Received October, 1894.

Accessions No. cT/r 7 /7 3 . Class No.


by ABIEL SILVEE. according to Act of Congress. in the year 1863. . ^7773 ENTERED. In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States for the Southern District of New York.

they are Spirit they are " Life to human souls. religiously believing this. loved and practised by men. and expressed in the best possible form for meeting the vast variety of wants. and conditions of human beings. whereby the opinions or writings of men may tend to throw doubts into the public mind. we feel it to be the highest privilege and duty of man to acknowledge them. PEEFAOE. and designed to be under- stood. that they were dictated to the writers by Infinite "Wisdom. stance or event. states. study them. and happiness. ment of all true Laws and Kules of Life. and believing that the Words " and which God speaks unto us. revere them. love them. as to . for all time and for eternity . peace. KEGAKDING the Sacred Scriptures as the Holy Word of the Great Jehovah. and obey them to defend and sustain them. in heaven and on earth. and are therefore free from all contradictions and discrepancies. given for their regeneration and sal- vation and that they are the Foundation and Embodi- . for the establish- ment and preservation of order. under every circum- .

" of the work above mentioned. 1863 " and we rose from the peru- . by the Right JRev." Under these settled views and convictions. that a work of this size can be but a mere opening of the Great Subject of all subjects. every man to his neighbor. and. until every doubt of their Divine Excel- lence and Perfection shall passaway before the increasing glory of that Spiritual Light which gradually reveals. APPLETON & Co. their perfect symmetry and beauty that thereby. and arguments. " Watchmen shall see may be hastened. sal. how- ever." saying. we read the work " THE PENTATEUCH AND BOOK OF entitled. as an answer. illustrations of Scripture. New York: D. yet it will be readily seen. to the opening intellect and obedient heart. PREFACE.D. when the eye to and when " there shall be no more eye. as are self-evident and irre- . the promised day . their entire truthfulness and perspicuity when their real meaning is seen . but a General Answer. JOSHUA. to bring before the world their pure and heavenly light. not only of " Part First. Not. covering all the ground. Bishop of Natal. as we value the sal- vation of men. of all other works which such objectors may publish. indeed.. with such references.laden with the impression that we should offer to the public what we have written in this Book. to all the particular objec- tions of the Bishop. based upon Firwt and Eternal Principles.. CRITICALLY EXAMINED. JOHN WILLIAM COLP:NSO. D. But though we cover the entire ground. for all shall know Him from the least unto the greatest. Know ye the LORD . and to ever strive. in detail." but also of " Part Second.

to inquiring minds. Thus saith God's Wordy and. from the Holy Word. against the skeptical influence which the objections . In this work we lay no claim to originality. i PREFACE. The diction and manner of treating the subject. futable.and can be rationally sus- tained by. by the Spiritual Light of the Word. Holy Word. to improve the present opportunity to give. This is because there is no other source of knowl- edge. the Doctrines we present. through the Analogy of the Divine Language. without note or comment upon the views of others. and the "Works of God. All the principles and views rest in. as may arrest the progress of Infidelity. into a spiritually rational. only are ours. which the wants of the present age of commotion so much demand. We have confined ourselves chiefly to God's Word and Works. religious channel . and because to this Courtwe must finally appeal to determine the truth or falsity of anything contained in the countless volumes which have been written upon the. And our desire and aim have been to defend the Sacred Scriptures. and which the merciful Lord. by turning the thoughts of many. and of the Way of Life. and which may also serve as a suggestion to abler pens. has so amply provided. either in the harmony of the System. or rather to let them defend them- selves. and which we hope may throw such light upon the subject. Thus say God 's Works. is. or in the Science of Correspondences. Our entire argument. the Word and Works of the Most High God. therefore. the rational and illuminating views of God and His Word.

and looking with the eyes with which he sees. Standing where the Doctor does. But we hope to con- vince the sincere and faithful reader of the following pages. or unfaithfulness of the hands through which It has passed. it will be found to be free from all errors. and then leaving it in the dark. that Dr. may have upon the public mind. that Dr. that there running through the entire Word. for the salvation of the souls of men. perfect. a historj is. . of higher tiling than tho. he is " Mosaic narrative right in his conlusions that the .-r of time and mutter. be troubled at the obstacles which appear in the way of their truthfulness. and has carefully preserved it. Colenso and his Keviewers are raising to the literal narrative.6 PEEFACE. in his is sincere searching of the Scriptures and desire for the truth. but that He who gave us the Holy Word. and from the Word itself. cannot be regarded as historically t/rue" so far as regards all the natural events mentioned. made it. should. while he still retains a profound reverence for the Book. that It is a t/rue history of mental things. in the honest convictions of his heart. when under- stood. the thoughts and feelings of the souls of men and the con- . This we have hoped to do by showing that the contradictions and discrepancies which appear upon the surface of the letter of the Word. and that. And we respect his noble frankness in declaring to the world his convictions. ignorance. . are not errors which have crept into the work through any carelessness. or of the creation and actions of minds . in the original tongues. Jtnot a matter of surprise. Colenso.

which may be seen and understood. to convince some wayward and doubting souls of the true Nature and Character of God and His Word. 7 "4heir character under all states and circum- stanc^Sj^whether in this world or the next . and elevate It in the public estimation . natural things are used as sym- bols and that thus it is that we may rationally look . But notwithstanding we have. For if there are any things of more importance . in preparing this work is. that Light from the Holy Word showing Its Itself. and of our duty . through nature up to natures God. yet there is given. revealing a Spiritual Sense within the literal. Symbolic Character. at the same all may time. and the plain commandments given which understand. may tend to sustain Its Divine Authenticity. and also revealing to us a knowledge of our God. literal sense in the Word. by the influence of which many souls are saved. and thus to bring them to the Divine Fountain. a correct narrative of Spiritual or mental things. that they may drink of Its Spirit and Its Life. and know that the ""Invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen. in most of the Divine Word." (Rom. an account of things which have taken place in this natural world. and. 20. And our only hope of use. at least. being understood by the things that are made. in order to give to man this knowl- edge of spiritual things. and that. PREFACE. of our souls.) Not that there is not generally a true. i. by the sure law of Analogy which shows the relation between natural and spiritual things. even His eternal power and Godhead. and be saved.

Thy "Word is settled in heaven. it giveth understanding unto the simple. and of his duties and destiny as revealed in God's Word. 89.) . O LORD." (Ps. they are a true knowledge of his God. cxix.8 PREFACE. of himself. than others for man to know and to lay to heart. 130. The entrance of Thy "Words giveth Light . " Forever.

and the Origin of Evil. Heat and Light Love and Wisdom. Action and Reaction : Good and its Rewards : Evil and its Consequences.151 XIV. PAGE PEEFACE. . . 130 XIII. . 75 VIE. . . Form and Quality of the Divine Being. : . 48 V. . 121 XII. The Spiritual and the Natural Senses of the Word : The Spiritual and the Natural Mind of Man : The Advents of the Lord into the Human Mind. and of Lot's Wife. INTBODUCTION. I. 173 XV. . 3 OHAP. . . The Real and the Apparent.... The Microcosm and the Macrocosm. The Science of Correspondences the Key to the Human Mind. New Bottles for new Wine. .. . 99 X. 196 . Cause and Effect. The Correspondence of Numbers. or. . Substance. 58 VL God and Creation . 184 XVI. The Divine Influx. 87 IX.34 IV. 11 II. 109 XL The Universal Language. 21 III. 66 VII. The Correspondence of Salt. . . CONTENTS. The Necessity of a Divine Revelation. . Nature of Man.

PAGE XVII. A Word to Biblical Skeptics . 293 . 205 XVni. The Books of the Bible. The Church. 233 XX. . 281 XXII. 219 XIX. found in loosing the Seven Seals.10 CONTENTS. The Lost and the Found . the Science of Correspond- ences lost at the building of the Tower of Babel . 240 XXI. with or without the Spiritual Sense. The New Birth. Heaven and Hell. . from the case of Jonah swallowed by a great fish. .

Natural ideas relate to things of the body. and through which we can look. with all internal things discreetly above the natural senses and all natural thoughts. We are living here in a world of externals. and of the spiritual world. We must have some natural thing. by correspondence. how he obtains that image and becomes an angel . : itual ideas. and. to things of the mind. so they point in the Word to two kinds of ideas. what Man is : Third. . INTRODUCTION. by analogy. how Man loses God's image and becomes a devil : Fourth. Every spiritual ideamust be embraced through a natural thought. As words are signs of ideas. TJ&I7EESIT7 CHAPTER I. Every spiritual idea must have a natural idea as a body through which it may be seen. Every sentence of the Holy Word involves something of these things. GOD has given His Word to Man to teach him. and of this world spir. as a symbol of the quality of a certain principle of the mind. Fifth. what God is : Second. the consequences of being either an angel or a devil. or we cannot entertain the true spiritual idea of that mental principle. First. natural and spiritual. that we know something about.

Now. or seen in the fields of nature. all histories recorded in the Holy Word con- tain. It is for this express purpose.12 INTRODUCTION. spirit- ual principles. histories of things which take place in human minds. the spiritual but seldom. when recorded in the . The natu- ral ideas are often seen by men. But men generally see in them only the natural ideas. life and the human mind. be called words of God. A beautiful landscape suggests thousands of thoughts upon natural qualities. For He . always express. the words of the Lord are used to express both natural and spiritual ideas. And mankind ought to know this from the plain literal teachings of the Lord. they speak both natural and spiritual things. whether spoken by the mouth or not . if it be an artificial work. But the analogy stops not here. And. and recorded in His Word. But the spiritual ideas are not seen. itsuggests spiritual ideas through natural ideas. All natural things may. but reaches into arti- ficial things. without some knowledge of the analogy between the quality and use of the natural things. and the life which infills them and also of the relation between that . by correspondence. that the things of nature are so much made use of in the Holy Word. it denotes spiritual ideas and principles. Thus everything a man does is expressive of the thoughts and feelings which bring it forth and. For the forms. there must be a spir- itual H-niiication. All things of nature speak and . within them. like the Ark of the Covenant or like the Temple. by analogy. Everything of art or labor suggests the natu- ral ideas of the mind that formed it. and uses of natural things. Therefore. qualities. or qualities of the human mind. whether named in a book. In every part of the Holy Word. I Inly Word. directed by the Lord.

through which we reach the spir- itual. intention. that thou shalt not do it in will. or it may not. kill. INTRODUCTION. even where they occurred precisely as stated. a literal event of which we read in the Word. Thou shalt not do it in outward act of the body. there are also two senses but both of these senses cannot be obeyed. Thus. when the Lord says that unless we eat His flesh and drink His blood we have no life in us. recorded in the "Word. : " Without a parable spake He not unto them." the literal sense is. We can have no idea or thought of goodness and truth as abstract principles. And both of these senses should be understood and obeyed. when we come to parts of the Word. or it may not. If it sim- " Thou shalt not ply says. thought. or lie. And so a command may be in- tended to be obeyed naturally. And. This scripture only teaches that we must appropriate to our souls the goods and truths of the Word. we should set it down. may have occurred as recorded. and conveys true spiritual instruc- tion by correspondence. which seem to us to present no practical instruction. they all contain a hidden meaning higher than the literal sense. that its essential meaning and use to us are in the internal . until. are all parables . that is. So. as a matter of course. we can see them as real spiritual substances that can be ap- propriated to our souls. It is a parable in either case . . But the spiritual sense is. or desire. and is profitable for doctrine and instruction in righteous- ness. The words flesh and blood ' give the natural ideas. Now. and are mysterious. 13 expressly says He speaks to tliem in parables and that. to which the ' flesh and blood correspond." By this we learn that the plain literal events. by correspondence. steal. all Holy Scripture is applicable to human life.

For we see no possibility of any person's having true ideas of the Lord. because He is the Word. more or less. we look into the world of mind. And that. and that. always look into the human mind. we must And. it is seen there yet only in appearances. must contain matter of the highest importance and benefit to man.is the very Life of the natural universe. feeling that it is addressed to each of us individually . We regard the Word of God as the only truemedium between our Heavenly Father and man. yet the spiritual sense. that the spiritual sense of the "Word is mental completely and in toto mental. For the Word of God is the. in looking for the spiritual sense. when we come to a passage of Scripture from the letter of which we cannot draw any instruction of practical use. into our own minds. without it the angels could neither see nor speak. sense. in looking through the literal sense. And while God. therefore.Light and Life of heaven . speak His Word either in direct or in inverted accents. "We must not lose sight of the fact. Then. and fallen man could never know . whereby we can know the Lord.14 INTRODUCTION. and all things. It is therefore the only light by which the understanding can form any correct thoughts of Him. to find its we must look through the letter highest use to us. either in this world or the other. which is in God's language. or in God. which is : in man's language. appear unimportant. Then let us approach its illustration with that rever- ence due to the "Word of the Most High God. but from the Holy "Word. remembering that every circum- stance or thing mentioned in the "Word corresponds to some principle or movement in the "human soul. we must remember that the Almighty God has spoken it and though the literal sense.

they would doubtless direct us to the written Word. 15 his God without a revealed. and how best to reach them. could we now meet them face to face. Good angels must know the "Word. or spoken Word. though one should rise from the dead. much stronger than He can have through angels. . But it is asked if angels cannot teach man divine truths. the Holy Word is a nearer and better medium of life to man than any angel can* possibly be. by inclining him to open his heart to the Lord. Therefore.The rea- son is. knowing and feeling for the wants of all. and powerful. and ask them for divine wisdom and instruc- tion. For they must know well their own weakness. For it is infinite in varieties. They have Moses and the prophets let them . that if men hear not Moses and the prophets. hear them. either in this world or the other. neither will they be per- suaded. so. written. for that Spirit. as the Lord's words are spirit and life. rational. But they surely would not under- take to teach man divine things. and to the power of the Lord Jesus Christ therein given. INTRODUCTION. For. and must use their efforts to infuse the spirit of that Word into man. and their entire dependence upon that Word for all true thoughts and right feelings. from the Lord Himself. except from the Word. affectionate. ." And it is a solemn truth. the truths come more pure and refreshing than through any human mediums. the Lord has an immediate connection with men. Through the Word. as did father Abraham to the spirit of the rich man who wanted a messenger sent back to this world to warn his brethren to prepare for " heaven. For they would of course say. Its Spirit and Life are infinite. and His Word. and is adapted to every possible state and condition of man. when men drink them into their souls from that Fountain.

to those who receive not the spiritual truths. converse with each other rationally about the Lord. And. New York. It is about falsehoods. It may well be denominated the language for it . we can also look forward and behold something of the order in which they are to be spiritually fulfilled. in Its Own defence. truth from the Word. And we cannot better introduce the reader to the confi- dence we feel in the spiritual sense of the Word. which the tra- ditions of men have thrown around the plain literal sense. It is. to those who receive not the literal truths of the gospel . a living language. nor express any proper thoughts or ideas concern- ing Him. is the sure language of Jehovah. become themselves the indisputable evidence of their own truth : for correspondence is a lan- guage. and to the high ground which the Word Itself will take. " The doctrines of the Word. It is the only language that has spirit and life. but universal nature. with her . in the following chapters. and see the true pro- cess of their fulfilment. This spiritual truth opens the Prophecies. " All truths are eternal verities.16 INTRODUCTION. nor has He come the sec- ond time. men do not differ. than by a quo- tation from our " Lectures on the Symbolic Character of the Sacred Scriptures. The Lord has not yet come the first time. at this age. men cannot. when seen. It is a universal language the language in which : not only the Holy Word." just published by D. it requires the spiritual truths of the Word to remove the clouds. that the intellectual world is contending. Appleton & Co. when seen in the light of correspondence. so that we can look understandingly back. and where truths are not seen.. by the Law of Analogy. They are ever and unchangeably the same: About them. in Now. therefore. And. without any way.

" The with man. and the simplest portions are filled with profound wisdom. addressed him as a reasonable " Come being. for reproof. by a false evil life. or he that has not ? " By this science." given him His Word as a rule of life. now. without this science. and for instruction in right- eousness. was it not intended to be understood 3 Has God endowed man with reason. the Sacred Scripture is convincingly proved to be the Word of the Infinite Jehovah. is speaking to us. say they have studied it. doctrine. Does he say no one ever has learned it ? How does he know that ? Thousands of persons. that language is again restored. and which are of no use to him ? JSTot so. rests the weight of evidence ? Who is the best judge of a book. has lost the pure Language of Analogy in which God speaks." according to the apostle's declaration. to show him what he must do and what he must not and. But. Where. Infinite Wisdom has not so indefinitely expressed Himself that He cannot be under- stood. Every " Profitable for passage indeed. at the . by the Divine Mercy of the Lord. No one who has ever learned it has any such doubts. interspersed throughout that Word thousands of things which he can never understand. Does any one doubt the existence of such a language ? Let him learn to read it. and let us reason togeth- er. But. same time. and find it to be a most sure and certain language. INTRODUCTION. 17 ten thousand tongues. for correction. said to him. seen to be is. he that has read it. The darkest and most obscure passages are opened and explained. That sublime Key to the in- . and difficulty is He. has any one found it to be so ? If the Bible was given by God to man to teach him some- thing. then. All its parts thereby blend into harmony. entitled to respect.

At such a seminary. elucidating those otherwise incomprehen- sible affinities which exist between and matter. to which they are the Grand Concordance. exhaustible Treasury of intellectual "Wealth. and lead to the same conclusions. we may obtain heavenly wisdom and feast on angels' food. what is the strongest and most con- clusive evidence which we have to offer in proof of the truth and certainty of this new science? We answer that no evidence can be sufficiently clear and full to sat- . look up to the Teacher of all teachers. with such books. and such a Teacher. pointing to the history of their creation and the cause of their existence . but also. God life and Nature.18 INTKODUCnON. And as we are thereby con- ducted within the veil of the letter of the Word. All the objects in nature are so many true indices. a passport within the veil of universal Nature. and per- mitted to feast upon the pure bread and water of life. The great Seminary of scientific wisdom has be- come man. where we find enthroned pure spiritual Philoso- phy. and referring us for informa- tion to the written Word. Both books are necessary to the prop'er study of either. expounding the invisible relations which unite heav- en and earth . is now mercifully made known. and study the Science of all sciences. The books we read are the Books of all books the book of Nature and the book of Eevelation. the soul and the body. They are both published by the same Au- thor illustrate the same principles. His Book of Nature. also. For this divine Key not only accessible to unlocks God's Book of Eevelation. so we have. In passing this veil we enter the School of all schools. contained in the Word and Works of God. " But. and to admire the glory and beauty of that divine Sanctuary. at the same time. it is asked. the mind and the brain.

and learned. not only them. loved. -and he can see a beautiful and consistent course of useful instruction. tures. pervading the entire chapters mentioned . most clear and instructive. But. But let him learn the language of analogy. " Now. than he was. and be universally received. yet become known. and. of different nations of the earth. must^be examined. and he will be as much at a loss to know their true meaning. making it a new Book. and th'e twenty-first of Eevelation. and tested It by reading analogical language before it can be under- stood. 19 isfya mind that will not look at it. and should remove to China. who are becoming thus convinced. but also the whole "Word. and he will then be much more strongly convinced of the indisputable verity of this language. of that of the Chinese. or could possibly be. we can say to such persons. the tenth of Ezekiel. that many are the human minds. as it is. and look at the first eleven chapters of Genesis. and that he had learned it. " let that same man come to the Sacred Scrip- Now. until his heart is warmed by the spirit of the Holy Word. then. and regarded ? Will it not become the . Will not God's Holy Word. he would certainly be convinced that they had a language. or that has no taste nor desire for things beyond the gift of this world. INTRODUCTION. It is precisely so with the language of analogy. and should find that they contained a rational and consecutive chain of ideas and history of events. and there learn to speak and write that language y so as to read their books and understand them. if even such a person were entirely unacquainted with the Chinese language. as he was that of the Chinese language. the twenty-fourth chapter of Matthew. when he went to that country.

great law of the land. referred to in chapter xviii of this book. may find the rationale of them. in the voluminous works of EMANUEL SWEDENBORG. was not made in vain ' Behold.20 INTRODUCTION. and restore universal Peace on ' earth and good will toward men ? It most surely will. desiring rather to reach the public mind with facts and arguments drawn exclusively from the Word and works of God to which the prejudices of men cannot rea- . clearly and satisfactorily shown. . which shall be unto all people. I bring you good tidings ' of great joy. ' That glorious shout of the angels. at the birth of our Lord. But we have made no quotations from those works.' Those who desire to investigate the doctrines of the Word and the science of correspondences presented in the following pages. sonably object.

the question before us is. and the Word was God. For. and as the Lord declares that Words which He " the to speaks us. FOBM. CHAPTER II. . THE SUBSTANCE. Now. We are to humbly seek and receive Him as He has revealed Himself in His Word. as the Word is de- clared in the text to be God." and as " God is a Spirit (John iv." JOHN i. if we would successfully study God's Word and Works. by search- " ing. according to the ideas men have of the qualities and character of the God they revere and love and worship. WHAT is the Word of God ? This is the great question before us. all true first knowledge of God.must be the character of their religion. But here we are asked. There. must take its rise in a true idea of God Himself. Colenso's objections. " Who. The answer to this question is the answer to all Dr. " In Word was the beginning was the Word. can find out God ? We are not to find Him out by our own wisdom. and the with God. we must commence with the study of God. or His works. 24). we . His Word. 1. they are spirit and " they are life. What is God ? Indeed. Therefore. AND QUALITY OF THE DIVINE BEING. and of their views of the theology of the Holy Word.

verse. Now the first approach toward a real thought of God is an idea of spiritual substance. able and Eternal the Creator and Sustainer of the uni- . and He is emphati- " I cally manifested in the Lord Jesus Christ. Goodness. This can be done only as we gain a knowledge and love of Him. for the material body is not the man. which is mental. spirit. truth. or even of man . The Law and the Prophets constantly declare Him. from His own testimony. in its degree. we have no distinct thought of anything above gross matter . goodness. We have now before us an infinite. to be Substantial ami Almighty Love and Wisdom.of the natural body. Now. Omniscient. Yes. therefore no distinct thought of God. angel. Not an Infinite thought. are we not now ready to define Him. but the tabernacle of clay in which he lives. almighty. and which cannot be reached by the senses. or Goodness and . and righteousness to tin people. in vutli life. spiritual substance. ." God is Infinite. are commanded to become like Him. And the question at once arises. Wisdom.22 THE DIVINE BEING. the next step toward a true idea of the Lord is a proper thought of the quality of His substance . and entirely discrete and distinct from matter. Having an idea of spiritual substance. Truth. . Love. but a rational one. What are The Holy Word tells its qualities ? UB that the Lord is Life. Having proceeded thus far. Can a finite mind have a rational thought of such a Being ? We answer. Righteousness that He is Our Kighteousness that He . His entire "Word treats of Him. wisdom. who says. for we may know that we can have no real knowledge of anything but by its qualities. and my And the "Word teaches that Father are one. and Omnipresent Unchange. If we do not entertain this idea of spiritual substance.

What can give forth more Love than Infinite Goodness. and that all that is necessary is properly to call out and develop . so high. when the Lord regenerates a man. and give him something good and true? Is it man's own righteousness or the Lord's that dwells in him. 23 Truth? What other. But we are now asked if these are not mere attributes of a great Being and entirely passive in them- selves. THE DIVINE BEING. But does not the Lord. and the life of Truth is Wisdom. that is kind and just. Love and Wisdom are Goodness and Truth in action.operating only when exercised by the will and un- derstanding of that great Being ? But why ask this ques- tion now? Has the interrogator so soon lost sight of mental substance ? Let us ask him what other substanco than Goodness and Truth can constitute the great Jeho- vah ? Will he bring it forward within the reach of our thoughts? What other substance can be omnipresent? Goodness and Truth are not passive or dead principles. and does the good works ? It is a mistaken philosophy which would teach that all the elements of the man are innate in the infant. and that then He will be merciful and just. ideas of excellence can enter the human mind ? The thought can grasp at nothing else so high as Infinite and Almighty Goodness and Truth. or more Wisdom than Infinite Truth ? What human mind without goodness has any genuine love. take away from him something evil and false. or to our understandings that would make us so honest and just as would His truth ? But here we are told that. or without truth has any real wisdom ? And where does he get these things ? What else could God give to our wills that would make us so merciful and happy as would His goodness . He makes him a good and true man. in this work. The life of Goodness is Love.

" (Kev. and he with Me. in order to bring the reality of the Mighty God rationally within the sphere of human thought.. And an idea of form without an idea of boundary is above the reach of our natural thought. if this life is not substance. He must be pre- sented to the understanding in a form. and returning them to Him in love and obedience ? "What other divine food is there for them to use ? The Lord says. the Lord says. Yery well. I will come in to him. and will sup with him. He is Life and .) What is this reciprocal supping but the receiving of good- ness and truth from the Lord. those principles.24 THE DIVINE BEING. And . And yet we see that. Is not His Spirit something substantial and powerful? The Lord says. iii. so also He must have form. which is equivalent to no God. and knock if any man : hear my voice and open the door. 20. with quali- ties we can think of and love. what can be the form of that Substance which is Infinite and Omnipresent ? Of this. Does not some substance come in ? It may be replied that it is His Spirit. and Who feeds our souls with His goodness and truth. as the mind without spiritual food. For. For no form is no substance. both springing from the same Divine Source ? Man's mind is developed by what he appropriates of the goods and truths. one developed a mer- if so. Here. As well might the natural body of an infant be developed without natural food. And as He has substance. " Behold. or evils and falsi- tieswhich are offered it. I stand at the door. But. why is ciful man and another a murderer. Therefore. Now. that He giveth life to the world. no finite mind can fully conceive .. He will come in and sup with them. for Infinity is not limited by time or space. He does not give the world anything. For no substance is nothing. we have a substantial Heavenly Father. then.

having before the thoughts a great and glorious Human Form. God is rep- resented in the Word having the organs of the human as body. yet we have reason to believe that the Lord has so adapted His Word to our capacities as to give us. . must necessarily be finite. as presented to man's finite mind. suited to our states and capacities. This Word is the Truth. for God speaks nothing else. inasmuch as " God [in His love. with His face shining as the Sun. made the . It God." This Word is the Divine Wisdom." because It was His Wisdom. We can think of Him as a Heavenly Father in substantial form. We have now before us a distinct idea of God. 6). ii. because " God. to say the least. because things were made by Him. thought it not robbery to be " equal with God (Phil. in looking at the form of God as human. and Goodness " was speaks It. what other form than human could we give Him ? it being the most perfect form that has entered our thoughts. looking toward the Great Infinite Form . Indeed. in a degree. And. 25 though the form. and His raiment white as the light. and without Him was not anything made that was made. a true. we are. though faint and limited idea of the Divine Torm. we may rationally con- clude that. and man is said to be created in His image. whom we can love and worship as the Author of every blessing. " All This Word is the great Source of all being. and which was God. " being in the form of God. and thus not full. wisdom. and power] was " manifest in the flesh and it is written that the Lord. we have the best idea the finite mind can have of the Infinite Form of the Lord. and that thus. by Wisdom. In- finitely good and true. We have thus found the Word which was in the be- ginning with God. THE DIVINE BEING." for God is Goodness. Now. It was " in the beginning with God.

made the world. good feelings. This " Life was the Light of men. " Ghost. are insepara- " bly one Being. because He says." This Word contains the Divine Love. by "Wisdom. then." because Light is Truth. many as believed on Him. glory. and a is recipient of the three Elements. because " the Word was made flesh. Wisdom. world. the Beginning and the Ending. and the Father in Me ? " He possessed the Holy because "He breathed Spirit." and Love is Life. or right actions." In Him was the Father. and the Truth or "Word executes "God.26 THE DIVINE BEING. " The Father that is within Me. This "Word was the Lord. to them gave He power to become the sons of God. we have the Triune God the Father." " "Why sayest thou." because He has " all power in heaven and on earth. and dwelt among " men. upon His disciples and Eeceive ye the Holy said. To study the Holy Word and understand its elements and doctrines. and Holy Spirit presented in the Love. They constitute the Living Influx from the Divine Mind into the human. In Him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead Bodily. Son. ." This Father and Son. and Power of the Lord. and they " beheld his This "Word had Divine Powers. A regenerated man in His image is and likeness." Well. then. because He says. the First and the Last. we ranst never lose sight of the Trine of First Principles." The Father the Love Element is the spring of action. Show us the Father ? Believest thou not that I am in the Father. and Love or Life speaks it." " He that hath seen Me." is the " Alpha and the Omega. without which we could have no true thoughts." He is " the only Wise God our Saviour. hath seen the Father. He doeth the works. could the Apostle say." " as because. I and my Father are One. because " In Him was Life. or Love and the "Word." Here.

And we should bear in mind that we can have no distinct idea of anything. thoughts. Truth Principle. And had we a lamp too bright and intense for our eyes. He would have no power. and Force are the standard by which we are to test the relative quality of every spiritual thing. And their distinct Trinity in Unity is well sym- bolized in the burning lamp . or Goodness. and rests in a rational view of His Nature and Character. And the qualities of the Divine Trinity of First Principles Love. we cannot dwell too much upon this point. and the heat and light . And mind for the Spiritual in preparing the- sense of the Word. cease. or Love Prin- . without the Father. unless our thought reaches to God's qualities. nor its force . God would have no feelings without the Son. the Son . Indeed. and the light and burning cease take away the light. and without the Holy Spirit. so that we could bear neither its heat. "Wisdom. we see nothing spiritually and clearly right. the understanding. unless that idea contains a true thought of its qualities. and actions. the Holy . THE DIVINE BEING. its light. and the energy of the mind. Truth. or Force Principle. He would have no Knowledge. 27 It is only in this one grand idea that -we can have a ra- tional thought of God. adapting its rays to our . each Element in the Trine is necessary to the existence of the other two. and the burning. Spirit. the heat denoting the Father the light. ciple. or . We need to see that the Elements one Substance and inseparable. of every variety of feelings. and Power. cease take away the burning. and the heat and burning . Thus. nor become too firmly settled in this divine idea of the Oneness of this Trine. Take away the heat. They are as essential to each other as are the will. and should a ground glass be put around it. though are perfectly distinct that.

and does all that Infinite Power can do. Infinite. THE DIVINE BEING. one Understanding. and all His sphere of operations . and His and wants. goodness. enabling Him to h and control all the forces of the universe so that . Wisdom. " Thou the first shalt have no other gods before Me. this . and this Power." And when we rationally see that one Infinite Mind is All that It wills. His Truth. and Power embrace the whole vast Being of Jehovah Himself. bringing the Lord down into our sphere of life. making God infinitely Merciful . that glass would faintly symbolize the assumed nature. Thus " the Lord our God is one Lord. thus enabling Him to reach every principle of human thought . then. and that Divine Power includes everything whatever this belonging to God's Energy and Might. everything belonging to the department of the Understanding. mercy. all that Infinite Love can will. Wisdom. . one of which is Infinite Good- ness. we have One Spirit to our states Divine Being. and that this Divine Wisdom constitutes every variety of the Element of Truth. that this One Mind is spiritual Substance. these three great Essentials Love. and one Energy. affection. making Him Infinitely Wise and Just. knows all that Infinite Wisdom can know. I say when men soe this. with one Will. the Understanding. and that nothing can be added to this Infinite Mind . vision. enabling Him to reach every state of the human heart . possessing three distinct Essentials." And well may law of God to man be. and indeed every shade of principle belonging to the department of the Will. making Him Almighty and that this Love constitutes the Will. that another Essen- tial isInfinite Truth. and thus adapting His Goodness. and that the other is Infinite Power. Justice. Here. the Force of God that this Love embraces every possible variety of . Judgment.

3).) Now. came a Light into the world. and Holy Spirit. all the ends of the earth for I am God. or Truth. this same God is "He that appeared unto the prophets. Thus the Word or Truth Element may be called the Son of God the Father . a just God and a Saviour." (Isa. . and there is no God else beside Me . . . . that was in the begin- ning with God and was God. and . this view of the Trinity rationally answers all that is said. the Son and . . and be ye saved. just as a tender father speaks it for the instruction of his chil- dren. And the Holy Ghost is declared to be the " Spirit of Truth. in the Word." thy God. Again. there is none beside $Ee. . 22. the Holy Spirit." But. And we see most em- phatically the truth of the words of the Lord in Isaiah 11 " even am Jehovah and beside Me there xliii. what appeared ? Not the material body. Jehovah. 29 " One Only they will behold the eternal Trinity of the Living and True God. In His Love we have the Father in His Wisdom. I." (Hosea xiii. of the Father. xlv. " I am Jehovah is no Saviour. for there is no Saviour beside Me. there is none else. and thou shalt know no God but Me . Let the " The prophets themselves answer many times over. 5. : I. 4. And here we find that the Jehovah of the Old Testament is the Lord Jesus Christ of the New Testament. We can see that the Love or Goodness Element is the Father of the thoughts and actions the begetting prin- ciple we never act till we desire to.) " I am Jeho- vah thy God. . . being spoken from the Lord's Love or the Father within. . the Holy One " "I am of Israel. 21. Son. . for the Goodness of God can give birth to the Truth. what more can there be ? One fills all space where could another be located ? . Thus the Word. thy Saviour (xliii." And. ." the Power of God. Look unto Me. in His Power. THE DIVINE BEING.

judge no " " man. we may all know that God Himself is the Judge." " I and yet the Lord Himself. hath One that judgeth him ." What was this Word but God's Truth or Son? and." my "Word judges you . dence of two separate and distinct Beings. judgeth man. it is " the Son of God that is declared to be the Judge of all " the earth . can serve as a " Mediator to bring us to God. Now. mitted judgment unto the Son. But when we look at the Father as Divine Goodness. the Mediator. the Son is called the Mediator between man and the Father and this has been considered a sure evi- . says. as a person. say- . nothing but the Truth. Son " mitted all judgment unto the . " He that hath rejected me. " " "Word of the Lord came unto me and came." The Truth directs theway. The truth is the Teacher. the School- master. we can readily see that His Word of Truth is the only Mediatorial Principle between us and that Goodness for in order to come to ." (John xii. the same shall judge him at the last day. break oft from sin by righteousness. nor could we know our evils. 22). Without the Truth we could have no idea of Goodness.30 THE DIVINE BEING. must judge by His Word His Truth His Son and therefore His Son is called . and again it is written " The Father no but hath com- (John v. it ing. 48. God the Father. It is the Intermediate Principle be- tween Wickedness and Righteousness. But God. being Love.) Now. the Word that I have spoken. and come up into a better state of heart. to bring us to Goodness our Heav- enly Father. and received not my Words. still. the Son says. which the Father gives. what spake it but Love or the Father ? Again. we must become good. . the Judge and thus it is that the " Father hath com- ." all Again. it is He that is coining to "judge the world.

the Power of God. by analogy. " I am '- the Alpha and Omega. the Beginning and the End. we must of course seek for the truth in some other view of the inter- cession of theSon at the right hand of the Father. but as it nowhere says in the Word that God consists of more persons than one. And." The Lord. For hands. as the Word. presents the strongest idea in the letter of Scripture indicative of two persons. For Love can do nothing without Wisdom. . Thus it is said that God's " Right Hand and His Holy Arm hath gotten Him the victory. and God the Son is the Truth Element. making intercession for us. that Jehovah is the only Saviour and Redeemer that the . so that the Son with the " Father that dwelleth in Him could say. on the contrary. and Powers. when mentioned in the Word. Understandings. 31 But the Son is also said to be the Intercessor with the Father and He is represented as standing at the right . the Spirit of Truth being the Holy Ghost. as well as Scripture. bear testimony to the truth of One Divine Mind. Father and the Son are one God. hand of God. or the Power of Love. because it seems to express two minds . is therefore the Right Hand of the Father the Power of God unto Salvation. we readily see that the Son is really the Eight Hand of the Father. than that of two persons or minds holding intercourse. And the thought that the Son is at the right hand of the Father. then. and to the impossibility of two In- finite Wills. THE DIVINE BEING. denote power. philos- ophy. men. but. and pleading with Him to have mercy upon sinful. positively declares that He is but One / that the LORD our God is one Lord . the First and the Last " and as sound reason and true . And as God the Father is the Love Element. What. we shall find the true view very plain. is the Intercession ? Spiritually viewed.

The Son Principle first sees the accident. But while we are seeking a knowledge of the Divine in the quality of His Elements as Being taught in His "Word. it is man interceded with. because the understanding is more external than the will. But the truth of this view of intercession may be seen in the popular idea of the intercession of the Son with the Fa- ther. This energy of the two Elements denotes the Holy Spirit. and excite to nobler action. For illustration personify a man as God his : will or love as the Father. who declares that He is THE TKUTH. if men will look at God the Father as the Love of God. the : centre. Now. and that this Complex of all . or Truth than Love Love is. It is an intermediate act. and is the Interceding or Mediatorial Principle. Thus the Son intercedes with the Father. and that all Truths in theComplex are the Lord as the Word. and his energy or power as the Holy Spirit. The Son Element of God is therefore between the Father and mankind. man that is pro- that is pitiated or appeased. and at God the Son as the Truth of God. and all in one person. not the Unchangeable God. But no sooner is it seen than the will the Love. and at God the Holy Ghost as the Power of God. Now. and the Father and the Son immediately rush to the rescue. and he sees a boat capsize with a child. Thisman casts his eye upon the water.32 THE DIVINE BEING. we should not lose sight of the fact that these Ele- ments are Divine Substance in Form. And Truth is the only principle that can act upon man's un- derstanding and will. Truth the circumference. it is the same as Mediation. it is the understanding the truth or Son element of his mind that sees the accident. his understanding or truth as the Son. the Father element is moved to compassion.

THE DIVINE BEING. being the Great Jehovah. 33 Truths is in Infinite Human Form. in His merciful approach to mankind for their salvation. and is the Divine Humanity of the Lord Jesus Christ. IUITI7BRSIT7 .

making the Word appear inconsistent. and contradic- tory. in the preceding chapter. from His own Word. "Wisdom. wrathful.to examine understand- . and Unchangeable Being. thereby. and revengeful. and I did eat. 44 The serpent beguiled me. AND THE ORIGIN OF EVIL. and therefore." GEN. sary. Himself as sometimes angry. as though these parts of it must have sprung from some other source representing even God . HAVING. must be contained in the Infinite Love. CHAPTEE III. and the use of the reason with which He has endowed us for this purpose. in order to be well prepared . THE NATURE AND CHARACTER OF MAN. and yet. in their divine harmony. Spirit and Life . as there are many things contained in the Bible which seem to be of a different character. in. taken the first step toward preparing the mind for a proper examination and understanding of the Sacred Scriptures. who de- clares Himself to be Goodness and Truth. and as unstable or repentant it therefore becomes neces- . by seeking a true view of the qualities of the Divine Author and having . found a rational premise in the admission that all His principles and qualities. 13. and Power of one Al- mighty. Substantial. mysterious.

we may. NATURE OF MAN. and Discrepancies. Infinitely Merciful and True. and in looking up to those Principles for Light. and what part he plays in the drama of life . Beginning then with the view we have taken of our Heavenly Father. as the Starting Point and Grand Test. the way will be fairly opened for a successful inves- tigation into the Spirit and Life of the "Word. AND ORIGIN OF EVIL. the Teacher and Judge and thus. the question . and of the cause of their apparent Mysteries. Contradictions. and its origin known . : not by our own wisdom. For. in our present investigation. what his depravity is. until these questions are rationally (set- tled. in many places. and of the elements and powers of man . and how he received it. obtain true ideas of the nature and origin of evil. And having once obtained this desirable knowl- edge. And this investigation will lead to a true understanding of what man is. either be a cloud of darkness still overshadowing the beauty and loveliness of the Divine Character. or else a spirit of skepticism will be excited against the Truth and Divine Authenticity of the Scriptures." God Himself be- comes. appears sowonderfully strange and hard to be un- derstood. in keeping the Great Divine Essentials or First Principles always before us. there must. as the Great First Cause. 35 ingly into the true character and teachings of this Divine Book. in our mind. that we next obtain a rational view of what those opposite principles and characters are. and resting " Eock of upon them as the Ages. Now. after all that has been said of the Lord. the Creator of all things. and for coming thereby to a true understanding of the Sacred Scriptures. by which the character and quality of every- thing else are to be tried. and thence of the reason why the Bible. and whence they originated. but in the Lord's.

" (Isa. but are trying. we here simply remark that we are not now explaining the Word. " Shall there be evil in a saying. in this chapter. which has so much perplexed the religious world comes up at once fully before us. Therefore. to prepare our minds to understand the nature and charac- ter of the Divine language. will be answered by . that the letter of the Bible seems to give a great variety of characters to God. 43. and of all its appar- all ent contradictions. Dis- are Evils cords and Contentions f Andback upon the true falling qualities of God for answer. so as to see the true meaning of such expressions of the Word. /T. and cre- ate darkness I make peace. coming from the letter of the Word.) To this we might an- swer that " A good tree bringeth not forth corrupt fruit. and that when we clearly un- derstand the object of this chapter the origin of evil we shall be better prepared to enter upon the investiga- tion of the Word in these peculiarities. though His true character beams out conspicuously through the whole. as may arise in the mind of the reader. and some of them quite contradictory.36 NATURE OF MAN. But here an interrogator meets us with the Words of God. and that there is a good reason why the Word was so written. in its Spirit. which Light is the Word. all inquiries after truth.) But to all such questions or objections to what we are saying in this chapter. and the LORD hath " " I form the not done it ? (Amos iii. What and Whence and Falsities. AND ORIGIN OF EVIL. whatever may have been their origin. And we would further remark. and create evil I the LORD : : do all these things. city. asking boldly and peremp- torily." (Luke vi.) light. 6. the decision is made at once and decisively that. by the True Light of God's own Qualities. xlv. such things cannot be the expressions of Goodness and Truth that God does not give forth evils and falsities.

Some have attributed all evil to a great diabolical power or being. But whence has any creature power. all other things are necessarily imperfect. Let us then examine man him- self. and behold the murders. But are we naturally. We know that we are progressing in certain kinds of science and knowledge. Now. the diamond more brilliant now than formerly ? Does the bee make sweeter honey or more perfect cells . the rainbow more beautiful. 37 reasoning in the light of First Principles . because finite. How. thefts. But is God then changeable sometimes kind and sometimes . and come to any such conclusions ? Tet many at this day. we cannot from thence conclude that man does. no rational objection can be raised. and their origin. shall we solve the dark problem? there Is no such thing as evil or wrong? Some have falsely said so . but from God ? He has all power in heaven and on earth. But what are the grounds of this conclusion? Is Infinite Wisdom becoming wiser by experience ? Is the sun more bright. and will eventually do away with all evil and misery. standing up in opposition to the Lord. for the want of a true knowl- edge of the origin and nature of evil. from . God alone being perfect. if the lower orders of things do not improve by age or generations. properly made. and that from this imperfection is all evil . and crimes of every hue. or do the birds sing more sweetly ? Now. and His mercy endureth for ever. are coolly declaring that evil is only a state of imperfection . that. AND ORIGIN OF EVIL. but who can look around our world. but that God is constantly improving the creation. NATURE OF MAN. unkind? He is Unchangeable Love. then. truth and falsity. and see if he is constantly making progress in good- ness. deceits. and to such answers. what we want clearly to understand is the difference between good and evil.

He was all well enough. an adulterous and revenge- ful man. And if our natural propensities do not incline us upward. saved al- ways. If we look into our hearts we know better. this is all the fault of society. But what compose society but individuals ? And if tliey are all right. becomes a licentious and deceitful youth. falsities. saved everywhere. so may society. For God would have all men to be saved " not willing .38 NATURE OF MAN. if individual members of society may go downward. of the man who commences life an innocent. why is not society right also ? This taking the blame off from individuals and putting it on to society is strange reasoning. not of. Besides. that can is rationally do away with the fall of man. and lovely ? All experience teaches to the contrary. and would have come out all right under other circumstances. more honest. springs not from God nor from His laws. however ingenious. Whence. The fact of man's degeneracy from the laws of order stands en- stamped upon the whole face and conduct of the race. But. then." lie would have them saved now. pure. and miseries of mankind. and ends his career on a murderer's gallows. say the advocates of moral progress. better. is evil? It is from man. to every- body. passes through a less artless but sportive childhood. confiding infant. Infinite Goodness and Truth cannot be charge- able with the evils. what becomes of the law of progress in moral ex- cellence? Strange progress upward that. There no philosophy. And He and His laws are in effort to do this always. therefore. but that all should come to re- pentance. from all sin and suffering. the man. What is evil ? It is a disposition to violate the laws of life. AND ORIGIN OF EVIL. Besides. growing wiser. infancy to age. but down- ward. that any should perish. and it . Evil.

deliberate. laws. spiritual evils. think. nor lie. Without freedom there could be no right. He can reason. and act ? If man could not do this he could not steal. that has examined his own heart. either of God or man. and gives him all the powers he has to feel. The violation of the natural laws brings physical evils and the violation of the spiritual . Without it man could not reason. Did the laws of his being. he has no power to keep them. Thus all evils spring from the vio- lation of these laws. AND ORIGIN OF EVIL. and choose. then. It is the perversion of good. But can man oppose the laws of Him who made him. 39 is also the sufferings consequent upon such violation. If man has no power to break the laws of God. when he has no power but from God ? He did not pervert the laws of his being he acted from those : laws. for such acts cannot be according to the laws of goodness. NATUEE OF MAN. Evil is not an original thing. does not know that he is not this blind machine ? But how could man originate evil? He could not originate evil. men can make laws. for the govern- ment of creatures who are ever impelled onward by a force which they can neither resist nor avert ? Who. There are two kinds. and obey them or disobey them. no . or rather two degrees of life natu- ral and spiritual. Freedom is the grand characteristic of his nature. make him trans- gress ? No : the laws of his being made him free but it : does not follow that because he was free he was obliged to transgress. Here is the grand point which men lose sight of. But how could man pervert the laws of his being. And what would be the use of laws. "What would man be without freedom ? Would he be anything ? He certainly would not be a man for . and sustains him. and Goodness or God forbids them. nor murder .

no hell. how could give to man a disposition contrary to His own God laws? for His laws are an expression of His own will. wrong. unless there had been given him a disposition to violate them ? On the contrary. But how could man. It seems very strange that men should ever have sup- . AND ORIGIN OF EVIL. What a glorious boon is freedom It gives us the ! privilege of becoming good and true. no happiness. and see what they willcreate. All the propensities which God could give to man must be orderly." everything was good. no love. But this whole chapter is a beautiful allegory. and heavenly. pure. containing useful instruction to be understood by the spiritual sense of the "Word. explained in the following chapters of this book. The doctrine of fallen angels has been drawn al- most exclusively from the twelfth chapter of Revelation. Adversary of souls. that there is a being called the devil. through the exercise of his free- dom.4:0 NATURE OF MAN. and was cast out for his wickedness ? To answer this. "We read that in the creation of all at " the things beginning. violate the laws of life. who is the great leader of men into sin. by the teachings of the Bible. it gives us the liberty of being disorderly and miserable . There was no devil created. this is declared to be the identical serpent which tempted Eve. the " tempter to all the common " transgression. But here we are asked if we are not to understand. It is true. no heav- en. no responsibility. the result of the war between Michael and the dragon. let us fall back upon First Principles. who was once an angel of heaven. There was a serpent created which " was more subtle than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made " but still he was " very good." And yet . for true freedom could do no less than this. lovely and happy.

or of false light.) But we here see that he had never been in heaven. 18). saying. NATURE OF MAN. : brought down to hell. AND ORIGIN OF EVIL. thou hast said in thine heart. and that he fell because he aspired to be equal to God." The next passage may be thought to favor the that " doctrine of fallen angels Luke. 17. " Be- hold. even the devils are subject unto us through thy name. But the Lord then explains by saying. or keep down. and says. falls from the heaven of men's minds as they imaginary tread upon. I give unto you power to tread on serpents and " scorpions. I will ascend into heav- en I will be like the Most High yet thou shalt be . xiv. with seven heads and ten horns. How art thou fallen from heaven. 13. the serpents and scorpions of the wicked heart. 12. should be the serpent which tempted Eve. ! For . Lord. O Lucifer. And He said unto them. 41 posed that the dragon. who was cast out of heaven more than four thousand years after the fall took place." (Isa. I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven" (x. 14. ." The first passage of Scripture that looks toward the idea of a fallen angel was written more than three thou- " sand years after the account of the fall. son of the morn- ing how art thou cut down to the ground. and as all men who become " wise in their fall own eyes. where the seventy is in returned again with joy. Indeed. 15. . The next and last passage touching the subject is that . He fell only from his anticipated or imaginary heaven. John expressly declares the matter " must stated to be things that shortly come to pass. when the whole Apocalypse is a prophecy of things which were to take place after the work was written. and over all the power of the enemy thus : teaching them that the power of Satan. he fell as Adam fell.in asking to be as God.

and all crimes. This self-love led him into covetousness.upon the subject of fallen angels. deceit. the love of evil. or with the devil. " the devil"? The most correct brief definition that can be given to that phrase is. therefore. impression on the minds of religious people who love to read it. and is not his real character. and here it is said to be by transformation.) This is the only ' passage in the Bible where the devil is called an angel. How could there be a lovo of evil. in ." (2 Cor. therefore. AND OKIGIN OF EVIL. But had Milton had the spiritual sense of the Scriptures. "We have now mentioned all that the Bible says. the love of God diminished. 42 NATURE OF MAN. then. theft. "We can here only treat of it in the light of natural deductions drawn from First Principles. xi. or of the origin of evil and it fails to produce the least evi- . and not the Word of God. when there was no evil to love and no desire to love it ? Evil and the love of evil are. till man loved him- self supremely. "What. This love of evil. 14. consequently there was no devil. for the sake of self. The fall of man gradually engendered the love of self. of Paul to the Corinthians : " Satan himself is transformed into an angel oflight. did not exist before the fall . which filled him with the love of evil. And in the subsequent part of this book we shall give the true spiritual view of the fall. dence that an angel of the heavenly abode ever fell and became a devil on the earth. is what has impressed men with the idea of the devil as a fallen angel.murder. The lively imagination of Milton has paint- ed the picture in glowing colors and it leaves a deep . and as this love increased. in the literal sense. he would have painted a very different pic- ture. Milton's PARADISE LOST. are we to understand by the phrase.

A good And surely tree cannot bring forth evil fruit. neither of whom could conquer the other . The devil. He could not. They are perverted states and principles of the human heart.a good one and a bad one (which is most absurd and impossible). through the abuse of the good principles given us. These three things are what distinguish him from the brutes. in the human heart. NATURE OF MAN. and offers men the power. is not an original thing it is a perversion : of good. He could not give what He did not possess Himself. unite him with his God. Now the head of " that old serpent the devil " is. and the devil . Every person whose ruling love is the love of evil is a devil. the love of self. These three things constitute what may be called man's selfhood / for they give him individuality and elevate him above ma- . Thus the Lord called Judas a devil. for such a being would be Infinite. and came into existence to- gether. in His Holy Spirit. inseparable. uncreated Devil. whereas the Saviour did conquer death. hell. Now it is certain this devil is not of God's creating. as will hereafter be seen from the spirit- ual sense. God gave to man three things to be kept inviolate as his own. then. for it is contrary to His nature. This love of self is the serpent's head which the Lord came to bruise. and we should then have two Infinites. God implanted no desire for evil. 43 their essence. no taste or relish for it. a depraved love and its consequences. and thereby give him perpetual existence. brought about by habit and cultivation. is the love of evil in the complex. and make him capable of becoming either an angel or an evil spirit. Evil. there cannot be a self-existent. to do the same. Indeed. AND ORIGIN OF EVIL. then.

Thus everything necessary for man's salvation is carefully pro- vided by the Lord. the fall must have been imperceptibly slow at first. by which he sees the wrong. chinery. rational. AND ORIGIN OF EVIL. as given by God.44: NATURE OF MAN. The forbidden fruit was the same that now forbidden in the is Decalogue. Man was not obliged to fall. gradually overreached the true line of virtue and . by practising it. In the truth. for He commanded him not to eat of the knowl- edge of evil . These three important endowments are Free- f dom. He could not have had any such desire at first. are all right. for it would have been evil. With- out these endowments. if he will look to the Lord and make the effortwhich he is free to do. not to know evil and make his good. man could never be elevated above the beasts that perish. Bat no man. God gives him the power to resist the temptation and do right. and thus appropriating it it to his affections. God told him that if he did eat of it he would surely die. Man. is obliged to do what he knows to be wrong. in the exercise of his curiosity to know new things. man may abuse them and become depraved. freedom to act. yet they are positive necessi- ties of his being. and Desire 01* knowledge reason to determine. God did not desire him to fall. Therefore. and progressive being. and curiosity to know. And though. in other words. from the very nature of these endowments. These three endow- ments. or. in the exercise of the freedom which God has given him. Nor did man intend to fall. Rationality. And the possibility of abusing them and falling into evil exists in the possibility of using them and rising into heavenly knowledge and happiness. In the freedom and ability to do right are necessarily involved the freedom and ability to do wrong. he is a free. "With them.

with everything to learn. man. : briate is out of alcohol the voracious appetite loudly : demands it. he by habit obtains a love for what is destructive of physical order and happiness. For illustration the ine. following up the growing demands of a disor- dered appetite. A ignorant of the quality of the poppy. without any inherent tenden- cies to evil. But the circumstances are such that it cannot be obtained without stealing it. whose . AND OKIGIN OF EVIL. Thus he yields to the bite of the serpent. and testing its medicinal properties. by system. obtain a love for that which is destructive of spiritual order and happiness. and a desire to know everything with no his. and. an artificial relish for which God did not give it him. in suck slight degrees as not to be aware that he was really diverging from the course of truth and right- eousness. with- : out any relish implanted in his nature for these poisons. The better judgment sees the injustice of the theft . tasting. nor examples of depravity to show him his faults. gradually falling from the love of good to the love of evil. And the next time be broken more it will easily. while examining. 45 justice. and the Di- vine command is broken the soul has eaten of the for- bidden fruit. no sym- bols of vice to warn him of his danger. but the serpent's demands are imperious. Thus. He was young and ambitious. and its influ- ence upon the human may gradually obtain. habit. : toric paths or beaten tracks of life before him . Thus he went on. The love of self and self-gratification the very head of the serpent is determined to have it at any cost. Precisely so could the people of the primeval age. and the judgment finally yields . This fall may be illustrated in many ways. he eventually destroys his physical exist- ence by it and so of antimony and alcohol.

brought on by gradually vitiat- ing the orderly demands of mind and body. is that old who" as a serpent the Devil." And is not this the great enemy of mankind ? What evil or crime was ever committed that this devil did not do ? Look at the wretch in human form. or in the same way that she was beguiled. lest. as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtlety. 'I fear." They had no more power over the snakes of the earth than other peo- ple. This work was the great object of His mission. seeking whom he may devour. it to Thus the love of evil. in permit- ting run wild when he might have controlled it.. tooth lie had poisoned by his own indulgence. Thus. so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ. . or the love of self. immediately after the fall. No it was their sinful de- : sires to gratify the wayward demands of the heart. It is no- .cannot be believed that Paul was afraid that the snakes of this earth would lead his disciples into sin. and over all the power of the enemy. that Paul was afraid of..46 NATURE OF MAN. the Saviour was promised to bruise the serpent's head. Paul to the Corinthians says. For it . This is proof positive that Paul did not suppose that any natural serpent tempted Eve. AND ORIGIN OF EVIL. roaring lion walketh about. These serpents of the human heart are the evils to which the Saviour alludes when He says He will give His disciples " power to tread on serpents and scorpions." Here Paul is afraid that the minds of his disciples will be corrupted as the serpent beguiled Eve. with this devil in the midst of his depraved and morbid appetites of soul and body What ! else have we so much to fear ? His hand is pollution to everything hetouches. But over the serpent of the mind they had power from the Lord.

Christ came to destroy the works of the devil in the human heart. AND OEIGIN OF EVIL. the whole mind is in dis- order. "When He came in the flesh the kingdom of Satan. ruled on earth. or of the serpent. When Christ rules. When the serpent rules. all is happiness and peace. . and establish His own kingdom there. NATURE OF MAN. 47 where recorded that lie killed a snake.

pervades the universe of matter and no machinery . ITS CONSEQUENCES. it pervades the universe of mind. spiritual plane. that ye in be not judged. " Judge not.) The spirit and life of these passages bring before us an eternal law. and by this means he can walk. " " give. CHAPTER IV. which is as reliable and certain." (Ezek. as he does against the earth. We know that the earth bears as hard against the man who stands upon it. GOOD AND ITS REWARDS EVIL AND . in natural things. and . in spiritual things. xviii. For with what judgment ye judge.) He says. THE Lord. as that of action and reaction is. could move. And while this law. ACTION AND REACTION : OR. and the wickedness of the wicked shallbe upon him. in the natural plane. vii. it shall die that : the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him. in the . 1. 2." (Matt. says to us. and nothing could exist without it so. 20. and it shall be given unto you that according : u the soul that sin- to what we sow we shall reap thaf : " " neth. His Word. ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete. And this is but a natural illus- tration of a higherlaw which appertains to spiritual things with equal certainty. it shall be measured to you again.

We must receive back upon our souls an im- pression of thesame quality and force as that we intended to give. foot for foot. plague for plague. they would be very careful how they desire. If a witness testified falsely against a man. 49 nothing could move. the world will come into order. in the ignorant ages of the world. 3 . to the very letter. civil and religious. or exist. must. civil and religious. Whatsoever a man did to another was done to him in return. the command " Ye shall do unto him as he sought to do unto his was. eye for eye. and enable us the more readily to understand the divine teaching and the laws of our spiritual existence. in reality. And a proper understanding of this law will throw much light into our minds. stripe for stripe. And. God suffered the law of receiving according to what we give. as sensibly as they do that of the physical law. It would seem that it ought to have been thus felt and acknowledged ere this : for it is. it is a sure law of our being that whatsoever we do to another. from the Holy Word. the command to the Jews " Life for was. as to our will and design toward him. This law was car- ried into all the departments of life. as a matter of course. that is. anything but good to others. in physical retalia- tions. to be carried out in ultimates. ACTION AND REACTION. by the human race. Thus. spiritually. without it. Now. affect us for good or for evil. by the pain they feel when they burn their fingers. burning for burning. wound for wound. whether it be intended for his good or his evil. is properly felt and acknowledged. for the regulation of all minds. life." And these laws were rigidly observed and enforced. And when this great law. tooth for tooth. And men truly saw and felt the consequences if of breaking this law. the basis of all law. hand for hand. or perform.

or as to will or intention. to torment them. But if law. that future ages of the world might thereby learn to see. although the law is a spiritual law. and in respect to His Law. And. and to reach their states it was recorded in the letter. in His Holy Word. and served rather to elevate than to lower them. and inflict them. also. must be measured to them again must come upon their souls. and. letter. and is there- fore positive and sure. an exemplification. is not enforced. or for not inflict it on the good of mankind. by the civil same corporal sufferings. God desired thus emphatically to teach it. brother. then the witness was to be put to death. Why did God Because they sprang give such laws ? from the great principle that whatsoever measure men mete to others. it was a wholesome law. to persons in their sensual and depraved condition. and regard it in the spirit. in the fetter. The Jews had a great variety of these retaliatory laws. yet the Jews were so low that they could see it only in the letter.50 ACTION AND REACTION. and held them in the fear of God's power. spiritually. But in the New Testament the law. but with a revengeful spirit. therefore. . Now. without being obliged. not in a spirit of kind- ness. dulgences." If the false testimony would have convicted the brother of a crime deserving death. in the of the truth of a spiritual law. We may now will toour enemies physical punish- ments. and do it. our own soul must reap its bitter reward. even in the letter. to receive the we do them for their soul's good. The Jewish law was. and to that people as best for their good . For the prompt and sure execution of the penalty impressed them with a sense of the vileness of the crime and restrained them from a thousand wicked in- .

whereby the souls of men. ACTION AND REACTION. Nor is there any possibility of transferring the penalty from one person to another for it comes as the legitimate . It . as a command of God. and the foundation of all wholesome. and but little to be feared. the measure they mete to others . The written laws of God are only expressions of Eternal Principles which exist in the very nature of things. The spiritual import of both is the same one is suited to one dispensation. It is the golden rule of the Gospel. in their intentions and purposes. brings upon his own soul the same measure . Such minds can only be reached by a conscious certainty of the spiritual sense. effect of a cause not solely. at most. The "Written Law does not bring the penalty nor does God. the essence of the two great commandments. the law of the New Testament. civil laws. Upon this eternal law rest the safety of the spiritual world and the order and harmony of the universe. many have settled down in the belief that the law means nothing . by violating the Law of love to God and the neighbor. in the letter that men do : not receive. commanding us to do unto others as we would that they should do unto us. is as certain as that God liveth. the spirit of the whole Divine code. and "assuring us that the measure we mete to others will be measured to us again. Man. It is the violation of . is not carried out. the Law. through a rational view of the law itself. But men will yet see that the law. upon their bodies. under the Christian dispensation. must receive back the measure they mete to others. and the : other to another. 51 Now. as people see that the law. And there is no mitigating or averting it in the least. its penalty is a very doubtful matter. would come if God had not said so. or. is only another form of the retaliatory law of the Jews. But.

or of love to the neighbor.) will give man that happiness? return to A harmony with the Law. xix. or love of good. can it possi- fall. converting the soul. " The Law of the LORD is way perfect. xviii. He assures him that "when the wicked man turneth away from his wickedness . he metes. let him take the water of life freely. because their deeds were evil.52 ACTION AND REACTION. and pleads with him. And upon his soul. What occasions the unhappiness? It is the want of harmony with the laws of happiness. and doeth that which lawful and right. For the love of right. : thatlight has come into the world. but the Law is still his friend.) He has placed himself in opposi- tion to the Law . What inflicts this misery ? God and The condition of the sinner. Does God or His Law con- demn him ? No " this is the condemnation. what is this death ? It is the loss of some love of i-ight : and the death extends just to the degree of the loss. " The soul that sinneth IT shall die. (Ps. What is the effect of this death? Unhappiness. . and live ? (Ezek.) Is the Law opposed to his coming ? No it is given on purpose to show him the : back. " Have wicked should die ? anyI pleasure at all that the saith the Lord God ." Is he free to . is life the : loss of it is death. 27. ready to receive him with open arms. " Whosoever will." bly Now." (Ezek." Does God want him to remain dead ? No He invites him back : in the tenderest manner . with all the compassion of a Father for a child. and not that he should return from " What his ways. What then are God's de- sires toward the sinner? That he should be happy. 23. . What obstacle is there in the way of his return ( INonc but the sinner's own indispostion. and no other. he shall save his soul is alive. and men loved darkness rather than light. and en- treats him to return. xviii. 7.

render to every man according to his deeds/' " for there is no respect of persons with God " in Ps. faithful and prayerful obedience to that truth till he loves the Law. 12. the reward of our deeds " in Rom. when the books of men's lives were opened. 13. But. on the contrary. changed no Divine Law : that He came not to destroy the Law. and we now speak understandingly when we say that Christ. " Turn ye. the truth which shows him his evils and the way back and . Then he is happy. We answer that we have not written this book any spirit of religious controversy. and that there is nothing in the Holy Word that teaches that God ever affixed any penalty to sin that could not be re- mitted by the shiner's breaking off from it by righteous- ness nor is it anywhere taught that the Saviour suffered . But. but simply in to speak the irrefutable teachings of the Holy Word in all that we say . . in His coming. " Thou render est man according to his works to every . 12. turn ye. Thus it is written in Jer." How is this return to be made ? By repenting of his feel- ings of opposition to the Law faith in the Lord and in . that Christ suffered the penalty of the sins of men in their stead. " I will them ac- xiv. concerning the final judgment. to do so. and God. but to fulfil . and his neighbor. ACTION AND REACTION. it is decidedly and universally taught that men must suffer the penalty of their sins. Ixii. it is declared that " the dead were judged out of those things that were written in the books. and in Rev. "We receive . xx. here we are told that we are at variance with the doctrine. " God will . recompense " cording to their deeds in Luke xxiii. ii. or even that God forgives them. him. the penalty of man's sins. 14. we have grown up from childhood under . 5<3 return ? Yes and lias the power constantly extended to . 6-11." The fact is. 41. for why will ye die. according to their works.

We were sinners in a lost and most miserable and hopeless condition. that He might be able to reach us and dis- pose us. is just as important to us. It provides a rational and consistent way for our salvation : and all was done gratuitously and in pure mercy. is the cause of the penalty or unhappiness. about the forgiveness of sins. It is therefore recorded that He died for us. by the Lord. for us. There is much said. or evil in the soul. And when these sins or we evils are removed. God neither inflicts nor remits the penalties of transgression. And the Merciful Lord wanted to save us. as though He had actually suffered the penalty of our sins. we should not. The event. in the Word. The sin. . in His Spirit. and therefore the penalty must stand against a man till the cause is removed. And it is hard for men to see that the removal of evil dispositions is the only remission of sins. the Lord could not suffer it. till obtain good loves. He crucified them in His as- sumed nature. But. through faith and repentance. to crucify them in our nature.54r ACTION AND EEACTION. He remits the sins when men repent of them and forsake them. as God does not forgive the penalty of man's sins. Sins are the evils of -the will. Their action brings forward the penal- ty . these evil loves or sins may be remitted. and the resisting of tempta- tions. but the transgressor bears it. They are the sure effects of man's sins. undervalue the great work of Redemption. Then. but the penalty is another thing. what died ? Every propensity of His nature that could be tempted every tendency toward self-love. the idea that forgiveness of sins is the relinquishment of punishment. on this account. there- fore. the penalty is gone. We owe everything to the Lord for what He then did for us. But.

or . by Now. He was a Propitiation for our Again. but plainly denied. was thereby brought to our aid." Again we He became sin for us . He took our fallen and unreconciled nature. That It is also said that ~by is. ACTION AND REACTION. it is " not Christ to have suffered written. and thus bore our sins. And in Luke. thus to follow Him in the regeneration. but not in actuality. 55 His strides we are healed. Ought these things and to enter into His glory. so that we might be healed of our sins. and for the forgiveness and remission of these sins. or because we had sins. or reconciled to God. atoned. but as some- to in the thing that the sinner himself must bear. through His spirit. was a propitiation for the penalty. a propitiation is a reconciliation. And He would now aid us to bear our sins as He did without sinning and also to resist them in His spirit. or reconciled it to the Divine nature. but that is a mistake. here mentioned. that the penalty is removed by His stripes or that He . " The righteousness of . He assumed our sinful lore our sins. Much is said of what Christ has done for the sins of the world. in their tendencies. We are taught that He was made perfect through suffering. nature. and .forsaking those sins. But the forgiveness of the penalty is in no instance alluded to. had reference to tl\Q penalty of man's sins . Indeed the penalty is nowhere alluded whole Scripture. He never sinned. by His stripes He was made perfect and His Spirit . by following Him. and propitiated. And He became that propitia- tion for our sins. or the sins of the world. has it been supposed that the acts of the Lord. It does not say that He died for the penalty of our sins or that He bore the penalty . Now. sins. and He wanted us to become propitiated. and are taught that that He That is.

and how soon the world would go to destruction. is as essential to our spiritual being. if it were as well understood and felt. and be crushed to pieces by carelessness." It has been supposed. the corporal punishments of the civil law upon man. we may readily see that the punishment for sin never comes from God. Evil intentions bring upon the soul its own disordered state. penalty of the civil law. God. and all good men are kind toward the good and the bad. evil. the righteous shall be upon him. an eye for an eye. and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him. by some. and a tooth for a tooth but I say unto you that ye resist not . and children would cut off their lingers. " Ye have heard that it hath been said. or the order of the spiritual uni- verse preserved. Indeed. and consequently its nnhappiness and when carried out they often bring . ing to what we give. Take away the pain we feel at the viola- tion of the physical law.56 ACTION AND REACTION. By the words above. Now we repeat. It is the great law for the preservation of physical life and the spiritual law of receiving accord- . from the Sermon on the Mount. as is the law of action and reaction to our natural being. and put out their eyes. that the Lord has changed law of receiving according to the mea- this great sure mete. ow 1 1 promptly does the rope walker watch and obey .we because He says in Matthew. we see no other way that evil could be restrained. that the law by which we receive back the measure we mete to others." But what mind cannot see that an Infinite rational Law cannot be changed ? God's laws are the expressions of His own immutable Will and Wisdom. and angels. It is therefore a great blessing that we suffer the penalty of the violated Take away the Law. would be equally preservative.

44. "Would to God we were as sensible of what would follow the spiritual violation . "The Stone which the builders rejected. We know the consequences of breaking the law. by a concussion. -we may spiritually resist the current of temp- tation which besets us. physically. ACTION AND BEACTION. xxi. Now man is made rational and free that he may obey. evil "We brace ourselves against the wind. making our reaction just equal to the force.) . that of love to God and the neighbor. that we be not swept away by a torrent of vice. either in its mental or physical operations. the same is become the head of the corner this is the : Lord's doing. that his whole weight may act against the rope . this great Law. that we be not blown away. So. : soever shall fall on this Stone shall be broken but on : whomsoever It shall fall. Then would man turn from his way and live. 57 the mechanical law of action and reaction. lest he suffer the conse- quences of the violated law by the reaction of the solid earth. and it is marvellous in our eyes and who. or disobey." (Matt. 42. It will grind him to powder.

the conclusions to which we have arrived in the third and fourth chapters. as to the Divine qualities. or against anything we may say in this book. If the premises. For the premises being true. as to the nature and character of man. therefore. thatHe is THE FOUNTAIN OF LIFE (Ps. be true. we shall draw all our con- clusions as to what is right or wrong. good or evil. IN order to prepare the mind to receive the ideas ex- pressed in the next chapter. For on them we rest. and of evil and its origin. Now. as a supplement to Chapter III. or Cause and Effect. and an introduction to Chapter YI. and from them and what they teach. THE DIVINE INFLUX. that may be offered against the view we have taken of the fall. upon GOD AND CREATION. CHAPTER V. must also be true. as well as the law of Action and Reaction. we are taught by those principles that the Lord is THE LITE (John xi. 9) . will be made against the First and Eternal Principles laid down for our guidance in the first chapter. xxxvi. and that He giveth Life to the World . Any argument. this sequence must follow. 25) . laid down in the second chapter. we here interpose a few thoughts on the Law of Influent Life.

ever flows into and vitalizes the entire universe. light. that He giveth Life to all (Acts xvii. Wisdom. at its creation. and is consequently the mo- tive force of all action. and that even the words that He speaks are this very life. being Love and Wisdom. yea. can affectionately feel. This Divine Life. feel. and Power are its life. (John vi. and rationally understand this con- nection. therefore. Men can know something of God. Strictly speaking. all would stop . that this Life is spiritual and eternal substance . 33) .) From all this we see that Life is not a created thing . Should He cease to think and feel. which . For the laws. It is a mistaken philosophy which supposes that the Creator gave to the universe. but something given to all men and things by the Lord. God breathes into men the breath of life. all things must continue to move on till the Hand that created them shall see fit to stop them. that having been put in motion. all would cease to be. 59 (John vi. nor act. Other things receive the life. and His feelings are the only impulses which move this vast domain. the human will and understanding are the only receptacles of it. such as motion. laws. Na- ture itself cannot think. heat. in its Essence. belong not to nature. Na- ture without these is but a dead body. THE DIVINE INFLUX. and reproduction and that these laws were made . This life. life. and can love Him. germination. and were given to the universe as its own and . certain laws . then. but know nothing about it. by the constant. growth. gravitation. God's thoughts are the only laws. The Divine Love. innate. unbroken stream of influent life. 25) . nature has no laws. in reality. Nothing. can exist but in connection with the Lord. Nor has it life enough to move onward a single step further without the . and energies. 63.

By its outgoing influ- ence the universe was created. and the Cause is ever giving life to the effect. and Power. It is a mere instru- ment through which the Lord operates in this lower sphere. It is the fountain of all heat. opens the bud. is the great law of Creative Life. and to all things. nor is its light Wis- dom. This must be BO for God is Life. it would not only cease to shine. and the . whether human. it is asked. The sun. vegetable. or mineral. Thus the natural universe of things is the effect of God's Love. and the Words which He speaks are this life for His Words must con- . but it would cease to be. therefore. everything was under this Divine Law of Love and Wisdom. has no heat but from God's Love. And when that work was finished. Should God's Love and Wisdom cease to flow into the sun. and no light but from His Wisdom. animal. and He : yiveth Life to the world. They are but the effects or correspondences of Love and Wisdom. Does not the sun give heat and light. And yet the heat of the sun is not Love. The operation of this Divine Influx into all things. and all was pronounced good. to the extent that man was created. and all was very good. and ripens the fruit. Wisdom. The heat and light of the sun are but the ulti- mates or effects of God's Love and Wisdom. tain His Love and Wisdom. germina- tion and growth to the things of earth ? We answer. The creative and propelling powers are the same. influx of more. and the source of all light. No : the sun has no power to do anything. This Love and Wisdom are in every ray of light which the sun gives forth.60 THE DIVINE INFLUX. It forms the gem. This creative force is the spring of all conception and birth whether spiritual or natural . as the great First Cause. But. expands the flower.

for man's delight. Nature was one universal harp. Here he was in the bright sunshine of youth. nor an unkind feeling to disturb the bosom of happy humanity. in all its sweetness in perfect and beauty. with every string in concord. Under these blessed auspices. and develop- ment. but which was lovely. Divine "Wisdom was the Law in which everything moved. in the infancy of his days." : saith the Lord. THE DIVINE INFLUX. Not an object before him. in the. And his soul responded in emotions of good . Thus we first find man in the garden of paradise. All was made for man. vast creation. with a mind just opening for the reception of knowledge: God the Teacher. Everything that had breath praised the Lord. edification. 61 Divine Law was in everything " I in thee and thou in me. from the Fountain of his being. and the universe his text-books . The heavens declared the glory of God. man was introduced into being. with the beautiful earth spread out at his feet. outflowing Love was the life of all and the . and every page told the truth. man the pupil. &un and moon praised Him. All stars and light praised Him: fruitful trees and all cedars . and the shining heavens rolling above him. at the Infinite impulse of the Divine Love. beasts and all cattle . as the highest and ten- derest object of the Divine care. and spake to him in accents of wisdom and kindness. Man was an image of his Maker and the world was an image of man. The balmy breath of heaven swept its ten thousand strings harmony. Not an im- pure thought to becloud the understanding. worms and feathered fowl. It was prepared. The divine. with a soul in perfect concord with the golden harp of nature . and all was in perfect har- mony from the dust of the earth up to the great Jehovah. and the firmament showed His handiwork.

All other created things but acted out. The reason an animal cannot be taught science is. He was now only in the germ of his manhood possessing an . Everything in the universe corresponded to those principles. God was the . possess some elements of them in himself. will. and her laws of action. But in their orderly development. They were made for this world only. And it was only in the proper development of these principles of man's nature. They had no will nor wisdom of their own.62 THE DIVINE INFLUX. Could that harmony be disturbed ? It could and man : was the only being in existence that could do it. One universal law of light and life pervaded the scene and there was no evil in existence. by intuition. he would obtain knowledge of everything of God. A certain animal corresponds to a . Now. of the universe. and that fragment is all that he ever can be. is only an insight into human nature and its rela- tions. making man thereby acquainted with God and His works. But man was designed for a higher sphere of life. source of all Power. the per- fect uses of their existence. he is but a fragment of something. from the Lord. and all that Power ever went forth from Him in the Laws of Wisdom and Love and all was . innumerable variety of undeveloped principles and facul- ties. it is because man possessed in himself. Each object denoted something which God possessed in its fulness and man in the germ. harmony. and answered the full purpose of their being. Man could learn nothing of lower things if he did not. that he could obtain true knowledge. the elements of the .universe in embryo. from the Lord. All knowledge whatever that man can possibly obtain. that he was capable of scientifically investigating nature. and of himself.

trunk. So there is life in man at his birth. there is There with all the tendencies to produce is life there. But man can learn anything. branches. But. therefore. as the tree cannot be developed from the acorn without the heat and light of the sun. Both the tree arid the man . and therefore must contain. The elementary capacities for obtaining all science and knowledge are in man. having no variety of principles whereby lie can compare. leaves. 63 principle in man's affections. Eternity. To that particular charac- ter he is limited . in a limited degree. so neither can man be developed without the Love and "Wisdom of God. as the elementary capacities for the development of the tree are in the acorn. something in the acom besides matter. blossoms. because he is the embodi- ment and combination of the elements of all finite things . with tendencies to produce a human soul in full manhood. and the Life of all the Elements* of being is in Him/ No created thing can be developed beyond its capacities. and that in which the Love and Wisdom of God to bear upon the human are brought mind. and every- thing is developed by influx from God. for man was made in the image and likeness of his God. and fruit. not Infinite. in the de- velopment of the tree . and reason. in the development of man. THE DIVINE INFLUX. cannot fully satisfy this capacity. the capa- city to receive something of all the Divine Elements con- tained in nature. All power is in God. And a full knowledge of this difference shows the origin of all discord.. Now. Nor can these elements or possibilities of the human mind be developed from any powers or principles which man possesses in himself. But there is a great difference in the mode in which the heat and light of the sun are brought to bear upon the acorn. distinguish.

none of the lower orders of things have any free agency in their formation. Indeed. In- deed. No other creature can bear false witness.64 THE DIVINE INFLUX. being. Their thought is an intuitive act of the mind flowing from instinctive feeling. The reason why animals cannot change the order and character of their development is. he manifests it the moment the anger rises. and the concealed dagger in his hand to plunge into your bosom. Thus man can do what no other creature can do. But man can approacji you with a smile in his face. Man can lie. are to be developed by means of influent life from the Lord. malice in his heart. therefore. by means of influent life. in their fragmentary condition. Therefore. and cannot be 'separated from it. be no hypocrisy in an animal. He can cultivate either a kind or an unkind disposition. They are obliged to be formed just as they are. And he can change the order and character of the growth of his mind. The reason man can change the order and character of the development of his mind is. Nor can they change in the least the order or character of their development. He can think one thing and desire another. But the tree is entirely passive in its development. that he can separate his thoughts from his feelings. If an animal be angry. There can. therefore. while man is active in the formation of his mind. He is not obliged to cultivate his mind at all. nor even God himself. in order properly to develop his faculties. he must work hard. that there can be no separation between their thoughts and their feelings they . But man has an agency in establishing the character and quality of his mind. neither free nor rational. He can. . say what he knows to be false. the thought is but an outward expression or action of the feeling.

Man. THE DIVINE INFLUX. and thus intro- duced sin and death into the world. God desired to make man. It could not spring from God for God is love. why did not God make man so that he could not fall ? Because that would be making him so that he would not be a man. here a quality not in harmony with God or is His laws. It could not come . Indeed. 65 Now. for they condemn it. Man. . It nowhere existed when God pronounced all things good. must have introduced it into the world. corrupted his own affections and thoughts. therefore. and is the means of all discord and misery. not a machine. from His laws. But. All that God does is right : man only does wrong. by habit. it is the very essence of hell.

This Life. but which is con- stantly manifesting Itself in new creations and varieties of forms and qualities. and the Father of every- thing .Substantial. And though It is Infinite. with given powers. is sustained by It. ever sustaining and giving life to all It creates. and Infinite Power or Energy. and means of perpetual multiplication and extension. Self-existent. This Life is therefore the Centre. . at producing Action and Reaction. and therefore above man's comprehension. GOD AND CREATION . CAUSE AND EFFECT. yet we obtain the rational approach first toward It in thought by contemplating It as consisting of three inseparable. A glance the movement of Creative Life. therefore. the Source. THE first principle in existence is Life Life Infinite. as the finite effect. and is constantly filled with life from It. essential Elements Infinite Love or Will. by Efflux and Influx. is Divine Sub- stance The Great Jehovah Himself the Infinite and Eternal Cause of the created universe. Infinite Wisdom or Understanding. OR. and establishing the Divine Law of Analogy between Spiritual and Natural or Mental and Physical Things. This effect is ever connected with the Cause. and Eternal Life that can neither be increased nor diminished. CHAPTER VI.

the Divine Elements are ever descending and oper- ating for new creations. For every human being is a recipient and medium of life from God. and of thy brethren the prophets and though : in heaven. in the material world. 67 As this Divine Life flows out from the Creative Cen- tre. and have ascended from these low beginnings up the scale of life. and must be still approximating the per- fection of theirHeavenly Father by the higher elements of life He is them adapted to their ad- ever imparting to vancing states. the effluent Life from God would be unproductive for the want of a created substance or base to evolve Itself in and act upon. and the earth is my footstool. Every variety of therefore. into the final ultimate or mineral kingdom. therefore. yet their life must ever rest and act upon the ultimates in which their existence commenced. is represented life. creat- ing in Its descent allthe various spheres of action in regular succession. All the angels of heav- en. upon which all other things rest. " The heaven is my throne.) . For. Therefore the Lord says. Without it. Itproduces and sustains all things in their order. Matter is. for their more full and perfect develop- ment. from highest to lowest and from lowest to highest. must have commenced their existence in this ultimate plane of being." (Is'a. Ixvi. CAUSE AND EFFECT. in the material plane. 1. Through these spheres. the field of action for all crea- tive life. and that life stops not in its descent until it reaches the ultimate of all existences the great work-house of creation. all power can be exercised in the forces of action and reac- tion. GOD AND CREATION J OB. " See thou do it not for I am thy fellow- : " servant. Thus the angel whom John was about to worship on Patmos said. for the creation of new and higher forms of being. forming the various heavens. therefore.

Therefore. It is because the effect is related to the cause that He can fill it with life. It is a higher law than can exist between one natural thing and another. This analogy is not like a common figure of speech. and the souls of men. It is the union of inner things with outer. the angels and spirits. Indeed. by analogy. as the human body is filled with a living soul. For as an effect cannot exist without a cause. is discretely dis- tinct from matter. It is not God. or higher things with lower.68 GOD AND CREATION. and He fills the universe with life. And as there can be no effect without its cause. And represents it by the perfect Divine Law it of analogy. and the elements of life in all their variety of forms and qualities. This life. through natural things. Therefore the entire created universe is a constantly renewed and sustained result from and by the Lord. and the material world is the world of effects. Thus there are two universes the spiritual and the ma- terial. The spiritual world is the world of causes. it is the great law by which the spiritual and natural worlds exist. between the world of Mind and the world of Matter this law of analogy universally prevails so that spiritual things are to be understood by . The spiritual or mental world consists of God. analogy. OR. but is the effect of God. . or the universe of mind and the universe of matter. truth. so neither can a cause exist without an effect. The material world embraces the bodies of men and all other matter of the universe. God is the Cause . so there can be nothing in the world of matter which does not dis- tinctly represent something in the world of mind. being spiritual substance. yet matter manifests it and is filled with it. This law is the relation which must exist between a cause and its effect. Thus when light is mentioned in the Word it means. CAUSE AND EFFECT.

is . gradually approximating. Now the great end or object of the Creator. then animals. and it is the means which holds the universe together and to its Creator. below man. This we may see from the universal law wherein everything is in the eifort to produce its kind to bring forth its own likeness. CAUSE AND EFFECT. . the vast varieties of things scattered throughout the universe were but humanity in fragments. Man could not all exist until these things were created for upon them his . is in the image and like- ness of God but any other created thing. whom He could forever bless and make happy by His own goodness and truth. must have been the production of His own image and likeness in created intelligences. then vege- : tables. the real Divine Image. the vast universe represented man. whereby they could know Him and love Him. The imparting of that law to all His creatures emphatically bespeaks its existence in God. Everything was an image of some principle which was to be in man and it . and through them his mind must be educated. and thus be filled with heavenly life and joy. in giving existence to the universe. The order of the outward creation of the world was from lower things to higher first minerals. and man repre- sented his Maker. until God finally crowned the creation with man as the sum total and embodiment of all things below him for when all but man was cre- : ated. And when all these materials were brought harmoniously together in man. body must subsist. by higher and purer organiza- tions. only an image of some principle in God or in man. took them combined to make man. 69 This relation is the law of analogy. and everything was in readiness to produce him. Now a man. GOD AND CREATION. OB. in true order. and all was pronounced good. and finally man thus orderly and .

be in their degree expressions of some- thing of Himself. and His Power executes it and they come forth. Preservation is perpetual creation. He makes nothing Infinite. . God was making man . and by the con- tinual accumulation of more individuals. and that all things that He creates must. as they come from His hands. Infinity is all. But even that image is being con- of goods and stantly improved by the further reception truths for its ever-expanding mind and increasing wants. . It requires the same power to sustain as it does to create. And this image will be forever improving by the advancement of each of its parts. and they would cease to be. imparting to each other what the Lord gives them.70 GOD JLND CREATION. the Eternal Creator of His own image . and no two receive alike from the Lord. For no two men are alike. is a higher and more full image than an individual. during the whole pro- cess of the creation. His Wisdom devises the mode. Everything is involved in it. having something to life to and thus give which the society did not before receive. but from Himself. But He does not add to Himself. CAUSE AND EFFECT. Who cannot see that the things which God creates must. The highest individual image of God is the wisest and purest man or angel. so far as finite things can be like the Infinite ? His Love desires their creation. not out of nothing. as they come from Him. be in their degree like Him. The withdrawal of His Love from any created objects would at that instant cut off the stream of life. and He gives them their life and existence. OK. From this ground we see that. that He is the Infinite Man. Each individual added to the society is a new medium of the general body. And the affectionate union of various wise and good minds into a society.

The earth brought forth thorns and thistles the wild beasts became . and love and worship the Author . CAUSE AND EFFECT. and animal kingdoms in living forms . according to the various vicissi- tudes and changes of man's states and qualities. For the order of influent life from God must ever be through higher things into lower. Nature became corrupted through man's vileness. with no created rational being on earth to read the expressive characters. as man fell the various creatures and things below manpartook of his depravity. But the perfection of the to the life Divine Original can never be reached. .in the process of creation. As this stream of life passes through the thoughts and feelings of man. For Infinity can never exhaust itself by giving forth new finite expressions of its parts in created intelligences. plied to natural things. filling them with life. And as man was made above all other things in the scale of creation. 'Now. Thus they became changed and modified. thereafter. when all things were in readiness for the production of man . by being endowed with rationality and freedom . OR. the sum total of creation the con- necting link between God above him and nature below him. though forever ap- proximated. at the same time. GOD AND CREATION. when the vast variety of human principles lay scattered throughout the mineral. and adding and happiness of all. then it is that we behold Man making his appearance Man. : quently. when all nature was a beautiful page of mental symbols in physical robes. through the medium of man. and thus the crowning act of the creation. quarrelsome and ferocious and poisonous serpents and . he imparts to it his qualities conse. to be sup- . 71 supplying a deficiency in the general image. embracing within him- self all the various qualities of life which animated the natural world therefore life had. vegetable. and.

ex- isted and preyed upon each other before man was upon the earth. subdue the thorns and thistles. perfectly represents the mental labor necessary to subdue and control the evils and falsities of the soul. The fishes could prey upon each other. for the proper sustenance and security of spiritual life. hawks and owls. But here an objection may be raised on the ground that carnivorous animals. or warlike and quarrelsome propensities in the animals. reptiles. The things of nature must subsist upon what nature brings forth. OK. But it does not follow from this that there was anything like anger or malice in them anything that disposed them to fight for the sake of fighting. And did not the fishes prey upon each other. as a matter of course . And His Word seems clearly to teach that these things are the consequences of the "Fall. fishes. whether there was anything infectious or malignant in nature venom in the serpent's tooth. or any spirit but what flowed from the innocent demands of nature. reptiles. or poison in the mineral or vege- tablekingdom . and all are for the service and subsistence of man.72 GOD AND CREATION. without disorder. in order to sus- tain and secure man's physical life. or thorns and thistles. as a means of subsistence and general good. And the labor necessary to cultivate the earth. CAUSE AND EFFECT. moles and bats annoyed the human race. blight and mildew destroying the good fruits. The question is. Fishes and insects seem to be multiplied for this purpose. They had appetites that demanded food. and the birds upon the insects. And God's very Nature for- bids us to believe it possible." . and guard against and control the wild beasts and serpents. the exuberance of their progeny would fill the waters and produce general destruction. and insects. and they could satisfy those appetites without feelings of revenge.

and he will come to the conclusion that. to the thoughts and feelings of their pupils. 73 As this stream of instructive or creative life leaves the Heavenly Father. is. And thus the stream must flow on and spread around each sphere or state of life. the first chapter being true. cording to his state. doubt the truth of tnis law and order of creation ? Let him read understaiidingly the preceding chapters. Here it reaches the basis of all creative action the common ground for the beginning of the creation of all organic life. its first recep- tion must be into angelic minds nearest the Lord into wills and understandings of the first order. both good and bad. From thence it flows down into the inanimate creation. These celestial angels. Therefore. it must be goodness and truth in Divine Feelings and Thoughts. does any one. into the . Now. pure. from His Infinite prescience. And. animals. in order to adapt it to their states. And the Lord. CAUSE AND EFFECT. from the general sphere of hu- manity on earth and the particular sphere of each indi- vidual. through the vegetable into the mineral kingdom. OK. in imparting these elements of mental life. attemper the mental stream to the minds next below them. in reading this chapter. until. below man carrying with it. disposition. man's various qualities of temper. it flows on down into the irrational though animate creation. all and propensity. impart to it something of the quality of their own affections. coming from the Divine Mind. must. and that the truth of the third 4 . And these new recipients must. must mercifully adapt this instruction to their finite capacities. GOD AND CREATION. imparting to it something of its own peculiarity of thought and feeling as it gives the mental food to the neighbor each one receiving it ac- .it of course. the second must be true also. by their qualities. this food for souls.

74: GOD AND CREATION . " Open Thou mine eyes. If the . cxix. that can enter the rational faculty and commend themselves to the human heart. and no Divine Eevelation. and fourth follows as a matter of course . upon the eternal laws of God. ment that we must adopt the whole or none. amid all its shoals and whirlpools." (Ps. then we are afloat upon the broad ocean of uncertainty. CAUSE AND EFFECT. 18. O God of Light and Life. that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law. that they all stand in their order. ISTo pure Heavenly Father. as read in Revelation and Nature that there is no breaking the chain of argu- .) . premises laid down in the first chapter be false. OK. save us from this wreck. and then he will see that the truth of this chapter is a necessary se- quence of the whole . without a compass or chart.

and obtain a rational knowl- edge of the soul. So. a knowledge of God and of man. in all its myste- ries. that the Word is given for no other purpose. and then. It is. to our spiritual being. CHAPTER VII. by means of this knowledge.and obtain a rational knowledge of the spiritual sense and then. we may look. we gain a . and with sym- . we may gain a clear understanding of the design and use of the material body. a confirmation of the truth of the Word is established. By means of it. also. In seeking this view of the spiritual sense of the Word. up through our physical sys- tem. and. that we are seeking. by means of this knowledge. by correspondence and the light of the Word. solely. thus. THIS science not only shows the relation between the literal and spiritual senses of the Word. THE SCIENCE OP COEEESPONDENCES : THE KEY TO THE HUMAN MIND. our efforts will be much facilitated. for the purposes of human salvation . and how to treat it. therefore. but also between the body and the soul of man. by keeping in mind the fact. filled with Divine thoughts and feelings. clear understanding of the design and use of the literal sense . we look through the literal sense of Scripture.

to the souls and their intentions we look. And. the elements and actions of the mind and their history and thence. by cor- : respondences. designed for our understandings and wills. bols ofhuman thoughts and feelings. instead of up to mind and spiritual things. all clothed in human language. to our outward duties. In all this we look above the bodies of men and their acts. for theimprovement of the mind. always presenting. that they do not know themselves. But an intense and growing anxiety is being felt on the subject. and whither we are tending. quality. is Of its substance. it is the Lord coming to judgment. to the thoughts and feelings. He will show us what and where we are. If we open our hearts to receive Him. to the under- standings of men. and adapted. is the science of correspondences and the : only Light which presents it is the spiritual sense of the "Word. and destiny. and will continue to increase until the problem is solved. when we find this light. But most men have been so long looking down to mat- ter and natural things. and. down . The only key to its solution. that we may know good from evil. truth from falsity. the qualities of the Great Jehovah. first and foremost. the "Way of Life. the natural man has no rational thought. so that all Sacred Scripture be- comes profitable for doctrine. They come. through the things of this world and their history. in practical lessons of Divine Wisdom. These Divine thoughts and feelings are elements of life for our souls. . The soul of man the great enigma of the age. and the action of the body. and see where we stand. for men in this world. life. correction and in- struction in righteousness.76 THE SCIENCE OF CORRESPONDENCES. by correspondences. as the stan- dard of all excellence. reproof.

through crude and contradictory manifestations. Religion. yet. And according to the answers they give. amid the trash of human weakness and pre- it will come to the Holy "Word. And. most inquirers. they relying upon their own sagacity to distinguish truth from falsity. made to their natural senses . before this tribunal. un- settled opinions of frail. But. they stand or fall in the public estimation. is called up. has turned them away from it. And this demand extends throughout every department of science and knowledge. for it is enveloped in mystery. mystery is ceasing to satisfy them . that they can live in generations which are to come. And the present age of free thought. are not looking to the Word for a knowledge of the soul and its destiny . without the spiritual. It is only as they give clear and cogent reasons for every principle they teach. unfortunately. THE SCIENCE OF CORRESPONDENCES. is brought upon the stand to give testimony to the intelligibleness of its teach- ings. therefore. And thousands are exceed. and pro- gressive intelligence. and life. in its spirit sumption. finite beings. And that career must be short . 77 But in this feverish and sensual age concerning spir- itual things. when wayward humanity shall have fully run its wild and fruitless career after spiritual knowledge. before the chair of universal Intelligence. the darkness of the literal sense. while the very spirit which moves man demands a reason for everything asked to it is believe. . to answer for her faith and doings. cannot long be satisfied with dark- ness. even the Holy Word itself. And though most of the minds who are seeking spir- itual knowledge are so natural that spiritual things are not readily seen. ingly active in searching for light amid the selfish.

matter belongs to us. and their corre- spondences. Left to wander in the mazes of helpless unbelief a mental world without a God : ! A universe without a sun ! But very preparation of mind necessary for this is the the reception of true light. And. as we learn to see the value of the soul above that of the body. And strong and honest minds are eager for wisdom. and they are demanding a reason. and many minds are becoming ripe for the reception of any- thing that will give them the desired light. Let all such come. All this but increases the anxiety for a rational view of the nature and laws of man's spiritual being . and for what purpose. And first. We will look into our own spiritual or mental world. The Word. therefore. for its spiritual light. then. to the Holy Word. we shall fix . to illustrate things of the soul. and see what we are. or between mind and matter. with a prayerful desire to be taught of the Lord. without a pilot. and how far. as doubts and darkness rest upon all their experiments. besides the material body. by the science of correspondences. suited to their natural judgment.78 THE SCIENCE OF CORRESPONDENCES. in the letter as well as everything else has failed to do it for them. we will commence with ourselves. and what the corre- spondence is between our material and mental beings. in order to establish well in our mind the complete distinction between spiritual and natural sub- stances. ever approach it. And. as well as upon the meaning of the Word. universal skepticism stares them in the face. and the demands of their reason and their heart will be satisfied. They feel themselves afloat upon the ocean of uncertainty. Let us. For we must look into our own minds to understand the Word and the organs of the body are often brought up .

but also a building of God. not material. and within it. We have each an organized spir- itual body. " We shall all be changed. This spiritual body is composed of spiritual and eternal substances and is. says. Now. or spirit- ual body. indestructible . In confir- mation of Paul " this. 79 a similar value to the spiritual history of the "Word above that of the letter. we shall retain the spiritualbody and have it forever. " For we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved. that are in this tabernacle do groan. we are substantial spiritual beings. not made with hands. an house not made with hands eternal in the heavens. while the material body is subjected to the constant changes common to all matter. again. We. and wasted by time and action. we have a building of God. strictly speaking. or fed with hands from infancy. when he says. and that." not that there will be a spiritual body made of the natural. Thus Paul says. in the ." Here he considers the material body mere clothing. therefore. at the dissolution of the earthly house. filling every part of the material body. THE SCIENCE OF CORRESPONDENCES. or violence leaving the spiritual body complete . never remaining the same body even from one day to another but is con. and which will dissolve. not only an earthly house or material body made with hands." Here we learn that we have. of fall human form. and supplied with food. stantly being worn out. and unharmed by what we call death. . sickness. and which was created and formed with it. until it is finally put off by age. being burdened not for that we . He definitely teaches that we have them both> while we live in the world. " There is a natural body and there IS a spiritual body . When he says. would be unclothed. But Paul has been much misunder- stood. but by the Lord .

with the spiritual bodies. corruption inherit incorruption." so the living. we put off the corruptible and mortal. at the transfiguration of the Lord. for " of thy brethren the prophets and by the appearance of . saw and talked with. " We" the twinkling of ail eye. This corruptible must put on incorruption. James. with bodies. that men go" into the spiritual world. leaving the kernel to " return to the dust as it was. by natural bodies. that which thou so west is not quickened except it die : arid that which thou sowest. Moses and Elias. at the putting off of the material body. " put on." And. True. as the green blade in its life comes up from the wheat that is sown. being burdened. 79 natural. the separation of the spiritual body from the " The resurrection from the dead. not. Paul says." he does not mean . They had left their material bodies in this world . spiritual body from the material body leaving the latter to rises . at death." means precisely what it does when he says. " decompose. who said. thou so west not that body that shall be. and live in . For " We shall all be the word " We" when he says changed. How are the dead raised up ? and with what body do they come ? Thou fool. " " changed into for he expressly says that " flesh and .80 THE SCIENCE OF CORRESPONDENCE'S. but the souls that dwell in them and that . and yet. Now. and this mortal must put on immortal- " ity but when he says. is " Therefore. " We that are in this tabernacle do groan. Paul says. at the death of the body. we know by the appearance of the angel whom John on Patmos was going " See thou do it I am to but worship. whom Peter." He simply means by that. only." he does not mean. But some man will say. these souls will be changed. and John." Thus. they were men. to a higher mode of existence. blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God neither doth .

with our spiritual being. " And as touching the dead. Here we see that the soul or the spiritual body. It is true the literal sense of the Word has life . sation are all in. and the God of Jacob ? He is not the God of the dead. the spiritual body. So we cannot ap- proach the spiritual light of the Word. when we clasp them but the life and sen- . how in the bush God spake unto him. which receives it from the Lord. I am the God of Abraham. saying. is the man. God and men. here. except through the medium of our natural senses. but and from. by corre- body of the spondence. and which. with the life. They are mere instruments by which the soul has communion with the material world." Thus teaching that their resurrection had already taken place. are spiritual beings. and from. there is between the literal and the spiritual senses of the "Word. but the God of the living. when He says. THE SCIENCE OF CORRESPONDENCES. The material body is merely its rep- resentative and there is a perfect correspondence between . of spiritual 4* . and the God of Isaac. the spiritual hands which infill them. approach one another sensibly except through the medium of this clothing. nor the natu- ral ear that hears. but it is of. that they rise have ye not read in the : book of Moses. And so with all the organs of the body. It is not the natural eye which sees. 81 -ne incorruptible and immortal. yet we cannot. And though these material bodies are not our real selves. which is the spiritual sense.but only the clothing we wear in this world. Thus we feel one an- other's hands. the natural body and the spiritual body the same as . in Mark. of a man has life. enables us to understand it. the So the material body spiritual sense. then. And the Lord teaches the same resurrection. and from. by reading or hearing the literal sense of the Word. it is of.

are always made use of. substance . But it is all for the sake of the soul. Therefore. with all their organs. which gave a new influx. had. or it may not. and every word He speaks is to souls. simply. lame or halt . we must look. and for their benefit. and were ready to act with the Divine Im- pulse. . And the natural man might suppose they referred to ma- terial things. they are mentioned as being substance with form God. : and spirits. having heads and bodies. Not that they were healed. The language may refer to the condition of the body also. of good spirits and bad ones. and natural things. He is not unmindful of men's bodies. and He abundantly provides for them. other condition. and with a yielding up to His "Will and He often told . in the "Word. by correspondence. and' act of the Lord. when it is the soul's welfare that God espe- cially regards. an effect also on their minds. men's souls . or in any . angels. And yet.82 THE SCIENCE OF CORRESPONDENCES. when the "Word speaks of man's being sick or diseased . Every miracle. and . It treats of spir- itual things of the Great Jehovah. ing dead or alive circumcised or baptized . when in the flesh. to the state of the soul . inspiring them with faith and trust in the Lord. And the bodies of men. naked or clothed . lesson. coming from a spiritual Fountain. of heaven and hell. and healthy action to the . True. Consequently. deaf or dumb blind or see- . hun- gry or thirsty . but because they yielded themselves entirely up to the current of tin- Divine Life. None of these things are material. them their faith saved them. toward the sick and afflicted. God's Word is a spiritual book. to teach us the states and con- ditions of our souls. for that is the essential teaching. thoughts and feelings belong to the all their spiritual world. because they thought they should be. and of angels. besides the effect on their bodies.

to pluck it out. but he knew his master had gone for the Lord. True. halt in his duty. he being in a state to receive His Spirit. And all these lessons are instructions to us for the healing of our spiritual diseases. because the natural body is not the man. The personal sphere of the Lord was very strong. because it is better to enter into life halt or maimed. dead in tres- passes. And if our hand or foot offend. buried in depravity. persons were . dumb. But all these cures were effected. blind to the truth. and because it has no senses of its own. that is diseased . buried. feet. we are commanded to cut it off. but only the tabernacle of clay in which he lives . asleep as to his religion. dead. and in the darkness of error. men are often itual body. as being lame. or in darkness. but only the senses of the spir- it. sick with sin. which act through spoken of. Man is lame in his spiritual walk. THE SCIENCE OF CORRESPONDENCES. if the eye offend. and the Omnipresent God could. or eyes. deaf to the commandments. halt. to be cast . when their natural bodies are not so. It is the soul. So he is mentioned as hungering and thirsting when his body has enough to eat and drink.and. asleep. in such cases. because there was a cor- respondence between the state of the soul and that of the body and the soul was first moved. Now. reach him . and it often had a powerful influence upon those who humbly gave themselves up to it and acted with it. or with one eye. rather than having two hands. sick. sometimes healed when the Lord was not personally pres- ent. 83 physical system. as in the case of the centurion's servant. it is the organs of the spiritual body that are out of order. by His spir- itual coming. dumb in prayer. deaf. nevertheless. blind. and crowded off the disease by a univer- sal law for the life of the natural body is through the : spiritual body. therefore. in the Word.

is very strange teach- ing.' Thus showing that corruptions enter through the sinful acts of the external man. For the foot to offend is to indulge in low external acts of vice. And that." up. " He that is washed need- etli not save to wash his feet. denotes power. To pluck this false eye out is to cease to deceive. from The its posi- tion. Who. and seek for light . if they kept the feet or external man clean. The eye denotes the understanding. Hence it is written. in the dust. And He said to Peter. but is clean every whit. The hand or arm." For our hand to offend is to use the power which God gives us in violating His laws. in the letter alone. till we loathe the evil. the destitution of the natural body would destroy the soul also. To cast it from us is to resist every false thought. is to cease to use the vile hand . For the eye to offend is to practise deception. This. when once clean. regards it. foot. denotes the lowest and most external principle of the mind. into hell. or knows what means ? Is he who it loses an eye of the material body to have but one eye to his spiritual body ? By such reasoning. To cut the vile foot off is to give up the evil indulgence to cast it from us is to resist . the temptation. or guarded well the grovelling avenues to sin. Hence the Lord washed the disciples' feet to teach them to help one another to keep the natural man clean. " His right hand and His holy arm hath gotten Him the victory. thus making it a wicked hand or power. in the Spirit of the Lord. till we lose the desire. To cut it off. there was no danger.84: THE SCIENCE OF CORRESPONDENCES. and to stop trying to reason from fallacies. without correspondences. to cast it from us is do to resist the propensity to wrong. always. in the Word. and that would be the end of us." Thy " hand shall lift me " O God lift up thine hand. and embrace falsities as truths.

serving two masters we must have . if not allowed to reason falsely and deceive his neighbors. and all their attendant miseries. He would think himself halt. mind. and malice. better to be good and happy here. esteeming ourselves great and worthy of great do- minion. or with one eye. rather than be miserable in the full possession and indul- gence of all his selfish powers and wants. if his overbearing powers were curtailed. feet. led and governed by the Lord. and the other in things good. we may see that we cannot enter heaven with two eyes. one dealing in falsities and the other in truths we cannot go . as to its being better to enter into life halt or maimed. by this scripture. THE SCIENCE OF COKRES PONDED CE8. while we still remain in the love of self. there double-minded. in sim- ple truth and virtue. or eyes. or rather. jealousy. Nor can we go there with two hands. And. or opposing external principles. . and declare it till we love the truth and hate the He. to thus cast ourselves into the fires of envy. one exercised in things evil. that it is better to try to become good and happy. and hereafter. Nor with two feet. The selfish man would think himself spiritually maim- ed. He would think himself half blind. 85 from the Word. or opposing powers of mind. if his feet were restrained from their wonted paths of vice. one practising virtues and the other indulging in vices. "We can go there only in singleness of heart. in what he imagines would be a cramped and mutilated condition. and action . rather than. Besides. And the Lord teaches him. though we cannot know everything and have all power. to be cast into hell fire this means that it is . two opposing understandings. by being wise in our own eyes. an eye single to the Lord or the Truth. rather than having two hands.

and for what we are designed. which shows us what we really are. Thus we may see that the science of correspondences is the key to our own spiritual being. parts and in the hidden part Thou : shalt make me to know wisdom." ." Behold. and their peculiar applicability to the human race under all circumstances.. O Lord : quicken me according to Thy " Thou desirest truth in the inward judgments.86 THE SCIENCE OF CORRESPONDENCES. " Great are Thy tender mercies. and to the spiritual sense of the Word. And the pursuance of the investi- gation will show us the wonderful relation we bear to all the Divine teachings.

yet. giving . and man affectionately and rationally re- ceived the Divine Elements. it. whereby he could be elevated above the beasts. as far as his . he would see things in the true light. while seeing and feeling from the Lord's "Wisdom and Love. In this primeval condition. man would act in the divine current. and progress forever . intellec- tual wants. which was ever meeting all his progressive. THE NECESSITY OF A WEITTEN REVELATION FEOM GOD. would act in perfect unison with the Divine Love and "Wisdom and therefore. we may readily see that. he would heartily respond to every new impulse and direction which his opening in- tellect and growing desires received from the stream of life. For. of course. and act with the Lord. and that substantial Goodness and Truth. faculties were developed. though he had the elements of a self- hood given him as his own. before the " fall. as he had not abused that self- hood. consisting of freedom^ r<t- tionality and desire for knowledge.quality and character to his feelings and thoughts. received into the life is will and understanding. be connected with his God. As Man is a recipient of life from the Lord." while that will and understanding were un- adulterated. CHAPTER VIII. and do every- .

was gone. position of equilibrium. his ability to see correctly. through his internal mind. and thence had perverted the stream of life. though that stream was perverted yet he now needed a Divine Law . for the Lord change those states for the better. almost as intuitively as the bird builds its nest. thoughts. and actions. from the stream of life given him. in which. it would seem to him as though his life were his own. teach him how to repent and return to true order a law . as well as new duties and which explained to him the true principles of . in consequence of his self-hood. in which were also the elements of life a law which the external un- . or outward Law. without giving him a written Revelation. He could now see. though man still had power to act. if he pleased. thing he did. and which offered to the mind new powers and influences. and that he acted entirely from his own powers. and from himself. for the direction and government of his feelings. feel. and he was without any Divine Guide. by intuition. and ex- amined by the light of truth and thus he be placed in a . Nor can we see how it is possible. to or arrest man's downward progress. and resist his . instead of to bless them. whereby his corrupt affections and thoughts could be seen. For. And thus it seems to all men. he could take hold of the offered power of the Law. But still. as a rule of action. the life which he had perverted a law which would .88 THE NECESSITY OF A DIVINE BEVEL ATION. and se ad- ing it out to deceive and rob his neighbors. for the external mind. weighed. derstanding could see to be right. wherein man could meet the Divine Sphere of the com- mandments as a ground of reaction. and act only from his own selfish states. under such circum- stances. But after man had depraved his will and understand- ing. by turning it into selfish and disorderly channels.

life. For whatever may be the character of any religious impressions he may have from within. whenever. unless they stand the test of the Holy Word. should be sanctioned. or from the things of the memory or of nature. For. Its effects would meet his senses in all the things of na- ture. leaving him a mere machine. unless man's external mind could meet elements of life in goods and truths from without. and as his fallen nature would incline his heart to the evils and temptations which he there saw. in the present state of mankind. But as nature would present to him such a confused picture. the internal forces would drive him along blindly in the perverted current of life from within. sudden impressions are made upon our mind. and those from without. without his having either powers of reasoning or of choice . or evil spirits. THE NECESSITY OF A DIVINE EEVELATION. we cannot always tell whether they are made from within or from without. and happiness. he could use the knowledge he had of them in his memory. But when the truths of the "Word are given man in a written Law. he can now reason and decide upon them either from the truths of the Word. True. For that Word . as a ground of mental action. and he is then free to do right or wrong. Moreover. filling the universe. And between the influences from within. he would be sure to run wild without a Divine Law. there is life from without. But no impressions concerning the doctrines or duties of life. he has both the sphere of nature and of the Word as a basis of action. And when the things of nature were not before his senses. 89 evil and false inclinations. he could freely think and act. or the destiny of man. whether by the means of the Holy Spirit or of angels. the character of God and His Word. and return to true order.

are absolutely neces- sary. is infinitely right and necessary." the Merciful Father has always had a written Law for the good of mankind and just to the extent that : that Law has been respected and obeyed. and to the still small voice : it must be remembered that those men all had some knowledge of the Divine Law some educa- . it looks like an axiom. Are we cited to wonderful instances of influence of the Spirit upon men. they have had in this Law a Divine and powerful plane of spiritual force for their internally received elements of life to act against. through the written Word. and is also changed in course and influence. for man's salvation. that what Infinite Wisdom does. as a ground of reaction.90 THE NECESSITY OF A DIVINE REVELATION. and virtuous. And as God is dealing with its free and rational beings. carries along the color. therefore. For. flowing through a discolored lens. the same as pure light. we see not how any powers from within can ever change fallen man without the written Law. isthe only safe interpreter of the character of all spiritual influences or impressions. and works by means. so as to give the freedom of man the power of choice. and without which those elements must have gone out from fallen man in wild disorder. tion of what was right and what was wrong. therefore. the people have been civil. they must go out with the character of that sphere. and be directed by. these premises we may see the reason why. The reason is. Wehave. rational grounds for concluding that the means which the Lord makes use of. no other course would be right or successful. whereby the Spirit could return upon the con- . since From " the fall. and that men can be reached and saved only by those means. having flowed into a perverted and depraved sphere. and that. orderly. Indeed.

for the guidance of men. the bitter rewards of which many are reaping . 91 science and perform its work of repentance upon a free mind. and at variance with. and its saving influences . no other ground to judge of the character and source of his spiritual influ- ences or internal impressions. can teach these things. They therefore lay the Sacred Scriptures aside as erroneous. and to build up a religion from internal influences. in language. Thus they aim a blow at the very root of all that is virtuous and heavenly in families and societies. seeing that man can have no other standard than this. THE NECESSITY OF A DIVINE REVELATION. at some time. to some extent. on the Divine Law. to show him what is true or false. for the elevation of society by their efforts to gain a knowledge of spiritual things. some knowledge of what is right and just some rule founded. by tradition. the heathen heart which has never known the Divine Law ? There are no tribes of men. because the revealed "Word is necessary to all success in virtue and true knowledge. We can come to no other rational conclusion from the facts before us. Now. however low. and loose impressions and sugges- tions of principles more in agreement with their own de- praved desires. in nature. Some have thought that the works of God. Are we told that the Spirit sometimes moves. and which has. right or wrong . the Bible. He may . But as fallen man cannot draw true ideas of the nature and character of God and His laws from internal feelings and influences alone. so neither can he do it with the aid of the works of God. we may see the reason of the entire failure of all the various experiments of men. to some extent. and which they consider superior to. that have not. been given by God. while some are beginning to see that their only hope of purity and peace is a faithful return to the Holy Word.

as the all in all. he can draw from the world and its inhabitants none but blind and erroneous ideas of the Being who brought them into existence. we have something tangible in our mind something that we can feel to be true. and act. Thus nothing short of a revealed written "Word can give fallen man any ideas of God and that must reveal . DIVINE REVELATION. if he is ignorant of the Sacred Scrip- tures. . but a perfect blank. centered in God and flowing into man. or we shall still be in darkness. the blights and mildews of nature. and the deceit. if we do not know that it is love and real substance ? How long the learned have puzzled themselves over the idea of life. enabling him to feel. murder. as closely as he pleases. does the idea of life amount to. No matter how strong the man's intellect. "What. and also the human family on earth. examine the things of nature. nor of man's origin and destiny. the raving madness of her animals and wild beasts. to us His true qualities. In these reflections. What. mean the tempests and convulsions. the poisonous venom of her reptiles.92 THE NECESSITY OF A. nor how extensive his other education. but he can draw from them no true ideas of God. nor of His qualities. think. we may be assured that we can see nothing in its true light. nor how active and powerful his reasoning faculties. and left the subject as dark as they found it for the want of knowing that it was something ! But when we think of it as Love. without the revealed "Word. and vengeance of her people ? Is this the work of an Infinitely "Wise and Good Being ? Thus he reasons. until he gives up all thought of a Divine Being. and rests entirely on nature. unless our thought reaches back to God and rests on First Principles. men have supposed that thought and feeling . "Without the great truth that Love and Wisdom are substance. he asks.


originate in the brain of the material body. And seeing
not that life received substance, all has been dark.

And when they look at nature, and behold her teeming
with life in many varieties, having no idea of the origin,
substance, and quality of that life, the same darkness
hangs over nature. And when, by the aid of natural
science, they geologically search nature for the first mani-
festations of this life, and find it in the mineral kingdom,
in the most feeble expressions of effort to produce vegeta-
bles, it seems to act entirely from the rock as its author.
They next see it in higher and stronger forms in the vege-

tables, still stronger in the animals, and highest and
strongest of all in man. But the higher things seem de-
pendent upon the lower for life and existence, and all

upon the cold mineral. Thus nature appears as everything
the mother of all. But all is total darkness. They see
not how lower things can produce the higher the cold, ;

dead mineral giving forth the beautiful vegetable, with
delicate texture and velvet flowers; and the inanimate

vegetable giving forth the living creatures with their five
senses of animal life and man above all with his sublime

powers of mind resting upon these inferior things for

origin and sustenance. Alas what darkness
! But this

is the best that nature alone can do. Without a revealed
Word from God, man could know nothing higher than
matter. But with the Holy Word before him, man can
turn his thoughts from nature up to nature's God, and by
a right knowledge of Him, in the substance and qualities
of the Trine, a flood of light pours into his mind. He
sees the stream of Love, Wisdom, and Power from his
God flowing down through higher things into lower, until
itreaches the mineral kingdom as a basis of reaction, and
returning, produces the successive orders of creation, till


it is given back to God in the true love, wisdom, and

power of human souls. This Trine of Principles is the
key of knowledge. All knowledge is of and from God.
It is He that breaks the seals and opens the Book and ;

all by this key to a knowledge of His own
From these qualities we are to judge of the qualities of

everything, seeing them more feebly or more fully ex-

pressed in some things than in others; and either in
direct or in inverted order.
Thus we have, in the revealed Word, the elements
of spiritual life; and from that "Word they must be
applied to our souls. And as they are principles of truth
and goodness for the understandings and wills of
therefore they must be understood and loved in order to

belong to the mind. Tims they are principles that men
can one to another, through their thoughts, feelings,

words, and actions. But we do not lose a truth if another
receives it from us and lives it. It is an endless principle.
It may be in thousands of minds at the same time, uniting
them all together and to the Lord, if they love it. The
reason why the order of the reception of goods and truth
from the Word is through higher minds into lower, may
be readily seen from the fact that no mind can know a
truth until he is taught it, nor can it be his till he loves
it, nor can he love it till he has practised
it. And he
cannot be taught it without a teacher. Those who have
the truth must teach it to those who have it not. And
when we reflect upon the fact that these Divine Elements
arc for the nourishment and growth of the souls of men,
we are ready to ask ourselves, how mind can grow with-
out something for the understanding to receive, and the
will toembrace something to supply the inquiring wants
of the reasoning faculties and the desires of the heart ?


and also what lias made the mind of the man greater than
that of the infant, unless it be what he has received ; and
what has made the difference between the good man and
the bad one, except the goodness and truth with which
one has been fed, and the evils and falsities which have
fed the other ? And seeing clearly this plain law of men-
tal growth by means of the revealed Word, the argument
for the necessity of the "Word comes home with great
force, particularly when we consider the fact that these

goods and truths, or elements of life, in order to be ration-
ally received and affectionately embraced so as to expand
the intellect and nourish the heart, have to be given us in
laws or rules of action, which the mind can understand,
see the use of, and must practise, before it can really
know their value, love them,and appropriate them to the
soul. Thus God gives His goodness and truth for our souls
in commandments and rules, for the government of our
feelings, thoughts, and actions. These "Words, he says,
are spirit and life and that if we would enter into life,

we must keep the commandments. And we enter into
life, or become living, when the life of the commandments
enters into us.
Now, when men see that they were made to act, and
that the goods and truths of the "Word are rules of
action, as well as elements of life, and cannot be appro-
priated to the mind but by practising them, and that God
is the Fountain of Truth, they will then see that man
never could have had them without being taught them
from. God in language. Hence the absolute necessity of
the written "Word. It was, therefore, generally spoken
in an audible voice, in the ears of most of the prophets,
and heard and recorded by them verbatim, as given by
the Lord. Thus they say many times over, " the Word


of the Lord came unto me, saying." So the voice of the
Lord was heard by Adam in the garden. True, some of
the prophets, and more especially Ezekiel and John, saw
some future events in visions. This is because the
thoughts of the Lord, who knows all things, can so flow
into a human mind that humble, confiding, and open

to receive them, as to show that mind, for the time being,
future things, when God desires it. Tims John saw and
recorded the things mentioned in the Apocalypse, and Eze-
" House of
kiel saw a certain state of the Israel," or Jewish
Church, in his vision of dry bones. (Ezek. xxxvii, 1-14.)
Before the " fall," God taught men from His Book of
Nature, by the Law of Analogy. Therein was a Divine
Speech, a living language, as will be shown in the follow-
ing chapters. And 'God therein taught man, intuitively,
the great principles and laws of life ; or man, by the Di-
vine Truth, saw them in their true light. But, during
the long process of the fall, man, by his depravity, lost
the ability to read the laws of life in the Book of Nature.
Indeed, Nature herself became changed, and had appar-
ently a confused and uncertain speech ; the Divine Law
of Analogy became above man's reach ; his spirituality
was gone and God gave him, through Moses, the writ-

ten Law man's own language, containing natural good-
ness and truth, suited to man's state, but filled also with
spiritual goodness and truth to be seen by analogy. And
since then, no people on the earth have been without some
truths, however dim, drawn from this written Law, and
handed down through all time. For no fallen soul can exist
without something from the Lord, as a rule of action, that
would either elevate it or check its evils, if it would re-
gard it and which it is free to do or not and the Lord,
; ;

from His very qualities, must come to all men with bless-


ings adapted to their states ; so that those of very little
light, who regard it, will be better off
in the next life than
those of much light, who disregard it.
The laws of true life were given, in the command-
ments, on Mount ;
Sinai and were spread out and adapted
to men's various states throughout the "Word. They con-
tain truths spiritual, and truths natural, and even celes-
tial. They are adapted to the whole mind, internal and
external, suited to men and angels, to earth and heaven,
and even to hell. They reach men in every state and
condition of existence. Without them, no thought of
mental being, no thought of a rational soul, no thought
of a future life, no thought of anything higher than mat-
ter, could have ever again entered even the imagination
of man, after he had Mien into mere naturalism. And
though man is the Lord's rational, intelligent being, made
toknow His God, and to love Him, and exist forever r

made to learn and rationally to understand spiritual
things yet these things, nothing short of the Most High

God could teach. And the instruction had to be given to
man, in signs of ideas that he could understand. It,
therefore, had to be given in a written language, common
to the race ; a language more than internally spoken to
his consciousness ;
it had tobe addressed to his outward
senses, in audible phrases, which he could speak and hear
spoken, understand, and obey.
And this Truth of the written Word has now become
the common medium of spiritual instruction and life to
mankind. And all persons, either in this world or the

other, whoteach truths concerning the nature of God or
of man, of regeneration or degeneration, of heaven or of
hell, must obtain those truths, either directly or by tradi-
tion, from this Holy Word.


Herein God has given His Divine Truths a practical
form, in words suited to all the various states and condi-
tions of men, angels, and spirits, from the highest to the
lowest. These truths are expressed in the best possible
form, because given by the Lord Himself. This Holy
Word, therefore, is The Mediator between the otherwise
unapproachable Jehovah and man. Even in the personal
presence of Jesus Christ, or God manifest, this Holy
Word was the Great Mediator. He spoke through it,
breathed forth its Holy Spirit, and wrought miracles by
its power. God Himself lives in it, and by its Wisdom
He created the universe ;
and it is now spirit and life to
allthe universe of things. And, therefore, no man, angel,
or spirit, either in the flesh or out of it, is a reliable
teacher of Divine Truth, who does not teach it from this
Divine Revelation.
This is a fact, important to be known and regarded, at
the present day, that men may not look, for spiritual wis-
dom, to broken cisterns that hold no water ; that the tra-
ditions, men may not, in the coming age of spiritual
commotion, make the commandments of God of none
effect. For the written Word is the Great Rock of
Ages, and no new things can ever supplant, or overreach,
the Eternal Wisdom of the Great Jehovah, revealed to
man for his spiritual life both here and hereafter.
Let us, then, come to it like little children to their
father's table, for it is Divine food for human souls.
Therefore Jeremiah saith to the Lord, " Thy Words were
found, and I did eat them; and Thy Word was unto me
the joy and rejoicing of my heart ; for I am called by Thy
name, O Lord God of hosts." (Jer. xv, 16.) And David
" The Words of the Lord are
says, pure Words ; as silver
tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times."

. and I says. and that His tender mercies are over all His works . . makes peace. we are often cited to . And to complete the apparently decided fatality of all things. THE REAL AND THE APPARENT. CHAPTER IX. the foreknowledge of God has been understood by some to pre-order and fix fast everything that occurs. He " Is there evil in the city. that God is angry. and repents not . " Whom He did pre- destinate. whether of thought. : He a*lso did predestinate. Jacob. provokable. in the Holy Word. the Epistle to the Romans " Whom He did foreknow. or action and to sustain this view. revengeful. and merciful . and creates evil. and punishes them . that He loved . feeling. that He curses people." . and that He is kind unto the unthankful and the evil. " have not done it ? thus plainly indicating that He does allthe evil in the city. and creates darkness . and unchange- able that He repents. and that He is no respecter of persons / bat maketh His sun to rise on the evil and on the good. them He also called : and whom He called. that He wrathful. and sendeth His rain upon the just and the unjust. WE are told. and hated Esau. that He forms the light. and kind is . and that He is Love . .

" " Therefore hath He mercy on whom He will have mercy . and which the appar- ent. they would throw much upon all the doctrines of light the Word. and are at great variance . by distinguishing between the apparent and the real. simply and clearly teaches and. they are indisputably true to the very letter. . them He also glorified. which all Christians must admit. man . and the Christian world generally acknowledge them as here expressed. Son. as here : stated. and imparted . which teaches that there is an Infinite and Eternal Being who created all things that . among all Chris- tians. And yet those very people are divided into hundreds of different sects. AND THE APPARENT.These great leading doctrines God. and unhappy if unregenerated. and are happy if regenerated. ifmen would receive and use them. the Bible is His revealed Word that in Him is a Trinity.100 THE RF. For there is a common consent and agreement. in order to be saved. them He also justified : and whom He justified. death. to the truth of the first general view of the doc- trines of the Scriptures." Men hav. we rise and go into the spiritual world. and thereby opened up a way of salvation that. called Father. things good that man fell into depravity. his sinful nature to his offspring . after . And a glance at the Key of First Principles. and there are judged. will very soon decide which of the above characters of God must be the real.AT. And as the Principles which constitute this Key are Eternal Axioms. in His Holy Word. and whom He will He hardeneth " . must be regenerated by the Spirit of God that. to save the fallen world. and by realities. that. that He " maketh one vessel to honor and another to dis- honor. God was manifest in the flesh. and Holy Spirit that He made all .e two ways of receiving ideas by appear- ances.

the froward. When wicked men first turn their thoughts seriously toward moral and religious things. persons. in His Word and works. as their minds are educated. But. And even the appearances are various. as fro- ward . too is the apparent and the real. rising. THE REAL AND THE APPARENT. between the apparent and the real. Thus they disagree as to what each doctrine is in itself. literal sense of the Word as it appears. There is truth as it appears. Each man sees Him according to his state . the upright man as upright . at first. and that sense as it is nature as it appears. and God as He is. Nature and its laws do not appear "to the scholar as they do to the savage. light may be thrown upon all the doctrines. But. they see in the Word only the low appearances of God's character. Now. . the pure in heart. but not by essential principles. as they progress. look at nature as it appears. and the watchmen see eye to eye. All . He appears. but they suggest very different ideas. 101 upon the character and quality of these doctrines. as pure. the apparent may be distinguished from the real. and are wavering in mystery. " all things to all men. so with His Word here . they lose thought of the ap- pearance and see things more as they are. and nature as it is God as ." . by the Key of First Princi- ples. They know them alike by outward terms. the angry man as angry . from the surface view to scientific laws. as expressed in Chapter I. all things have their appearances and their reali- ties. The savage sees them only by the light of the sun the scholar has the additional light of science. And as with God's works. The same forms of things fall upon the eyes of both. and all may be brought together in har- mony. Thus He seems to come. and truth as it is the . depending alto- gether upon the states of the observers.

than as all- merciful and forgiving. as such minds are developed by science. they will see through the appearance to the reality. perverse. But this was much better than no thought on the subject. believing that the sun daily revolved around the earth. from the most furious and wrathful to the most gentle and merciful. and would not be feared if it could be seen. for the lowest and most vile peo- " ple. Now it is much better that the Lord should appear to a very wicked. shade of character. And though only an appearance. this character has a powerful influence over their conduct. the world. without a medium or language for ideas adapted to their states. In it. And. from the highest to the lowest. vengeance-taking God. And God's Holy Word. as to astronomy. in its Infinity. yet it was truth to those who could see no higher. And without so coming He could not reach all minds. That medium. in restraining them from vice. and ignorant people as an al- mighty. as they are taught from infancy to fear this terrible Being. For the elements of one mind cannot flow into another by outward instructions. And all the . Such an apparent idea of God can reach and influence them when a real one could not be seen. is adapted to all. Men are of all qualities.102 TEE KEAL AND THE APPAKENT. from infernal to heavenly. It was far above what any animal could think. We must first have them by appearances. wrathful. is the " teiTor of the Law in the literal and appar- ent sense. God comes to men with a disposition and passions apparently like their own and of every . When Galileo presented the solar sys- tem to men. For. was in the shade of appearance. And so of spiritual things. Now it is much better that man should believe the apparently hard things that are written of God than not believe anything.

by mak- ing God to appear what He is not ? When those scrip- ures are properly considered.' apparently prepared by the Lord to torment wicked souls in forever. And with a peo- ple in a state of blind superstition. when we see the real. even a lake of fire and brimstone. if we are evil. and the first Christians. but also to those of the New Jerusalem. It is not a falsity that the sun appears to revolve round the earth. and ill will forever. Is not this using deception. and save our souls. there will be seen nothing false in their expressions. same Holy Scripture may bless us also. re- venge. And now. but from the transgression of His laws. but a dreadful reality. the Israelites. it will lead our souls into the para- dise of God. and that it will torment us with the fires of hatred. when we see this. this dreadful doctrine would have that influence. the glorious light of which is now dawning upon the world and if we apply it to . 103 scripture which so represents God is mercifully given for the use and benefit of all such barbarous and cruel minds. And. The world has had its ages of such benighted ignorance and tyranny. But. to whom such teachings are a blessing. or the grass to look . coining not from God. has been a blessing. held evils in check. THE KEAL AND THE APPARENT. it is asked. anil caused men to keep the commandments. just so far as it has restrained from sin. unless removed by repentance and a good life I say. jealousy. and fear of an awful unknown Power. spiritual truth of this doctrine. And it has its nations now. when nothing else would do it. and located in our own souls. in the ages of great sin and ignorance. and find that that burning lake is no fiction. our hearts and lives. Thus we see that the Infinite Word of God is suited to all ages of the world and to all peoples not only to the : patriarchs. the .

by the abuse of God's power and their own freedom. blind their own eyes. because it done through God's power. though science speaks fur- ther to others. Every man must judge of things accord- ing to his state. and robbers. either for good or for evil. therefore. by sin. but as He manifests Him- self to them in His Word. And when it is seen that all the power in man to do either right or wrong not man's power. run into vice and iniquity. not as He is.104 THE REAL AND THE APPARENT. or the snow white. And upon this ground he can commence the work of repentance and regeneration. and blinds their eyes. In this apparent light is it is that God. sees God in the apparent truth of His Word as acting against thieves. And when cir- cumstances bring him under the influence of God's Spirit. and that man is free to use it. just as he hiihself would act against them if they had trespassed against him. And as to the foreknowledge of God. lie is afraid to break the Law. the human heart is not unconscious of its freedom and responsibility to the truth. they harden their own hearts. These things are truths to a mind that can look no higher. binding the des- . in His Infinity. The bad man. He looks upon the Law as just. murderers. and send them- selves to hell. and sends them to hell. All men must think and judge of God. create their own evils. and creates their evils. Indeed. when they have full power and privilege given them to take the other course. for breaking His Law. and torments them. the apparent truth is that God hard- ens men's hearts. in order to reach the low states of the wicked. con- is stantly given him. green. when otherwise he could not be reached. is said in Scripture to do these things whereas : the reality is that men. torment themselves. Thus. but God's.

is the grand pivot upon which he turns either to the right hand or to the left. this is also apparent. does not neces- sarily affect the events at all. therefore. the apparent and the real. must know all tilings at once. yet He also knew that he could do better. being Infinite in Wisdom. " Whom He did fore- know He also did predestinate. or future. must be the same as afterknowledge. For predestination is only the decision of a general law. or else His commandments are not binding. For. It would be absurd to suppose that the knowledge we of this age have of the American Revolution was the means of its success. Foreknowledge with Him. The Lord's written language always paints two scenes. The freedom of man. therefore. whether present. It is declared in Scripture that the Word is 5* . though He knew that a man would sin. there are everywhere. and thus does not interfere with the freedom of man. throughout the entire Word and works of God. and thus he determines his own destiny. it we could see that it would be successfully done in two years. showing that certain effects must follow certain causes . God made man free. and therefore His knowledge of his acts cannot affect or destroy that freedom. THE EEAL AND THE APPARENT. or reach man's freedom. Now. God. or one scene with two sides an inside and an outside. so ical life." does not at all affect the matter. two scenes. Simple knowledge of events. past. or was in any way connected with it. that the predestination rests entirely upon the life lived. And the declaration. But it has just as much to do with it as our foreknowledge would have with the laying of the Atlantic cable. 105 tinies of men to an unalterable course of life. that misery must fol- low the transgression of the laws of either moral or phys- and happiness must be the result of obedience.

are now brought out in new and in great perfection and beauty. in man's fallen state. with its real light. it is a view of natural things. it infills and blends with the lower light. so as to show its true designs. This Divine picture. as seen in the light of the literal sense. " written within and on the back side. we perceive much irregularity and confusion. and its full symmetry and beauty. by analogy. and are left in much uncertainty as to what the picture. The inside scene. unless it be made transparent by the light which shines upon the inside . and mysterious characters. deformities. and the two scenes become one. this light cannot bring out the clear. strange objects. as seen upon the inside. and teaches many important duties and it directs the soul to higher . or its apparent and its real. giving us. at the same time. the inner light shines through it. Indeed. a view of the inside picture in and through the outside one. things. is a view of spiritual things. now fills up and supplies all the apparent deficiencies of the outside one. But. But when. by analogy. only upon the outside.106 THE KEAL AND THE APPARENT. The outside is seen as a lower light. Thus the Holy Word has its earth-side and its heaven- side. just as man has his . which were scattered more or less throughout the whole view. This is all the light man can at first bear from the Holy "Word. distinct features and qualities of even the outside picture. or things of the mind but as seen . as we examine it closely in that light only. All the dark places. without the spiritual light. light. like moon- picture or literal sense light compared with the real light." Now. is intended to represent. as a whole. which is often only apparent and contradictory. This lower light gives many simple and plain commandments. we cannot see the beauty of the outside scene.

Now. as before suggested. as he believes. and the fogs of our mental earth will soon disappear. viewed with the eyes of the body. But the difficulty is all in ourselves. Therefore. 107 earth-side or natural mind and body. and from the earth- side of our mind. and through which we are looking. The second is a mental scene. THE REAL AND THE APPARENT. then. viewed by the eye of the mind in the light of science. but only as it external man. sees the lamps and torches of the heavens revolving around him in pano- ramic order . it is precisely so with God's Book of Nature. The and ignorant mental selfish sphere which surrounds us. sequently. so as to let in upon our natural mind. and his heaven -side or spiritual mind and body. in the hand of an Infinite Artist. filling his soul with rational wonder and ad- miration. by an- alogy. many appear dark parts of and it indistinct . appears to our Con- selfish. on the immov- able. when we look at the "Word upon its earth-side only. gives its own false coloring to the Divine "Word. . we do not see the scene as it really is. magnitude. And thence we begin to doubt its being a scene drawn entirely by a Divine pen- cil. and some portions seem distorted and ugly. the heavenly light of the Sun of Righteousness. The untutored savage. the two scenes in God's Book of Nature are so completely unlike in aspect. standing. But our understandings be once open to the spir- let itual sense. The mental po- sition or state in which we stand to view it. And then even the earth-side of the Holy Word will be bright and beautiful. flat earth in the centre of creation. while a new and sublime scene passes before the learned. in natural light. The first of these is a natural scene. but on a lower plane of thought. with things out of place and upside down. darkens and distorts our vision. If.

10S THE REAL AND THE APPARENT. heat. with all her appar- ent laws of gravitation. of God Himself. and see her. of spiritual attrac- tion and repulsion . life. motion. to be but the mere blind and unconscious effect of the higher. and view it in the pure light of spiritual science the science of the soul the science of thoughts and feelings the science of spiritual substance. and as hav- ing existence.and. light. . by the aid of 'only the light of natural science . of spiritual heat and light. and. and fact . the Cause of all causes. and action. and in the light of His Divine "Wisdom can look down upon Nature. when we can look above and beyond all the clouds of appearances. to some extent. and produc- tion. light. only in and by the constant influx of these spiritual principles. when we can have a rational conception and knowledge of the Science of Causes. if the view becomes so vastly changed in beauty and grandeur. as they flow from the Divine Fountain ? To come into the blessed enjoyment of this Spiritual Light and Life is now the privilege of fallen humanity. indeed. what must be the change of scenes in God's Book of Revelation. the spiritual principles and laws.

by analogy. in each of which. to look with facility for a we have not got. and a spiritual plane. And we will open the subject by stating that the Spir- itualSense of the Word.Although these qualities have been frequently mentioned. yet they should be more specifically consid- ered. to obtain clear ideas of the elements of that spiritual sense. For. so also the human mind. CHAPTEE X. THE SPIRITUAL AND NATURAL SENSES OF THE WORD: THE SPIRITUAL AND NATURAL MINDS OF MAN: THE ADVENTS OF THE WORD INTO HUMAN MINDS. and also of its application to us. . and of the way those elements are to reach and affect the human mind. at His second coming that He comes as the ele- : ments of life. and its importance appreciated. first. we must mental thing that have some idea of its qualities. so that its principles may be rationally understood. which receives it. therefore. the recipients. IN order to bring out the Spiritual Sense of the Word. as well as a spiritual sense. and that human minds are. But as the Word has a natural. has a natural plane. which men now receive. it will be necessary. is the Lord.

virtue and holiness. we have communion with spiritual things we think . as to space. feelings. we often sit in judg- ment upon the thoughts. . which was the . the external mind is first formed and developed through the means of the senses . And when we enter our closet for self-examination. Not that God was limited. and decide against them. halting between two opinions one mind inviting us to . there is a will and an understanding. with natural things. through the body. it is natural and world- ly . or mind.110 THE ADVENTS OF THE LORD. the internal and the external. He was the Omnipresent Life of the universe. or the spiritual and the natural man. These two minds are often at variance and we find ourselves . while in the flesh and . And yet there is . in Scripture. : and the second. and the temptations of the world. and heavenly influences. sustaining the internal mind. human. of God and heaven. and actions of the natural man. and the other prompting us to virtue. These planes are called. The human infant had a natural father the Divine had not. exciting the external mind. Now this cannot be done by the same will and understanding that had been astray. we have connection. By the natural mind. and evil influences. By the spiritual mind. and think of the world. which we by comparing the Infant in the will illustrate manger with another infant the first we will call Divine. For the same mind cannot be bad one moment and good the next. the internal mind is afterward formed by religious education and heavenly influences. Now. The human was a recipient of life the Divine had self-existent Life. sin. and its attractions. The whole process of regeneration is a warfare between these two minds the : Spirit of Truth. These views of man's mind will introduce us to a true idea of the mind of the Lord. Father.

He prayed to the Father. THE ADVENTS OF THE LORD. And that church. Ill nothing unreasonable. He. they must be developed through the natural senses like those of any other infant. who is the Life of the universe. Now. and One with the universal Life yet before the assumed : mind and nature could become a medium of . He declared His equality by saying. was Almighty. And there is no more mystery in it than in any other Divine act. in His thus assuming our nature. tempted in all points like as we are. besides the natural body. He to wipe away is from men's all tears eyes and . It is declared." And when He spoke from the natural mind. their God. But when He spoke from His Spiritual Mind. or contradictory to Divine Laws. spoke of His inferiority to the Father. if He could thereby bet- ter reach and influence our free minds. with a will and un- derstanding like those of any other infant. and He Himself is to be with them. should be . It is just what might be expected from Infinite Mercy. in His church : that 'kingdom. This Divine Infant had. And though the self-existent Life of the Father within. they are to be His people. that His name. with all Power in heaven and on earth. prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. which He is to establish. could certainly assume a human mind the high- est order of His creation. in Revela- tion. He and the Father were One that He was the First and : the Last. the Word clearly teaches. Thus the assumed natural body and mind grew up in the world. and said the Father within Him did the "Works. an external plane of the mind. with a nature like " ours.that life to man. from Mary. at His second coming. that the object of this second coming of the Lord is to establish His kingdom on earth : that that kingdom is and that. which is to come down from God out of heaven. is denominated the New Jerusalem.

He came the first time. And there can be no coming or going. present. which in the beginning was with God and was God. He comes the second time. True. let us seek a true idea of the Lord's coming and Where can He. called " the Wwd of God. which that Love speaks. in which He is not. in the spiritual sense. as to space. God Himself comes to men. in the literal sense. the feature which He presents is the Word. though Father. flesh. But. going. Therefore. is God ? of the simply the receiving and the losing It is Love and Wisdom* of God.112 THE ADVENTS OF THE LORD. by the mind of mail. between the Father and the Son." At His first coming. like ours. or the Spiritual Truths of the > Sacred Scriptures. He comes again as the mighty God Therefore. there was an assumed finite nature and body. or go to ? Certainly nowhere. The higher elements of His nature can only be approached through the Word of Truth the Father can be found only in the Son the Goodness only in the Truth. who is Omnipresent. yet. that we the Spirit of Truth and might have the Light of Life become regenerated. the coming and going of the Most High then. They are always together. All . He came as the Word. There can nothing exist. What. They were assumed only as a means of bringing the Word. and which was God and that Word was manifest in the . in some sense. Could they be separated. as the Word. as the Word. Son and Holy Spirit. and came a Light into the world. come from. But they were not the Lord the Mighty God. in God. which was in the beginning with God. and the Son is the Word or Truth. The Father is God's Love. they would both be finite neither of them would be Omnipresent. down to man's fallen state . as the Word. or the Truth into the human mind.

as his life. that does not see and love the Truth of the Word. and rejecting it. all on man's part. that God can thus come and go. THE ADVENTS OF THE LOKD. He comes and goes as to nothing else in the universe but the mind of man. is really in that per- son. It is because man has freedom and rationality. has not God in the understanding and affections. Yet. from His affec- tions. God speaks. not at all on God's. the Word comes into the mental world the mind of man. the Divine Truth or Word. into the world . we see thfot from love to man. Thus He says. The coining and going is. He comes again those elements of His nature are received into the understanding and will. or reciprocally. The mind. and deals ." But the Father Principle." we lose God . we lose the love of Goodness and Truth the Lord is gone from the mind. in God. and out of. And when man de- clines into evil and loses his love for that Truth. Thus. affectionately. as Love. or Word. being the Divine Love. and a desire to instruct him and bless him. it seems. 113 coming and going. and am come into the world : again. all God's coming and going is into. And when the human mind sees and receives that Truth. sends forth the Truth. when the Lord thus comes and goes. by influx. as though He left the Father and returned to Him. therefore. by regenera- tion. or gives forth the Truth. But. by some of the literal expressions of the Word. by the " fall. Thus the Son comes forth from the Father. although that man does not receive Him into his thoughts and feelings. but the Father comes in it. I leave the world. the affections of man. He is not with him ration- ally. Therefore. and go to the Father. " I came forth from the Father. of the Lord. God. And this is done by man's loving the Truth. have regard solely to the mind of man. And. and the Son Principle. God. that is.

" Behold. re- ceiving life and power. he sups with the Lord. or the Divine Love. from God. the Word. was a little empire of itself. as we . And thus the Lord. the Truth. in the flesh yet. with gratitude. it is said to go to the Father.. in the Bible. The Truth addresses itself to the rational faculty. freedom and rationality. came in and supped with that nature. as it were . Man's understanding is the door to his will. as . have natural plane of the mind. as the Word or the Truth. That Truth says to man. and whenever itascends above man's comprehension. wants to get into man's affections. as the Word. the Lord isstanding at the door and knocking . by drinking that Truth into his soul.114 THE ADVENTS OF THE LOKD. I stand at the door and knock. and opened the door and the Lord. the same as it meets any other mind. that Truth is said to leave the world . murder. And. from the Father. is what is meant by his hearing the Lord's voice and opening the door." Thus the Lord. the Lord sups with him. with will and understanding. and that . And the Truth of the "Word. which He re- said. as he loves the Truth. For. It stood at the understanding. the ceived from Mary. and man's yielding his will to that Truth. although the Father. And. came into the assumed mind the mind received from Mary. in perfect free- dom. and knocked. lie. saying. the same as any other external human mind. as he gives his affections to God. and obeying it. or door of that assumed human nature. is the inmost Life and Divinity of Jesus Christ. met that mind from without. in falsities. Do you not see that it makes the world miser- able and wretched to do these things ? In this.covet. And that nature heard the voice. Thus the Lord comes into the world the mental world. to act. acknowledging. It is wrong to steal.

swering to the material body the literal sense being in . while the Father was still within it. He re- turned into the Infinite with the glorified natural. out of the spiritual sight of the disciples. to the Divine Mind. And thus. answering to the finite sphere of the as- sumed mind and the spiritual sense. thatWord comes the Comforter. The Great Jehovah. THE ADVENTS OF THE LORD. or ascended into His Divinity. man's language. Thus the Word now becomes the Mediator. after the ascension. in the Gospel. by the assumption of our nature. as the Lord glorified His assumed human- But ity. received from Mary. there could be nothing material. within the assumed. and putting the Infinite. to those who receive it. 115 nature with the Word. the Lord became. is filled with that Spirit and through . but Infinite. even the Son of Man which is in heaven.by putting off everything finite. about the Lord. after the Lord's ascen- . and then. He only brought Himself nearer to us. or finite. so as o reach fallen man. that that only ascended up into heaven which came down from heaven. the same as the assumed human nature became it. . in the ascension. Thus that assumed nature re- ceived the Truth through the written Word. therefore. Infinity cannot be increased. For. when He returned to the Father. from the Father. For the literal sense of the Word. There- fore. by descending into the natural plane of human life. and giving us the Gospelm that plane . in its place. Therefore. the Spirit and Life of the Word to man. Glorified Humanity. more fully. having that Infinite. at His first coming the letters and words an- . like the assumed Humanity. by putting off the finite. or send forth the Comforter. Humanity. did not add to Himself. He could give the Holy Spirit. and acknowl- edged the Father as its Author. we are taught.

True. is. we shall then see that the world of man- kind must have lost a true knowledge of Him. But when. in the Goods and Truths of that Word. by faith in the Lord. through the new birth. and given forth into life. was by a New Birth of the Truth. could not have made an advent. in some distant aerial region called heaven then. also." and they sought salvation. man's will and understanding. in its Spirit and Life. by . No men really knew the Lord. always. This second coming was prophetically announced by the Lord Himself. And. Infinitely into that. or He would not have been absent from men and. And now. He took our fallen nature. the mind of man. and of the doctrines of His Word. as His First Coming. to man. Second Coming. simply receiving or losing the knowledge and love of Him and that this coming and going must always be the . therefore. from the Father. out of the Word. He could not come where He already was. the written "Word became the obvious Mediator. sending forth the Holy Spirit to all who faithfully seek the Lord. and nowhere else and that it . received into their wills. into. at His first coming. . ally lost and it became necessary that He should make a . by means of regeneration so. and out of. " the traditions of men had made the commandments of God of none effect. Word of Truth and Life into. He made no other first coming to men than into their souls. but those who received His Spirit of Truth and Love. before coming into their souls. a true knowledge of the Lord was gradu- . must be His Sec- : ond Coming.116 THE ADVENTS OF THE LORD. and away off. or out of. in the process of time. For the Word. if we bear in mind that the Lord's coming or going is. and brought the Spirit of Truth and Love. into men's minds. through which the Comforter could be sent. sion. is the Manifested Lord.

Now. Herein we see that the second coming of the Lord is like the first. And it must be into the world. when the world is not in that dark state. His second coming is of a higher order than the first. thereby. He comes now. This shows that there would come a dark. And it is declared. that no flesh could be saved without a second coming. His name should be called " The Word of God. by regeneration. in the Apo- calypse. not only as the Liter- . that. if He could not. that lighteth every man that cometh into the world" He is the " Sun of Righteousness " for the human soul the true spiritual light and life of all that will receive Him. in Matthew (24th chapter). it is prophetically declared. or of the doctrines of His Word. For. as the lightning cometh out of the East and shineth even unto the West. in such a state. Thus He comes. was into their souls. Thus His first coming. 117 Glorification. unregenerate state of the world a state without a true knowledge of the Lord. at His second coming. And precisely so. in His absence. and become so wicked. the Lord is already there. that the Lord makes His Second Coming. For His first coming. and is suited to the scientifically advanced state of the world. THE ADVENTS OF THE LORD. where the truths of His Word are seen and loved . is His second coming. where they are not. which was in the beginning with God and was God. as the Word of Goodness and Truth. He is present with every mind. as declared in the firstchapter of John. selfish. But this work would do men no good. was "a Light into the world" He came as the Word of Truth. and absent from every mind." His first coming was called " The true Light. that the world would lose all knowledge of the Lord. received into their wills and understandings. to men. approach and enter their minds.

" " When Thy judgments are in the earth the inhabitants will learn righteousness/' It is true. ungodly shall not stand in the judg- " ment . Besides. be- cause of Thy judgments. Therefore judgments are mentioned as blessings. view of the literal sense. which the Bible teaches will take place when the Lord shall make His second ad- vent ? We answer. for Judgment." midnight I will arise and give thanks. but in judgment. . are dead in trespasses and sins." " The judgments of the Lord are true and " Let Zion and righteous altogether." " I will praise Thee with righteousness of heart.but also the Spiritual Truth of the "Word. Nothing else will reach their head and their heart. Here the reader may ask what we have to say about the resurrection and the judgment. judge the earth. rational. but in judgment and man can never . in this age. and that God will execute judgment upon the wicked. opening to us the nature of the spiritual world and the laws of our spiritual being. for. and revealing its Spiritual Sense and giving a clear." My soul breaketh for the longing it hath for Thy judgments. full and consistent . who cannot be raised from this death. He now comes as the "Word in its fulness. when I shall have learned " Thy judgments. O Lord. because of Thy judg- ments.118 THE ADVENTS OF THE LORD. This is precisely what the Spiritual Sense of the Word is coming Many men. the Lord is with him." rejoice the daughter of Judah be glad. and showing the perfect unity and harmony between the two senses. to their souls. The Psalmist sings. " Arise. there is another feature to the judgment. by opening the Holy "Word. the Lord never comes to men. When man does not need judging. be blessed. without the coming of the Spiritual Light of the Word. al. But it does not hurt the wicked to be judged. when " the it says. at all u At times.

world cast out." Thus the spiritual sense of the Word is coming to raise us from the dead." (John xii. Here we see that the Truth of the commandments is the life and power of the judgment. They decide whether they will receive the Truth. I judge no man. 15. is the judgment of this world now is the prince of this .) And the Lord says. Now. " I will betroth thee unto me in judgment. It does not punish them. it is written. fill us with new Light and Life. the Divine Truth." " The Lord will establish His kingdom with judgment. and Christ shall give thee light. and receiveth' not My Words. And it " comes. the same shall judge him. 22. that we may be good and happy." Thus redemption. 48. THE ADVENTS OF THE LORD. and all blessings. and unites us to the Lord for . or reject it." And this keeping of the judgments regenerates us. and go against it.) rejecteth Me. 119 It only decides what they are. but hath committed all judgment unto the Son." " He that (John viii. in the mind. saying. in the Spiritual Sense of the Word. Awake. He says. . hath One that judgeth him the Word that I : have spoken. the second time. come with judgment as it : is written. and go with it . He comes "with " power and great glory : and if we yield to Him." And.) Thus the Word of the Lord. He came also " Now the first time with judgment therefore He said. is now coming. So. we are commanded to " keep the Lord's judgments." " (John v. Their evils punish them. the establishment of the church. the Judgment is an operation of the Truth in the mind of those that are judged." He will purge Jerusalem with judgment. His . " The Father judgeth no man. and arise from the dead. with judgment. judge us. For. in the last day. " Zion shall be redeemed with judgment. purify us. thou that sleepest.

and freely put away. so that the sea will give up its dead. will be performed in each mind that receives Him the dead principles of . or with any unkindness. into the human mind. will be seen. And thus the Great Judgment which is prom- ised at the Lord's Second Coming. Every false principle with- in the shores of our knowledge. repented of.120 THE ADVENTS OF THE LORD. the world is to be brought into order. reigns in the people of the Earth . the sheep and the goats will be separated. as the Divine Truth. Nor will the Light stop there. ." And as His coming is through the literal sense of the "Word. revenge and malice. will be judged and condemned by the Truth. Through this judgment. the evils and and the whole mind will be brought into falsities rejected. are the dark and mysterious appear- is ances of the literal sense of the "Word as seen in the mind the mental heaven until illuminated and explained by the Spiritual Sense. but will enter the will. all that mind. and given up. when " all all shall know Him. which cause the firesof hell in us to burn with anger. harmony and peace. or all the evils of the heart. small and great. Truth will enter and explore our entire memory. Thus we live in the Great Judg- ment Day. or understanding. from the least to the greatest. and there.therefore the " clouds of heaven. will stand before the Truth . which will be continued as long as there is any one to be judged. Death and Hell will give up the dead that are in them ."in which He to come. until the Lord.

the same His Language. and all people more or less use it in adulterated forms . His "Word is universal Light and Life. CHAPTER XI. and they will all understand the man's character better probably than it could be described in their several languages. Now. and point to him and then point to the hog. ever. GOD is the Universal Being. THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE. though they may know nothing of it as a science. greedy. is universal and . and then to the serpent or to the most innocent and . It is THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE. and subtle man. This is the Language of Correspondences.it is the basis of all other languages. it- self. who know nothing of all of one another's languages. loathsome man. ever in. No language could be formed without it . selfish. And being the uni- versal language. And it will be the same if we point to the most licentious. secret. and they see some light from it. therefore. 6 . It is the relative law of life between the natural and the spiritual worlds. for a simple illustration bring to- : gether men nations of the earth. unchangeable in its Divine character and qualities. but are acquainted with the characters of animals then bring before them a most . unchangeably the same .

the vine and the bram- Thus 1 ble. the wheat and . strong. and then to the dog and so we might go on describing : various characters. Behold.122 THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE. and then to the lion or to the most . and of one speech. that we are indebted for so correct a knowledge of the Holy Word as we now have. harmless. It is to the conservative nature of the Hebrew and Greek lan- guages. the language we use pur- ports to take root in many others. And the law of analogy is the only light in which that root can be truly seen. The all loss of that language. At the time when the Lord " said. Nature is the ground in which all true language takes root." then the people spoke the universal language. and neither the wisest nor the most ignorant could describe a thought or a feeling without it drawn from or ideas it. to men. True. by things wholesome and things poisonous . "We know the dead languages are not fluctuating and changing. watchful and cautious. and then to the lamb or to the most bold. and fearless. which occurred in building the tower of Babel. like those in common use. in either stronger or in fainter accents . This is because the language has no roots. have. and they have all one language . and consequently the world has become filled with a variety of uncertain languages. " " the people is one. the whole earth was of one language. not only by the animals. And it is therefore . no one of which any two persons understand alike. and even those of them which are called dead or fixed languages. But even these lan- guages themselves. the universal language everywhere speaks. But the reason is they are not used. the olive and the thorn. . left men without any sure way of express- ing ideas . in Genesis. lost their roots. but also by other things by the hawk and the dove. the tares. even to cruelty against intruders.

when lie sees persons of every nation. What is a pure language? It is cer- tainly something above human. and therefore where no shadow of a rational meaning can be seen without the law of analogy. that they may all call upon the name of the LORD. see not where nor how that root exists. " Then will I turn to the people a pure lan- guage. and particularly in the Holy Word. in which all the people will call upon the name of the Lord. and which He gave them ? He says He will turn to the people a pure language. Like its Divine Author . understand- ing it alike and beholding therein the Lord Jesus Christ. by the loss of the science of correspondences. where many things were written solely for the sake of the spiritual sense. But the Lord says prophetically. . than the one they have before had. and all called upon the name of the Lord ? And who. to serve Him with one consent." Now what can this pure language be. Hence the uncertainty which hangs over the precise meaning of many things in even those languages. unless it be that very language which the people had when the whole earth was of one speech. can doubt that the time hasnow come in which that prophecy is being fulfilled. and kindred. and people embracing this language. to serve Him with one consent. and as they truly proceed. that they could better preserve the Word. But men. as the one God. whom they can all serve with one con- sent? And what other language can the Lord turn to the people. 123 of the Divine Providence that they became dead. pointing to this age of the world. and tongue. reading the Holy Word by it. that sees the science of correspond- ences and reads the Word by it. THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE. Those languages still take root in nature. unless it be a language which will give them all the same ideas of God and of His Word ? and also.

And for a long time the language of correspondences was the only language of the earth. therefore. which this language could not delineate to the life and much more correctly than any other language . Such is the language of analogy . instead of the living origin- als. the character and Jaws of God. that the very names which they gave to the various ob- jects of the creation indicatedand expressed the peculiar quality and character of those objects. It was to them a Fountain of infi- nite wisdom from the Lord. it spoke from life. Pic- tures of the objects in nature. The written language. and the skins of beasts. the very forms to the objects in nature which would be selected to represent those qualities in man. in the prime- val age the people read. the history of their creation. became the expressive symbols of men's ideas. It was the first written language. definite. to-day. Upon what page soever their eyes rested. and sure the same yesterday. So clearly did they look through nature up to natureVGod. and the nature and quality of themselves. . understood and read by all alike for . or propensity of the mind. and forever. feeling. Thus it was a universal language. they saw. as by intuition. passion. itmust be divine. could do it because man's spiritual qualities had given . "When men first began to put their thoughts upon the barks and leaves of the trees. through qualities clearly indicated by their forms and uses. . And there was no thought. the true na- ture and character of the scene in its living aspect. could not possibly be mistaken by any one who understood the science of correspondences.124 THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE. There was no truth which men needed to know that this book of Nature did not teach or indicate. and such is no other language. they did it in the hiero- glyphics of nature. in the book of Nature. Therefore. They had no other language.

This is the true. was invented and intro- duced into use. original language. this mode of writing was amply suffi- cient. the . 125 even at the present day. But now they use the names of these things. . and so forth. hand for the eye for the understanding power . and . So that the change in the mode of writing did not change in the least the character of the language. in the process of inventions. ture. For. by natural symbols. knowledges the moon for faith the sun for love. For the names of things always indicated their quality. THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE. in the book of Nature. though they did not paint any longer the objects of na- they spelled and used the names of those objects. For example : they had been accustomed to paint the lamb for innocence . which conveyed the same ideas. heart for the will the ear for obedience . And the names of the natural things just mentioned now signify in the Word what is stated. And in this lan- guage Moses. by correspondence. through the objects themselves. they saw their subject in living lines. But. or narrate a history of events. the stars for . . wrote the Pentateuch in the Hebrew dialect . a man skilled in all the wisdom of the Egyptians. Did the people of that age wish to express upon parchment any attribute or character of their Creator or of man. And did they wish to correspond with their friends at a distance. from the use of sounds expressed by means of letters and words. sometimes for the Lord. for the quality of the ideas. the serpent for subtlety the . yet and therefore continued to look. and any expression of char- acter could be delineated therefrom. as before. the period arrived when a new language. It was still the language of correspondences the universal language. But even in this language men still con- veyed their ideas.

and even faintly in the present profane languages of the earth. in itself. " spirit and life. Truths are eternal verities. and sustain each other. and gradually sunk into sensuality and naturalism. They quarrel from the want of a sure way of . and for the proud . Falsities are all dark.expressing their ideas. but misunderstood each other's words. unstable. But not without leaving its expressive memoran- dums upon the pyramids of Egypt . But from all these remains. Their words have no definite meaning. In no other language than cor- respondences could the Bible possibly contain the Word of God." But as man by sinful habits became less and less spiritually-minded. fit grounds for contention and strife. in Oriental literature . men cannot differ. the spirit and life have departed and the consequence of the loss of this science is . It is therefore from false.126 THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE. are And all truths are in harmony. They ever and unchangeably the same. that men are divided. deceptive. when seen. " confusion of " tongues all over the earth. and mysterious. The hottest mental combats often end in the perception of the fact that the parties both meant the same thing. in the records of the Druids . so this sublime language lost its 'beauty and glory. in the fabulous stories of antiquity . in the poetry of all ages . It is about falsitiesaltogether that the Christian world is contending. About them. for no other language can have. until its gold became as dross and passed away. a language peculiar for the expression of the qualities of things by their names. and not from true views of the "Word. in Heathen mythology . in the idolatrous worship of the Gentiles . Men cannot now certainly understand each other.

For illustration Had we no words to express the idea of : innocence. taking place among those who build " upon such grounds while those who build on the Eock : of Ages" the spiritual truth of the "Word. there are 110 two persons who. True. nor disagree in their doctrines. and that Law divine . and must be. Thus nature is the basis of all language. the ques- tion as to its truth becomes a startling one. her language has become to us much adulterated. how would we get one ? Now. If. and we shall find it impossible to see how to express a single idea in speech without taking the sign from nature.wisdom and constant changes of opinion . We use it nevertheless. so far as they receive the light. are. And. will come to the same conclusions as to its teachings. as keenly as we can. or a gentle motion of the hand ? How should we know but it meant . we may soon know by rational reflection that it is Dame Nature that has taught us all to talk. and the reason they will not disagree is the very reason why they differ not in mathematics : be- cause in both instances the truths are indisputable. We can lisp only her accents. unless by sin they lose their language. because their investigations will be carried on by a scientific Law. without the light of this science. a soft tone of the voice. therefore. and no two who have it that disagree. rationally seen in the light of analogy never can change their views. we may think deeply. Of this we may be convinced by trying to answer this one question : Had we no language. how- ever lostwe may now be to the true roots and laws of our own dialect. the answer to this question. 127 display of self. but that is our own fault. how would we declare it ? By a harmless ex- pression of the face. and seek. Analogical students of the Word. as we believe. THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE. do agree as to the doctrines of the "Word.

if we had none. we might go on and fill up our chapter. would be very indefinite. sweet. warm. gentleness. But having lost the science of corre- spondences. spirits . white.128 THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE. long. the language we should now draw from na- ture. . They are all taken from nature. restore harmony to the minds of and bring the watch- Christians. And if we could read the book of Nature in correspondences. dark. Still we should go there for the natural man has no other way. should have We no other way than by seeking something in nature which was a symbol of innocence. . no matter what. And yet we use them to de- scribe the states and qualities of the mind. low. nothing short of the restoration of this science can ever draw out the deep truths of the Word. and of a long. or sour temper. by which we express the qualities of mental things bitter. near. cold. deep. a near friend. saying. but in the use of words which have been drawn entirely from nature. distant. Take for instance the whole variety of adjectives.or some other grace or virtue? We could not certainly tell. speak of We a warm or cold heart a bitter. Now. men to sec eye to eye. : sweet. and can think of no other way to describe his thoughts and feelings. kindness. sour. short. distant relative. Well may the Psalmist sing of " There is no things of nature. or shallow head of high or low . speech nor Ian- . high. These expres- sions are used because there no other way to express is the quality of spiritual things but by means of words ex- pressive of the quality of natural things. we should point at once to the lamb. a and so knotty subject . light. quietude. black. a black character a . . or clear and lucid understand- ing a bright or cloudy intellect . a dark and muddy.

Their line is gone out through all the earth. tures. Chapters II 6* . 129 guage where their voice is not heard. from which we have made extracts in this chapter. and their words to the end of the world." * * See SILVER'S Lectures. on the Symbolic Character of the Sacred Scrip- and III. THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE.

upon the loss of the science of correspondences. Read where we will. . For this purpose the things of nature are constantly brought up in His Word. Before the science of correspondences was lost. yet commences it with the mention of natural things and natural events and it talks about them continually. and Earth. CHAPTER XII. little else than a . It is no wonder therefore that.and comes declaring itself to be Spirit and Life. with all their varieties of things was a symbol of the human mind. Moon. Stars. they are ever before our thoughts. MEN once saw that the outward creation or visible system the Sun. this was clearly understood. For the science expressly shows that God has given His Word to teach us spiritual things through His "Works. by means of that science. thisage may see the propriety of the expression. to teach spiritual creatures spiritual things. And though the Word is given by a Spiritual Being. THE MICROCOSM AND THE MACROCOSM. men became more and more natural until they saw. For this reason man was called a microcosm or little Arid now. men and things. from the very nature of God. we of world. throughout the entire Bible. in the Word.

through the effects to their causes. "Who cannot read in a human production something of the thoughts and feelings of the artist who paints a picture. are a description of the same kind of things. 131 history of natural things. while the legal parts are given for the guidance of the mental action of those souls. and see that the historical parts. be- . And we may thus read the spiritual. by analogy. phetical portions are a description of the same kind of things foretold . but few of whom had any thoughts of spiritual things or of any existence above matter. besides the account they give of God. and cor- respond to them. or of the man who invents a machine ? Precisely so do all natural things suggest the mental nature and character of their causes. But we may now see that the Word so speaks. For all natural things are the effects of will and understanding somewhere exercised. in different ages and under various circumstances and that the pro- . we may look. because natural things are the results of spiritual things. showing more particularly what men's souls pass through in their regeneration. by certain and eternal laws. and for their true illumination and life and that even the Psalms. when we contemplate the spirituality of the "Word. and laws for the action of ma- terial bodies .and see the nature and character of the thoughts and feelings which brought the natural events to pass. sides their reference to the glorification of the Lord's Humanity. as was the case with the Jews . THE MICROCOSM AND THE MACROCOSM. Throughout the whole Divine Record. to the character and quality of the causes which produced them. therefore. the real history. and the influences which produce . are a narrative of the various creations. fallsand regenerations of the souls of men. And now. And those things must point.

the Infinite Man. and is giving existence and life to all . It is an entire history of man . the internal sense treats of the creation of the spiritual things to which the natural things correspond. and understand that the things below man in the scale of being. and of the Holy Word. for a bird's-eye glance at the "Word. of the heavens and the earth. by analogy. when we see this. and as God.132 THE MICKOCOSM AND THE MACROCOSM. and they turn . and that is the external plane is his earth. as strange and novel . at sundry times. is related to all. to matters of the mind to things human. This im- mense. of God. past. with all its living creatures of affections and thoughts. is the Author and Father of all. we must look. by correspondences. for it will open the door for a general exploration and understanding of the entire "Word. so therefore the history and study of man isthe history and study of everything. God's Holy And "Word embraces that whole vast history. as man is a micro- cosm. moon and stars. and the universe . From this view we may see that. "Whatever therefore may be the apparent subject of the letter of tlie Word. present and prophetic. it : I say. vestigations before us. strikes many minds. with its sun. whereby a flood of light will flow into our minds to aid us in the in-. as well a to all other strange things said therein . at the first view. through what appears on the surface. "Where the creation of natural things is mentioned. and that the internal plane of man's mind his heaven. man. as the medium of light and life to all created things . and yet consolidated system of views. For it will give us a clue to the true meaning of all those dark passages in the "Word which speak of the creation and passing away. then there will be a view opened. are symbols of his mental qualities . having within him the living elements of the all macrocosm .

shrubs. in whole or in part. hills. where they are. thistles. trees. fire. silver. and what light they can bring from any other source or system to show the use. calms. than this language of analogy. rivers everything inanimate : beasts. sand everything in the earth . the valleys shouting and singing. droughts. briers. moon. clouds. copper. the trees choos- ing a king. wheat. iron. hail. and even the earth itself why are these things so frequently mentioned : by the Lord. earth- quakes. floods. rocks. rep- tiles. rye. rain. brass. winds. THE MICEOOOSM AND THE MACROCOSM. ice. the hills rejoicing. everything that flies. barley. frost. stars. the mountains moving about. and Joshua. it is asking too much to request their atten- tion to any such system. seas. saying. can we possibly account for the propriety or use of many portions of the Sacred Word ? What shall we do with the Penta- teuch. insects or crawls : brambles. 133 aside. precious stones. darkness. storms. creeps. lead. birds. the hills skip- ping like young sheep. snow. or with many mysterious things scattered throughout the Word ? Why is the vast universe. without the Word of God. light. thunders." Must not be because they it impart moral and religious instruction by a higher mean- ing that the letter which killeth ? are these things Why mentioned as living and rational creatures? the floods clapping their hands. fishes. valleys. corn everything that grows upon the earth : gold. walks. swims. clay. mountains. in gen- erals and in particulars. or with the books of Ezekiel and the Apocalypse. to teach men the doc- trines of the Word and the of life ? for " way all Scripture is profitable for doctrine. so frequently brought before us 2 The sun. beauty and harmony of that entire Word ? Upon what other ground. But let me ask them if it is asking too much to request 'their attention to the "Word of the Most High God ? And let me further ask. .

what can we learn from such things of the "Word as the Lord's shav- ing with a hired razor. moon and stars. from this general glance at the subject let us next look at the use made in the Word of the sun. ! and you will find. man that claps his hands. and God enter- the beasts of the field and the ing into covenant with unless they creeping things of the earth. and its consuming the beard from the feet ? From the dragon's sweeping down a third part of the stars with his tail ? From a chariot's being cast into a dead sleep ?From Jehovah's riding on horseback or in chariots ? From horses' coming out of the book when opened ? From the locusts with shapes like horses. . so that it is man that reels to and fro. for all that thirst. and they are beaming with truth. faces like men. What can these things mean ? Are they the "Word of Infinite Wisdom ? They are. in every passage. every- thing that hath breath praising the Lord. why all this. most certainly . Come ye to the banquet come with confidence and a teachable spirit. hair like women. so in order for them to corre- See SILVER'S Lectures. But without this science.134: THE MICROCOSM AND THE MACROCOSM. man with whom God entered into covenant.* Now. As these are called heavenly bodies and are said to be in the heavens. a well of living water springing up unto everlasting life. man that praises God by every living- principle of his nature. Chapter III. and tails like scorpions. clear to the mind and filled with food for hungry souls. the earth reeling ta and fro like a drunken man. correspond to principles in man . man that shouts and sings. mountains in man that are moved ? It must beso and by the science of correspondences it is : clearly seen to be so. teeth like lions. principles in man that skip like young sheep. man that chooses a king.

" the external plane. to : heavens and earth. " In the begin- ning God created the heaven and the earth. this prophecy. with the internal and external mind brought into order . salem means the church or the human mind in order. they are sottish children. a new state of the human mind. in Isaiah (Ixv. is meant. " Behold. because by the new heavens and new earth mentioned. And they must also mean the human mind. relates to the coming of the Lord in the flesh. I create new heavens and a new earth and the former shall not : be remembered. had passed away in the progressive fall of man and the new . for they can mean no other. And as the Holy Word is a history of the human mind. in the prophecy through Jeremiah. heavens and earth were to take their place. that mind must have its heaven. And mind is the new heavens and the this state of the new which the prophecy refers for the former earth. Behold. and her people a joy " where Jeru-. The Lord " says. 135 spond to things of the human mind. in Isaiah. and by the " earth. our Lord says. nor come into mind. they have not known My Me . and have none understand- . I create Jerusalem a rejoicing." so." wherever used in the Word. THE MICROCOSM AND THE MACROCOSM. or good and true state of the mind. for the prophecy continues. Now. or of a new state of the human mind. by the word " heaven " is meant the internal plane of the mind." Now by the former heavens and earth which are not to be remembered must be meant the very heavens and earth created in the beginning. in reference to this dark state of the human mind or of the church. 1Y). " people is foolish. And so. and commences by saying. And a little ex- amination will show any one that this is what is meant by the phrase " the heavens and the earth. for the establishment of the Christian Church.

while in spiritual ignorance. as the prophecy de- clares. and lo. it is is. Aiid how much it is like the description of the state of the people on earth. because it requires the image of God to make a real man . shine. for Arise.136 THE MICROCOSM AND THE MACROCOSM. thy light is come. Now in order to restore the Jews to the image of God. and there was no light. and the heavens. it was without form and void . beginning God created the heaven and the earth and the earth was with- : out form. " there was no man" And the reason why said. sensual people. ing . And all this the Lord did. or first before the kingdom of heaven was established in them ! " In the for that narrative. at the time the Lord was to come in the flesh. The Jews had become a low. in Genesis. He even created man again in His own image after His like- ness : or He created a new heavens and a new earth." Here we have the depraved state of the Jews. And He says to " it prophetically. or the church in man. the lights of truth must be set again in the heavens. they are wise to do evil. and void. I beheld the earth. And so the reason why it is said that all the birds of heaven were fled is because all heavenly thoughts were gone. and this the Jews had lost. I beheld. and lo. and void / and darkness was upon the face of the deep" And so the Jewish mind at the coming of the Lord was without form. and void of goodness and truth. being deformed by sin. says. but to do good they have no knowledge. for it had ceased to be spiritual. in the establishment of the Christian Church. had no light. to give light upon the earth. and illuminated it. Its heavens or internal mind. there was DO man. and the Gentiles . and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee . because it was not sym- metrical. and the fled birds or heavenly thoughts must be called back. and all the birds of heaven were fled.

And as the human mind shines by the truths "of faith from the Lord. opaque body. in dependence upon the Lord. receiving all its light from the sun. they denote true principles in the understanding or men- tal firmament.. and the stars shall withdraw their shining . to mark our moral and religious latitude and longitude in the ocean of life. . and the moon shall be dark. so the moon shines by light borrowed from the sun. The sun denotes the Lord as to love and wis- dom. And the stars are as a true most beautiful symbols of truths or knowledges in the mind. the Lord says. Stars are therefore said to fall from heaven. and kings to the brightness of thy rising. from the Lord. Being bright objects in the natural firmament. These things are never mentioned in the "Word without having this signification. receiving all its light of truth. or its true faith.. "What a beautiful mental constellation are the ten commandments. our eternal home. when bright and clear in the firm- ament of the mind !Like beacon lights to the natural mariner. THE MICROCOSM AND THE MACROCOSM. The moon is therefore used in the Word symbol of faith. The sun shall be turned into darkness. For as the moon is a dark. in its onward-bound voyage to the haven of peace.. they stand in our mental heavens as fixed stars upon which we may ever depend. the moon denotes truth or faith. the Sun of Righteousness. and the stars truths or knowledges. The earth shall quake before them the heavens shall tremble the sun . . whenever man loses his knowledge of the truths of the Word. so the human mind is a dark opaque body. or to withdraw their shining. to guide our frail bark of humanity. as we strive." Thus the Lord is the light of the mind or of the church. 137 shall walk to thy light. concerning a dark and de- " praved state of the world. In the prophecy in Joel.

The earth is ut- terly broken down.) This is a pro- phetic description of the dismal state of the human mind when its sun of righteousness. definiteness or force. 10. mentioned as occur- ring on the of Pentecost. something else is meant. The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard. behold. and the moon into blood. saith God. wherein we were born ? But Peter. And how graphic is this description when the analogy is seen ! No human language can compare with it either for fulness. the sun day . and signs in the earth beneath . when the people " were all amazed. The earth is defiled. who declares that before the things. I will show wonders in heaven above. and said unto them. . and marvelled. Peter quotes the very words of Joel (ii." Here. lifted up his voice. isshown by the following language through Isaiah " The ! earth mourneth and fadeth away.. or of the mental earth.138 THE MICROCOSM AND THE MACROCOSM. . standing . should take place. And we have positive proof. . This is that which was spoken by the prophet . The earth is clean dissolved. 28-31).. . blood. Joel : And it shall come to pass in the last days. in plain and unmistakable language. The earth is moved exceedingly. when this prophecy was fulfilled. before that great and notable day of the Lord come. moon and starswere not disturbed at the Lord's coming." Now as the sun. For on the day of Pentecost. are not all these which speak Galilseans ? And how hear we every man in our own tongue. and fire. 31. The foundations of the earth do shake." (ii. "What a pitiable state of man. and vapour of smoke: the sun shall be turned into darkness. what that something else is. its moon of faith. and the moon into blood. up with the eleven. . saying one to another. and its stars of spiritual knowledges cease to shine.

139 should be turned into darkness. before the Christian Church should be established. Behold. and of the establishment of the New Jerusalem." Now the whole 24th chapter of Matthew is a prophecy of the divisions. For the prophet John says. and the moon into blood. THE MICROCOSM AND THE MACROCOSM. and they shall be His people. and He will dwell with them. in which they are written. and I John saw the holy city. . and the stars shall fall from heaven. in the Apocalypse. disorders and troubles which would arise in the Christian world. to express another dark. New Jerusalem. prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. after candidly examining them in the light of analogy. The Lord there " after the tribulation of those says. There can be no question of the meaning of these prophecies left in the mind of any one. And by the moon's being turned to blood is meant violence done to faith. coming down from God out of heaven. and God Himself shall be with them. the Sun of Kighteousness. the true light of faith would be gone from the human mind on earth. and the moon shall not give her light. Thus showing clearly that. The same symbolic language is used in the prophetic portions of the New Testament. and of the coming of the Lord for the establishment of the New Jerusalem. Immediately days shall the sun be darkened. And I heard a great voice out of heaven say- ing. " and I saw a new heaven. . For by the sun's being turned into darkness meant the loss of all true knowl- is edge and love of the Lord. divided and distracted state of the religious world on the earth. the tabernacle of God is with men. and a new earth for the first heaven : and the first earth were passed away : . and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken and then shall: appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven and then : . their God.

and the moon shall not give her light. where it is prophesied of the coming of the New Jerusa- . as heavenly light. The passage in Mark which treats of the second com- ing of the Lord. and pestilences. and creeds. And as the things writ- ten concerning the sun. who is the Truth. the sun shall be darkened. there. called in the prophetic teachings of the 24th chapter of Matthew. Jeremiah and Joel. and lo. But all will be plain when men see that the clouds are the dark. literal sense of the Word. and earthquakes. and rumors of wars. as prophesied in Isaiah. the Scripture we have con- sidered is a dark cloud in the mind ? But by the use of that science. and cry- ings of lo. mourn. as is divisions. 18. for it is declared that in both instances the same things would take place. moon and stars. in those clouds. and parties. and that the Lord." By the tribulation of those days meant what we now see throughout the world. and famines. and of the state of the world. and they shall see shall all the tribes of the earth the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. by means of the science of correspondences. here. wars.140 THE MICROCOSM AND THE MACROCOSM. the Lord. Who does not see that without that science. moon and stars did not take place in outward nature at the Lord's first coining." All these wonderful things con- cerning the sun. comes in this cloud with power and great glory. and subdivisions. 20). when not understood . were to take place before the coming of the Lord in the clouds of heaven and the descent of the New Jerusalem. and the stars of heaven shall fall. and contentions of sects. reads thus : " But in those days. will make His com- ing as the spiritual light of the Word. But in Isaiah (Ix. we therefore are not to look for anything of the kind at His second coming in the clouds of heaven. after that tribulation.

heaven fell unto the earth. even as a fig-tree casteth her untimely figs. nor the moon becoming as blood." The woman denotes the crowning state of the church. while it is crimsoned with sins of every dye. so that her deportment will be pure mercy and intelligence that her understanding . It reads thus " The sun became black as sackcloth : of hair. when she is shaken of a mighty wind and . our Lord says." In one of the prophecies of the New Jerusalem. through St. and the moon became as blood and the stars of . THE MICROCOSM AND THE MACROCOSM. Violence shall no more be heard in thy land. and thy gates praise. shalt call thy walls salvation. twelve stars. but thou. 14:1 " lem. concerning the disturbed and beclouded condition of the Christian world preceding the descent of the New Jerusa- lem. John. when she is to come as a bride adorned for her husband. How cheering the thought that the church isyet to be clothed with light as with a garment a light shining from heavenly love. it says. is to be filled with all spiritual knowledges. and of vio- lence being done to faith. the heavens departed as a scroll when it is rolled to- gether." ISTow while we cannot conceive of stars falling from heaven. denoted by the moon under her feet as a sure lantern to her paths ! There is another striking prophecy in the Apocalypse. Thy sun shall no more go down neither shall thy moon . the moon under her feet and upon her head a crown of . "There appeared a great wonder in heaven a woman clothed with the sun and . symbolized by a crown of twelve stars that she will ever stand firm : upon the eternal rock of true faith. and the days 01 thy mourning shall be ended. wasting nor destruction within thy borders . . withdraw itself for the LORD shall be thine everlasting : light. we can conceive of truths becoming lost to the mind.

Hills. that affection would be called a " mountain of holiness. But. So if it be self we most love. then we can re- move this mountain of revenge. the Prophets. This mountain must be removed before we can find rest or peace of soul." a " mountain of the Lord. whether good or evil. And what is most important is. Again. not BO bitter as revenge or malice. we have a rational and beautiful view of the truth therein taught. Mountains are our highest loves. our enemies and bless those that curse us. and consequently cannot teach him. by the divine science of correspondences. in which the Holy Word is written. in a bad sense. "be thou removed. The literal sense alone is against the reason which God has given to man. This is the kind of moun- tain to which. as taken from the Prophets. and teach us the way of life and salvation the very things which we most need to know. We have now given a brief explanation of the mean- ing of the heavens and the earth. feel unkind toward anybody that we should love even . from the very commencement of the Word to its close in Genesis. in the Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles. Therefore if the thing we most ardently love be goodness. and in Revela- tion. manifested in some violent feeling of revenge or malice toward some in- dividual who has injured or slandered us. denote feelings not so high as mountains. in." because a high state of love to the Lord. and it shall be done " for if we have faith to believe that it is wrong to . the mind has its mountains. we can say. if we have faith like a grain of mustard- seed. they show us our God.142 THE MICKOCOSM AND THE MACROCOSM. yet feelings . and which the good God most desires to teach us. moon and stars. hills and valleys. that bitter feel- ing is also a mountain the uppermost pinnacle of our mental earth. the sun.

" The lion shall lie down with the lamb. of God and the neighbor take their place. animals are mentioned. Wherever in the Word. In a good sense. by the beasts be- fore the throne of God full of eyes before and behind. We shall understand what is meant in the Word. we see a symbol of man's thoughts. and are faithfully protecting the lambs and kids of innocence and virtue from all harm. a beautiful description of the state of the regenerate mind. 143 which are unkind and uncharitable. For. From this. when the strong lion and leopard of the mind are filled with the spirit of mercy and truth. denoted by the different beasts. we shall see that it is the affections of man filled with wisdom concerning things future and past. And the more closely we study the character and qualities of the various animals and birds. the cow and bear shall feed together. For the moun- tains of self-love. and the leopard with the kid . when all the various feelings of the bosom. THE MICROCOSM AND THE MACROCOSM. We shall see why it is written that . and Dan a lion's whelp or an adder in the path. We shall also see why the Lord says. We shall then understand why Herod was called a fox. we may form some idea of what is meant in the Word by the moving about of mountains and hills. and the hills of the love of the world are removed by regeneration and the mountains of the love . and even lying down in their embrace. birds mentioned. and a little child shall lead them " for by this language we shall see . the more strongly will we be- come confirmed in the belief that there must be some ana- logical law or connection between the human mind and these creatures. are in harmony and love . we find in them a representation of the human affections in the . as eyes denote the understanding. in connection with our own feelings and thoughts. they denote feelings of charity and good-will.

and thanksgiving to the Lord why the beasts say. and others as white . They denote the hid- den thoughts of the thievish soul. why. and honor. Alleluia. We shall see that the human what is meant by heart. in their union. Some are birds of night. now rising toward heaven and now sinking to earth One bird meets ! the eye and is gone. Another bird soars. are beasts that it is men and not animals that do these things. . and from object to object .144 THE MICROCOSM AND THE MACROCOSM. the beasts fell down and worshipped God. which cannot bear the light of day. 'Tis like the poet's brilliant thought. saying. when the Lord . armed with beaks and claws for destruction. Amen . which no powers can sever nor adversities weaken. Some birds are as black as darkness. Some birds descend to the earth and feed upon filth symbols of the dissolute thoughts of the grovel- . How like the coming and going thought ! Another appears dressed in beauty. flying to perch in the verse of fame or affection. seeking carnage and gain. Other birds are as gentle and harmless as the breath of heaven. Some birds are fierce and cruel. fit ling mind. and as joyous as the music of spring. it was a beast that said. Amen. Corne and " see and also why . We know not whence he came. nor where he went. Now. correspond- ing to the thoughts of innocent children sporting 'mid sun- shine and flowers. the beasts give glory. are as affectionate and as constant to each other as mercy and truth. afraid to appear before the eyes of men. They point to the malicious murderer's thoughts. " opened the first seal. They denote the conjugal thoughts of faithful souls. warbling his joyous notes like the happy Christian's thought. ascending to heaven in the morning anthem. Some birds. in the morning. the soul's affections. how like the thoughts the birds fly about from spray to spray. indulging in sin. on the wings of joy.

and we must let them fly from mind to mind. and the adulterated thoughts of men Birds ! are indeed most true and perfect representatives of thoughts. we are confounded with the idea that the birds were made of water. It is remarkable that almost everywhere in the Word. When the church in ourselves or in the community is in danger. must have been good . before the mind can be satisfied." This is the only way the Lord can defend Jerusalem or the church. " Again. And we also see that allthe aifections. and that water there corresponds to truth. the false. for the will or goodness of God. we go to the first chapter of Genesis. we must have true thoughts. How perfectly they symbolize. brought them forth. and throughout the Holy Word they always denote something of the rational or intellectual. That birds denote thoughts. element. and birds to thoughts. 145 as the light . must have been true . to which the animals correspond. to all which birds correspond. in color. the true. to which the land corresponds. As birds : flying. How long shall the land mourn for the wickedness of them that dwell therein ? the beasts are consumed and the birds. while others are mixed with black and white." 7 . the Lord says of the people. : For we see that the thoughts of the people. And as beasts and birds are there used merely for the sake of the spiritual sense r all is rational and clear. But when we see that it is a spiritual history. we may see from the fol- " lowing illustrations In Isaiah our Lord says. or the church will not be defended. in Jeremiah. THE MICROCOSM AND THE MACEOCOSM. where birds are mentioned. before the fall. for the truths of the Lord brought them forth. all is light the mystery is fled. the If " " first place where winged fowl is mentioned. some other meaning than the literal sensemust be given them. so will I defend Jerusalem.

see that it cannot mean natural horses. Now. is fallen. by the same prophet. good affections and true thoughts were gone or destroyed. will condemn him. so that the thoughts are presented. falsities. the passages could not be understood. The horses signify the understanding of things. " Mine heritage is unto Me as a speck- led bird the birds round about are against her. or rather." How true it is that a fallen and corrupt mind is a cage of such birds ! Again. the Holy Word speaks much of horses. And the Lord again says. The "Word speaks of horses and their riders. Now if we will only admit that the term horse means the understanding of knowledge. this was actually the state of the Jewish church . or out of the church. as usual. u Babylon the Great is fallen. and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. where every one must. But if we should adopt any other signification. by mixing up truths and falsities together the white spots : indicating truths. spiritually speaking. whether true or false. all the strange passages of the "Word. A church or a professed Christian must be true. it says. or the thoughts of the people round about. will be rationally understood. Without the understanding of divine truth we could not possibly make spiritual prog- . The riders are the persons themselves who have this un- derstanding and knowledge.14:6 THE MICROCOSM AND THE MACROCOSM. connected with other correspondences. where the term horse is used. partly true and partly false a speckled bird. speaking of the church as a city. and read the Word with that idea in the mind. But the natural beasts and birds were on the earth. and is become the habitation of devils. as to doctrine. and the black ones. and the hold of every foul spirit. "We could make nothing out of them. In Revelations." . The community will be against a speckled bird. The speckled bird denotes an adulterated state of the mind.

But the understandings of the Jews became astonished. and I will smite every horse of the people with blindness. it will be like a wild. saith Jehovah. and were blind to the truths of the Gospel . starting at every new object. and throw him among the rocks of error. We rest and rely upon the understanding and power of the truth. r ow. 4. in the Word. our understanding be filled with false. " In that day. instead of the truth. THE MICROCOSM AND THE MACROCOSM. as we rest and rely upon the ability and strength of our horse and there is a perfect correspon- . of the vegetable kingdom to the human mind is no less striking than that of the animal and it is as little understood without the . But if. and often jeopar- dizing our life on the way. and is already fulfilled and yet every . spiritual sense. in Zechariah xii. A man with such a mind needs to keep a strong bit and a straight rein over his headstrong understanding. vi. and the trees.* The correspondence. frantic. I will smite every horse with astonishment. and they remain so to this day. in prophesying of the future dark state of the Is Jewish church. and his rider with madness and I will open mine eyes : upon the house of Judah. coming out of the book. It generally refers to things of the natural mind the grass upon which animals feed denoting natu- : ral good. or TJHI7BESIT7 . upon which the affections live . or it will surely run away with him. dence between them. ungovernable horse. it says. 147 ress. getting into mud and mire. absurd and evil views. natural horse was not smitten with astonishment and blindness." This prophecy has reference to the state of the Jewish church when the Lord should come in the flesh. Rev. on the wayside of destruction. leaping all the fences or rules of law and order. explaining the horses'. or down the precipice of vice. Chapter VI. * See SILVER'S Lectures.

8-15. tares denoting false and evil principles and corn and . and birds and beasts. as applicable to our natural man. becoming envied and admired for his vast acquirements and superior excellence. And he is represented as a wonderful tree . The spiritual SCMI-I- is highly instructive . until he becomes great in his own estimation. Much is said in the Word of trees. and falls into darkness and death. in the "Word. a variety of trees are brought up. throughout the parable denote people and the subject is . sometimes God.148 THE MICROCOSM AND THE MACROCOSM. thistles. and thereby gaining great power and influence. and also a cedar of Lebanon. brambles and . denote more elevated principles fruits are for of the mind thorns. king of Egypt. good principles. the vine and the fig-tree. the other trees envy him. vii. In the 31st chapter of Ezekiel. and some faint. de- noting men or principles of the mind. the trees are represented as going out to choose a king over them and the trees . . but we have not room to explain it. and all the fowls of heaven and beasts of the field are connected with him. whose man. and thus he falls into ruinous evils. as he rises to the zenith of his glory. Here Pharaoh is called the Assyrian. In Judges ix. beautifully applicable to men now. generally. The various conditions of the trees. and the waters. wisdom and knowledge. Pharaoh. represents the natural man and progressing in scientific in the love of science. show the operations of the various principles of his mind to which these natural things correspond. chap. By the Tree of Life is meant arid the Lord. (Explained in SIL- VER'S Lectures. inflated with self-love. briers. They often denote men. nettles. by the rules of analogy. grain. of the olive.) Great use is made. And in the sure language of God we may find it exceed- ingly interesting and instructive. and some go to hell .

falsity of the understanding. with the sun. with- out which it would be utterly unfruitful. and one which throws much light upon the under- standing of the Holy Word. And how forcibly does the power of these divine principles. His power. the moon. goodness can do nothing without truth. except the human mind the highest symbol of Him in nature is the sun the heat denoting His love. So also must the will and understanding of man have the love and wisdom of God the divine influx or they can do noth- ing. The land denotes the good or evil ground of the will and the water. will and understanding. this natural will and under- standing must receive spiritual goods and truths from the internal mind. the truth or . THE MICROCOSM AND THE MACROCOSM. . The first general division of the earth is into land and water that of the mind. And when we consider the sun as corresponding to God and the earth to man. the light. faith in Him. from our inter- nal mind operating upon our external. The highest symbol of God in any one thing. To be truly alive and pro- ductive in heavenly things. and their action. knowledges of His commandments. This internal mind is represented by the natural heavens. His wisdom. They must have the heat and light of the sun. moon and stars the sun : denoting the Lord. . or the natural good and truth which are in them. into . The land and water of the earth denote the will and understanding of the external mind. But even the land and water to- gether can produce nothing of themselves. we have a broad field for contempla- tion. nor evil. and. 149 Let us now glance at the similitude between the earth and the mind. alone. correspond to the influence of those heavenly bodies upon the earth. without the under- : standing .the stars. without falsity. The land can produce noth- ing without water nor can the will.

because the elements of the human mind are the living elements of the universe. These are the glorious truths which will yet lift the veil from human hearts and minds. not only in generals but in particulars. Then will the knowledge of the Lord cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.150 THE MICROCOSM AND THE MACROCOSM. and bring the world together in wisdom and love. Thus the correspondence between the physical uni- verse and the human mind is everywhere most perfect. . by regular influx. and tears will be wiped from off all faces. And it is neces- sarily so.

NUMBERS. CHAPTER XIII. "We shall then see that numbers would naturally and necessarily be used to denote the qualities of thoughts. To number people or things is to ascertain their general qualities. like everything else of the Word. in order to prepare our minds for looking into the spiritual signification of numbers. it would of course mean God He is First of all First in quality and in : . and the last that entered the class. and principles. said. NUMBERS. Sometimes they mean also what is numerically expressed in the literal sense. Thus. the All inall. and sometimes they do not. we say of a person. meant and declared something mental or spiritual. quantity . . but can only be understood in the spiritual sense. or done. he is the first man in town. which is their essential meaning. And this quality-signification of number one has never been wholly lost. Now. when everything seen. let us first throw our thoughts back to the primeval age. always have a spiritual signification touching the soul or life. He may have been the last man that moved into town. feelings. And beginning with number One. or the first scholar in the class.

30. Deuteronomy vi. therefore. We not have power without having love and wisdom. which are declared to be One. It is the Life principle. or Love and Wisdom. 4. O And in Israel :Jehovah our God is One Jehovah. My Father are One. in Psalm u One xxvii. involves everything that is in it. the spring of all action. Again." Here the one thing de- sired involves three things. the days of and to inquire in His temple. But it involves the other two." The Father Love. and action to accomplish. In all cases where God is mentioned by two names. which it requires the union of will. It is i!i< . either in true or in inverted order. 4.152 THE CORRESPONDENCE OF NUMBERS. or Goodness and Truth. or is " Word. denotes the dual principle. Hear. all my life. the Son. Wisdom is number Two. Yery many passages can be cited from the Word to As John " I and sustain these statements. By knowing this. Power is number Three. understanding. Power. Two. Con- sequently the number Three signifies all. Wecannot be truly wise without being good. fulness. or will and understanding. to behold the beauty of the Lord." Here the phrase Jehovah our God means the Divine Love and the Divine Wisdom. and signifies marriage. when we leave individuals and come to principles or elements. We cannot have two things with- out having one. that will I seek after that I may dwell in the house of the Lord . But it in- volves number One. or goodness and truth in union. is Truth. His Love and Wisdom are meant. So the phrase Jesus Christ means the Divine Love and Wisdom. Love is number One. We cannot have three things without the two. in x. therefore. can. much light is seen. perfec- tion. thing have I desired of the Lord. And next to Love is Wisdom. Moreover. Next to Love and Wisdom is Power.

the neighbor. only extending more Thus the ten commandments in- into particulars. and behold. ing from the mountains shows that they go forth from the heart. as 100." Now this relates solely to things of the mind. 7* . but would direct the thoughts to the particular command- ments everywhere in the Word. sell whatsoever thou hast. THE CORRESPONDENCE OF NUMBERS. 153 same in Mark " One 21 x. . there came four chariots out from between two mountains. and lifted up mine eyes. sometimes signifies the same as ten. or evils and falsities. clude the whole law And a thousand command- all. It is a vision of the coining of the church into men. in the complex as in Zechariah vi. : and also conjunction of goodness and truth therein: a. 1. Four. Therefore. The whole vision is exceedingly beautiful. and consequently the fulness of goods and truths. thing thou lackest go thy : : way. ments would mean not only what was in the ten. or much. teaching the way of life but we are now only upon ." One thing involves the three.000. It suggested the origin and rule for counting by tens. denotes also union . The number Ten denotes all a man has. and sometimes a few. being the square of two. signifies the same as ten. mountain denotes love two mountains. Chariots denote doctrines four denotes fulness. and have not room to give further illustration. and give to the poor. the half of ten. The number Five. and looked. love to God and . 1. any number obtained by adding ciphers to ten. By the chariots being drawn by horses is meant that the doctrines were in the understanding com. numbers. A volume could be cited to sustain this truth. : " And I turned. and so forth. or little. Something of its quality-signification may be seen in the fact of man's having ten fingers and ten toes.

1. The reason the wise did not give to the foolish of their oil is. and so forth . in the understanding.000. 100. 1. Kow.600. 10. according to the subject treated of and the manner used. 9. but direct to par- ticulars. 600.000. 70. the five wise ones are all. From five arise 10. The six days of creation .000. 144. 144. 4. without regard to numbers. but direct the thoughts more into particulars. and so forth . 3. 500. is the lamp. 400. and particularly with regard to large numbers. 16. and so forth. as the Word . in the Word. the ten virgins are all the mem- bers. 5.000 .000. 8. or a state of rest afterregeneration. also . 700. " Then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened unto ten virgins. And five of them were wise.000. which numbers signify the same as three. From seven arise 14. Days or times. 7. is the oil in the vessel for the lamp. a few simple rules will aid a person very much to understand the Word. 16. which took their lamps and went forth to meet the bridegroom. which numbers signify the same as five. 70. and the five foolish are all who do not love the truth : for truth.000. Seven is a number signifying holiness. 800. 12. : 8. who loved the truth . the kingdom of heaven is the church . From three arise 6. 6. 300." Here the Bridegroom is the Lord. in the will. 60. and love of that truth.440. without regard to numbers . but point to particulars.no one can be good in borrowed love. For example from number two arise 4. 72. and obtaining the love of the truth. which numbers signify the same as seven. also 30. always denote states of mind.000. 24. pointing to particulars. which numbers signify the same as two. They must go and buy for themselves. 154 THE CORRESPONDENCE OF NUMBERS. 1. 1. As in Matthew xxv. and five were foolish. which is done by giving up the love of deception. 2.

There were twelve tribes of Israel. and the victories won. Three. primitive. or by both together. Now we have expressed the meaning of the four sim- ple and radical numbers. THE CORRESPONDENCE OF NUMBERS. from the very qualities they express. By having a knowl- edge. And this is fully sustained by the very prominent use made of it in the Word. must. which is the common multiple of three and four. therefore. denotes fulness and perfection. three. may be satisfac- torily proved. the truth of which. and altar. five. and seven. Pillars signify truths. worship . therefore. from the spiritual sense of the "Word. two. from which all larger numbers arise. we come to the sabbath of rest. Moses built an altar on twelve pillars. Twelve. either by multiplication or addition. so that it is not so difficult to ascertain something about the spiritual meaning of numbers as might at first be supposed and . we may ascertain something of the mean- ing of any larger number in the Word. and which we have given. we have seen. And when the battles are all fought. the product of three and four. em- bracing the triune elements of God Himself four is the : square of two the dual number which denotes the union of goodness and truth. or radical number. denoting that worship . In verification of these general statements we will adduce a few examples. particularly when we are prepared to understand the spiritual meaning of the other parts of the subject where the numbers are used. of the signification of only the first ten numbers. the elements of which are goods and truths. by reducing it to the simple. denote all goods and truths in the complex. commencing with number Twelve. 155 denote the states through which we pass in being regen- erated. meaning all the church of God.

which signifies that. Precious stones denote truths . they built a sea or font for baptism. and set itupon twelve oxen. and forty ^ys mean all the states through which that people passed from the commencement of the fall until their minds . and would denote all the qualities and states of mind we pass through in the accomplishment of any mental revolution. who represented all truths of the Word. Oxen denote good affections. In the tem- ple. And as it is the product of four multiplied by ten. there were twelvestars. all goods and truths . In the crown of the woman. denoting that it is based on all truths . denoting all truths in the understanding. twelve. and there being twelve supporting the water. The breastplate of Aaron. who denotes the church. containing the names of the twelve tribes of Israel. had twelve precious stones. the High Priest. and the narrative de- clares that the flood was forty days upon the earth. extending to particulars in man. men will never forget God's mercies. There were twelve apostles. goods and truths attending the washing signifies that all of regeneration. and twelve gates. which denotes truth. forty is a number much used. Now the days denote states of mind . Now. must come from the affections. we see that it rep- resents fulness. and at the gates twelve angels. the flood is said to have been brought on by a rain of forty days and forty nights . which teach that we enter by means of truths and goods. should be based on all truths. the plate worn over the breast denotes that the truths should come from the heart. with all goods and truths' in the mind. Again. And yet the water is said to have prevailed a much longer time.156 THE CORRESPONDENCE OF NUMBERS. The Holy City has twelve foundations of stones. as a monumental memorial of the crossing. Joshua set up twelve stones from the river Jordan.

" Now. The Psalms are a full prophecy of the states through which the Lord's assumed nature passed. in Deuteronomy. But it is by no means certain that the Israelites were there forty years. be numbered. THE CORRESPONDENCE OF NUMBERS. the Lord says. the left side. And in them He " says of the Israelites. For forty here means. It means that he would receive pun- ishment for all his sins. Thus in Numbers it is " Ye shall bear written. 157 were inundated with falsities. My servant. And it is said that Moses abode in the mount forty days and forty nights. essen- tially. that a wicked man should be beaten with forty stripes. or that the Lord was there forty days. It means. all His states of temptation. to its glorification. to bear the iniquity of the house of Judah. " As the hosts of heaven cannot Again. your iniquity forty years ye : shall search the land forty days " which means . and forty days would be during all the states the church might pass through until their iniquity was passed away. Ezekiel was commanded to lie forty days upon his right side. then. through all the states of their trials. praying for the people. to humble them and to prove them. or that Moses w as praying forty days and nights without eating r bread or drinking water. what does He mean ? He did not live forty years on the earth. Forty years long was I grieved with this generation. neither the sand of the sea measured. neither did he eat bread nor drink water. on the earth. the Lord was tempted in the wilderness forty days : and the children of Israel were forty years in the wilder- ness. to truth. . Herein it is obvious why it was ordained. And so. so will I multiply the seed of David. To lie upon the right side means to rest or rely upon the goodness of God. The right side has relation to goodness." Now. all the states of trial through which they passed.

that He arranges all heavenly principles in the mind. adapting themselves to the states of all people. to Now. And the mind of man is the complex of all created things. .) Here is indeed wisdom for none can count the : number of the beast but him that hath understanding. by looking at David as the representative of the Lord. and can only be understood spiritually. He is said to bring out the hosts of heaven by number which means . It is his rational faculty which dis- tinguishes him from the beast. He is called a man on account of his reason and intellect. and see how good or how true they are. as the Word . The Lord is said to tell the number of the stars. the stars of our mental heaven. And to have understanding is to see why his number is 666. To number or count means to examine the qualities of things. For the spiritual sense of the Word treats of nothing else but the Divine and human minds. through John. To have understanding in this matter is know the spiritual sense.158 THE CORRESPONDENCE OF NUMBERS. and also why this is the number of a man. and to callthem all by their names. number is Six hundred three score and six. To number the stars is to examine the truths of the human mind. and gives him the appella- tion of man . the Lord says. this cannot be a natural fact. " Again. the quality of the human mind is the thing here inquired after. " Here Let him that hath understanding is wisdom. the Truths of which are multi- plied indefinitely. ac- cording to their quality. 18. and see their quality. He is called a least on account of his natural appetites and passions. xiii. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast for it is the number of a man : and his . Here is wis- dom." (Rev. for the beasts are not endowed with reason.

it is said of man." To count the number of the beast is to ascertain the quality of man's appetites and passions. and the way they should be taken is readily seen. THE CORRESPONDENCE OF NUMBERS. But correspondences are to be taken either in a good sense or a bad sense. in this instance. we find that two multiplied by three makes six . extending throughout the whole man or fallen church. the number 666 is . extending to all the par- ticulars and qualities of life. But. and having the qualities of both two and three. as his reason and judgment approve. " his Again. 159 count the number of the beast for it is the number of a : man.assions which is to have his appetites and passions such . expressed in a bad sense. means all evils and falsities. 3. would six. by going back to the simple or radical numbers. the same as twelve and 666 : would mean the same extended to every particular and quality of the mind. that days shall be an hundred and twenty years" And. it would be quite natural to . or of a depraved and beastly mind. But why the number was found to be 666 is not so easily seen. that number. sensual conclusion. and consequently. To have the number of the beast the same as the number of the man. in Genesis vi. whose meaning is fixed and certain. denote all goods and truths. desti- tute of goods and truths therefore. is to have his reason and judgment of the same quality as his appetites and p. To count the number of the man is to ascertain the quality of his reason and judgment. and denotes that the quality of the man has fallen to the depraved quality of the beast. Now we find that the subject of the thirteenth chapter of Revelation is the state of a fallen church. from a literal. according to the subject-matter treated of. All this is readily seen by any one who will candidly seek the spiritual sense of the subject. instead of meaning all goods and truths.

xi. For. at the time the Divine decree was passed. just before the flood. notwithstanding the dark and dead state of the people. 6. from some : cause or other. but which had no reference whatever to time. thus pointing to a new or Noatic state of the church. E~oah is said to be hundred years old. 11). .) Yet he lived five another hundred years. Senig. suppose that. therefore. and would give them the qualities of spiritual life. But this seems not to be the fact. (Gen. God had determined to cut down their long lives to the period of one hundred and twenty years or. their days were thereafter to be limited to that number. because of the wickedness of the people. whereby He would raise them above the falses and evils that threatened universal destruction. and look at the spiritual meaning.160 THE CORRESPONDENCE OF NUMBERS. yet God would give them new life or new qualities . 29. For. ciples of good which the people had. two hundred . 32. Bi>t when we see that the number one hundred and twenty arises from the multi- plication of ten by twelve. 28. as ten denotes all the prin- all is plain. (Chap. nothing but the spiritual sense can reconcile such apparent discrepancies. two hundred and thirty-nine . 10. till the flood (chap. and twelve all the goods and truths which they could receive.) Shem also lived six hundred years (chap. v. four hundred and forty-three years Peleg. ISTow. the one hundred and twenty years. . nine : hundred and fifty years. . ix. denoted by one hundred and twenty years. two hundred and thirt}^ and many others overran . and three hundred and fifty years after it in all. and thirty-nine years Eeu. was a glorious promise. in- stead of foreshadowing evil. vii. 11) Arphaxad. be- cause it declared that. the promise of one hundred and twenty years' life. and which the Lord would adapt to their states and wants .

one hundred and forty-four. all the objections. And and measures. and one hundred and forty-four. meaning all goods and truths. tabernacles. extending to particulars. Now. leaving even the literal sense luminous and beautiful with the heavenly light. goods and truths. of which it is the perfect vessel and medium. as with numbers. men- tioned in the Word. and are used to express states and qualities of the mind. Therefore. the angel measured the wall of the city and found it to be " one hundred and forty- four cubits according to the measure of a man. by a knowledge of the spiritual signification of numbers. would be his measure. 17. altars. which the spiritual Light of the Word. affectionately and rationally received into the mind. Kevelation xxi. readily dispels. because they reach not the Word itself. when seen. And so also are all temples. that is. means the same as twelve. and works of art. which Dr. THE CORRESPONDENCE OF NUMBERS. so with weights They allhave a spiritual signification. this is so said because the number twelve denotes all goods and truths . with re- gard to numbers. Thus. 161 Thus. To weigh a mental thing is to find out how good it is. To be weighed in a balance and found wanting.' Now. of ' the angel. and of the spiritual sense of the scripture imme- diately connected with them. are what constitute a true man or an angel. being the square of twelve. Their energies are spent in the shades of appearances. To measure a principle of the mind is to find out how true it is. Colenso or any others may raise against the entire truthfulness and holiness of the Scriptures. as given in their original tongues. is to have no goodness. Any one may see that this has nothing to do with natural . or denote his quality. are entirely groundless.

162 THE CORRESPONDENCE OF NUMBERS. and useful. as the soul fills the body. the city also is the measure of a man. By this city is meant the doctrines of the Word. and the heart glow with fresh grati- tude and love to the Heavenly Father. things. did Bishop Colenso see this spiritual sense per- vading the entire Word of God. and heavenly instruc- tion. because these doctrines in the mind would show what a man's qualities are. to the readers of his first book. Now. as his spirit should read in every sentence clear. expressed in laws and rules of action. into the human rnind. that die sacred Scriptures are the sure words of the All- . coming in this cloud all is luminous. in their spiritual signification. within the wall. But when we behold the spiritual sense the Lord. de- notes all a man has or can receive. meant that theis doctrines comprise all truths. reaching every circumstance and condition in life. And by " the length. and saying with joy and gladness. " and the height of the city being equal. The city descends from God. or what his measure is. This is because twelve denotes fulness of all goods and truths. while the city. is the enormous size of twelve thousand furlongs square. Therefore. Thus the literal sense alone is a dense cloud of darkness. one hundred. beautiful. offering to the hungry soul the blessed food of an- gels ! And how gladly would he publish a new version of "The Pentateuch and Book of Joshua Critically Ex- amined" with pages glowing with new light. we are taught tliat the doctrines are equally good. and ten. true. useful. or one thousand. By its meas- ure being twelve thousand furlongs. how would the atmosphere of his mind clear up. filling it with spirit and life. and rational. and the breadth. Here it is remarkable that the wall which surrounds the city measures only one hundred and forty-four cubits. as the "Word. out of heaven.

whenever he should read the history of " the family of Judah" of which he speaks in chapter ii. they could not have become as the natu- ral stars for multitude . and he would look into the expression. Then. localities. to which stars correspond. without contradiction or error. "stars of heaven for mul- titude" for the great increase of heavenly truths with which they had been blessed for he would see at once : that. " Thy fathers went down into Egypt w ith three-score and ten persons and now the Lord thy r : God hath made thee as the stars of heaven for multi- " tude. ves- . And the mystery which he sees in chapter iv. with all their measurements. as doth all scripture when the spiritual sense is seen. but upon the qualities and states of human souls. cities and courts. while. the sacred truths are not only bright. they could be so for . dimensions. and teach his soul practical lessons of regeneration. but the life and harmony of the spirit. And that history would then become to him the Word of God." And all the temples and tabernacles. but innumerable. and is called in the Word " the temple of the Lord. For the human mind is the true tabernacle of God. In what is said of their numbers and travels. mentioned in the Word." he would look into the expression. THE CORRESPONDENCE OF NUMBERS. with u the size of the court of the tabernacle compared regard to with the number of the congregation" would be removed by the light of the internal sense. three-score and ten" not for the number of persons. as to the truths of the Word. which the numbers and movements signify Whenever he should read therein. his thoughts would not be dwelling upon the count and movement of their bodies. as persons. he would not be seeking discrepancies in the letter. 163 Wise God. but for the goods and truths of the oul which the number 70 signifies .faithfully handed down. .

.164 THE CORRESPONDENCE OF NUMBERS. in the light of that truth." and applicable to his own mind. tabernacles. as the "Word. in the understanding. because He is the truth of faith. we may begin truly to read and know ourselves. and the length thirty cubits. that the tabernacle of the soul might be entered by the Lord. would be meant the bringing together of all the affections and principles of the mind of an individual or of a community before the Lord. Therefore the Lord says He is THE DOOR. sels ornaments. all these numbers show at once what should be the quality of the internal and external minds in order to receive tlin Lord and be . Wherever the court and tabernacle are mentioned. . and the court being one hundred cubits in length. or is the "Word. and numbers. In this way we become prepared Lord or the truth through the court or ex- to receive the ternal mind. cle is meant faith in the truth. into the tabernacle or. who would look to the Lord for light and life. as the Bishop should look into the world of mind for the things signi- fied by courts. and in the power of the Spirit to become new creatures. internal mind. in true faith. he would find " and in- this scripture profitable for doctrine . And the width of the tabernacle being ten cubits. or ? qualitiesand things of the mind.of men. where. and fifty in breadth. and uses. and the court the external mind and by the door of the taberna- . denote the minds . for the establish- ment of His kingdom. the tabernacle denotes the internal mind of man. believed. struction in righteousness. And by the as- sembling of all the congregation at the door of the taber- nacle. or to any number of people at any time. through the door of faith. And. In this way the minds of men are to be- come the temples of the Lord.

and to all natural minds. the difficulties men find in under- standing the letter of the Word are what will eventually turn their attention to the spiritual sense. and would seek nothing higher in the Word. and what can we want more ? True. as the spiritual sense. sizes. so that could see and understand it as well as they do a they common note of hand what would be the result ? The . Bishop would probably be satisfied with the literal sense. thus showing the proper states of mind necessary for true worship. as though their sheet anchor were gone. the true qualities of the heart and the living lessons of the "Word . For these numbers denote fulness of goods and truths. But suppose he did not suppose every- . the soul. 165 prepared for heaven. and uses. and for the work of regeneration ! But here men seem alarmed at the apparent loss of the literal sense of the Word. THE COBKESPONDENCE OF NUMBERS.which is the soul's true life . as a sure expression or symbol of an internal or real -sense. And how much the value of the Holy Word is en- hanced when we see that it is not given merely to direct the construction and arrangement of material things. through their forms. There is a holy sphere and power in the Word that men cannot give up. But let me quiet their fears by assuring them that the literal sense of the Word is everywhere true. is once " " will draw all men unto " Him. The fact is. the general features of which are a true record of events as they oc- . and were just suited to his mind. the Bishop finds great difficulty with the literal sense. fairly lifted up" He There is much literal history in the Word. thing in the letter had been differently written. And when the Lord. and men would seem to themselves to know as much about it as the Lord. and to prompt our actions with regard to them but to teach .

because Abram represents the Lord. for the sake of the spiritual sense. which are ever used to express the quality of mental things . xiii.166 THE CORRESPONDENCE OF NUMBERS. curred in this world . many particular things were no.) Here the natural history. or of men- tal and real things contained in such a literal sense as would perfectly express it by correspondences so that : we can go to this history to learn correctly what the souls of men have passed through. or modified by changes. leaving out such things as were not in correspondences. arid supply- ing such as were. is perfectly true and beautiful . and particularly with regard to numbers. in making that record. but." (Gen. Much might be cited from the Word. always. giving a correct natural account of the number of persons or things referred to. doubt modified by the Lord to suit the requirements of the spiritual sense. and yet no one is hurt by it . and by the seed of Abram is denoted all the truths of the Word. while that same literal sense. in the language of corre- spondences. is made to give up every appearance of truthfulness. and making a perfect spiritual history of the church in man. at the same time giving all the literal history necessary for the good of mankind. and also to obtain thereby the valuable instructions we need for the action and puri- fication of our own sou\s. Thus the history says the seed of Abram was to be " as the dust innumerable of the earth. 16. and to state what no one be- lieves naturally occurred . which are innumer- able. for the sake of the spiritual or living sense. wherein it is clear that the literal narrative was either interrupted by something foreign from the natural thread of thought. no doubt. and as the stars of heaven. whenever that number would express the true quality of the spiritual .

in any other way. and life. that is. signifies the same as twelve. And most surely the words of the Most High God. so we thereby see the true character and quality . we have shown. of which one hundred and forty-four is the square. it would not be a true spiritual history. that instruction. if expressed in the record. and teach men after what fashion they should make natural tabernacles. and no doubt better than it could be given. as has been shown. is given . and high priests' garments. do not at all concern us spiritually. and often without any regard to the number of natural things re- ferred to. many difficulties of the letter. They must be given to teach how the minds of men the true tabernacles of the Lord are to be formed. and temples. in reality. in the spiritual light. by the science of correspondences. vii." and the preparation of the gospel of peace. and the literal sense appears all right the numbers answering the full purpose for which they were used as in the seal- : ing of the servants of God. Moreover. when we see clearly that numbers are used to express the qualities of things of the mind.readily see that. (Rev. and courts.) We find the whole number sealed to be one hundred and forty-four thousand. was the measure of a man.-' having on the breast-plate of " feet shod with the righteousness. And as twelve denotes all goods and truths. which are spirit. by means of things good and true. we. and their orna- ments. but which. from the tribes of the children of Israel." And through the description of these outward things. and clothed with the " " garments of salvation. THE CORRESPONDENCE OF NUMBERS. which appear of great magnitude to some men. 167 things treated of: but if it would not. are at once removed. of an angel. This num- ber. and which. must be given to spiritual beings for higher purposes than simply to talk about the things of time.

whatever may have been the natural facts in the various wars mentioned in the Word. and also that simply belong- ing outwardly to a body of the church does not save us." noted in Part First of his work. five hundred and fifty warriors (Numbers i). would soon be lost in spiritual light. We must be good and true. of allthe children of Israel who were prepared for heav- en which teaches. when we see that twelve thousand denotes simply the qualification of the members of each tribe for heaven. whether they were many or few. of the enormous body of the children of Israel. the nar- ratives have been written and recorded for the sake of the . and actions. that. some containing more than twice the number of others. there should have been but one hundred and forty-four thousand sealed for heaven . We must bear the seal of twelve thousand in the forehead. without regard to natural numbers. though the twelve tribes were of various magnitudes.168 THE CORRESPONDENCE: OF NUMBERS. By this light are dispelled all the clouds of doubt that may arise from the idea that. in their multifarious operations. even as to all the little particulars of thoughts. to be sealed for heaven. able to send out six hundred and three thousand. all is right. For. feelings. but must yield to the influence of all goo4s and truths. if lie saw the internal sense and felt its importance. And so all the difficulties which the Bishop sees in the " war on Midian. yet that each tribe should have had precisely the same number of good ones twelve thousand. num- bers 169 and 172. For he would then see that. and also from the fact that. expressed by one hundred and forty- four thousand. we must : not be opposed to anything heavenly. Therefore we learn from this spiritual sense that the one hundred and forty-four thousand saved were all that were good and true.

and the Midianites denote evil and false principles of the external mind and as he would further . and. 169 spiritual sense. see that any human mind. or principles mentioned. there may not have been over thirty individuals. and that the extent or size of the numbers is always governed pri- marily by the mental qualities of the nations. that the female elements of 8 . in order to teach men the way of life. in- dividuals. or killed in this mental warfare and of which the Lord. and that its true spirit and life are yet to be clearly seen and felt. by the spiritual rale of arriving at mental qualities. com- binations. shades of the various goods and truths or evils and falsities engaged. tribes. his soul would be satisfied that he had found a true his- tory of mental wars of the combats of goods and truths against evils and falsities in the human mind. that the Israelites denote good and true principles of the internal mind. and so forth . conquered. that the numbers men- tioned denote the qualities of those principles . tribes. and therefore adapted to all ages that are to come. For we should consider that the Lord's "Word must be eternal truth. not over fifty. where thirty thousand are mentioned. And then. that. of either sex. record. And in seeing and receiving the spiritual light and life. could see the use that would eventually result from it. in the " war on Midian. rather than by the count of them." the instruction is applicable to man's regen- eration in the present day and in the ages to come and . THE CORRESPONDENCE OF NUMBERS. and that the numbers had been extended for the sake of the innumerable qualities. as the Bishop would see that. has both the male and female elements . And then he would see. and sexes engaged denote principles of the mind . He would see that the various nations. who ordered the . or where five hundred thousand.

and also the divine object in giving it and seeing.170 THE CORRESPONDENCE OF NUMBERS. allthe good. he would be satisfied that he had found a true history of mental wars which purify the soul." was from the wickedness of man. seeing this heavenly . and that the literal sense was in precisely the right language to express it. and not from God. that . and was per- mitted in order to prevent some greater evil or to bring about some important good I say. and the females. are all the evils of that mind . which we must all slay in this warfare. or good and true principles of the internal mind. which the Lord has mercifully given us and thus far pro- tected. therefore. in the Word. to order or to do what He only permits to be done and. that God is often said. are meant all the falsities of the natural mind . while the young females. ther. or evil and false principles of the external mind I say. the Bishop would be able clearly to see that. which have not been adulterated or perverted with falsi- ties and that these tender germs of heavenly affection. and ever guard them from all harm. to be- hold the wonderful things written in God's law. conscientious principles we may have. as the Bishop would see and receive this . that mind are either goods or evils. fur- . pass through in our regeneration the Israelites. that we are to keep for ourselves. or both. Thus seeing the beauty and use of the spiritual sense. . or both and that this war on Midian we must all . and that the male elements of the same mind are either truths or falsi- ties. are all the remains of good. fighting against the Midianites. by the males of the Midianites. we are to take to our bosoms. And having the understanding thus far opened. spiritual light and life of the Holy "Word. . whatever was wrong in the " war on Midian. which Moses or the law commands us to slay.

per- . . or of goodness and truth. the hands. in order to do this. must. born of God. The church is goodness from God in the will the Lord. without the ability or willingness to be instructed and to receive the truths of the Word into good ground. ception ." Thus. is truth in the understanding characters : born of this parentage are the only true children of God. 1. as the husband : of the church. 171 light. For. in the divine light. springing not from the marriage of goodness and truth. we must be . we see that any spiritual birth. language . power . 2. obedience . THE CORRESPONDENCE OF NUMBERS. to such as have by sin destroyed their ability to propagate spiritual things the goods and truths of the Word for. and how flimsy and indefinite would become all his objections ! Andso his inquiring heart would rejoice to see every- thing apparently unkind or unjust everywhere removed from the will of God in the spirit of His Word and par. and therefore could not enter heaven or be happy for. be illegitimate and evil. how completely the apparent injustice of the letter is lost in the beautiful light of the spirit ! And equally are we rejoiced to see all unkindness re- moved from the second verse. and to cultivate and bring forth the fruits of righteousness. If men embrace the truths of the Word in their affections. the lips. in the spiritual sense. And here he would see that. or the " congregation of the Lord. the nose. men cannot be regener- ated so as to enter into the kingdom of heaven. . as every part of the body denotes something of the mind the eye denot- ing the understanding the ear.how changed would God's Word appear to the Bishop. ticularly from such passages as those of Deuteronomy xxi. and so forth so he would also see that the first verse points to the mentally wounded or maimed .

and at the great living laws of creation and providence. and sustained and illustrated therein through the means of His works. and all their former and gloom will disappear. whereby the truth and perfection of the "Word may be irrefutably sustained. Much sorrow and gloom have pressed upon the minds of certain individuals of former ages. and the true interests of mankind rationally understood. by the science of corre- spondences. The latter Word will everywhere be found to be pure and holy. or marriage relation of their natural parents. they will be born of the spirit whatever may have been the character . in consequence of these verses . but merely to glance at the fundamental principles of the Divine and human natures.172 THE CORRESPONDENCE OF NUMBERS. laid down in the Holy "Word. Let them now return and embrace the spirit and life of the "Word. to follow the Bishop through all his statements of difficulties in the letter . men have turned from such teachings 'and their gloom to the worse gloom of skepticism. but. and humbly carry them out in their lives. But it is not my intention. as intelligence and reason have ad- vanced. with the spiritual sense. merciful and kind. . just and reasonable.

to understand the beautiful analogy which exists in the Word between the influence of the Love and Wis- dom of God upon the human mind. from the spiritual sense of the Word. JSTow there are various degrees of heat and light. only by the science of correspondences. and can be rationally approached by man. Spiritual Light and Life. and light to Wisdom or Truth. CHAPTER XIV. and that of the heat and light of the sun. HEAT AND LIGHT: LOVE AND WISDOM. in the production of the things of nature. by which we look up to God and to the . and the Lord is called the Light and the Life. as he proceeds in the divine study. There are spiritual heat and light. it will very much aid the student of the Word to obtain clear and definite views of the relation which they bear to the Divine Love and Wis- dom. in the production of everything good and true in the soul. are infinite things. As heat and light are the highest and most prominent things used in correspondences. ~Now heat corresponds to Love or Life. or love and wisdom. for the internal mind of man. which are brought up in the Word to express those things of the soul. that he may be able. at this age of the world. then.

in order to reach us. just as the ma- terial heat and light are the material body which brings down those divine principles still lower. and adapts them to our bodily senses. as its soul and life. perfect correspondences to the spiritual life and light of the Word. as effects the divine life and light are the cause. by means of which we see and feel material things. by which we look out to our of civil truth and justice. But the literal sense of the Word is also a body of natural Truth and Love higher than matter and which . Therefore. even through ma- terial coverings. love and wisdom. and to the laws And there are also material heat and light. We are now in the flesh. or Love and Wisdom. from the literal sense of the Word. so as to be apprehended. the material heat and light are. find in that sense a sure correspondence to a higher or spiritual sense.Love and Wisdom. but only their and representatives. It was in consequence of this low state that the Lord. through the senses of our material bodies. Now the Divine Life and Light. heavenly laws and there are natural heat and light. .174: HEAT AND LIGHT I LOVE AND WISDOM. or . therefore. and are in the effect. This material heat and light are the physical expressions of the Divine . the spiritual sense infills. and reach us through the senses. when our thoughts ascend above material heat and light to the literal sense of the Word we . had to come down into a material body. Yet. and are the sensible manifestations to man in the flesh of those principles by correspondences. and are so low and natural that spiritual things have to be presented to us by corre- spondences. for the external mind of man. still That the body which adapts the spiritual literal sense is sense to our capacities by correspondence. neighbors. But the material heat and light are not real life and light.

in themselves. till they have come down to men on earth in material heat and light. And these correspondences through which he looks must all be finite and adapted to his state. by correspondences. as men see and feel them. being finite. is the literal sense of the Word in its love and truth. He can only look toward them by correspondences. we have a still higher and more complete view of the divine qualities. But no angel can see God. adapted to the various states of men and angels. each lower degree has to be filled with the next higher. 175 are. And man. of men and angels. are also finite. the more exalted will be the correspondences through which we look. Spiritual life and light are for the spiritual minds of men and angels natural life and light. or it could not exist. The higher we advance in purity. produced by natural life and light in the universe of mind and also . for the natural minds . Infinite. But even these heavenly principles. The material must be filled with the natural. by material heat and light in the universe of matter. in lower and still lower finite forms. The next form of them. . and the more clear and heavenly the view. But. Yet they are filled with the infinite. The divine Life and Light. HEAT AND LIGHT I LOVE AND WISDOM. and material heat and light. have mercifully clothed themselves. for the bodies of men on earth and material substances. as we look through them by correspondences to the life and light of the spiritual sense. And. above material heat and light. as He is in Himself. the natural with the spiritual. and the spiritual with the celestial the Divine Essence and Fountain. "We can therefore have a rational but finite conception of something like the infi- nite life and light. through their effects. can never see them as they are. therefore.

and first clothe themselves in "heat light. Now. even there and in the robe of nature. or oil and wine. as they descend in the scale of being. We know not. But this isonly an appearance. to which we can to love successfully apply the laws of analytical investigation . natural minds. But. to the two great divine elements Love and Wisdom. Material heat and light are mere instruments. what are their intrinsic properties. still remain beyond the reach of human sagacity or scientific research?There are many things in nature which correspond and wisdom. and point us. which denote goodness and truth. so material heat and light are far above all other material substances. and are the source of their existence and de* velopment and as natural life and light are far above all . or of either part ? Now heat and light are the first material substances in which the Divine Love and Wisdom clothe themselves. but who can bring into his laboratory a ray of light. or gold and silver. leave us lost as to the nature and quality of the very . as spiritual life and light are far above all spirit- ual minds. they. in correspondence. and tell us what are the element- ary properties of the two 'parts. Is it not a little remarkable that so common material substances as heat and light should.176 HEAT AND LIGHT : IX)VE AND WISDOM. and extract from it its heat. by correspondence. and their properties defined . as these divine elements descend. at this enlightened age. such as land and water. they are far beyond the reach of the natural sciences of the present age. But even as material substances. and seem to be the source of their existence and development. from natural science. These natural sub- stances can be analyzed. into material. or Life and Light. and are the immediate source of their existence and development . through spiritual substances.

in their revolutions. they are lost in the unspeakable glory of the infinite which they express. In his apparent. and nourishes you. parental affections. as the most perfect correspondences. to your glorious father. he holds them from going astray. They are so high and so near the divine qualities. The planets. and as He. Heat and light being only the first step below spiritual substances. to be the great parents of the material universe. and in fable they might seem individually to say to their animal and vege- table offspring. created the universe. in their united ." And when these planets. is the Great Heavenly Father who is ever warm- ing and illuminating the hearts and minds of angels and men so material heat and light seem. to analyze them. and to look up to him for support and nourishment from his heat and light. and as He. HEAT AND LIGHT I LOVE AND WISDOM. who warms you. and even the senses of man. power. by natural sci- ence. and yielding to the kind and creative sphere 8* . that when weattempt. in their wan- derings and apparent forgetfulness of the source of life. and to which it corresponds. find the cold frosts of seeming selfishness congealing their bosoms and stopping the vital action. in their orbits They daily turn their faces to his genial sphere . by His infinite wisdom. 177 matter in which they express themselves to our senses . thus leaving the material dress as much a matter of won- der to us as is the life which infills it. And they stand before the mind. then seemingly like the repentant sinner they turn their frozen sides to the parent sun. and gives you life and light. " Look up. my children. or the highest material symbols of the divine love and wisdom. As God Himself is Love. are consequently the highest material substances. seem almost to do him homage. All nature seems almost to worship the sun. in that love and wisdom.

the sun is the first and highest symbol in nature of the Great Jehovah. an immense body of heat and light. And howperfect the correspond- ence ! No wonder that the heathen worshipped the sun. We mark . And while there in his splendor. meeting the gaze of an inquiring world. thesame as God gives His love and wisdom to the mental world. and still re- main undiminished. he remains the very puzzle and wonder of all human science. he is sending down his properties to every living thing . are yet above the reach of human science. them with animation and life. How he can exist and constantly give off a vast flood of material substances how he can forever be giving himself away. like our Heavenly Father. And yet. There he stands. We behold the animal or the tree. We can approach no nearer to physical heat and light than their effects. giving constantly to the material world the very elements of himself. he melts their frosts. then. And how precisely do these influences of the sun's heat and light upon the world of matter correspond to the operations of the divine love and wisdom upon the world of mind ! Yes.178 HEAT AND LIGHT I LOVE AND WISDOM. warms their bosoms. and we look at them when dead. clothes them fills in new robes. in the physical firm- ament. adorns them with beautiful colors from his own beams. and blesses them with flowers and fruits and . is yet the astounding problem of the natural man. Thus. Material heat and light. and yet is ever full. and presiding like a father over his family. filling the vast sphere of his system of worlds. the sun is ever giving. with all these generous con- tributions of the sun's nature. in glorious majesty. of his heat and light. with his own genial beams. when alive. the song of joy and praise ascends from ten thousand choristers. holding everything in their places.

Nature is not human. He makes known to us man's relation to nature. There is a Source from which nature springs. Thus it is beyond the power of human reason and research ever to draw from nature alone the moving power and quality of her laws. Therefore. or of the relation of natural things to their causes the relation which exists between mind and matter. HEAT AND LIGHT : LOVE AND WISDOM 179 the change. or to the things of the spiritual world. But we know not the quality nor the sub- stance of the life that once animated them. God is his Teacher. Man. man is neither that Author nor is he nature. Humanity can look upward or downward. which are low and perishable. Man is therefore capable of giving his affections and thoughts either to the things of this world. back- ward or forward. be- cause the natural sciences do not reach them. Nature is not free and ra- tional. Now. He is the uniting link between the two. Man is' human. Nature can look but one way the way she goes. nor what that light and life are. Nature is riot. . Hu- manity is free and rational. But there is an Author to nature. Man is designed for higher life. and also his relation to his God. yet He has also spoken to him in a direct revelation. therefore. which are heavenly and eternal. And in this revelation of His Holy Word. Andthough God speaks to him and teaches him through nature. connected internally with the spiritual world and with its God. She can never tell us how it is that she has life and light. man is not always obliged to remain ignorant of the nature and quality of life and light. as to his mind. That mind is. And He gives him a science above all natural sciences the science of corre- spondences. Man has a higher Teacher than nature. and externally with its material body and with nature. is both spiritual and natural.

For. to-day. though the sun is ever giving off its substances. is capable of making unlimited prog- ress in wisdom and knowledge.180 HEAT AND LIGHT : LOVE AND WISDOM. And as the Divine love and wisdom are spiritual heat and light. and forever. because the cause which at first produced it always producing it. and you would suspend the efflux of the sun's heat and light and darkness and . conse- quently. first produce the natural sun that that . from His love and wisdom. and are ever flowing into the sun. sun is the first material ultimate or effect of the Divine efflux in the production of nature. Man. therefore the sun is always full. as a means. therefore. nor what his heat and light are. by the Divine truth of analogy. And through the outflowing heat and light of that sun. though he sees not. Suspend the influx of the Divine love and wisdom into that sun. death would follow throughout the entire solar system. by natural science. Tims the earth brings forth. For. yet he may see. into higher re- gions of light . though constantly giving itself away in material heat and light. to-day. . yet it is also ever being created . flowing from the Great Jehovah. so He is therefore a Creator yesterday. By this science He teaches us to look through nature up to nature's God to read the invisible things of God from the . He is. nor how he gives them off undiminished. as God is the is same yesterday. what the sun is. producing natural heat and light. that the Divine love and wisdom. and isever teeming with new creations of animal and vegetable life. he may see that the sun is the effect of the Divine love and wisdom in their operation for the creation of physical things . through the things that are made. and forever. For. always creating the sun. creation of the world. for the creation of lower things. the Lord is always creating the lower orders of things in nature.

God Himself teaches it. The opening of the Holy Word. of which we read in the Holy Word. and these means are always ac- cording to the science of correspondences. Thus we must become ac- . 181 But. in the path of wisdom. must henceforth be more rapidly onward for the way . by which we are also taught that love and wisdom are the direct cause of heat and light as an effect. But to make this progress we must look up. We must seek a knowledge of our own internal will or heart's desiresthrough the nature and character of our outward thoughts. We must seek a knowledge of the world of causes through the world of effects. God works by means. it is known from the science of correspondences. Weare taught many times in the Word that heat and light correspond to love and wisdom . as that Sunof Righteousness. must We look into the science of correspondences. is constantly created and sus- tained by the Divine love and wisdom flowing from God. therefore. The Sun of Righteousness. feelings. and weigh them in the scales of Divine justice. and the nature of the Divine language. and not down. From this simple fact alone may be drawn all the ideas we have ad- vanced on the subject. asked. And we should measure them all by the golden reed of truth. is nothing but the concentration of the Di- vine love and wisdom in the spiritual world. and actions. We must look to God as our teacher. in our world. not man. how this is known ? it is We answer. HEAT AND LIGHT I LOVE AND WISDOM. The march of humanity. must become more and more clear and bright. by this Divine science. into the material sphere. And the extent of the progress will be limited only by infinity. discloses to the mind of man a new source and field of instruction. seen in the spiritual sense of the Holy Word. And the natural sun.

The life of the Lord is the Divine love. But men may have. " If the light in thee be darkness. And we must ever be conscious that we derive all our wisdom. 4. feeling. And we may readily decide upon the character of any thought. we then have the oppo- life site life. That life is the love of God and the neighbor it is : the love of goodness and truth. which gives all the Divine truth to men. want of proper instruction. clearly see by it. The true light of men is the Divine truth. And the Lord says of such. the light will condemn us and we cannot . to some extent.) Here the Word says the light of men is the life of God. dili- ical application to ourselves. feelings.182 HEAT AND LIGHT : LOVE AND WISDOM. and this evil love falsifies the truth. as declared in the "Word. and ability to conform to these laws. And the Lord mercifully re- . in their mental and phys- And we must strive. If we have not the life. we must possess the life. "In Him was life. and the darkness will comprehend it not. for the or love of right. will shine in darkness. and actions. power. produce heaven ? These are the test questions. the light. "We falsify it. the love of good and still not clearly see the truth. If we have not that life. to A brief but comprehensive view of those laws may be always seen in their Divine summing up love to God and the neighbor. by applying this test "Was it done from love to God and the neigh- : bor ? And would a world of such thoughts. To really have the light of men. faithfully. so as clearly to see by it. And thus the light becomes darkness in us. or action. and the life was the light of men" (John i. quainted with the Divine laws. the love of evil . then. gently and conform our lives to those laws. how great is that darkness !" If we have not that or love of good. from the life and light of the Lord.

life may be seen and felt . so that the light may no longer shine in dark- ness. And now. His saving health among all nations. Then will our path grow brighter and brighter unto the perfect day. May we be truly Sensible of this inestimable privilege and may we rightly im- . may be known upon the earth. and adapts His wants in every age of dispensations to their life. God will be merciful unto us. and letting our light so shine before men that they may see our good works. prove it. He is giving to men the internal sense of the Word. and clear views of its doctrines that its light and . by shunning all evils as sins against God. . 183 gards the conditions of men under all circumstances. when the world most needs it. and the darkness comprehend it not. and bless us. when that life and light are clearly made known. and show us the light of His countenance that His way . And it is our blessed privilege to live in this age. and glorify our Father who is in heaven. HEAT AND LIGHT I LOVE AND WISDOM.

and there understood and felt. whether good or evil. Everything has to be learned there. The human mind is the great laboratory. and nature. and the first receptacle of life therefore. But as this human mind has both an external and an . but from the study of the human mind and of their operations there. by the human mind is meant all the minds of angels and men human nature. study divinity. NEW BOTTLES FOR NEW WINE. or of the spiritual world. For we can truly know nothing of God. As the one great study of man is the study of the human mind. from below. man being the intermediate plane. CHAPTER XV. we know nothing of them. into which all things must be brought. if we would . or of His properties. before they can be rationally known by any being but God. Before things enter universal the rational sphere of the human mind. and analyzed. For. The human mind is the first free and rational recepta- cle into which things flow. from above. we must study humanity in connection with God. God being connected with that mind. except as they are received into the mind. from the Infinite Fountain. "We can know nothing of heaven. true or false. or of hell.

whereby the objects viewed are seen in either a natural or spiritual point of view. and thereby with time and space. at first. Now. and the bottles perish : but they put new wine into new bottles. or a natural and a spiritual plane. for that which is put in to fill it up taketh from the garment. man finds his apparent truths involved in mystery. are as realities so the literal truths of the "Word. ix. and to time and space. connected as it is with the body. And as time and space are appearances and yet. and its higher faculties begin to be called into exer- cise. and receiving all its first impressions through the senses of the body. NEW BOTTLE* FOR NEW WINE.) For the doctrine or idea which we have of a thing is the bottle and the truth. and both are pre- served. wine. . is the wine. in reference to these things that our Lord it is " No man putteth a piece of new cloth unto an old says. The external mind. have to be brought down into appearances. educated and developed in any other way. cannot be. and the rent is made w orse. The new wine is the spiritual truth of the "Word. con- tained in the idea. garment. therefore. so it is capa- ble of exercising two forms of thought. IT. which must be put into new bottles. in order to reach minds that are thinking and act- ing as in time and space. are all natural. And as the doctrines or ideas which we first form of things. . r Neither do men put new wine into old bottles else the bottles break. they are the old bottles and the natural truth which fills them is the old . moral or religious. : and the wine runneth out. But when the external mind is developed to man- hood. 16." (Matt. by having two standpoints for looking at the same things. to the natural mind. whether civil. 185 internal. The natural or literal truths of the Word are adapted to the natural or external mind.

consequently. and to many. that the death of the body was the death of the man. and acting. or which is to change it from natural to spiritual." they could not drink that new wine. and do not reach the world of causes. before they can satisfy his mental wants. by adapting it to his selfish feelings and habits of life. True there is much mystery about his old wine but he has so : adulterated it. and the pro- phets.186 NEW BOTTLES FOR NEW WINE. This is because man has a higher nature. " Now we know that thou hast a devil. in the letter . in all its mysteries. can only be slowly received and loved ." &c. that he loves it better. he shall never see death. than he does the new wine. like a little.) The Jews obeyed the commandments. Abraham is dead. was better wine to them. and is asking for spiritual light for new wine. " No man having drunk old wine straightway desireth new" saith the Lord. " If a man keep my saying. a spiritual mind within. 52. in its modes of thinking. They rest in the world of effects. The old apparent truth. And the . it cannot be seen at all." And is the spiritual truths require the strong man to give up his way of feeling. is " a while the natural mind strong man armed. And they were. designed for the spiritual world and he desires to know the " whys " and . and to submit to the dictation and government of this child. They therefore answered. 53.child . but they kept them not in the spirit they did not love : them. and his mental appetites and habits are such that he does not relish this new wine. when first presented. Any- thing that is to revolutionize the whole mind. " wherefores " of his being. and acting. But the spiritual mind yet young. The strong man is proud and selfish. thinking. bad men. (John viii. feeling. They need an interpreter. When our Lord said to the Jews.

And now. presents us with the broken body and shed blood of the Lord as the ground of salvation through faith : but the newbottle or spiritual thought. by correspondence. and transgress every divine law with their souls. or spiritual thought. that we can be born again. and commit adultery. that it is only by the actual reception of the goodness and truth of the Lord. with His offered goodness and truth. . When the Lord says. they lived and believed in. and bring heaven into all souls that sincerely love and keep them. as an assurance. Let us then consider the necessity of new bottles for new wine. But how few." the old bot- tle. by the continual reception and appropriation of these principles. and break the lie. in the! simple letter. NEW BOTTLES FOR NEW WINE. from the new bottle. . Thus did the Jews. and He told His disciples that His words were spirit and life and that. presents us. that. and and murder. how poorly are the com- mandments kept. at this day. and the impossibility of receiving it into old bottles. even in the letter and how little are . are willing to love and keep them ! And fewer still are willing to see that there is a spiritual sense in those commandments and that men can steal. keep the commandments. Sabbath. The Lord therefore came and established the Christian Church . they must . we eat the bread and drink the wine. Therefore. because it is a different idea. into our souls. which the old bottle cannot receive. in the spirit True. 187 world was perishing under their teachings. if they would enter into life. after the lapse of more than eighteen centuries. we must grow up from small beginnings. or have eternal life in heaven and : also. " He that eateth my flesh and drinketh my blood hath everlasting life. while their bodies are rigidly keeping those laws in the letter. they are the way of life. or natural thought.

His second coming. Therefore. Many persons are nowseeing many tilings in the "Word. to show forth His death till He come but we receive the bread and : wine. men see the letter. into full stature of men in Christ Jesus from spiritual infants we must become full-grown men. only. For. in a very differ- ent light from that in which they were seen fifty years ago. dwelling upon His goodness and truth as the living God. men receive the bread and wine as a memorial that Christ died for them and. in the literal thought. in that act. and we receive Him with joy and gladness. as spiritual truth so . and the other. in His absence. In natural thought. as the spirit and life of that soul. in the spir- itual thought. in the celebration of the Lord's supper. they . at this. hiding the Lord till He come. coming in the clouds of heaven. the thoughts and feelings of persons in natural thought differ very widely from those of persons in spiritual thought. In natural thought. In spiritual thought we see the Lord Himself. or literal sense of the "Word.188 NEW BOTTLES FOR NEW WINE. Therefore. they dwell much upon the death and suffer- ings of His body. Hence. of the Word. In natural thought men re- ceive these aliments in commemoration of Christ's death and departure. as symbols of the Lord's goodness and truth. a great change is gradually coming over the Christian world. as the spiritual truth. the Lord has come. But. In spiritual thought. make all things new. manifest. re- ceived into the soul. do show forth His death till He come. which is as a cloud. One state looks at things through the old bottles. ac- cording to promise. . through the new. This change is in consequence of a change of state and standpoint. And it must continue till the Lord. that we no longer partake of that supper. we receive them as symbols of His life and second coming.

in spiritual thought. of His natural blood. constantly shed abroad from the risen and ever- living Lord. for the salvation of the world. . through faith in His Word. in this ordinance. in showing forth His death till He come. In spiritual thought. the truth. we now. men have become divided into various sects with conflicting views. "While in spiritual thought. " This is My blood of the New Testa- ment. whereby we. and thereby be washed. all the people of earth will graduallybe brought together. instead of showing forth the Lord's death and absence. must show forth His life and presence by mani. can conquer death and hell. festing His goodness and truth. by means of faith in the atoning merits of that suffering. In natural thought. 189 men have done and their duty. according to their understanding of the letter. from the clear and indisputable light. men have placed the salvation of the world upon the natural death and sufferings of the Lord. as a substitute for man's fu- ture punishment . and rise from the spiritual death of the love of selfand the world. In natural thought. in their natural minds. and made clean. NEW BOTTLES FOB NEW WINE. which is shed for many for the remission of sins. in the life and power of . giving us precept and example. But. in sincerely and right. piously worshipping the Lord. in the blood of Christ or. from its darkness and obscurity. And they will receive their reward. In natural thought. in ourselves. harmonizing the whole "Word in its letter and spirit. and will see eye to eye. to the spiritual life of the love of God and the neighbor. men suppose the Lord says." . we place man's salvation upon the spiritual resurrection and life of Christ. and the power of His Spirit. in our feelings and ac- tions toward mankind. applying this salvation to the soul. in order to do our duty. in which He conquered death and hell in our nature.

as the wisdom of the Most High God. broke off from their sins by righteousness. They had no faith whatever in the blood of His natural body. and obedience? And what else can remit sins. in the power of Christ. thereby. in the process. If. cast out devils. as the Holy Spirit is declared in the "Word to be the spirit of truth . It is simply because the and power given to the natural life body operate by means of the blood. 'believing it. or change men's hearts and minds and remove their evils. or by the power of the spirit of truth. what can be the blood of the New Testa- ment. while He was here in the flesh. we have faith in the truth of His Word strong enough to induce us to repent of our sins. or thought. with great faith. of any blood. faith. For. cleans- ing the soul from all its sins. They had not the least idea. but the Spirit of the living God the power of truth and love ? Christ remitted sins. then. in Scripture. words. receive God's laws into our hearts we shall drink into our souls . ever shed for the cleansing of souls. Christ's blood of the New Testament and. which remits sins. there- fore. operating through the natural truth upon their minds. And He did it by the blood of the New Testament. the truth of the Holy Spirit. we understand by His blood. is faith in the truth of His Word. It had not been shed. to denote the life and power of the soul. They believed what He told them and. Faith. Herein is true correspondence. it. operating by means of the literal truth. and break off from them by righteousness and. it was faith in Christ's word and power. . in their minds. In spiritual thought. until they saw their evils and. charity. This great faith was faith in the blood of Christ or. that the word " blood " is used. and cleansed souls. . by repentance. they did . in other . life and power of the but the spir- itual truth.190 NEW BOTTLES FOB NEW WINE.

sees Him coining. Again. The one in natural thought. or human mind. spea*ks of man's introducing sin into the natural worldby his body's eating the fruit of a natural tree the one in spiritual thought speaks of man's : introducing sin into the world of mind. thousands of years after it had been buried. cleanse and purify us from all sins. undivided Jehovah. But one man sees that trinity in natural thought. sees three dis- tinct elements of the one. the common creeds of Christendom acknowl- edge the truth of a trinity in God. in spiritual thought. The one in natural thought. again. and speaks of him as alive when the body is dead. or have no life in us. in some mysterious way. looks upon heaven as a place of rewards. operating by means of the natural truth . NEW BOTTLES FOE NEW WINE. a body rising up out of the grave. to be seen by natural eyes : while the other. they make one God . by outward com- . is the spiritual truth of the "Word. sees a spiritual body. by his soul's eating of what is evil and false. in spiritual thought. of the man's being dead when the body dies the other : in spiritual thought. in mental clouds. the blood of Christ. and uniting again with the soul . The one in natural thought. by means of the naturaltruth. while another. Again. looks at the man's soul as the man. risingfrom the natural body at death. sees a natural resur- rection . the one in natural thought. the one in natural thought. and we must drink this spiritual truth. looks at the man's body as the man and speaks . or spir- itual truth. which cleanses from all sin. as three distinct persons. as the Word. 191 it will. to be seen by the understandings of men the mental eyes. the other. and supposes that. in spiritual thought. sees the Lord by faith coming again into the natural world in the natural clouds. So. Therefore. into the mental world.

Thus. who would judge of God accord- ing to what he would do himself. as a wicked act upon repentance of sin. as a state of inward troubles and unhappiness of mind. and excite them to repentance and fear. in order to reach angry men. resulting from the love of good .192 NEW BOTTLES FOE NEW WINE. as He appears to them to be. while the one in spiritual thought looks upon the anger and revenge as being in the wicked man. the one in natural thought looks upon sin. and - upon hell. as sorrow for the desire . "Well may our Lord have said. It turns the whole course of human life into a new channel of thought. therefore. the one in natural thought looks upon God as angry and revengeful toward the wicked . as sorrow for the act . as ment. by which . of sin. Thus. and action. God's "Word comes down to them. fortsand blessings . the one in natural thought looks upon the torments of hell as inflictedby God while the one in spiritual thought looks . Therefore. and upon the remission of the pardon of the pen- sin. Again. as the removal of the desire : so that a person. by outward inflictions : while the one in spiritual thought looks upon heaven as a state of inward peace and happiness of mind. of this mighty work. whose sins are all remitted. and upon the remission of sin. is pure and holy prepared for heaven. upon them as the result of the evils of the heart : conse- quently. straightway desireth new. as alty of the act : while the one in spiritual thought. . presents an entirely new view of all the doctrines of the "Word. presenting Him. No man hawing drunk old wine.we see that the change from a natural to a spir- itual mode of thought. The progress. feeling. resulting from the love of evil. looks upon sin as a depraved and evil desire upon repentance . and upon a place of punish- hell.

in one person. 193 the entire face of humanity on earth is to be turned up- ward from time and matter. denotes the spiritual sense of the "Word. denote the literal sense which has been parted among so many sects." (Matt. putteth a piece of new cloth unto an old garment . by a full surrender of the old bottles or doctrines. that God is out of Christ . ix. again. Nor any part of the old doctrine or garment agree will with any part of the new.) The old gar- ment is the old doctrine the new garment is the new. entire. The old natural or apparent truth. harmonious and inseparable while the outer garments of . . We must take the new." you cannot bring into the same garment the old idea. which is one perfect system of truths. or inner garment of the Lord. and the rent is made worse. our Lord " New wine must be put into new bot- says. toward God and heaven. as all unfit for the new wine. 9 . " No man For. where reconciling the world unto Himself." If you take the new doctrine of the trin- " God is in Christ ity. NEW BOTTLES FOE NEW WINE. or else there must be two Gods. 16. you cannot take parts of two garments and put them together. the Lord. adulterated by man . which were parted among the soldiers. The Lord says. woven without seam. must necessarily be slow. And Christ therefore must be either a finite man. is spiritual or real truth. For the spiritual principles have to be embraced as a whole and that must be done . our Lord says. is the new. And. and Christ is reconciling God to the world and the world to God : for here are two persons. Now. for that which is put in to fill it up taketh from the garment. " The new agreeth not with the old. in further confirmation of the same truth. as the Lord's vesture. For this ves- ture.

we cannot. are at war with it. having drunk old wine. And he is a valiant sol- dier of Christ who faithfully fights the battle. And the more the old doctrines war against it. the new . and embrace the entire new system at " No man once. For the new is developing its powers. cannot be contained in the idea of the resurrection of a dead." We first receive some leading feature of the new The reasonableness of its truth strikes us system. give up the entire old system of doctrines. at death. and pride of heart. straightway de- sireth new. till every old bottle. the strong- er it stands. This new wine cannot be contained in the old." Here. one after another. forcibly. the truth contained in the idea of the resurrection of a spiritual body. and the new wine is the spiritual truth that infills them. natural body. The moment that it does. Now. and both are preserved. ties and both are preserved. is burst or cast aside. bottles are the new doctrines. and the new wine is joyfully received into new bottles. and self-love. the idea is gone lost in mystery. And thus the strife goes on. and the : truth in the idea is the wine. 'Therefore .194: NEW BOTTLES FOB NEW WINE. again. and the weaker they become. in the old sys- tem. and the old are exposing their weakness. enemies without and enemies within the hosts of hell and popular prejudice. the bottle is burst . from the natural. and all the evils of humanity. Now. if we would. But that is the way everything new and valuable to our race has had to struggle into being. But this takes time : for the new truth has all kinds of enemies to fight . from the grave. The spiritual truth cannot enter that natural idea or bot- tle. perverted bottles or doctrines. But the new truth stands firm. For illustration Our natural idea is the bottle. But now all the various points.


" Work out your own salvation with fear
the Lord says,
and trembling, for it is God that worketh in you."
" Come unto me all
ye that labor and are heavy laden,
and I will give you rest." " Be thou faithful unto death,
and I will give thee a crown of life." And, in the doing
of this work, the Lord says, " Behold, I make all things
new." " Arise, let us go hence."


MUCH and important instruction is
given, in the
"Word, in the use of theterm salt.' But that instruction
cannot be rationally seen and felt by the soul, without a
knowledge of the spiritual sense. Indeed there is much
general obscurity and, sometimes, apparent absurdity in
the natural ideas alone expressed. But, as the spiritual
light is seen, the darkness disappears amid the glory and
beauty of the Divine Wisdom. Thus, when the Lord says
" Have salt in
to us, yourselves," we have no light till we
see the correspondence of salt and to see this, we must

find out what principle in the mind would perform the
same use to the affections and thoughts, which salt does
to natural things.

Now, we all know that salt preserves meat from putre-
faction. The fibres of the meat denote truths and the ;

vessels denote goods. The and
salt cleanses these vessels

fibres,by removing all the lifeless blood and other impure
substances, and bringing them into close union and em-
brace. Now, because salt does this, it denotes the union
of goodness and truth by regeneration. This is the speci-
fic signification of salt, when used in a good sense, in the


Word. It denotes the union of goodness and truth in the
human mind. For goodness and truth, united in the
mind, bring together all the and thoughts
affections ;

while, at the same time, they expel everything impure
and uncongenial, and unite the whole in a state of har-
mony and preservation.
Now, as salt is the great preservative, in nature, of
things from decay and rot, by its purifying and uniting
qualities, so it is, therefore, the very thing in nature which
denotes the union of goodness and truth ia the mind.
For, without this union, the human mind must inevitably
fall into a state of spiritual putrefaction and death. Thus
we see that new and important, light beams from the
Holy Word, by simply knowing the correspondence of salt.
We can now understand, specifically, what our Saviour
means when He commands us to have salt in ourselves.
He means that we must love the Word of Life that ;

goodness in the heart must be united with truth in the
Again, the Lord says, in Mark, Every one shall be
salted with fire." Fire denotes love ; hell fire, love of
evil; heavenly fire, love of good or truth. A
person with
truth in his head only, and not in his heart, should be
salted with fire. Love is goodness in action. Let him
unite love with the truth, and the work is done. When
a person is in the possession of the truth, which does not
satisfy him, let him obey it till he loves it, and he will
salt that truth with fire ;
he will unite it to his heart, and
all will be peace. And we read, in Judges, that Abime-
lech sowed a city with salt :
so, we should bring our
hearts into love and obedience to the doctrines of the

Word, and thus sow our city with salt.
In Kings, we read, that the men of Jericho said unto


Elisha, Behold, I pray thee, the situation of this city is
pleasant, as my lord seeth but the water is naught, and

the ground barren. And he said, Bring me a new cruse,
and put salt therein. And they brought it to him. And
he went forth unto the spring of the waters, and cast the
salt in there, and said, Thus saith the LORD, I have healed
these waters there shall not be from thence any more

death or barren land." (2 Kings ii; 19-21.) Now we
cannot see why salt put into the spring should make the
land of a city fruitful. But when we look into the spirit-
ual sense, and see that the city denotes doctrines, the water,
the truth of the doctrines, and the land, the good of them ;

all becomes instructive, clear, and practical. For the
water, or truth of the doctrines, was naught or worthless,
because it was not loved ; and the land, or good of the doc-
because separated from the truth. The soil
trines, barren,
or good of the human heart will not bear fruit unless the
truth comes into it, or is loved, any more than natural
land will bear crops without rain or water. But as salt
denotes the union of goodness and truth ; the putting of
the salt into the water, by the prophet, denotes the union
of goodness and truth in the mind by the Lord, or the
"Word. And then the Lord says, " I have healed these
waters ;
that is to say, the truths are no longer lifeless
and unhealthy, for they are loved. And, therefore, the
Lord continues, " There shall not be from thence any
more death or barren land " that is, the soul will no

longer be dead in sin, nor the heart unfruitful. For good-
ness and truth are now united in the mind ;
the man is

spiritually alive, and brings forth the fruits of righteousness.
Salt, like other things of the "Word, is sometimes used
in an opposite, or bad sense ;
as is fire, which sometimes
denotes love of good, and sometimes love of evil and


water denoting either truth or falsehood ;
a city, either
true or false doctrines and so forth. But we may see at

once, by the light in which a term is used, whether it is to
be taken in a good or a bad sense. So salt, when used in
the Word, means either the union of goodness and truth,
or their disunion. It is used, in both senses, many times
in the Holy Word. In the case of Lot's wife it is, of
course, used in a bad sense, which is known from the fact
that Lot's wife disobeyed the command of the angel by

looking back. And, from that circumstance, she is said to
have become a pillar of salt. Now by this pillar of salt
ismeant the disjunction of goodness and truth in the
mind of Lot's wife. These divine principles had been
united in her. She had loved the truth. But she dis-
obeyed commands, and thus turned away her affections

from it. This disjunction of her heart from the truth is
what is meant by the pillar of salt. That pillar stands
recorded in the pages of Holy Writ, as an eternal monu-
ment of the folly and wickedness of turning our affections
away from the divine truth, and thereby losing love to
God and the neighbor. God has made that pillar a
most bold and conspicuous mark, in the journey of hu-
man life, cautioning the wayward traveller against violat-

ing the laws of his God, and thereby separating his affec-
tions from the truths of the Holy Writ.
In examining the subject of Lot's wife and the pillar
of salt, about which so much has been written and said,
let us remember that we are not talking about natural
salt, nor a material body, but of that principle of the mind
to which salt corresponds, and which, in the Divine Word,
is called salt. And, in the first place, let us see what
really constituted Lot's wife, and forget not that it takes
a soul, as well as a body, to make a wife. And now, as


we body without the soul would not be Lot's
see that the
wife, and mind cannot be transmuted into matter,

therefore, we see, that it would be impossible for Lot's
wife to become a pillar of natural salt. Besides, the Bible
teaches that our material bodies are not really ourselves,
but tabernacles of clay, in which we dwell.
They who elevate their thoughts above the dust they
tread upon, must surely see that it was the understandings
and the wills, the knowing and the loving principles in
Lot and his wife, which became wedded, and which consti-
tuted them truly man and wife.
But let us view the subject from another standpoint ;
one which presents a very general mode of expression in
the Holy Word. From this position we see that men are
sometimes called foxes, sometimes bears, dogs, serpents,
trees, rivers, and many other things. Now, it does not
mean that the bodies of men are foxes, dogs, trees, or
rivers, for they have men's bodies. It is then the state
of their souls that is meant, for this is the divine way of
describing the various affections, feelings, passions, and
principles of the human mind. Now, if the Bible calls
Herod a fox, and Dan a lion's whelp, and the king of
Assyria a river, and Pharaoh a cedar of Lebanon, with-
out meaning that their bodies are those things, could it
not, by the same law of language, call Lot's wife a pillar
of salt, without meaning that her body was transmuted
from flesh and bones into salt ? Indeed, if the expression,

pillar of salt, does not teach something of the state
of Lot's wife's soul, it contains no practical truth, and is

void of spirit and life. And if there be no spirit and life
in it, if it be not " profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for
correction and for instruction in righteousness," it is not
the Word of God. There must bo some analogy, there-

by the act of her looking lack. which shows. or wife. Their union in the mind gives spiritual life . is clearly seen. Truth leads the way. " His wife looked back from behind him. She looked back from behind him. And as the pillar of salt denotes the separation of goodness and truth in Lot's wife. in the light of correspondence." There is therefore a positive relation between the formation of the pillar of salt and the looking back. by correspondence. heart had turned away from the truth. And that analogy is clearly seen by means of the spirit- ual signification of salt. the wife. denotes the truth she. as he was a symbol of the truth and she of goodness. or toward things evil and false. order to find out what the Lord teaches by the expression. and the woman. Sodom and Gomorrah denote a false and evil state of mind. every mind has these two elements. that it means the separation of her affections from the truth. He. THE CORRESPONDENCE OF SALT. the husband. This act. 201 fore. or 9* . denotes : goodness. For. conclusively. Now. she had her back toward Lot.between the pillar of salt and the state of Lot's wife's mind and that analogy is the thing to be sought after in . and she became a pillar of salt. The man or husband is. spiritual death. by correspond- ence. or the truth. signifies an entire disunion of goodness and truth in Lot's wife. a symbol of the truth . and goodness is the female element. And that this was the case with Lot's wife that her . we clearly see its verification in the act of looking back. For truth is the male element of the mind. The narrative says. The face denotes the affections. "When she turned her face or affections toward Sodom or Gomorrah. Lot and his wife were going away from those cities. Lot was before his wife. it teaches that she had turned away from the truth. their separation. is a symbol of goodness..

and a pit of salt. " The sons of Ammon shall be a forsaken place of nettles. Every " salt . " Have salt in your- selves." Now. in the "Word. that the change in her state was sudden. first moves. These cities denote an entire state of the love of self and the world. according to the sure science of correspondences. The will. Her spiritual state. And it seems. says. therefore. like an act of turning around. One is symbolized by eating forbidden fruit. by the narrative. So the Fall in the garden seems to be sudden. and says. says.202 THE CORRESPONDENCE OF SALT. Besides. Does it mean salt ? Moses says. revenge. and yet the Fall which there commenced was not completed till the Lord came in the flesh. But it takes years to separate entirely the affections from truth. of the people of those cities . And both of these Falls are of the same character the separation of goodness and truth. like the eating of an apple . let us reason to- " gether." Does it mean salt ? Again. to good people." Does this mean salt ? No. she looked toward Sodom and Gomorrah. Ye are the salt of the earth. does not mean what I have here stated. " Lot's wife became a pillar of salt. what does it mean ? The Lord has endowed us with reason. The fire and brimstone denote the burning of anger. Now if salt." Does it mean salt ? Joshua speaks of a city of salt. " Come now. let us reason Does it mean salt ? : He u sacrifice shall be salted with Again." And He says. would be emphat- ically expressed by a pillar of salt. or female element. lust. In that act of Lot's wife we have a view of the fall. and that " The sacrifices of God are a broken spir- it. or of false doctrines. again. abandoned it. and hatred. The spiritual sense of these passages opens to us a new ." Does this mean salt ? Moses. and the other by looking back to things evil and false.

The fogs of mystery. It comes. how con- spicuously do the pillars of salt stand out in the highway of life. suited to the wants of the age. ere long. by this spiritual light. spiritually. truth. a day when the human race will have salt in them- selves. For it is for this purpose that the narrative was recorded. may. For every individual. practical light. not only to show us our evils and their nature. and how to do it. And for the fur- . a pillar of salt. as impressive statuary of caution. may see himself in the history of Lot's wife. and thus be the salt of the earth. But. whoever he may be. they will surely be our ruin. And as it is generally darkest and coldest just before sunrise so. For the seals of the Holy Word are being broken. which have so long darkened the path of are passing away before the beams of the life. but who turns away from that truth and refuses to love and obey it. rising Sun which ushers in the glorious day of peace and love . Such a person is. though sad the picture of fallen and perverse hu- manity when we look at its dark side. behold with joy the glories of the rising sun of an eternal day. THE CORRESPONDENCE OF SALT. And how pointed and impressive is the lesson which we are taught in this event of Lot's wife. who has the truth and who knows his duty. We can now see what to do. and . from the path of virtue. 203 and rational and presents us with living. neither to the right hand nor to the left. admonishing us to turn. and effects but. origin. Thus a new and living way is open- ing before us. a rational way to get rid of them. unless we do get rid of them. with his face toward Sodom and Gomorrah. a conviction that. and whatever he may profess. many. and light is coming forth. yet a brighter day for the race is dawning. and by the meaning of salt For when we examine poor human ! nature in the present age. states of doubt and apathy. also. who are now in .

coming from the heart. gently spoken. in the beautiful words " Let of the apostle. THE CORRESPONDENCE OF SALT." . your speech be always with grace." Or let your words be always true. seasoned with salt. therance of this object we now say. and have peace one with another. " Have salt in yourselves.

where. When I shall make thee a desolate city. in a bad sense. as in the Mo- saic deluge. 19." (xxvi. the people. And as the Jewish church was not destroyed by a natural flood. the Word says. CHAPTER XVII. when I shall bring up the deep upon thee. And so in Ezekiel. prophesying of " Thus saith the church and its doctrines. like the cities that are not inhabited . the members . This is because. scend into the pit. it denotes falsehood and in that sense it . with the people of olden time. and great waters shall cover thee when I shall bring thee down with them that de- .. 20. means of life. ONEof the leading features of the "Word is water. alluding to the flood. and sometimes of death. of which the Word everywhere Water is sometimes mentioned as a treats.) Here we have a flood similar to the Mosaic : the city denoting the doctrines of the church . and the waters. And the prophecy declares that they shall be destroyed like the people of olden time. SWALLOWED BY A GREAT FISH. : FROM THE CASE OF JONAH. is spoken of as destroying men by a flood. and yet . the Lord Jehovah. falsehoods. CORRESPONDENCE OF WATER AND A WORD TO BIBLICAL SKEPTICS. This because water is a symbol of the Divine truth is the great element of the human mind.

or religious. has his sea of knowledge within the shores of Jiis memory. of truth must take hold of their free wills and understand- ings. Men are brought within the stronghold or power of the truth rationally and voluntarily. Every man. And in many other places waters are mentioned as inundating and de- stroying the church. And he . when the Lord called them to be fishers of men. Out of it he could not stir nor breathe for . and have no life. by the Lord. In this sea of knowledge he lives and moves. For the fish denotes a man affectionately receiving the truth of the Word. All the sources of information which he has are as springs or wells of water . are so many streams running into the sea of his memory. he would know nothing. For men can be caught only within the sea of their own knowledge because the net or hook .206 A WORD TO BIBLICAL SKEPTICS. as a fish in the ocean. denotes knowledge in the human mind. This sea is made up of all that he knows. whether sci- entific. when mentioned in the Word. This truth is spiritual riches. and that when he had opened his mouth lie would find a piece of money. Now the sea. civil. whether that knowledge be true. so both floods must have been by falsehoods. out of which it can- not move. represented by money. This human knowledge was the sea in which the apostles were to fish. and take up the first fish that came up. Thus there is no stratagem in this fishing. therefore. or mixed. to go to the sea and cast a hook. we behold a beautiful illus- tration of the effect of the Divine truth upon the human mind that heartily receives it. false. shared the same fate of the people in the days of Noah. And so a community has its sea of knowledge. When we clearly understand the scripture where Peter was told. and the knowledges he is gaining from them.

so we are taught that the doctrines were above. While man is im- mersed in the things of this world. in order to catch men. to draw them. he will be raisedabove the sea of natural truth into spiritual light. or to teach. and takes hold of his heart by the power of the Word. As the natural ship. A WORD TO BIBLICAL SKEPTICS. This mental sea is the real one from which we are to be spiritually instructed. where he will feel the influence of the Holy Spirit. as the natural ship feels the breeze. we must look through them and above them into the world of mind. by the spirit of the Lord. into the kingdom of heaven. in the sea of self-wis- . But as man re- ceives the doctrines of love to God and the neighbor. whenever Peter. means of the doctrines of the Word and in the power of the truth. and the net of the truth and thus we must see the fishers of men going. by . that man will open his mouth and present to the Lord the tribute money of praise and thanksgiving. to the understandings of the people. whatever the outward transactions may have been. where the disciples were com- manded by the Lord to u cast the net on the right side of the ship. floats upon the surface of the natural sea. There we must find the sea of knowledge. the rock upon which the Lord builds His church the Divine truth comes to the sea of man's knowledge. of truth and justice. the sea of knowledge in which the apostles were to fish. by which we are carried across the troublous sea of life to the peaceful haven of heavenly rest. Yes. The precious treas- ures of the Gospel will be ever found upon his tongue and his lips. and not in." For. the ship of doctrines. 207 who heartily receives this truth these riches will gladly open his mouth and speak the truth. which a beautiful symbol of is the doctrines of theHoly Word.

are seen and understood.208 A WORD TO BIBLICAL SKEPTICS. The net cast on the left side of the ship. in their com- bined strength. And when the truths of the "Word. or from the understanding only. trol. nothing to . The net with which the apostles were fishing denotes the power of the Spirit of Truth. But as he lie is elevated. we are here taught that if we would come effectually to men. nothing to win the heart. as the ship denotes doctrines. . no love. he comes from the love of natural things into the love of spiritual . there will be no life in it. not only to their intel- lects. are there rep- principles of truth. will have no controlling power. therefore. cannot feel that heavenly influence. Now. The reason is. but also to their hearts. and the left organs to things of the understanding. But why are we commanded to cast the net on the right side of the ship ? The natural body the proper is representative of the mind. dom. resented as brought together and interwoven into a net as one. he is in a new atmosphere of thoughts and feelings the spiritual plane of his mind is : opened to understand the truth. we must come. to circumscribe. throughout the entire "Word. and as the right side of the ship denotes the love of those doctrines. and the net the combined powers of doctrines. All the varieties of the in the whole doctrines. the right organs of the body have relation to things of the will. And. Therefore. and to feel the power of the spirit. and are thence brought to take hold on the heart. and men feel and acknowledge their force and influence. and the left side the understanding of them . con- and direct the actions there is great power in them. to cast the net on the right side of the ship would be to teach the truth of the doctrines from the heart from the love of those doctrines and the love of the neighbor.

While the Lord was not on the shore. The net must be cast on the right side of the ship. But the Lord on the shore. For the Lord upon the shore was the truth in the heart.inefficient. they cast the net on the right side of the ship then Peter : could put on the robe of truth and love. A true fisher's coat is a heavenly robe of true sincerity and kindness. brought the morning light into the soul. and meet them accord- ing to their states. that when Peter heard that it was the Lord. persuasive. teacher. and go down into the sea of the people's minds. It must come from the heart. Peter was naked. The land corresponds to the will. Thus the truth began to be loved. It is a sphere of goodness and mercy which we like to see in the conduct of a. The Lord was not in his heart. Men do not like to have the cold cords of restraint and dictation thrown around them. 209 induce men to enter. And when the truth was really in the disciples' hearts when they loved and . The narrative says. he girt his fisher's coat about him. and it was mental darkness and night witli them. Now. and cast himself into the sea. and gentle influences. It must reach the feelings and the sympa- thies by carrying with it the feelings and the sympathies. They had been fishing all night. and had caught nothing. He was teaching from his own understanding alone from the left side of the ship. But when the Lord stood upon the shore. in kind. He had not on the robe of true righteousness. A WORD TO BIBLICAL SKEPTICS. and they were now ready to . depended upon the Lord. there was a new state of things. or the truth loved. that is. while Jesus was not in their feelings. and acted from His spirit. for he was naked. coat means outward deportment. his self-righteousness was ex- posed. against their wills. the robe was not on. Truth alone is always.

and it was filled with fishes. the same. as fishes denote scientific truths." Now it is worthy of note that these things are men- tioned as occurring after the Lord had risen from the sep- ulchre. And fishes are beau- tiful correspondences to those scientific truths .210 A WORD TO BIBLICAL SKEPTICS. by correspondence. and the disciples had come to the land. No. Now. " they saw a fire of coals there. the fish. because all sciences are developed and exercised in the sea of man's knowledge. It is because water denotes truth. as fishes are developed and exercised in the natural sea. And how much science it must require to understand the form . as well as in nakedness and darkness. the disciples were in spiritual hunger. We answer. therefore they must correspond to something that truth brings forth. For the Lord said unto them. they had not yet drawn the net to land. It may be asked why fishes denote scientifics. for practical illustrations. And as all real sciences are produced from truth.dc- notes tbe Divine love. Such persons represent fishes. because their minds are being exercised with the scientific truths to which fishes correspond. and the bread. so the fishes caught in the net of the Holy "Word denote persons receiving those sci- entific truths of the doctrines. and not the fish that they had caught . so sciences are nothing but truths brought down into rational forms or rules of thought. or from the heart. and bread. and they had cast the net on the right side of the ship. approach men aright. scientific truths of the Word. " Children. the good of those truths. The fire . Before the Lord was on the shore. and fish laid thereon. and water is said in Genesis to bring forth the fishes . or to the love of goodness. and that this fire and fish and bread are of the Lord's providing." But when the Lord was in their heart. have ye any meat ? They an- swered Him.

And the disciples." Now. therefore. that is. when received from the right side of the ship. And while their minds are in this clear state of perception. feeling the good of the Lord's love in their hearts. from His love. or from the influence of the love of those doctrines. scientific truths and goods to men. There is nothing else in nature that so fully represents scientific principles as the fishes do. and . and bread . they can reach the heart of those in the net . which holds the people caught. they are in a state to understand that the Lord gives. But Jonah disobeyed this command. Jonah was commanded by the Lord to go to Nineveh. and cry against it for its wickedness. This is denoted by its being said tific that " Jesus then cometh and taketh bread. and giveth them. or. and they are thus drawn to the land. or for persons interested in the doctrines. A WORD TO BIBLICAL SKEPTICS." They feel a yearning desire for their salvation. scientific principles. This feeling is de- noted by the Lord's saying. this mental sea is the one into which Jonah was cast when he was swallowed by a great fish. and fish laid thereon. denotes the combined strength and power of those truths. " Bring of the fish which ye have now caught. 211 and use of simply the bones that are in fishes and their application to the water for movement. may be called a science which looks into The net. And under this state of things the disciples feast their own souls upon these scien- goods and truths. and fish likewise. they feel a yearning love for the people in the net. And from this high state of spiritual affection and power. from the presence of the Lord. Ichthyology. or come into the love of the good of the doctrine. now on the land with the Lord. in other -words. are enabled to see the coals of fire. We must now try to forget Jonah's body. and started for Tarshish.

it says he went from the presence of the Lord. Jerusalem. look into his mind for all the things that take place . It was Jonah him- self that was in this false state of mind denoted by Nine- veh. And so the Lord now says to all who are resting quietly in their falses and " evils. but they were asleep. which can be overcome. it denotes a state of mind looking away from tho Lord toward self. which trusts in man's goodness.: a happy state . Now. and cry against it. and go to Nineveh that is. And as Tarshish was away from the Lord. He had some good natural principles. and cry against his falses. And that to go from one place to another means to advance from one state of mind to another. because Jonah was commanded to go there. a true state. re- membering that all natural things denote things of the mind.212 A WORD TO BIBLICAL SKEPTICS. and . As a city denotes doctrines. denotes a state of mind in false doctrines. ." But. and that places denote states of mind heaven. Therefore it says he went to Joppa. This we may see. Now Tarshish denotes an external or natural state of mind. God wanted him to arise. This we may know. ship denotes doctrines. be- cause. to examine into his condition. instead of going to Nineveh. because it is a universal law of correspondences that anything by which our bodies are carried denotes doctrines. or fight them. or look into his state. that great city. and cry against its sinful principles. wake up. so Nineveh. The presence of the Lord is a state of mind looking toward the Lord. and took ship for Tarshish. and go to Nineveh. in going to Tarshish. in this chap- ter. a miserable state . hell. Arise. by which our souls progress. Jonah rose up to flee unto Tarshish from the presence of the Lord. fight against his false propensities. if man will go to Nineveh.

To pay his fare is to give his consent to the doctrines. active principles of his natural heart were contending against his skepticism of the head and its evils . And while thus going hisown way. . and the sea of hiswhole mind was in commotion. which were to take him to Tar- shish. . to manage the ship. or going away from the Lord. 213 Ship for Tarsliisli denotes doctrines of naturalism trust- . and paid his fare. This condition called up into action all the re- maining principles of good in his soul. and ready to break to pieces. These principles of good began to feel that their ship of naturalism was trembling. a storm of warring elements arose. sailing for Tarshish. But Jonah's self-wisdom overruled. we come into great darkness and distress. were all the best natu- ral principles of his mind. in the sea of his self-wisdom . because it says he entered the ship. in the absence of God and His laws. ing in one's own wisdom and goodness doctrines which : lead away from the Lord. By this we are taught that Jo- nah's natural judgment was losing all confidence in any religion whatever. and let the external and selfish judgment rule. Thus it is that when we deliberately turn away from the Lord. from the presence of the Lord. The sea upon which he was sailing was the general sea of his own knowledge.They were principles which still had in them some natural good some regard for na- ture's God. and disregard the better principles of our heart. The mariners the better. and doubts and darkness came over the horizon of his mind. The mariners. A WORD TO BIBLICAL SKEPTICS. . Joppa de- notes a state of mind prepared to embrace those doctrines. Such was Jonah's mental condition. Thus Jonah was fairly on board the ship of natural- ism. or em- braced those principles. because itwas here that Jonah entered the ship. This we may see.

214 A WORD TO BIBLICAL SKEPTICS. the nat- ural reason. me forth into the sea. Jonah may be said to have come to the conclusion that the outward senses of man tell us all that we can know that the Bible is a dark fable that . . self-derived intelli- gence. For theology has not been looked upon as phil- osophical or rational. And yet. In this state of mind he " Take me up. only. For this great fish was false science. within the have passed through Jo- last century. says to the deeper and better principles. self-knowledge is sufficient for me I know best. But lie had come to a most wretched spirit- ual condition. that we can truly learn and understand the science of the Lu- . "The Lord had prepared a great fish to swallow up Jonah. It is only by the science of theology." That is. And for the want of a true mental philos- ophy a rational science of theology Low many strong minds. How long a period of time Jonah spent. most truly. by his own skepticism. in passing through his changes. we know not. in the very belly of false. Thus the selfishness of the natural man ruled . the external man. until they found themselves engulfed in infidelity . nature is all there is . So the Lord permitted Jonah to be swallowed by the fish of his own production . I will rest in my own wisdom my own . The reasoning faculties of men have had but little to do with it. nah's experience." But the Lord often said. theology is. a philosophical science. In this condition. and cast says. It was complete infidelity. and Jo- nah became immersed in the sea of liis own false views. and that man ends his existence with the death of the body. Let me go my own way cast me into the sea . the narrative says. the better principles or remains gave up. the most beautiful of all sciences. to do what is He permits. in the "Word. and embracing his infidelity. to be done.

to the Lord. and death. He is truly in the midst of a great fish. as revealed in His Holy Word. But we find. "When. of a rational knowledge of first principles. and pray out of the depths of this hell. at the bottom of the sea of his own wisdom with no light of truth to see. or that the Bible is the work of cunning priests . in the light of the true language the Divine Language. but to turn. indeed. I say. lias reasoned himself. therefore. swallowed by great fish such men can be reached and led into this prayerful state. God and nature. a wretched creature. in this age of skepticism this age of Jonahs. and extinction. in the gloom of self-wisdom. A WORD TO BIBLICAL SKEPTICS. which left the human mind to wander in the mazes of own wisdom. natural philosophy. But. we find a Jonah swallowed by a great fish. For that philosophy is based upon the science of corre- spondences the tru6 science of all real sciences showing the relation between mind and matter. 215 man mind. There is no mental philosophy without it. as did Jonah. into the belief that there is no life after death . It was the want. the soul and the brain. is governed by circumstances and motives beyond his con- trol. therefore. with no ray of hope before him nothing but . or of God and His laws. and no air of heav- . by the strength and activity of his own natural judgment. the mind and the body. We find a man buried in the darkness of false science . en to breathe. we see a man who has not become acquainted with the philosophy of theology. that man dies like the brute . but Nature or that man . only by the exercise of the rational faculty. when we see this. or that there is no God. darkness. I know of nothing else but the power of the Spirit of God's . till lost in doubt and dark- its ness. by a false. and is consequently irresponsible . And we know of no way of escape from this condition. but who.

into Thine holy temple. " Again." Now. For. natural waters cannot come to the soul of man. nor want of light or air. essentially. that other minds may escape from infidelity. That the history of Jonah's mental con- dition is here taught. That is a matter that does not concern us. " 1 cried unto the Lord and He heard me . he makes no complaint. in the spiritual light of His Word. to which waters correspond. Holy Word. it is certain that the spiritual sense of the narrative gives the state of his soul . when he says. whatever may have been the condi- tion of Jonah's body.216 A WORD TO BIBLICAL SKEPTICS. it is by no means my object to teach. Nor is false science hell. But it was his soul only. I remembered the LORD and my prayer : came in unto Thee. and brings thereby hell or misery into his soul. that he was troubled about. about his body. It is re- markable that. But it is my object to show what practical truth God would teach us. unless a man embraces it. a nat- ural fish is not hell. " When my soul faint- ed within me. even to the soul. that Jonah either was. But the Lord has mer- cifully provided for their wants. out of the lelly of hell. He says. rationally brought to bear upon their minds. swallowed by a fish. and for this purpose it has been given to man. The waters compassed me about. can come into his soul and produce hell there. by this history. that can possibly reach their case. for spiritual teaching." And he shows . while Jonah is represented as in the fish. He mentions no struggles for breath. God gives 'us His Word. as did Jonah. neither of which he could have had. I cried" Now. who are now in the same condition that Jonah was. But falses. or was not. He does not allude to any physical wants. Jonah says. whatever. Now. we might know from his own lan- guage.

me for ever : yet hast thou brought up my life from cor- ruption. while he was still represented as being in the fish. the new affection. and works must be united. was not yet free from falses . his false science gave up him. Jonah. . and Works. . of course. denote Three days or states states of mind. could not be placed in a condition to become freed from his skepticism. and Power : or. And. we see that faith. His external mind. is also to be understood Jonah's giving up the fish. in the Word. was good. by regeneration. As Jonah gave up his infi- delity. as a matter of -course. Days. O LOKI>. he had to be in the belly of the fish three days and three nights that is. This was good dry land. Salvation is of the Lord" Thus it was salvation. when he says. but the internal. without coining . And it left him on dry land or with a heart free from . By the fish's giving up Jonah. have relation to first principles Love. Charity. we pass through the night of each principle. not physical life. he had to pass from three states of dark- . he says. " The earth with her bars was about Again. we are in the night of darkness upon all three of these principles. Before we com- mence regeneration. Faith. ness. or nights. A WORD TO BIBLICAL SKEPTICS. And. the land. Wisdom. not false. the waters of falsehood. 10 . which he fore. my God. Each one has its night. before he could come into a state to oppose his infidelity. But in order to accomplish this state. by that light. into the Gospel light of day." This Jonah said. 217 the former skepticism of his mind. felt was being brought up from the corruption of sin. therefore. . "They that observe lying vanities forsake their own mercy. that each may have life. there- have been the life of his soul. that he was now seeking. into three states of light. short of three days and three nights or. It must. charity. the heart. or days.

and went unto Nineveh. And it was the busi- ness of his life to subdue them.218 A WORD TO BIBLICAL SKEPTICS. again. He was ready to go to Nineveh. Arise. . But when Jonah had thus seen the true light of faith. that great city. and to fight against them. that great city. then. a good work was commenced. In his internal mind. He must see his duty. with all its selfish inhabitants." Jonah was now ready to look his falses and evils full in the face. charity. as God. and preach unto it the preaching that I lid thee" And the narrative says. Let us. go unto Nineveh. unto him. and see also that he must do it and love it. He had seen the light of truth. in this scripture. So shall we avoid the sea of falsehood and the fish of skepticism. " So Jonah arose. bids us. purification was before him. and cry out against every false principle of the heart. He had now only been brought to his senses. Lord " light. into those three states of light from those three states of darkness. a little kingdom was begun. and the way of life in which it leads and the whole work of . and works and had resolved to walk by that . the said. profit by its instructions. that great city. But his external mind still contained Nineveh. according to the word of the LORD. Let us arise and go to the Nineveh of ourself-love.

and then. through EMAN- TJEL SWEDENBORG. that he need not be scattered abroad over the face of the earth . we shall see that this city and tower-building are precisely what all unregenerate. every man who. selfish. in other words. sets out upon some new project or speculation. be mixed up . some on a larger and some on a smaller scale. The Science of Correspondences lost in the building of the Tower of Babel. or distinction. therefore. whether civil or religious. lest they should be scattered abroad upon the face of the earth. THE LOST AND THE FOUND. whether good or bad. ambitious persons are now doing. And. or power. and restored in the loosing of the Seven Seals by the Lord. in his self. For as a city denotes doctrines. and tower denotes worship and de- fence of those doctrines. we must look into human souls for the real city and tower. or rules and principles of action. in order to obtain wealth. we must bear in mind that all the Holy Wordcontains a spiritual sense. and see men build- ing a city and a tower. when we find them.wisdom and worldly ambition. IN order to understand the subject before us. as we read the narrative in the first para- graph of the second chapter of Genesis. or. to make himself a name. CHAPTER XVIII. in order to make themselves a name.

in looking at the city and Tower of Babel. to a place supposed to be heaven. up somewhere in the sky . into which we may all look and behold the little cities of self-wisdom. how much darkness is removed from the clouds of the literal sense. every such man. they surely would not have commenced the work in a valley or plain. and lost sight of in the common mass .220 THE LOST AND THE FOUND. is that he may reach the imaginary heaven of his ambition. in this. their true light. in various ways. which we have been more or less building. originate in the building of such cities and towers: And God has merci- fully recorded the one in Scripture. came down and confounded their language. of every hue . and may abandon. which seem to teach that heaven. all persecutions and abuses of the race. and thereby satisfy his selfish aspirations to gain a noto- riety above his fellows. For every division and discord. and towers of pride and presumption. Besides. political or moral. . . every crime. in order to prevent it. and thus He put a stop to the work. of every character and magnitude. sacked and profane. and that men believed they could actually go there by building a tower to reach it and that God. in his new schemes. from the molehill to the mountain. so that they could not understand one another. is really a natural place. instead of being a happy state of the mind. in our own hearts. And a glance at the history of mankind. if they were really intending to build a natural tower up into the sky. by commencing on a mountain. striving to build a city and a tower. civil or religious . when they could have saved the expense of building through much space. as a common mirror. Now. presents a vast variety of these cities and towers. and which we can now see to be wrong.

and that angels are everywhere where men are and that. then. : inasmuch as this clear Gospel light is abroad in the land. tracing the forma- : tion of that mind. Thus it is a history of man. . to the clear. toward the divine perfection. For it paints minutely all the lights and shades. most minutely. for time and for eternity a history of the whole man. and a whole . glancing upward for the origin of man to the Infinite form and quality of human- ity in the Divine Being and then downward to its finite . that any person. as a history. but a particular history of each individual so . history. Then the Lord for the literal let iis bless sense. divine instruction offered for our salvation. 221 But now. The grand idea. onward to the age in which we now live. from its first beginnings in the finite form. and still onward in eternal progression. to adorn the souls of those who shall look into this casket. to find these angels and this heaven. which looks unintelligible. and humbly look up through it. and a rule for its guidance and development. . and find and wear these jewels. may read himself in it. it is perfect. we must become angelic and heavenly ourselves I say. to be constantly and vividly kept before our thoughts. It is not only a general history of humanity as a whole. That. THE LOST AND THE FOUND. form and quality in man and then. of whatever character. that it is a history of the hu- man mind. inasmuch as the light of the Gospel is fast removing the darkness of all such clouds of the letter from the atmosphere of Christendom. and men of all sects are beginning to see and believe that heaven is anywhere where angels are. when we come to this Holy Word is. we need give ourselves no anxiety about the literal sense of Scripture. containing within it precious jew- els of truth. For we may rest assured that every apparently dark and strange pas- sage is a divine casket.

And the glorious epoch. through the clear symbols of nature in the sure Law of Analogy. that the soul and its wants and world are the things here looked after. without this higher knowledge. in this inquiring age. Revelation would be lost to mankind amid the ruins. the time has arrived when. As a person becomes regenerated. whose Divine Mercy is ever ready to meet the wants of every emergency. But nobody can read there the peculiar life of an individual in all its particulars but the Allwise God. because re- corded by Infinite Wisdom. every shade and quality of his life depicted. and inten- . thoughts. onward.222 THE LOST AND THE FOUND. in the history of our race. the elevations and depressions of our mental being. But our Heavenly Father. Yes. and the sure remedy for every evil pointed out. his various states and shades of character are brought to his view in the Divine Records and as he progresses he finds every sin. and the individual himself. But all this history. It is a perfect history. . humanity would soon perish in the darkness of material- ism and the evils of self-love for the light of Divine . no life can be lived that is not" entirely within its descriptions. and his mind to the Word. we must remember. graciously offered us that needed knowl- edge in His Holy Word. and of the peculiar relation between mind and matter. has. is a history of the soul a history of the feelings. that every possible state of human nature is described in it. and the "Word becomes opened to his mind. But when men had . from its beginning. has now come when finite humanity has reached that stage in its mental development which calls for a reasonable knowledge of the soul. Therefore. through various all its changes and developments. The reason why it is a history of every individual is. tions .

to the inner world of his being. It was their sins that did it. let us go down and confound their language. to things of time and sense till the clouds of his own self. a false city of base principles. He left that luminous world in the undeveloped childhood of the race. there was but one language on the earth. For the Lord said." Now. and a proud tower of arrogance and selfish- . and they have all one language . And it was done by their building.wisdom shut out the higher light from his mind. When they commenced the building of this tower. But they saw it without the full. that they may not understand one another's speech. and thence of the character of God. the people is one. where the Lord is the Light thereof. independent exercise of their own reason and judgment. He did not con- found their language Himself but He permitted them to : do it. " Behold. Man is. But now he is to return to that world of causes. so that they can thereby make it a part of their own mental being and then they will . Now. the Lord is said to do what He only permits to be done. which produced the confusion of tongues at the Tower of Babel. from the dark world of effects to the bright world of causes. THE LOST AND THE FOUND. 223 this law of the Divine Language by intuition. they saw clearly the light of the Law by Divine Influx. the loss of the true character of the Divine Lan- guage. it was the loss of the symbolic Light of the Word. and therefore they lost it. in their own minds. through the exercise of his reason . never lose it again. looking upward through the fogs of the mind. by looking downward and outward in his own way as children always do. now on his intellectual way back therefore. in the manhood of the race. They are now to receive it through the free and open exercise of their rational faculty.

selfish state of mind. from love. from life. For all true human language is the lan- guage of the heart. from light. like individual self-will in its various members. and diversified in taste. thizing heart. same mental tower. The commences by saying. They will not re- ceive the words of one another as truth or justice. because their hearts are not prepared for it. going from the east is. Thus their real life-language was confounded. They will not. from heaven. They do not understand one an- other's speech. And here. no one." Now. which. would denote .a low. in true symbolic language. in this low mental condition. in a commu- nity. have filled the world with opposing . that the soul really speaks. going away from the Lord. But when hearts are divided by selfish. according to their various feelings and wants and therefore they cannot work together upon the . And dwelling in a plain. Each one wants his own will and word to be law. This vile work created all their diversities of views and feelings. who knows the soul's speech. and one speech. And when the heart really speaks. aad they dwelt there. It is what the heart wants. as they journeyed from the east. that they found a plain in the land of Shinar. For now. They do not understand each other's speech. ness. they spoke no longer one another's sentiments and wants. There is nothing confuses the language of the mind.224: THE LOST AND THE FOUND. And it came to pass. ness. they speak different emo- tions or languages. Look at a dozen men in hot dispute. " And the whole narrative earth was of one language. and mark the confusion of tongues. from the Lord. they built that famous city and tower. And it speaks in looks and tones as well as in words and actions. away. can mistake its eloquence or its wants for it speaks to every sympa- . Each wants the last word.

All other creatures perfectly understand one another's speech. Before this. the indisputable mean- ing of every utterance of the soul. was the first brick laid. says one thing and feels another. For the divine lan- guage of the heart wears no disguise. The minds of the community were one. sects and parties. where the imagination beholds the mental world. 10* . And they saw. Fallen man only. and by the descendants of Noah but the . of all the creatures of God. THE LOST AND THE FOUND. in the sure light of analogy. it would seem from the general history. and made their words one. Here was lost the one universal language the language of pure symbols the language of the Holy Word the earth was language of the heart. and that. sur- veying the awful magnitude and consequences of this sub- ject. in its primeval b. Love was the golden bond which harmonized the thoughts and feelings. spiritual history is above time. our subject em- braces the great theme of the fall of man and its conse- quences. Now. Throughout all nature it never lies. Preparations for the building of this tower commenced with the commencement of the fall. Only man's language is con- founded. There is no falsity nor equivocation there. Their words were a perfect index to the feelings which gave them forth. the whole of one speech. received into the human heart. that this city and tower were not commenced until after the time of the flood. "Wicked man is the arch-deceiver. reaching the states of men in all ages. it points us back to the calm and genial sphere of Paradisiacal days. It knows no decep- tion. It is pure symbol. selfish principle. and the first false. anger and ill will. sin and suffering. by the Tower of Babel in his soul. As we stand aloof in silent contemplation. The mental earth spoke from the heart.eauty and innocence . therefore. And.

we next behold this happy people leav- ing their halcyon Paradise. dark. one and their speech one. whereby a pure and spotless people could be- come evil and false. one would suppose was all it accomplished in a short time at least. and woe over the whole face of the earth. From the brief account. And as they journeyed on in their selfish way. For slow must be the progress. For their own selfhood is now beginning to feel its im- portance.. down from the sunny hillsides of truth and love. where they feed upon the bitter fruits of their own depraved devices. we follow them along their devious paths. it must have taken thousands of years many generations. and new experiments must be tried. from whence had come all their joys. Yes we : behold them turning their backs to the light. in this low. so. and act when men's hearts were . And here. the life. where the fruits of righteousness and peace grow spontaneously on all the trees of the garden. they built that city of falsities and tower of arrogance which have spread consternation.226 THE LOST AND THE FOUND. given in the Word. distress. as entirely to lose sight of the true . when pure affection was sweetly manifest in every look. and to become active. except that of their own self-knowledge and now we . their heavenly groves and sunny climes. selfish valley. come to the gloomy plain of error and unldndness. of this journey and tower-building. the heaven. New things are exciting their curiosity. and the whole earth was of one language and of one speech . In passing the eyes along the brighter portion of this mingled picture. and brightness without. where all was harmony within. to take a journey away from the glorious East. the God and Father of all their blessings. and tone. the joy. within the com- mon age of man. And yet.

For this is. for a true knowl- edge of humanity in the present age of the world. But although we behold these false cities and gigantic towers all over the world. their base city and tower. The various flowers give forth their odors. Pure symbolic light. All the gates of the heavenly garden are thrown open for our reception. indeed. the age which most of all concerns us. whereby we can rationally test the character of all cities and towers and. We can come back to the Paradise of God. And let us study it from the heart. and every wicked people. There is now no civil or religious government on the earth. and thus become blind to the symbolic language of the universe. and the promise of a glorious age to come is bright. that is entirely free from that diabolical city and tower. built in the land of Shinar. is now freely offered us. THE LOST AND THE FOUND. But . and the breath of the morning comes laden with love. for the remedy . power of this light. for even the parts are infinite. Let us then build no cities nor towers ourselves. is also at hand. and heavenly choirs will chant praises to God. we can abandon the cities of the plains and flee to the mountains. Let us then come to the Holy Word. an age of Babylonian cities and towers. let us take courage. 227 law of the heart and light of the mind . and see poor humanity writhing under the pain and anguish of dominant cruelty yet. Every sinful heart has its Babel. from the Holy Word. and feast our souls upon the Tree of Life. nor accept any of man's building. which ever exists between the world of mind and the world of matter their own and only native language. that one divine idea grasps the whole . But such is the wonderful character of the Holy Word. in the divine . in which they were educated that beautiful analogical relation of cause and effect. Angelic arms are open to receive us.

when human nature had grown up to natural manhood when the natural faculties and powers . If that science could be brought rationally before the minds of men. so as to en- able them. of reasoning were greatly developed and when the reli- . has come for the absolute necessity for ja knowledge of this science. as well as in science. in the : age of the world. The lost science of correspondences was the only key to that spiritual sense that would fit their minds. to look un- derstandingly up through the world of eifects to the world of causes through natural things to spiritual. natural position. These minds could begin to receive the spiritual sense of the Word. They were asking for light in matters of religion. material to mental so as to see and receive spiritual light from the . let us freely enter the Divine City wliich cometh down from God out of heaven . the church and the world have passed through many changes until the time . since the loss of this science. give them right views of His nature. whose leaves never : fade." Now. And manner in which it the peculiar has been revealed is this The time had come. if it could only be brought scientifically before them. and for His wonderful works to the children of men. thinking. truth-desiring minds. Nothing in theology reached the wants of the free. from their low. for the continuance and salvation of the human family on earth. and involved in great mystery. They were hungering and thirsting for something to satisfy the wants of the longing soul. and faith in His Holy "Word. whose builder and maker is God where grows the Tree of Life. This sense was the only thing that could lead their thoughts to the true God. and whose fruits never decay. Then shall we be able truly to "praise the Lord for His goodness.228 THE LOST AND THE FOUND. reasoning. gion of the world was of every caste and character.

But who was able to do it ? None but the " Lion of the tribe of Judah could prevail to open the Book. and see them as they really are ? There was but one way to do and that was. and loose the seals thereof. Man was altogether natural. so. and in such a state of natural rational freedom as to have their minds opened by instruction from the Lord. But a mind. 229 Holy Word. could they be so instructed. in spiritual science. as he went along. But there were some minds in a religious state of natural good. man must perish. every state . looking to the Divine Master for instruction." The seals were all in the human mind. and to look down upon effects. in . by the truths of the Word itself. of the human mind was closed against spiritual light. Holy Word. every operation. and expanded. enlightened." By the use. as to see spiritual light through natural symbols. then. of the key of correspondences. give his supreme time and attention. would have to be as gradually opened. for a man to take the it . But how was this mighty work to be done ? How was the human mind to be opened and instructed. the mind. must be a mind in a state to of strong natural truth and good. " Except these days should be short- ened. no flesh should be saved. Thus. arid it work out its wonderful problems step by step proving. in this new study. then the human race on earth could be grad- ually elevated to heavenly order and happiness otherwise . THE LOST AND THE FOUND. the seals of the Word could be broken and the Book opened. do this work. It must be a mind possessing rational and unwavering faith in the Lord. as minds are naturally in the pursuit of natural science. the glory of the world of causes. It was sealed with seven seals that is. so as to behold the wonderful things written in God's law to see .

open. traced the economy of the human body up to the soul. And thus. proved and authenticated by the Divine Truth itself? EMANTJEL SWEDENBORG was the . a mind humble. in the mineral. working out its spiritual problems. thing higher. and nature up to God and had rationally seen something . for this work. and spreading out before the world a clear and satisfactory solution of the work. and this by a process of such perfect mental growth and development. in the Divine Providence. while in the flesh. into a state of free. and animal kingdoms had . adapted to the reception of spiritual truth and his active soul was thirsting for some- . his natural mind had become a sincere and open vessel. and in scientific and literary wisdom he was prepared to enter upon the divine study of the Holy Word in its spiritual sense. so that he gradually came. and confiding toward the Lord. and looking up to receive it. In this way.230 THE LOST AND THE FOUND. accord- . open. vegetable.man. With al- ways a conscientious regard for the Bible. But where was the mind to be found compe- tent to the task of going to this Fountain of wisdom. and sensible conscious- ness of spiritual society and scenery. of the relation between mind and matter. his training and education had prepared his mind for just such a work. and a love of truth and virtue. Word. he had mastered all the human litera- ture of the age deeply investigated the laws of matter . But what peculiar qualifica- tions had he for entering upon a study so high and heavenly ? From his youth. and in the work before him the divinity of the . prayerful. This study rationally opened his mind to the laws of the spiritual world . at the mature age of fifty-five years ripe in natural goodness and truth. and of the laws of creation.

and specifically recording his illustrations. in which the Word is written. and contemplative state of mind looking prayerfully and confidingly to the Lord . and the spiritual sense of the Word. He saw and understood the law by which spirit- ual forms are manifested. or outward displays of power. in all these volumes. It is the Lord. while reading the Word. in which he presented to mankind twenty massive volumes. THE LOST AND THE FOUND. but the Lord Himself. but they were scientific views. that speaks to the heart and the head of the reader of these volumes. and not Swe- denborg. have been presented to the world. and this law he found in the Holy Word. opened to receive it Twenty-nine years of intense application were devoted to this work. but in a deep. Yet Swedenborg was not in- . but the illustrations are so given as to make the Word itself its own interpreter. when his spiritual senses had become clearly opened to the spiritual world. It is the SCIENCE OF CORRESPONDENCES. and. and which he labored to make known to the world . and the science of correspondences by which they are ex- plained. without any startling miracles. because his views of that world were not surface and uncertain views. But who has done it ? Certainly not Swedenborg. opening and expounding the Sacred Scriptures. Swedenborg never. 231 ing to divine order. calm. gives us so much as a single opinion of his own upon the meaning of the Word or its doctrines. or of the science of correspondences . the science of correspondences. that. This he did in the most modest and quiet man- ner. and its doctrines. presented from a disor- dered or inflated imagination. In this way. in the ardent exercise of this benevolent desire to give it freely to his fellow man. therefore. they were permanently so . his soul was rationally from the Lord.

which carries everything before it. and the divinity of its Author . as did the prophets. and all we know of human nature and make them cry out. with all our evils. . and has mercifully given to the world the divine science of correspondences the grand key which opens the door to that fountain of wisdom which is to bring the world into order. from the smallest dust of the earth to the sun in the heavens. All this is satisfactorily proved by the law of analogy which pervades the whole Word. and the law of analogy between them. bears testimony in these volumes to the truth of the Word. also. become to the understand- ing reader. as effects to causes. They call in an array of testimony. He acted not as an amanuensis. Everything in nature. claiming These twenty volumes. and that the universe now stands in relation to that wisdom. . and loose the seven seals of God's Holy Word . Indeed. it. therefore. positive and conclusive evidence of their own truth and the truth of the Holy Word. proving beyond a doubt. They call our own internal selves on to the stand.232 THE LOST AND THE FOUND. one particle of it his own wisdom and he was far from . in their explanations of the Word and its doctrines. Amen They call in to their support all ! the truths of science and art. spired. they call in every- thing the vast universe of mind and matter. are the Divine Wisdom by which God created and sus- tains the universe . that it was not . has prevailed to open the Book. freely He knew it was true but he knew. Thus the Lion of the tribe of Judah. He saw and understood what he wrote. according to prophecy. that the Creator of the universe is the Author of the Holy Word that the spiritual truths of the Word .

fails in all these particulars. in its essential superi- ority over all other writings. evolving throughout a new and consecutive sense. by this sci- ence. . Such is this wonderful book of God whereas the same analysis. The analytical investigation of languages. and which are not. BY the science of correspondences men are enabled to ascertain what writings have an internal sense. : books of what is called the "JBible. with all the things of nature. and what . ever pointing. . because filled with living thoughts and feelings. : applied to any merely human composition. by correspondences. and what have not what are of God. and thereby bringing out the Holy Word in bold relief.touching their understandings and wills. containing the Old and New Testaments" are plenarily inspired. as with the finger of God. and even. and plainly directing their actions each part of the . far above the letter. CHAPTEE XIX. WITH OR WITHOUT A SPIRITUAL SENSE. Word evincing a sensible connection with all the other parts. breathing a Di- vine spirit expressive of a peculiar relation to human souls. BOOKS OF THE BIBLE. to the marked distinction between what is Divine and what is human. is exceedingly interesting.are of men which .

every part seems to involve the rest. yet. But they should know that in looking. in their perfect order and beauty. This any one who examines the subject may see. and as our men- tal vision becomes adapted to the new light. but in extending it to the particulars of the Word. A language having only a natural sense gives. even in such language.234 THE BOOKS OF THE BIBLE. reproof. In the general features of correspondences. so that there is no part. For. correction. as it were. the perfect order and organization of the infinitesimal things in the interior of God's works. all the ideas it contains and any at- . by analogy. as the other parts of the sentence are not arranged in re- lation to this correspondence. men have thought it too obscure. And what in the Holy Word is most wonderful is. because it contains the all Lord. leaving the imagination . that is not rendered by the spiritual sense profit- able for doctrine. the science of corre- spondences becomes. however intricate or obscure. in their minute particulars. with their various relations and uses the lens (permit the : term) of this Divine instrument becoming more and more powerful as we progress in a practical knowledge of the spiritual qualities and powers of the Word. a spiritual microscope. at once and fully. tempt to evolve an internal sense fails at every step. the science appears plain. thousands of otherwise hidden features and qualities of things. as the constant improvement in the natural microscope is bring- ing out more and more. there can be no spiritual sense. who is perfect in the least things as well as the greatest . bringing out. and instruction in righteousness. to any mind which understands the terms used and the grammar. corresponds to some spiritual thing. notwithstanding every natural thing mentioned. For. to the astonished beholder. into the interiors of the Word.

THE BOOKS OF THE BIBLE. fection of their Infinite Author in sure and responsive words. with a glimpse of the law of analogy. 235 yet room amid unseen wonders. and they are His Word. and that of Judges. and combinations of its goods and truths. Nei- ther does the book anywhere claim to be spoken or di- rected by the Lord. relations. are written according to the science of correspondences. through its increasing powers. by Divine light. so. we find the same cause for wonder and delight at its order and perfection in the infinite and minute varieties. as we progress in a knowledge of the science of correspondences. No one. everywhere containing a spiritual . they He speaks in them. and the science of correspondences cannot be applied to it. which may lie to play stilldeeper within . as the science of correspondences shows the rela- tion between God's works and His Word. till finally lost in the whispers of their own sweetness. and look. in their degrees. The two books of Samuel and the two books of Kings. Now the Pentateuch. so these two great productions must. into God's Word. but becoming more and more gentle from within. leaving us still ignorant of the extent and quality of the unseen glories yet remaining. are the Word of life. and therefore have a complete spiritual sense. And all purport to come from God. But the book of Ruth has no spiritual sense. be alike perfect in their interiors both speaking of the goodness and per- . therefore. He nowhere utters a syllable in it. For. and the book of Joshua. as we lose sight of the interior excellences of the Word in the infinity of its perfections. expressing His goodness in accents loud upon the surface. can doubt the complete distinction between the written Word of the Lord and all other languages.

'are a. and God's Spirit breathes in them throughout. which. speaking and directing present and future tilings . But in the light of correspondences. They are merely what their name indicates chronicles. But it not of so high a character as the Word of God.236 THE BOOKS OF THE BIBLE. They contain a spiritual sense. God nowhere claims them. Some of the literal sense is very beau- tiful. The Psalms are a peculiarly sublime book. and the science of correspond- ences and their holy sphere prove their divinity. In what they say of David th^y quote one of the Psalms. telling men how to speak. God has neither credit for them. with any other quotations from the Word. The Chronicles. has an internal sense. with the book of Kuth. . sense. as in the other books. or call them His Word. and are. The books of Ezra. therefore. and Esther are of a similar character to Kuth and Chronicles. nor do the books themselves claim Him as their author. God speaks in them. mere record of natural events . the letter entire becomes a beautiful casket of precious mental jewels. It is of a higher is order and character of language than those without an internal sense for it is written in correspondences. and act. The book of Job a work by itself.and some appears harsh and unmerciful. nor does He directly speak in them. David is everywhere in them a representative character denoting . Nehemiah. be- is cause it does not everywhere refer to the Lord and con- tain His spirit. But it treats of spiritual things through natural symbols. The two books of Chronicles cannot be read by corre- spondences. having no spir- itual sense. write. not spirit and life like the Word. and as -such they often speak of what God has said and done. But God's spirit is not manifest in these books.

." " They pierced my hands " and my feet. threatened. 16. the things which were long afterward done to the Lord were said to be done to David. and also everything which men pass through in their regenera- tion . crucifixion. bless the Lord. and the Song of Solomon have no spiritual sense. are always meant evils. because David represents the Lord. or receives now from any one who rejects it. in His assumed humanity. And whoever will read the Psalms. and cast lots upon my vesture.) Here. "Whatever occurred to ^David's natural body is of no consequence to us. not persons. and put the Lord. senting the Lord. temptations. who is called David. But the Psalms have a peculiar pro- phetic taking as a basis a certain character repre- spirit. they shake the head. and glorification ." They parted my garments among them. very devo- tional. and the literal sense is a true symbol of it and . 18. rejoicing. : seeing He delighted in him. the By enemies so much denounced. this is all the soul needs to know. Y. Not that David was personally a good man. received from the Jews. In the spiritual sense it is a highly beautiful work . 237 the Lord. Then will his soul. he must behold the spiritual sense. He was far from it. He trusted on the Lord that He would deliver him let Him deliver him. Now herein is a true spiritual sense. or the - truth. and also all the abuse which the Word. instructive. and hated there- in. Ecclesiastes. 8. " All they that see me laugh me to scorn they shoot out : the lip." (Psalm xxii. saying. But to see them in their perfection and glory. And this char- acter is represented as passing through everything which the Lord's assumed nature passed through in its life. and refreshing to the soul. will see much beauty in them which he could not otherwise see. Thus David is said to say in them. THE BOOKS OF THE BIBLE. The Proverbs. in the place of David.

but not in correspondences. saying. John. They are not the Gospel. the four Gospels and the Rev- In the elationhave the spiritual sense. Ecclesiastes is declared to be " The words of the Preacher. nor does God say it is His Word. chosen of the Lord ." Tims this book does not claim to be the Word of God. The Song of Solomon commences by saying. " The Proverbs of Solomon. Christ. The Acts and the Epis- tles have not. James. and Jude. Peter. the son of David." which came to them. inclusive." New Testament." The Acts are simply what they are declared to be. Indeed. "The Song of Songs. have all a spiritual sense. In these three books by Solomon. and nei- ther the Lord nor any one else says anything to the con- trary. The Epistles of Paul. They are highly valuable writings. and the writers were devoted and godly men. which is Solomon's. but explana- tions and instructions concerning the Gospel nor do the : apostles teach that these Acts and Epistles are God's acts and epistles. In the Gospels and the Eevelation the Lord is ever present in word and in spirit. God utters not one syllable. in the last. They are entitled. king of Jerusalem.238 THE BOOKS OF THE BIBLE. " The Acts of the Apos&ea. God's name is not even mentioned or alluded to. and the writers constantly declare them to be the " Word of the Lord. God is everywhere speaking in " them." Thus Solomon claims them as his own." And so of the Epistles. king of Israel. the son of David. The prophecies from Isaiah to Malachi. The Revela- " The Revelation of Jesus tion commences by saying." It is a highly figurative book. The Proverbs are what they declare themselves to be.

spiritual sense yet let such . and also the wonderful difference in their character. Indeed. It is because they belong to states of human life on earth which have passed away. which ar. Now it is remarkable that no books of the Bible. and which the writers acknowledge to befrom Him. "We are now able to see why the first and last parts of the Holy Word the fore part of Genesis and the Apocalypse are so wonderfully obscure. But the day is coming when those Scriptures will be brilliant with heavenly light. while we esteem the other portions to be infinitely more valuable. But men had not noticed this distinction. upon their very face. By this chapter we may be thought by some to be treat- ing some of the books of the Bible lightly. and which have not yet returned. contain a spiritual sense. and that. the voice of mercy and peace. . 239 to teach and preach the everlasting Gospel which He had given them. ex- cept those in which God speaks. the books seem to tell us in the very letter. THE BOOKS OF THE BIBLE. and the struc- ture of the language. and all the Holy Word will speak one voice.e God-breathed and which are not. till they saw the spiritual sense. persons remember that we place as high a value upon those books as they do upon any part . because we declare them to be without a.

mind or a society of minds in true order. neither here. Its elements is the are goodness and truth. THE CHURCH. . is a human. to its full age in the millennium. THE church kingdom of Heaven. CHAPTER XX. or the church. it spiritually means the same thing. describing all its lights and shades. the Holy Word is a complete history of man or of the church . therefore. Now. but within the is it souls of men. therefore. They symbolize and set forth. are mentioned in the "Word to teach these spirit- ual things. the mind of man. in man. Conse- quently. It cometh not with observation . and their apparent histories. For goodness and truth make us men by giving us the image and likeness of God the Infinite Man. The church. In losing goodness and truth. and its history. The establishment of this church is the creation of man. It is a spiritual kingdom. The Lord is the King. nor there. whether we say man or the church. For the elements of the church. by analogy. and the commandments the golden rules of life are the laws of the realm. as to space. are what make him a man. from its infancy in the Garden of Eden. All the things of nature.

These divine elements are contained in the words of the Lord. by the creation of man. through faith and repentance. 241 we . tory of this mental creation this spiritual humanity. is described by an apparent history of the creation of the natural universe. or mental universe. and are said to be destroyed or dead in sin. and nothing else.ceaseto be either men or the church. and as the human mind is a microcosm. and prophetic. And as the Holy Word is a manifes- tation and description of the elements and qualities of God. This. For the breath which He breathes into him is the Holy Spirit the Spirit of Truth and Love. Now. when He 'breathes into him the breath of lives. past. It is goodness and truth which God gives man. there being " no speech nor language where their voice is not heard. is in no 11 . which He declares are spirit and life. so the creation of the human mind. makes him a man and a portion of the church of God. And whether it gives also a real history of the creation of material things or not. and its qualities. and man becomes a living soul. And as all language is taken from the things of nature. given through natural symbols so it commences with the his- . in the first chapter of Genesis. present. and a history. THE CHURCH. This his- tory is so composed and rationally to de- as beautifully scribe this creation. is meant the creation of the race mankind males and females. by correspondences . but through natural things. yields his heart to the laws of God. and obeys those laws till he loves them. to which the macrocosm corresponds ." and as no quality of the mind can be de- scribed. Man receives this good- ness and truth in his spiritual creation or regeneration. They are received into the will and understanding of man as he sees the truth. of the church or the human mind or soul.

and spiritual love to God is felt in the soul . and from this love and faith comes spiritual knowledge. And through the exercise of this desire. and in the grass. By correspond- ence. There- we get the things which God fore. This love. designs for us. faith. and the . thus producing the fourth day or state of mind. we see the process of educating and de- veloping the external or natural mind. and apply it to our salvation. in this. while bearing the natural fruits of right- eousness the truth gradually enters the internal will or heaven of the mind. But the spiritual history we can understand. In this state man begins to be truly spiritual. in this growing. In the' firstthree days. For that can be fed only through the rational faculties. and in and the trees bearing fruit. we see action . we see. and knowledge are what is meant by the sun. to give light upon the mental earth. natural truth for that mind . without giv- ing any rational idea of the powers used and how applied. we see good works. em- bracing the faith. Here are the first three days or states. " " light used. This prepares man for spiritual or higher work for through . we see natural good growing in the affections. that it may be- come a basis or vessel for spiritual things. conveys no food for the soul. produced in true order. these states he can look up and desire spiritual things. moon. We cannot understand it if it does.242 THE CHURCH . looking to the Lord by faith. way essential to us. in the water. charity." we see the internal and the external planes of the niind in the . thence comes spiritual faith . and works of the natural mind. we see the truth for those minds. and stars placed in the mental heaven. And what do we want more ? In the expression " the heaven and the earth. To be told that a thing was done so and so.

replenishes and subdues the natural mind. so as to be in the image of God . Next the will of the natural man comes under spiritual influences and the affections become heav- enly. and to govern all their thoughts. They are therefore. affections and propensities. which is what is meant by the waters bringing forth fishes and birds. Therefore the intellectual and scientific facul- ties of the mind are next excited by heavenly light. which is what is meant by the earth bringing forth animals and living creatures. and is prepared for something higher. and the union of these minds brings man. to the sixth day. "When the labor of the sixth day is finished. truth predominates. God is said to rest because it is His Spirit that does the work. man has become a spiritual man. he is prepared to enter upon the seventh state. or state of creation. and he . before they reach the seventh state. or men and women. commanded to be fruitful and multiply in spiritual things. so that can bring forth something more alive than grass it and trees. the internal and external minds can be brought to- gether for mutual action. and gets the complete control over himself. Thus we have the church. which is called the fifth day. and the thoughts and scientific reasonings begin to be spirit- ual. to replenish their natural mind or earth and subdue it . THE CHUKCH 243 natural man begins to be governed by spiritual influences. And as he gains this dominion. fowl of the air. in God's image but they have much yet to do for the proper : growth and development of their minds. and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth. as mental beings. which is what is meant by man's having dominion over the fish of the sea. or sabbath of rest from the six days' labor. As a spiritual man. or the real males and females. Under this state of things.

by the cultivation of merciful and kind affections. They till the ground by love. or because \heyfeel it to be right. and there is a further de- velopment awaiting him. that the human mind was all tho while under the direction and control of tin. supplying and controlling the natural mind by the truth. by tilling the ground is meant. T " there JS ow. . or because they see it to be right.it is said in the second chapter. warming . The people had advanced only to the spiritual state. wherein love predominates. and cultivating the natural mind with love.) And yet the human race had been created " male and female " we know not how many and they had increased and multi- . They could then subdue the natural mind. Therefore. But the wants of his nature are not satisfied . but none to till the ground. and replenished the earth. THE CHURCH. by replen- ishing and subduing the earth is meant. there was then no celestial man. This is because. Thus. which is spirit- ual work while. which we find described in chapter ii. and fill it with celestial love. which we are to understand. which is celes- tial work. subduing either the natural or the men- tal earth makes it good ground for tilling. Thus the earth here means the external mind made spiritual . 5. This chapter introduces him into the celestial state. holds this dominion by seeing his duty. and subdued it. while the ground means the external mind made celestial. plied.truth. that was not a man to till the ground" (ver. Men subdue the mental earth by the truth.word " God only is used by . that the . by the power of the truth. but they had not learned to till that mind. the reason there was no man to till the ground is. Thus there were men enough to replenish and subdue the earth. It is because the work of the first chapter was simply " a spiritual work.

In this way the true church the kingdom of heaven is formed. growing from . and it advances them on to the celestial state. Men are now prepared to make a garden of their mind. Thus. which till the ground. it is Jehovah God. or make man celestial. and breathed into his nostrils the breath of lives . and man became a living soul. They could. For dust denotes the lowest external things of the mind. THE CHURCII. because they can now till the ground. not of one person only. Andthe process of the work is described in the " And following words : the LORD God made man (man- kind) of the dust of the ground. in the second . This garden of Eden. there- fore. This work of mercy and kindness is what forms man of the dust of the ground. Therefore. chapter. it is next said in the record. who were far enough advanced. but of all the human family then upon the earth. This is accomplished by doing all the little things of life kindly. smallest things of the external mind into the very dust of the ground. now." because it makes all his natural affections alive with love. that " the LORD God planted a garden eastward in Eden." Planting the garden is bringing the truths into the warm celestial ground of the mind. Thus the trees of this garden were all the mental principles. is the human mind. But the workstops not here." Here we see that the celestial state is produced by bringing love or good will down into the lowest. or Love and Truth operating in the heart together. and fills the whole mind with love to God and good will toward men. the second chapter takes men where the first leaves them. 245 and was thus becoming spiritual whereas. because it makes him manly in the least things. from love to the neighbor. This makes man a " living soul. so till the ground as to produce good mental fruit-trees.

that : is. There was no beginning with God . who act in all things from pure love to God and the neighbor. and brought them to Adam (or man) " to see what he would call them that is. in the first chapter. and. The phrase " in the beginning. and the ground gives them forth. by means of love. these prin- : ciples of the mind were created by means of the truth. they are celestial or flow from love. water brought forth the birds that is. ual in this chapter they are formed of the ground. Here we have the highest state to which the human mind advanced before the fall. the thoughts were spirit- ." is just as applicable to one period of time as another. the ground of love. the people were . were commanded to dress and keep this mental garden. The rivers of the garden were all truths flowing from the Lord. They now have a higher creation. . And so we may see why the trees and the beasts are said to be created over again it is because. as it regards the thing itself. "We have now given the process of the creation of celestial men. Here the human family. It is a true celes- tial church. It is theway celestial men are now created. The very affections of the soul were all made new. or celestial. and the people under- stood their quality. And it is applicable to men in all ages. with everything orderly and heavenly. and the earth produced them. Herein all the principles of the mind were made new. in the first chapter.24:6 THE CHURCH. This we are taught in the following language " Out of the : ground the LOKD God formed every beast of the field. and fowl of the air. it is created in the beginning. but there is a beginning with everything that is created . in this state of paradise. and could read their own hearts. enabled to know the quality of their thoughts and feelings. and put on the celestial aspect. Here it may be noticed that.

This uneasy state of mind is the germ of " the fall." and in all other previous instances. up to this high state of celestial light and life. know of the process of the mental growth and decline of nations." or that the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam. or create . from what we . as God never began to be. for He is " the same yesterday." * It is important here to remember that. think and act. it is written that " the LOKD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam. that word.' or man. "Nor could they have suddenly or rapidly declined into evil. as individuals or as a people. there are two words to denote man . 4 Aish . THE CHURCH. in the original. denotes a human being in general. and forever a Creator always. in the Hebrew language. one in heart and mind. denotes a male human being only . where the word 4 man is used. and one with the Lord.' without regard to sex humanity the race . so He never began to feel." God saw that man felt that " it was not good for him to be alone. in these two chapters of Genesis. " to-day. was to be single minded. when " dark- " ness was upon the faces of the abyss of the soul. and also that where it says. Of this happy celestial family the history is brief." Therefore. that " it is not " good that the man should be alone. Thus they began to get tired of their oneness of state. and to want some variety. ' denotes mankind without regard to sex. one of which is Adam.* and he slept. and the word 4 Aish.it must have taken a long time to advance the human race from a state of entire ignorance. and we know but little about it. It was to have no two sides or parties in anything but for all to yield implicitly to the . 24:7 And.' and the other is ' that the word Adam. They wanted the privilege of saying either yes or no. and to act more as many than as one alone. But the time came when they found that " it was not good to be alone" To be alone. Lord's will. . But we have much ground of belief that it was very numerous for. or man.

in Scripture. Hence the Lord. they are Love and Wisdom in . . to understand the Scripture record of the process through which the church or human nature passed. and goods for the will. and the will. as goodness. justice. and goodness and man. to do what He only permits to be done. the understanding is the male depart- ment of the mind. truth. spir- itually speaking. as the Truth. This all darkness was the sleep. is called the husband of the church. Woman is so organized as to express more of the goodness. Now the Lord is often said. by influx. and that these elements must pervade the entire universe. They were no longer awake or alive to the Lord's will and their duty . dur- " ing the fall. more of its. by means of the living Divine Influx. so. in try- ing to reason from their own proprium. thoughts and feelings in vegetables. tenderness. or partly from themselves. their understand- ings were becoming dark and their affections cold." we must have clear and distinct ideas of the male and female elements of the mind. And we must be these two spiritual elements. and man more of the truth. the female department. Thus we learn. see that there or there could not be the male and female ultimates.24:8 THE CHURCH. from the Holy "Word. man. in their gen- eral nature. all coming from God. began to fall into a state of darkness and doubt as to whether their wisdom were from the Lord. female. and it was this : The human race. more of its gentleness. judgment. The deep sleep man brought upon himself . And as truths are for the understanding. But. Therefore. they are light and . heat. they are truth and goodness in animals. the woman manifests. mercy. and power. or all nature would not present the male and fe- male qualities. and goods. of this influx. that the truths are male principles.without regard to individuals or sex. they are . In God.

To such persons the Lord says. the female. or male prin- ciple. by keeping the idea of these general male and female elements in the mind. and had studied so hard to find out what there really was of them. had become beclouded with mystery. which w as asleep." Now. man could do nothing. These elements. ings. inde- pendent of God what their very selfhood was in itself that their understanding. Hence the will did not ardently love the things of the understanding." ISTow. and female. had become cold. or Adam principle. who is ever in effort to help men out of their difficulties. being in the Divine Love and Wisdom of the Great Jehovah. and indifference of mind. we shall see that a community of people as a body must have its male and female elements pervading all its parts as though it were one mind the general understanding be- : ing the male department. for the feel- . was the Adam. without the united action of the will and the understanding. for the thoughts . under every trial. was in dark- ness. 11* . or male department. by coming to them. For. without regard to sex. it was so indifferent. and arise from the dead. and their will. From this view we see that the darkened understand- ing of the people of Eden. or female element. in their origin. " Awake. are the root and source of all creation and action. thou that sleep est. This was their deep sleep. and the general will. Sleep is a term often used in the r "Word to denote a state of doubtfulness. and the understanding saw nothing very inviting in the will. THE CHURCH. Their understanding. every person must have male and female ele- ments male. and going forth " the Life of all things. But the Lord. 249 Therefore. for they were gloomy and doubtful . that primeval people had turned their thoughts away from the Lord toward themselves.

by teaching them that men had a selfhood. or Eve department. and it produced a new state of mind. the bride. was now light and warm. : This new truth in the understanding of the people. because the will of the people received these it is new and joyous affections through the truth in the under- standing." provided they would acknowledge that all the power to act. and toward the Lord as the Truth. which the Lord . took this coldness away from the affections of the people. is the church. and therefore. And the goodness of these new affections. This was a new truth to them. and the warm affection which the people received for the new truth. were given them from the Lord. that it is said that the woman was taken out of the man. is used in the Word as a symbol of the relation between husband and wife. the Husband of the church. or flesh. is what is meant by the rib which was taken away . For the new truth. which took the place of the rib flesh denotes goodness. giv- ing them much joy. and everything good and true. and that they were free to exercise it and love it as their own. and just what their state wanted . For this new truth in the under- standing.250 THE CHURCH. is the Lord as the "Word. with something adapted to their state. Now this cold and indifferent state of the will toward the darkened understanding. is what is meant by the woman. Now. which was before dark and cold. " to be no longer alone. in the will. which showed them that they were free agents and need not be alone. And thisunion of truth in the under- standing with good in the will. and this darkness away from their understandings. could be re- ceived and warmly embraced by the new affections in the will. Thus the general mind of the people. or Adam department of the mind. and what it was.

the people saw that they were not good in and of themselves . This was an important and responsible position to stand in . and shall cleave shall leave his father unto his wife and they shall be one flesh. or the state of man. in . when his mind was first opened to a true knowl- edge of his own selfhood." Here. or subdued selfhood. new selfhood which was given in the place of the rib. Thus the Psalmist says. man and his mother. as they looked to the Lord and followed His directions. " Make me to have joy and gladness. It is alive when he loves self for the sake of the Lord for then he loves his neighbor as himself. in that sense. But it is because a bone has but little feeling. they loved Him for the goods and truths that were in them from Him. and seeing this. It may seem strange that the cold selfhood of man should be called a rib or bone. and they loved themselves also for what God gave them. contained within it the very goodness which made the will so happy . is the same as taking out a rib or destroying a dead selfhood." . in the Word. Break- ing a bone. and no doubt much valuable knowledge was gained. giving him some ideas of what was right and wrong in his thoughts and feelings. and looking to the Lord. Now. And a man's selfhood is either dead or alive. the state of man's selfhood is the state of the church in him. And as the understanding and the will are now it is therefore added that " a brought joyously together. It is dead when he loves self solely for the sake of self. Here we have the condition of the church. and which the will or woman received from the understanding or man. by broken bones are meant broken affections. that the bones which thou hast broken may rejoice. THE CHURCH. by the Lord. 251 here gave to the understanding. And for this reason it is often used. In the .

This selfhood human element given man by is the God. eating of the forbidden tree. of knowledge. Both these trees were necessary for the cultivation and development of this mental garden the human mind. their new state of the union of goodness and truth in them. was the tree of knowledge of good and evil. bearing the fruits of peace. man .252 THE CHURCH. But this tree alone would not make a man. and of good will. But the history leaves us in entire ignorance of either their progress. all was sweet and fresh as spring. therefore. laden with the fruits of eternal love.and peace to the soul. in order that he may know God and freely love Him. is what gives man his distinct individuality. also. Not a thorn or thistle to mar the beauty of the human intellect. would be only an animal. Man is not a self-exist- ent being. It was the tree of Divine Wisdom giving forth goodness. was a good tree. Therefore. This tree was God Himself in His mercy and truth. and makes him human. therefore. It has no life of its own. The tree of man's knowledge took root in man's self- hood. health. There. Man's selfhood. before they yielded to the subtlety of the serpent. This tree. The elements of tliis tree were freedom and rationality. Without these ele- ments. This was the tree of man's selfhood of man's wisdom. or of the time of their continuance in this happy state. is symbolized by a garden. all from the Lord. For we next find them. not a man. In this lovely garden. in order to have a man in the . all received from the Tree of Life. of God's own planting and without its cultivation and growth. under temptations. happi- ness. Their happy state. humbly acknowledged to be . the human mind would be a machine. It was then a lovely tree. There stood the Tree of life. Its fruits gave life.

but always gone to the Lord for wisdom. and ate of the tree of his own w isdom. turned away from the Tree of Life. it would then have remained ever grace- ful and lovely. But man. Now. drawn from the Tree of Life.wisdom and self-righteous- ness. in the exercise of his freedom and curiosity. for his neighbors. it of kindness for the neighbor. bearing all its fruits this.wisdom. was feeding and inflating the mind with self. the Tree of Life was exhibiting new flowers and fruits. Now. r he forgot his God. But when man. it was a selfish tree. And his own tree of knowledge was growing up. And from this tree of self. 253 image and likeness of his God. When he ate of his own righteousness of the tree of his own it began to bear fruits only for himself. therefore. or to the understand- ing. selfhood Before was a generous tree. because always modestly blooming with wisdom. the Tree of Life must also be there. have sprung all the evils and vices of humanity. every day. straight and beautiful. wisdom became pleasant to the eyes. Had men never eaten of this tree. by experimenting in his own way. bearing the fruits of self-right- eousness. feeling kind only toward self. and became wise in his own eyes. and mercy. Thus he learned to value himself more than his God. THE CHUKCH. and by gradually overreaching the divine rules of order and justice. acknowledged and loved. and a tree to be desired to make one wise. And his . began to imagine that he was really becoming skilful and wise himself and this self- . bearing the fruits of righteousness. or new wisdom and goodness. while man went to the Tree of Life for goodness and truth while he looked to the Lord for wisdom and guidance all was well the garden of his mind was budding and blossom- : ing with new beauty. and. by trying his own skill. and the world more than his neighbor.

for praise. adoration. " Where art thou ? " At this time. and power. that it was all his own wisdom. . their understandings . and they knew their evils were exposed to the divine truth. inwardly desires the praise. Thus we find Him calling out to them. growing vanity began to think. the garden of their mind . in the supreme love of self. as the result of his own wonderful powers and prudence.still contained many beautiful trees and attractive objects. that only two persona were treated of: but the true mean- . from the literal sense. and they knew that they were naked " that is. sired others to worship him. from the expression the eyes of loth of them were opened" one would suppose. and preeminence . all that he knew. and worship of all others. were opened. in the garden. and finally took to himself the merit of all the wisdom and goodness that his God had given him. For it is written. saying to Adam. In this way. This selfish state of mind leads to all the strifes und contentions among men. he grew daily in the esti- mation of his own importance. But. their guiltand shame behind them. And now. God was in effort to save them. .254: THE CHURCH. And they sought to hide themselves among the remaining good principles of their mind and character . that is. they sought to keep the good qualities of their nature in sight and to hide . Thus he went to himself for knowledge de. as the people were falling. and leads men into every degree of sin and vice. and property. and to desire to have others think. " Now. he lost all triie knowl- edge of his God. in his own way. And thus. step after step. every person. pended upon his own sagacity and gave forth to others . and even worshipped himself and de. Thus came sin. for self-gratification. " The eyes of them both were opened.

or female ele- ment that they knew better than to sin. " The woman whom Thou gavest to be with me. v. or male ele- ment. . For he says to himself. as to the cause of their sins. true or false. For they had eaten of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. also.) " " Now the question. And how common it is for people thus to excuse themselves at the present day They want! some way to get rid of the blame. gavest to be with me. as to things good or evil. " male and female created it is He them and . which every person possesses : for the subject relates to the condition of the human " " family. But he comes to the conclusion that he is not to blame that it . and his judgment or male element acknowledges the fact . For illustration : a person sins. 255 ing the understandings of both males and females were is. but that they . And as the word Adam is the proper generic name for the race. Where art thou ? was the Truth addressing itself first to the understanding. and thus they reason at this day. therefore written. the two great elements of the human mind. mean. could not help it. And they finally came to the conclusion. in this history but the men arid the women and they . she gave me of " the tree. on to God. Adam and Eve therefore do not mean two distinct persons. called their name Adam. whether male or female : he reflects upon it . and I did eat thus casting all the blame en- ." (Gen. " The woman. the understanding and the will. or the " that thou will. he sees that the law of order is broken." he says. was in his will to sin. . THE CHUBCH. and means all mankind. And the people reasoned among themselves. males and females." Thus men reasoned in the garden. 2. I did not make my will my disposition God gave it to me. that the fault was in the will. opened. she gave me. tirely from himself.

says to man. Thus we see that the first effect of sin is to make man ashamed he feels like a naked man. and wants to hide . or the Truth. and thus got angry. he should not have stolen it. Thus. " The wr oman ruled the understanding. " The serpent beguiled me. answered. and the will sinned. and flimsy excuses w hen he might readily see. and I did eat. " Where " art thou ? And these are his selfish replies. Next comes deception. Thus the blame is all laid upon the serpent. But as they continued to examine into. and to reason upon. and said. Tims they. he says. behind a fair outside. as to the disposition to sin being ori- ginally in the will. if the temptation had not been in his way. they changed their minds. Or the will says. God. the subject of their troubles. in their will. the senses of hearing and seeing beguiled the will into these acts of stealing and murder and the will over- . So man now says he is not to blame for his sins that he did not make his senses that. after mature deliberation. he should not have murdered him. If he had not seen the property. the question. himself from the scrutiny of Truth. And so now." and man sinned. corrupted his own will. and beclouded his own understanding. and seen His actions. which is mental darkness he : . What is this that " thou hast done ? And. he should not have sinned." And here they put all the blame away from both the will and the under- standing on to the senses the serpent principle. " The' serpent " beguiled the will. fore must have depraved his own senses. r from God must be good and true and that man there- . came up. gave. by the light of truth. as to where the will got the dispo- sition to sin? whether God gave it? For "the LORD God the Truth said unto the woman. If he had not heard the man's language. that all that comes . and decided that it was in the senses.256 THE CHURCH.

Thus the race fell into sin. And they brought forth and established another doctrine. and miserable. contributes to his own selfish gratification. it was their sins that dispossessed them of it. Abel. And they conceived and brought forth the doctrine of faith. Faith was the first-begotten of the church. THE CHURCH. They needed some rules of life. and ren- dered them unhappy from a sense of their guilt." The garden being an orderly and happy state of the mind. in connection with Eve. or the will of the church.and to cast the blame. This is a sad state of the church and they see that it cannot be long endured : . that showed them that they were out. the understanding and the will of the people the Adam and Eve of the church set themselves to work to devise some doctrine or means which they could use for their good or the benefit of the church. And the next thing is to justify him- self. as the Truth. But it was the Lord. They re- solved that they would not forget their God but would . which was charity and they called its name . To accom- plish this object. first upon one thing and then upon another. and lastly upon his God. brought forth and established. and called its name Cain. depraved. believe on Him. or the understanding of the church Adam. that apparently drove them out. And the narrative " drove them out of the next declares that God garden. or people. And now they find themselves becoming mOre and more con- tentious. and acknowledge His supremacy and laws. that must lead to destruction. Then follows hatred to God and man and the love of nothing but what . Something must be done it to restore harmony and peace among them. or rather. for the guidance . But they found that one rule of life was not enough. Thus. 257 avoids the light.

proud of their own wisdom. to the Lord. And they had. if we give the fruit of the ground. And so long as they regarded these doctrines. as selfishness increased. And to accomplish this. It was more duty to the neighbor than they were willing to perform. in order to make life agreeable. So long as they had charity. by faith. become wise in their own eyes. called Cain and Abel. the church established these two doc- trines. of course. They had now faith in the Lord.258 THE CHURCH. they offered the firstlings of the flock. some ceased to be satis- fied with the life of charity. we want them for ourselves. It is not necessary to our salvation to love our neighbor faith in : God is far better. one another and live in peace. Each wanted to rule. Faith and Charity. They had eaten of the forbidden fruit-? the tree of knowledge of good and evil. This was the best that the Lord could do for them.Surely. But the faith of the head began to reason against the offerings of the heart. And they gradually reasoned themselves into the belief that faith in God was all the doctrine that it was necessary to exercise. These rules taught them that they must believe in the Lord and regard His laws and also love . and charity toward the neighbor. all went on well. In consequence of the fall. and these people said to themselves. these rules had become ab- solutely necessary for the order and safety of the com- munity. And they were under the necessity of looking to the Lord. This brought dis- cord. and government of the community. Their eyes or understand- ings were opened. that will be all- . or time faith in the Lord. Weneed not give away any longer the firstlings of the flock our best affections for an offering . these two fundamen- tal doctrines or rules of life. or their best affections. But. and exercising the laws of charity.

when they should till the ground. The church was therefore divided into two parties. I know not. The mental earth cannot be cultivated by . THE CHTJKCH. Thus the Cainites. as said by the Lord. and they said to them- selves. Thus the head reasoned against the heart. or faith-alone-people. Thus Cain. Their love of the neighbor was dead. I know not where my charity is gone. 259 sufficient. entered their minds. and they answered. thy brother ? And he said. If we believe in the Lord. or Char- ity. Salva- tion is of God. " And the LORD God said unto Cain. or cultivate the mind. Love to the neighbor cannot save us. And. and the will and the understanding became separated. earthly man overruled the better feelings of the heart. and finally destroyed the love of the neigh- bor. the Lord. distinct from those who still ad- hered to the principle of charity. They saw that they were not what they should be. Faith alone was the cold and selfish state of a portion of the church. or between faith and charity. We can do nothing. The good affections of the heart were destroyed. for they had ceased to be their brother's keeper. They felt condemned under the light of this truth. Where is Abel. A strong con- tention arose between the judgment and the feelings. had their own peculiar views. as all must be who have no true love for one another. And they answered truly. it would not yield its strength : for faith without charity can produce no good fruits. Where is the neighbor ? They saw and my love to felt their coldness. or Faith. in a reflective moment. and eventually the selfishness of the natural. as the Truth. But they were unhap- py creatures. slew his brother Abel. Am I my broth- " er'skeeper ? Thus. He will save us by that faith.

Name or mark means quality. And they were fearful of becoming entirely de- stroyed or wretched. but only to excite selfish fear. did not reach their hearts so as to enkindle benevolence. And He therefore said. These Cainites. they would be sevenfold more wretched than they were then. vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold " that is. they saw that they were fugitives and vagabonds in the earth. The ensign of the church from which they sprung would be Faith and Charity.260 THE CHURCH. is spiritually or mentally most miserable. They became a portion of the church that dif- fered from the main body. that they might be known and preserved. And the Lord set a mark upon them. All he can see be- fore him. the next effort of the Lord was to keep them from falling lower. And even this life loses its brightness and its true delights. There was something living in it. then. in their minds. That mark was Faith. He has no hope of future existence or heavenly joys. And in their luminous moments. Faith or Cain was the quality or name of the new sect. or cease to believe in Him. But. Their faith still gave them some connection with the Lord. the : Lord told them by the Truth. And if they should lose that. And as the truth had failed to call them back to goodness. indeed. the light of . when this life ends. they would fall into the lowest wretchedness. But the light which thus showed them their condition. that if they should destroy their faith in Him. settled down in the doctrine of faith alone. " Whosoever slayeth Cain. truth without goodness. He who disbelieves in a God whom he can love. And so long as they should wear that mark so long as they should have faith they would have some spiritual life. being without charity. That was their mark of distinc- tion. is darkness and extinction. therefore.

therefore. THE CHURCH. And this want was fast pervading the whole Adamic people all the human race of that .conceived. and name. gave birth to a whole system of doctrines of faith alone. Places denote states of mind land of Nod. tute of goodness and truth. The birth of Enoch. and called the name : of the city after the name of his son. Where charity. Cain also means the understanding. there is a want which nothing can supply. or a state desti- . the child born. They receded from the light and sunk into a vagabond state. Enoch. quality and it is said they builded a . is lacking. is the establishment of these doctrines of faith alone. through the union of their wills and understandings. and called the name of the city after the name of their son. And as soon as these Canutes had cultivated a real love of the idea of faith alone . when the feelings of the heart had become fully wedded to that sen- timent of the head those feelings were the wife the will . Enoch. And the building of the city is the arrangement of these doctrines into a system of faith. means these doctrines. a vagabond state. But the loss of Abel could not be made up by all the devices and powers of the mind. This is known because city means doc- trines." Now Cain was a society of men and women who believed in faith alone. Thus it is said that Cain went out from the presence of the Lord and dwelt in the land of Nod. the male ele- ment of that body. as well as the church of Adam. And then followed the birth of Enoch. u And Cain knew his wife and she . the very soul and life of society. city. and the understanding of the people were wedded in that doctrine. Thus these Cainites. Enoch. and bare Enoch and he builded a city. This church of Cain could have offspring. 261 their faith in time grew dim and feeble.

something further must be done. was good works. Therefore it is written that "Adam knew his wife again. For to call on the name of the Lord is to desire.262 THE CHURCH. that. Seth. But it was given for the purpose of restoring to the people charity. Matters could not go on much further in this way. The Adamic church could not stand without the doctrine of works. which was given by the Lord instead of charity. which would supply the place of their lost charity. Under this state of things. We now see why Adam gave names to only three children. brought forth by the united wisdom and love of the church. Tims Seth.or Abel.. or good works. and be endurable. said she. or way. if it had been it would have been called Abel. as a basis. For God. we must keep the command- ments. if we would enter into life. Faith will sure- ly slay his brother Charity. age. to call on the name of the Lord. enough. brought forth love to God and the neighbor." Here the general church devised a new doctrine. and . wa. His quality. and called his name Seth. Charity. taught by our Lord. And this quality includes mercy and kindness toward all. Faith. whom Cain slew. and they called his name Enos and that then began men . for it was given in Abel's stead.s not charity itself. This son. For the history says that to Seth was born a son. But and charity cannot stand unless they faith are ultimated and grounded in works. Thus we see here verified the great truth. Unless the works of faith and charity are kindly performed. hath appointed me another seed instead of Abel. When they found them- selves rapidly falling. they established the doctrines of faith and charity and supposed these were rules of life . and she bare a son. This new son or truth of doctrine. and to receive. And the divine object was thereby accom- plished.

and Power. It is because lie was the church. and they took them wives of all which they chose. and works embrace everything of the church. under different names of persons as offspring. marry a wife. THE CHURCH. And from this deplorable condition we can never be removed unless. without the natural truth of faitli. And if we are not charitable. and thereby ob- tain charity. First. and thence true spiritual faith. But the people had become divided in sentiment." (Gen. and new things devised or begotten. in humble obedience to His commandments. we could not perform good works. or good works. but have natural faith enough to see that we ought to be and . by the church. after he had slain his brother. and changes were frequently made. and establish ourselves in false doctrines. Or. or our best affections. and trust to our own faitli. until the people had become so depraved that " the sons of God sawthe daughters of men that they were fair . or Faith. 263 Works. remove from the presence of the Lord to the land of ISTod. and build a city. Tims the Lord arrested the downward progress of the race for a season.) This state of things brought on the flood. The lesson we draw from this history is twofold. what is the same thing. char- ity. and faith. fall into a false and lifeless state of mind. we shall become so. The doctrine of works is the doctrine of charity. in the second place. and we return to the presence of our God. They are from the three great fundamental principles. 2. and thus be brought into the love of the neighbor. Love. there is born unto us Seth. in its various branches. For. For by . we shall lose our charity. we shall slay our brother Abel. that if we cease to give to God the firstlings of our flock. Wisdom. vi. will then do the works of charity. We now see the necessity of protecting Cain. in action.

and a new order of things had to be introduced. with all its branches. But this is a rule which holds good. By the materials and dimensions of the ark is meant the character and quality of the doctrines and prin- ciples of the church. &c. Any truth from God's love is a son of the Father. here called daughters of men. or the new state of order which the Lord was establishing in their minds. and fill the mind with deceit. and principles of the mind is signified by the destruction of animals. The church is now often called the ark of safety. is to falsify those truths. All affections that come from man's selfish proprium are evils and are . In this flood of falsities. Much is said of the building of tabernacles and temples. for by daughters of God would have been meant good principles. tion of all good affections. for the truths of the head to think the evils of the heart fair. All truths in the comple* are the Son of God.264: THE CIIUKCU. which inundated the mental world. and become wedded to them. birds. the most ancient. and become the church on a lower plane than that of the Adamic church. Therefore. there were minds that could re- ceive these new instructions from the Lord. by correspondences. By the ark is meant the church. or Adamic church. . / By Noah and meant all those who were his family are willing to receiveand regard the Lord's new instructions. as to doc- trines and life. and been wedded to them. thoughts.. This may at first strike some as strange and incredible. . the sons of God are meant truths in the minds of the peo- ple and by the daughters of men are meant their evils. throughout the entire Word. all would have been well. . Among the people called Noah. Had these 'sons of God seen the daughters of God to be fair. came to an end on the earth and the destruc.

By the animals. spiritual. and riv- ers. the practising and establishing. and silver. thoughts. THE CHUKOII. adapted to the states and wants of that age. and propensities within the control of the new divine rules. And when these prin- ciples are received into the mind. and pearls. is meant the bringing of all their various affections. And though Noah and his family are said to be in the ark. in the top. that mind is the ark or the church. 12 . out of heaven. The clean beasts and cattle denote the good affections of the mind. Men are truly in the church only when the church or kingdom is in them. and fruits. as applied to the principles of the church or the mind. these faithful new principles of life in the mind. and the unclean. and walls. denotes that they were taught that the understanding is the receptacle of the truth of the Word. entering the ark. The window. and trees. with gates. By their entering the ark is meant coming under their the power and influence of these doctrines and rules of life. by and humble obedience. birds. and so forth. and gold. the true light of heaven. the bad affections. For these doctrines and rules are various principles of goodness and truth.500 miles square. and natural. into the human mind. all coming down from God. and glass. yet the ark is also in them." saith the Lord. Is the description of the ark. The door in the side denotes that they were taught that they could also receive the truth by hearing and obeying the rules of the church. The three stories of the ark denote that the people were taught something of the three degrees of the mind celestial. any more strange than this ? By the building of* the ark is denoted. " I in thee and thou in Me. and precious stones. 265 Look at the materials and dimensions of the Holy City or New Church Doctrines a city 1. and foundations.

What is meant by its raining 40 days and 40 nights may be seen in chap. In this ark or church.266 THE CHURCH. we see a little band. xiii. they keep their falses under. they took with them all their mental principles. And they enter into its worship and instructions. The ark rests on the Ararat of their hearts their love to God and His truth. bringing under its influ- ence all their wayward and various thoughts. denoting purity. And they kindly sent forth the dove to see if the waters or falses were abated from their minds. in the church. They call this church the ark. feelings. and forming a little church. They truly love them. they felt a sincere regard for the salvation of the world of mankind lying in dark- ness around them. At the time they entered the ark. And as they were purified. This little church then sent forth that gentle spirit to the world of mind around. on numbers. The dove corresponds to the Holy Spirit the spirit of truth and love. and propensities every living creature of their mind and heart and they feed them there with food from heaven. hearkening to the new teachings of the Lord. and thus the ark is raised in their estimation above their own and the surrounding wa- ters of error. or with divine goods and truths. : In the midst of this general gloom and wretchedness. the bad were to be subdued. and came into states of true thoughts and feelings. because seven is a holy number. we behold the people of that age in a state of profound darkness and er- ror their whole mental earth inundated with falses. or coming under the influence of the doctrines. called Noah and his family. until its doctrines rise to the very summit of their affections. For on entering the ark. to see if the darkness of error . good and bad. And here. The good are said to go in by sevens.


had subsided, and they would accept the truth. But all
was still false dark as night. The dove found no rest for
the sole of her foot, for the waters were on the whole
face of the earth. "No rnind could receive the truth.
What Christian heart that has a new and heavenly truth
has not experienced the same thing, in his efforts to pre-
sent that truth to other minds ? How often the gentle
dove has returned unto him, into the ark of his own bosom,
for a place to rest her foot !

Noah first sent forth a raven, a bird denoting very ex-
ternal truth. This flew to and fro in their external under-
standings, till their falses had so subsided as to receive it.
But they could receive nothing higher. It was necessary
that they should have the external truth first, denoted by
the raven. " First that which is natural, afterward that
which is spiritual."
But Noah, after the return of the dove, waited seven
days, or till they had come into new states of mind from
the exercise of the natural truth and he sent forth the

dove again, or offered them the spiritual truth once more.
But their perceptions were still too dark to receive her ;

and she returned " And, lo, in her mouth was an olive

leaf plucked off." The olive tree, from its oil, denotes ce-
lestial love : the leaf denotes the truth of faith from that
love. The return of the dove, with the olive leaf plucked
off, denotes that they would receive some little of spiritual

truth, or some faith, but could not yet receive the love.
The leaf was plucked off, or separated from the tree.
Noah waited yet other seven days, or for new states of

mind, and sent forth the dove again, and then they re-
ceived the spirit of truth. And now the church began to
spread among other minds.
Thus was established the Noatic state of the church -


the second distinct feature of the Lord's kingdom among
men, symbolized by an ark. There the little society called
Noah and his family were the church, in the light and life
of new Divine Truths while all the community around

them were immersed in falsities. But Noah instructed
them in the Divine Truth. This we are taught by his
sending forth the dove, which denoted the Holy Spirit
the Spirit of Truth.
And Noah planted in their minds a vineyard ; or, in
other words, the people of this church cultivated their
hearts by the reception, propagation, and giving forth of
spiritual truths. But in process of time Noah or the
church fell in love with his vineyard, instead of God who

gave it ;
and they became drunken with the mental wine
of their own
raising; or, in other words, they took to
themselves the merits of the vineyard, considered the
truths their own wisdom, and became intoxicated with
the errors of selfishness. Thus the second state of the
church was lost, and man sunk into naturalism.
Noah, Adam, ate of the forbidden tree
like the tree
of hisown wisdom.
Men had now become so low that the Lord could no
longer approach them and teach them without written
laws and rules, rites and ceremonies. He therefore gave
them the commandments on Mount Sinai, and established
the church or the peremptory law of obedience. This
was the third or Jewish church. This state of the church
was symbolized by outward religious rites and ceremonies.
It was simply
a church of works, in which men were to

fear God and keep His commandments. Men had be-
come entirely natural they had none but the most vague

of a spiritual world, or of a life after death.
i'lcns They
looked only for temporal rewards and punishments. They


were to fear God and keep His commandments. All their
ritesand ceremonies were in true correspondences. And so
long as they humbly performed them, and kept the com-
mandments because God had commanded it, they received
spiritual life, and could be prepared for heaven. But in
time they lost their reverence and respect for God and
His laws, and kept the commandments and performed
their religious ceremonies entirely from selfish motives.
Thus they fell into the lowest state of perverted human-

ity. A state denoted by whited sepulchres, generation of
vipers, stiffhecked people, scribes, pharisees, hypocrites.
We have now traced the decline of humanity or of the
church from its highest state of purity and innocence, as a
garden of Eden, down to its lowest state of sin and selfish-
ness, as an unfruitful wilderness a state in which God

could no longer reach men without assuming their nature.
The fall was now completed humanity had gone down to

the very verge of complete destruction. Step after step it
had declined, and the merciful Lord had followed it, until
the last spark of life was about to expire.
To this little spark the Lord, through the virgin Mary,
united Himself, wrapped around as it was with all the
depravity of the race, so that, in the assumed nature,
" He was
tempted in all points like as we are." Thus
He met the enemies and the evils of humanity on their
own ground, rescued the race from destruction*, turned the
face of humanity upward, purified and glorified the as-
sumed nature, and made it a Divine Mediator or Medium
between the Father within and the wicked world without.
And through the power of His Spirit, proceeding from
His Divine Humanity, He established the Christian
church, and gave us the blessed Gospel.
Herein He brought life and immortality to light ;


taught them of heaven and of hell, of the resurrection, of
the judgment, and of the future life.
But He told His disciples that that was not His last

dispensation He would come again and establish
the New Jerusalem. And He gave them the Apocalypse,
which isa clear and distinct prophecy of the passing away
of that state of the church, and of the coming of the new one.
Now, what was the first coming of the Lord ?, It was
the Divine Truth or the Word, which* " was in the begin-
ning with God," and which was God," assuming our na-
ture and coming thereby into the minds of men. It was the
Divine Truth with the Divine Love, spoken from the

material body of the Lord, and also from the written Gospel.
What is the second coming of the Lord ? It is the
same Divine Truth filled with the same Divine Love, in
its spirit and life, coining through the written Gospel into
the minds of men.
The first coming was to the lowest possible state of

mankind, when they had no thought of anything higher
than matter. He therefore had to come into their de-

praved nature and in a material body. For thus only
couldHe reach their low state and then only by the lite-

ral sense of the Word.
But now, at the second coming, having put off that
material body and everything depraved, He comes into
the minds of men, as the Divine Word, not only in the
literal sense, but also in its spirit and its life. The " many
things," therefore, which at the first coming, He had to
say to His disciples that they could not bear, He now
rcvr.-ils, showing us plainly of the Father."
Thus we have in the Holy Word an account of the
coming of the Lord to establish the New Jerusalem, the
last and highest state of the church, the crowning dispen-


sation of the Holy Word. The state of the Christian
and prophetically
world, at this coming, is symbolically
described in the 24th chapter of Matthew, as having
passed through immense tribulation such as divisions,

persecutions, wars, pestilences, earthquakes, and famines,
until the Sun of Eighteousness, in many minds, had be-
come darkened, and the moon of faith did not give her
light, and the knowledge had fallen from
stars of true
their mental heaven e., : i. were in doubts and
until they
darkness as to what to believe, and saw not the bright
truths of the Word which they needed. And who can
look through the present state of the Christian world, in all
its various and conflicting aspects, from the gross Mormon-

ism of ignorant Joe Smith, up to the views of learned
doctors, who are now representing the Sacred Word of
Light and Life as in the shades of error and contradiction
who, I say, can look at this picture and not see this
prophecy being fulfilled ? Well may our Lord have said,
Except those days should be shortened, there should no
flesh be saved." (Matt, xxiv, 22.)
In this condition of the church on earth it is declared
that there should be seen the sign of the coining of the
Son of Man and that He should come in the clouds of

heaven, or in the letter of the Word, as seen in the becloud-
ed state of men's minds their mental heaven. The full
description of this final church is given in the Apocalypse,
which closes the canon of Scripture, and therefore the Di-
vine history of the church. This description we find in
the 21st chapter of Revelation, under the similitude of a
Holy City, coming down from God out of heaven, pre-
pared as a bride adorned for her husband.
]S"ow, what is this Holy City ? It is a pure system of
doctrines, teaching clearly the nature and character of


God and His laws and of man and all his duties. The

be " 1

city is pure gold, like unto clear glass,' be-
said to
cause the doctrines are all good and clearly seen, and
make us rich unto salvation ; gold denoting goodness or
hea-venly riches, and clear glass meaning truth under-
stood. A
city is a beautiful symbol of doctrines, because
it is used for the indwelling, comfort, intercourse, instruc-
tion, protection, support, and happiness of its inhabitants.
Here they perform their labor, treasure up their wealth,
build their houses and churches, attend their worship, sell
their merchandise from man to man, and perform the du-
ties of this life. Thus a city, in order, completely repre-
sents those heavenly doctrines, or rules of life, through
which our souls may be brought together, to dwell in mu-
tual love, use, and benefit, accumulating heavenly riches,

and, as we need, passing from soul to soul, the precious
goods and truths of spiritual life. A good man spiritually
dwells in such doctrines of the Holy Word, as he naturally
dwells in a city.
This Holy City of pure gold, like unto clear glass, is
the doctrine of the Word in its spiritual light, shining
through the literal sense. It is said to have twelve foun-
dations of precious stones. Now, what are these founda-
tions? They arc all natural truths. All natural truths
whatever, whether scientific, civil, or religious, are the ba-
sis of spiritual truths. When, therefore, from the spirit-
ual light of the Word, are clearly presented to the mind
the beautiful doctrines of the trinity, atonement, fall, re-
generation, judgment, heaven, and hell,
they strike the natural mind as true, for they are ra-
tional and consistent. This is because all natural truths
are in harmony with spiritual truths. And when the
natural mind, which is exercised with natural truths, is


open to the reception of spiritual truths, those spiritual
truths are seen through the natural truths, and rest upon
them as a foundation. And while the foundations of this
city are natural truths, the tight of the city is Spiritual
There " no need of the
Truth. is sun, neither of the
moon, to shine in it for the glory of God did lighten it,

and the Lamb is the light thereof." The spiritual truth
of the Holy Word, in the human mind, is the light of the
doctrines, the glory of this city.
The gates of the city are introductory truths, denoted
by pearls. Doctrines are things for the understanding.
And to see the inner light of this city the spiritual light of
the doctrines we must pass the gates ;
that is, these gates
must introduce to our minds the spiritual light. What
then are these gates these introductory truths ? They are
the truths of analogy, seen by correspondences. They are
the scientific light which shows the relation between the
book of nature and the book of Revelation between the
works and the Word of God between the literal and the
spiritual sense of the Sacred Scriptures. Through these
gates of pearl we enter understandingly into the Holy
City. Pearls denote scientific truths, because things
of the sea denote scientifics. There are twelve of these
gates three on each of the four sides of the city ; the

East, the West, the North, and the South. By the num-
ber 12, which denotes perfect fulness, we learn that these
gates comprise all analogical truths whatever ;
the entire
circle of the science of correspondences.
But it is not necessary to understand all this science in
order to enter this city. We
can begin to enter on the
East side, when the
light of this science, like that of the
rising sun, first feebly strikes us ; or we can enter on the
South side, when we have a full blaze of the light, as at


noon-day ; or we can enter on the "West side when we
have neglected properly to use the light, till it is passing
away ; we can even then use the light and enter the city ;

or we can enter on the Nortlj. side, where the light is dim
and the feelings cool. Thus we can enter in the Spring
of life, or in the Summer of life, or in the Autumn, or in
the Winter. The gates of the New
Jerusalem are never
shut to man while he lives. And whether he has little
light or much, if he uses the light he has, he can enter the
heavenly abode.
But to enter, on either side, we must pass the three
gates. These three gates are not side by side, but one
within another, and united. To pass one or two will do
us no good, unless we
pass the third for the number 3,

in the Word, always points to the three great elements of
life wisdom, love, and power. These three gates, or
classes of introductory truths, have therefore regard to our
faith, our charity, and our works. When the spiritual
light of the Word, by the law of analogy, enters our mind,
we soon begin to see that in order to enter this city, or
love these doctrines, we must feel right and act right, as
well as see right that our heart and our head must be in

the work that faith alone, or charity alone, or works

alone, or any two of these together, will never bring us
within the Holy City, or into the society of the pure and
good. We must have goodness as well as truth, and we
must do our duty. We must pass the three gates.
The streets of this city are the common paths or prin-
ciples of life, wherein we meet our fellow men and cany
out the golden rules of justice and mercy.
The form of this city is symbolized by a cube, because
forms denote qualities. It is therefore said to be " four-
" the
square ;length, the breadth, and the height of it


being equal. Here again that wonderful number 3 comes
in, with its heavenly instructions for length has relation

to goodness breadth, to truth ; and height, to use thus
; ;

teaching that the doctrines are as good as they are true,
and as useful as they are good and true. And here also
that full and perfect number 12 is again used, to define
the extent and quality of this length, breadth, and height
of doctrines ; calling them each 12,000 furlongs ; which
means that they comprise all goods, truths, and uses ; in-
finite Love, Wisdom, and Power in all their varieties and
their fulness.
This city or doctrine is said to be measured by an an-
gel with a golden reed. This is because, by measuring, is
meant ascertaining the quality. And as gold denotes
goodness, and reed, truth, so we are taught by this meas-
uring, that it is only by truth from good through angelic
and heavenly influences, that we can know the divine
quality of these doctrines. Now, what, in the letter alone,
seems strange, is, that though this city is declared to be
12,000 furlongs square, yet its wall is said to be the meas-
ure of a man ; i. e., of an angel. But this is because a
true man or angel loves the Holy "Word, and is filled with
these doctrines ; they are therefore his spiritual measure
or quality.
Now, for a man to enter this city, the city must also
enter him. And we are taught that " there shall in no
wise enter into it
anything that defileth, neither whatso-
ever worketh abomination, or maketh a lie " by which ;

we are taught that, though we may have these doctrines
in our understanding, yet we can receive them into our
affections only as we put away our evils ; that these pure
elements will not mingle with falses and evils. Who then
enters the Holy City? "He that overcometh." What

and true. The will prin- ciple. as in children. sincere. artless. And the will being right. with the Adamites of old. that overcometh will I give to eat of the Tree of Life. the Lord by intuitive influx. in the spiritual history of our race. as definitely recorded in the Word of Almighty God. for a moment. The will and the understanding were united. " To him does he find there ? The Tree of Life. Here we are again. There w ere no healing leaves mentioned upon r the first Tree of Life. at the remark- able order of the succession of these states of the church in the fall and rise of humanity. . ruled." These leaves are the scientific truths which God is now giving us those beautiful truths of analogy which open to us the Holy Word. They knew and felt no wrong. which is in the midst of the paradise of God. "We have now taken a summary view of the five dis- tinct features of the church. and how to put them away and be healed. infantile character of the race. they did right because they felt it to be right." saith our Lord. and the fruit of the Tree was all that they needed. The people were simple. eating of the Tree of Life.276 THE CHURCH. therefore they saw and acted right. in the midst of the garden of the mind. Let us now glance. the Adamic state of the church. affec- tionate. In the first. we have the innocent. or of the five peculiarly marked states of humanity. open. they felt rightand. in the para- dise of God. All had health and life their minds were open to truths from . for there was then nobody sick. But this Tree of Life is here men- " And the leaves tioned as having leaves as well as fruits-: of the tree are for the healing of the nations. before the fall. Love or charity was the first and dominant element in this church . and clearly show us the origin and na- ture of our evils.

ruled in the second. This put the Christian church on a level with the Noatic. with charity as its life. when love will be the predominant element. Truth. so that they could neither see nor feel right. and in the third. Faith was the first or leading element of the Christian church. was. The Lord led the Adamic church by charity. Thus the Lord elevated the church from the plane of works to that of faith or truth as its guarding principle. still retaining the works and charity. retaining faith and works. Therefore. and therefore its impulses were wrong. They had to have an ark or doctrines. The will and the un- derstanding were separated. But in the third. They did right simply because they were commanded. the first and dominant element. the Noatic church by faith. Here we afraid to have a trine in the In the first. neither charity nor faith. neither love nor truth. THE CHURCH. and man lost the love of obedience. and not love. but works or use. the will was depraved. the Lord assumed our nature and estab- lished a church wherein truth led to goodness. and the Jewish church by works. And when works proved inefficient. or Jewish state of the church. faith ruled. It could not go right without instruction from God. ruled. 277 But in the second state of the church. the will was not only depraved. works . Thus the steps up the mountain are the same as the . the Noatic. charity states of the church. or faith. therefore. with them. and were do otherwise. the Truth of their faith they had to enter the ark and . was the first and dominant element in this state of the church they did right because they saw it to : be right and their wills had to submit to the dictates of . obey the doctrines. But the province of the New Jerusalem is to bring the church up to the plane of the Adamic. but the understanding was darkened.

embracing the Love. steps down the Adamic church. rules. All that there ever has been of the true church on earth. When. ity. the Noatic. which brings to view the light of natural truth. Thus it is an appearance only. in the New Jerusalem state. it has the letter of the Law. or the keeping of the commandments in the reverence and fear of God. and that no church can exist without them. and works are the three great elements of the church. the church is in the highest or celestial state . For works are the basis and continent of the other elements. and the Jewish. : of faith . in its di- . and Power of God . For the depravity is not the church. and use cannot fall. the church is to possess all its elements in their true order. by the love of truth. of char- . of works : and then. . will be therein embodied. and inspires a love of use. that the church becomes depraved and falls. Now. If Faith rules. in the natural heavens. in the celes- tial heavens .278 THE CHURCH. When love or charity rules. when truth or faith rules. therefore. truth. If Love rules. It has been the peo- ple that have fallen away from the church goodness. Wisdom. and when use or works rules. of charity . that the church of God has never fallen. The Adamic church still exists. in the spiritual heavens . commen- cing at the bottom. But there can be no church without works. the Christian. of faith and the New Jerusalem. For nothing of the church has ever been lost. faith. it worksby love and purifies the heart. and the Jewish. we look at the church. man sees the truth and does his duties from love of goodness. the Noatic. it is in the natural state. Thus we see that chanty. we have the Jewish church of works . it is in the spiritual state . They are divine and eternal principles. in its purity. If Works of righteousness. The real fact is.

Their falses and have been something else. the higher laws of creation and providence but now. and seeing intuitively. and of their own souls. hasbeen the church. we can see that there has been only one church on the earth. And. and their minds are opened to the Word . by the same Divine Wisdom. . the Adamic state was the church in its infancy the No. from its infancy to its manhood. Thus. 279 vided elements. in the clear light of analogy. and despising the evil and seeing ra-. church in its age and maturity. and the canons of Scripture point no further. . This church ha. THE CHURCH. and the Book is opened to the minds of men. . atic state. its early manhood and the New Jerusalem state. tionally and scientifically. the church in . evils The church commenced with the creation of man. by the Lord's Wisdom. it is to be as : an educated man. knowing good from evil. inexperienced. Herein humanity is to be restored to the primeval order of the race. true. in the people. its vari- ous qualities and uses. loving su- premely the good. the church in its youth the Christian state. and men learn. the church in its childhood the Jewish state. those laws. In this state the seals of the Holy Word are loosed. from God. humanity has been developed. loving goodness su- premely. the same higher laws of crea- tion and providence and then loving and walking in . This is then the full and crowning state of the church. confiding child.s existed under vari- ous states and dispensations. in the same light of analogy. by Divine influence. in man. and useful. with this difference then it was as an inno- : cent. developing. Herein all the prophecies of the Word are fulfilled. Only that which was good. by means of it. knowing no sin. the laws of the spiritual world. the .

For men fell from the want of experience. will no more fall into sin. Glorious and happy day. and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father. And. And all its dreadful qualities are depicted in the Holy Word.280 THE CHURCH. when every knee shall bow. and of a knowledge of evil. knowing the consequences. the world of mankind. from the least to the greatest. Now the appalling consequences of evil are before the eyes of all. . when all shall know the Lord. and are bitterly experienced by every individual. when restored to millennial order. And now we see that there will be no more fall of man. in the most striking colors'.

we must have just views of the nature and character of the Divine Being. see and know a great deal more about heaven and hell than they may suppose they do. But. CHAPTER XXI. in this world. as expressed in Chapter II. we may learn much about heaven and hell. . Few pass through this life. of human na- ture. in order properly to investigate the subject before us. . In- deed. For the Lord is the truth of the Word. and the light of its doctrines. men. goodness. From them. We must see something of the heavenly quality and light of His mind and we must make that truth the touchstone. HEAVEN AND HELL. will be drawn from the truths and facts which God has given us all in common. by which to decide every doctrine of the Holy Word. We must see that God is love. ing many things that may give them rational lessons of heaven. ( THE few ideas which we shall advance upon the sub- ject which has agitated the Christian world more than all others. without having much bitter experience in things pertaining to hell or without see- . and the history and experi- ence which men of observation have had. both in His Word and in His works.

whether good or evil. heaven. than we could from a personal observation of them without that knowledge . resulting from the true love and possession of these divine qualities. We may therefore gain much better a knowledge of what heaven and hell really are. it will be founded in facts. peace. appearances there as well as here must depend. in full infinitude and that His sphere is heaven . with men. and that everything opposite in character to His sphere and qualities. mercy. upon the spiritual states of the ob- servers. Hell would therefore appear much less revolting . philosophically made. purity. is a state of happiness. HEAVEN AND HELL. or of the causes from which they presented such an appearance. and from the love and indulgence of their opposites. from a rational knowledge of the elements and in- fluences which constitute them. when rationally seen. and joy. tigations. we may learn a great deal about heaven and hell. virtue. And the knowledge we thus gain may be depended upon for . And hell is a state of misery and unhappiness. lead the mind to rest its conclusions upon eternal verities. human nature before us. in them- selves. without a knowledge either of the things themselves. is and happiness of heaven . Therefore. and every possible ex- cellence. in the latter instance. and the light with the history of of the Holy Word. There is nothing uncertain and wavering in the divine mind . for. truth. the origin of which is expressed in Chapter III. is hell. and all principles. springing from the perversion and want of these qualities. wisdom. Now. in a great measure. we should see only the appear- ance of things. and peace. and drawn from rational and All inves- scientific deductions. are seen as they are. : that He the very light. in the light of the divine mind. Besides. and joy. and life. in the light of divine truth.

is essentially necessary to a proper understanding of heaven and hell. could give us any true it account of the scenery and things in the spiritual world. and . drawn from the Holy Word of the Most High God. or of any scenery in the spiritual world. from the states of those who see them. No one. which presents things as they really are. 283 and forbidding to some minds than to others and heaven. because the light of . and sees the light of the who understands and loves it. and the laws and impulses by which their movements are propelled or re- strained. therefore. The light of the spiritual world is truth. . much less inviting and pleasant. that spiritual things are seen and understood and furthermore. HEAVEN AND HELL. who Holy Word. we should understand as little of the real nature and meaning of the scenery of the spiritual world. in the understandings of men. therefore. He must understand the real qualities of good and evil minds. that Word is the only true light of the spiritual world. things in the spiritual world are not seen as they really are in themselves. but only as they appear to be. To minds therefore who do not under- stand the true doctrines and light of the Holy Word. whether lie be a resident of this \vorld or of the other. A knowledge of the Lord. But that truth strikes the eye of each mind according to the quality and sphere of the understanding. for a knowledge of heaven and hell. Man's true ground. were he to come from thence. is a clear understanding of spiritual things. were we disem- bodied and in it. Without this knowledge of the principles and elements of human souls. but a good person. Because it is by the light of the Holy Word. and of their operations. and of His Holy Word. or of heaven and hell. as the ignorant Hindoo does of the mo- tions of the heavenly bodies. therefore.

And from the truths and facts which we have before us. And though falsity isdarkness to the true understanding. we . that this is the law of mental seeing. But lest this answer should not sat- isfy the inquirer. and a rational view. knowledge himself of what he had seen. yet it is as light to the perverted mind. If we pre- sent the truth to a mind who views the subject in a false light and loves that false light. by its light. and pursuing a new course of life. . could see the truth but dimly. with over- loves. and the proper light for the understanding is truth and un. derstandings are of all characters and qualities some see- ing in false light and some in true. we cannot make him see the truth. Everything in the spiritual world appears according to the quality of the eye which gees. on this subject. the eyes which see in that world are the understandings of men . and could only gain a clear view by yielding to its teachings.284 HEAVEN AND HELL. that his whelming testimony. and the light of hell is falsity. Are we asked how we know these things ? We answer. we say further. openly converse with us because he would have no true . The light of heaven is truth. It is as darkness to him. of the character of our Heavenly Father and of hu- man nature in its lights and shades. It requires much clear argument and practical illustration to convince a man. confirmed in error from false education and evil views are false. because the spiritual world is a world of inhid . in op- position to his evil loves. and the character of the light which reflects it. at first. even while in an inquiring state. even of persons in this world. Thus our chief dependence for a knowledge of heaven and hell is the Word of God. Such a mind. And the light of the spiritual world is of all shades from truth to falsity.

or effect with- out a cause. therefore wherever there is a human mind. hand. false constitutes hell. Where. filled with life from the Lord. Nor could one world exist without the other any more than cause could exist without effect. heart. then. in that world. The spiritual world can be no more separated from the material world. but it is ever with it. and is . and all . are. evil and false. lungs. foot each of a different quality and organization. like material. organizing and moulding all its forms. eye. beyond the planetary systems. ear. HEAVEN AND HELL. 'The first questions that naturally arise. Wherever there is matter there is life of some quality and that life is spiritual substance. which is a higher quality of substance still. But such . constitutes heaven and everything evil and . a part of the spiritual world. In the phrase spiritual world are embraced all spirit- ual substances. whether that mind be in a body of flesh or not. infinite and finite. And where is hell ? Some have located it in the sun. on the subject. where is the spiritual world ? and. how does it differ from this ? The spiritual world is a world of mind and . There are the spiritual brain. shall we look for the spiritual world ? Shall we look into open space for it ? What is there there? The largest telescopes show us nothing but material bodies. of every quality. there is the spiritual world. nobody knows where. and some in space unknown. 285 may rationally inquire into what must be the nature and character of heaven and hell in the next life. Everything good and true. some in the earth. Where is heaven ? On one of the stars ? Some have located it in the realms of space. And the spiritual world is not only the cause of the material. But spiritual substances. are of infinite varieties and organizations. than cause can be separated from effect. good and true.

and heaven and hell. is within the human heart. The fires of hell are anger. Our bodies are in the natural world. therefore. and thus set him on fire of hell. may make a natural man angry. For we need not go out of ourselves. heaven and hell are not places. and it sets it on fire of hell. So we are taught that hell. heaven is good persons. and our souls in the spiritual. We should have false views of it. it is much better that the spiritual world should be shut from our view. we should not understand it." And the apostle James u The says. the ! kingdom of God is within you. as well as heaven. and should express those views to others. would be the result of tbe intro- mission. to find the spiritual world. we are in the natural body. It would appear to us according to our states of mind. behold. that our natural bodies serve as a screen to pre- vent our spiritual bodies and senses from being open to the world to which they belong. souls of all revenge and malice and they sometimes burn with great . even while the man may be living in this world. . and in the love of self and the w&rld. hatred. "While. And hell is in the bad ones. instead of good. kingdom of God cometh not with observa- " " Lo here tion :is not or. and not as it is in itself. whether in the souls of all they live in this world or the other. lo there ! for. and are so natural. and the community in which we live. For. but states of " The mind. But our external minds are so much in the love of the world. if we saw it. tongue is an unruly member. and thus evil." Thus the tongue. in such a state of mind. speculations are all drawn from the wild imaginations of the natural mind. and it setteth on fire the course of nature. by slander. Now. In- deed.286 HEAVEN AND HELL. for the want of the spiritual light of the Word.

he decides what his heart loves most. but only as they appear to him to be. and he chooses to retain his evils. to the souls of the good. His state falsifies the light. but he did not see the evil. As he puts off the natural body and comes into spiritual light. he finds himself. but his body pre- vented his being sensible of it. mercy and kindness. His only sure way of salvation was to change his ruling love. as it was. by the light of truth. And the same man falsified the truth while ' he was in this world. whose ruling love is the love of evil and self. through which he passes. in its relations. in both worlds. The society of those who have heaven within them. This examination. while in this world by resisting temptations . The truth undertook to show him the evil of stealing. and choosing the society most like his own heart. He was there before . he sees things not as they really are. and he sought them. And putting off the body did not change the affections of the soul. HEAVEN AND HELL. in both worlds. When. he sees the things of the spiritual world according to his state. rejecting the things adhering to him which are not in accordance with his ruling love. but they are the glowing affections of love. And so the community of hell extends to all. in the spiritual world. 287 rage against their victims. Heaven also has its fires. without going anywhere. adultery and covetous ness . therefore. whether it be of heaven or of hell. at once. is the judgment. thus operating upon his own mind. and to have the society of the bad. a person puts off the material body. And if his ruling love is the love of evil. And as the light of that world now strikes the eye of his understanding. The results of these vices looked good to him. friendship. And that society extends. and evil looks to him as good . constitutes heaven as a community. lying.

there must be the spiritual world. the animals feel. But when "the person whose ruling love is the love of good puts off the material body. and . . not ? And yet. he sees it as truth. And is not hell here? Are not evil spirits with men ? Do we not behold sad pictures of their evil opera- tions. evil spirits are all in hell. and evil in the heart is the hell. What makes the trees grow. there is the spiritual world. loathes and rejects them and he goes with his like. The punishment which the wicked receive is none of God's inflicting. but life from God ? And what is life but spiritual substance ? Then wherever life is. our reason declares it. HEAVEN AND HELL. all around us ? and do we not feel their deceptive influence on our own hearts ? And yet. there must be the spiritual world. spiritual eye was prepared for the light. then? Is not Are not God and our guardian angels in heaven ? And yet they are with us. and men think and love. He could not put evil into the human heart . heaven here. and the cause of all the suffering. while we live in this world ? We answer. But we are still asked How we know that the spiritual world is here in our midst. And this he had been practising in this world and his . and all we know of spiritual things con- firms What is God but a spirit ? and where is He it. where He is. And what are angels but spirits ? And yet they are declared to be with us. It is a hell of man's own making and choosing. . shows him the things of the spiritual and it world as they are he sees his remaining evils as bad. the Holy Word teaches it. But are hell anl . and the light of the spir- itual world strikes the eye of his understanding. and living a godly life. And where angels are. upon the hearts of men. till his soul loved good and loathed evil.

Not a gulf as to space. We know it also from the teachings of the Holy Word . The heaven is forming in the inter- nal mind. dissimilarity separates them. and the devils are tempting it. and still heaven and hell not be together ? The spiritual world is entirely above the measurements and reckonings which we give to time and space. while hell still adheres to the external mind. Heaven is gov- erned by love. fear of punish- ment.and between the internal mind and external mind. 289 " heaven together then ? No. A person who is being regenerated has something of both heaven and hell in him. in each king- . have something of heaven and hell in the same mind. Those the most like God are. And yet he is omni- present. But there is a great gulf between these angels and devils. HEAVEN AND HELL. in this world. But the bad are governed by fear fear of the law. Similarity of views and feelings brings souls together. apparently. come together. But there is a great gulf between them. For there is a great gulf" between them. love of virtue. for it speaks of the kingdom of God and the king- 13 . It is the quality of the heart that makes the dis- tinction. We know this from the w ay human T nature is governed in this world. desires. but as to quality. But how can men. The good here are governed by love the love of the law. dom. the nearest to Him those the most un- : like Him are the farthest from Him. and hell by fear. and the two minds can are unlike. And they have their distinct governments. and habits. love of order. They and in warfare. only as the evils are removed. and the angels are guarding it . Heaven and hell have each their various societies in the spiritual world those coming together. according to their states. the love of the neighbor. and have their angels and evil spirits around them.

from their Creator. by the divine laws of truth and duty . the hells of either world are governed and made tolerable. rational beings. as applied to the evils of others. And for this good reason. but with this differ- ence. and not God. ence itself. and men sin under the hope of escaping the evil of punishment by deception. And it assures us that God reigneth over all the evil and the good that is. the heart here is.290 HEAVEN AND HELL. The commandments of the Word are the laws for the government of heaven and of hell. both in this world and the other. He : holds the hells in check by fear. for the preservation of order and safety. in some degree of light . ilicted. And when those laws are broken. and the heavens He leads by love. inflict the outward punishment. or man must cease to be. of every de- gree. doin of Satan . when applied to their own evils . Therefore. All this . But there the mask is thrown off. must necessarily need a law. either in this world or the other. in both this world and the other. while there is still the unhappiness of the soul within. in the hells. would be intolerable. received either by tradition. giving them some ideas of right and wrong. as to lose all truth. This is a necessity because. but they see their use. to govern their conduct. and the guilt of the trans- gressor is seen at once and the punishment is rigidly in- . they would become extinct. with nothing true and good but what is given them. exist- . And were a tribe of our race to become so low. pervert the truths of the Word. No human beings could exist without some light from the Word. masked . or otherwise. laws have been given. for the human understanding must have it. Societies of free. without it. It is true that the men of evil hearts. resulting from the wicked state of the heart. men. of the kingdom of heaven and the king- dom of hell. on earth.

and rules of conduct for the good of the community. where they have no chance to take undue advan- tage without suffering the consequence. they do. Men of corrupt hearts. The good societies will want no other : and the bad. as bad men of intelligence would do in this world. They can read each other's thoughts and feelings. will establish and maintain wholesome laws. on a which readily produces solitary island enough for all their physical wants and let them hold . of nearly equal abilities. Now. They will soon know what hearts are congenial and what are not. Notwithstanding the blessings of their home. when evil persons come together.000 bad men and women. HEAVEN AND HELL. . with spiritual bodies : their dispositions unchanged God the same kind Father. and which they cannot leave. in one moment. for instance. And those laws. Now. until they have established a government and rigidly enforced tV- laws. and -a knowledge of human nature. and wise only in sergei wisdom. if obliged to live in a community by themselves. suppose all the people of the earth to be. will all be the laws of God for they will find that they cannot safely live : under any other. than He is here. what will they do ? Their eyes are spirit- ual. 10. after a few experiments. in common. as their home. 291 light may be seen from the teachings of the Holy Word. and the light of that world the divine truth strikes their understandings forcibly. in the spir- itual world. Put. from selfish policy's sake. They find themselves right where they are. Thus. it will be all bedlam with them. disembodied. on their entrance there. but no more seen by them. but in the spiritual world. . the island. at once. will find that they cannot endure life under any other. each in the love of self and the love of domin- ion. And they will separate into societies according to their states and establish laws .

filled with bad principles. for God is love. jealousy and malice toward each other. Heaven. that they inflict punishment. are as hell to heaven. if they obey the laws. ." . *in leading them astray.292 HEAVEN AND HELL. And though their hearts may burn with anger. yet they will soon be tired of indulging their revenge. whether it be in this world or the other. And he that loveth is born of God. they are united. under the same circumstances. by wicked acts." " and seek the love of God and the neighbor for God is : love. Such is the character of heaven and hell. And the Lord is now clearly opening the way by which we may escape the miseries of the one. through the fear of the law. so that they are not in what they themselves call misery. and do not punish each other for these acts. as misery to happiness. Such the government of hell for human nature is the is . " If ye would enter into life keep the commandments. a community of good men. It is only for evils done to one another. all the penalties of transgression are there promptly in- flicted and spiritual bodies are very sensitive. from falling into more dire- ful sufferings and destructive torments . and mercifully withholding the hells. giving to the heavens every- is thing they enjoy . as darkness to light. and enjoy the happiness of the other. same. gentleness. from the sufferings of the consequences for . by temp- tations and deceptions. hell. God equally good to all. filled with good principles and . mercy and peace. a collection of bad men. and knowcth God. But against men in the flesh. knoweth not God. He that loveth not. Yet the states of their selfish and revengeful hearty when compared with those filled with love.

r that ? It is to be made His children. yet they are all incomplete. . Very true but . by a wrong view of terms." Thus saith the Lord to man. and conse- quently. or conversion. and thus be born of the Spirit. CHAPTER XXII. because they all fail to tell what these very things are in themselves. or faith. or sanctification. " YE must be born again. they involve the subject in much darkness. by conversion. 7. u Ye must be born again. All true but what is that ? : It is to believe in the Lord." JOHN in. or adoption. But through the spiritual light of the Word. or pardon. though the answers are all true. but a dense mystery still hangs over the subject. that He means that we must be regenerated. often. what is that ? It is to give ourselves up to God. the mys- tery that commonly beclouds all these terms disappears. They do not give any distinct idea of what the new birth really is. by faith. and therefore fail to give the light needed . But what does He mean ? I hear it said. or repentance . THE NEW BIBTH. or justification. or regeneration. and therefore. as far as they go. need explanation. That is true but w hat is . repent of our sins and be for- given. adoption and sanctification. All these answers are true .

has greatly agitated the human family. were reported in the common news- papers. the new birth is a matter of the highest possible moment to man. above all pr " when He valuable. with anxious hopes of being. of the process they must pass through. and born of the Spirit. practical process of purification and development.294: THE NEW BIRTH. But much mystery overshadowed the entire scene . It is good for men to feel that they are sinners. And it well engage the attention of every human may " Ye must le lorn- being when the great Jehovah says. And the spiritual light of the Word only can answer them. at the history of JNew York. Persons of all ranks and conditions were assembling on week days. upon this vital subject." . And thousands. or be lost to heaven . to be converted to God. in that light. in themselves and also . For. to really ob- tain the blessing. harmonizing light beams through them all. in order to obtain them. and a clear. thereby. but five years. born again. Now. at times. again" For what God says to us is. It is the great object of our existence. pointing out rationally the true way of life. But. But what does He mean by ye. in crowds. we find it agitated throughout its length and breadth. at prayer meetings. theymust perceive something of what the things which they need are. per week. blending its rays in perfect symmetry and beauty. and to pray that they may be regenerated. Now. It is not a work in the dark. and to believe that they must be born again. and convincing us that we must walk in it. The occasion needed light. and many of its supposed converts now look back with wonder and ask what it all meant. the new birth is a subject which.or never experience the new birth. It needed knowledge commensurate with its zeal. If we cast pur eyes back. they all exhibit a plain.

in order to it enjoy true happiness. It is the exter- nal mind that is then born. It is born into a knowledge of natural things and it learns them from without. and upon natural relations and things. is natural. Ye means the spiritual part. God had brought mankind into existence. Ye must be born ? He means the mind. But in our fallen state. and thoughts are exercised in this natural its affections world. the external mind was born only into natural knowledge. This birth of the mind is necessary. The only avenues to knowl- edge. the new birth would have been still The Bible commences by giving an ac- necessary. count of the new birth of man. again The text has no reference whatever to the body. not the tabernacle we live in. in either birth. earthly things and the mind must be born into them. which makes necessary to be born again. 295 " " says. And it is through them. that the natural mind is born or formed. Had man never fallen. We must have thoughts and feelings for things higher than natural. . simple. a new birth is. because we are designed for a higher mode of life. All . The first chapter of Genesis is a his- tory of man's new birth into spiritual things. THE NEW BIRTH. good and happy. . The first birth of the mind is natural. nevertheless. and afterward that which is spiritual. before he had fallen. and they had grown up to years of understanding. as a means.. matter No how virtuous and correct the first birth of the mind may be. natural people . the natural mind is selfish and depraved . It has no love for anything higher. even here. necessary. for this external mind. before we can have any " First that which higher knowledge. as a receptacle of the spirit a natural basis for the spiritual to rest upon. are the five senses." There must be a natural vessel.

The first birth of the mind is natural . a birth. There is a birth of the material body. in Virgil. whether that something be one hour. . of heaven. and. are engendered and brought forth thoughts and affections for these higher things. Now. but he was seven . and finally. this is because the bow gives birth to it when it is shot. The tree gives birth to the apple . because birth is a creation and all creations are . That is first born an infant's body . or a hundred years in being produced. This is a very quick birth. afterward. of goodness. why wespeak of birth as a gradual work ? We answer. Washington is called the father of his country . The arrow. govern. all the natural feelings and thoughts . these spiritual thoughts and affections for heavenly things will have the ascendency over the natural mind . But here we are asked. Birth is the production of something. of God. being born into a knowledge of spiritual things- things of the soul. and infill with heav- enly love and truth. nevertheless. there is gradually born into exist- ence the external or natural mind. And when this new birth is well advanced. or we cannot profit by study.296 THE NEW BIRTH. is called the son of the bow . but it is the whole season about it. by this new birth. that is made is born into existence gradual. so that the whole mind will be new and heavenly. Is the mind of the man born when the body of the infant is brought into being ? "What is birth ? "We must understand terms. But what is this new birth. During this process. a youth's . Everything . it is. change. and gradually born. and will completely modify. in itself. of truth. of happiness . which means that he gave birth to our freedom from foreign oppression . and how is it accomplished ? Let us examine into it. a man's. being born into a knowledge of natural things. a child's next. The second birth is spir- itual .

It is a birth into the love of self and the world. knows it. The first birth of the human mind. All birth is progressive. and are regularly born. and if it be not born again. to the body of a man. gives birth to a diary of his but he was seventy years in doing it. and confirming itself in all these evils forever. and this mode of life lias given birth to an angel but it . deceitful and cruel. natural. selfish. and to the community around him. to have that development orderly. But. is. 297 years about it. chaste^ truth- ful and kind. THE NEW BIETH. has tasted the sweets of the new birth. life . But. A few months give birth to the body of an infant twenty . in its tendencies. it must be born again. The second birth is spiritual. licentious. And he. years more. there is no end. heav- enly and happy. The orator gives birth to his oration. was a whole century about it. The sun has been giving birth to light ever since it was placed in the heavens but . Both of these births are progressive. selfish. We said that the first birth of the mind is natural. the author to his book. is formed 13* . It is capable of eternal de- velopment. They commence from germs. Every development of body or mind is birth. in the strength and energy of its faculties. at this age of the world. the natural mind. It needs no argument to prove this. and the artist to his picture. licentious. as we said above. deceitful and cruel. that birth is not yet completed. Now. A man at threescore and ten. to whom these bad adjectives do not apply. Any person. with an eye half open to his own heart. to the birth of a human mind. little How does the infant of a day old know And how long it ! takes to develop and give birth to the natural mind. it will go on de- veloping. These tendencies it inherits . He dies at a hundred years of age and goes to heaven. benevolent.

. except by analogy or correspondence. But as this natural mind is born through the means of things from without. gives a further birth and de- velopment to that mind. by the use and gratification of the senses. cannot make a heaven. And through these operations." Now the second birth is a birth from things within. THE NEW BIRTH. therefore. When it contem- plates nature. by means of things from without. because it comes through the means of w hat the senses love and also because it in- r . from their very nature. There is only the germ of a mind. " Ye must be born again. it looks through it. . into the love of self and the world. Therefore. herits morbid and depraved tendencies from parents. will certainly quarrel for suprem- acy. It is an entirely new mind a spiritual mind a mind that looks upward : to God.A society of such minds. Thus the natural mind begins to be born forth into actual life. feel. All its knowledge is of things of the world and all its affections are for or against : worldly things. this birth must of course be sensual and selfish. through the use ojf the senses. smell and taste things from without. and not downward to nature.There is no mind when the body of the infant comes into the world. It is a mind that dwells upon goodness and truth. see. virtue. or from the Lord and not through the senses from without. the natural mind is born supremely. up to nature's God. because each loves himself above all others.Such minds. And every new thing that the mind learns. thoughts and feelings begin to be conceived and born into action. in power and property. the Lord mercifully says to us. But the infant begins to hear. Therefore. This is now the first birth of all minds into this world. They must neces- sarily make a hell. . loves and acts upon.

in de- pendence upon the Lord. 299 righteousness. without some change in the hearts and minds of men. . he becomes se- riously alarmed at the sad picture. rational faculties become seriously exercised. And now as he follows out this resolution. True. sin and suffering of our race. in himself and all others and he resolves. while it has been taught religious things. With these stubborn facts before him. daily. . But when man. sorrow and solicitude and he prayerfully desires. ISTow. until its more matured. the natural mind is progressively born and developed to years of understanding. and is called. the external or natural man. in this humble and penitent condition. in Scripture. mind neither knows nor cares much about these internal preparations for a spiritual mind and life. in the con- . And as he yields up hismind. this spiritual mind is as gradually conceived and born as was the natural mind. the internal or spiritual man . deceitful states of the mind of mankind are the real cause of all the crime. something better and more hopeful. the Lord has prepared within it some good ground. as the basis of a higher life but the natural . he conceives a desire for goodness and truth of heart. THE NEW BIRTH. And here. he falls into a state of serious trouble. with all its affections and proclivities natu- ral and worldly. and peace. at the same time. from his inmost soul. while the other mind is called.This mind is formed within the natural mind . to do all that the Lord commands. by the light of divine truth. and how to distinguish between natural right and wrong. in humble and solicitous contemplation. he be- comes rationally and feelingly certain that. there can never be any true peace or happiness for the race. . selfish. he begins to feel. for mankind. by that truth. and to shun every vice as sin. First. becomes convinced that the natural.

which the Lord had pre- pared in the heart and here. It must so completely infill. and it is yet to be born of God. it is simply this : the spiritual mind has yet to be born out into the natural mind.point to be'well understood. through prayer for aid from Almighty God. of the natural mind. and cleansed.300 THE NEW BIRTH. But how is it to be born ? This is the important . or of goodness and truth. think and act. so that the spiritual mind can get this perfect possession and control of the natural mind. and obedience to the commandments. every step of which will require. under the power and influence of the spiritual mind. as the spiritual mind is born into it. manifest itself to the world. The natural mind. And the whole natural mind has to be thus renovated. repents of. the mind. The truth has passed from the under- standing into the good ground. pure and heavenly. Here is the germ of the spiritual mind within the very centre of the natural mind. But this can take place. changed. from their embrace. the whole natural mind. of which the Lord is king. in the spiritual region of . with all its selfishness and depravity. and. the warming influence of love for the truth. goodness and truth have met together and. It is conceived of God. that the natural mind will feel. And this is a long and laborious work. only as the natural mind sees. But how is the spiritual mind to be born? Or what is the spiritual birth which this man is yet to ex- perience ? At an outward glance. through that. science-ground of his soul. or fill out. This process is the washing . and gives up its selfishness and depravity. a new mind is beginning to be formed. sur- rounds it. faith in the Lord. . resistance of temptation. Here is the conception and commencement of the spiritual mind. This new mind is ' spiritual.

so long as it does this. of within the natural mind and then. and he cannot . through the gradual . the two minds become as one one in will. remission of sins. he has no desire to sin because he gives . and the love of them. so far there is remission of sins or removal of evils. cleansing of the natural mind from everything evil and false." The idea here is. when he has given up all his sins. is For " he that is born of God. at conversion. . 301 of regeneration. that when a person is really born of God. or cleansing from evils. and there is. The new birth. and one in action. also. And as the natural mind is cleansed. the spiritual is born within it. or the cleansing from sin. Now. And. nor the person fully born again. then. to a very small extent . because he is born of God. so far there is a new birth. and the two minds are in harmony. just so far as there is a new birth. sin. to the same extent. . after the new birth has com- menced. springs from the creation of the elements of a new mindnew and heavenly materials. himself constantly to God. So tliat. in obedience.This commencement is conversion. there is a new birth. and commit other sins. its sins are not all remitted or removed . And just so far as the natural mind yields to the spiritual mind and gives up its selfishness. " doth not commit sin for the seed abideth in him. This is the Christian soldier's warfare against the kingdom of Satan. and has come to the sabbath of rest. and de- ceive." the apostle says. in obe- dience to God's commandments. or evil and selfish inclinations. one in thought. and our sins. "When this work is all ac- complished. are all removed. But the natural mind will often get angry. The commencement of this battle is the com- mencement of the new birth. THE NEW BIRTH. the new birth is so far advanced that we can enter the heav- .

so far as the finite can coincide with the infinite ? Do we see the perfect protection and action of the freedom of man. by no means. and the distinct preservation of his individual identity. and the perfectly harmonious relation which this doctrine bears toward all the other doctrines of the Word. and thus doing UK . and were gradually cleansed.. of law and order ? Do we see the exact coinci- dence between the spiritual conception and birth of the Lord up to his glorification. Now do we clearly see the philosophy of this new birth. he can free!5r and fully enjoy it. throughout the whole process so .302 THE NEW BIETH. exter- nal mind of the Lord. and the man enters heaven. his spiritual birth his new creation has only become fairly com- menced. the seed of the woman. and brought into perfect unity and harmony with the in- ternal. so that it acts as one with the spiritual mind. or higher elements of their being ? Do we see. in the flesh. "When the natural mind becomes cleansed from all its sins. But this will. enly society. external mind of 'the man to be regenerated ? Do we perceive the beautiful similitude between the glori- fication of the one. and their complete oneness of beauty and sym- metry.and those of man up to his regeneration . in both instances. be the end of that spiritual birth. bruising the serpent's head . or truth from goodness. and the depraved. when it can be clearly and rapidly developed into more full and perfect states forever. free in the work ? and how they both yielded to the influence of the same Divine Spirit within. to be glorified. alike. It has now but reached the glorious period in itsprogress. to his soul's delight ? Do we behold the complete correspondence between the assumed. that when he comes into the regenerate state. and the regeneration of the other ( How the two external minds were.

accurately worked out by His own wisdom. work among men ? " God in Christ reconciling the world unto Himself?" "Whose heart. THE NEW BIRTH. continuing the . in dependence upon the Lor 61 ? Do we here see the great work of the atonement. ing us. down into our midst and here teach- . like a wise schoolmaster. perceive the fogs of mystery rising and passing away from . until every evil be subdued and still. philosophically. reconciling the assumed nature to the divine and then. reaching the rational faculty of man and. on their own ground. always presenting. in perfect freedom. and all the hosts of hell. that feels the truth of this picture. by first assuming our nature. how the Lord gained this great power over the evils of that humanity. how to solve the problem of human nature how to work out. where He could meet them. a bright example. which the Lord commenced in Himself. in the power of the spirit of truth. 303 great work which is to be carried on till the human race is restored to heavenly order ? Do we thus see how the Lord is to go on conquering and to conquer. understandingly. under every rule of life. every appar- ently dark and intricate question of our spiritual being . in all things. and in their own kingdom and there effectually conquer them. recorded. incline him. the perfect free- . and thus coming into contact with those evils. in the great chart of divinity and humanity the Holy "Word of Jehovah? Do we. practically. in this clear system of harmonious divinity. in a nature like ours and clearly laid down and . upon his judgment by the truth. dom of man be preserved ? Do we see. to see his evils and to fight against them. does not glow with love and gratitude to that merciful Father who thus saves the world in freedom by coming. with the theory. by operating . by .

of every character. the true way of eternal in a manner so plain. is truly beginning to make. because a more spiritual and interior light. And as this spiritual light brings out more and more clearly to view the diversified features and the distinct qualities of the human heart. in it all. through every part ? Do we see. evil. of charity and faith. the heavenly embrace of science and religion. opening up to our souls. in blending beauty. and behold the pure light of the holy city the Lamb of God the spiritual truth beaming. But the prince of darkness must yield his sceptre to the King of kings and Lord of lords. health among all nations. in its va- rious selfish and benevolent states . in de- cided opposition. the more violent the . and in a light so clear. wars and contests. or love of . the more bitter the opposition because the devil. of love and obe- dience ? Then. And having this light. in their truth and falsity are now standing forth. His saving fully. that we cannot mistake it. ning to be more clearly seen.304: THE NEW BIKTH. His reign on earth . For the purer the light.from the Holy Word. more His " ways known upon earth. standing face to face. every doctrine. mental and physical. is penetrating the mists of external appearances and right and wrong are begin- . evil will be against it . of na- ture and revelation." The two great antagonistic principles of humanity good and eril. in these latter days. in a more conspicuous contrast than at any former age of the world's history. are we fully aware of the responsibility under which it lays us ? God. is ever tenacious of his dominion. the stronger will error oppose it the higher the good. will rage hotter and hotter. The reason of this is. for the greater the contrast. life. indeed. and never gives up till he knows he is vanquished. do we behold.

It is to have the spirit- ual mind born of. But. to which water corresponds. But it can come only through the free and willing exercise of our own hearts and minds. To be born of the Spirit is the second birth. for the falses. the natural truths have to be purified from the and made clean vessels. from the . 305 is limited." Except of water and of the Spirit. least to the greatest. His days of dominion are numbered for the : time is promised when there shall be one Lord. "If ye would enter into " "Not life. possessing His spirit and life." THE END. he cannot enter into the king- dom of God. one baptism and when all shall know the Lord. " That which is born of tjie flesh is flesh. The means are amply provided. His likeness and both . that the two minds are in union the external. we must be born again. It is to have the natural mind born of. and the internal. Lord. one faith. and developed by." To be born of water is the first birth. is the first and highest object of our existence. bearing . keep the commandments. in heaven. to accomplish this. spiritual truth. natural truth. To obtain this birth. Lord. God's image. creates the internal mind and purifies the external so .ll enter into the kingdom of heaven but he that doeth the will of My Father who is . sha." every one that saith unto Me. therefore. The new birth. THE NEW BIRTH. in obedience to the divine laws. and developed by. and that which is born of the is " a man be born Spirit spirit. reception of spiritual truths. But since the natural mind has become depraved by the fall. in the second birth. so that. . it has falsified and adulterated its natural truths.







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