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Matt Minervini

1) The product that we came up with is a social media-based program that
provides users with a fun and new way to learn, practice, and use a new
language. There is a large push for people to become bilingual with the
changing environment in the United States as a diverse country. Our product
allows users to learn a new language that can help them in life, while adding
a social aspect. The app will allow users to learn slang and modern terms that
are used in the counties in which the language they are learning is used. By
connecting to Facebook, users will be able to record their progress and
challenge their friends with games and quizzes.
2) Both Matt and I have a passion for social media. Social media platforms are
becoming the main platform for people to communicate, and are large
aspects in a college students life.
3) Current competition for the product is Rosetta Stone and Duolingo. Both
programs use technology to teach a foreign language. However, Rosetta
Stone is both highly structured, teaching only formal dialogues and classic
vocabulary, and its cost is extremely expensive compared to other programs.
On the other hand, Duolingo is a free service that tracks progress in foreign
languages through their website and app. However, this service is also
structured with formal vocabulary, and does not allow for slang or common
language to be used. Our assets include networking, organization, and the
Spanish language. By using these assets, we will be able to create a user-
friendly interface that we can market through various forms of social media,
and our knowledge of Spanish will allow for a language that we can use in
our beginning stages. It will also make it possible to create a Spanish version
of the program that we could release in Spanish-speaking markets.