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Mrs.Stevens & Mrs.Radcliffe

Physical science

13 January 2017

How Long can a Violin Hold a Note in a Tiled Room, Carpeted Room and Outdoors?

I have played my violin for four years now and played in many types of environments.

Every room effects the sound of the music differently, as i have learned through the years. I

thought that if I could find the right environment that makes the sound of the music better to

hear, it would make my playing easier.

How Does Sound Travel? Why are Sounds louder in Different Environments?

Sound travels when molecules of gas, solid or liquid hit each other. This pattern goes on

hitting each other until the vibration stops. Solids have a fixed pattern of their molecules so they

send vibrations faster than the rest. All objects absorb sound/vibration, people included. If you

are in a room with more objects, the vibration will tire out faster than a room without objects


What are Reverberations and How do They Relate to the Sound of Stringed Instruments?

Reverberations are the echo of the sound (Dictionary). The vibrations come off the

stretched strings of the instruments. The movements of the strings come in complex movements.

Vibrato makes the note oscillate around the base pitch. Vibrato is mostly used by advanced

violinists. It helps the sound move up in a even way. (Halfpenny)


What does it Mean for a Violin to Hold a note? How is This done?
For a violin to hold a note means that the vibration is still ongoing until it ends. There are

three main notes: whole note, quarter notes, half notes. The whole notes are the ones that are

mostly used to hold a note because the other’s are supposed to be shorter and faster. The bow is

the second part of the instrument that rubs against the strings to make the wonderful sound.

Rosin (dried sap) is added to the bow for a more smooth ride across the strings (Classical).

What are Violin Strings Made of? Why are They Made of This Material?

The quality of your strings will affect the tone (S.Suzy). Strings were once made of

animal guts because they make a warm complex tone. Only classic violinist used

them(Halfpenny). Other’s are made with fake materials, but the most popular is the metal strings.

Most violinists say the the metal strings help bring up your performance (S.Suzy).

Why are the Bows of Violins Made of Horse Hair? And How Does This affect the Sound?

Bows are made for wood, metal and horse hair, but the only part that touches the strings

is the horse hair. The horse hair has tiny ridges on it. So when it touches the metal in doesn't just

slide off it move across it but jaggedly. There is also rosin which is clear dried tree sap. It helps

with the was the horse hair, but if you put too much it will be hard to move the bow up or down.

What is the Most Effective Way to Measure How Long an Instrument Can Hold a Note?

There are app to measure the sound and how long it is, like the mic on your phone.

Voltmeter, wattmeter, and ammeter are examples of electric instruments that measure electrical

currents. The instrument that we will be using is a violin and that is not an electric instrument so

for this experiment GarageBand will be the app in use (Adnanqayum). GarageBand is an Apple


app that is a portable music recording studio. You can make music on it by not even having the

actual instruments, you can see how long and how loud your notes are. It has more advantages
than the other measurement instruments (Apple Inc.).

If you play in the carpeted room then the sound will last longer. Now this all the research

will give the the the best sound. All these question will give a why and the experiment will give

you a how, you can already (with the research question) make a assumption about how it will

turn out. Just remember when you do the experiment your violin must be tuned and be in good

condition if not the results might be off.


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