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Jupiter, the Bringer ...
of Jollity
The Planets

Concerto Alexander Arutunian

Arutunian Trumpet Concerto

Film Spectacular
Star War,
Titanic Mission Impossible

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Pagliacci, New York New York, Colors of

the wind, I will survive


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A Concert by
the Sky Keeper
for Thailands Royal Developer
King Bhumibol Adulyadej
Written by Onanan Woothisen
Translated by Pratabjai Vasunant

he word give, even though is just a small and
simple word, however, it certainly has monu-
mental a connotation. In fact, the act of giving can
bring about genuine happiness to both the giver
and the receiver.
In June 2010, the countrys brave sky
keeper, the Royal Thai Air Force organized a
charity concert in order to donate all proceeds
without any deductions to His Majesty the King to
support the Chaipattana Foundations activities.
This is the fourth time the Royal Thai Air Force held
such concert.
The premier concert was held in 2006

with an aim of donating the proceeds to the

Chaipattana Foundation. At that time Air Chief
Marshal Chalit Pukbhasuk was the Commander in
Chief of the Royal Thai Air Force. The concert
was named Tupfah Kootai, implying that the
Royal Thai Air Force always stands beside the
nation, and performed by the Royal Thai Air Force
Symphony Orchestra. Her Royal Highness Princess
Chulabhorn graciously presided at that concert.
In 2007, the Royal Thai Air Force changed
the name of the concert to Tupfah Kootai Puer
Chaipattana, implying that the Royal Thai Air show of mourning to the passing away of Her Royal
Force which stands beside the nation also supports Highness Princess Galyani Vadhana.
the Chaipattana Foundation. The change of the As for this years fourth recent concert
concert name was to indicate the objective of the Tupfah Kootai Puer Chaipattana, the Royal Thai

concert more explicitly. On that occasion, Her Air Force rolled out a variety of performances to suit
Majesty Queen Sirikit commissioned His Royal the different music tastes of the diverse age group
Highness Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn to audience. The concert was divided in two parts.
preside over the concert on her behalf. The first part of the concert comprised of
The third concert was held in 2009, two instrumental music performances covering classical
years after, because organization of festive events and light music, and Royal musical compositions.
in Thailand was avoided in the year 2008 as a Then for the second part of the show, honorary
to every sector of the population whom
wholeheartedly worked to develop the country,

be it the civil servants, soldiers, policemen, laymen,

and volunteers. The poem was to remind and
encourage people to maintain the morale for doing
good deeds. Another Royal composition which was
played during this part of the concert was a song
called Som Tum (name of Thai spicy papaya
This song was composed by Her Royal
Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn which has
Thai country music melodies. The debut of this song
was performed by His Majestys Au Sau Wan Suk
Symphony Orchestra and sung by Her Royal
Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. (The Au
Sau Wan Suk Symphony Orchestra or Friday Au Sau
was created by His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej
and comprised of honorary musicians. The
Symphony Orchestra met every Friday to play music
guests as well as well-known professional singers together with His Majesty.)
took the stage to entertain the audience with both The next set of performance was the
Thai and international music. instrumental classical music. The song played was
During the first part of the concert, the Royal called Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity, composed by
Thai Air Force Symphony Orchestra performed Gustav Holst in The Planets suite. The composer
instrumental music of His Majesty the Kings 43rd used the sound stream to describe the universe and
piece of Royal musical compositions called Kwam its planets which the listeners could sense the
Fun Un Sung Sood (meaning the highest dream).
feelings of power and might as well as miracle of
In 1969, Her Majesty the Queen commanded for a the planets. Another song played during the
composition of a complimentary poem to be instrumental classical music performance was called
printed on small pieces of card and distribute
the Trumpet Concerto or commonly known
among trumpet players and music lovers as
Arutunian Trumpet Concerto. It was composed by
Alexander Arutunian with a strong Eastern Europe
Gypsyish, Russian, and Armenian kind of sound that
also has very soulful as well as beautiful, exciting,
and flashy melodies. The show carried on with the
instrumental music performance featuring Film Spec
tacular Music like the famous movie soundtracks
Star War, Titanic, and Mission Impossible which
were rearranged into a medley greatly enjoyed by
the audience.
After the instrumental music performance of
international songs, the Royal Thai Air Force
Symphony Orchestra performed a Thai traditional
music called Chin Khim Yai which not only has
Chinese rhythm, but it also has breathtakingly New York, Colors of the Wind, and I will Survive;
beautiful sounds that reflected the smooth whereas the Thai songs include Prarn Lau Nuer,
integration of Thai and foreign musical instruments. Kratai Nai Jan, Laek Tung Jai Kae Dai Rug Ther, Mai
The Royal Thai Air Force Symphony Orchestra Tong Mee Khum Bunyai, and Nuk Rong Baan Nok.
modified the song Chin Khim Yai from the original Before the end of the concert, the Royal
duple meter rhythm to be played using the treble Thai Air Force Symphony Orchestra performed and
fiddle as a solo instrument. As it was played sung in chorus the song called Maharaj Pra Jom
together with an orchestra, the song certainly had Siam as a glory of His Majesty the Kings 60th
an air of popular modern music which was very Coronation Anniversary and a show of loyalty as well
much enjoyed by the audience. Another song as gratitude for his incomparable benevolence.
performed which never fails to induce the feelings of Apart from performing their primary duty as
love and loyalty for the nation among the Thai brave sky keeper, the Royal Thai Air Force organized
people was Rug Gun Wai Tert (meaning lets the Tupfah Kootai Puer Chaipattana Concert with
harmonize), composed by Nakorn Thanomsub. In the sole intention of giving and wanting to be a
1971 this song won three Royal Gold Records from part of a contribution to the Royal-initiated
the Third Royal Gold Record Award Ceremony for operations focused on the sustainable development
the Best Music Score, Best Lyric, and Best Singer. of the country.
Today this song still maintains its popularity and often The devoted sacrifice and fatigue from
being used for different occasions and festive repeated rehearsals by the musicians, singers, and
events. organizers were willful and acted out of happiness
For the second part of the concert, songs because everyones desire were to see to it that the
performed include both famous Thai and concert turned out to be a great and flawless event.
international music such as Pagliacci, New York
Their mutual goal was to create absolute joy to the
music lover audience who without doubt extended personal time and money to
attend the concert and watch the variety of entertaining music performances.
The Office of the Chaipattana Foundation recognizes and truly
appreciates this kind consistent gesture presented by the Royal Thai Air Force.
The Foundations Chief Executive Officers all attended the concert and praised
in unison of its success.
The act of giving by the Royal Thai Air Force will certainly worth its
effort. All proceeds donated to the Chaipattana Foundation will be returned to
the country through diverse fields of development projects carried out on the
basis of unity, happiness, and sustainability, according to the Royal Initiatives of
His Majesty the King, the Honorary President of the Chaipattana Foundation.
This gesture of giving reminds us of a Thai song named Hai
(meaning to give) of a great singer Phoosaming Norsawan, which the song
ended with very touching words about giving.
Tung cheewit jit jaichan mee tae haihai ther which means
With my life and soul, I will give and give it all to you. However, to make
the statement more meaningful, let us add a word onto the last phrase
Chan mee tae haihai therpratesthai which means
I will give and give it all to you, my beloved Thailand.

N.B. Reference has been made for some parts of the translation to the
English text of the 4th Royal Thai Air Force Concert document.