VOLUME 2010, ISSUE 5 MAY 2010


Marc h Awards & Promotions
Congratulations to everyone who earned an award or promotion during the month of March! In addition to those shown below, 2Lt Brace earned her Senior Recruiting Ribbon and Cadet Taylor was presented with his Encampment Ribbon and Red Service Ribbon.

Cadet Salvato Achievement #1
(earned in March, but was presented in April)

Cadet Gray Achievement #2 (Arnold Ribbon & promotion to C/A1C)

Inside this issue:
Cadet Griffey Achievement #1 (Curry Ribbon & promotion to C/Amn) Cadet Kalambokidis — Achievement #2 (Arnold Ribbon & promotion to C/A1C) Cadet White Cadet Recruiter Ribbon

Inside this issue: Squadron News


Safety Briefing Squadron News

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Safety Briefing& Upcoming Events

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Recr uiting Challenge —It‟s Bac k!
That‘s right, the recruiting challenge is back! We‘ve made tremendous strides since January in growing our squadron. We‘re now at 24 members (15 cadets and 9 seniors), but there‘s always room to grow and extend the wonderful opportunities that CAP has provided us to our surrounding communities. Due to our larger size since the last time we did this the rules have changed. Now, to get the pizza party we as a group will have to turn in a minimum of 25 new members. I know that seems like a lot, but that‘s an average of one recruit per person. Recruiting ribbons are also still (always) up for grabs. Maj Murphy, 2Lt Brace and Cadet White already have theirs so lets so who else we can add to that list! AND… the CAP challenge coin will go to the cadet who turns in the most new recruits overall. Who‘s going to get it? Tune in to the June newsletter for an update. Don‘t forget, you have two months (until July 15th!).

Upcoming Events Squadron News & Calendar

Senior Members

News From Around From News the North Central Region

Around the North
Post War Cadet Programs (Pictures)


Safety Br iefing — Now Found in e -Ser vices

***Important notice and change to our current safety briefing policy*** CAP NHQ has implemented a new monthly safety briefing which all members are required to complete. This safety briefing is found in e-Services over on the left hand side under ―Favorites‖. As mentioned, this is required and according to regulations if anyone is missing that briefing in a given month they are no longer allowed to participate in activities until the safety briefing is complete. Your command staff will be monitoring the completion of these safety briefings and instituting the regulation so please complete the safety briefing each month (on your own time) as soon as they become available. Thank you, and be safe everyone!

The Sentinel - The Official CAP Safety Newsletter



May 2010
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Cadet Meetings
 4 May—Cadet Meeting Aerospace Education Red Oak, IA Airport 1830-2030 11 May—Cadet Meeting PT & Testing Red Oak, IA Airport 1830-2030 15 May—Saturday Meeting Red Oak, IA Airport 1300-2030 18 April—Cadet Meeting Emergency Services Red Oak, IA Airport 1830-2030 25 May—Cadet Meeting Moral Leadership, Drill & Testing Red Oak, IA Airport 1830-2030

Senior Meetings
 11 May—Senior Meeting Red Oak, IA Airport 1930 18 May—Saturday Meeting Red Oak, IA Airport 1300-2030 25 May—Senior Meeting Red Oak, IA Airport 1930

 1 May—Ft. Dodge SAREX Ft. Dodge, IA Airport 0800-1600 2 May—Red Oak Fly In Red Oak, IA Airport 0700-1100 8 May—072nd SUI Exec 1 Aviation—Ankeny, IA



Event Sign Up Polic y
Don‘t forget that for any event which requires transportation to and from, generally anything other than a squadron meeting, I need you guys to sign up via an online form on our website. Why? We are a growing group and to make sure that everyone who wants to go can, and has transportation if they need it, I need to have a headcount at least a week prior to the event. How do I sign up? Check out the calendar on our website and down towards the bottom on the left hand side you‘ll see a list of ―Upcoming Events‖. Click on the event and you‘ll be re-directed to a sign-up form. Fill it out (before the deadline!) and you‘re good to go! After the deadline has lapsed we‘ll begin putting together transportation for those wanting to go and we‘ll inform you soon after about the arrangements.

Mandatory Training Requirements
As most of you know, there are a few mandatory requirements in order to participate in certain activities. Since we are entering the busy part of the year with SAREXs, fly ins and all sorts of other events coming up it‘s time to do a little personnel maintenance and get these items taken care of. The following is a list of things that need to be done and their corresponding web link. If you haven‘t done them please do, soon, and if you‘re not sure if you need to do them just ask. OPSEC Aircraft Ground Handling - log into e-Services, on the left hand side click on CAP Multimedia, click on Video Courses, under Video Op tions click on View Video and then underneath the screen click on Take Test Equal Opportunity Training There are still a few of you yet who have not completed your CAPT 116. While this isn‘t required for general participation and training at the squadron level, it is required to participate in a SAREX and is a good way to become acquainted with the Emergency Services program and what we do. Please go online to take this test as soon as possible. CAPT 116

Squadron Safety Requirements
Because we are a VERY safety conscious organization, CAP has published a few safety based tests that are required to be taken by every member. Looking at my records I see that many of you have gotten at least some of them done, which is a great start, but I need to have all of them completed by each member. Basic Safety Course Basic ORM Intermediate ORM Advanced ORM To complete the tests, please click on their title above. You will need to read through a PDF or two on the subject and then take a short test. Once you have done this and gotten your certificate, please send me a quick email to let me know that you have done this so I can mark you off in my records. In addition to these 4 tests we also have the new monthly safety briefing which is required and located in eServices. Please remember to do this each month because it is required in order to let people participate in activities, and we don‘t want to see anyone have to sit out because they don‘t have their safety briefing done. Don‘t forget, safety is a daily requirement for us all, in everything we do. Being aware of our surroundings and potential hazards is key to staying safe.



Cadet O-Rides
On Saturday April 17th we had the opportunity to get some cadets up in the air for orientation flights, most for the first time ever. I‘m proud to announce that in 4 flights we had 8 cadets go up with pilot Maj Murphy. Flight #1 — Cadets Lukehart & Griffey Flight #2 — Cadets Gray & Clark Flight #3 — Cadets Kalambokidis & White Flight #4 — Cadets Salvato & Taylor Maj Murphy and SM Viner worked in tandem to conduct ground school prior to each flight, lasting roughly an hour and consisting of a pre-flight check and introduction to the plane and flying as a whole. Once ground school was complete and the prior flight had returned, the next crew hit the skies. Each flight lasted approximately an hour with one cadet sitting in the right seat and one cadet sitting in the back. Both cadets were able to learn and experience a lot in such a short amount of time and with the success of these flights I‘m sure we will be While o-rides were being conducted the other cadets and senior members were able to get in some very valuable flight line marshalling training on the ground with certified flight line supervisor Lt Erickson. Cadets, and seniors, learned how to properly marshal and aircraft onto the apron safely to park or fuel up. This includes using visual hand cues to direct pilots to where they need to go as well as employing safety techniques to keep everyone in the area safe from harm. This training will be very valuable in the months and years to come as we actively participate in fly ins and SAREXs around Iowa. Training like this can also come in handy should anyone choose to go after their pilot‘s able to get everyone up in the right seat, and soon. certificate or work in or around any size airport.

Noble Popcor n Fundraiser Wrap -Up
Money has been counted. Popcorn has been ordered. Prizes have started trickling in. That can mean only one thing… The Noble Popcorn fundraiser has officially ended and we are on the down hill slide to finishing it all up. Thanks to some hard work, smooth talking and dedicated cadets and senior members I‘m happy to report that we did really well. I won‘t give numbers, but suffice it to say we‘re well on our way to supporting ourselves as a CAP group in Southwest Iowa. Naturally we won‘t survive forever on the proceeds from this fundraiser so we will be doing something in the future. If you have any ideas for another fundraiser let us know!



New Cadet Dr ill Guide Launc hes July 1st
Ever since the Air Force went to electronic-only publishing for their manuals, we haven't had the Drill & Ceremonies Manual available in hard copy format. The good news is most of the time most cadets don't need the full manual, but they do need some kind of training aid. Enter the Cadet Drill Guide. The Cadet Drill Guide fits in your pocket and outlines the main rules governing the main drill movements. We designed this with cadet NCOs in mind. Next time a C/TSgt is teaching some airmen how to close and extend for example, he or she can whip out the Cadet Drill Guide and double-check the standards. The guide also includes info on what movements cadets need to know at each achievement (under the upcoming L2L textbook rules). We plan to add it to the New Cadet Kit in July, send every squadron a copy or two, and find a way for existing cadets and seniors to obtain one, too. The Cadet Drill Guide will print at 3x5" (index card size) on the most durable paper our budget can afford. The attached version is in draft status until 1 May. Please sound off if you have comments, find typos, etc.

Cadets, By the Number s
We are asked from time to time for statics on our cadet population such as separating cadets by age, gender or ethnicity. We recently ran these numbers and wanted to share them with the membership. We also included the 10 largest units, by number of cadets.

Update to the Leader ship Sc hool Requirement for the Eaker Award
Cadets must complete a Leadership Academy to qualify for the Eaker Award. This requirement is met by attending Cadet Officer School, a Region Cadet Leadership School, or through the correspondence course AFIADL13. Professional Development has now introduced the Officer Basic Course as a replacement to AFIADL-13. The new OBC program will not fulfill the leadership academy requirement. Once AFIADL13 is no longer available, the requirement will have to be fulfilled by completing either COS or RCLS. We have extended the deadline to enroll in AFIADL-13 until 1 July. Members enrolling in AFIADL-13 have 1 year from their enrollment date to complete the course. Go to the Distance Learning Courses web site for more information and to enroll in AFIADL-13. You can go to the Leadership School web site for more information on RCLS and COS.

Regulations Updates
CAPP 50-2—Core Values



CAP Adding 12 Cessna 182 Skyla nes to Fleet
KANSAS -- Cessna Aircraft

Co. has received an order for a dozen 182 Skylanes from its largest fleet operator, Civil Air Patrol, and expects to deliver the aircraft by the end of the year. The company received the order during last week‘s Sun ‗n Fun Fly-In in Lakeland, Fla. "The Skylane is a versatile four-place aircraft that is wellsuited for the critically important CAP mission profile," said John Doman, Cessna's vice president for worldwide propeller aircraft sales. "We're glad to be able to support

CAP's increasingly important mission and value our longterm partnership with them." In 2009, Cessna once again sold and delivered more single-engine piston aircraft than any other manufacturer. The manufacture‘s line of four-seat pistons is the best-selling family in the world, with six models ranging from the 172 Skyhawk, the best-selling civil aircraft in history, to the Corvalis TT, one of the world's fastest fixed-gear singleengine piston aircraft. CAP operates one of the largest fleets of single-engine

piston aircraft in the world, with 550 currently in the fleet.

News From Around the Nor th Central Reg ion

(From left) Col. Chris Moersch, Florida Wing commander, at the Sun 'n Fun Fly-In with Cessna's John Doman and Jack J. Pelton, the aircraft company’s chairman, president and chief executive officer.

Minn. Wing Judged “Successful” in Air Force Eval.
Maj. Richard J. Sprouse Public Information Officer Group II Minnesota Wing MINNESOTA —The Minnesota

Wing emerged with ratings of ―Successful," ―Excellent" and ―Outstanding‖ ratings after a U. S. Air Force evaluation April 17 in Mankato. "We are pleased to report that Minnesota Wing has success-

fully completed its two-year operations evaluation by the Air Force and is missionready," said Maj. Paul Pieper, the wing‘s emergency services director and incident commander of the Air Force evaluation. Nearly 120 members and 12 aircraft participated in the evaluation, which assessed areas critical or important to

assure the health and performance of Civil Air Patrol wings everywhere. "I congratulate you on the successful completion of this," said Col. Tom Theis, Minnesota Wing commander. "For all those who received 'Excellent' or 'Outstanding' ratings, I‘m extremely proud of you." Read More

A cadet performs flight line marshalling during the Air Force evaluation

Iowa Cadets Honored By Air Force
1st Lt. Francisco Molina Public Affairs Officer East Iowa Cadet Squadron Iowa Wing IOWA – A pair of East Iowa

Cadet Squadron members have been recognized with the Air Force Association's and Air Force Sergeants Association's respective awards for outstanding Civil Air Patrol cadets.

Cadet 2nd Lt. Michael Leedy received the Air Force Association's outstanding cadet award from Lt. Col. Mercer Richardson, director of communications for Civil Air Patrol‘s North Central Region. Dale Lutzen, divisional president of the Air Force Sergeants Association, presented his organization‘s award to Cadet Chief Master Sgt. Katelyn Mishmash.

Mishmash is the daughter of the East Iowa squadron‘s commander, Capt. Brian Mishmash. Leedy‘s father, 1st Lt. John Leedy, is the testing officer for the unit.

(From left) Lt. Col. Mercer Richardson, Cadet 2nd Lt. Michael Leedy, Cadet Chief Master Sgt. Katelyn Mishmash and Dale Lutzen.



NCR Chaplain Cor ps Staff College Draws 24
Lt. Col. Timothy J. Steppan Vice Commander South Dakota Wing NEBRASKA — Group crisis

quake in Haiti. His hands-on experience was evident in the passion and insight he brought to his training. In addition, three-fourths of the Chaplain Service Executive Council – Chaplain (Col). Whit Woodard, national chief

intervention was the chief training topic April 19-22 when 24 Civil Air Patrol chaplains and character development officers convened for the 2010 North Central Region Chaplain Corps Staff College at the Columban Fathers Retreat Center in Bellevue. The chief instructor was Dr. Dan Casey, a certified traumatologist and a member of the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation since its inception, as well as a coordinator for three crisis response teams. Casey has been involved in traumatic events across the country and around the world, including the North Dakota flood of 1997 and this year‘s earth-

Along with the North Central Region wings, participating chaplains also came from the Colorado, Texas and Ohio wings. After the April 21 classroom training, participants had the opportunity to tour the Global Weather Center at Offutt Air Force Base. The college concluded April 22 with the annual banquet and awards ceremony at the Papillion Stake Center of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, which has hosted the event for several years, fostering mutual respect and appreciation between the Stake and the staff college. Guests included Col. Steve Kuddes, North Central Region commander, and his wife, 1st Lt. Barbara Kuddes, the region‘s government relations adviser.

News From Around the Nor th Central Reg ion

of chaplains, and Chaplains (Lt. Cols.) Ron Tottingham, deputy chief of chaplains, and Ken Van Loon, national secretary of chaplains— held a question-and-answer session addressing numerous concerns and clarifying pertinent issues.

AFA Names 21 CAP Educator Grant Recipients
ARLINGTON, Va. -- The Air Force Association has announced 21 recipients of the Civil Air Patrol

Educator Grant. The education initiative is funded by AFA and managed by Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters. Including among the grant recipients is Joseph E. Dolan, Eleanor Roosevelt Middle School, Dubuque, Iowa.

Meet Kansas Wing‟s „Sky King‟
KANSAS -- Lt. Col. Eric Shappee, vice commander and director of safety for Civil Air Patrol's Kan-

sas Wing, is featured in an article in the Salina Journal. Shappee is a master flight instructor at Kansas State University-Salina and one of two instructors at the school who has earned master flight instructor accreditation for a fifth time, one of only 19 flight instructors worldwide to do so. The article, entitled "Sky King," focuses on Shappee's recent certification as well as his current interest in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).


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