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Curriculum Vitae of Anthony Murphy

Address: Date of Birth: 21st November 1982

378 Barton Rd, Telephone: 07856098546 (Abu Dhabi phone
Stretford, 00971501254974)
Manchester, Email:
M32 9RL Online Portfolio:
Currently living in Abu Dhabi

Capabilities and Personal Attributes

I provide an inspiring, creative and fun environment conducive to learning.
I feel I have a good understanding of how children learn and I am able to cater to each of their individual needs.
I am self-motivated and work exceptionally well as part of a team whilst also being able to use my own initiative.
I am an extremely focused, positive, committed and passionate person with a great sense of integrity.
I have an inspiring personality and a great sense of humour.
September 2012 to Sunderland University Masters in Education I specifically chose this course in order to get the
September 2015 balance of leadership and ICT modules that I wanted in order to progress my
career. I also completed a 120 hour Advanced TEFL course in 2012.

September 2008 to Sunderland University Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE).

June 2009
September 2002 to Edge Hill University BA (Honours) Sports Science and Coaching
June 2005
September 2000 to South Trafford College A Levels: Physical Education and Business Studies
June 2002
September 1994 to St. Ambrose College GCSEs-: English, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, French, Geography,
July 1999 History, Religious Education and Design and Technology.

Continuing Professional Development

Over the past 4 years I have presented PD in areas such as Using Coaching and Mentoring to create Independence, Assess-
ment for Learning, Behaviour Management and using websites to create unique individualised learning experiences.

January 2017 Simon Noakes: Social How to use Twitter to communicate with parents and the
Media Myths wider community (2 days)
December Karen Ardley: Leading Four day intensive course focusing on leadership. Incorpo-
2016 Learning from the middle rating leadership traits, lesson observations, meetings,
coaching and mentoring, positivity, teams and feedback.

August 2016 Sir John Jones: The Magic Understanding the powerful impact that teachers have on
Weaving Business young people and how learning can make a profound differ-
ence (2 days)

January 2016 David Didau: The One day course challenging what we, as teachers, take to be
Learning Spy true (1 day)
August 2015 Read Write Ink! Phonics Four days intensive phonics training split over two years. Two
training days in August 2015 and two days in August 2016

September Numerous speakers Read, Write, Inc! phonics training (4 days), Small group
2010 August teaching strategies (1 day), Writing Traits (5 days), Promethe-
2015 an Board training (2 days), Differentiation with Carolyn Coyle
(5 days), Atlas Rubicon Curriculum Mapping (1 day), Good
leadership strategies (1 day), ED camp (2 days), Behaviour
Management (2 days).
Teaching & Coaching Experience
August 2015 to Brighton College Abu Dhabi
August 2017 I have loved every minute of my time at the prestigious Brighton College Abu Dhabi helping it to be
ranked as the outstanding school within Abu Dhabi. The whole experience has been extremely ful-
filling and I feel I have developed my professional skills as an educator, as well as a leader, in an ex-
tremely challenging environment. I have spent the past two years teaching in Year 2 and it was an
honour to have been selected to become a Housemaster for all year levels within EYFS and Key Stage
1 helping to inspire the children to be responsible, respectful, motivated, show empathy, be courte-
ous and kind; and shaping them in to well-rounded individuals . During my time here, I have run extra
curricular activities including rugby, chess and web design. I also became a qualified First Aider that
runs until September 2018.
August 2010 to Glenelg School of Abu Dhabi (now known as ADNOC Schools)- Grades KG to 12
August 2015 Throughout my time at Glenelg I taught within Grades 3 & 4 (years 4 & 5). I was a founder member of
the teaching staff helping the school to establish itself as one of the leading schools within the Abu
Dhabi community, tripling in size in the first 3 years to 1500 students in the primary school. During
this period I have been involved in developing the American curriculum to match the schools vision. I
was the Head of Year for Grade 3 during my 5 years at Glenelg leading 10 homeroom teachers and
11 TLAs to create the best learning opportunities for the students. I was also given the role of prima-
ry school representative on the steering committee to help the school to develop and implement a
school improvement plan for the education authority and also help to achieve the Middle States Ac-
creditation (MSA). I have run extra curricular activities in rugby, football, library, gifted & talented
and remedial Maths.
September 2007 Al Najah Private School EYFS to Year 13
to August 2010 During my time at Al Najah Private School, I taught in Year 4 and taught PE across 3 different year
groups. In my second year teaching here I undertook my PGCE in order to become a qualified teach-
er. Through hard work and determination I took on the role of Head of PE for the whole school. This
involved designing and creating areas for PE to be taught, developing the curriculum and assessment
policy to match the school vision, finding and acquiring many resources and an extra curricular pro-
gramme including the creating of school teams in football and basketball. I also oversaw the Maths
curriculum for Key Stage 2 in my final year.
September 2005 Skipton U19s Rugby Union Coach, Yorkshire
to September The 2 years spent here entailed coaching the U19 team as well as helping develop the youth system. I
2007 organized fixtures, took coaching sessions and oversaw the general running of the team. On top of
that I attended numerous meetings for initiating and developing the junior section of the club. I com-
pleted my RFU Level 1 and 2 coaching certificates as well as my referees qualification.

Personal Interests and Activities

I am a keen sportsmen playing Gaelic Football, Golf and Australian Football. However, my main sporting passion is Rugby
Union and through my career I have notched up many honours including coaching and helping develop the junior section
of a rugby club, representing North of England U19s and earning 7 international caps for the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
I took great pride in being a committee member of Abu Dhabi Irish Society and Abu Dhabi Na Fianna Gaelic Football help-
ing to create a home away from home for the expat community. I love to spend time with my wife and 2 children on the
weekends doing all sorts of activities. I also enjoy reading, travelling and going to the cinema.

Mr. Matthew Woodhead Mrs. Joanna Vigneron Ms. Deana Davenport
Head of Brighton College Pre Prep, Head of Brighton College Pre Prep (former), Deputy Head Primary, ADNOC School,
P O Box 129444 P O Box 129444 PO Box 114124,
Abu Dhabi, UAE. Abu Dhabi, UAE. Abu Dhabi, UAE.
00971507920139 00971529235924 07935851642