Bautista, Coleen Joyce Q.

1A- JD4
Intro to Law: Saturday, 11:00AM- 12:00NN


I inhibit myself regarding the issue of whether or not the Late President Ferdinand E.

Marcos should be buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

For me, it is pointless to argue about something that was already decided and whether or not

I speak my mind regarding the said issue, it will not be heard and the decision is already final and

was already executed.

People back then, when the Temporary Restraining Order was issued by the Supreme Court

regarding the said burial, said that the officials of the government should abide by the TRO issued

by the SC because it is the law. Then, when SC declared that it is constitutional for the late president

to be buried in LNMB and it should be done, they were the ones who did not respect the law.

Republic Act No. 289 provides for the creation of a national pantheon for Presidents of the

Philippines, National Heroes and Patriots of the country and AFPR G 161 374 the last of a series of

implementing rules relating to the construction, development and maintenance of the pantheon. The

main reason for the national pantheon’s being as provided in Section 1 of Republic Act No. 289 is

“to perpetuate the memory of ALL the Presidents of the Philippines, national heroes and patriots for

the inspiration and emulation of this generation and of generation still unborn.”

According to the law, ALL Presidents of the Philippines, which definitely, the former

President Marcos falls in since he served the longest term of presidency. Also according to Armed

Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Regulation G 161-373, the following persons are entitled to

interment at Heroes' Cemetery:

• Medal of Valor awardees
• Presidents or Commanders-in-Chief, AFP
• The secretaries of National Defense

Congress or the Secretary of National Defense. Also. Yet. statesmen. widows of former Presidents. we must agree that Marcos was still a former president and a former soldier which depicts that he qualifies to be buried in LNMB. as well as recognized guerrillas • Government dignitaries. the First and Second World Wars. If I were to decide. My grandfather was then a street sweeper in Manila and my grandmother is a housewife (both on mother’s side) and they were very happy about how the late Marcos ruled and . it is the court’s decision and thus it forms part of the law of the land. Even if its fake or not. I recall watching it at a documentary and saw how empty the lot is and how it floods after a light rainfall since the hole can accumulate lots of water because it is empty. Secretaries of National Defense. again. in the authority to question the validity or the legality of such decision. why not? I also enjoyed listening to the stories my parents were telling me everytime they hear about the Marcos Regime. Secretaries of National Defense and Chiefs of Staff • National Artists and National Scientists of the Philippines History also shows that the Former President is a recipient of the Medal of Valor and is a former Soldier which also falls in the enumeration of those qualified to be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. Why not bury the old man in the said empty hole? A space was provided and there will be no changes among the other graves if he will be buried there so. And we are not in the proper authority to question the legality or the authenticity of the said medal. However. I also think that the Supreme Court somehow ruled a bit heartless about the people who filed the petition since their Locus Standi was questioned. and we are not. and • Former Presidents. • AFP Chiefs of Staff • General/Flag Officers • Active and retired military personnel of the AFP • Former AFP members who laterally entered/joined the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) • Veterans of the Philippine Revolution of 1896. national artists and other deceased persons whose interment has been approved by the commander-in-chief. a part of the LNMB is actually reserved for the corps of the former president. They might have represented those who were allegedly maltreated during the Martial Law.

turned their backs during that time and they enjoyed freedom and the joy of having a peaceful community with nothing to worry about their security even if they all lived in barungbarongs. regardless of how many haters he has and regardless of what he has done during his term. If I will be asked if I am in favor of the Marcos Burial. election candidates promised to lift people for the laylayan. those people who were punished during the Martial law were those who violated the laws. So again. why not? If it questions the legality of the burial. why not abide by the law? It is lawful to bury Marcos in LNMB. anyway so. The enumerations of those qualified for a burial in LNMB did not mention about not qualifying a president who hurt the feelings of some. they were the main reasons why they were at the laylayan. According to them. Students back then were given breakfasts and public school education were the best. No one in our family. yet. A former president will always be a former president. Unlike now. yes. even in my father’s side.helped those who are at the edge of the society. yet. it is legal. Marcos burial in LNMB? Why not? . I always answer them with a Why not? I am not heartless and I consider the feelings of the alleged victims of Martial Law.