am seeing in peoples bodies are eating their
light; they are attacking light workers the most and eating their light
bodies. What if the same process is going on a galactic level and there are
large serpents eating light systems. Now we know the universe is prone to
eating itself as we have black holes which do exactly that. These
processes are going on, on a macro and microscopic scale. The worms or
slugs which enter our bodies enter them through the black hole in the
centre of our chakras. They then infect the person and over time they
grow into slugs hoping to take over the person entirely and eat their light
body. There are also larger beings that are entering galaxies and solar
systems through the black holes in their centres to enter the system and
consume the light. Now I know this all sounds very scary but if you look it
just as the dynamic workings of the universe, imploding and eating itself,
just like the serpent eating its own tail you will calm down a little.
People assign personalities, characters to these beings, but I do not
think this is incorrect. I think there are many beings in the galaxy that
have fallen prey to their infection. I think the Reptilians, Greys etc. are not
Archons, they are however fully infected and are hosts (some of them
willingly) to these Archonic parasites. In the film Stargate the Apophis is a
host to the snake creature which controls his mind, and body. Do these
beings enter through black holes into our reality? It is said that the people
at the Hadron Collider are trying to open a black hole between this
universe and a parallel universe, are they opening portals to allow
Archonic entry into our reality.

So why do they go after the Light workers the most, people who
actively working on increasing the light in their auric field? Jay Alfred may
have the answer.

Recent scientific papers at the end of 2008, which studied

acceleration anomalies in space crafts and satellites orbiting the Earth
and more detailed calculations of dark matter density in the Solar System
and around the Earth, also point to the possible existence of blobs of dark
matter in our atmosphere. Within the context of Dark Plasma Theory, this
point to dark plasma blobs within
the Earth environment.

To understand how they

interact with ordinary matter, the
Dark Ionization Process (DIP) has
first to be understood.
Interactions between ordinary and
dark matter bodies are generally
collision less, i.e. they can pass
through each other. Firstly, this is
because of the low density of
particles and secondly because
dark matter particles do not
interact with ordinary
electromagnetic forces within an
atom. Hence, generally, dark
matter particles of a dark matter
object can pass through the large
spaces within ordinary matter
atoms easily and without causing
any effects. However, plasma bodies possess a plasma frequency which is
caused by the natural oscillations of the particles within the plasma. If the
particle oscillations within the dark plasma are high, the probability of
collisions between dark matter particles in the plasma and the particles in
ordinary matter atoms increases.

When the dark plasma life form focuses (this also happens during
meditation or other mental focusing activities) on a target area, the
density of dark matter particles in that area increases. This results in an
increase in the frequency of oscillations within the dark plasma and a rise
in the collision rate. When dark matter particles collide with ordinary
matter atoms, some electrons may be displaced to generate an electric
rent. Other electrons may jump to currants higher energy states then fall
back to lower energy levels, emitting ordinary photons. In ordinary
circumstances, there will be ultra-weak photon emissions. However, when
the plasma life form focuses on a target area, the intensity of photon
emissions in that area will increase. Ordinary light of different colours and
other electro-magnetic radiation, including microwaves may be

Besides light, the ordinary plasma also generates heat. The

microwaves that are generated by the Dark Ionization Process also heat
up biological tissues. Thermoelastic waves of acoustic pressure are
generated when microwaves heat up soft tissues in the head. These
waves travel by bone conduction to the inner ear to cause buzzing and
other sounds that can be heard only inside the head and not by others
who are not oriented similarly. Furthermore, the natural oscillations of
dark matter particles in the dark plasma cause collisions with ordinary
particles in a periodic fashion, resulting in the density of the ordinary
plasma to increase and decrease cyclically, generating a pulsating
electromagnetic field.

The predominant frequencies generated by the temporary ordinary

plasma will be low, mostly in the microwave region, but would also include
radio waves and infrared waves on either side. Occasionally it will be high
enough to be detected at visible wavelengths and more rarely extending
beyond this into the ultra-violet region. The light curve generated by the
temporary ordinary plasma of a dark plasma life form would therefore
span the frequencies over a particular time-frame. A microwave glow is
predicted before the visual detection (and also a microwave after-glow
subsequent to the visual detection). In other words, a visual sighting of a
plasma life form or (biological UFO) can be predicted by first detecting the
microwave glow, then tracking its evolution. If the frequency continually
increases, a visual sighting is likely to occur.

These slug like Archon entities are often seen with a glow around the
edge of their form, is the glow described above?
The Archons are low-vibrating thought-forms, empowered by our own
creative mind abilities. In a strange way they give us the opportunity to
choose what we're creating, what we are thinking by aligning with
archonic thought patterns, or aligning with our own inner knowing, our
own souls wisdom. They require emotional energy to sustain themselves;
mankind has long been their primary food source. They feed upon
energies that are in resonance with their own vibrations: negative
emotions, psychological suffering. They engage in lower vibrations, they
thrive off influencing us to ignorance, suffering, and ego perversion. They
use us against ourselves; they can read us and use our dormant negative
tendencies to cause us to be locked in negative thought patterns which
enable us to be fed upon by these archonic entities. They seem to work
hand in hand with the matrix of control, the relationship we have with the
matrix only feeds them more.

So how do we know if we are infected? Here are some symptoms I

have noticed.

Partial infection

Do you suddenly feel tired like it has come from nowhere, one
minute you are energised and the next minute you feel like you
could easily crawl into your bed?
Do you suddenly feel heavy or have a dense feeling of worry
especially in the solar plexus?
Do you suddenly have very negative thoughts about yourself
which pull you into a deep depression? Do you get easily pulled into
doubt, especially when you have meditated on higher energies or
are having a special and joyful experience guided by your soul?
Do you feel hopeless as if everything you do is futile,
especially those of you working in light worker professions, like your
work is no good?
Do you start questioning yourself and your abilities, do you
start analysing yourself as if you are a cold and ruthless
Do you feel like giving up, do you feel suicidal?
Do you have old issues which you thought you had healed

Full Blown Infection

Do you think someone is psychically attacking you , do you

feel a bad feeling in the solar plexus, do you look for the person
attacking you , do you judge your friends for the attack?
Do you see everyone in their ego when all the time you are in
yours? Do you become angry, arrogant towards other people who
are standing in the light of their soul, yet you see it as them as
being in their ego. Is ego a dirty word for you?
Do you think your spiritual path is the only correct one there
is, do you feel empowered to chastise others for walking another
Do you psycho analyse and blame others for things you are
doing yourself? Do you step over other peoples boundaries and
insist of telling them all that is wrong with them, when you have not
been given the permission to do so?
Do you think you have to save everyone from themselves, not
honouring that they know their own way for themselves?
Are you part of a spiritually minded group and feel you are
somehow better than they are, are you always picking one person
out of the group to isolate them?
Are you often instrumental in the collapsing of intimate
Do you blame everyone imaging all sorts of wrong doings?

Signs of someone around you being infected and actively living

the archonic agenda to get at you. Often when we are free of this
influence ourselves, they will choose someone close to us to do their
bidding for them.

Are you suddenly under personal attacks from someone who

you considered close to your heart?
Does that person suddenly turn on you and accuse you of
things you simply do not do?
Are you suddenly blamed for all sort of imaging
Are you suddenly under the influence of a hate campaign?
Do you suddenly find yourself isolated from your friends or
likeminded individuals?

Now I know everyone at some point or another has experienced this

and I am not saying that every time this happens it is down to archon
infection , however if you are actively working on yourself , increasing
your light , or trying to expose a negative force in one area or another ,
you may come under an archonic attack. These beings are tricky and will
even use new age ideas against you. They will trigger others who are
infected to judge you in the name of the new age movement. We are
taught by these ideas that to look at the negativity is somehow feeding it
(I can understand where this comes from and agree with it to a point). The
archonic entities love this because under this new age idea they can hide
from detection.

I had one friend who looking back was obviously infected. She had
read lots about not judging other people. She became very holy than
though, she spent her whole time chastising people for being
judgemental. Often the other people were not being judgemental and we
only expressing what they had observed going on around them. She
became a real hard person to be around; I remember one day she ranted
at me about being judgemental when I simply expressed my dislike for
cooked carrots. It was only then that I realised she was a little crazy and if
there was anyone being judgemental it was her. She became like a new
age thought police woman, people began to avoid her because she would
jump on people and start blaming them and judging them for supposedly
judging. Often people were not in judgement but were simply exposing a
negative force such as the shadow world government etc. I noticed that if
I talked about the Illuminati or the new world agenda which is well
documented, she would explode in rage and judgement against me for
supposedly judging the perpetrators. If we lose our ability to see light from
dark because of a new age idea that we should not judge, then the
archons have most definitely won. There is a big difference between
judgement and discernment.

So with that said how on earth do we deal with this infection?

As I said above it is no good fighting them, or falling into fear of them

as this only feeds them. Light does not work either I have noticed they are
actively going after light workers , instead working with the dark light
frequency of obsidian works much better to starve them from your body. I
have noticed that sound seems to have an effect on bringing them to the
surface; I have noticed that during shamanic healings the use of the rattle
brings them to the surface.

So far the things that help with the infection are working with the
black light, imagine that your whole body and aura is now black, and
imagine it is so black it is shinny. Once you have achieved this you may
notice you feel sick, often you want to gag, a strange slimy feeling arises
in the throat. It seems the solar plexus and the throat are the places in the
body which react the most to the infection. Allow the energetic vomiting, I
have never had anyone actually physically throw up, but they urge and
gag as if they are going to throw up. Allow yourself to make noise, express
this infection in sound, growl, scream, groan make noises like an animal,
make any sound you can to get this parasite out of your body. Shaking the
body also helps to get these parasites up and out, just like a dog would
shake to get rid of fleas.

Many light workers do not like working with the dark light as they
have ideas it is negative and somehow evil. This is the biggest trick that
these archons have played upon us. It is time to integrate your dark side
and get whole , if you are only working with your light side you can easily
be pulled into fear and then you are simply become archonic dinner . It is
time to use all of our powers to get into balance, integrate the light,
integrate the dark, bring ourselves to balance; this is the only way to
disinfect ourselves.

I have done lots of these processes on myself and my clients and I

have noticed that it is very easy to become re-infected. We need to
perform a regular spiritual hygiene routine to make sure we are not re-
infected. I take not only a light shower every morning but I also encase
myself in a dark light shell , this seems to work , though whilst I am
around others who are fully infected I am open to be re-infected and have
to watch myself very carefully.

Anyone having experiences with these parasites or need any help do

not hesitate to contact me , I am very eager to know more about other
peoples experiences so we all can better understand exactly what they
are and how they operate .

Working with Obsidian Light - dealing with Archonic Parasites

When I look at the auric field or plasma body of one who has an
archonic infection I see what look like black worms, snakes, or slugs
riddled throughout the field. These worms appear like the classic
descriptions of Incubus and Succubus. Dan Winter explains, if you take a
digital photograph of a leaking power transformer you will see little rods of
energy in the plasma field, if you look at the geometry of this charged
plasma you will see that it is not magnetically phase conjugate. These are
called ectoplasm, succubus and incubus. In electrical terms in plasma
physics ,these succubus and incubus are simply charged plasmas which
are not phase conjugate , in other words they are not geometrically
patterned or folded into a form which is life supporting , self-regulating
and sustaining and therefore without an injection of chi or electrical
charge they will die off. So therefore to continue their life they become
parasitic and feed off other life forms, in our case they feed off the light or
chi within our plasma body or aura. In order to rid ourselves of these
parasites we have to go to implosion.
The easiest way to understand this is to imagine that your auric field
or plasma body is fractal in nature, made up of complex geometric sacred
geometry. These patterns are formed by the electrical charge or chi which
folds the plasma in the aura. Patterns which are healthy are able to
perfectly nest when implosion comes. They are able to fold on each other
in a perfect shared space and therefore are not damaged by such a
process. Those patterns which are distorted ( the result of various
negative influences) when folded or imploded are not able to perfectly
nest and therefore burn up in the friction which is caused by the rubbing
up of one electrical charge to another .These distorted patterns are burnt
up in the process of implosion. The archonic parasites are like negative chi
or negative charge; they are not in harmony with the other patterns which
make up the fractal body or plasma body. When implosion comes because
they are not able to perfectly share they are burnt up in the implosion. So
therefore if we take our plasma body to implosion we are able to rid
ourselves of these parasites.

For more information on parasites check out Red Ice Radio

programme with Dan Winter.

In order to rid ourselves of these succubus and incubus entities or

archonic parasites we need to implode our auric field into the obsidian
light of the zero point or void, for this is the meaning of implosion. By
perfectly folding our auric field into a single point and taking it through the
zero into the void we are able in the process to burn off the archonic
parasites. We become highly magnetic, being drawn to centre, to the zero
point. In order to activate this process of implosion we have to work with
the Obsidian Light, the Lumen Naturae.

Yet mystery and manifestations arise from the same source. The
source is called darkness. Darkness within darkness, the gateway to all
understanding. Lao Tzu.

Lumen Naturae is the light within the darkness; it is the inner living
light of the primordial, ever-present, non-dual awareness. Jung says,
discover that in the very darkness of nature a light is hidden, a little
spark without which the darkness would not be darknessthe lumen
naturae is the light of the darkness itself, which illuminates its own
darkness, and this light the darkness comprehends In contrast to a light
that, as the Bible says, shineth in darkness, and the darkness
comprehended it not, the lumen naturae, the light of lights, is a light that
the darkness intimately recognizes as its own nature. Paul Levy
Instead of breathing in light, aligning to light or radiating light which
we are so often taught, in this process of implosion we must work on the
level of dark Obsidian Light, which resides at the zero point. By changing
the frequency of our aura to the Obsidian Light frequency we activate this
implosion process. As the implosion begins all our fractal patterns of our
aura begin to fold in on each other, perfectly sharing the space. Those
distorted patterns which the archonic parasites create in our plasma body
are burnt up in the process, leaving us free of archonic infection. Below is
a process for taking yourself to implosion and ridding yourself of archonic

Here is a breakdown of a meditation that you can perform to rid

yourself of a parasitic infection. Please read the text below thoroughly
before attempting the meditation. There are key points to understand
before performing the meditation.

1) Working with the Obsidian Light and building an Obsidian Egg.

2) Detecting and isolating the parasite, working with the Hex.

3) Moving to the first dimension and purging the parasite from

the body.

4) Rebuilding the rainbowed light body and re-spinning the


Working with the Obsidian Light and building the Obsidian Egg.

Imagine around the outer edge of your auric field a dark black
obsidian shell; imagine this to be shinny like an obsidian stone which is
polished. See this obsidian energy filling up inside the outer shell until
your entire aura is black. See the crystalline form of the obsidian energy,
see the plasma of your aura folding in on itself to implode and turn
inwards. Instead of radiating out your energy which is your normal state,
you must pull all your energy inwards. See each of your chakras in turn
spinning inwards drawing your light into the very core of each of the
chakras. See deep inside the chakras and make sure they are now
completely black. You have now created your Obsidian Egg.

Detecting and isolating the parasite and working with the Hex.

Once you have achieved the Obsidian Egg the parasite will begin to
increase its influence upon you as it tries to feed off your light, as there is
no longer any light it can feed off it will begin to become agitated, and
therefore will begin to show itself to you. You will feel extremely
uncomfortable in one or many of your chakras. Scan your energetic body
at this point and find the place where it feels the most intense, and take
your awareness there. When working on removing these archonic
parasites from our energetic body we need to first of all detect where in
our body they are. By working with the Obsidian Light we are able to
move into a place in our consciousness where these parasites reside.
Once we are working on their level they are easily detected. Once we
have found the parasite it is important to go to the source of the parasite
or the main body of the infection. These parasites have long tendrils which
can run throughout the whole body both in the emanations of the aura
and the physical form itself. It is important therefore to go to its source;
you will need to find this place to be able to contain the parasite. Once
you have found your parasite you must contain it before moving on. You
must work with the Obsidian Light to contain the parasite in a Hex.

A Hex isolates charge, life force and chi. The Hex is a container and
prevents distribution of energy and thus is the prefect geometric pattern
to use to contain the parasite. When we hear the word Hex we always
think of conquering up demons. It is said to be a gateway for calling
demons into our reality, you can place a curse upon someone by hexing
them. A hex is also a container or seal for demonic or parasitic energies. If
we place the parasite in a hex, we can create containment for the parasite
and create an exit for it to leave the body. Imagine the parasite inside a
hex which is made of Obsidian black light. This will contain the parasite so
it cannot run around the energetic body and escape your detection. Once
contained the parasite becomes powerless and will begin to starve,
because of this the parasite will pull on all its tendrils which not only run
through the chakra system but also throughout the meridian system, if
the person is highly infected or has experienced a chronic infection over
time. It is important that you continue to imagine the parasite inside the
hex at the same time allowing the parasite to pull on all its tendrils, which
run throughout the entire energetic body. After some time the parasite will
pull all its tendrils into its self-inside the hex, once contained it can be
removed from the body.

I have discovered in my research and experience that the Archonic

infection enters the body through the solar plexus chakra. This is the
place of the sense of self and ego, so it stands to reason that this would
be the place the archonic parasites would choose to enter, as they can
easily trigger this centre to create a feeling of fear which they fed upon.
Once they have entered the body through a distortion in the aura in the
place of the solar plexus, they then grow large enough to inhabit the
entire chakra. From there they can spread throughout the entire system
and create further nests in all of the chakras. When you are getting to the
very core of your infection you will find that the major source of the
infection is coming from the solar plexus. It is normal to feel sick in your
stomach when working on this level and will often feel like vomiting, allow
yourself it is rarely physical vomit but energetic release of the parasitic

Nesting in the throat chakra also seems to be a highly infected

chakra. When working on removal of a parasite in this centre we can feel
like we are being suffocated, unable to speak or swallow, nauseous and
dizzy, it can be very distressing, often demonic sounds are emitted. The
brow centre is the place where nearly everyone I have met to one degree
or another is infected. This takes a little more work to cleanse this chakra
and can be also aided greatly by using the meditation in conjunction with
certain sound frequencies. Pressure on the head in the place of the third
eye, dizziness, extreme headaches, ringing and pressure in the ears can
be experienced whilst working on hexing a parasite in the brow chakra. I
am glad to say that I have not discovered anyone with a parasite in the
crown or heart; however I am sure there are those who are infected in
these centres.

Moving to the first dimension and purging the parasite from the body.

Once the parasite is contained inside the Hex it is time to take

yourself to the first dimension where the parasite is burnt up. The first
dimension is a place of gravity and therefore the parasite is compressed
until all its charge or life-force is burnt up and then it is passed through
the zero point or black hole into the void. Moving through the dimensions
takes some practice but it is simply triggered by the breath. Ask your soul
to build the energy of the first dimension around you and then breathe it
in, the intention will change the frequency of your body and take you into
a first dimensional awareness. It can be uncomfortably heavy and
pressurised in this place but do not worry as it soon passes. Once you feel
yourself moving down into the first dimension you will feel the stolen life-
force within the parasite compressed from its body and then you will need
to purge it from your body now that it is lifeless. Remain in the first
dimension until you are guiding by your soul that the purging is complete
or you feel a feeling of lightness, then and only then ascend your
consciousness back to the third dimension before moving on for the
remainder of the meditation.

Purging of the parasite is experienced differently depending on the

chakra which is being cleansed. The brow centre can cause fluttering of
the eyes, ringing in the ears, nervous feelings or tingling in the face and
neck, and a definite feeling of right and left hemispheres of the brain
coming back into alignment after a shifting of energy between the two
hemispheres. The throat chakra is probably the most dramatic, gaging,
coughing, energetic vomiting and the sounding of strange demonic tones,
voices and vibrations can all be the result of purging. It is important to
allow yourself some sort of expression it most definitely helps. The solar
plexus purging produces stomach gurgling, cramping and intense waves
of fear and anxiety. Once the purging is over your chakra will feel lighter,
more energised, clear, balanced and healed.

Meditation - working with the Lumen Naturae.

1) Sit and relax and quiet the mind and relax the muscles of the
body. Begin to take deep full breaths and relax further. Talk to your soul
and intend to have removed any archonic parasites that may be situated
in your energy body and chakric system. Take your awareness into the
body and feel just how your body feels at that moment. Really be inside
yourself stay in body, this is important not to go out of body.

2) Begin to visualise your aura around your body, vibrant and

colourful. See and feel the various colours of your chakras spinning in

3) Begin to visualise your auric field turning black, begin with the
outer edge and work your way into the physical body. See the dark light
not just dark but shinny dark like an obsidian crystal. See the crystalline
form of the obsidian energy moving into your body. Not only see your aura
turning black but also feel it becoming black. It will feel heavy and cold
and a pressure will begin to build in your body, keep going imaging your
entire aura turning black. See the chakras turning black too, see the
geometric forms of the chakras imploding on themselves, so instead of
the energy radiating outwards from the chakras, see them turning in on
themselves. See them turning black to their very cores. Remember the
parasites are nesting in the very centre of your chakras in the rim around
the mini black holes which reside at the centre of all systems, chakric and
galactic. You must take the obsidian light to the very core of your chakras
in order to rid yourself of these parasites as they will hide themselves
there and only re-infect you at a later time.

4) You will find places in your body that feel heavy or

pressurised, with the continual darkening of the aura, this will increase in
intensity until you will feel the movement of the parasite somewhere in
the body. Take your awareness there. You may see the parasite. Once you
have found the parasite, go to the place in your body where it is situated
and then see and feel the black obsidian hex to contain the parasite,
surrounding it. At this point it is important not to take your focus off the
hexing of the parasites. You do not want it to escape. See and feel the
parasite contained within the hex.

5) Ask your soul to take you down into the first dimension, simply
take a deep breathe with this as your intention, and allow yourself to
travel down into the first dimension. Once you are in the place you will
feel heavy and you will begin to purge. You may feel sick and think you
are going to vomit; it is unlikely that this will be physical but be prepared.
Allow the feeling to arise in the chakra where the hexed parasite is
contained and if you feel you need to express the removal of this parasite
in sound allow yourself; you will be amazed at the demonic noises you can
make. You may urge or cough as the parasites leaves your body. Allow the
purging to continue until you feel a feeling of clarity and clearing in the
chakra. Remain in the first dimension during this part of the process and
intend this from time to time to make sure you are still there. Once you
have successfully removed the parasite you will feel lightness in the
chakra, warm and empowered. Allow yourself to move back up through
the dimensions once again to the third still inside your Obsidian Egg.

6) Slowly begin to breathe in the various colours of the chakras

starting from the base and feet chakra working your way up to the crown,
breathing in the appropriate colour for each one, rebuilding your
rainbowed aura once more. See your chakras beginning to spin once more
becoming energised and colourful once again. Leave an inch layer of
obsidian light around the outer edge of your auric field to prevent being

7) Thank your soul bring yourself back into the room and drink
plenty of water and rest.

Now you do not want to have to sit down and do a meditation every
time you feel one of these archons infecting your aura so is there anything
we can do to remain unaffected. Take yourself to implosion with every
breath. You can set up an automatic cycle process in your auric field which
enables you to move into implosion with every intended breath. Imagine
with every in breath you are imploding to the zero, in other words turning
your aura black and then with every out breath you are radiating yourself
as a rainbowed plasmic being. With every in breath you would be clearing
your system. This goes against much of what we are taught by the new
age, we are taught to always breathe in light. But what if this incorrect,
what if breathing in light as if it is outside of ourselves is actively feeding
these archonic entities? Many will shy away from breathing in dark light as
they will associate it with the satanic. But if the true light of
consciousness, the Lumen Naturae is the light within the darkness, then
even if we breathe in darkness or turn our aura black or take it to
implosion we are still in our divine truth. I intend to try this out for myself
and would love feedback from others who are daring enough to try it.
Breathing in the light, the opposite to the dark, in polarity is only feeding
these archonic entities more; we have to try some other way.

People put
personalities upon these
beings, and an agenda. I
have recently discovered
that this is not entirely
correct. The personalities
that some are experiencing
are reflections of their own
shadow selves , in a way
these archon beings
perform for us a great
service because they clearly
show us the parts of ourselves which are still in the shadows , the parts of
ourselves we would rather not look at. These beings do not have personalities
but what they do is highlight the shadow sides of those who they are attaching
themselves too. If you are angry at these archons or worse in fear of them, then
this will attract them even more. They are not beings with a personality and their
only agenda is to feed. They are parasites and they only wish to continue to
survive and what they feed off are negative emotional states and the energy
created from these. They will trigger you to feel fear, anger and a range of
negative emotions so you continue to provide for them the energy or food that
they need. These negative emotions are yours; they are generated from what is
contained in the shadow of yourself.

These beings are parasites, worms if you like, if you discovered you had
worms you would not fear the worms or hate them, you would simply find some
medicine to get rid of them. These archonic parasites are energy forms that are
similar to toroidal serpentine energy doughnuts the same energy formations that
we see creating life. The only differences between the parasitic archons and the
life creating toroidal energy formations ( which I call the silver serpents ) are the
silver serpents create self-sustaining life for themselves , whereas the parasitic
archons cannot self sustain and therefore they need a host they can feed off to
continue to survive. It would also be helpful if you looked deep into your shadow
and got to learn about your shadow self, as it is often the shadow which is denied
which then has to manifest in your outside reality to get your attention. The
problems we see in the world are only reflections of our denied shadow selves. If
everyone on the planet suddenly embraced their shadow selves and cast the
light of attention upon the shadow then the negativity we see in our world would
disappear. The negativity would no longer need to be manifest in our reality as
we would have embraced and healed our shadow selves.
Many in the new age preach that we should not look at the shadow and we
should only be positive at all times, this is a state we would all like to reach at
some point in our spiritual development but we are not there yet. We will never
reach this true state unless we embrace and learn from the shadow. By turning
our backs on the shadow and forcing ourselves to only look at the positivity or
the light, we are creating the shadow to be much bigger and much darker. To
look at the shadow is not to create more of it as some think , this is a PSY-ops
created within the new age by the Illuminati to fool those who are not brave
enough to look at the shadow , because of their fear and denial the shadow only
gets bigger and bigger. It is time to be brave and turn around, look your shadow
squarely in the eyes and see it as yourself, the denied part, the shadow of
yourself. Then see how your shadow has run rampant upon your planet, and vow
to heal out your own inner shadow and then and only then will the shadow no
longer need to manifest on the outside and our world will finally become the
paradise it was always meant to be. It is not about being light with no dark, it is
about being whole. It is time to address the shadow and bring our shadow into
the love of our being, the love of the Universal Dreamer.

The Black Snake of Ayahuasca

Blueberry - Ayahuasca spiritual drug trip [synchronized audio track]

During Ayahuasca Ceremony people often see serpents, and for those who
are purging their demons they are surrounded by black snakes or serpents.
People report being eaten by these black serpents, people purge or vomit black
serpents, expelled from their bodies. When the blackness has gone there is room
for the light serpents which are multi-coloured and life supporting to enter the
body and bring about major healing for all bodies, physical, emotional, mental
and spiritual.

Since my first kundalini activation many years ago now, I hit upon a black
dark block in the area of the lower back. It hurt like hell and felt like energy was
trying to come up from beneath me but could not arise my body because of this
block in my back. If I tried to get grounded I could not because I could not remain
in this place to heal it or find out what this block was all about. Every time I went
into this place in my body with my awareness I had the most awful feeling of
shame, darkness and rage. I worked on this block for years and discovered that it
was partially due to the past life in Orion, when I was food for these parasitic
entities, the Archons. After healing this I was able to stay there in my
consciousness but I could not get beyond the block.

When I met Lilith (which I wrote about in my book Her Perspective ), I was
shown where in my body she was trapped. She called me from deep within my
body, my bones hurt, my hips, womb and lower back ached from deep inside.
The block was not only in my body it was also in the earth itself. I found Lilith in a
cell or prison in the centre of the earth, she was in a cell which only had one
small opening into it which was too small to squeeze through so there was no
entrance, how did she get herself in there. Upon the walls were symbols which
looked like the keys of Enoch, which glowed and burnt Lilith if she went near
them. She was mad, crazy, her hair dreadlocked looking like many serpents she
reminded me of Medusa. She had scar tattoos all over her body which she had
done herself. Her finger nails were ripped off as she had tried to escape by trying
to scrape away at the bars which covered the small opening into her cell. Over
the opening was a large obsidian black rock or slab; upon it were the same
symbols which were on Liliths walls. This slab was the block in my body. Over
the next years I worked with Lilith and helped her remove the demonic mask
which had been placed upon her by lies of the patriarch, I watched her transform
into the goddess that she was in truth. She guided me to embrace her and know
myself as the Goddess Lilith herself.

Lilith guided me to then work with other women in hidden women seminars;
they too had this same block. I explored one past life after another where I was
abused at the hands of the male of the species, all the time I knew these were
not my past lives alone and that all women carry the memory of all the women
who have gone before them. I realised I was clearing not only my own personal
healing and my past lives, but all past lives of all women in my ancestral line. I
saw the same kinds of stories arising in the experiences of the women in the
seminars. Lilith guided us to heal!

Even though I had worked with Lilith for all this time I still felt like she was
still inside her cell and the block was still in my body, I knew that there were not
enough women embracing Lilith so she could be free. During an Ayahuasca
ceremony I decided to work on this block. Before the ceremony I invited Lilith to
be with me during the ceremony to help me heal the block.

During the first night of my Ayahuasca Ceremony

I was in a bad place, I was in hell; I was experiencing
many past lives during which I was raped, and abused.
As the night wore on it turned for the worse and I found
myself in various temples and dark dungeons having
demonic satanic rituals performed on me. I saw myself
as one woman after another lying within a pentagram
of candles. I will not go into the rituals as they are
horrific indeed, lets just say I was having problems with demons.

Half way through the experience I thought to myself surely these cannot all
be my past lives, there were too many. Then I realised I was walking my
ancestral matriarch line and healing out all the pain of all the women, I was
genetically aligned with.

Then the scenes started to change and I became very afraid, I could see
demons everywhere. My stomach was extended and I felt like I had demons in
my belly, as if I was giving birth to them. Then I realised who I was, I was Lilith.
( please read my book Her Perspective to gain further understanding of her
and why she is so important to me. ) I then went through a very intense
experience of being the Goddess, being enslaved by the pyramids and the
energy grid. I felt every masonic pillar, temple, church and stone monument
placed upon my body directly over the magnetic pools of my ley lines. And it
hurt, it hurt so bad, I experienced how the black magicians who were originally
from Atlantis had performed satanic black magic rituals upon me as the Goddess,
hexing me, holding me in a controlled imprisoned state. They used my power
from my ley lines, my dragon dreaming paths to act as fuel to their demonic
ideas of power. I saw how this formed a grid around the planet which locked my
chakric system into a distorted fractal matrix. I watched as within this matrix the
human race was ensnared. I also saw how it affected the fairy realms (that is
another story) it was awful. I then went forward in time and experienced when
the electricity came to the planet and they began to build electric pylons across
the planet, they stabbed these pylons into my ley lines and it felt like it went
inside my meridians in my body, boy did it hurt. But worse than that was how it
fired my head and scrambled the communication airways between me and my
human family. I could no longer communicate to them directly and after this time
needed my animal allies to do the communication for me.

At the height of my terror I was screaming in my head, why does no one

come. I meant this on two levels, one level was why do the shamans not realise I
am in hell and come to my rescue. On another level I was speaking as Lilith, as I
could feel her loss and abandonment and her feelings of complete and absolute

All the way through this process I had seen what I thought was a devil
knocking on my aura. I had noticed that only the beings I had invited in at one
point or another could actually come into my plasma field and interact with me. I
realised that the reason I was bombarded by demons was because at the
beginning of the ceremony I had invited Lilith in as I knew my issues were her
issues too. This devil kept knocking on my aura. He looked like the way the devil
is portrayed in horror films; he was red and black with one horn red and the other
black. He looked just like Satan. I was so confused I thought I was already being
plagued by demons I did not know if it was a good idea to let in a being who
seemed to be Satan.

I was so confused, on Ayahuasca it is so overwhelmingly real it brought me

to fear. In the end I screamed in my head, will someone please tell me if I am to
let this being in or not? I was so confused every time I thought about letting him
in, I had all these programmes and beliefs come up as to what this Satan energy
is, I saw religious Christian doctrine falling away from me. I went through
inquisition memories and burning of the witches. I then went through all the
persecution of the women and their connection to this satanic being. As this
process continued he began to change his appearance. He went from being a
black and red devil to looking more like a stag man , a goat man , the more I
processed through all the false programming around this being and my
connection to him, the more he transformed until finally he looked like the most
beautiful , powerful, strong man. He had a gorgeous body he was muscular and
very good looking. He had hairy legs with hooves, a muscly male torso; he had
scruffy hair with stags horns coming out of this head. He had a bow and arrow.
Then I realised this was the Horned God and so I opened my aura and let him in.

It was awesome when he came in; he brought me such a feeling of power,

lust for life, strength and a feeling of being of the earth. I felt like I had energy of
procreation to walk the ancestral line and felt like I was all the animals on the
planet. I started moving from one wild woodland animal to another, fox, deer,
stag, goat, and boar. I watched a scene of the earth and how humans had
become agricultural and had learnt the skills needed from this Horned God. I saw
how they worshipped first the Goddess with rams horns upon her head and later
how this had turned to a male god form as Pan, Herne the Hunter, the Green Man
and many more.

Several months previous to my ceremony I had taken a client through a

past life process. During this I saw her as a clans woman; she was the matriarch
of the clan. She was inside a hut sitting upon a chair covered with furs; she was
also dressed in furs. Upon her head was a headdress made of flowers with two
rams horns upon it. Sitting at her feet were the young men of the clan, they
were listening attentively to her lessons as she was teaching the men all about
sex. I recognised this clan woman and the horns on her head really triggered me.
I then spent the next few weeks having dreams about the Goddess with the
rams horns upon her head. I even bought a pair of rams horns to make my own
headdress. I knew this was somehow an aspect of the Goddess that I was
missing. So when the Horned God turned up in my ceremony I came to realise
what it all meant. The horned God brought me such an intense healing in the
second chakra. I was truly in love!
Chapter .Black Serpents

Since I was a small child I have been able to

sing and speak a strange fairy language. Every time
I went to the woods alone I could tune into a tree,
or a flower, and suddenly I would find myself
singing. Not in English or any language that I had
heard before but a divine fairy language. The songs
would come on the breeze and sing themselves into
my body, my mind would go into an altered state
and I would sit in the back of myself and hear
myself singing in a voice I cannot sing in my normal
everyday reality. When the singing was over I would
be left with a deep sense of sadness and longing for
what I did not know. Later in my teenage years I
lost this ability and it did not return until I began a
more consciously directed spiritual path and came
to integrate all the different aspects which make up
my multidimensional identity. One of these aspects
or selves was my fairy self. Once I had completed the integration of this aspect I
was able to remain in the singing state for much longer and could spend hours in
the woods singing softly to the trees. Through the singing I was able to enter the
realm of fairy in my local woods.

I would go to the woods and sit in a bush after taking my shoes off and
walking through the mud of the tracks to finally find my place to sit. People had
walked straight past me only inches away from me unable to see or sense me
there, even a dog or two have walked past surely they
should be able to smell me. Sitting in the bush I would
go into an altered state and start to sing. I would enter
a different world. Even though the woods were not very
large in 3d in fairy dimension it was a huge forest. The
forest lay for miles around and I saw how it must have
looked before man chopped it down. In the fairy
kingdom there were many beautiful huts and
structures built in sacred natural designs, looking more
like trees and bushes than homes. But if you looked
carefully you could see the homes of the fairies.

Now I must say our ideas of fairies are so wrong, in all

my visitations I never saw a being with wings, I saw the
emanations of their energy bodies and I must admit at
first sight they did in fact look like wings but at closer
inspection they were toroidal movements in their
plasma bodies which simply took on the appearance of wings. They could fly or
even bio locate at tremendous speeds, however they explained to me that they
were part of the plasma field and were everywhere at once and they simply had
to focus on another place to be there. The fairies that I met on the outer edge
were common fairies they lived in small clans or tribes and took on costume and
sometimes the appearance of the particular tree, flower, animal etc. they were
aligned with. They explained to me that they were in total communication and
merging with all the creatures and species of the forest and could take on any
energy they wished and could in fact shape shift into a tree, flower or animal and
often took on animal form in order to access a human in 3d. They told me many
times when a shaman sees an animal guide in his outside reality it is a
combination of the animal spirit and the fairy companion.

They varied in appearance , the art of Brian Froud is very close to what I
saw but maybe not so comical more serious. Many of them were not beautiful
and they certainly did not look like silly little girls with wings. They lived a life like
we do, they had homes which we cannot see whilst operating in the third
dimension but are there never the less on the fourth dimension. If you were able
to shift your vision to a 4th dimensional perspective you would instantly see
them. They showed me how hollows in some trees are 3 rd dimensional
representatives of a doorway into fairy reality. They showed me visions of their
homes and their way of life. They do not feed off actual physical third
dimensional food but do partake of a 4th dimensional version of the food, an
apple for instance. Just like is truthfully portrayed in the Lord of the Rings the
inhabitants of middle earth like to have many feasts. How do they tend to nature
which we are told is their role? Well they do not go around sweeping flowers like
is often portrayed in Disney films; they sing their songs for Gaia. They talk in
constant riddle and rhythm and are so eloquent in both their speaking voices and
their singing. Their songs go on for ever there is no beginning or end; they float
over each other caressing the trees, the stones, the flowers and each other. They
are in a heightened state of ecstasy and do not experience torture of the mind or
feelings. However they are not without passion, in fact passion is their middle
name. There are many laws within their culture or maybe more like dos and
donts, however there is no police force or any real governing body within their
culture but they do have a royal hierarchy.

They can raise themselves up through this ladder of hierarchy through

certain trials and teachings which are passed down the family line through what
they call the Elders. They appeared only once to me, they look more like trees
than fairies or Elves. They reminded me of the Ents in Lord of the Rings. They
were not often consulted for matters of court only in decisions which were
important to the whole kingdom. I was shown how each stronghold of fairy
consciousness upon the planet has an Elder at the core of its culture. Directly
below the Elder was the Queen Fairy or Elf though I have only have been shown
visions of an Elven Queen I did not meet any in that particular woods. Many of
the Elves have already left our planet.

The Queen is not only wise counsel to the rest of the kingdom she is also
some sort of generator. She keeps the reality of their kingdom in a bubble if you
like, when I met her I had to tell her that the woods were no longer as large on
the 3rd dimension as she experienced on the 4 th, she was deeply sad about this. I
saw how her auric field reached out far wider than the actual woods and within it
lived those people who had once lived lives upon earth as a fairy themselves.
She kept the sacred song alive, she spent her day sitting inside a huge tree
singing the lament of the whole woods, and her voice brought me to tears every
time she sang. Her consort but not exactly her equal was the Rutting King,
strange name I know. He appeared much more wild, more like a mighty tree with
horns, he could shape shift into many animals and it was often difficult to see
what he really looked like, he did not sit upon a throne but rode far and wide
through the woods upon a stag (which of course on the third dimension no longer
existed in the woods).

Below this royal couple there were family lines going over thousands of
years. Fairies cannot die from natural causes; the only thing which can kill them
is if they are murdered. They are not murdered by physical weapons but
weapons of magic. A black magician can kill a fairy, too farfetched just look
around our planet and ask if the cutting down of trees and the erecting of mobile
phone masts are conducive to a fairys health. Are not the corporations behind
the logging of the rainforest using some sort of black magic. Fairies can live for
thousands of years if they so wish or they can reincarnate if you like , this is only
possible when the fairy has reached a level in its development along the path of
magic or spirituality to be able to successfully go through what they call the
Sham Ba . We call it the Bardo. They can dissolve their current fairy form when
the Sham Ba comes for them and reawaken at a new and higher level of
expression within the fairy hierarchy. They tend to reincarnate in groups so the
fairies I encountered in the woods had been there for generations which is an
incredibly long time. They have libraries of books of stories of their family and
ancestral line, it is incredibly important to them. When they introduce
themselves they often have very long family names and titles. It is important
that you know each one or you are not allowed to enter more into the central
royal court. I had to learn not only the songs of the woods themselves but the
songs of the various gatekeeper fairies which I encountered on my way to the
very centre to finally meet the Queen. As I walked through the woods there were
portals, secret doorways which I could only enter once I had learnt the songs so
far. Until I knew them all if I got to a portal I would suddenly find myself back in
3d often cold and wet and disorientated. It took me months to learn the songs
and be able to sing the passwords if you like to enter through the portal remain
in an altered state, operating in the 4th dimension. Finally after years I was able
to finally get to the centre and meet the Queen and she sang me her song .

Once out of the woods and back in my everyday reality I had no clue of a
single song, there was no way I could reproduce it or remember them in any way.
There is a law in fairy that you do not show yourself as a fairy, speak or sing in
fairy to someone who is not of a fairy lineage. This is the biggest sin in fairy and
many have been banished from fairy and had to incarnate into the human story
on a lower level because of this karmic mistake. I know this to be true because
here I am now. I never sang the songs in front of anyone until I met someone
else who was a fairy like me and one day I just found myself singing out loud as if
it was not me singing at all. I was deeply embarrassed for some reason and it
never happened again, but had a profound effect upon the other person.
Many years later I bought myself a drum, I had a drum before but with
constantly travelling and moving house so I had sold it. As I sat down to play my
new drum all of a sudden a being jumped into my awareness. She was a shaman
who was alive 8000 years ago in the area of Guatemala. She called herself
Matilda who I thought was funny until I looked at the meaning of the name and it
means battle maiden. She told me she was
me I was her in a past life, and she was a
trance drummer, she was responsible for
putting her people in her tribe into trance,
and would play her drum to take them to
battle when they had rare disputes with
their neighbouring villages. She showed
me how they had these battles with no
blood shed. One side would stand one side
of a grassy plane and the other villagers
would stand the other side. They would take it in turn to have a go; one side
would stand still and stare and not blink an eye or twitch a muscle. The other
side would charge at them with feathered headdresses on, and large staffs which
they banged together, screaming they would run at the other village. Then the
other side would have a go, it was an energy battle Matilda said. If only we could
go to war in the same way.

She showed me her land and her village. Their huts were woven with some
sort of grass into what looked like honeycomb shaped homes. They were no
rustic but highly technical and geometrically designed. They sat the huts in a
circle with a larger communal hut in the centre. They were a basic agricultural
culture but they worked in a very permaculture way, there gardens were diverse
and very natural looking. Suddenly I heard a song, different to the fairy songs,
more intense, more physical somehow. I began to sing and for the next two
weeks Matilda sang through me whenever I was alone with my drum. The
language was not like anything I had heard before, however I could hear what
sounded like Spanish or Mexican words but I could not be sure.

On an Ayahuasca Ceremony, the serpents came, huge multi-coloured,

illuminated snakes with gold crowns on their heads. They moved into my body
and began to heal me, it was painful, and however after a while I began to hear a
singing in my head, and it was the singing of the serpents. I sang their songs all
night in my head or so I thought. I could tame the serpents somehow with my
singing and cause them to move into a formation which looked like two figure of
eights entwined around each other. When this happened the healing happened a
lot quicker more thorough. The next day when we were sharing our experiences
it turned out at times I had sang this out loud and people thought I was speaking
in Portuguese, some Spanish and others thought it was Mayan. I realised that the
reason they were all thinking it was one language or another was because this
language of the serpents was the original language somehow and that all the
mother languages have their base in this serpent language. The next evening
when we had another ceremony I was shown how the language came from the
tree of life and I was reminded of the story of Eve listening to the words of the
serpent, or rather the song of the serpent. This serpent language speaks directly
to the DNA, can open portals into other dimensions and heal.

The more the night wore on the more singing came I thought it was all in
my head but I was singing out loud at one point the shaman told me to
internalise it. He placed his hand on my arm and I felt the full force of him
shutting me up. I felt like I had been put back into a box which I had spent
thousands of years trying to get out of. I felt a deep sense of shame, like what I
had done was blasphemy somehow, like I was not allowed to speak with the
tongue of the serpent. As I sank down on to my mat I was overcome with shame,
embarrassment, fear, loathing and then a feeling of utter despair. I was Eve, I felt
like Eve when she was blamed for listening to the serpent of the tree, who in fact
was Lilith. Lilith in the story is Adams first wife, she is independent and will not
lie under Adam for sex and runs away and utters the infallible name of God. The
infallible name of god is within this serpent language and this language can
invoke any god, angel or demon through its speaking. Eve had listened to Lilith
speaking with a serpent tongue from the tree of life, she was following in Liliths
footsteps and was speaking with the tongue of the serpent herself, and no
wonder the male shaman shut me down. On my next purge I expelled many
black snakes from my body and thought I was healed how wrong I was.

When in returned home I wondered hard and long about why the shaman
had shut me down, it was as if he could not hear this language, like he was
scared of or angry at me for speaking this language, he disapproved of the
female and her snake. I felt he deeply disapproved of me and had in fact used
magic to close me down which I thought was very abusive of him. Then I
remembered a past life which I had remembered when I had had my kundalini
activation. As the kundalini hit against my second chakra I was catapulted back
into a past life where I was now the abuser, the dark one, the dancer of the black

I saw myself as a very wild woman shaman; I was in a

cave with other woman who looked like me too. I had
dreadlocked hair, all over my body there were scar tattoos of
serpents all over my body. I was possessed by a very demonic
energy the black serpent; me along with the other women
worshipped this snake. In the centre of a cave was a young boy
staked to the ground, he was about 15 years old. He was naked
and he had been drugged so he had a permanent erection. I
sacrificed him, it was very dark, I urinated upon his body, cut
off his penis and then danced on his dead body. When I looked
into his eyes I saw a deep sadness. I saw three sets of eyes, so I knew I had done
this to 3 boys. One was my twin flame who had activated my kundalini, later I
met my current partner and recognised he was another of the boys. I did not
know who the last one was. It was a healing experience because it put me in
touch with my sexual power and I healed out the life or so I thought. The last
face I did not know until now, it was the face of the male shaman who had shut
me down.
I realised in all of this that I had paid back my karma towards my twin flame
for this but I had not paid back my karma to my current partner. So I decided to
do a ritual and give him back his phallic power I had stolen from him. I lay him on
the floor surrounded by candles and after a short chakra balance and healing I
began to drum. The drum beat was deep and slow; I talked him back to the night
in the cave and sang a song which was dark and sinister. I talked him back
through the ritual watching his body heave with my every word. I found myself
then recalling his energy which had soaked away with his blood into the earth.
The song changed to one in the same strange serpent language I had learnt from
Mother Aya. I called the serpent energy of my love which had embraced the
earth in sacrifice I called and sang for the return of the Serpent King. I watched
as his body embraced his serpent power and it looked like his body was being
inflated. He began to smile so I knew it was working. It was beautiful indeed.

When my partner came out of the ritual we shared our experience, he

described the cave in detail and also the women, he said they were covered in
scars and at first they looked like they were burnt. He said he volunteered to be
sacrificed and agreed to it, it was an honour. We talked and discovered that it
was during a time when the Goddess was leaving the surface of our reality to
give way for the patriarch. There were men living in the arms of the Goddess and
they were called the Serpent Kings, they had to be sacrificed to keep alive in the
blood which soaked into the earth, the life-force of the goddess in her male form.
As dark as this past life memory is I cannot help but think it was meant to be
somehow. Walking a dark path was the path my soul set for me. If I do not get
lost in polarised thinking it is easy to see that I have been walking the way of the
serpent, sometimes walking the light path and sometimes the dark. I have
spiralled into the upper heavens on the back of dragons; I had plummeted into
the murky depths, to dwell at the home of the poisonous black serpent. This was
not my first encounter with such a being.

Taken from Her Perspective

In lives past, I drew my own blood to honour the Goddess,

the dark face of the female.

I re-affirm my commitment to the Goddess, through the Serpent.

I am a Pythonian priestess.

The serpent is rising within me.

I am Ohmarna Rey; I walk the path of the Goddess.

I walk the route of Kali Ma, Lilith, Hecate and Morgaine.

My kundalini fired and surged up my spine, bringing both pain and pleasure.
With it came memories of strange temples with serpents, both physical and
ethereal, and myself dancing and moving like a serpent, entranced and
hypnotised. There were strange rituals, sacrifices, often with lots of blood. It was
an intense energy that was sexual and sensual. My bottom three centres felt like
they were on fire. I felt I was going crazy!

I began to enter a deep and potent trance, and as the colours began to
settle, once more, a scene a tale began to surface from the depths of the
ancient memories within my subconscious mind. I had been a serpent priestess
and had worshipped both Kali and the Goddess Kundalini. Over this period of
time, I awoke a force inside of me that was powerful, sexual, and alive. I must
admit, there were times when I could not control such a force. The memories
were strong, and I began to write the stories so I could channel the energy rather
than be consumed by it.

The air in the temple was thick and pungent; the aroma of incense covered
up the smell of blood and sex. Dark was this place. The atmosphere was thick
with the vibrations of a presence, entering the nostrils like a strange smell. In the
temple, the warmth of flaming torches heightened the already searing heat of
the blazing sun. The passageway was narrow and low. She moved her body
close, it touched the sides, and they were hot and strangely sticky. Her head was
reeling. She was adept at this, changing frequency was not so difficult, and she
had done it many times before.

As she entered the temple, she felt the first initial response that her
consciousness had to the presence that inhabited this place. She felt a strange
numb feeling in the centre of her forehead her third eye was activating. She felt
almost drunk, very warm, and extremely sensual.

She moved through the main entrance hall. All around her were woven
baskets, all containing snakes. Snakes of all kinds writhed and slithered across
the floor. It was a dangerous thing to enter the temple without being at least
skilled enough in consciousness to be able to remove any fear you might have of
these creatures and allow yourself to fall under the hypnotic trance that these
sacred beings induced.

Making her way safely across what appeared as a writhing mass of shiny,
smooth bodies, she entered the mouth of the passage that took her deep into
the rock, into the pits of the temple. She vomited a strange reaction that she
sometimes had to the snake energy. They said it was because she held the
energy of the snake in her body too long. Without allowing the energy out, it was
like holding her breath. The snake energy was a poison if not cleansed
completely from the body. Those adept at this form of worship knew full well how
dangerous this practice was. But the rewards were great, the intensity of the
experience exquisite.

As she made her way along the passage, she could hear a distant bell, high
pitched, constantly ringing. The noise was shrill; it felt like parts of her brain were
being stimulated. Her consciousness began to change. She staggered. She must
keep it together, but the energy was so strong. She was breathing far too slowly;
she was almost passing out.
She steadied herself on the wall. She could feel the energy of the presence
permeating the walls of the passageway. She slithered her body along the wall,
rubbing her sweating skin up and down the surface. Becoming highly aroused,
she was purring like a cat. She quivered with anticipation. Every hair on her body
stood on end, every single sense heightened, aroused from its slumber. Her
brown-skinned body was strong and toned like a ballet dancer. She was a dancer,
a Snake Dancer.

Over the years of communing with the snake energy, she had begun to
change her appearance. She had become slighter and her limbs more elongated.
Her eyes were large, and even her pupils were strangely shaped like the slit pupil
of a snakes eye. Her hair was black and long, down to her waist, tied in masses
of tiny braids. A silver thread was woven into the braids to represent the snake
that wove its way through her life.

She was a devotee to Kundalini; she was a Pythonian Priestess. She was
naked except a silver and gold chain that tied around her ankles, wrist, and neck
and finally passed between her legs. This represented the snake that was to
possess her body and soul. She had a ring through her belly button that a
smaller chain passed through; this then split and passed through two silver rings
that were pierced through her nipples. Lips and tongue were also pierced with
large studs. These studs were placed in prominent places on the body to activate
snake channels. This allowed the energy of the snake to pass through the body
without combusting the body into flames. The energy of the snake was pure
electricity and, without these conduits, its currents would, literally, fry the body.
The purpose of this was to transmute the body, to channel the snake energy to
transcend the material realm.

She made her way down the dark passage. A reddish glow could be seen
appearing at the end. She could hear the alluring sound of the Snake Goddess. It
was an indescribable sound, almost like whispers of shadows dark poisonous
tones that would enhance the thrill but shorten the life. Gasping for breath, her
excitement had begun to heighten. Wide-eyed and sweating, fear and
anticipation raced through her body. She turned the corner and came out of the
mouth of the small passageway. Before her was a twenty-foot statue of the
Snake Goddess, Kundalini. The body was like a woman but so much more sensual
looking with the most exquisite scales that glistened in the candlelight. She had
her eyes closed with the look of sexual ecstasy on her face. Her third eye was
fully open with a red stone that glistened with intensity as if it had its own inner
light. All around were hundreds of candles, sending shadows across the walls.
The walls were ribbed as if inside the giant belly of a serpent. The covering was a
strange, mirrored tile that resembled pearl essence snake skin. The floor was
completely covered with snakes. They, too, glowed in the candlelight. They were
not physical snakes but ethereal.

Walking slowly, trying not to stumble, drunk on the energy and the fear of
what she was about to do, she made her way into the pit of snakes. They writhed
and swirled around her ankles. Inviting her, they sensually rubbed their bodies
against her moist skin. It was ecstatic, like being gently stroked by a hundred
lovers fingers. Sensual and sexual, she rocked backwards and forwards, the
trance taking over. The energy moved up her body. At first she only felt it as a
pleasant tingle at the base of her spine. This, then, intensified until a warm glow
could be felt, beginning to heat the lower three chakras. She began to move in
circles, her feet firmly planted on the ground, her eyes opening and closing with
ecstatic pleasure. The movement was for a purpose it tranced the dancer out,
elevated her consciousness, and spiralled the snake energy up from the lower
dimensions into the body to activate the chakric system as it ascended the
spine. As it hit the base chakra, it surged energy up into the next, turning her on,
on all levels. The sexual centre activated. She gasped with pleasure as the snake
energy curled and seduced its way into her. She orgasmed over and over, and
she threw her head back as the energy ascended further up her body. As it came
out the top of her head, she began to swoon. This was the moment the energy of
the snake completely took over. Falling to the floor, into the sea of snakes, she
lost consciousness for some brief moments. The snakes possessed her. They
entered her body through key points the mouth, third eye, throat, belly button
and between the legs.

As she regained consciousness, she was aware of another presence that

possessed her body. It was divine. Her sexual pleasure and response were
heightened beyond anything known in an earthly body. Her very atoms were
speeding up. She began to undulate, and as she got to her feet, she began to

She began to move her head in spirals. Pleasure rushes ran up and down
her spine as she used her dance to accelerate the frequency of the snake. To
raise the body to the consciousness of the snake enables you to pass into the
realms of the Goddess and become one with her. She spun her body around and
around, spinning her head in the opposite direction to align the polarities of her
body, to allow the electrical current that was beginning to build, to flow. She
threw her head back and opened her mouth wide. The Goddess entered her and
the chains around her body glowed hot with bright blue flames. She contorted
and writhed, her frenzy of movement heightening. Foam appeared from between
her lips. Blood began to flow from her eyes and mouth. From between her legs
she was hot and wet; blood ran down her inner thighs. With one last fling, she
landed on the floor in a pool of blood. For, now, she was bleeding from every
pore in her body. That was the way of the cleansing it was ecstatic. She lay
there before the feet of the Goddess, her eyes rolling in her head, only the whites
showing. She shook with the current as it ran through her body. As she looked up,
she saw the ruby stone glow. She was dying, ascending into the belly of the
Goddess. This is what she had been waiting for. All that had been was in
preparation for this moment. She knew she would be reborn into the raised
consciousness of her Serpent kind.

Another past life memory during kundalini activation.

The snake began to itch beneath her skin. The venom she had taken from
the silver vile was now acting not only on her physical body but, also, her soul.
She jittered as the venom, the poison, moved into her blood stream. This golden
liquid that, if taken whilst raising your vibration to a certain level, would allow
you to commune with Kali. Be one with her. That is, if it did not send you crazy
before you got that far. The venom seldom killed, but it had a very strong
hallucinogenic property that made it one of the most powerful trips on the

A pain, a violent stabbing feeling pushed up against the back of her eyes as
the poison entered her brain. She fell to her feet. She became aware how numb
her body already was, yet no pain was felt. She got to her feet and saw the blood
gently flowing from her knee. She reached down and, wiping it from herself,
whispered Kali-Ma as she licked her fingers clean.

The streets were overcrowded with people all trying to get to one temple or
another for Nagapangene, the fifth day of Sharhan, which was an important
snake festival. The weather was sticky and hot. She pulled the cloth around her
head. It was not wise to be seen as a Serpent Dancer with the crowds so excited.
Usually her kind was respected, but with so much snake energy around, it was
not a wise thing to do.

Here in Vadhu, the energy had gone bad. Whores and thieves congregated
on every street corner. It was not safe to step out after dark, no matter who you
were, but at the time of the Serpent festival, it was even more dangerous as
many were drinking too much and ingesting strong hallucinogenic herbs and
potions. Men jeered at her as her cloaked body slipped silently through the
streets. She would not give herself to a man; she would only give herself to Kali.

She moved silently and undisturbed until she came to the secret entrance
to the temple of Kali. As she entered the dark passageway, she could hear
screams, screams of the dying. Behind this eerie sound, chanting could be heard
Kali Ma. There was madness in the air; the energy within was chaotic and
wild. She passed quickly along the passage. There was the most awful smell, like
fresh blood.

As she turned the corner, she came into a small dimly lit room with many
more women gathered there. Dressing, they adorned their bodies with jewellery,
perfumes and oils. The atmosphere was incredibly sensual and sexual. It was as
if the very air contained the anticipation of what they were to do. She began to
prepare herself, oiling her smooth body. She was small and very thin, but her
legs and back were powerful. Years of riding the snake had made her strong even
though she seldom felt nourished. Her hair was long and tied in one plait that
was matted and heavy. A single red stone was placed upon her forehead and a
silver chain around her waist. All over her body were welts and cuts, tattoos of
snakes spiralled around her belly and thighs. There were patterns, literally,
carved into her skin, patterns of beautiful snakes and serpents. She had her
tongue pierced with a large gold ball. Strapped around her lower leg with a black
braid of hair was the dagger of KaliStar. Its handle was made from black
obsidian, its blade sharp and clean. This was no ordinary blade; it was the blade
of sacrifice, the giver of Blood. She did not use this weapon upon any other; its
sweet kiss was saved only for herself, for she had made those scars on her body,
each one done with the most utmost precision and intention.

She could taste the potent venom in her blood. She laughed as the first
rush of snake energy forced its way up her spine. As it came surging past her
stomach, she projectile vomited all over the wall of the room. One of the other
women shrieked with excitement as she and others ran screaming like banshees
into the main temple hall. Steadying herself, whispering Kali, she passed into
her altered state of reality.

The noise was incredible drummers everywhere, playing a fast hypnotic

rhythm, and there was a smell of death. The crowd was screaming and shouting
in frenzy. It hit her like a wall; she nearly fell backwards. She lurched, once more,
and fell to the floor.

The crowd pointed and shouted, Kali, Kali. She got to her feet; she opened
her mouth wide and screamed the most bloodthirsty cry of death. She began to
dance. Her hips moved in circles, gyrating in sexual pleasure. Her kundalini
energy was on fire. The venom saw to that. If you did not ride the snake through
this part of the initiation, you could resort to having physical sex with the nearest
male. It took training to be able to harness the snake energy.

Kali, she chanted, over and over, whilst she twirled her head around and
around. The movements, at first, appeared as if they were the dance of a mad
person, but if looked upon carefully, there was a pattern that resembled the
mass of snakes that now lay twined around her feet. One struck and bit her. She
just laughed. She was totally tranced out. Her eyes were big and black; no colour
of her strangely blue eyes could be seen. Taking the dagger from her braid, she
held it up to the giant statue of Kali that now stood at the far side of the hall.
With many arms, some holding the heads of dead men, its tongue protruding in a
violent gesture, it created an awesomely terrifying sight. The steps were all
covered with blood from the Kali initiates before her.

The crowds noise got louder. They, too, were moving into a hypnotic frenzy,
urging her on to the point where she thought she would lose her mind. She could
feel the poison of the snake in her bones and blood, her skin itching with desire,
an overwhelming carnal desire. She raised the knife up to the crowd and then
put the blade against her lips and pushed it in, letting the blade slip, slicing into
her bottom lip. The blood dripped off her mouth onto her breasts. A point of
pleasure, the lips trapped energy. This now released energy surge through her
body, sending her into rapture. Her eyes turned a strange yellow colour before
turning black again.

The venom overwhelmed her. It was more potent than usual. Snakes were
everywhere. She no longer felt herself. The pain from her wounds and the loss of
blood which lay in pools at her feet made her head spin. She almost lost
consciousness. She swooned. Was this from the pain or the pleasure? She was
being possessed; demonic, evil energy crawled and crept its way into her. She
fell on her knees at the foot of the statue. A small snake began to rise up her
body. She began to fit and shake as the serpent bit her over and over. Her skin
was a strange green and yellow hue. For a moment, she resembled a serpent.

She looked up at the statue, tears in her eyes. She was a lost soul, and she
had no choice. Holding her blade high against her wrist for the crowd to see, she
slashed open the veins of both arms, severing the main arteries, letting the
blood flow down her arms and onto the steps. Relief flooded her body. All her life
she had secretly wanted to sacrifice herself to Kali. All her life she had wished to
remove this dense body to ascend to the love of Kali.

I give myself to Kali, she whispered as she died.

But did Kali really hear her?

Ohmarna Rey (my dark female side) speaks:

Many religions prescribe some form of torture, humiliation, or personal

sacrifice as a requirement to become closer to Goddess/God. The worship of, and
reverence for, Kali Ma is one way of embracing the darker face of the Goddess.
Many are reclaiming a connection with this fierce Goddess. Feminine power has
often been represented as negative. Reclaiming this Goddess is a way of
reclaiming your sacred right to rage. She is both an unimaginable horror and
abundant bliss, eternally intertwined in the dance of my being. I sacrifice myself
to her every day in the pleasure I get from experiencing the haunting reality of
my birth and eventual death. To feel the rage that fuels the sacrifice of the self is
exquisite, divine, real. When you sacrifice your body to a higher source, you
experience the divine rapture of freedom, sexual and sensual elevation and
complete remembrance of the Goddess. Though painful, those selves before me
thought it was a successful route back to the Source of all creation, and who am I
to argue. I cannot deny I have a tendency towards this; the snake has taken me
into the darker aspects of myself. It has crawled its way into the depths of my
subconscious, seeking out that which I hide.

I am Ohmarna Rey.

I like my pain.

My sexuality is my fuel, my fire!

The dark Goddess is stirring awake and arising from her deep feminine
abode from within my body. I can feel her unmistakable power, experiencing
ancient rites of initiation at every level of my being. It is an urge that cannot be
refused. The serpent within me is rising; it will show me the way. I am becoming
a vehicle for snake Earth energies. Come together, we can become the spiral-
dancers, life-celebrating, spirit-intoxicated people of the Serpent.

Many lives have we danced with the serpent, riding the energy into a
renewed consciousness of self. A potent force, a means of evolution on a highly
spiritual level, but like all pathways, it has its pitfalls. One of these is the
addictive, hypnotic energy that the serpent carries. Like a poison, it creeps into
your soul and, if not ridden correctly, will carry you into the oblivion of the self.
Who would choose such a path? What being would walk this potent track?
Someone who wanted to experience the very extremes of physical/spiritual
evolution, the very extremes of both light and dark. There are many roads back
to God, and this is one such way. Not all of them are of the Light.
Chapter the serpent who eats at the roots of Yggdrasil, the
Nordic World Ash Tree NADA (The high king of ancient Ireland was known
as Nuada or Nada or Nuah. The name is a variation of Naddred, meaning
"wise serpent," and is probably also akin to Naga which can be rendered
Nasha, hence "nation." The word naga denotes the serpent-kings of India.
Nuada's Babylonian counterpart is Nata, who, like the Irish Nada, was a
survivor of the great prehistoric flood.)

PENDRAGON (In Welsh mythology this was a title denoting Celtic

chieftains, such as King Arthur.) ..the Egyptians made use of an instrument
called the ur-heka, or great magical power. It is sometimes a sinuous,
serpent-like rod without the serpents head. At others it has the head of
the serpent on it, united with the head of a ram - Gerald Massey (Ancient
Egypt: Light of the World)

The accepted theory that the serpent is evil cannot be substantiated.

It has long been viewed as the emblem of immortality. It is the symbol of
reincarnation, or metempsychosis, because it annually sheds its skin...It
was also believed that snakes swallowed themselves, and this resulted in
their being considered emblematic of the Supreme Creator, who
periodically reabsorbed His universe back into Himself. In "Isis Unveiled,"
H. P. Blavatsky makes this significant statement concerning the origin of
serpent worship: "Before our globe had become egg-shaped or round it
was a long trail of cosmic dust or fire-mist, moving and writhing like a
serpent. This, say the explanations, was the Spirit of God moving on the
chaos until its breath had incubated cosmic matter and made it assume
the annular shape of a serpent with its tail in its month--emblem of
eternity in its spiritual and of our world in its physical sense" - Manly
Palmer Hall (The Secret Teachings of All Ages)

The figure of Eve is based upon much older mythology and may be
traced back to the ancient Mother Goddess or World Mother and the
serpent cults of the pre-Biblical period. Closer examination of the name
Eve revealed her serpent origins, for the Hebrew for Eve is havvah,
meaning mother of all things, but also serpent. Likewise, the Arabic
words for snake, life, and teaching, are closely related to the word or
name Eve Philip Gardiner and Gary Osborn (The Serpent Grail)

The priests of the Mysteries were symbolized as a serpent,

sometimes called Hydra...The Serpent Kings reigned over the earth. It was
these Serpent Kings who founded the Mystery Schools which later
appeared as the Egyptian and Brahmin Mysteries...The serpent was their
symbol...They were the true Sons of Light, and from them have descended
a long line of adepts and initiates - Manly Palmer Hall The Uraeus is a
serpent issuing forth from the forehead of many gods being also an
ornament of the royal crowns...The amulet of the serpent head is the
symbol of the goddess Isis who is often represented by a serpent Karel
Weinfurter (Mans Highest Purpose) The Corunucopia or Horn of Plenty
(also called Horn of Amalthea and Harvest Cone): the Horn of Fortune, a
great horn or horn-shaped basked, is the moving energy of the Wheel in
three (or perhaps more) dimensions. It corresponds to the spiral patterns
of actual horns, sea shells, the Milky Way, the inner ear, the DNA double
helix, water and atmospheric vortexes, and many other things in the
natural world. In the twenty-first century CE, DNA seems like a significant
resonance. Remember, many of Her aspects are mothers and one is
named Fortuna Primagenia; DNA is indeed a basket of fine weave,
whose abundance is tied to great diversity. It evokes images of whirlpools,
tornadoes and cosmic wormholes. It is a vortex streaming out of the
cosmic heart of Fortuna, and its source is equal to the still center of the
Great Wheel. It is linked to the feminine meaning of the basket, a key
fetish in Hellenic Isian religion, a ritual womb clothed in red that stores the
fallen grain. It is also linked to the rams horn and lightening bolt as
symbols of masculine and neutral/raw power respectively. As a horn-
shaped basket, the Sacred Cornucopia weds womb and phallus, and so
stands as a symbol of balance, fertility, and the Great Rite in which
feminine and masculine, Heaven and Earth, achieve actual union. This is
the source of all prosperity, material and spiritual. It is the portal of
blessing, and the Heavenly Ladder to Greater Union, for there is a
Greatest Rite that cannot be accomplished without the Great Rite.
Magically, one does well to remember that the Horn is a two-way portal
with its source in a Divine Person who is compassionate, abundant, and
fierce. It is a shamanic gateway, and one of great power: it is present
everywhere it is represented, ideal in image, waiting to be used. The Horn
can be experienced through visualization. An altar cornucopia (a basket or
sculpted one with an empty interior) can be consecrated as a portal; it can
also be used as a container for consecrating objects left on the altar or to
receive prayers that are written or spoken into it. Magically, the Horn
works to deliver prayers and energies to Fortunas realm or to broadcast
sacred energies. Naturally, one speaks or projects into the large open end
to direct energy to Fortuna; one speaks into the point, as with a
megaphone, to ritually broadcast. (Remember, broadcast is an
agricultural term for spreading seed). The Horn is also a cone and
corresponds to the cone of energy raised during ritual, the magical Horn of
Plenty, a means of communication between the worlds. The helicies link
her to the spinal serpents of tantra and the rod of Hermes. Because the
rising of kundalini results in altered consciousness and because of the
messenger status of Hermes/Mercury, this suggests a patterned flow of
energy that moves interdimensionally. There is an energetic
correspondence between wheel and horn, and how the horn amplifies Her
teaching about cyclicity and spiritual opportunity. We do not merely repeat
the same cycle eternally, but are free to ascend and descendthis is not
the face of a clock, but spiraling or helical cyclicity. The pattern may be
the same one governing the spiral of the nautilus, one based on the
Golden Mean. The Golden Mean corresponds to many unexpected things,
like the musical scale, and establishes relationships between Truth and
Beauty in physical and abstract structures; it is a signature of the
Creators. There is also a strong geometric relationship between the
structures of the Cornucopia and the "Spiral of the Adepti" in the
Fellowship of Isis, as well as with the coiled serpent atop the Mystery
Basket or in Tantric representations. The Horn is associated with Greek
myth, and these associations would have been present to many Hellenic
devotees of the aspects of Fortuna. Amalthea, a being whose name means
tender Goddess cared for the infant Zeus and is thereby the Mother of
God. Amalthea was a cave Goddess of Mt. Aigaion. The goat is Her
attendant or animal form. Stories about the horn vary, but Amalthea
always possesses a magical goats horn that supplies abundance. It is
interesting to note the shared cave connection with some of the early
Roman aspects of Fortuna. Amalthea appears to be a female version of
the Pan energiesrural, chthonic, linked to the goat. Amalthea is also
linked to the Melissae and sacred beesA connection I feel the modern
Isis-Fortuna shares, for She likes offerings of honey and enjoys bee-
inspired ornamentation.