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Continued from page 4 the people who showed up at a festival guest star, as Greg Jbara is credited in show as well, but they dont get their does this a lot, for example, probably
favorite Arrested Development and for TV nerds in Austin. Blue Bloods) means changing their names in the opening sequence at the because stars keep dying in that show.
union-mandated pay scale its a pro- start. This was likely the case with Jbara. I
then the occasion of the reunion panel,
Q: Greg Jbara was listed in Blue motion in more than name. But of course, thats not all that sepa- say likely because, after digging
there was hope that interest was finally
Bloods as guest starring, then That gets complicated in a show like rates the two groups; theres also actual around quite a bit, I couldnt find an
high enough for a State of Grace Blue Bloods, which has a large ensem- screen time to consider. Though Jbara instance of Jbara being credited above
video release, but it didnt happen. as starring, and is now listed as ble cast. Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget has appeared in nearly every episode of his usual special guest star. Im tak-
For what its worth, in interviews lead- guest starring again. Can you Moynahan, Will Estes, Len Cariou and the show, he hasnt been in as many ing your word for it, because I couldnt
ing up to the panel, Whitman and please tell me why? Tom Selleck are all stars of the show. minutes of it as, say, Wahlberg or go through all 149 episodes of the
Shawkat told they became A: Credits are a very complicated busi- Thats a lot of people at the top pay tier. Moynahan. show.
best friends while starring in State of ness, and the credits we see on screen And then theres the rest of Blue There are certainly precedents of sec-
Grace, and remain so today. Shawkat have a lot of significance off screen as Bloods sprawling cast list: Amy Carlson, ond-tier (generally called recurring Have a question? Email us at
added, I am so excited to have the well. Tony and Andrew Terraciano, Sami Gayle, because its a little less insulting) cast Please
show shared again with new audiences. Crediting someone as a star in a Abigail Hawk and Jbara have all members being promoted to star, even if include your name and town. Personal
Alas, those new audiences were just show instead of guest star (or special appeared in almost every episode of the its only temporary. The Walking Dead replies will not be provided.

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