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Lesson Plan Template

Subject / Course: Health Education TC Name: Rebecca Schuler

Grade Level: 6 & 7 Date:
Topic: Body Image Time of Class:
Cooperating Teacher Name: Trevor Neufeld Room # / Location:

1. Broad Areas of Learning and Cross Curricular Competencies

a) Outcomes:
Life long learners, sense of self, community and place, engaged citizens
Students will become life long learners through the sense of body image if a life long issues and positive
body image is a topic that will be struggled with for a lifetime and learning how see yourself in a healthy
way starting at a young age.


b) Indicators:
- students will be able to identify the influences on body image
- students will recognize there is a wide range of healthy body types
- students will complete a list of three things they like about themselves to promote a positive body

c) Cross Curricular Competencies: (approx. 2+ other learning expectations not assessed, eg. learning that
happens as a result of the lesson, organization, group work, listening, co-operation, reading, writing skills etc.)

- Developing thinking, developing identity and interdependence, developing literacies, developing social

d) Professional Growth Portfolio Goal(s):

2.2 proficiency in the Language of Instruction
2.6 ability to strive for/pursue new knowledge

3.2 the ability to use a wide variety of responsive instructional strategies and methodologies to accommodate
learning styles of individual learners and support their growth as social, intellectual, physical and spiritual beings

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2. Assessment and Evaluation:
(What assessment and/or evaluation strategies do you need to have to ensure you are accountable for students
learning and addressing curriculum outcomes? What formative and summative assessment should you include?
e.g., sample questions, activities or attach tests, homework, rubrics, evaluation schemes, answer keys etc.)

Formative- during the lesson I will asses on student involvement to discussion and prior knowledge of the subject
Summative- I will asses on students completion of the list of three things they like about themselves according to the
criteria given

- List of three things students like about themselves is to promote positive body image, may including descriptors of
self but is not limited to.

3. Preassessment and Accommodations/Modifications

a) Students
(consider the students you will be teaching and anything that will affect their learning or your teaching strategies (e.g.,
include cognitive, social/emotional, physical and diversity needs,+ provide accommodations/modifications - how you will
differentiate learning for each student and/or type of need N.B. use initials of students rather than full names)

Preassessment: Accommodation/Modification:

P- Has trouble concentrating on materials at hand P- Will work on assigned activity with educational
and communicating assistant

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b) Learning Environment:
(describe the learning environment such as the set up/location of desks, where audio-visual equipment will
be, where the teacher stands, where the students are working etc. you may wish to include a map/layout of
the classroom on a separate sheet and reference it with modifications if lesson changes)
Students will sit in their table groups, have video playing on smart board, class discussion about the
influences on body image using white board.
-body image puzzle will be laid out on long table on the side for students to add their piece.

4. Required Resources
(list ALL resources required to conduct this lesson with detailed specifics such as textbook titles, chapters, page
numbers, author/publishers, website URLs, resources like paper, pencils, protractors, chalk, rulers, paint, specimens,
books, maps, videos, posters, lab materials, handouts include name of handout and number of copies, etc.)

-Smart board
-Teachers notes
-Body image puzzle outline
-Body image puzzle pieces.

5. Content and Teaching Strategies of Lesson

a) Overview/Agenda/Review
(consider a quick overview of the lesson and/or list key elements in lesson which may be written on white/blackboard
as an agenda for students and you to follow, you may also choose to consider a review of previous days work)

1. Watch video on body image

2. Class discussion on influences on body image
3. Student will complete list
4. Students will glue their puzzle piece to the puzzle
5. Finish up personal food guide

b) Introduction (motivational start, minds-on, hook, etc.)

(describe how you will motivate students, get their attention, relate the lesson to their lives, such as a minds-on activity,
a hook or something that will pull learners into lesson)

Video on body image will be played at the start of the lesson so students can start thinking of the topic
before we discuss.

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c) Subject Content and Teaching Strategies
(include the subject content - what you are teaching; detail the instructional strategies / teaching strategies for
teaching the subject content - how you are teaching it; write some guiding questions - actual questions (variety of
thinking levels) and suggested and anticipated answers; possibly include time approximations/timelines such as 10:00
10:30 a.m. or 25 minutes; and include application activities/components - how the content will be applied such as an
activity, problems to solve, worksheets etc.).

Health Education- body image

1:00-1:10- video
1:10-1:20- discussion
1:20-1:30- fill out list and glue to puzzle outline
1:30-1:45- finish person food guides

-puzzle outline
-puzzle pieces numbered

What influences they way we look at ourselves?

Whos your biggest influence?
Do people ever say you look like your mom or dad? Whats your reaction when you hear that?

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d) Consolidation
(indicate how you will review concepts taught, wrap up lesson, confirm students know what next tasks are e.g.,
having class to give you feedback on what was taught, review key application of concepts this is important in
terms of assessing the effectiveness of the lesson)
At the end of the lesson when the students are working on their food guides I will post our class
puzzle on body image and have the students to come up and take a look at it. This outline of the
persons body is the walls of our classroom and now our classroom filled with positivity about

6. Reflections
a) Effectiveness of Lesson
What was effective / ineffective in your lesson? include at least 3 lesson elements that were ineffective /
effective? or What went well in your lesson? Or What did not go so well? Or What did the students enjoy? How
did your planning or delivery turn out? Did your teaching / learning strategies work effectively or not for subject
content and class? Consider the entire lesson and the reaction of students.
How do you know? Provide evidence from student work, student questions asked and informal assessment.
Think about examples of how the lesson progressed, engagement of students, flow of delivery, time management.
Next steps? Indicate what steps you are going to take to continue to work on your three elements identified.

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What was effective / How do you know? Next steps for improvement?
ineffective in your lesson?

The video I showed the class I know this because as a class Use a similar video as a reader
was very powerful and effected we talked about the video and response to give the students an
A lot of students in a emotional what stood out to them and while opportunity to share their
way. I feel that it was a great the video was playing I took opinions and reflect.
motivational set to get the notes of students facial
students thinking of body image. expressions and they were all
very attentive with a surprised
look on their faces.

My notes given to students were No student was falling behind Use the smart board for students
clear and concise and a good and it was nice to have students as that is what their classroom
length for students to copy down copy them down as a reference teacher uses on a regular basis.
while I wrote them on the board. to look back on.

Some students enjoyed the I know this because I saw some Give options on an activity.
activity of writing three things students think deeply about what
they like about themselves and they like about themselves and
some students disliked it. some students sat at their desks
not writing anything for twenty
b) Effectiveness as a Teacher
What was effective / ineffective about you as a teacher? include at least 3 teacher elements that you did that
were effective or ineffective. Did you ask good questions? Did you motivate students? What did YOU do well?
This would be a section describing your strengths and areas for improvement volume, eye contact, body
language, questioning skills, responding to questions, comfort with material, confidence, delivery, use of
technology, vocabulary.
How do you know? What evidence do you have that you, as a teacher, were or were not effective? Think about
examples of what you said, did, reacted to, felt as examples of your three elements.

Next steps? Indicate what steps you are going to take to continue to work on your three elements identified.

What was effective / How do you know? Next steps for improvement?
ineffective about you as a

Effectiveness as an instructor Students were more engaged Keep practicing and teaching
has improved. and excited when I came up to new subjects to become more
the front of the room to teach comfortable.

I needed to pay attention to Some students had a lot of Give another option for
individual needs trouble with the assignment and assignment so students would
could not think of things to write not stress over this activity and
about themselves just focus on the learning

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I was ineffective when knowing During the activity I had a couple My next step is to identify
how to deal with certain self- students struggle with writing different students needs and be
esteem situations. three things they like about sensitive to these needs. It
themselves. My partner teacher comes back to my ability to pay
was not there so I wasn't able to attention to individual students
ask him how to handle the not the group.
situation so I did the best I could
and I feel it worked somewhat

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