Velocity_d_e_ZMM_PLUS 07.05.

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Highspeed Power System

2013 14:09 Seite 2 HIGHSPEED POWER SYSTEM 30% less weight* 20% more torque* Minimal thermal warming *compared to previous ZMM generation Based on more than 25 years of highspeed motordrill experience and conti- nuous development adeor® launches the all new electric Velocity® highspeed motordrill system. . The Velocity® system is designed to exceed existing requirements on highspeed motordrill systems.05.Velocity_d_e_ZMM_PLUS 07. It is more powerful than most electric drill systems whilst generating significantly less heat without the need of active cooling.

000 rpm Integrated irrigation Low noise level* *40 dBA motor noise level acc.Velocity_d_e_ZMM_PLUS ISO 11498 .2013 14:09 Seite 3 80.

The result is a con- sole that is easy to operate with only a minimum of buttons. Most functions of the control unit can also be operated by the surgeon using the foot switch.2013 14:09 Seite 6 HIGHSPEED POWER SYSTEM Control unit and foot control Velocity® Control Unit The compact control unit has been designed utilising feedback from numerous surgeons in various regions of the world. It can be easily placed close to the user and almost without any hindrance to other medical apparatus within the OR. This is not just time-saving but also reduces the need to communicate between sterile and non-sterile OR personnel. No lengthy menus to navigate. time needed for installation and set-up as well as training requirements.05.Velocity_d_e_ZMM_PLUS 07. Its dimensions are a new benchmark for high-speed drill systems. This reduces the likeli- hood of operating errors. no overload of functionality. This feature eliminates the need for an additional irrigation sy- stem for the drilling process. The control unit meets or exceeds all applicable safety standards. . The control unit also features an inbuilt irrigation pump with adjustable flow rate.

Velocity_d_e_ZMM_PLUS 07.wasserdicht . operation mode and irrigation > Accelerator or On/Off Mode > Safety guard VMME-FS Water-proof foot switch Fußschalter .2013 14:09 Seite 7 VMM-EC Control unit with integrated irrigation pump Steuereinheit mit integrierter Spülpumpe Motor cable safety socket Illuminated user interface Integrated irrigation pump Sicherheitsstecker Motorkabel Beleuchtetes Bedienfeld Integrierte Spülpumpe FOOT CONTROL > Large. easy to find foot print > Wide-angle accessibility > 3 colour-coded buttons to control rotation.05.

especially during longer and delicate procedures. simply exchange the VMM-100S straight adapter with the VMM-100A angled adapter. handling and reprocessing. To change from straight to angled setup. There is no requirement for angled attachments. Compared to the straight setup. it offers better and improved er- gonomics.05.Velocity_d_e_ZMM_PLUS 07. .2013 14:09 Seite 9 > The Angled System Setup Sometimes the anatomical strucutres necessitate an angled system setup. thereby saving the cus- tomer money and simplifying maintenance.

With the integrated Hudson chuck fitting.05. It offers the user a high level of torque in combination with a rotational speed of 1200 rpm. The perforator adaptor is industry-lea- ding in terms of slim-line design and low weight. the adapter can be used with adeor® MERIDIANTM cranial perforators or any other brand perforators.Velocity_d_e_ZMM_PLUS 07. .2013 14:09 Seite 10 HIGHSPEED POWER SYSTEM Perforator setup Perforator Setup The Velocity® System features a dedicated perforator adapter which can easily be connected to the Velocity® High Speed motor using adeor’s unique thumb-snap mechanism.

05. intuitive operation > High level of torque > Top speed of 80. flexible motor cable > Aluminium or stainless steel components > Multi-functional foot control > Integrated irrigation pump > Large selection of cost-effective consumables (cutters/perforators) > Low maintenance requirements > Use of adapters reduces attachment/nose piece requirements > Up to 30 months warranty* .Velocity_d_e_ZMM_PLUS 07.000 rpm > Minimal thermal warming without the need for complex cooling systems > Slim.2013 14:09 Seite 11 System Advantages > Control unit with user-friendly.

0 m motor cable Lightweight Aluminium Series VMM-100S VMM-100A straight adapter.05. angled adapter. 80.Velocity_d_e_ZMM_PLUS 07.000 rpm with integrated 3. aluminium. 1:64 ratio. aluminium.2013 14:09 Seite 13 Perforator adapter Highspeed Motor VMT-102E VMM-100EC Hudson Fitting. .

05.2013 14:09 Seite 15 Lightweight Aluminium Series VMN-SI VMN-VI VMN-BL VMN-BA VMN-RE nosepiece 62 mm nosepiece 79 mm nosepiece 109 mm nosepiece 185 mm nosepiece 262 mm VMN-SI VMN-VI VMN-BL VMN-BA VMN-RE Schaft 62 mm Schaft 79 mm Schaft 109 mm Schaft 185 mm Schaft 262 mm * indicated length refers to working length * angegebene Längen beziehen sich auf die Arbeitslänge VMC-001 VMC-002 VMC-003 Short craniotome 11 mm Medium craniotome 14 mm Long craniotome 24 mm VMC-001 VMC-002 VMC-003 Kurzes Kraniotom 11 mm Mittleres Kraniotom 14 mm Langes Kraniotom 24 mm * indicated length refers to working length * angegebene Längen beziehen sich auf die Arbeitslänge .Velocity_d_e_ZMM_PLUS 07.

8 mm SI-170-8C VI-170-8C BL-170-8C BA-170-8C RE-170-8C 1.8 mm SI-170-8 VI-170-8 BL-170-8 BA-170-8 RE-170-8 1.1 mm SI-172C VI-172C BL-172C BA-172C RE-172C 3.0 mm SI-051 VI-051 BL-051 BA-051 RE-051 .0 mm SI-170C VI-170C BL-170C BA-170C RE-170C 1.3 mm SI-173 VI-173 BL-173 BA-173 RE-173 4.2 mm SI-174C VI-174C BL-174C BA-174C RE-174C 5.0 mm SI-170 VI-170 BL-170 BA-170 RE-170 1.0 mm SI-174-8 VI-174-8 BL-174-8 BA-174-8 RE-174-8 Ø mm HEAD Ø adeor Velocity attachments Diamond Ball Coarse | grob SI VI BL BA RE 0.3 mm SI-173C VI-173C BL-173C BA-173C RE-173C 4.1 mm SI-172 VI-172 BL-172 BA-172 RE-172 Diamond Ball 3.05.5 mm SI-171C VI-171C BL-171C BA-171C RE-171C 2.0 mm SI-175C VI-175C BL-175C BA-175C RE-175C 8.2 mm SI-174 VI-174 BL-174 BA-174 RE-174 5.0 mm SI-175 VI-175 BL-175 BA-175 RE-175 8.0 mm SI-174-5C VI-174-5C BL-174-5C BA-174-5C RE-174-5C 6.0 mm SI-174-8C VI-174-8C BL-174-8C BA-174-8C RE-174-8C Ø mm HEAD Ø adeor Velocity attachments SI VI BL BA RE Pin 1.5 mm SI-171 VI-171 BL-171 BA-171 RE-171 2.0 mm SI-174-5 VI-174-5 BL-174-5 BA-174-5 RE-174-5 6.Velocity_d_e_ZMM_PLUS 07.2013 14:09 Seite 18 HIGHSPEED POWER SYSTEM HiCUTTM Highspeed Burs and Cutters Ø mm HEAD Ø adeor Velocity attachments SI VI BL BA RE 0.

5 mm SI-0042 VI-0042 BL-0042 BA-0042 RE-0042 2.4 mm SI-006 VI-006 BL-006 BA-006 RE-006 Ball 7.5 mm SI-049 VI-049 BL-049 BA-049 RE-049 Ø mm Acorn | Tulpe HEAD Ø adeor Velocity attachments SI VI BL BA RE 6.4 mm SI-024 VI-024 BL-024 BA-024 RE-024 7.0 mm SI-004-1 VI-004-1 BL-004-1 BA-004-1 RE-004-1 1.05.0 mm SI-004-2 VI-004-2 BL-004-2 BA-004-2 RE-004-2 3.5 mm SI-048 VI-048 BL-048 BA-048 RE-048 9.2013 14:09 Seite 19 Ø mm HEAD Ø adeor Velocity attachments SI VI BL BA RE 1.9 mm SI-007 VI-007 BL-007 BA-007 RE-007 Ø mm Barrel | Trommel HEAD Ø adeor Velocity attachments SI VI BL BA RE 6.0 mm SI-004-4 VI-004-4 BL-004-4 BA-004-4 RE-004-4 4.5 mm SI-038 VI-038 BL-038 BA-038 RE-038 .9 mm SI-032 VI-032 BL-032 BA-032 RE-032 9.2 mm SI-004 VI-004 BL-004 BA-004 RE-004 4.Velocity_d_e_ZMM_PLUS 07.8 mm SI-005 VI-005 BL-005 BA-005 RE-005 6.

8 mm SI-085 VI-085 BL-085 BA-085 RE-085 Neuro 2.5 mm .8 mm SI-085D VI-085D BL-085D BA-085D RE-085D 2.05.2013 14:10 Seite 20 HIGHSPEED POWER SYSTEM HiCUTTM Highspeed Burs and Cutters Ø mm HEAD Ø adeor Velocity attachments SI VI BL BA RE 1.0 mm SI-008 VI-008 BL-008 BA-008 RE-008 Ø mm Neuro Diamond HEAD Ø adeor Velocity attachments SI VI BL BA RE 1.Velocity_d_e_ZMM_PLUS 07.0 mm SI-103 VI-103 BL-103 BA-103 RE-103 .0 mm SI-085-1 VI-085-1 BL-085-1 BA-085-1 RE-085-1 1.65 L=10 mm SI-001 VI-001 BL-001 BA-001 RE-001 Ø 1.2 mm SI-084D VI-084D BL-084D BA-084D RE-084D 3.0 mm SI-008D VI-008D BL-008D BA-008D RE-008D Ø mm Lindemann HEAD Ø adeor Velocity attachments SI VI BL BA RE Ø 1.2 mm SI-084 VI-084 BL-084 BA-084 RE-084 3.0 mm SI-085-1D VI-085-1D BL-085-1D BA-085-1D RE-085-1D 1.SI-003 VI-003 BL-003 BA-003 RE-003 Drill 2.65 L=20 mm SI-002 VI-002 BL-002 BA-002 RE-002 Ø mm HEAD Ø adeor Velocity attachments SI VI BL BA RE 1.

1 mm SI-015 VI-015 BL-015 BA-015 RE-015 Ø mm HEAD Ø adeor Velocity attachments SI VI BL BA RE 4.Velocity_d_e_ZMM_PLUS 07.2013 14:10 Seite 21 Cement & Metal Cutter Ø mm HEAD Ø adeor Velocity attachments SI VI BL BA RE 3.05.6 mm GR-001 GR-002 GR-003 Ø mm Craniotome twisted HEAD Ø short adeor Velocity attachments medium long 2 1.5 mm SI-090-1 VI-090-1 BL-090-1 BA-090-1 RE-090-1 Ø mm Craniotome straight HEAD Ø adeor Velocity attachments short medium long 1.6 mm GR-001X GR-002X GR-003X STERILE R .0 mm SI-090 VI-090 BL-090 BA-090 RE-090 Oval 5.

0 mm / 14.0 mm ( inner / outer Ø ) for use on skulls as thin as 3.0 mm MERIDIANTM MULTI-USE CRANIAL PERFORATOR PER 7-11 7. made in Germany Hudson fitting MERIDIANTM MULTI-USE CRANIAL PERFORATOR PER 11-14 11.0 mm multi-use.0 mm / 11. for use on skulls as thin as 3.2013 14:10 Seite 24 HIGHSPEED POWER SYSTEM MERIDIANTM Cranial Perforators MERIDIANTM Multi-Use Perforators adult.Velocity_d_e_ZMM_PLUS 07.0 mm ( inner / outer Ø ) for use on skulls as thin as 3.0 mm multi-use. made in Germany Hudson fitting .05.

2 .Velocity_d_e_ZMM_PLUS 07.000 rpm Irrigation flow rate @ 65 / 80 / 100 % 65 / 80 / 100 ml/min 65 / 80 / 100 ml/min Dimensions 255 x 256 x 91 mm 255 x 256 x 91 mm Weight incl.80.2013 14:10 Seite 27 Technical Data / Technische Daten Velocity System Velocity System EU Version US Version 220 V 110 V Supply voltage 220 ...T 1.000 rpm 1.0 ..0. altitude / above sea level 3.000 .000 .25 AH 2 x 250 V . +104°F Compatible with thermo washing machines and autoclavable < 135°C / 383°F (motor parts) yes yes Noise level (motor only) acc.80..7 A Frequency 50 .8 A 0.000 m Short term storage temperature 0°C . to ISO 11498 40 dBA 40 dBA .60 Hz 50 ...240 V 100 .5 kg Protection class II II Applied part Type B Type B Integrated irrigation pump yes yes Foot control / danger zone M / ANSI/AAMI AP / IEC 60601-1 AP / IEC 60601-1 Water resistance of foot control / 1 m depth for 1 h IPX8 / IEC 60529 IPX8 / IEC 60529 Pollution level 2 2 Overvoltage category II II Max.1 . +40°C 32°F . 70 Ncm 2.5 kg 2.60 Hz Mains fuse 2 x 250 V ..25 AH Max..130 V Permitted voltage fluctuation ± 10 % ± 10 % Nominal current 0.000 m 3.1.05. motor 2.T 1. power consumption 170 VA 170 VA Max.0 . mechanical output power 70 W 70 W Torque level 2. 70 Ncm Motor speed range 1.