EMT293 - Assignment 2 - IST Scope and Sequence

Two year overview
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Ter Robotics and Automated Systems and Authoring & Multimedia


m3 Database Design

Ter Exam period

Ter The Internet and Website Development

Ter Digital Media Digital Media

EMT293 Assessment 2 – Scope and Sequence 1

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Ter Networking System

Ter Exam period

EMT293 Assessment 2 – Scope and Sequence 2

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IST Syllabus Scope and
Ter Option Project description Students learn about: Students learn to:
m &content/
1 & Robotics PLAN AND RUN A MINI ROBOT Multimedia products and uses. Define and describe types of
2 and OLYMPICS. multimedia products and their
Automated Data types for multimedia purposes.
Systems Intro - 5 wks overview of multimedia products and features.
and products, where /how they are used and Recognise features of data types
Authoring different data types. History and Authoring software systems – and describe the processes of
and development of robotics. Types and combining data types to capturing, storing, manipulating and
Multimedia. purpose of robotics and their uses. Visit prepare presentation using displaying data types.
factory to view automation in action. Macromedia software.
5.2.1 Discuss advantages and
5.2.2 Body - 6 wks Explore multimedia and Project development disadvantages of authoring
5.2.3 practice using the equipment to be used - Processes and techniques software.
5.3.2 for recording the robotics element of the - Design principles.
5.4.1 project. Design, produce and evaluate a
5.5.1 In groups, using Lego Mindstorms sets, Definition, history and types of simple project applying interface
5.1.1 build a robot that will perform 3 different robots and their purposes. design features.
5.2.2 functions.
Compare and contrast robots with other Uses of robots in a real-life Define and describe types of robots,
groups. context. their roles and uses in a real world
Set up a number of tasks for each groups context.
robots to perform. Functions of robots – technical
aspects, hardware, computer Investigate the technical aspects of
Conclusion– 5 wks Carry out Robot controls and software. robots in a range of situations and
Olympics, finish recording for media the use of hardware and software in
EMT293 Assessment 2 – Scope and Sequence 3

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presentation. Automated control. controlling the robots.
Work through tutorials and in groups
create a multimedia presentation of the Sensing devices. Describe and define automated
project to be added to the class website. Actuators control and discuss types of
Controlling devices sensors, actuators and controlling
ASSESSMENT - journal/log of all work devices.
completed 40% wk 16
Self reflection and peer reviews of video
30% wk 11
Formal/informal observation of group work
30% wk6-16

3&4 Database CREATE A DATBASE FOR A Students learn about:
FETE, CLUB LAMINGTON DRIVE) Database development – Explain the purpose of databases,
5.2.1 purpose, components, input, define and describe a database and
5.2.2 Intro– 4 wks Look at different types of output, data types. its components.
5.2.3 databases, their purpose, components in Know the relationship between a
5.3.2 a real world context. Examine a database Collecting, organising and database, file, record, field, data
5.5.2 and determine methods of collecting, storing data. and character.
5.3.1 organising and storing data.
Methods of processing and Identify inputs and outputs and use
Body– 9 wks analysing data: verifications methods to ensure the
- Working in small groups, research the validity of data.
components that need to be included in Methods of presenting data:
the database and determine what type of - reports, graphs, charts. Input and store data.
data will be collected and stored. - design features

EMT293 Assessment 2 – Scope and Sequence 4

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- Work through ‘database’ tutorial to Construct query searches, edit data,
create an appropriate database. Outline Integration- import form perform calculations and create
the steps taken to create the database, existing electronic data macros.
problems that arose and how they were
overcome. Project development. Prepare a range of reports for
- Examine and evaluate another groups presentation.
database giving constructive feedback.
- Prepare final database to present to Import data from another electronic
community group. source.

Conclusion – 4wks
- Whole class discussion feedback and Design, produce and evaluate a
best ways to present the database and database for a real-life situation.
instruction. Make final changes.
- Present the database to the fete

ASSESSMENT – short assignment - label
and define components of a database –
20% wk 5
- constructive feedback for others – 25%
wk 15
- Produce a working database – 55% wk

EMT293 Assessment 2 – Scope and Sequence 5

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6a internet SHOWCASE THE CLASS PROJECTS TO The internet timeline – history Define the internet, intranet, WWW.
and BE CARRIED OUT. and its uses –the impact of Identify several different purposes
website past, present and emerging of each.
developm Intro – 3wks –History of internet, its uses information technologies on Describe various internet software
ent such as email common uses for web our lives. including browsers and authoring
pages and design elements. Online software.
5.2.1 tutorials- web design. Internet, Intranets and WWW -
5.2.2 compare and contrast. Examine the features and designs
5.2.3 Body – 8wks of web pages and their efficacy.
5.5.1 Design a basic website to showcase all Web pages- uses, features,
5.4.1 class projects. design and control methods. Determine the validity of a website
5.3.1 Work collaboratively to decide what to and discuss various settings to
LS2.2 include on the webpage (content, Website development and access and protect data and why
LS4.1 security, features). features – they are important.
Class explore the effectiveness of various Home page, address, GUIs,
web pages to determine the design of graphics, links, tables, cookies, Identify various features and
their project. security, copyright. aspects of web sites. Recognizes
security and privacy issues,
In small groups, work on design elements, accessing appropriate websites and
features and content to produce an Project development – process seeking permission prior to
interactive website. and techniques publication.

Conclusion- 3 wk – whole group view Use a variety of features when
and discuss all web pages – Possible, Evaluating a project in terms of designing a website.
problems and solutions. time and effectiveness.
Present final product. Design, produce and evaluate a
website for a purpose in a real world
ASSESSMENT: context.
Online website design tutorial. – 10% wk 4
Weekly log/journal - 40% wk1-14
EMT293 Assessment 2 – Scope and Sequence 6

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Student evaluation of own work. – 15%
wk 12
Formal and informal teacher observations
and assessment of websites. – 35% wk 4-

EMT293 Assessment 2 – Scope and Sequence 7

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6b Digital PLAN, DESIGN, CREATE AND PRESENT Students learn about: Students learn to:
Types and purposed of digital Define digital media and describe a
5.2.1 Intro – 2 wk Discuss and examine media and digital media range of digital media, its purpose
5.2.2 various forms of digital media and products and intended audience
5.2.3 storage.
5.5.1 Data types used in digital Recognize data types and describe
5.5.2 Body – 4wks – In small groups, plan and media. how they combine to create and
5.4.1 design a story book for a specific enhance digital media products.
5.3.2 audience. Manipulation and digitizing
5.3.1 Take digital photos or create digital techniques of various data Manipulate, digitize and store
5.1.1 pictures to be used in the book and store formats. various data types using
appropriately. appropriate hardware and software.
Use Photo Story or PowerPoint to develop Factors affecting file size.
a digital story including sound and/or Describe factors that affect file size
animations. Display and distribution of and observe their effects on the
digital media. digital media.
Conclusion – 1 wk – share digital story
with intended audience. Project development Design and produce a simple
ASSESSMENT – written test 35% wk 6
Observation of student, digital story and
self evaluation 65% wk 1-6
7&8 Networking PLAN, DEVELOP AND ANALYSE A Students learn about: Students learn to:
Types of communication Describe and define communication
5.2.1 Intro – 5wks – Discuss the types of network s – networks and their structure and
5.2.2 networks (LAN, WAN, VPN, Client/server - Nature, role, structure and roles in a current context including
5.2.3 relationship and topologies) and where relationship of: peer-to-peer and client/server
5.5.1 they are used. - Wide Area Networks (WAN) connections.
5.5.2 Transmission media (wired and wireless). - Local Area Networks
EMT293 Assessment 2 – Scope and Sequence 8

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5.1.2 Internal and external security measures. (LAN). Discuss the purpose, advantages
5.5.3 Hardware and software involved in - Virtual Private Networks and disadvantages of using
LS1.2 networks – using the school as an (VPN) networks.
LS2.2 example to label all components. - network topologies
- client/sever relationship Name and define various
Body – 10 wks – In pairs plan, design components of a network in a real
and develop a model of a LAN using a Advantages and disadvantages network environment. Describe the
chosen scenario (eg. Networking for a of communication networks purpose of each component.
holiday resort). such as; sharing of peripheral
devices, sharing and storage of
Students are required to research and data and security. Recognise different transmission
establish: types and their associated costs
-requirements, costs and the people Components of networks: and limitations. Be able to
involved in setting up a network and who - hardware: servers, determine the best mode of data
is responsible for what. They will evaluate workstations, switches, routers, transmission for any given purpose.
limitations and how they will be handled. print servers, NICs, WAPs.
- transmission media (wired Recognise the security needs of a
Students are to design and draw up a plan and wireless) and their costs, network and be able to implement
of their proposed network to be submitted uses and limitations. them: includes external security
for assessment, make improvement and measures (protecting the network)
build a model showing all components of Security measures: and internal measures such as
the network. - protection of data protection of system and data
(internally and externally) backup.
Conclusion- 5 wks - Each pair conducts - system and data backup
a short presentation of their network Design a small LAN and present it in
model. Pair then swaps models with Project Development: design, various forms. Explain its
another to analyse. Write a short report produce, analyse and evaluate components and the
outlining possible problems with the a project for real-world appropriateness of each device and
network and changes to be made if any. application. transmission media.

Whole group discussion on issues faced Recognise and evaluate potential
EMT293 Assessment 2 – Scope and Sequence 9

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and how they were solved in each problems and find reasonable
scenario. Defining and analysing a solutions.
ASSESSMENT- test to establish Identify a need or problem to be
understanding of content in introduction, Designing possible solutions. solved and provide possible
-10% wk6 solutions.
- Written plan outlining requirements, Producing Solutions.
costs and network map to be submitted, Provide evidence of management
assessed and returned to students before Management . techniques in all stages of the
construction of the model. - 35% wk 9 project.
- Weekly log/journal, final plan, model and Communication techniques.
written report of final analysis also Document decision making, apply
submitted for assessment. -45% wk 7-20 collaborative work practices when
Oral presentation of model. -10% wk 3-20 developing solutions and reflect
upon and provide feedback for self
and peers.

EMT293 Assessment 2 – Scope and Sequence 10

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