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Dear Hochschule fr Knste Bern

Well, first of all , I need to start writing about me . Im Paola

Alccer and I studied singing in Bolivia with a private teacher, who
encouraged me to try the music as a career. Actually, I was studying
Petroleum Engineering and I finished it but the music was really my
passion. Music was really something that I needed to do it
professionally, sadly in Bolivia we had some limitations in this field ,
starting with the fact that we dont have an Opera House where we
can practice or an Opera Studio where we can develop ourselves to
improve our singing. We are few Bolivian people who are trying to
make a career in the Opera business and we would love to have the
opportunity to be part of a great project where we could learn and
share our experiences to other people who are also looking for the
same way. My main goal to reach is learn for share , I would love to
share my experiences which I learned here in Europe with my
colleagues in Bolivia , showing them all the possibilities and choices we
have as singers or musicians , also I want to get the jump from being
just a student and really feel the main work of an Opera Singer which
is work under pressure , doing a Production with an Opera House,
learning roles , have acting couches , learn more languages , and build
my web and conexions.
Thank you

Paola Alcocer