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Booster Compressors

N Series

Pressures to 650 psig

Capacities 9.5 to 724 cfm
High Pressure Systems from Kaeser
PET plastics, molding, leak test- Kaeser offers reciprocating Kaeser has the ability to
ing and other special applica- booster compressors to increase design a complete compressed
tions require higher pressures air system pressure as high as air system to meet both your
than typical plant air systems 650 psig. These reliable units plant air and high pressure
can provide. In these cases, it is are compact, quiet, and offer an requirements. We offer a full line
often effective and economical excellent alternative for produc- of system components including
to take a portion of the existing ing high pressure. Simply install high pressure dryers, filters, and
plant air and apply a booster a Kaeser Booster to efficiently drains to achieve the high pro-
compressor sized specifically for increase the pressure of the duction quality you demand.
the high pressure application. general plant compressed air to
The alternatives of either install- higher pressures as needed.
ing a stand-alone high pressure This method is ideal and eco-
compressor or operating the nomical for many applications
whole plant at high pressure are where only a small to moderate
costly and wasteful. amount of high pressure air is

Schematic of Plant Air System with Booster

Main Plant Air System High Pressure System

Pressure (e.g. 100 psig)


High Pressure

Booster Compressor High Pressure High Pressure Air

Storage Dryer
NOTE: All components must be properly pressure-rated. Schematic does not show recommended accessories such as system controllers,
drains, flow controller, or condensate management system.
High quality components
N 60-G and N 153-G Booster With over 90 years of
experience machining
N 60-G and N 153-G booster compres- ings. Premium efficiency TEFC motors
quality components,
sors are well suited to applications need- provide energy savings and extend Kaeser designs and
ing modest air volumes at pressures equipment life. Aluminum cylinder heads builds its own pistons,
to 580 psig. Mounted on heavy-gauge and finned copper cooling pipes promote cylinders, valves, and other components to
baseplates with anti-vibration pads, efficient aftercooling for longer duty exacting specifications. Completed boosters are
factory-tested to our rigorous quality standards.
Kaeser boosters eliminate the need for cycles.
reinforced foundations and floor fasten-
Advanced cylinder technology
Kaeser industrial
booster cylinders are
bored with super
precision and finished
by a special process
that ensures minimum oil consumption and
negligible wear for great durability.

Effective cooling
The rugged aftercooler
in our two-cylinder
machines is efficient
and maintenance
free, achieving low
compressed air outlet
N 60-G

Manual belt tensioning

A simple slide based
Additional features Standard Starter Panel v-belt tensioner makes
These units include a high pressure it easy to adjust belt
Kaeser offers an enhanced starter con-
discharge hose with check valve for tension and avoid
trol panel to monitor and regulate booster
flexible connection to the system. Inlet operation. The starter is designed to be
filters with automatic drain traps remove wall-mounted.
contaminants to protect the booster and Electric motor
improve compressed air quality. All Our premium, TEFC
components are arranged for both safety motors have class F
insulation and are
and easy service.
EISA compliant.
3-phase, 60 Hz in
230, 460 or 575 V are

Low Vibration
Our boosters are built
on durable steel base
frames with anti-vibra-
tion mounts for quiet,
smooth operation.
Durable high pressure
N 253-G to N 2001-G Our high pressure
pumps feature
For larger volumes of air, Kaesers Premium efficiency TEFC lower rotational
speeds to promote
Extra Pressure models offer a combi- motors offer energy savings and long
extended opera-
nation of higher flows and increased equipment service life. The automatic tional life and con-
discharge pressures to 650 psig.* belt drive tensioning system ensures sistent efficiency.
Mounted on heavy-gauge steel bases consistent efficient power transmission
with vibration isolators, these units and prolonged belt life. Other features, Low discharge temperatures
offer smooth, quiet operation and such as controls and coolers, have A generously
proportioned after-
eliminate the need for reinforced been enhanced to meet the demands
cooler keeps the
foundations and floor fastenings. of larger applications.
compressed air
All Kaeser boosters feature outlet temperatures
precision manufactured pumps with *N 2001-G max outlet pressure is 360 comfortably low on
high quality cylinders. psig air-cooled models.

Water-cooled aftercooler
A water-cooled after-
cooler is offered on the
N 2001-G to achieve
discharge approach
temperatures as low
as 11F.

Automatic belt tensioning

V-belt drive with an
easily accessible auto-
matic tensioning device
provides optimum power
Air-cooled with a two-speed, transfer and long belt life.
fan-powered aftercooler

Forced lubrication
A forced lubrication
system provides
increased reliability
and service life of
the pump. Full-flow
filtration extends
the oil change

Instrument panel
Our standard
instrument panel
contains gauges for
air temperature, oil
pressure, inlet air
Air-cooled with water-cooled
pressure, and dis-
charge air pressure.
Max Discharge Max. Dimensions*
Inlet Pressure Motor Horsepower Max Weight
Model Pressure WxDxH
(psig) (hp) (lb.)
(psig) (in.)
N 60-G** 500 3 36 x 18 x 21 154
N 153-G** 580 3 and 5 54 x 28 x 32 562
N 253-G** 10 and 15 54 x 29 x 32 639
N 351-G** 650 15 and 20 61 x 34 x 40 915
N 502-G** 15, 20, and 25 62 x 34 x 40 1014
109 x 39 x 41 2624
N 2001-G 360 50 78 x 39 x 40 with
water-cooled aftercooler
* Dimensions shown are for units with air-cooled aftercoolers, unless otherwise specified.
** Not available with water-cooled aftercoolers.
Special models available for nitrogen.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.


N 60-G and N 153-G, air-cooled N 253-G W
up to N 502-G, air-cooled
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