Lesson Plan

Teacher’s name: Ilie Stefania
School: Scoala Gimnaziala “Constantin Stefan”, Albesti
Textbook: High Flyer Intermediate
Grade: 7th grade; (L1)
Level: Medium
Topic: Communication (talking about one's problems to somebody)
Time allowed: 50 minutes
Type of lesson: Speaking, Reading, Writing
Approach: communicative

 To provide opportunities for the practice of new vocabulary: worries, hassles, cure, trust, secrecy

 To create the appropriate atmosphere for lowering anxiety;

Objectives: By the end of the lesson, the students will be able to:
 answer true or false to a few statements after reading a text for the first time

 express their opinions freely about a certain situation


Student  Student-Teacher Class management:  individually. whole-class  pair work activity 2 .Student  Student. Evaluation: Students will be evaluated based on the participation in classroom’s discussions.  They have little knowledge of syntax and sentence structure. Types of interaction:  Teacher-whole class  Teacher.  They have prior practice in the use of grammar. whiteboard Skills: integrated skills. Assumptions:  The students are familiar with most of the grammar issues involved.Materials used: textbook.

The teacher asks participate in the Listening Introducing the the students a question: development of the T-S 8’ new lesson “Where do they turn to in lesson by listening order to solve their to the teacher's problems?”. lesson language and language ction 1 Warm up The teacher greets the students Students will Warm up activity is an effective Speaking and asks: “How are you answer the teacher’s Speaking practice since it builds an activity today?” “Are there any questions: “We’re T-S 2’ effective relationship between Pre-teaching absents today?”. finding a A few students will solution to everyday answer the question problems. of discussion. if necessary. S-T teacher and students. PROCEDURE Nr. It is also grammar issue teacher can prepare the “There are/is …… better to be used in order to students through conversation. no absent today”. create a bridge to the new lesson. i. homework. This way they question and will be introduced to the topic answering it. 2 Checking The teacher checks the Students will Speaking homework. Stages of the Teacher`s activity and Students` activity Skills Intera Time Rationale crt. new lesson: Communication 3 .e. that way the fine! Thank you!”. Then T presents the with the teacher's students with the title of the help.

limitations or boundaries. 4 . Vocabulary The teacher will ask the The teacher will T-S 6’ Through role-play. sentences mean in of their normal self-imposed Romanian. teacher will help S-T “Which is the best way to them answer.g. the people are talking about?”. After that. the children to evaluate their page 39. They are teenagers what those them diverge from the confines just like them. Students can transcend and think beyond the confines of the classroom setting. “What do you think the questions. students focus students to open their then ask 7 students Speaking S-T immediately apply content in a textbooks at page 38 and pay to play roles Reading relevant. attention to the persons who Then the teacher Writing Students take on a decision speak/complain in the explains to them making persona that might let bubbles.3. T will ask and will pause from colleagues' reading skills and 3 students to read. real world context. Speaking T-S 7' react to problems?” Reading.new vocabulary The teacher will Reading T-S 12' The teacher will further read listen to a few S-T This will be a very great idea for to the students the text from students reading. time to time in order correct each other's mistakes. In case they don't understand the e. to find the meaning The teacher will explain the of any unknown unknown words and write words they might them on the whiteboard. The teacher will ask students a few questions. stumble upon.

Reading To verify the students’ Students will work Writing T-S 10’ comprehension understanding of the new text. 6 Assignment Teacher writes on the Teacher writes the Speaking T-S 2’ Homework has an important role. the T.e. Afterwards. notebooks. 5 Evaluation Teacher will evaluate their T-S 3’ activity based on the participation in the classroom. homework on the stands for practicing at home and exercise 3/page 38 and exercise blackboard.4. i. it whiteboard the homework. individually and Reading S-S they will be required to write in their Speaking answer with TRUE or False to notebooks their the statements in exercise 6 answers. Ss write consolidating what has already 7/page 40 the homework in their been taught. read their answers out loud. 5 . page 39. monitors the writing teacher will point to activity and gives feedback to a few students to the students.