Name: Jenna Harper

P R O J E C T D E S I G N : O V E R V I E W
Name of Project: Business for Kids Duration: Less than 10

Subject/Course: Elementary Math Teacher(s): Grade Level: 3rd grade

Other subject areas to be included, if any Social studies, economics, English, Language Arts

Significant Content Numbers and Operations, Algebraic Thinking, Reading Informational Skills, Reading Foundational Skills, Speaking &
(CCSS and/or others) Listening

21st Century Competencies Collaboration x Communication x Critical Thinking x
(to be taught and assessed)

Creativity and Innovation x Other :

Project Summary The students will work in teams to form a company. They raise money by pitching to venture capitalists and selling stock and/or by taking out bank
(include student role, loans. The teams travel through the entire entrepreneurial cycle of creating, manufacturing, marketing and selling their product.
issue, problem or
challenge, action taken,
and purpose/beneficiary)

Driving Question What can we do to better our product? How can we make the most money from our product?

Entry Event The students are told to decide on a product to create and design together and then later market and sell.
Products Individual: Public Audience Product Specific content
competencies to
be assessed:
The students
will show how
they worked
together to
come up with a
design and a

Team: Master Plan Specific content
competencies to
be assessed:
The students are
showing group
writing, problem
solving, and
knowledge of
money and
P R O J E C T D E S I G N : O V E R V I E W
Public Audience The students will engage with other classmates, teachers, parents, “business owners”, “banks”, “loan officers”, etc.
(Experts, audiences, or product
users students will engage with
during/at end of project)

Resources Needed On-site people, facilities: Parents with expertise, teachers with expertise


Materials: fake money, paper, etc.

Community Resources: Someone to explain to children about money and finances.

Reflection Methods Journal/Learning Log x Whole-Class Discussion x
(Individual, Team, and/or Whole
Survey Focus Group

Fishbowl Discussion Other :