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Investor Presentation - February 2017


Forward Looking Statements
This presentation contains ''forward-looking statements'', which reflect the expectations of management regarding Grande West Transportation Group Inc.s (the Company) future
growth, results of operations, performance and business prospects and opportunities. The words ''believes'', ''anticipates'', ''plans'', ''expects'', ''intends'', ''projects'', ''estimates'' and similar
expressions are intended to identify forward-looking statements.

These forward-looking statements reflect management's current expectations regarding future events and operating performance and speak only as of the date of this presentation.
Such forward-looking statements are based on a number of material factors and assumptions, including, but not limited in any manner to the availability of sufficient working capital to
market the Company's products and provide after-sales maintenance and support services to the Company's customers, access to adequate services and supplies to operate the
Company's business, economic conditions, commodity prices, foreign currency exchange rates, interest rates, access to capital and debt markets and associated costs of funds,
availability of a qualified work force, and the ultimate ability to develop, manufacture and sell the Company's products on economically favourable terms. Forward-looking statements
involve significant risks and uncertainties, should not be read as guarantees of future performance or results, and will not necessarily be accurate indications of whether or not or the
times at or by which such performance or results will be achieved. A number of factors could cause actual results to differ materially from the results discussed in the forward-looking
statements, including, but not limited to, the factors discussed under ''Risk Factors'' in the Company prospectus dated November 27, 2013 and which will be detailed from time to time
in the Companys interim and annual financial statements and managements discussion and analysis of those statements, all of which are or will be available for review on SEDAR at

Although the Company has attempted to identify important factors that could cause actual performance to differ materially from that described in forward-looking statements there
may be other factors that cause its performance not to be as anticipated. These forward-looking statements relate only to events or information as of the date on which the statements
are made. The Company neither intends nor assumes any obligation to update these forward-looking statements or information to reflect changes in assumptions or circumstances
other than required by law. There can be no assurance that forward-looking statements will prove to be accurate, as actual results and future events could differ materially from those
currently anticipated. Accordingly, readers should not place undue reliance on forward-looking statements.

This presentation does not form part of any offer of securities, or constitute a solicitation of any offer to purchase or subscribe for securities. The sole purpose of this presentation, in
paper or electronic form, is strictly for information.


Executive Overview

Available in clean diesel and CNG, Grande Wests

Grande West Transportation 27.5, 30 and 35 foot Vicinity buses provide savings
Group is a Canadian bus of 20% to 50% over competitors buses.
manufacturer which designs,
engineers and manufactures With sales in 8 of 10 Provinces, the Company is
mid-size buses for sale to targeting 80% of the Canadian mid-size bus
north American transit
market estimated to be 200-300 buses per year.
authorities and commercial
Buy America certified and the FTAs Altoona Test
ranks Vicinity Best-in-Class, unlocking a huge
opportunity for sales growth in the US.

For CY 2017, Grande West is tracking over 500%

growth. 2017 to early 2018 firm orders are for
247 buses and total revenues of over $87


Business Focus

Grande West is positioned within a changing bus transit business model. The Right-Sizing
concept successfully applied by Southwest and WestJet Airlines to change the airline business
model is being adapted by bus transit for many of the same reasons.

In a comparison look, Grande West is supplying mid-size buses in much the same way that
SouthWest and WestJet Airlines model demanded mid-size planes. Grande West has a
considerable rst mover advantage as the major bus manufacturers failed to recognize the

With a bus transit model that is moving towards Right-Sizing, Grande West is well positioned to
satisfy demand and, with best in class designation, should be able to capture and dominate the
mid-size bus market.


The Grande West Advantage
Public Transit Authorities and private bus operators are responding to new demands

Need for
Mid-Size Bus

Aging DEMAND Rising

Population Costs

Right-Sizing the fleet is the Cost Effective Option

The Vicinity bus was designed partnering with transit authorities to address these issues


Right-Sizing Trend

Many transit systems have traditionally standardized their eets around 40-foot buses due to the simplicity of a
uniform eet and the lack of smaller, high quality, low oor, heavy duty buses on the market. Some systems have
been lamenting this neglected market niche for years, to no avail. The Grande West Vicinity product nally provided
an answer, having designed a brand new vehicle from the ground up, specically in response to this market gap.

Increasingly, transit systems are recognizing that the 40-foot bus is not a one-size-ts-all vehicle. It is
excellent for high volume routes, but is big and unwieldy in residential neighbourhoods and presents a wasteful
image when operating with few passengers. More and more systems are also realizing that service frequency builds
ridership better than spatial coverage. In other words, more frequent service with smaller buses is far more
attractive than less frequent service with larger ones. For example, the concept of more widely spaced routes
operating every 15 minutes as opposed to more closely spaced ones every 30 minutes, presents customers with a
far more attractive and reliable transit option. Smaller buses are perfect for this type of strategy and more
and more systems are looking seriously at Right-Sizing their eet by introducing smaller buses for
portions of their route network that do not warrant 40-foot buses.

- Michael Roschlau, Grande West Strategic Advisor, former CEO of Canadian Urban Transit Association


The Solution
Exemplified by Grande Wests sales success Coast to Coast across Canada


Costly to Operate Monocoque Frame Lower Capital Costs 33% Higher Fuel Costs
5 year life cycle Big Bus Technology Right-Sizing fleets 40% Higher Capital Cost
Poor Access Compact Platform Clean Diesel or CNG Powered Option Higher Maintenance Costs
Built on a Light Duty Truck Chassis Lowest Operating Costs Best-in-Class


Altoona Test Results: Best-in-Class!

The US Federal Transit Authoritys (FTA)

CLASS 1 CLASS 2 CLASS 3 CLASS 4 Altoona test is an internationally
recognized tough testing regime, as it
VICINITY 7 6.02 essentially performs 12 years and 500,000
Competitor A 34 15 5.54
miles of a New York City heavy duty cycle
Competitor B 9 15 4.43
Competitor C 29' 20 2 4.1 upon completion of the testing. It allows
Competitor D 12 6 customers to measure performance and
Competitor E 31 13
estimate life cycle costing of the vehicle.
Competitor F 40 12 9
Competitor G 40 14 4 2.97 Vicinity Scores
Competitor H*(**) 4.8 Best in Class: Fuel economy
Competitor I** 3 1 40 19
Competitor J 21 13 Best in Class: Structural Durability
Competitor K** 32 7 4.28 B e s t i n C l a s s : F ew e s t re p a i r s
required - only 7 minor Class 3 vs.
* Partial test no durablity

Full test results: Vicinity Altoona Test


Competitive Advantage
Vicinity vs. Competition*

Price Capital Savings Fuel Savings Maintenance Lifecycle

VICINITY $350,000-$390,000 12 year

ElDorado >50% 30-35% 15-20% 12 year
Stopped bid CAN in 2016

MIDI $400,000-$420,000 >10-20% 9% similar 12 year

Cutaway $200,000-$300,000 >50% 15-20% 15-20% 5 year

40 foot bus $550,000 >35% 30-35% 15-20% 12 year

*This information is taken from publicly available information such as Altoona Test Results and public tenders in Canada - these values have not been audited by Grande West.


Order Backlog (as at Feb 2, 2017)

2017 - Q1 2018 Deliveries Backlog Revenue

Canada 200 $70,000,000

USA 47 $17,000,000

Totals 247 $87,000,000

*As we enter 2017, the order book for 2018 deliveries will begin to fill up.


Annapolis Royal La Pche
Vicinity in Canada Aylesford Lethbridge
Beauharnois Mont-Tremblant
Berwick Moose Jaw
Boisbriand Nelson
Bridgetown Oakville
Calgary Orangeville
Canmore PenKcton
Cantley Prince albert
Cape Breton Quesnel
Carignan Regina
Chambly Richelieu
Chelsea Saint-Constant
Chilliwack Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu
Cornwallis Sainte-Julie
Cobourg Sainte-Catherine
Dawson Creek Saskatoon
Delson Selkirk
Digby St. Johns, NL
Edmonton Val-des-Monts
Grande Prairie Welland
Kelowna Whitecourt
Kentville Wolfville
Kingston, NS


Business Outlook Based on Buses Sold
( in 000s of CAD$) - 12 month increment

CY 2016E Scenario 1 Scenario 2 Scenario 3

Vicinity Buses Sold 32 150 200 300

Revenue $11,000 $52,500 $70,000 $105,000

Cost of Sales $10,000 $45,000 $59,500 $87,000

Gross Margin $1,000 $7,500 $10,500 $18,000

% Gross Margin 9% 14% 15% 17%

SG&A $3,500 $4,500 $5,000 $5,500

EBITDA -$2,500 $3,000 $5,500 $12,500

EPS FD/Issued $(0.035) / $(0.05) $0.04 / $0.06 $0.08/ $0.105 $0.18 / $0.24

These are scenarios based on existing sales and potential sales and near term market potential.


Corporate Timeline
Design/Engineer/Manufacture Sales in Canada Enter US Market Business Plan
2008 2012 2013 2015 2015 - 2016 2017 - 2018
Strategic Partnership with BC ALTOONA Best in Class Continued Canadian Growth
Hired industry experts
Transit Secured major contracts Acquire US Facility
Grew market share
Weichai Group, $17B Buy America Certified Win strategic US contracts
Built brand name
CMVSS Certification CNG Clean Fuel Option Begin US production Q3
VP Sales hire, ex-NovaBus
3 Year Pilot Bus Test
Millions invested

Global Manufacturing for cost efficiency

Brought a superior product to market in a record 5 years, at a price that sells Local support for best in class reliability


Sales and Marketing Coverage

Head Office: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada USA - Alliance Bus Group

Canadian Market is developed Exclusive distribution leverages profitability

Sales in most provinces One of the largest USA retail bus sellers

Full service, support and warranty network in place National coverage, with mega-dealers

CityView dealer support in the east First US Customer - Atlanta Airport


Grande Wests Addressable Market Assessment

Estimated Annual Units Target Sales

& Sales (units / USD)
Easy Target
15,000 - 18,000
Cutaways Average 5 year life span vs. Vicinity 12 years 500 / $150M
Replace >25 cutaways with Vicinity
Up to 1,000 ElDorado exited market in Canada, leaving market wide open
Medium Duty 500 / $150M
$350M+ Vicinity superior product at lower price

5,200 - 5,500 Transit strategy move to more, smaller buses on routes

Heavy Duty 500 / $200M
$3B+ Large replacement oppy on residential/community routes

Total $5B+ 1,500 / $500M


Future Growth & Profit Drivers

Increased Revenue
Canadian Market Acceptance

Market Share Growth

Many Repeat Orders
Now Targeting USA Market

Higher Operating Margins
Increased Production, Operating Efficiencies

US Market
Private operator sales gaining traction
Buy America certified, bidding public transit


US Market
Total US Market is 10X the size of the Canadian Market

Grow with Private Sector Sales (Airport Shuttles, etc.)

Atlanta Airport first US customer, operated by Standard Parking

Secure strategic public transit accounts with Buy America Certification

Demo buses delivered to reseller in August/September 2016

Altoona Test high score proves quality and durability

Buy America certified manufacturer

Working on JV for US contract manufacturing for FTAs Buy America

Former New Flyer Engineer/Project Manager hired

Andy Imanse BOD, former President of Thor Bus Group


Canadian Market
Canadian Government is strongly committed to deliver a long-term

infrastructure plan to develop transformative and modern transit

projects over the next 10 years

Vicinity is in 8 of 10 provinces systems Coast to Coast

$25.3B transit budget pledge over the next 11 years; $3.4B in 3 years

Customers are already receiving additional funding, increasing demand

Up to 50% Government funding for eligible project costs

Bus Transit is a critical element in Canadian transit plans - Vicinity is

providing the solution

Grande West has cultivated and developed relationships with all transit

authorities across the country. We expect to continue to receive new and

repeat orders.


Capital Structure (as at Feb 2, 2017)


Shares Issued and Outstanding 55,966,508

Stock Options 3,540,000

Warrants 1 3,951,322 Notes:

1. 2.8M @ $0.40, March 18; 90% Insider/founders

Convertible Debentures 2
5,972,326 .95M @ $0.85, Dec 17, Called Feb 17

2. A) Unsecured $828,000,
Fully Diluted 69,430,156 8% coupon, 5 year, $0.33 strike
B) Unsecured $1,200,000,
8% coupon, 5 year, $0.68 strike
Insider / Founder Ownership 45%
C) Unsecured $1,200,000,
8% coupon, 2 year, $0.68 strike


Management Team
William Trainer CEO, President and Director
25 years of business leadership with extensive import and export experience
Successfully pioneered and brought new products to the Canadian market
Owned and managed heavy construction dealerships across Western Canada
Extensive knowledge in business dealings with major manufacturers throughout Asia

John Wang Vice President, Chief Engineer

Accredited Mechanical Design Engineer
Previously senior mechanical and designer engineer and project manager for major corporations in Canada and China
Extensive knowledge of Chinese import, export, manufacturing and business practices

Jean-Marc Landry Vice President, Business Development

Senior manager with over 20 years of experience in public transit industry business development
Former head of sales for Nova Bus -Instrumental growing sales from 15% market share to over 50% in Canada, then
focused on fast tracking Novas growth in the U.S.A.

Aaron Triplett CFO

Chartered Accountant, previously Senior Manager at Big 5 accounting firm with public company and auditing focus


Board of Directors
Andrew Imanse Director
Former President of Bus Manufacturer Thor Industries Bus Group
Grew the company to $500M USD annual sales
Expertise in Bus Manufacturing, US sales and marketing strategies

Yves Devin Director

Former CEO of Montreal Transit System (MTS), second largest transit system in Canada
Instrumental in improving the MTS, which won the APTA award for Best Managed Transit Operation in North America
Mr. Devin serves or has served on every major transportation association in Canada and the USA

Joe Miller Director & Chairman

Global businessman with over 30 years in the construction field
Brings vast knowledge in negotiation skills and customer relationship building

John LaGourgue Director

20+ years in management, sales, and investing in public/private companies
Capital markets focused, held management and directors roles with listed companies since 2009


Investment Highlights

Experienced Management Team and Active Board

2017 - Q1 2018 Pre-booked revenues over $87 million; 247 bus backlog
Large sales and RFP pipeline
Canadian Market is Developed
- Sales in most provinces, additional orders expected
- Many repeat orders

USA: Alliance Bus Group

- First Customer Atlanta Airport, Standard Parking the operator

- Buy America plan underway for production in 2017

GWs addressable market opportunity is over 1,500 buses/year or $500M



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