Drug Mechanism of Action Indications Contraindication Side Effects Nursing Intervention

Generic Name:  Acute and chronic  Seizure 1. Assess mental status prior to and
Haloperidol  Alters the effects psychotic disorders disorder CNS: seizures, extrapyramidal periodically during therapy.
(Haldol) of dopamine in including:  elderly clients reactions, confusions, drowsiness, 2. Monitor BP and pulse prior to and frequen
the CNS Schizophrenia, manic  Hypersensitivit restlessness, tardive dyskinesia during the period of dosage adjustment. M
Brand name: states, drug induced y cause QT interval changes on ECG.
Haldol  Also has psychoses.  Angle-closure EENT: blurred vision, dry eyes 3. Observe patient carefully when
Haldol Decanoate anticholinergic  Relieve glaucoma; administering medication, to ensure that
Haldol LA and alpha- hallucinations,  bone m Respiratory: medication is actually taken and not
Peridol adrenergic delusions,  arrow Respiratory depression hoarded.
blocking activity. disorganized thinking 4. Monitor I&O ratios and daily eight. Assess
Class:  Severe anxiety CV: patient for signs and symptoms of
Sever liver or
Anti-psychotic Therapeutic effect:  Seizures Hypotension, tachycardia dehydration.
 Diminished signs 5. Monitor for development of neuroleptic
disease (QT
and symptoms of GI: malignant syndrome (fever, respiratory
psychoses Constipation, dry mouth anoxeria, distress, tachycardia, seizures, diaphoresi
drug induced hepatitis, ileus, weight hypertension or hypotension, pallor,
gain tiredness, severe muscle stiffness, loss of
 some
bladder control. Report symptoms
products immediately. May also cause leukocytosis,
contain GU:
Impotence, urinary retention elevated liver function tests, elevated CPK
tartazine, vomiting, GI upset, trembling, or
sesame oil, or uncontrolled movements of mouth, tongue
benzyl alcohol Dermatology:
Diaphoresis, photosensitivity, or jaw.
and should be
avoided in rashes
patients with
known Endocrine:
intolerance or Amenorrhea, galactorrhea,
hypersensitivit gynecomastia
leukemia, neutropenia